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									Week 1                     Monday                                       Tuesday

                                                      Read CNN article about Chileans life in the mine:
                                                      how they coped, what behaviors they exhibited,
                                                      etc. Discuss what this shows about how people

                                                         respond in times of tragedy/hardship. Then
                  Group Unit Introduction:           introduce "Lord of the Flies" with Golding's quote
                                                     that "the theme is an attempt to trace the defects
                                                      of society back to the defects of human nature."
                  All classes will meet in the         Does this ring true with what we know of the
                                                    Chilean miners? Begin reading and assign chapter 1
                Auditorium for an introduction                         for Wednesday.
                to the unit and day's activities.
                Upon entering the auditorium,
                  students will use their cell
                phones to text in a response to                Research Project: Life in Chile
                the poll "What do you already        Students will choose as aspect of Chilean culture
                                                    and history to research and present their findings to
               know about mining?" (Using Poll                            the class.
                                                     Topics will include: Geography, Government, Jobs
                                                    (mining), Food, Celebrations, Art, Music. Although
                Following a brief discussion of     students will explore their topic as it relates to the
                                                      entire country of Chile, they will also tie in their
                 the poll results, students will      aspect with the mining accident. For example, if

                                                    they are researching music, they might include the
               watch a video clip about mining.
                                                     chant many Chileans sang when the miners were
                                                        lifted. They can explain the significance and
                                                                      translate the lyrics.
                Field Trip: Students will board
               busses to the Alabastine Gypsum       Since students will complete a glogster about their
                                                    chosen topic, they will be able to include video links
                    Mine in Wyoming, Mi.                   in their project to share with the class.

                                                           Day 1= Intro. project, Read excerpts of
                  Upon returning to school,           "Trapped:How the World..." and show "Chile in
                  students will return to the       Pictures" on document camera, explore and explain
                                                            glogster, choose topics and partners
               auditorium. Another poll asking
                  "What did you learn about
               mining?" will be on the projector                  Deserted Island Activity:
                     as students enter the

                                                    In groups of 3 - 4 people, students will be presented
                          auditorium.                with a dilemma. While on a cruise, their ship goes
                                                       off course and they are stranded on a deserted
                                                        island. There is no hope for rescue. As groups,
                After a brief discussion of the      students must determine how they will make sure
                 poll results, students will be        they survive and flourish. Additionally, they will
                                                      determine guidelines and rules. - Representative
                 introduced to a very special                   Democracy in America Program
               guest "Super" Mario Sepulveda-
                  one of the trapped Chilean
                 miners! Mario will share his
               experiences in the mine and run
                a question and answer session
                       with the students.
            After a brief discussion of the
             poll results, students will be
             introduced to a very special
           guest "Super" Mario Sepulveda-
              one of the trapped Chilean
             miners! Mario will share his
Geometry   experiences in the mine and run     Video clip of miners being lifted from the shaft.

            a question and answer session           Journal:What the feeling you might while
                   with the students.             traveling for 20 - 30 minutes in that tube.

                                              Objective: Evaluate the different routes evaluated
                                                to save the miners. Identify the positive and
                                                         negative attributes of each
                 Wednesday                                               Thursday

                                                      Check for understanding with clickers. Discuss the
With clickers, begin with a check for understanding     conflict of civilization vs. savagery and how it is
  of general plot points and characters in chapter    exemplified in chapter 2. Also discuss the fact that
 one. Discuss whether or not they agree with the       Golding's book is allegorical and that each of the
decision of the group to elect Ralph as their leader. characters represents greater concepts. Focusing
  Discuss also the characteristics of a leader they   specifically on Jack, Ralph, and Piggy, ask the class
 believe Ralph should exhibit. Discuss whether or        what each character represents. Also discuss
   not any leaders stood out among the Chilean        whether, after chapter three, the boys are leaning
  miners. Exit ticket: Did the boys make the right     more towards savagery or civilization. Exit ticket:
 choice in choosing Ralph as their leader? Explain       Predict whether the boys will remain leaning
with support from the book. Assign Chapters 2 and         toward civilization or if they will descend to
                          3.                             savagery as the book continues. Explain with
                                                           support from the book. Assign chapter 4.

                                                             Present Research Project: Life in Chile
           Research Project: Life in Chile
                                                       Day 3: Research in Media Center and Create Glog
 Day 2: Research in Media Center and Create Glog

Warm-up: Can you think of a time where a scenario      Warm-up: What are contracts? Why have them in
              like this happened?                                        writing?

         Deserted Island Activity Continued:           Teacher will cover purpose of constitutions and
     Students share their island guidelines and          what the American Constitution looks like -
    structures. As a whole class, we will identify    Magruder's Am. Government Textbook (1:1 and 3:1)
        similarities among the groups' ideas.
                                                     Using their island documents, students will author
Teacher will cover the basics of government and the their own constitutions and pick out the portions of
 three powers associated with it. - Magruder's Am.     their island plans support the three powers of
             Government Textbook (1:1)                                   government.
                                                                  Tetrahedron Kites
                                                   Objective: G2.1.3 Know and use the relationship
    11.1 Exploring Three Dimensional Figures
                                                    between the volumes of pyramids and prisms
                                                    In cooperative groups, students will work on
 Objective: G2.1.3 Know and use the relationship
                                                           creating the best model of a kite.
  between the volumes of pyramids and prisms
                                                    KWL: What qualities does a kite have to have in
RAFT: R: Perimeter A: Area F: Diary entry T: How
                                                   order to fly? What are different possible shapes?
               your shape my life
                                                    What are advantages and diadvantages of each

 By now the boys have developed a society. Discuss
   how the society they have created relates to the
      basics of government and the three powers
     associated with it (discussed in government).
    Extend the discussion to the characters of the
island, in particular Ralph and Simon, and Roger and
    Jack. Which types of power does each pairing
     represent? Also discuss the resulting power
      struggle. Poll after discussion with clickers
  (questions about who they think will come out as
  the leaders at the end of the power struggle). Exit
ticket: Who will emerge as the leader? Explain with
       support from the book. Assign chapter 5.

           Research Project: Life in Chile

          Day 4: Present glogs to the class

 Exit card: What were the 5 most interesting facts
               you learned today?

 Warm-up: What does our government look like?

     Students will complete a U.S. Constitution
    scavenger hunt. This will allow students to
     investigate the structure of the American
    government - Magruder's Am. Government
              11.2 Nets & Surface Area

        Objective: Students will draw 3 D figures on
isometric dot paper, find surface area, make 2D nets
                   for 3 D solids

    Create a net of the rescue capsule used during
             the Chilean Mine Rescue.

 Differentiation: For the kinesthetic learner, have
  empty cardboard boxes for class. have them cut
  open the box along the edges until it lies flat in a
 single layer. Explain this is the net. Students can
              then compare their boxes.
Week 2                             Monday                                                    Tuesday
               Students will begin in their literary circles to discuss
                answers to the following question: What does "the
                    beast" in "The Lord of the Flies" symbolize?
                     (Students will have been in these groups           Students will begin in their literary circles to discuss

                   throughout the year and will meet with them            how control is slowly shifting from Ralph to Jack.
                regularly to discuss their reading and writing. This Has Jack manipulated Ralph and the others in order
               will engage all of the students in discussion and give to gain this control, or has Ralph failed as a leader?
                 them the ability to try out ideas in a small group      Explain with support from the book. Debrief with
                before they share with the whole group.) Debrief             class discussion. Assign chapters 8 and 9.
                  with class discussion. Exit ticket: After today's
               discussion what do you think "the beast" represents
                          and why? Assign chapters 6-7.

                                Life in Chile Project:
                                                                     Introduce Vocabulary 5.1 (Describing people and
                                                                     Family Relationships) Students will be introduced
                        Day 5: Present Projects to the class

                                                                   to family terms and relationships with a powerpoint
                                                                    family tree of my own family. Students will use this
               Looping: Students will complete a "looping" writing
                                                                   example to begin their own family tree (their family
                 activity to process the day's presentations and
                                                                   or that of a celebrity) using the appropriate Spanish
                               solidify their thinking.

               Warm-up: How do the last few class periods relate
                         to the Chilean miner crisis?
                                                                                  Warm-up: Share leader drawings
                  Teacher will introduce the Chilean government

                  structure and students (using think-pair-share         Whole-class discussion: Should we hold our chief
                 strategy) will compare and contrast the national       executives to the same standard as "leaders"? What
                   governments of Chile and the United States.                         happens if they don't?

                Guest speaker: Alejandro Wolff - U.S. Ambassador        Reasoning behind today's activity is to identify the
                                     to Chile                             qualities preferred in leaders, discuss how the
                                                                        President is seen as the "leader" of the country and
                 Homework: What does a leader look like? Write                 to introduce the concept Rule of Law.
                  qualities he/she should have surrounding the
                               Nets Continued                          11.3 Surface Area of Prisms & Cylinders
                Objective: Students will draw 3 D figures on
           isometric dot paper, find surface area, make 2D nets     Objective: G2.1.2 Know and demonstrate the
Geometry                        for 3 D solids                   relationships between the area formulas of various
              Students will recreate the net of the rescue shaft
             used for the miners. Students will break the shaft    Students will spend time learning the different
           into parts that they are able to net out. i.e. bottom vocabulary given to each shape and it's parts. With
             portion is a cylinder - when netted is a rectangle. a partner, they will identify the bases, faces, lateral
               Cognitively challenging questions: Following,         edges, altitudes, and axis of the prisms and
           students will investigate how much area is available cylinders by using photography. Students will take
            in the shaft. By using formulas that you know, how pictures of each of these parts and collect them in a
                           can you calculate this?                            powerpoint presentation.
                 Wednesday                                                    Thursday

                                                            Students will pair up and have a written discussion
                                                               with their partners. (The written discussion is
Students will begin in their literary circles. They will
                                                             another way for students to explore and develop
  discuss Simon's encounter with "The Lord of the
                                                           their ideas before sharing with the whole class). The
 Flies." What is the significance of this encounter?
                                                            question to begin the discussion is: What does the
 Simon is different than all of the other characters,
                                                             destruction of the conch symbolize? Explain your
what is Golding trying to say through Simon? What
                                                              answer. Students will write for 3-5 minutes at a
    does the beast represent? Debrief with class
                                                              time and then exchange with their partners and
        discussion. Assign chapters 10 and 11.
                                                             continue the discussion after what their partners
                                                                      have written. Assign chapter 12.

                                                            Read various articles and watch videos about the
                                                                             Chilean miners.

             Finish creating family trees.
                                                       Grammar Lesson: Adjectives: number and gender
 To help students organize the new vocabulary into
   similar concepts, students will create "concept
cards". These cards simply group words together by
                                                      Using this information and pictures of each miner as
   concept such as Body Size, Age, Hair Color, Eye
                                                         well as the Chilean President, Mining company
                       Color, etc.
                                                       president, and other important figures, students
                                                      will use the target language to describe some of the
 Then, in groups students will use their family trees
    and concept cards to describe their family. In
    addition to the relationships between people,
                                                      Students will practice singular and plural adjectives
students should describe attributes of each person
                                                        by describing individuals, small groups, and the
   (Ella es mi hermano. Se llama Maria. Tiene ojos
                                                       entire group of men. Students will work on these
    azules and es muy traviesa.). In addtion, their
                                                       descriptions in small groups and then share with
  partners should ask questions (Quien es Susana?,
                                                        the class.These sentences will be written on the
                 Como es tu madre?)
                                                      board (and saved for tomorrow, or written on paper
                                                                used with the document camera).

                                                             Warm-up: If a situation similar to the Chilean
  Warm-up: Who makes the decisions in a crisis?              miners' arose in the U.S., how do you think our
                                                                      government would respond?
   Whole-class discussion: Role of President and
  Congress in crisis management. What powers do                Compare and Contrast activity:
 they have given to them in the Constitution? How Students read ABC News Article "Chile's Successful
 have they handled crises in the past (such as Pearl    Rescue Sets Example for Other Countries" in
Harbor, 9/11, Hurricane Katrina, etc)? - Magruder's addition to The Christian Science Monitor's "Chilean
        Am. Government (11:3 and 12:2 - 4)           miners trapped, but citizens approve government
                                                     response". By looking at the two articles, students
Video: Selected excerpts from "The Secret History of should deepen their understanding between the
                       9/11".                           differences between Chilean and American
                                                                  government and politics.
                                                           11.5 Volume of Prisms & Cylinders
      11.4 Surface Area of Prisms & Cones
                                                       Objective: G1.8.1 Solve multistep problems
   Objective: G1.8.1 Solve multistep problems
                                                     involving surface area and volume of pyramids,
 involving surface area and volume of pyramids,
                                                     Use small cudes to model the volume of a right
 KWL: Discuss the pyramids of ancient Egypt. Ask
                                                    rectangular prism. How do the number of cubes
 students what they know about them. Ask how
                                                    used to make the prismm and the product of the
they think the pyramids were built. Have students
                                                    length, width, and height of the prism compare?
compare building methose used now with ancient
                                                    Repeat using different prisms. How do the results
                Egyptian methods.
                                                          compare? Create a possible formula.

Begin by watching video of the Chilean miners being
rescued. Then students will get together with their
  literary circles to discuss how this rescue differs
   from the rescue of the boys in "The Lord of the
    Flies." Groups will discuss the reasons for the
    differences reaction to the rescue. Does this
 difference in reaction seem to support or dispute
Golding's implication that humans are evil by nature
and will resort to savagery and barbarism when the
     constraints of modern society are removed?
           Conclude with a class discussion.

             Review yesterday's lesson.

       After sharing the sample sentences and
 descriptions, students will discuss group dynamics
   with a partner using the "written conversation"
 strategy. Students will make connections between
 the personalities and rank of each person and how
     those attributes contribute to their role in
surviving.(The teacher will lead these conversations
  back to information that was shared during week
  one including the government and jobs in Chile.)

Lastly, these "written converstations" will lead to a
              whole group discussion.

    Warm-up: If a foreign country is in need of
 assistance(monetarily, militarily, politically, etc),
   should the U.S. get involved? Is it our duty?

  Whole-class discussion: American Foreign Policy
and the American role in world affairs. - Magruder's
            Am. Government (17:1 - 4)
       11.5 Volume of Prisms & Cylinders

    Objective: G1.8.1 Solve multistep problems
  involving surface area and volume of pyramids,

      FACEing Math Students will practice the
    calculations of volume of prisms & Cylinders
 by using the FACEing Math practice. Students will
     create a picture of a scientist. The picture
components will come from the choices of answers
         from the problems that are given.
Week 3                         Monday                                                  Tuesday

            Introduce the Golding trial (idea borrowed from Jim
              Burke and many others who have used it before).
             Students will be putting William Golding, author of
                  "Lord of the Flies" on trial for "libel against
            humanity" (Burke, 6). Each student will be assigned

               to one of a number of possible roles: characters
              from "Lord of the Flies," lawyers, witnesses, jury,                   Work day for trial.
              judge, Golding himself, etc. Teacher will explain
                each of the roles and explain how the trial will
            progress. Students will end by meeting with groups
            of like "characters" (Golding with his attorney team,
                  jury members with one another, witnesses
                 together, etc.) to begin planning for the trial.

            Introduce Vocabulary 5.2 (Talking about where you
               and others live; talking about responsibilities).
                                                                    Read the article "Chilean Miners: A Typical day in
                                                                    the life of a Subterranean Miner" using the magnet
               To begin, I will introduce students to the basic
                                                                    word literacy strategy.
              phrases used to discuss the different rooms in a
              house/apartment and chores people would do.

                                                                  Student groups will each be assigned one part of
                                                                 the article to summarize, first finding magnet words
              Using a transparency of a house layout, I will ask
                                                                 and then creating summary sentences. Groups will
               students basic questions using the vocabulary.
                                                                 then take a closer look at their section to identify
                                                                 key words under the categories of "Home" and
              To practice the chore words, we will play Simon
                                                                 "Responsibilities". Each group will be responsible to
            says where students will act out the required chores
                                                                 translate these key words into Spanish and share
              upon hearing them. For example if I said, "Simon
                                                                 them on the board with the whole class.
             dice lavar los platos", students would pretende to
                                 wash plates.
                                                                      Warm-up: Some may say tragedy brings out the
                                                                     best and worst in people. What is the level of your
                                                                           agreement with this statement? Why?
                         Formative Assessment day:
                                                                       Class activity/ Whole-class discussion: How does
                Students will be given a scenario that mimics a

                                                                       today's opening statement relate to your island
              national crisis like the one recently seen in Chile.
                                                                      plans you made the first week? Do we really need
             Using their newly obtained knowledge on how the
                                                                       rules and consequences? How could have rules
              national government responds to such situations,
                                                                           secured survival for the Chilean miners?
                    students will write a brief instructing a
               governmental official of their choice on how the
                                                                      Students will revisit their deserted island activity
                        government should handle it.
                                                                      and view various news video excerpts about the
             Students will be expected to work their knowledge
                                                                             Chilean miners' life underground.
              of the core democratic values into the reasoning
                 behind why the government must intervene.
                                                                         Homework: Keep a running record of all the
                                                                       rules/regulations/consequences you come into
                                                                             contact with until tomorrow's class.

                                                                              11.6 Volume of Pyramids & Cones
                     11.5 Volume of Prisms & Cylinders

                Objective: G1.8.1 Solve multistep problems               Objective: G1.8.1 Solve multistep problems

              involving surface area and volume of pyramids,           involving surface area and volume of pyramids,
                                   prisms                                                   prisms

              Discuss the diagram of the shaft used to lift the      Discuss objects that would be considered a pyramid
              miners out of the mine. Discuss the amount of          or cone. Brainstorm a list that would fit the criteria.
              room they had available to them when inside.               Which of these objects might the miners have
                  Would you haven been claustrophobic?                  found with them? Which ones might they have
                                                                                       wished they had.
                 Wednesday                                                  Thursday

               Work day for the trial.                                       Trial day 1.

Grammar lesson on the verbs "tocar" and "parecer".
                                                            TPR: Total Physical Response: Using one of the
                                                           diagrams the students created about the Chilean
  The vocabulary students found yesterday will be
                                                           Miners living quarters and cut out pictures from
typed up and passed out to all students. Half of the
                                                         magazines representing a chore or person, students
 groups will then construct a labled diagram of the
                                                            will need to respond (in action and speaking) to
living quarters in the mine using the information in
                                                          basic commands. For example if I said, "A Carlos le
  the article and the Spanish vocabulary The other
                                                            gusta limpiar la cocina" the student holding the
 half of the groups will create a responsibility chart
                                                             picture labled "Carlos" would need to place it
listing the chores (in Spanish) as well as who has to
                                                             appropriatly on the floor plan and respond "A
                       do what.
                                                         Carlos esta en la cocina" and the person holding the
                                                          picture of someone cleaning a kitchen would also
                                                           place their picture appropriatley and repeat the
When these tasks are complete, students will form
                                                           orginial sentence I said. This activity can be used
 new groups workiing with students who did the
                                                         with both the orginal diagram (of a more traditional
 opposite tasks. Then using the target language,
                                                         house) and the diagram the students created of the
    students should share the diagram and
                                                           Chilean mine floor plan. Review glogs from week
responsibility chart. Groups should respond with
                                                           one and prepare for the written response part of
  additional questions and speak in the target
                                                                 the exam with a small group discussion.
       language the entire conversation.
 Warm-up: Students share their "regulation hunt"       Warm-up: Thinking back through the last few weeks
                   findings.                             of class, is there still something makes you go,
   Whole-class discussion: Living under the law
  Teacher will introduce the basics of the judicial       Review Game: Using a jeopardy-like format,
 system. As a class, students will discuss whether          students will review for their summative
 EVERYONE lives under the law and why limits are        assessment. Students will partner up with 2 or 3
                 placed on citizens.                   more classmates to compete. Student answers will
                                                               be written on white erase boards.

 Students will have time to begin working on their
   review sheets for the summative assessment.         Homework: Complete test review sheet and study!

        11.7 Volume of Pyramids & Cones

    Objective: G1.8.1 Solve multistep problems
  involving surface area and volume of pyramids,

Each student will draw a cone or pyramid and label                          Review
the measure of the height as well as the measure of
  the radius or and edge of the base. Students will
then do a gallery walk to find the volume of each of
                     the solids.

Trial day 2 with verdict to be delivered at the end of
class. Each student will be graded on a report to be
written up in response to the trial. Students are to
     explain whether or not they agree with the
      outcome of the trial in a well thought out
 argumentative essay using support from the book
   and the trial. Reports will be due next Friday.

                 Final Assessment:
           Ch 5 Vocabulary Written Test
  and Reflection Journal answering the following
              questions (in English):

  How do people determine their role in a group?
  What qualities make a good leader? How does a
person's perception of an event affect their role in
   it? How did the Chilian mine crisis and rescue
efforts affect the people and country of Chile? The
 U.S.? Other countries? How would the crisis have
been different had it happened in the U.S.? Reflect
  on your learning during this unit. What did you
learn? How did you learn it? When will you be able
         to use this in your life/ the future?
           Summative Assessment Day:

Students will take an ACT/MME-like unit test that
           a. What is a government?
                 b. Constitutions
       c. American government structure

               Final Assessment:
  Create a Plan D for the engineers of NASA to
evaluate. How might your plan be different from
    the others. Include mathematics in your

                    To include:
1. Net of what your rescue capsule would look like.
     2. diagram labeling each vocabulary term
3. Mathematical reasoning for why your plan could

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