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									Amish furniture making is strongly rooted in tradition,
and in particular Amish mission furniture is prized for
 using this design philosophy that has been literally
  handed down from generation to generation. The
Mission style of furniture making emerged during the
nineteenth century and designs that follow this style
  generally give emphasis to simple horizontal and
   vertical lines and flat panels that accentuate the
 grain of the wood. The kind of wood that is used is
very important, and therefore it is oak and other hard
  woods that are picked for construction of mission

cardboard furniture
Amish mission furniture has a long tradition of producing handcrafted
furniture that is upright, solidly built, sturdy and heirloom quality As the
mission style of furniture provided people in the 19th century with an
option to mass produced furniture during the Industrial revolution as well
as the ornateness of Victorian styles, so does it offer the modern buyer a
break from soulless, assembly line furniture that we commonly find today
Today, thanks to the distribution network that is possible to put in place
due to the internet, consumers have access to this classic style of
furniture and are able to buy this high quality, no fuss furniture for the
entire house
  The benefits of Amish mission furniture are many: for one you are able
to access timeless and classic designs that are inspired by the Art &
Craft movement that seem never to go out of style The furniture is made
using the best of time tested traditional techniques and joinery, ensuring
that the furniture is able to stand the test of time and long term use
 The furniture is really long lasting, with a result that it can literally be
passed on from generation to generation Only the finest kinds of raw
materials and only solid woods are used to make the furniture
 There is none of the plywood, the particle board or the composite
material that is commonly used to produce modern furniture Amish
bedroom sets made in the Mission Style are a very popular choice, with
not just beds but also other complementing and accent furniture available
 Beds are made using distinctive slats, and you can get style and
coordinated dressers, nightstands, bedside tables, chest of drawers, bed
steps, etc to go with that Amish living room furniture of the Mission style
is again a very popular choice among buyers who have a discerning eye
for good quality
 Mission style rockers are very well-liked due it their classic lines and the
levels of extreme comfort they offer Sofas and chairs also made in the
distinctive mission style that uses slats are something that please the eye
and never become dated
 Coffee and end tables with their clean, uncluttered lines are similarly a
joy to behold and consequently a popular choice as well The Amish
have kept pace with the times and have used the Mission style of
furniture making to produce contemporary products such as computer
tables and other office furniture; entertainment centers, hutches, buffets,
you name it! Amish mission furniture makes it cardboard furniture
possible to enjoy the best quality furniture made the old fashioned way
even today!
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