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					                         EMBASSY OF INDIA

             Business Opportunities February 2012

A. Major Bilateral Economic and Commercial Developments

1. Minister of Energy and Water Resources, Dr. Uzi Landau, visited India from 20-24
February 2012. Dr. Uzi Landau met with Minister of Petroleum and Natural Gas
Jaipal Reddy to discuss possibilities of cooperation in Energy1. Dr. Landau also met
Minister for Urban Development Kamal Nath and Minister for Rural Development
Jairam Ramesh, Deputy Chairman of the Planning Commission Montek Singh
Ahluwalia and Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit2.

2. India’s mega-corporation Tata and Israeli games-on-demand provider Exent have
partnered to offer India's Android users mobile game subscription services, According
to the agreement, Exent will provide Tata's communications division, Tata DoCoMo,
with mobile game-service management technology3.

3. The Ministry of Tourism in Israel announced that it will invest approximately
$660,000 in 2012 to establish a new Marketing Representation Office in India which
will serve to dramatically increase the number of Indian tourists visiting Israel. In
2010 and 2011, nearly 40,000 Indian tourists visited Israel4. In 4-10 September 2011 a
delegation led by Israeli Minister of Tourism, Mr. Stas Misezhnikov, visited India.
Their objective was to examine ways in which tourism from India to Israel could be
enhanced further.

4. Mr. Kamal Nath, Hon’ble Minister of Urban Development visited Israel from 12-14
February 2012 for a survey of cooperation in infrastructure development, Urban
Transportation, water treatment and purification technologies. Mr. Nath met with
Israeli Minister for Trade, Industry and Labor Shalom Simhon, Minister of Energy
and Water Resources, Dr. Uzi Landau. Minister, and with Minister of Transportation
Mr. Israel Katz. Nath Also visited Shafdan wastewater Treatment Plant.
 During the visit, India and Israel signed a Joint Declaration aimed at bringing about
long-lasting cooperation and exchange between the two countries in the field of water
technology. Under the Joint Declaration, an India-Israel Working Group will be


created with the objective of long-term planning, development, improvement and
sharing of technology and other matters related to water, waste water and sewage
management. The Working Group will also discuss the possibility of demonstration
project, pilot study and establishing commercial demonstration centers, which would
serve as a platform for presenting innovative technologies to assist in addressing the
challenges faced by India, as also matters relating to quality-standard for drinking
water, treatment of waste water and re-use of treated waste water.
On 14th February, the Minister spoke at a business seminar on “India’s Urbanisation
and Infrastructure Challenges and Opportunities”. The seminar was jointly organised
by the Embassy of India in Israel, the Israel International Cooperation and Export
Institute and the Ministry of Industries, Trade and Labour, Israel. About 100 Israeli
companies participated in the seminar.

B. Economic updates in Israel

1. The Bank of Israel left the interest rate for March 2012 unchanged at 2.5 %.

2. Gasoline prices have risen to record levels. A liter of 95 octane gas costs NIS 8.

3. Unemployment in Israel fell to a 32-year low in 2011. Last year unemployment
averaged 5.7% of the adult workforce, compared with 6.6% the year before.

C. Israeli Collaborations Worldwide

1. Lenovo Group Ltd. is investing tens of millions of dollars in the fourth fund of
Israeli Company-Vertex Venture Capital. The Chinese computer giant announced that
it would be investing in the venture capital fund. This move reflects Lenovo's strategy
of strengthening its presence in Israel through indirect investments via Vertex.
Lenovo is the number one provider of commercial laptop PCs, and the second largest
PC vendor overall In Israel. The investment in Vertex is aimed to continue their
expansion in Israel by building a solid R&D presence in the country5.

2. Ormat Technologies has been Awarded Contract to Build 6 MW Geothermal Power
Plant in Kenya. It had been awarded a contract by the Geothermal Development
Company (GDC) to build a geothermal power plant in Kenya.
The company began drilling Phase 1 of a 400 MW project in Menengai field in
Kenya, with the intention to build power plants as drilling progresses. The power
plant built by Ormat represents the project's first power facility6.

3. Israeli start-up Traffix Systems, has been acquired by US company F5, for $140
million. The company is being bought for cash, and has raised $12 million since its
establishment. The company's solutions respond to the gap between high demand for
cellular communications needing to provide high quality multimedia services. This is
F5's third acquisition in Israel having bought MagniFire Websystems, Inc. for $30
million and Crescendo Networks Inc. for $5.6 million7. 5.
plant-kenya 7.

  4. Israeli Company-Energix will invest up to €25 million in two wind energy projects
  in Poland, after signing an agreement with a partner to build two 40-megawatt wind
  energy projects in the country. Energix will own 60% of the projects, provided that
  agreement is reached on their location, and cost, which could reach €140-150 million
  at €1.8 million per megawatt. The company said that, on the basis of 30%
  shareholders equity for each project, in which it holds 60%, it estimates its investment
  at €25 million8.

  5. Israeli Company-Insightix Ltd., a developer of real-time security intelligence and
  control solutions, has been acquired by McAfee Inc. for $4-5 million. The company
  says that its business security assurance (BSA) solution provides continuous real-time
  information about all the computer and communications systems linked to a network -
  an environment that became much more complicated with the entry of mobile

  6. Finance Minister Yuval Steinitz has visited China, where he signed a financial
  agreement with the Chinese government that will net Israeli companies more than
  $300 million. The new economic protocol being signed will facilitate Israeli exports
  to China in the field of water technology for agricultural use. Under the terms of the
  protocol, a line of credit guaranteed by both countries will be set up to fund Israeli
  investment in China, and trade between the two countries. Long-term loans at low
  interest rates will be granted, and grants are available for some project components10.

      D. India-Israel Bilateral Trade Statistics
  Bilateral Trade in January 2012 (in US$ millions)

  India’s Exports        Israel’s Exports        Total Bilateral trade      % change **
          200.7                   211.9                    412.6            - 9.69% ( from $ 456.9 )
  * Source: Israel Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS). * *Compared to Jan 2011.

(a) Balance of trade during Jan 2012 is in Israel’s favor by US$ 11.2 Million.

(b) During January 2012, India was ranked the 8th largest trade partner of Israel in the world, and
the 3rd largest trade partner in Asia following China and Hong Kong (*Trade data includes
diamonds. ** CBS gives separate trade data for Hong Kong although it is part of China).

  Market prospects in respect of major items of Indian export interest
  Diamonds constituted 49.35% of the bilateral trade in 2010. During 2011, trade in diamonds
  amounted to US$ 2.91 billion, 56.4% of the total bilateral trade (US$ 5.153 billion). During
  January 2012 trade in diamonds amounted to US$ 257.4 million, 62.38% of the total bilateral
  trade (US$ 412.6 million).

                     Israel’s top trade partners in January 2012 (in US$ millions)
  USA       China     Belgium    Germany       Netherlands Hong Kong       India     Switzerland   Italy
  2068.9    710.7     606.1      517.7         508.2       427.6           412.6     345.9         334.3 8..

* Source: Israel Central Bureau of Statistics ** Trade data including diamonds.

* Source: Israel Central Bureau of Statistics
(b) Analysis of trade figures

* India’s share in Israel’s two way global trade in this period decreased from 4.28% (in January
2011) to 3.65% (in January 2012).

For the period of January 2012:

 - India is ranked 4th largest export destination of Israel (including diamonds) and 12th when
excluding diamonds (in January 2012).
- India is ranked 10th largest import source of Israel including diamonds, and 19th largest import
source excluding diamonds (in January 2012).

In the month of January 2012:

- Israel’s two-way global trade increased by 5.96% from US$ 10,656.1 million in January 2011
to US$ 11,292 million in January 2012. India’s share in Israel’s two-way global trade decreased
from 4.28% in January 2011 to 3.65% in January 2012.

E. Business offers from Israeli companies

No Company                                             Products
1. Amcortec Renewable Energy Ltd                       Amcortec trains engineers, installers and service
   Contact person: Ms. Galia Shaba                     technicians in the field of solar energy. Amcortec
   Tel: +972-77-5540340                                also provides heating pumps for swimming pools
   Email:                         in Israel. Looking for joint ventures.
   Website: http://www.amcortec-
2. Mr. Dror Morad                                      The company specializes in import of food
   Tel: +972-3-6167189                                 products, including Soya oil for marketing in
   Email:                        Israel. Looking for new suppliers-Indian
   Address: Bnei Berak, 3 Gotlib                       Companies.
   Street, POB 51484

3.    Sano Bruno's Enterprises Ltd.                    Sano is Israel's leading manufacturer of high
      Contact person: Mr. Andrey                       quality household cleaning, industrial, and
      Gurevich.                                        toiletry products. This company is seeking
      Address: Petah Tikva, 7 Hashfela                 distributors and supermarket chains in India.
      St., Kiriyat Arie, POB 49518.
      Tel: +972- 3-9227952

4.    Shekel Tecnologies                               Israeli Company, interested in purchasing
      Contact person: Mr. Avi Shekel                   1,000MT of Acid Oil and 500MT of Soybean Oil
      Tel: +972-3-5743601                              per month from Indian companies.


5.   E.G. Cosmetics                      E.G. Cosmetics are looking for distributors and
     Contact person: Mr. Brian Berman    buyers interested in private labels of natural
     Tel: +972- 3- 6703334               cosmetics, herbal/botanical cosmetics, paraben-    free, Dead Sea cosmetics, skin care, hair care.
     Adress: Tel-Aviv, 15 Yosef          E.G. Cosmetics are looking for Indian distributors
     Ziman St.                           and buyers.

6.   IMOnline                            Israeli company offers an all-in-one ecommerce
     Contact person: Arie Shpanya        services to Indian Companies.
     R & D center, Rogovin Tower, 11     Company activity includes the following
     Menachem begin, Ramat Gan           marketing channels: Marketplaces, Search engine
     52681, Israel                       optimization, Paid Search, Comparison shopping
     Tel: +972-72-272-3800               websites ,Social media optimization and affiliate       networks.

7.   Aizinberg Melech & Sons Ltd         Company dealing in export and marketing of
     Ms. Hanna Bersover                  Hydraulic equipment - especially Hydraulic
     Tel: +972-4-6333753                 hoses. Interested in exporting its product to
     E-mail:        Indian Companies.

F.     Exhibitions and Conferences in Israel

       Date             Details of Event

1.     15-17 March,     NanoIsrael 2012
       2012             The 3rd annual conference & exhibition of nanotechnology

2.     15-17 May,       Agritech Israel 2012
       2012             The 18th International Agricultural Exhibition
3.     3-4 July, 2012   Clean Tech 2012
                        16th International Summit and Exhibition for Renewable Energy
                        and Water Technologies

4.     26-28 June,      Rax 2012
       2012             The 22nd International Trade fair in Israel for Electrical
                        Engineering, Instrumentation, Automation & Pneumatics,

                          Industrial Light & Ventilation Systems.
5.      16-18 Oct, 2012   Plasto Ispack 2012
                          International Exhibition for Plastics, Rubber and Packaging

Forthcoming Business Delegation to Israel and Events in India
1.Inovation-Visit of Indian Institute Technology to Israel, 3-6 March 2012.
2. Robotics- Visit of Confederation of Indian Industry Delegation, 19-23 March 2012.

3. Life Science- Visit of Confederation of Indian Industry Delegation, 21-23 May 2012.

4. High Tech-Visit of Confederation of Indian Industry Delegation for High Tech Information
Association Annual Conference: 10-12 September 2012.

5. CII 2nd Innovation Summit in India with Israel to be the Partner Country, November 2012.

G.     Business focus of the month –Desalination

Some estimates suggest that the demand for water-treatment products will rise 6.2
percent every year to $65 billion in the year 2015.

Israel’s major foray into desalination began with IDE Technologies (www.ide- –– known as Israel Desalination Engineering when it was government-
owned –– which has built more than 400 desalination plants in some 40 countries,
from Caribbean islands to the United States, to mammoth plants in China and Israel.
The company is headquartered in Kadima Village in Israel.

Every day, IDE plants produce about two million cubic meters of potable water for
the world to use.

In addition to the 40 foreign countries in which IDE is operating, the company built
two of the world's largest desalination plants in Israel, one in Ashkelon in 2005 and
the second in Hadera in 2010. IDE has a third in the works in Soreq, which will
produce some 150 million cubic meters of water starting 2013.

In addition to IDE, Israel’s less famous players in desalination include Global
Environmental Solutions, which operates a plant at Palmachim, and Nirosoft . The
Israeli government-owned Mekorot is also getting into the desalination business.

Mekorot is currently sharing its know-how with the Mediterranean island of Cyprus,
where Israel is building a desalination plant in the south.

Desalitech is another Israeli Desilnation company, The Company, which claims its
modular and scalable system can cut water production costs by more than 25%, can
build its own plants or update existing ones. Two in Israel are each supplying water to
10,000 people. Desalitech is building a plant on the Dead Sea for consumers and

Address & contact details of the Commercial Wing, Embassy of India:

Mrs. Vani Rao, Counsellor
Head of the Commercial Wing
Embassy of India
140, Hayarkon Street, Tel Aviv 63451
Tel: 03-5291999 ; Fax: 03-5270821
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