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					Work smart with waste – business managing waste better
The business community have a wider range of needs for waste reduction and disposal.

Commercial waste disposal options are:
1. Council rated kerbside collection services for waste and recycling, or
2. Commercial waste collection contractors with bulk skip bins for general waste, and separated or co-
   mingled recyclable waste.

Business may currently be recycling some of their waste e.g. cardboard packaging waste, but there are
opportunities to make savings by recycling, reducing and recovering the various types of waste produced
in the daily operations.

Commercial operators within the Moreton Bay region are encouraged to implement sustainable practices
to reduce and recycle their waste from the office, workshop, food and beverage business, or other
operation. Council can assist with advice on alternate waste disposal methods and further referrals to
various programs currently available for the business community.

The Waste Hierarchy is a simple and effective model for
businesses to make smarter decisions about managing the
waste generated by their organisation.

Tip: Develop a waste management plan for your business to
identify areas where wasteful consumption or disposal is
currently happening and set policy and procedures in areas
where savings and reductions can be made in the waste
disposal from your business.

    Be a sustainable purchaser - choose recyclable or
     reusable items over using virgin resources or non-
     recyclable items.
    Sort your waste into recyclable items, non-recyclable, and
     organic food and garden waste.
                                                                    The Waste Hierarchy
    Choose a paperless system – a communication and      
     finance system with electronic banking, invoicing and          ent/waste/strategy/waste-strategy.html

     distribution of information to staff and clients.
    Duplex printing default - Set your computer programs to print on both sides of the page.
    Take home food waste - in small amounts can be used to feed the chooks and pets at home or
     added to the compost bin. Large amounts of food and garden waste requires some research on
     businesses in the local area that need your organic waste for their programs and processes. Refer
     to the Planet Ark Business Recycling information below.
    Garden branches & leaves can make ideal mulch for gardens.
    Mulched green waste with lawn clippings, shredded paper, food waste and livestock manure can
     produce compost, rich in nutrients and micro-organisms, for growing healthy plants.
    Not only does recycling and reprocessing scrap metal to make new metal products reduce the
     amount of raw mineral resources needed, it is also less expensive than using the raw mined
     minerals to produce these products. Metal products should never be disposed of in landfill, they
     should be sorted and either sold for scrap or taken to an organisation that will recycle them.
    Hazardous waste, including Asbestos Containing Materials, chemicals, tyres etc; can not be
     disposed of with other acceptable general waste in general waste bins and they may not be able to
     be disposed of in a landfill. Refer to the Hazardous ands Regulated Waste fact sheet.

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Business support programs
rethink Business Waste program
This is the Department of Environment and Resource Management
(DERM) waste reform program. This program aims to assist business
applicants to:
       Reduce the possible impact of the waste levy, and
       Reduce disposal costs through helping them to identify alternative options for the diversion of
        materials away from landfill

The program requires applicants to review their waste management activities, develop a simple waste
management plan and to commit to a new resource recovery service, or vary an existing resource
recovery service arrangement. Documents are available as templates and information sessions were
provided across Queensland. DERM will provide a direct subsidy payment of $750 to successful

Visit the rethink Business Waste website by searching by the program name or visiting the link below:

ecoBiz program
The Department of Environment and Resource Management’s eco-efficiency
partnership program assists business to implement waste reduction and sustainable
practices. ecoBiz provides a structured program to help your business make
environmental and financial savings by implementing eco-efficient business practices.

Contact the Queensland government customer referral centre:
Phone: 13 QGOV (13 74 68)        Fax: (07) 3330 5515
Email:    Visit the ecoBiz website:

Business Recycling
The national organisation Planet Ark has created a Business Recycling
website, designed for commercial operators and businesses to search for
recognised waste items produced in the local area, as well as operators /
facilities where disposal of waste is accepted. This exchange network of
waste to recovered resources is the recommended way of reducing costs of waste disposal and
production to your business and become more sustainable in your daily operations.

Register your business and waste products on the Business Recycling website to access reusable products and to promote your waste products to
other businesses. The website and hotline have been set up to make the job that much easier. Whether
you run a café, a garage, a factory or an office block, you will be able to find reuse or recycling options
for much of the waste generated by your business.

The partnership with council, Amcor and the Packaging Stewardship Forum was established in 2007, to
assist small to medium enterprises across the many industrial estates in this area, to implement
affordable co-mingled recycling programs.

Visit the Amcor Recycle@Work website and search for recycle or call
1800 819 000 to speak to a local representative

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