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                                                     LIST OF OVERSEAS EMPLOYMENT PROMOTERS
                                                            OF RAWALPINDI AND AJK ZONE

S.No     O.E.P. Licence No          NAME OF THE                                                                                                LICENCE
         NAME & STYLE               LICENCEE                             HEAD OFFICE                             BRANCH OFFICE                 VALID UPTO
                                                                                                                                               31st December,
   1                 2                       3                                   4                                            5                       6
    1.   0001/RWP                   M. Iqbal Malik      East End Block Building, Jinnah Avenue Crossing    I) 34-Gulberg-III, Lahore. Tele-         2006
         M/S. Overseas Employment                       Embassy Road, Islamabad, Tele: 9210004,            5755113 Fax 5710782
         Corporation(Pvt) Ltd                           9203354 Fax-92-51-9210003                          II)Red Crescent Bldg, Daud Pota
                                                                                                           Road, Karachi
                                                                                                           Tele: 203471 Fax 9203472
   2.    0008/RWP                   Mian Muhammad       Commercial Center, Mirpur (AK) Tele: 058610-                                               2006
         M/S. Mumtaz Agencies       Mumtaz              43070 Fax 058610-43014

   3.    0055/RWP                   Muhammad            Dhoria, Tehsil Kharian, Gujrat. Tele 05771/2363                                            2005
         M/S. Chaudhry Recruiting   Akram Chaudhry

   4.    0056/RWP                   Abad Hussain        8 Azam plaza, 2nd floor, Commercial Market,        Office No.204 & 205, 2nd Flloor,        2006
         M/S. Al Amal & Co.         Minhas              Satellite Town, Rawalpindi. Tel: 458178            Muhammad Mustafa Trade Center,
                                                        Fax: 4581788                                       Block 2, Central Commercial Area,
   5.    0092/RWP                   Sheikh Anver Ali    286-A, Kashmiri Bazar, Rawalpindi                                                          2006
         M/s. Anversons (Pak)                           Tele.5533123

   6.    0118/RWP                   Akhtar Hussain      0961/C, 27/36 Shoaib Market, Asghar Mall Road,                                             2006
         M/S. Humayun Travel                            Rawalpindi Tele 5558722 Fax 5532506

   7.    0140/RWP                   M. Enver Baig       Suit 15, 4th Floor, 80 West Half, Malix Complex,   2nd Floor, 135/C, B-Commercial          2006
         M/s. Jan Muhammad &                            Jinnah Avenue, Islamabad.                          Area, Phase C-, Defence Housing
         Sons                                           Tel:2206778,Fax:2201107                            Authority, Karachi. Tel: 5880283.

   8.    0154/RWP                   Maj (R)Ghulam       11/14-Super Market, Islamabad Tele: 2270535,                                               2006
         M/S. Friends Enterprises   Mustafa Khan        28288280 Fax 2825155
9.    0169/RWP                     Niaz Khalil       Cantt View Hotel, Hathi Chowk , Saddar,           2006
      M/S. Islamabad Air Service                     Rawalpindi,       Tele 5584880, Fax: 5565186

10.   0176/RWP                     Syed Pervaiz      7-A, Pindi Club Building, The Mall, Rawalpindi    2007
      M/S. Shameem Express         Asghar            Fax 5564168, Phone No.5517074, 5564480

11.   0195/RWP                     Raja Zaheer       66-C, Satellite Town, Rawalpindi, Tele            2007
      M/s. Pindi Trading           Ahmed             No.4842748, Fax 4426466
12.   0202/RWP                     Raja Sadiq        Office No.10, 2nd floor, Main Jhelum Road, Mor    2005
      M/s. Nomi Enterprises        Hussain           Gah, Rawalpindi. Tele: 5486336 Fax: 5450336

13.   0275/RWP                     Muhammad          109-A, Al-Abbas Market, Adamjee Road, Saddar,     2006
      M/S. Ashraf & Co.            Ashraf Khan       Rawalpindi Tele 5584913, 5564633, Fax: 5584913

14.   0310/RWP                     Brig(R)M.Yousaf   68-Tipu Road, Rawalpindi                          2006
      M/S. Fauji Foundation        Khan Waqar        Tele 5951821-40, 5951726 E-mail oes @
                                                     Fauji.org.pk. Website w.w.w. faujioes.com-pk.
15.   0316/RWP                     Mumtaz Hussain    1110-B, Satellite Town, Rawalpindi Tele:4421100   2006
      M/S. Hameed Recruiting       Khan              Fax 4414555 E-mail mkhan_durrani.com.pk
16.   0319/RWP                     Attique Ahmed     Flat No.4, Block 12 C, F-7/Markaz, Jinnah Super   2006
      M/S. Khaleeq Recruiting      Qureshi           Market, Islamabad Tele 2651123-24 Fax: 2650144
17.   0359/RWP                     Sardar            No.9&10, Jamal Plaza, F-10 Markaz, Islamabad      2005
      M/s. Hopewell                Muhammad Rafiq
18.   0367/RWP                     Abdul Hameed      No.1473, Street No.30, National Town, Chaklala    2006
      M/S. Golden Recruiting       Awan              Road, Rawalpindi. Tele 5952999 Fax-5590754
19.   0368/RWP                     Ch. Muhammad      Shop No.4-A, Azan Plaza, Commercial Market,       2005
      M/s. Kashmir Enterprises     Manzoor           Rawalpindi.

20.   0374/RWP                     Sheikh Abdul      49, Beverly Center, Nazimuddin Road, Islamabad    2006
      M/S. People Travels          Quddus
21.   0378/RWP                     Maj (R) A.          16-A, 1st Floor, Taj Mahal Plazal, 6th Road,                                               2005
      M/S International Business   Hameed Siddique     Rawalpindi Phone No.4456507
22.   0395/RWP                     Malik Muhammad      40-47, Qasim Market, Qasim Road, Rawalpindi             Shop-126, Hotel Mehran, Shahrah-   2006
      M/S. Azam International      Azam                Tele 5791311-2, Fax 5517093                             e-Faisal, Karachi, Tel: 5211073
23.   0405/RWP                     Sardar              343-B,Flat 1,Commercial Centre, Satellite Town,                                            2005
      M/S.Al-Yasin Enterprises     Muhammad            Rawapindi Tele 4844905 Fax4421594
                                   Tahseen Khan
24.   0418/RWP                     Mirza Idrees Baig   Mughal House, G. T. Road, Lalamusa, Distt.                                                 2006
      M/S. Al-Beg Enterprises                          Gujrat, Tele 510096, 512286 Fax: 510089

25.   0429/RWP                     Niaz Ahmed Khan     Afghani Plaza, Rashid Minhas Road, Rawalpindi                                              2006
      M/S. A.A.Kay Ent.                                Tele 5567656 Fax 5563755
26.   0444/RWP                     Muhammad Arif       B-343, Tingo Market, Commercial Area, Satellite                                            2006
      M/s. A-1 Agency              Khan                Town, Rawalpindi. Tele: 4425652, 4420548, Fax:
27.   0450/RWP                     Ch.Sarwar Khan      B-1-343, Flat No.4, Ist floor United Plaza, Satellite                                      2006
      M/S. Rajput Recruiting                           Town, Rawalpindi Tele 4421615, 4451510 Fax
      Agency                                           4418946

28.   0464/RWP                     Zahoor ul Haq       G-192, Liaquat Road, Rawalpindi. Tele 5770730,                                             2006
      M/S. Al-Aslam Enterprises                        Fax:5552458 Mob 03005552548, 03009550678

29.   0473/RWP                     Faisal Mazhar       Irum Market, G-6/2, Islamabad Tele 2828882              404 Sunny Plaza, Hasrat Mohani     2005
      M/S. Irum Recruiting         (Managing           Fax2828886                                              Road, Karachi Tele 4525119
      Agency                       Partner)
30.   0510/RWP                     Pir Kamuras         Flat No.12, Rehmat Centre, Plot No.4, I-8/Markaz,                                          2006
      M/S. Al Khair Enterprises    Badshah             Islamabad, Tele: 4438322, 4438342, Fax: 4438347
                                                       E-mail alkhair_enterprises@hotmail.com
31.   0542/RWP                     Malik Muhammad      Flat-5, Shaheen Centre, I-9 Chowk, Islamabad.                                              2006
      M/S. Sawan Recruiting        Ashraf              Tele : 0320-4919281 Fax: 2275404
32.   0553/RWP                     Raja Muhammad       135-Kashmir Road, Rawalpindi, Tele 051/5511509,                                            2005
      M/s. Raja Saleem             Saleem              5563303, Fax 921-051-5567151
33.   0561/RWP                     i) Muhammad .      23- I&T, Centre, St No.30, G-7/1, Islamabad, Tele     2006
      M/S. Trans Arabian Travel    Zia Qureshi        2202111, Fax 2202436
      & Trade                      ii) Muhammd         E-mail trans39@isb.paknet.com.pk
                                   Ishtiaq Quereshi
34.   0612/RWP                     Wing Comd(Retd)    13-L, Commercial Area, F-7/2, Islamabad               2005
      M/S. Shaheen Foundation      Ahmed Farrukh      Tele 9224184-86, 9224188-89 Fax 9212560
      Overseas Employment          Khatlani
35.   0652/RWP                     Muhammad Nazir     DK-751-A, Dhoke Kashmirian, Satellite Town,           2006
      M/S.Pak Kashmiri             Khan               Rawalpindi Tele: 4451143, Fax: 4422644

36.   0650/RWP                     Muhammad           Flat 10, 2nd Floor United Centre Shamsabad,           2006
      M/S. Kiyani Corporation      Zaman Kiyani       Murree Road, Rawalpindi Tele 4453317-18, Fax
37.   0651/RAP                     Waheed ul Haq      180-B, Satellite Town, Rawalpindi Tele 4427684 –      2006
      M/S. Waheed Overseas                            4410568, Fax: 4421648
      Employment Agency
38.   0657/RWP                     Zafar Iqbal Gill   Office 12, First Floor, Al-Mustafa Plaza, 6th Road,   2006
      M/S. Yousuf Enterprises                         Rawalpindi Tele 4425422, 4425411, Fax: 4841513

39.   0658/RWP                     Ch. Muhammad       Shop No.4-G, D Arcade-1, Fazal ul Haq Road,           2005
      M/S. Iqbal Manpower          Iqbal Majid        Blue Area Islamabad Tele 2270385 Fax 2270250
40.   0659/RWP                     Muhammad           Nasim Plaza Stadium Road, Rawalpindi,                 2005
      M/S. Al-Siddique             Siddique Khan      Tele 4421371, 4419335 Fax 4451158,
      Corporation Pvt (Ltd)                           Mob.No.03007376828, 03005131461, E-mail
                                                      Website www.alsiddique.cjb.net
41.   0664/RWP                     Hafeez ur          Al-Bilal Plaza, Chandni Chowk, Murree Road,           2006
      M/S. Al-Abbasi Enterprises   Rehman Abbasi      Rawalpindi Tele 4455633 Fax 4420593 Mob
                                                      03037377933, E-mail alabasi786#hotmail.com.
                                                      website www.pakmanpower.com
42.   0668/RWP                     Sarwar Ahmed       Flat No.8, Block-16 Libra Market G-7, Markaz          2006
      M/S. Sasha International     Khan               Islamabad Tele 2204686, 2204469 Fax 4443100
43.   0673/RWP                     Mrs. Farhat      C-6, Super Market, Islamabad Tele 2877422 –                                          2006
      M/S. Mehmood Iraqi           Mehmood          2823432 Fax 2270599
44.   0678/RWP                     Abdul Rahim      6-Shopping Arcade, Opp. G.T.S. Chowk, Jhelum       Ramdas Bara Market, Peshawar      2006
      M/S. Arab International                       Tele:628681, Fax: 623739                           Tele: 2561633

45.   0680/RWP                     Raja Amir ur     5-A, Super Market, F-6/Markaz, Islamabad                                             2006
      M/S. Al-Waqas Enterpirses    Rehman           Tele 2874958, 2877513, 2821367, Fax: 2822922,
                                                    E-mail alwaqas0680@hotmail.com, website
46.   0688/RWP                     Abdul Razzaq     16-Shalimar Plaza, Chandni Chowk, Rawalpindi       117-Sunni Plaza, Hasrat Mohani    2006
      M/S. Razzaq Enterprises                       Tele 4422561,4841414, 4841432 Fax: 4421418,        Road, Karachi, Tele 2627051
                                                    Mob No.03007752008, E-mail
47.   0697/RWP                     Muhammad         J-Z, Murree Road, Bahra Kahu, Islamabad                                              2005
      M/s. Al-Khalid Bureau        Razzaq
48.   0698/RWP                     Maj (R)          5-Pine Complex ,Iftikhar Janjua Road, Rawalpindi                                     2005
      M/S. Kashi Enterprises       Muhammad         Cantt. Tele5581542,5583767 Fax5567949
49.   0704/RWP                     Shahzad Israr    55/4, 1st floor Grindlays Market, Bank Road,                                         2006
      M/S. Sir International                        Rawalpindi Tele5518154, 5516448, Fax: 5564119

50.   0711/RWP                     Khawaja Naseem   312 Poonch House Complex Rawalpindi Cantt.                                           2006
      M/S. Khawaja Associates      Ahmed            Tele:5580212 Fax: 5567148

51.   0715/RWP                     Masood Sadiq     Office No.12, Aslam Market, Wah Cantt. Mobile:     21, 1st Floor, Khurshid Palace,   2006
      M/S. Al-Skeikh Corporation                    0333-5208859                                       Kashmir Road, Rawalpindi Cantt.
                                                                                                       Tele: 5564468, 5564478
52.   0716/RWP                     Muhammad         26 Al-Abbas Market, Adamjee Road, Saddar,                                            2006
      M/S. Marhaba I               Yousuf Khan      Rawalpindi Tele 5584912, Fax: 5562968
53.   0725/RWP                     Muhammad         C-B 975, St No.1, Jhanda Chichi Road, Rawalpindi                                     2006
      M/S. Kashmir Overseas        Yaqoob Khan      Cantt.
      Employment Services                           Tele 5523963 – 5562694 Fax: 5523962
54.   0729/RWP                     Muhammad         62/10-Bank Road, Rawalpindi, Tele: 5563056,                                          2005
      M/S. Al-Barq I               Samad Orakzai    5521469 Fax:5516139 Mob 03005194058

55.   0732/RWP                     Muhammad Nisar   Office No.4, Block 16, Civic Centre, Islamabad,                                      2006
      M/S. Nisar Corporation                        Tele:2874639, 2877302, Fax: 2876346

56.   0738/RWP                     1. Hamayun         92-B, National Market, Satellite Town, Rawalpindi.   2006
      M/S. Costain International       Khan           Tele 4413281, 4422291, Fax: 4427730 Mob
                                   2. Muhammad        03036500453
57.   0740/RWP                     Imtiaz Ahmed       13-Moti Plaza, Murree Road, Rawalpindi,              2006
      M/S. Zuha International      Warriach           Tele 5501685, Fax: 5503674

58.   0741/RWP                     Naseer Ul Haq      113-A, Saadi Road, Rawalpindi Tele 5568401,          2006
      M/S. Adnan Corporation                          5548476 Fax 5568476 Fax: 5503674
59.   0747/RWP                     Muhammad Hanif     B-343, Near Fire Brigade, Commercial Market,         2006
      M/S. Ansari Associates                          Satellite Town, Rawalpindi. Tele 4427382,
                                                      4844382 Fax: 4427795
60.   0754/RWP                     Syed Afzal Shah    Office No.15, 2nd Floor, Kashmir Gate Plaza, Opp.    2005
      M/s. Orakzai Overseas                           RGH, Murree Road, Rawalpindi
61.   0755/RWP                     Sh. Abdul Qadeer   64/7, Bank Road, Rawalpindi P.O. Box 505,            2006
      Al-Qadeer Associates                            Tele 5517995

62.   0764/RWP                     Ch. Khadim         1st Floor, Shoukat Plaza, G. T. Road, Kharian        2006
      M/S. Ch. Khadim Hussain &    Hussain            District Gujrat Tele 511404 Fax: 511210
63.   0765/RWP                     Rana Abdul         Flat No.11 & 12, 2nd Floor, Hill View Plaza, Blue    2006
      M/S. GFQ International       Ghafoor Khan       Area, Islamabad. Tele 2277728, 2872471 Fax
      Employment Bureau                               2273932
64.   0770/RWP                     Muhammad Nazir     Flat No.2, 3rd Floor, Al-Mustafa Plaza, 6th Road,    2006
      M/S. Al-Rehman Trading                          Satellite Town, Rawalpindi Tele 4414756 Fax:
      Corporation                                     441+716, Mob No.03335108180, E-mail
                                                      artctrading@hotmail.come, website www.al-
65.   0772/RWP                     Nawazish Ali       Block 1, Super Market, Islamabad                     2006
      M/S. Salman International                       Tele 2872429, 2875148, Fax 2823532, E-mail
66.   0775/RWP                     Muhamamd           B-337, Usman Plaza, 2nd Floor, Choti Market,,        2006
      M/S. Majal Overseas          Idrees Khan        Satellite Town, Rawalpindi Tele: 4451197 4411198
      Development Corporation                         Fax: 4422430 Mob 03335112066 E-mail
67.   0797/RWP                     Zahid Safdar       K-300, Opp Al-Farooq Hotel, Committee Chowk,         2005
      M/S. Mujahid Corporation      Kiyani              Rawalpindi Tele 5960270, 5953033

68.   0798/RWP                      Mushtaq Ahmed       79- West, 2nd Floor, Mehmood Plaza, Blue Area,       (1) MF-3, Century Tower, Kalma Chowk,     2006
      M/S. Raja Mushtaq             Khan Raja           Islamabad Tele 2273798-99 Fax 2274377                Main Boulevard, Gulberg, Lahore Tele:
                                                                                                             5887682, Fax:5887683}
      Enterprises                                                                                            (ii) Rahat Jodero, Plot No.172-L, Block
                                                                                                             No.3, Main Tariq Road, Karachi Tele:
                                                                                                             4558120, Fax:4546509
69.   0800/RWP                      Haji Malik Akhtar   20/3, Railway Road, Saddar, Rawalpindi Cantt.                                                  2006
      M/S. Madina Recruiting        Muhammad            Tele 5524572, 5586985
70.   0804/RWP                      Amjad Ali           Liaquat Floor Mills, Mandi Bahuddin, Tele 500563,                                              2005
      M/S. Ghega Overseas                               505763
      Employment Promoter
71.   0806/RWP                      Muhammad            House No. 874, I-10/4, Islamabad Tele 4442373,                                                 2005
      M/S. RBS Brothers             Rashid              44433616 Fax 4433016

72.   0814/RWP                      Sheikh Ali Sher     Office No.3-10 B, Bangsar Plaza, Commercial                                                    2006
      M/S. Islamabad I                                  Centre, Satellite Town, Rawalpindi, Tele: 4421092-
                                                        4412629 Fax:4421092
73.   0817/RWP                      Rana Ghulam         Plot # 333, St# 95 G-9/4 Sector Islamabad                                                      2006
      M/S.G.M. International        Mustafa             Tele 2251900 Fax 2250859

74.   0818/RWP                      Muhammad I          2110, Pir Wadhai Road, I-10/1, Islamabad                                                       2006
      M/s. Dir Recruiting Agency                        Telephone:4442161, 4442051 Fax: 4442161

75.   0819/RWP                      Mst. Aroosa         Flat No.SA-1075,Afandi Colony Chowk,                                                           2006
      M/s. Paracha Enterprises.     Noreen              Rawalpindi. Tele: 4456661-2, Fax:4421756

76.   0823/RWP                      Muhammad Tufail     Off No. 11 1st Floor, Khurshid Palace, Kashmir                                                 2007
      M/S. Al-Muslim O.E.P.         Awan                Road Rawalpindi Cantt Tele 5586998, 5568828.
                                                        Fax 5567942, 5554421
                                                        Mob 03335109823 E-mail
77.   0829/RWP                      Sherbaz Khan        23-Rajco Plaza, Dhamial Road, Rawalpindi Cantt.                                                2005
      M/S. Asia Trader Recruiting                       Telefax:5515416
78.   0833/RWP                    Khawaja Masood      Office NO.15, 2nd Floor al-Mustafa Plaza, Chandni                                     2006
      M/S. Mehboob Enterprises    Ellahi              Chowk, Murree Road, Rawalpindi. Tele:4580463,
                                                      580483 Fax : 4580452,Mob No.03335118003, E-
                                                      mail mehboob@isb.comsats.net.pk

79.   0834/RWP                    Wing(Comd)(R)  8-M 106 W, Royal Centre, Blue Area, Islamabad,                                             2006
      M/S. Ovais Traders          Muhammad Zarin Tele 2272952, 2872246 Fax: 4580452

80.   0841/RWP                    Ch.Bahadur Khan     Block 4, Whole Sale Market, G-7, Islamabad                                            2006
      M/S. Star International                         Tele 2204603, 2204685, Fax: 2204225, Mob
                                                      No.03005267042, E-mail
81.   0849/RWP                    Raja Sultan         5- Old American Centre, 2nd Floor, Kashmir Road,                                      2006
      M/S. Al-Mubashir Recruiting Mehmood             Rawalpindi Tele 5564098, Fax:5514091, Mob
      Agency                                          No.03009564140, E-mail almubashir@hotmail.com
82.   0857/RWP                    Muhammad Riaz       62/10 Bank Road, Saddar Rawalpindi                                                    2006
      M/S. M. R. Chaudhry & Co.   Chaudhry            Tele:5586650, 5514324, Fax: 5516921

83.   0858/RWP                    Haji Muhammad       Milad Chowk, Kharian Road, Dinga, Distt. Gujrat     Royal Centre, Fazal e-Haq Road,   2006
      M/S. Shalimar Express       Sadiq Butt          Tele : 043317-401545, 401310                        Blue Area, Islamabad Tele
      Recruiting Agency                                                                                   2218161

84.   0859/RWP                      Ch. Abdul Quddus 961 Ali Plaza, Souq-e-Idrees, Asghar Mall Road,                                        2006
      M/S. Al-Quddus                                  Rawalpindi Tele 5556695, Fax 5770897, Mob
      International                                   No.03008560520, E-mail
85.   0862/RWP                      Muhammad Iqbal Office No.1, 1st Floor, National Bldg, Opp. RGH,                                         2006
      M/S. Raja Enterprises                           Murree Road, Rawalpindi Tele 4422364 Fax
                                                      2845312, Mob No.03005571802
86.   0863/RWP                      Ch. Mehdi Khan    22-E, Saeed Plaza, Blue Area Islamabad Tele                                           2006
      M/S.Air International Travel                    2873122, 2874022, Fax 2275108 Mob
                                                      03338541383, E-mail aist@yahoo.com
87.   0878/RWP                     1.Muhammad Nazir 12-Al Flah Askaria Plaza, Committee Chowk,                                              2006
      M/S. Badar Corporation       2.Raja Noor Ul Haq Rawalpindi Tele 5961063
88.   0879/RWP                    Abid Hussain     78- 1st Floor Ramzan Plaza, Haider Road, Saddar,    2006
      M/S. Abid Enterprises       Abbasi           Rawalpindi Tele 5568062 Fax 5568062

89.   0893/RWP                    Aftab Ahmed      9- 2nd floor, B-152 Jinnah Business Centre,p        2006
      M/S. Rehbar Enterprises                      Chandni Chowk, Rawalpindi. Tele4429711 Fax
90.   0902/RWP                    Muhammad         78-79, National Market, Asghar Mall Scheme,         2006
      M/S. Al-Zarafa Manpower     Mushtaq Khan     Rawalpindi, Tele 4416175

91.   0903/RWP                    Zia ul Haq       Flat No H, Block D-20, G-8/Markaz, Islamabad        2007
      M/S. Zeb Travels                             Tele 2252183

92.   0905/RWP                    1.Muhammad       Near Nagina Cinema, Rasool Road, Mandi              2005
      M/S. Rex International      Riaz             Bahuddin Tele:0456-503507, Fax:2007
                                  2. Muhammad
93.   0912/RWP                    Saeed Mansoor    1st Floor, Al Falah Askaria Plaza, Room No.6,       2006
      M/S. Sunrise Enterprises                     Committee Chowk, Rawalpindi. Tele5960634,
                                                   5504544 Fax 5960712, Mob No.03008559997, E-
                                                   mail sunrise@isb.comsats.net.pk, website
94.   0915/RWP                    Muhammad Afzal   7 Mezzanine floor Potohar Plaza, Blue Area,         2006
      M/S. Ideal Recruiting                        Islamabad. Tele 2877478, 2277971, Fax: 2250272,
      Agency                                       Mob No.03008564873, E-mail
95.   0918/RWP                    Muhammad Azam    917 Dewan Chamber, Faizabad, Rawalpindi             2006
      M/S. Al-Ghousia             Awan             Tele:4422558, 4426065, Fax: 4422558

96.   0939/RWP                    Shakeel Akhtar   135-Khurshid Palace, Kashir Road, Rawalpindi        2007
      M/S. Jamshaid Corporation                    Tele 5565470 Fax 5510365 Mob 03204921350,

97.   0947/RWP                    Haji Maqsood     Flat No.3, 343, B-1, United Plaza, Tingo Market,    2006
      M/S. Hussain & Co           Hussain          Satellite Town, Rawalpindi. Tele 4847860 Telefax:
98.   0949/RWP                    Syed Zakir       11-A,1st Floor Taj Mahal Shopping Centre, Murree    2006
      M/S. Abu ul Hassan          Hussain Shah     Road, Rawalpindi Tele 4442201,4452737, Fax:
       Trading Corp.                                     4427281

99.    0951/RWP                       Mrs. Saeeda        67-B, A Block, Rehmanabad Murree Road,                                                          2006
       M/S. R.S. Recruiting           Akhtar             Rawalpindi Tele 4841527, 4453526 Fax 4453526
       Agency                                            E-mail rs_recruiting@hotmail.com

100.   0964/RWP                       Mr. Sohail Ahmed   1-C, Opp. Old Passport Office, 6th Road, Murree                                                 2005
       M/s. Sethi Corporation         Sethi              Road, Rawalpindi, Tele 051-4843045, 4840992 E-
                                                         mail satti_corp@hotmail.come
101.   0967/RWP                       Ch. Muhammad       Flat # 4 3rd Floor, Al-Mustafa Shopping Center, 49-                                             2006
       M/S Ashraf & Sons              Ashraf             C Chandni Chowk Rawalpindi. Mobile: 0300-
102.   0970/RWP                       Iqbal Hussain      10/A-1,Taj Mahal Shopping Centre, Murree Road,                                                  2006
       M/S. Al- Sadaf Traders                            Rawalpindi. Tele 4422015, 4420652, Fax 4422227

103.   0972/RWP                       Muhammad Aqeel     Room No.4, 1st Floor, Al Flah Askaria Plaza,                                                    2006
       M/S. Islamic Manpower          Awan               Committee Chowk, Rawalpindi Tele 5960627,
       Promoters                                         5504727 Fax 5590754,Mob No.03309558545, E-
                                                         mail Islamic8@hotmail.com
104.   0990/RWP                       1.Abdul Hamid      12, Aftab Plaza, Bus Stop Holly Family, Said Pur                                                2005
       M/S. Bismillah International   Ch.                Road, Rawalpindi Tel. No.484330, 4843331
                                      2.Abdul Majid Ch
                                      3.Khalid Javed

105.   0955/RWP                       Zaman Ranjha       Office No.2, Javaid Plaza, Fazal-e-Haq Road, Blue                                               2006
       M/s. Al-Mohsin Enterprises                        Area, Islamabad
106.   0997/RWP                       Amin Ullah         Office No.13, 1st Flloor, Islamabad Arcade, G-11                                         2005
       M/s. Amin Recruiting &         Qureshi            Markas, Islamabad
107.   0999/RWP                       Raja Javed Afzal   Room No.8, 1st Floor Khurshid Palace, Kashmir                                                   2005
       M/S. Raja Javed                                   Road Saddar Rawalpindi Tele 5567488 Fax
       Enterprises                                       5522821, Mob No.03009555029

108.   1008/RWP                       Rizwan Malik       Flat 2, Block 12-B, Jinnah Super Market,F-            Plot No.28-C, Shahlize Building,          2005
       M/S. Haris International                          7/Markaz, Islamabad, Tele 2650085, 2651025 Fax        Commercial St.14, Defence
                                                         2650468                                               Housing Society, Karachi.
109.   1014/RWP                     Sardar Masood       10- Sana Plaza Chaklala Scheme 3, Rawalpindi.                                          2006
       M/S. Pak Kashmir             Afzal Khan          Tele: 5591958 Fax: 5593824
       Recruiting Agency
110.   1017/RWP                     Nargis Faiz Malik   Block 13-O, 2nd Floor, F-7 Markaz, Islamabad                                           2007
       M/s. Al-Jazira Recruiting                        Tele. 2651238, Fax 2651240
111.   1019/RWP                     Ch. Muhammad        Dinga Road, Dhoria, Kharian Gujrat Tele 511223                                         2007
       M/S. NAC International       Akram

112.   1032/RWP                     Muhammad Afzal      B-10, Flat 6, 2nd floor Bangsar Plaza, Commercial                                      2007
       M/S. Afzal Enterprises                           Centre, Satellite Town, Rawalpindi. Tele: 5425189

113.   1038/RWP                     Muhammad            C-1-2, Shah Plaza, Souq-e-Idrees, Murree Road,      Room No.4, Waqas Plaza 4th floor   2005
       M/S. Arain Enterprises       Bashir              Rawalpindi, Tele 5772241                            Aminpur Bazar, Faisalabad
                                                                                                            Telefax: 041/601163
114.   1040/RWP                     Ch. Muhammad        10-Pine Hotel, Iftikhar Janjua Road,                                                    2007
       M/S. Potohar Manpower        Shiraz              Rawalpindi Cantt. Tele 5522454 Fax 5566154

115.   1049/RWP                     1.Raja Abdul        No.1, Khyber Plaza, Blue Area, Islamabad                                               2005
       M/S. Atiq & Co                 Rehman            Tele 2816123, 823283 Fax 206464
                                    2.Aziz M. Khan
116.   1055/RWP                                         Basement No.2, Al Mustafa Plaza, Murree Road,                                          2007
                                    Abdul Rauf
       M/S. Al-Rauf International                       Rawalpindi Tele 4422138, 4641905

117.   1056/RWP                     Muhammad Sadiq      77-Ramzan Plaza, Bank Road, Rawalpindi                                                 2006
       M/S. Al-Mashriq                                  Tele 5516491

118.   1061/RWP                     Muhammad            10- 1st Floor, Al Falah Askaria, Committee Chowk,                                      2007
       M/S. Hira Corporation        Asghar              Rawalpindi. Tele 5960641 Fax 5598695, E-mail
119.   1063/RWP                     Shamshad Ali        C-140-41 Moon Plaza, Afandi Colony, Rawalpindi                                         2007
       M/S. S.B. International      Bhatti              Tele 4426415 Fax 4427955

120.   1064/RWP                     Muhammad Ishaq      Office No.16, 2nd Floor, United Center,                                                2005
       M/s. Eagle Trade                                 Shamsabad, Murree Road, Rawalpindi, Phone
       International                                    No.4452224, 5580792
121.   1067/RWP                     Raja Muhammad      Hall No.3, 2nd Floor, Block 8, Civic Center,       2007
       M/s. Al-Kohsar International Jamil Satti        Islamabad Phone No.2829859

122.   1074/RWP                     Sardar Altaf       Moon Plaza, Main Airport Road, Jhanda Cheechi,     2007
       M/s. Blue Moon Enterprises   Hussain            Rawalpindi, Phone No.5515320

123.   1077/RWP                     Aftab Ahmed        19-B, Al-Amin Plaza, Mall Road, Rawalpindi Cantt   2005
       M/s. M.K. Services           Malik

124.   1086/RWP                     1.Hafiz Atta-ur-   Flat No.2 Al Harmain Plaza, Shamsabad,             2007
       M/S. Al- Harmain               Rahim            Rawalpindi Tele4420748 Fax 4420126
       International                2. M.Zia-ur-
125.   1092/RWP                                        Opp. Airport Bhimber Road, Gujrat, Tele 4331-      2005
       M/S. Hayat Overseas          Ch.Gulzar          516028 Fax 511435
       Employment Promotion         Hussain
126.   1121/RWP                     Ch. Liaquat Ali    Khan Plaza 2nd floor G.T.Road, Kharian, Gujrat     2006
       M/S. Chinab Overseas                            Tele 5533801 Fax 5511882

127.   1123/RWP                     1.Naseem Akhtar Block 14 Super Market, F-6 Islamabad Tele             2007
       M/S. Pearltec (Pvt) Ltd      2. Mehmood Ch. 2824949, 2877297 Fax 2275053
                                    3. Rubina Naseem

128.   1130/RWP                     Rasaldar Maj (R)   H.No.272, British Homes,Phase II, Westage          2005
       M/S. Asghar Brothers         Ghulam Hussain     Rawalpindi Cantt Tele 5478433 Fax 5479079

129.   1151/RWP                     G. M. Khan         4 Alay Plaza, Fazal-e-Haq Road, Blue Area,         2007
       M/S. M.J. Enterprises                           Islamabad

130.   1156/RWP                     Ch. Ikhlaq         30 Al-Abbas Market, Adamjee Road, Rawalpindi,      2007
       M/S Empire International     Hussain            Tele 5521249 Fax 5524490
131.   1165/RWP                        S. Altaf Hussain   7 Mezzanine Shah Plaza, Blue Area, Islamabad        2005
       M/S. Amigo Trading                Shah             Tele:2204163
       Corporation                     Abdul Rashid

132.   1171/RWP                        Sardar Abdul       55/62, 2nd Floor, Bank Road, Rawalpindi Tele        2007
       M/S. K.R. Travelers             Razzaq             5567960 Fax:5586170

133.   1173/RWP                        Mushtaq Ahmed      M-1895, B-II, Chandni Chowk Rawalpindi Tele         2005
       M/S. Asim Associates                               4429268

134.   1175/RWP                        Muhammad Tahir     Flat 4, 4th floor Khyber Plaza, 96-W, Blue Area,    2005
       M/S. Seljuk Inc                 Ayub               Islamabad, Tele 2273072 Fax 2826647

135.   1177/RWP                        Shaukat Hussain    24, Al Abbas Market, Adamjee Road, Rawalpindi       2005
       M/S. Gulistan Recruiting                           Tele 5567780,5516651 Fax 5586659

136.   1180/RWP                        Abdul Rashid       2nd floor Mumtaz Hotel, Adamjee Road, Rawalpindi    2005
       M/S. Pine Hills International    Khan              Tele 5586784 Fax 5567849

137.   1181/RWP                        Zafar Iqbal        1-C, Super Market, Islamabad Tele 2270797,          2007
       M/S. S.K. International                            2874847, 2876010, Fax 2876384 Mob
                                                          No.03335104454, EL-mail
                                                          ahmed0300@yahoo.com ,
138.   1188/RWP                        Muhammad           O-915, Faizi Plaza, Opp Naz Cinema,Murree           2005
       M/S. Al Nawaz International      Nawaz Khan        Road, Rawalpindi Tele 5555693 Fax 5557316
                                                          Mob 03204922855
139.   1191/RWP                        Tariq Mehmood      26 I&T Centre, G-7/1,Near Fire Brigade, Islamabad   2005
       M/S. Talal International        Kiyani             Tele 2202583 Fax 2202413

140.   1197/RWP                        Raja Altaf         62/28, 2nd Floor Opp. Poonch House, Bank Road,      2005
       M/S. Al-Falah Enterprises        Hussain           Saddar Rawalpindi Tele 5563746

141.   1202/RWP                        Sh. Mehmood        17-B, 2nd Floor, Data Centre, Satellite Town, 5th   2006
       M/S. Sheikh Brothers             Sadiq             Road, Rawalpindi Tele 4456501
142.   1206/RWP                    Abdul Qayyum       2, Al-Falah Askaria Plaza Committee Chowk,                                                2005
       M/S. Al-Qayyum                                 Rawalpindi
       International                                  Tele 5960578 Fax 5501742 E-mail
143.   1212/RWP                    Syed Amir Hamza    Office No.14-A, 2nd Floor Barkat Plaza, Bank Road,                                        2007
       M/S. The Pak Consultant                        Rawalpindi Tele 5519083, Fax 5583267
       Overseas Manpower
144.   1214/RWP                    Ch. Muhammad       Room No. 45 1st floor, Al-Abbas Market, Adamjee                                           2006
       M/S. Kashif Brothers Int.   Tufail             Road, Rawalpindi Tele 5527695. Fax: 5573149

145.   1227/RWP                    Ghulam Sarwar      H.#-843/J-1-Block F, Satellite Town, Rawalpindi.                                          2005
       M/S. G.S. Manpower                             Tele 4413913 Fax 4413914

146.   1229/RWP                    Haji Abdul Aziz    M-1620 Muhammadi Chamber near Naz Cinema,                                                 2005
       M/S. Aziz Manpower                             Murree Road, Rawalpindi Tele 5554452 Fax
       Services                                       5503259

147.   1232/RWP                    Syed Iftikhar      Saddat Market, G.T.Road, Sarai Alamgir, District     No.3- B, 1st Floor Chaudhry Plaza,   2005
       M/S. Leading Manpower       Hussain Shah       Gujrat                                               Blue Area, Islamabad
       Exporting Agency                               Tele 0541/3977, Fax 622474                           Tele:2276767, 2815416

148.   1246/RWP                    Saifullah Khalid   19-20, Hijvairy Plaza, Blue Area, China Chowk,                                            2005
       M/S. Lasani International                      Islamabad Tele 2873407,2875061 Fax 289719

149.   1260/RWP                    Wasim Anwar        Flat No.8,3rd Floor, Al-Mustafa Plaza, 6th Road,                                          2005
       M/S. Al-Yurmuk                                 Rawalpindi Tele 4457534,44580261 fax
       International Recruiting                       44580261 E-mail alyarmuk@hotmail.com
150.   1270/RWP                    Abdul Samad        Flat 7, 3rd floor, Sindbad Plaza, Commercial                                              2005
       M/S. Buner Recruiting       Khan               Market, Satellite Town, Rawalpindi Tele 4419447
       Agency                                         Fax 4428110

151.   1271/RWP                    Muhammad Ishaq     Flat No.8, 2nd Floor, Satellite Town Shopping                                             2005
       M/S. Unique Manpower        Janjua             Centre, 6th Road, Rawalpindi, Tele 44266223 Fax
       Services                                       4429677 E-mail unique_manpower@yahoo.co.uk
152.   1272/RWP                      1.M. Boota         Near Alvi Chowk, Phalia Road Mandi Bahauddin,      2006
       M/S. Tania & Brothers         2.Mukhtar Ahmed    Tele:0456-501601
                                     3.M. Saleem
                                     4.Akram Baig

153.   1279/RWP                      1.Ghulam Abbas     Flat No.9, Mehran Plaza, G-9 Markaz, Islamabad,    2005
       M/S. Al-Hafiz Enterprises     2.Hafiz M. Hanif   Tele 2282971 Fax 2260771, Mob 03008541296, E-
                                                        mail alhafizent@hotmail.com

154.   1296/RWP                      Muhammad Dildar B-1, Zaki Center, Block No.44, I-8 Markaz,            2007
       M/S. The Guides               Abbasi          Islamabad Phone No.4448887, 4438781, 4438782,
                                                     Fax No.4446660, Mob.No.03008555389, E-mail
                                                     theguides49@hotmail.com, website
155.   1300/RWP                      Lt. Col. (R)       Room No.8, 2nd Floor, Moti Plaza, Murree Road,     2005
       M/s. American International   Muhammad Ishaq     Rawalpindi Tele: 5962178, 5500875, Fax:5505146
                                                        E-Mail aiepk @ email-come
156.   1304/RWP                      Raja Muhammad      Flat No.5, 2nd Floor Mustafa Plaza, 6th Road,      2005
       M/S.Yaqoob Sons               Yasin Khan         Satellite Town, Rawalpindi Tele 4422595, 4422256
       Overseas Manpower                                Fax 4421296 Mob 03335117207 E-mail
       Consultants                                      yaqoobsons_recruitment@yahoo.com

157.   1329/RWP                      Mushtaq Ahmed      Flat No.3,Noman Plaza 2nd Floor, Markaz F-10,      2005
       M/S. Shardah Overseas         Hashmi             Islamabad Tele 2294740 Fax 2214063
       Employment Services

158.   1330/RWP                      Mukhtar Ahmed      Mezzanine 1-2, 70-E-AA Plaza, Jinnah Avenue,       2005
       M/S. Al-Faqeeh Manpower                          Blue Area, Islamabad Tele 4429155 Fax 4428991

159.   1339/RWP                      Ch. Zaheer         5-E, Union Plaza, Fazal Haq Road, Blue Area,       2005
       M/S. Pak Saudi Enterprises    Ahmed              Islamabad, Tele 2274046. Fax 2875119

160.   1340/RWP                      Maj (Retd)         Wahab Market, C.M.H. Road, Jhelum Cantt. Tele      2005
       M/S. Janbaz Overseas          Rafaqat Hussain    620330 Fax: 624140

161.   1344/RWP                      Muhammad Afzal     Flat No.5, Block No.28 Allah Wala Plaza, G-9,      2005
       M/S. Asian Star               Qureshi            Markaz Islamabad, Tele 2261182 Fax 2261181

162.   1361/RWP                      Muhammad           London Book Co Building 2nd Floor, Kashmir Road,                                      2005
       M/S. All World Recruiting     Ashraf Khan        Rawalpindi Tele 5520258, 5568689 Fax 5520259
       Overseas Employment
163.   1365/RWP                      1.   Abdul Sami    9-Bilal Plaza, Near MCB, I-9 Markaz, Islamabad,     Karim Plaza, G.T.Road, Haripur.   2005
       M/S. Tanawal Overseas         2.   Attar Shah    Tele 4434357 Fax 4436787 E-mail                     Telefax 611026
       Employment Corporation        3.   Lal Hussain   sami@tanawal.sdnk.undp.org
                                     4.   Munawar       sami.tananwal@yahoo.com

164.   1367/RWP                      Raja Haq Nawaz     29-Al-Abbas Market, Adamjee Road, Saddar,                                             2005
       M/S. Professional Services                       Rawalpindi Tele 5519049 Fax: 5563863

165.   1368/RWP                      Raja Iftikhar      Flat No.C-5, 3rd Floor, Al-Shifa Plaza, 78-A, 6th                                     2007
       M/S. Sadeer International     Ahmed              Road, Rawalpindi, Tele 5515426

166.   1373/RWP                      Ch. Muhammad       Shawaiz Plaza, Chandni Chowk, Sarafa Market,                                          2007
       M/s. Al-Moula International   Ashraf             Lalamusa, Distt. Gujrat, 053-7512705, Fax 053-
                                                        7512705, Mob 03009623882, E-mail

167.   1377/RWP                      Muhammad           1st Floor Rizwan Plaza, Main Airport Road, Jhanda                                     2005
       M/S. Khawar Enterprises       Saleem Akhtar      Chichi, Rawalpindi. Tele 5581572 Fax: 5517627

168.   1379/RWP                      Hamid Ali Raza     Flat No.6, Block 14-B, Markaz F-8, Islamabad Tele                                     2005
       M/S. Al-Hunain                Shah               2262344, 2261551 Fax 2851702, E-mail
       International                                    alhunain@yahoo.com

169.   1396/RWP                      Minan Akhtar       Basement No.2,3-52-W, Waheed Palza, Blue Area,                                        2005
       M/s. Overseas Promotion       Hussain            Islamabad
170.   1402/RWP                      Ehsan Ul Haq       5 Shalimar Plaza, Chandni Chowk, Rawalpindi                                           2005
       M/S. Dewal Enterprises                           Tele:4841166 Fax: 4841166

171.   1411/RWP                      Abdul Majid Khan   117-Faizan Plaza Committee Chowk, Rawalpindi                                          2005
       M/S. Sakhi Enterprises                        Tele/ Fax 5960354

172.   1421/RWP                    Ali Zaman Khan    Flat No.1, Rehmat Plaza Centre, I-10 Markaz,         Shop No.56/16 Androoni Miran   2005
       M/S. Miran Shah                               Islamabad. Tele 4030202 Fax 4442289                  Gate Mirangate, Bannu Tele
       International Recruiting                                                                           611260
173.   1423/RWP                    Rashid Ahmed      Flat No.5, Millat Plaza, F-10, Markaz, Islamabad                                    2005
       M/S. Fatimi International   Janjua            Tele:2292331, 2050853

174.   1424/RWP                    Tariq Mehmood     No.15, 1st Floor Al-Falah Askaria Plaza, Committee                                  2005
       M/S. Lodhi Sons             Khan Lodhi        Chowk, Rawalpindi Tele 5504562 Fax 5503034,
       International                                 Mob.No.03005121417, E-mail
175.   1425/RWP                    Nayar Aqeel       6/23-E, Basement Zakia Aziz Plaza, Blue Area,                                       2005
       M/S. Alam Travels           Sheikh            Islamabad Tele 2873855 Fax 2875443. Mob
                                                     03335110721 E-mail
176.   1441/RWP                    Javed Akhtar      Railway Scheme No.3, Kausar Colony, Dhok                                            2005
       M/s. Nagial International   Nagial            Chiragh Din, Rawalpindi Cantt Tele 5797971
177.   1446/RWP                    1)Muhannad        G-5 Block No.13, Al-Mustafa Apartments, G-8                                         2006
       M/s. East West Route          Aslam Khan      Markaz, Islamabad. Tele: 2852958, 2852959. Fax-
       International (Pvt) Ltd.      Yasin.          2856074.
                                   2) Aminul Haq
                                   3) Abdul Razaq.

178.   1451/RWP                    Tauseef Qadir     92/B- National Market, Satellite Town, Rawalpindi                                   2006
       M/S. Tauseef Associates                       Tele 4841274

179.   1457/RWP                    Zar Muhammad      Nelum Market Kashmir Road, Saddar, Rawalpindi                                       2006
       M/S. Waziristan OEP         Khan              Tele 5568033, 5110656 Fax:5568033

180.   1460/RWP                    Javed Akhtar      2nd Safdar Mansion, 16-D, Blue Area, Islamabad                                      2005
       M/s. Sardar Sohail Javed
181.   1463/RWP                    M. Wali Khan      31-Al-Abbas Market, Adamjee Road, Rawalpindi                                        2006
       M/S. M. Wali Recruiting                       Tele:5518572, 5584336, Fax: 5513130
182.   1470/RWP                     Arif Mahmood        Office No.9, Shahid Plaza, Blue Area, Islamabad                                         2005
       M/s. Bright Way R/Agency                         Tele. 826947, Fax No.270705
183.   1471/RWP                     Muhammad            20/B, Mall Plaza, The Mall, Rawalpindi            Anjum Road, Gharib Pura Chowk,        2005
       M/s. Diplomates              Musarrat Hussain    Phone No.03005263546                              Gujrat Fax No.0433-602380
       International                Mughal
184.   1473/RWP                     Ghulam Mustafa      Shop No.76, 1st Floor, Ramzan Plaza, Rawalpindi   Shop 4&5, Al-Bilal Shopping           2005
       M/S. Al-Mustafa Recruiting                       Telefax:5516695                                   Centre, Railway Road, Haripur
       Agency                                                                                             Tele:615418/612828
185.   1474/RWP                     1. Ishaquddin       Flat 6-7, Moon Plaza, Afandi Colony, Satellite                                          2006
       M/S. Munir International     2.Shamsheruddin     Town, Rawalpindi Tele 4424478 Fax: 4426198

186.   1478/RWP                     1. Sh.Naseer        SA-55/A-4, Shafiq Colony, Dhoke Paracha,          5/42, 5th floor, Al Yousuf Chambers   2006
       M/S. N.A. Enterprises        Akhtar              Rawalpindi Tele : 4415356-57, Fax 4420274, Mob    Shahrah-e-Liaquat, Karachi
                                    2. M.Arshad Malik   No.03204925788, E-mail sna@apollo.net.pk          Tele:2636084
187.   1479/RWP                     Raja Farooq         33/4, Shan Market, Kausar colony Marir Hasan                                            2005
       Al-Sani International        Mubarik             Rawalpindi. Tele 5511717. Fax 5565543

188.   1482/RWP                     Liaquat Ali         Flat No.11, Block-16, Libra Market, Markaz G-7,                                         2006
       M/S. Phalia International                        Islamabad Tele 2202176, 2202198. Fax 2202146,
                                                        Mob No.03008551124, E-mail
                                                        phalia1@yahoo.com,, info@pakjob.org website
189.   1483/RWP                     Haji Muhammad       Milad Chowk, Dinga, Gujrat Tele 401545, 401310                                          2006
       M/S. Haji Brothers R/        Fazal Butt          Fax: 401150.
190.   1484/RWP                     Mumtaz Ahmed        Room # 44, 1st Floor, Moti Plaza Murree Road,                                           2005
       M/S. Neway Overseas          Naseem              Rawalpindi Telefax 5506038
       Manpower Consultants

191.   1487/RWP                     Imtiaz Ali Kayani   501, 5th Floor, Ginza Centre, 104-W, Jinnah                                             2005
       M/S. Al Mas Traders &                            Avenue, Islamabad. Tele: 2278078, 2273039,
       Contractors                                      Fax-2278078, Mob 0303651012

192.   1492/RWP                     Hafeez Mahmood      Office No.8, Sector I-9 Markaz, Islamabad                                               2005
       M/s. Saroba Corporation      Malik
193.   1495/RWP                     Muhammad Tufail     21-E, Huma Plaza Blue Area, Islamabad Tele          2006
       M/S. Shahban International   Butt                2820384, 2872685, Fax: 2275767

194.   1499/RWP                     Rukhsar Ahmed       M 1891(A) Chowk, RG Hospital Murree Road,           2005
       M/S. Dhanayal I              Dhanayal            Rawalpindi Tele 4841093

195.   1502/RWP                     Muhammad            303-Royal Centre, Fazal-e-Haq Road, Blue Area,      2006
       M/S. Rahnuma Enterprises     Yousuf              Islamabad, Tele: 2112329, Fax: 2276976 E-mail

196.   1505/RWP                     Abdul Ghaffar Ch.   5th Floor Sindh Bad Plaza flat 6, Satellite Town,   2006
       M/S. Great View                                  Rawalpindi Tele :4415072, Fax: 4410981

197.   1524/RWP                     Sardar Akmal        343-B, Flate No.1, Tingo Market, Satellite Town,    2006
       M/S. Attash International    Khan                Rawalpindi Tele: 4844905, Fax: 4421594

198.   1527/RWP                     Sajid Hussain       B-3/631, Khuram Colony, Mulsim Town,                2006
       M/S. Al-Hijaz Overseas       Shah                Rawalpindi
       Manpower                                         Tele. 4471717-4471718, Fax: 4473982
                                                         E-mail alhijazpk@yahoo.com
199.   1528/RWP                     Muhammad Ali        38/62- Bank Road, Saddar Rawalpindi                 2006
       M/S. Jubail International    Siddiqui            Tele 5516598 Fax: 5564079

200.   1529/RWP                     Muhammad            Milad Chowk, Dinga, Distt. Gujrat, Tele:04337-      2006
       M/S. Al-Sultania             Akram Butt          401224 Fax: 04337-401764

201.   1530/RWP                     I Muhammad          50-C Al-Bilal Plaza Chandni Chowk Murree Road       2005
       M/S. Azfee Overseas                              Rawalpindi Tele 4451671 Fax 4417960

202.   1545/RWP                     1.Mumtaz Khan       Bashir Plaza, Shop 65-P-1/E, 1st Floor, Adamjee     2006
       M/S. Razmak Recruiting       2.Mir Nawaz         Road, Saddar, Rawalpindi Tele 5584867
       Agency                       Khan
203.   1550/RWP                       Naik Muhammad     65-D-1, Bashir Plaza, Adam Jee Road, Rawalpindi                                      2006
       M/S. Qubail Recruiting                           Cantt. Tele: 5511044, 5568366, Fax: 5511605.

204.   1563/RWP                       Muhammad          9th The Mall, Saddar, Rawalpindi.                                                    2005
       M/S. Al-Asfoor International   Ashraf Khan       Tele 5527311 Fax:5517430

205.   1566/RWP                       Raja Muhammad     32-Basement, The Mall Plaza, Rawalpindi                                              2006
       M/S. Al-Falaq International    Rasheed           Tele:5514137 Fax:5514137

206.   1572/RWP                       Muhammad          10, 1st Floor London Shopping Centre, G-9 Markaz                                     2006
       M/S. Avari International       Arshad Ghallo     Islamabad Tele:2260371, 2256716

207.   1573/RWP                       Nadeem Akhtar     Haider Building, G.T.Road, Gujrat.                                                   2007
       M/S. Melhi International       Melhi

208.   1579/RWP                       Muhammad Riaz     Chanab Plaza, 1st Floor, Kutchery Road, Gujrat     United Plaza, Shamsabad, Murree   2007
       M/S. Tehseen Enterprises                         Tele: 598143, 598145, Fax: 592641                  Road, Rawalpindi

209.   1581/RWP                       1.Pir Syed        Gondal Market, Mandi Bahauddin                                                       2006
       M/S. Mohra Sharif              Manzoor Hussain   Tele:456-500869
       Recruiting Agency              Shah
210.   1582/RWP                       Ch. Medhi Khan    5 Mezzanine Floor Potohar Plaza, Blue Area,                                          2007
       M/S. Supra Enterprises                           Islamabad Tele 2271709

211.   1587/RWP                       Qazi Muhammad     2-A, Mezzanine 20 West, Ali Asghar Plaza, Blue                                       2005
       M/S. Qazi Enterprises          Arif              Area, Islamabad.

212.   1588/RWP                       Muhammad          Off. No 1-2, 2nd Floor, Plot No. B-42, Ehtisham                                      2005
       M/S Link Enterprises           Shahid Akhter     Plaza, Commercial Market, Satellite Town,
                                                        Rawalpindi, Tele:4426409, Fax: 4426469

213.   1589/RWP                       1.Mushtaq Ahmed Opp. Nagina Cinema, Rasul Road, Mandi                                                  2005
       M/S. Mong Star                 2.Khadim Hussain Bahuddin
                                      3.Muhammad       Tele:50681, Fax 508091
                                      4. Sajid Pervaiz

214.   1591/RWP                    Muhammad           39, Al-Abbas Market, Adamjee Road, Rawalpindi                                             2007
       M/S. Zarqa International    Siddique           Tele:5519509

215.   1595/RWP                    Syed Raza Abbas    Busal Masoor,Tehsil Malikwal, Mandi Bahauddin                                             2005
       M/S. Busal Corporation      Bokhari            Tele:0456-599359, Fax: 599303

216.   1598/RWP                    Naeem Afzal        101-A, Taj Mahal Plaza, 6th Road Murree Road,                                             2005
       Active Recruiting Agency                       Rawalpindi Tele:4424718 Fax:4452406 E-mail
217.   1603/RWP                    Muhammad Nazir     Flat No.4-B, Block 16 Civic Centre, Islamabad                                             2007
       M/S. Gizan International                       Tele:2215716, 2876362, Fax
                                                      No.2875315,2876346 Mob No.03037776874
218.   1606/RWP                    Ch. Imtiaz Ahmed   21-E, Huma Plaza, Blue Area, Islamabad,                                                   2005
       M/S.Kanan Overseas                             Tele:2274747 Fax:2274747

219.   1607/RWP                    Qamar Zaman        G.T Road Suhawa Distt: Jehlum, Tele:0571-                                                 2006
       M/S S.Q Enterprises                            610261

220.   1609/RWP                    Mirza Arshad       Habib Bank Building, Sargodha Road, Gujrat         Flat No.4, 1st Floor, Souk Al-Hashir   2006
       M/s. Gujrat International                      Phone 4331-521251, Mob 0342-280978                 Plaza, F-10 Markaz, Islamabad
                                                                                                         Phone No.2107670, Fax
221.   1610/RWP                    Muhammad           Prima Hotel Building, Millat Colony, Committee                                            2007
       M/S. Jammu & Kashmir        Riaz Khan          Chowk, Rawalpindi Tele:5599806, Fax
       Enterprises                                    No.5598216
222.   1614/RWP                    Inayat Ullah       50-C, al-Bilal Plaza, Chandni Chowk, Murree Road                                          2005
       M/S. Umm ul Qura                               Rawalpindi Tele:4450274 Fax:4450278
       Recruiting Agency
223.   1619/RWP                    Muhammad           Flat # 8 united Plaza 343-B/1 Satellite Town                                              2005
       M/S. Rai Brothers           Anwar Khan         Rawalpindi. Tele 4429576 Fax 4429876

224.   1623/RWP                    Hafiz Mukhtar      41-A, 1st Floor Hospital Road near Nizam Watch                                            2005
       M/S. Murrree Overseas                          Co, Saddar, Rawalpindi Tele:5519074 Fax:
       Employment                                     5564216

225.   1625/RWP                    Khushal Khan       15, 1st Floor, United Plaza, Shamsabad,                                                   2005
       M/S. Maharaja Corporation   Kiyani             Rawalpindi Tele:4418438, 4418439. Fax-4418440

226.   1632/RWP                      Haji Umar Daraz     Off # 18-1st Floor, London Shopping Centre,                                           2005
       M/S. Jhang International                          Markaz G-9, Islamabad Tele: 2260659, 2263309
       Recruiting Agency                                 Fax No.2263759, Mob 03036504454,

227.   1633/RWP                      Malik Iftikhar ul   Flat # 3 2nd Floor, Rehman Plaza, I-10 Markaz                                         2005
       M/S Al-Mazan Enterprises      Haq                 Islamabad. Tele 4441224, Fax 4440697

228.   1639/RWP                      Shakeel Ahmed       3-B, US Aid Plaza,Fazal-e-Haq Road Blue Area,                                         2005
       M/S. Ghakar Corporation       Kayani              Islamabad, Tele:2877164-65, Fax:2822944

229.   1649/RWP                      Muhammad            Flat No.16-17, Moon Shopping Centre,C-1 Satellite                                     2005
       M/S. Platinum                 Akhtar Ali          Town, Rawalpindi Tele 4452263
       Manpower Service

230.   1653/RWP                      Muhammad          Plot No 190 Industrial Area I-9/2 Islamabad                                             2005
       M/S Telecom Foundation        Hussain. Sr. G.M. Tele:No.4434545, 4445560 Fax 4435202
       Overseas Employment
231.   1663/RWP                      Mohammad Afzal      Opp. Gohar Plaza, Sargodha Road, Gujrat.                                              2007
       M/S. Azim Employment                              Tele:4331-28679, 511415.

232.   1668/RWP                      Muhammad            E-1 3rd Floor Shah Plaza behind Gold Market                                           2005
       M/S.Lasifa International      Nasim Akhtar        Murre Road RawalpindiT.No.5541595
                                     Siddique            Fax.5541337
233.   1670/RWP                      1.Rana Khalid       Gondal Market, Rasul Road, Mandi Bahuddin           Office No.5, Makkah Plaza,        2005
       Al Haider Intl.                  Mahmood          Tele 501963                                         Charah Road, Near Khara Bridge,
                                     2. Arshad                                                               Rawalpindi

234.   1675/RWP                      Hameed Khan         54/62 Sheikh Plaza Bank Road SaddarRawalpindi.                                        2006
       M/s.Miryan Intl. Recruiting                       Tele: 5521737, fax: 5527152.

235.   1678/RWP                      Sajid Mahmood       Flat No.1.Ropal Plaza I/10 Markaz Islamabad.                                          2007
       Raj Wali Intl.

236.   1679/RWP                     Tariq Mahmood       612/41-B Dheri Hassanabad Rawalpindi                                              2007
       M/S.Prestige Enterprises

237.   1689/RWP                     Muhammad Ilyas      Office No.10, 1st Floor, Kashmir Gate Plaza, Opp.                                 2005
       M/s. Mint International                          Rawalpindi General Hospital, Murree Road,
                                                        Rawalpindi Tel.4413274, Fax 4429978
238.   1693/RWP                     Khawar Jalal Baig   12-D.SNC.Centre, Blue Area Islamabad                                              2006
       M/S.Khawar Baig                                  T.No.2875966 2878866 Fax-2822866.

239.   1694/RWP                     Sh Ghulam           M-1.1892, Murree Road , Near RGH, Rawalpindi.       NWR Plaza Flat # B-4 & B-5    2007
       Jamil International          Mustafa             Tele 4455707 Fax 4421504                            Khyber Super Market Stadium
                                                                                                            Road, Peshawar.
240.   1699/RWP                     Mohammad            14-B, Pine Complex, Iftikhar Janjua Road,                                         2005
       M/S.Sabri Manpower Corp      Akhtar              Rawalpindi Cantt. Tele.No.5529950. Fax-.5529874

241.   1707/RWP                     Abdul Khaliq Ch     Near RGH Shah Plaza,E-1, 3rd Floor, Murrer Road,                                  2005
       M/S.Abdul Khaliq & Sons                          Rawalpindi Tele:5531029, Fax: 5770897

242.   1709/RWP                     Raja Ali Asghar     Main G.T.Road ,Sohawa Distt Jhulum Tele:0571-                                     2005
       M/S. Sohawa International                        610148

243.   1720/RWP                     Nadir Khan          City Plaza near Jail Chowk, Gujrat T.No.517047.                                   2005
       M/S. Machiana Overseas

244.   1731/RWP                     1.Bashir A.         Shah Street, Mohallah Faizabad, Gujrat                                            2006
       M/S. Pak Khokhar Travel      Khokar              Tele:04331-534508, 601959, 520390
                                    2.Habib Ur

245.   1739/RWP                     Naseeb Ullah Jan    26-Al-Abbas Market, Adamjee Road, Saddar,                                         2006
       M/S.Al Madakh R/A                                Rawalpindi Tele:5581283-84, Fax: 5581284

246.   1751/RWP                     Haji Muhammad       Room No.23, 2nd floor Ciros Cinema Building,                                      2006
       M/S. Al-Baraka Enterprises   Younus              Haider Road, Saddar, Rawalpindi Tele:5567510
                                                        Fax: 5584566
247.   1768/RWP                     Saleem Badshah    Flat No.2, Hydri Plaza, Whole Sale Market, Markaz                                             2005
       M/S. Kinnah Recruiting                         G-7, Islamabad. Tele: 2204362, Fax:2204402

248.   1770/RWP                     1.Amjad Habib     5th Road, Sindbad Plaza, Flat # 10 3rd Floor                                                  2005
       M/S. Shakeel Ishtiaq         Ch.               Satellite Town, Rawalpindi Tele:4456333 Fax
       International                2.M. Pervaiz      4456333
249.   1784/RWP                     Hafiz M. Iqbal    6-B Wasil Plaza, Blue Area Islamabad                                                          2006
       M/S. Aasta International                       Tele 2279001 Fax 824031

250.   1786/RWP                     Mehboob Khan      F-353 E, New Katarian Market near Habib Bank,                                                 2006
       M/S. Quba Manpower                             Rawalpindi Tele: 4415691, Fax: 4412442

251.   1788/RWP                     1. Tariq Bashir   Rasool Road, Oposite UBL Mandi Bahauddin,                                                     2005
       M/S. Johar International I   2. Khalid         Tele:0456-503969

252.   1790/RWP                     Muhammad          Plat No.2 1st Floor, Shah Plaza Stadium Road,                                                 2007
       M/S. Shoppayan               Ashraf            Rawalpindi.

253.   1791/RWP                     Raja Ghulam       10- 2nd floor, District Council Office, Chakwal,       Flat 4,Plot 2 J, Potohar Plaza, I-9,   2007
       M/S. Al-Minhas               Akbar             Tele:550667                                            Markaz, Islamabad Tele:4448999

254.   1810/RWP                     Ikhlas Ahmed      40-41 2nd Floor, Moti Plaza Murree Road                                                       2005
       M/S. Wular International     Khan              Rawalpindi. Tele 5952862

255.   1816/RWP                     Muhammad Aziz     Qaiser Plaza, Adamjee Road, Saddar, Rawalpindi                                                2005
       M/S. Ziban Enterprises       Khan
256.   1818/RWP                     Muhammad Azad     H.No.CB 875, St No.1, Jhanda Chichi Road,              26-Z, Block 78, KMC, Society near      2005
       M/S. Al-Jabal I              Khan              Rawalpindi, Tele:5523963 Fax 5523962                   Hill Park , Karachi Tele:4529498
                                                                                                             Fax 4547153

257.   1827/RWP                     Muhammad          Village & Post Office Dhoaria, Kharian, Ditt: Gujrat                                          2007
       M/s. Dhoria International    Zaman Ch.         Tele520761 Fax:520762

258.   1828/RWP                      Sardar Khadin      9th The Mall, Saddar near Bank Al-Falah                                                2005
       M/S. Abu-Al Asma Traders      Hussain            Rawalpindi Tele:5527470 Fax: 4584566

259.   1834/RWP                      Muhammad           Off. No. 11, Ist.Floor, London Shopping Centre,    Plot # 1078 Rafique Road, Near      2007
       M/S. Mishari Overseas         Rafique            Markaz 9-2 Islamabad. Tele 2253394 Fax             General Bus Stand, Kamalia Distt:
       Employment Agency                                2253393                                            T.T Singh Tele 415544 Fax
260.   1838/RWP                      Abdul Rauf         90-Mobee Plaza, Haider Road, Saddar, Rawalpindi                                        2007
       M/S. Noshahi Enterprises                         Tele 5524733, Fax No.5110596, Mob
                                                        No.03335120775, E-mail alnoshahi@hotmail.com
261.   1845/RWP                      Imam ul Amin       Off # 2 1st Floor Ratta Mension 69-West Fazal-e-                                       2005
       M/S. Imam Trading &                              Haq Road Blue Area Islamabad Tele 2272991 Fax
       Contracting.                                     2275671

262.   1849/RWP                      Muhammad           Main Bazar, Khoi Rata, Kotli (AK) Tele: 058660-    B-65 Munawar Plaza, Ist. Floor,     2006
       , M/S. Gujar Manpower         Murtaza            49311 Ext.91                                       Room # 7, Commercial Market,
                                                                                                           S/Town, Rawalpindi. Tele:4429332
263.   1865/RWP                      Muhammad Faiz      No.4, 1st Floor, Khurshid Palace, Kashmir Road,                                        2007
       M/S. Al-Fayyadh                                  Rawalpindi Tele 5520307, Fax 5525290

264.   1868/RWP                      Shahid Mahmood     46-A, Basement, Khurshid Palace, Rawalpindi Tele                                       2007
       M/S. Pak National                                5568259, 5110723, Fax 5568697, Mob
       Manpower Bureau                                  No.03335188151, E-mail pnmb@comsats.net.pk
265.   1857/RWP                      Muhammad           Flat No.503, 5th Floor, Poonch House Complex,                                          2007
       M/s. Bio Force                Akhtar Chishti     Adamjee Road, Rawalpindi Cantt
266.   1876/RWP                      Asif Mehmood       D-2, 2nd Floor Shah Plaza, Murree Road,                                                2005
       M/S. Al-Mehdi International   Janjua             Rawalpindi, Tele:5772285

267.   1894/RWP                      Sarfaraz Hussain   No.6, 729-B, Satellite Town, Shaheen Plaza,                                            2007
       M/S. Baba Corporation         Hashmi             Chandni Chowk, Rawalpindi. Tele 4451911-12

268.   1900/RWP                      Syed Zafar-ul-     32-H, Raja Manzil, Mukarram Town, Misrial Road,                                        2005
       M/S. Islam Brothers           Islam              Rawalpindi. Tel: 5471056.
269.   1901/RWP                      Muhammad           1001/3 & 4 Hotel Al Safa, Molvi Muhammad                                               2005
       M/S. Saddozai Overseas        Akram Khan         Hussain Road, Rawalpindi Tele:5518878
       Employment Services
270.   1902/RWP                       Allah Bakhsh       No.4, 1st Floor, Bhalwal Plaza I-10 Markaz,        2006
       M/S.Al-Tauqeer                                    Islamabad. Tele:4432244

271.   1909/RWP                       Kamran Farid       Flat No.10, Shah Plaza, Stadium Road, Rawalpindi   2005
       M/S. Al-Zoni Recruiting        Sethi              Tele: 4454361

272.   1912/RWP                       Muhammad           Flat No.13, zahid Plaza, I-10, Islamabad Tele:     2007
       M/S. Saleh International       Mehboob            4430511 4430611

273.   1918/RWP                       Abdul Wahid Asim Block 6-F, 3rd floor Numan Plaza, F-10 Markaz,       2006
       Overseas Employment                             Islamabad Tele: 2291725

274.   1920/RWP                       1)Sajid Ahmed      Main Baza, Dinga Road, Gujrat                      2005
       M/s. First Al-Sultania Group   2) Arshad Ahmed    04337-400565, 400820, Fax 40054, E-mail
275.   1926/RWP                       1. Waheed          No.3, 3rd Floor United Plaza, Shamsabad,           2005
       M/S. Self Reliance GUL            Hafeez          Rawalpindi
       HASSAN NAREJO )                2. Mirza Zahid     Tele:4413769
276.   1931/RWP                       Tanveer ul Haq     14, Ground Floor, Saeed Plaza, Blue Area,          2005
       M/s. Sarwar & Sons                                Islamabad
277.   1932/RWP                                          No.3, 1st Floor, Riaz Plaza, Adamjee Road,         2007
       M/S. Sana International                           Rawalpindi, Tele 5510126, Fax 5563242, Mob
                                                         03008543142, E-mail
278.   1933/RWP                                          3rd Floor, 76-A, Al-Shifa Shopping Center, 6th     2005
                                      Iftikhar Ahmed
       M/s. Shanza International                         Road, Rawalpindi

279.   1935/RWP                       Altaf Rashid       No.6, Capital Trade Centre, F-10, Markaz,          2007
       M/S. Makco (Group)                                Islamabad Tele; 2211730 Fax: 2280755 E-mail
280.   1944/RWP                       Ch. Muhammad       Flat # 4 1st Floor 78-A Al-Shifa Plaza 6th Road    2007
       M/S. Ch. Muhammad           Younis              Rawalpindi Tele 4455506 Fax 4455526 E-mail
       Younis International                            chinternational@hotmail.com
281.   1947/RWP                    Riasat Ali Mughal   B-729 Shaheen Plaza, 2nd floor, Satellite Town,                                     2007
       M/S. Riasat International                       Rawalpindi. Tele 4425334, 4581823, Fax
                                                       4581807, Mob 03204931165, E-mail

282.   1950/RWP                    Arshad Hussain      Barlas Plaza, Ch. Bostan Road, chaklala Scheme                                      2005
       M/S. Al-Tamani General                          No.3 Rawalpindi Tele 5509087

283.   1952/RWP                    1.     Muhamm       Flat No.1, 2nd floor, Al-Mustafa, 6th Road,                                         2005
       M/S. Gate Way               ad Raza 2.Qamar     Rawalpindi. Tele 4842112 Fax 4418273, Mob
       International               Abbas               03005008647, Mob Riyd.ho504112158
                                                        E-mail gatewayintpk@hotmail.com
284.   1954/RWP                    1.     Naeem        23-Taj Mahal Plaza, 6th Road, Rawalpindi.                                           2005
       M/S. Mufti Enterprises        Ahmed Khan        Tele 4454004, 4581371 Fax 4419444 Mob
                                   2.     Mufti        03204920202,
                                     Mehboob ur        E-mail muftienterprises@hotmail.come

285.   1955/RWP                    Mirza Muhammad      No.1/31- Shakir St, Khan Plaza Kharian, Distt:                                      2005
       M/S. United Group           Naseer              Gujrat
       International                                   Tele 2865 Fax 510271

286.   1961/RWP                    Muhammad Iqbal      Off No.7, 1st Floor, Block 7-B Warriach Plaza      Akhwan Khair Plaza, 1st Floor,   2007
       M/S. Al-Roshan Associates                       Service Road, F-10 Markaz Islamabad Tele           Batagram Bazar, Batagram
                                                       2294340 Fax:2294106
287.   1982/RWP                    Anwar Ul Haq        No.118, 1st Floor Faizan Plaza, Committee Chowk,                                    2005
       M/S. Space International                        Rawalpindi. Telefax 5953215

288.   1986/RWP                    Muhammad Khan       Suit#2, Dosal Arcade, blue Area, Islamabad                                          2005
       M/s. Pak Channel,           Niazi
289.   1989/RWP                    Shabbir Ahmed       84-C, 2 Satellite Town, Rawalpindi Tele 4841369,                                    2005
       M/S. Satti Overseas         Satti               4581164 Fax 4581191 E-mail
       Employment Services                             sattioes@hotmail.com

290.   1991/RWP                     Hameed Ullh         Flat # 2, Shah Nawaz Plaza, I-10 Markaz                 2007
       M/S. Shafi International     Khan                Islamabad Tele 4431645, Fax 4101645, Mob
       Recruiting Agency                                03335199578, E-mail shafikhan1991@yahoo.com
                                                        & hotmail.com
291.   1993/RWP                  1. Ahmed Ali           Plat-3, Saqib Plaza, Grindlays Market, Bank Road,       2007
       M/S. Job Track Man Power      Siddiqui           Rawalpindi. Tele 5794542 Fax 5522991
       Bureau                    2. Muhammad
                                    Shabbir Malik
292.   1996/RWP                   Ishtiaq Ahmed         1st Floor 113-AB-7 Market Road, Rawalpindi Cantt.       2005
       M/S. Al-Qasim Recruitment Khan                   Tele 5515523 Fax 5510067

293.   2005/RWP                     Maj(Retd) Imtiaz    1st Floor, Rafia Plaza, 16/7, Bank Road, Saddar,        2007
       M/s. Askari Enterprises      Ali                 Rawalpindi, Tele No.5568781, Tax 5516227
294.   2007/RWP                     Mir Tahir Nawaz     33/A-6 ST# 2, Mukaram Town, , Misriyal Road,            2005
       M/S. Al Hawasi Enterprises                       Rawalpindi Cant. Tele 5478106 Fax 5478161

295.   2010/RWP                     Shakeel Ahmed       15-B, Basement, Khyber Plaza, Blue Area,                2007
       M/S. Al-Warbah               Tanoli              Islamabad,
       International                                    Tele: 2824336 Fax 2276520 Mob 03005182716, E-
                                                        mail alwarbah1971@yahoo.com
296.   2013/RWP                     Munawar Iqbal       No.1, 2nd Floor, 7-H, Al-Malik Arcade, F-10,            2006
       M/S. United Enterprises      Warriach            Markaz, Islamabad. Tele:2100444, 2104140, Fax:
297.   2018/RWP                     Haji Muhammad       Flat No.10, 1st Floor, Sauq- Al Hashar Plaza, F-10      2006
       M/S. Nadal Overseas          Anwar Sani          Markaz, Islamabad Tele: 2292707,
       Employment Services                              2104825,Fax:2211082
298.   2022/RWP                     Raja Jamil Akhtar   Flat No.18-19, Moon Shipping Centre, Charrah            2006
       M/S. Rado International      Khan                Road, Rawalpindi. Tele: 4423965

299.   2023/RWP                     Rashid Ul Haq       Flat No.3, Business Plaza, I-10 Markaz,                 2006
       M/S. Aryana Overseas                             Islamabad. Tele:4443067.

300.   2026/RWP                     Raja Muhammad       Flat No.4, 1st Floor, Al-Riaz Plaza, Chirah Road,       2006
       M/S. Kainaat O.E.P.          Yasin Khan          Sadiqabad Chowk, Rawalpindi. Tele:4580961, Mob
       2030/RWP                     Malik Faiz Talab    4-A, 2nd Flloor, 6th Road, Taj Mahal Plaza, Satellite   2006
       M/s. Malik Faiz R/Agency     Khan              Town, Rawalpindi
301.   2032/RWP                     Muhammad          14-Saeed Plaza, 22-East, Blue Area, Islamabad      2005
       M/S. Akhtar Overseas         Akhtar Chohan     Tele:2254525, 2873329, Fax: 2829652
       Trading Corporation

302.   2034/RWP                     Aurangzaib        Flat No.13, 2nd Floor, 71-A, Satellite Town,       2006
       M/S. Sunehra                                   Rawalpindi. Tele: 5550540

303.   2037/RWP                     Habib Khan        Flat No.14, Al Riaz Plaza, Bank Road, Rawalpindi   2006
       M/S. Besham Corp. GUL                          Tele:5520788

304.   2038/RWP                     Saghir Ahmed      5-Star Plaza, Gulzar-e-Madina Road, Gujrat         2006
       M/S.The Searcher’s Co                          Telefax:04331-510698

305.   2040/RWP                     Abdul Jalil       S.F. Plaza, Opp. Punch House, Adamjee Road,        2006
       M/S. Roman Corporation                         Saddar, Rawalpindi, Tele:5525613, Fax: 5514528

306.   2053/RWP                     Anwar Saeed       12,1st Floor Paris Plaza, Commercial Market,       2006
       M/S. Julyal Corporation                        Rawalpindi Tele: 4841007 Telefax:4841142

307.   2055\RWP                     Fazal Nadeem      Off # 6,Saqib Plaza Grendlay Market Bank Road      2006
       M\S .Baloom International    Ch.               Rawalpindi Telefax: 5510362

308.   2056/RWP                     Muhammad          Flat # 11 2nd Floor, Mustafa Plaza, Chandni        2006
       M/S Ihtisham Overseas        Saeed             Chowk, Rawalpindi. Telefax: 4421885
       Employment Promoter

309.   2063/RWP                     Hafiz Sher        H.No.25, E-4, Dhok Shera, Lalazar Colony,          2006
       M/S Khizrea R/Agency         Muhammad          Rawalpindi Cantt. Tele: 5521964, Fax: 5563492
310.   2067/RWP                     M.Wajid Wali      34, Al-Abbas Market, Adamjee Road, Rawalpindi      2006
       M/S Al-Insaf International                     Tele: 5513130

311.   2068/RWP                     Amir Jannat Gul   24 Basement Barlas Plaza, Ch. Bostan Road          2006
       M/S Mir Ali Overseas        Hassan Narejo )     Chaklala Scheme III Rawalpindi. Tele: 5508613-8
       Agency                      Khan

312.   2070/RWP                    Hidayat ullah       3rd Floor, Khyber Plaza, Opp. Al-Abbas Market,    2006
       M/S Chandni Overseas        Khan                Adamjee Road, Saddar, Rawalpindi, tele: 5792707
       Agency                                          Fax:5792717

313.   2073/RWP                    Shoeb ur Rehman Flat No.14, Qaiser Plaza,Near Haathi Chowk,           2006
       M/s. Shoeb Habib Brothers                   Adamjee Road, Saddar, Rawalpindi
314.   2080/RWP                    Muzahid Noor    Room No.38, 3rd Floor, Poonch House Adamjee           2006
       Al-Muqaddar R/Agency                        Road, Saddar, Rawalpindi. Telefax: 5513852,

315.   2081/RWP                    Shabir Hussain      Flat # 13 2nd Floor Al-Mustafa Shopping Centre    2006
       M/S Sanabal International                       Chandni Chowk Rawalpindi. Tele: 4453853

316.   2083/RWP                    Khalid Pervez       Gondal Market, Rasool Road, Mandi Bahaud din.     2006
       M/S Mandi Manpower          Ranjha              Tele:0456-508283 Fax: 0456-508383

317.   2085/RWP                    Ch.Muhammad         Off # 10-B Sunny Plaza, Chandni Chowk, B-213      2005
       New Golden Key              Yousuf              Satellite Town, Rawalpindi. Tele 4840271, fax:
       Enterprises                                     4419338

318.   2089/RWP                    M.Sagheer Khan      Al-Shams Hotel Building, Adamjee Road , Saddar,   2006
       M/S Al-Shams R/Agency                           Rawalpindi. Tele 5568487, 5517511, Fax: 5527130

319.   2093/RWP                    S.M Asif Ali Shah   343/B, Off # 2 Tingo Market Satellite Town        2005
       M/S Qurni Enterprises                           Rawalpindi. Tele:4426604 Fax: 4426605

320.   2095/RWP                    Muhammad            Off # 99, 3rd Floor, Mobi Plaza, Haider Road,     2005
       M/S Ghufran Enterprises     Ghufran             Rawalpindi Cantt. Tele 5562253-54

321.   2107/RWP                    1)Asad Hafiz        26-I&T Center, G-7, Islamabad                     2006
       M/s. Pakistan Manpower      Kiani               Tele 2202583, Fax 2202413
       Bureau                        2)Shahbaz Fazal
322.   2109/RWP                      Aftab Ahmed       8-Aziz Plaza, Near Petrol Pump, I-10 Markaz,            2006
       M/S Islamabad                 Khan              Islamabad. Tele No.4437616, Fax
       O/Recruiting Agy.                               No.4419716,Mob No.03335137671, E-mail

323.   2114/RWP                      Alhaaj Sardar     Vill: & P.O Neela, Committee Chowk RA Bazar,            2005
       M/S Al-Najaf OEP              Najaf Khan        Tehsil & Distt: Chakwal.

324.   2117/RWP                      Raja Shahbaz      Flat # 8, Ist. Floor, Al-Shifa Plaza, 78/A, 6th Road,   2007
       M/S.Jabal-e-Noor              Khan Janjua.      Satellite Town, Rawalpindi.

325.   2120/RWP                      Shams u zaman     Flat 14, Rehmat Plaza, I-10 Markaz, Islamabad.          2007
       M/S. Shawal O.E.P.                              Tele 4442289, 4430202

326.   2121/RWP                      Muhammad          Flat No.14, 3rd Floor, Satellite Shopping Center, 6th   2007
       M/S. Farah International      Mumtaz Khan       Road, 71-A, Rawalpindi, Tele 4422985, Fax

327.   2127/RWP                      Abid Hussain      Flat # 4-B Azim Plaza G-10 Markaz Islamabad.            2007
       M/S Al-Qaim International     Shah              Tele 2292047, Fax 2292047

328.   2128/RWP                      Khalid Khan       Flat # 8, 1st Floor, Umair Plaza I-10 Markaz            2006
       M/S Mashwani Overseas                           Islamabad. Tele 4446001, Fax 4442439

329.   2132/RWP                      Muhammad Daud     Shakar Dara Attock City                                 2005
       M/S. Gulf Pak Associates                        Tele 610734 (R)

330.   2137/RWP                      Subhan Ali Khan   Flat No.13, 3rd Floor, Capital Trade Centre, F-10       2007
       M/S. Al-Yasir International                     Markaz, Islamabad

331.   2147/RWP                      Muhammad          Village Dhoke Murried P.O Qasba Karyali Tehsil          2006
       M/S. Aero Wing Recruiting     Arshad            Sarai Alamgir Dist. Gujrat Tele 610427
332.   2151/RWP                     Habib ur Rehman   65-D, 1E Gali Bashir Plaza Adamjee Road, Near                                          2006
       M/S. Habib Babar                               Varan Bus Stand Rawalpindi Cantt. Tele 9542273
       International Recruiting
333.   2153/RWP                     Muhammad Iqbal    62/27-3 Sheraz Plaza, Near Varan Bus Stand                                             2007
       M/S. Taaba Intrenational     Khan Niazi        Saddar Rawalpindi. Tele 5166506

334.   2155/RWP                     Raja Muhammad     No.115, Saeed Plaza, Saadi road, Rawalpindi        2nd Floor, Zaib City Centre, Opp.   2007
       M/S. Almaa Enterprises       Rafique           Cantt Tele:5510767 Fax 5523341                     Tableegy Markaz, Balambut Road,
                                                                                                         Timergarah, Dir.

335.   2160/RWP                     Zahoor Ahmed      Lawrance Pur Tehsil & District Attock                                                  2006
       M/S. Tarbela Manpower        Malik

336.   2164/RWP                     Manzoor Ahmed     Flat # 7, 2nd Floor, Umer Centre, F-8 Markaz,                                          2005
       M/S. International           Khan              Islamabad.
       Recruitment Solution Group                     Tele 2280035-36, Fax 2282265, website
337.   2165/RWP                     Raja Muhammad     Room No.8, Old American Centre, 2nd                                                    2005
       M/S. Janyal Recruiting       Basharat          Floor,Kashmir Road, Rawalpindi. Tel:5564098,
       Agency                                         Fax-5514091.

338.   2172/RWP                     Muhammad          Flat # 11-A Block # 16, Libra Market G-7 Markaz,                                       2005
       M/S. Saif International      Gulzar            Islamabad. Tele 2204108, 2202502, Fax
       Agency                                         No.2202146, Mob No.03008564930, website
339.   2174/RWP                     Nooraj ud Din     61-62 Zeshan Plaza, Adamjee Road, Saddar                                               2005
       M/S. Ithmanzai R.A.                            Rawalpindi. Tele 0320-5115491

340.   2175/RWP                     Mumtaz Rabbi      Office No.24, 2nd Floor, Rehmat Centre, I-8/4,                                         2005
       M/S. Arabian Gulf                              Islamabad. Tele 2214063
341.   2178/RWP                    Khaista Said        343-B, Tingo Market, SatelliteTown,                   2005
       M/S. Niaz Recruiting                            Rawalpindi
342.   2179/RWP                    Naeem Ullah         H # 224/D, Sector 4-A, Khayaban-e-Sir Syed,           2005
       M/S Al-Jawad R/Agency                           Rawalpindi. Tele 4451718.

343.   2180/RWP                    Muhammad Asif       55/1-2-A, Al-Kian Building, Bank Road, Saddar,        2005
       M/S. Gold Street R.A.       Khan                Rawalpindi. Tel: 350928, 5520366.

344.   2184/RWP                    Iftikhar Ahmed      Mauve Area G-10/4 Islamabad.                          2005
       M/S National Police         Khan

345.   2185/RWP                    Muhammad            Flat No.8, 3rd Floor, Satellite Shopping Centre, A-   2005
       M/S Ashfaq O/Employment     Naseer Ud Din       Block, Satellite Town, Rawalpindi. Tele:4843949,

346.   2186/RWP                    Mustabeen Ullah     H # 231, St # 61, I-8/3 Islamabad. Tele 2270342       2005
       M/S Eagle Syndicate         Beg

347.   2193/RWP                    Khawas Khan         Flat No.9, 2nd Floor, Al-Mustafa Plaza,               2005
       M/s.Jabballian Overseas                         Chandni Chowk, Rawalpindi.
       Recruiting Agency.

348.   2194/RWP                    Khalida Aslam       H.No.B-11/20, Haji Chowk, Muslim Town,                2005
       M/s. Akwan International.                       Rawalpindi. Tele: 4473450

349.   2203/RWP                    Shaikh Habibullah   5-D/384, Lane No.7, Peshawar Road, Rawalpindi.        2005
       M/s. Misrial Enterprises

350.   2205/RWP                    M. Asghar           House No.766, Street No.72, Sector I-8/3,             2005
       M/s. Qureshi Manpower       Qureshi             Islamabad Tele 448414-5 Fax 4448417 E-mail
       Bureau                                          qmb@qureshico.com Website www.qureshico.com

351.   2207/RWP                    Fahad Shaheen       Flat No.7, 1st Floor, Al-Mustafa Plaza, 6th Road,     2005
       M/s. Fajar Enterprises                          Rawalpindi Tele:4410484, Fax: 4843484 Mob
                                                       03005159684, E-mail fajarent@isb.paknet.come.pk
352.   2208/RWP                    Abid Zaman Khan     House No. 1892, Street No. 27, Sector I-10/2,         2005
       Shah Zaman Manpower                              Islamabad.

353.   2217/RWP                      Farooq Hassan      6- Shalimar Plaza, Aziz Bhatti Road, Rawalpindi,                                            2005
       Narwest Travels & OEP                            Tele:5566632, 5563332

354.   2219/REWP                     Qaisar Mehmood     Flat No.7, D-106, Al-Mustafa Plaza, 6th Road,                                               2005
       Al-Fajjar Corporation                            Rawalpindi.

355.   2225/RWP                      Umar Ali Shah      Office No.2, 2nd Floor, Barkat Plaza, Saddar,                                               2005
       Surani Enterprises                               Rawalpindi Tele: 0300-9553123

356.   2227/RWP                      Nasir Iqbal        Barkong, Bhimber, Azad Kashmir.                                                             2005
       M/s. Nasir Corporation

357.   2232/RWP                      Lt.Col (R) Javed   House No.204, St. 12, Chaklala Scheme-III,                                                  2005
       M/s. USHNA Enterprises        Iqbal Bangah       Rawalpindi Tele:5591592
       (Pvt) Ltd
358.   2235/RWP                      Malik Iftikhar     Office No. 15, 2nd Floor, Shalimar Plaza, Chandni       Flat No.13, 1st Floor, Chaudhry     2005
       M/s. Highland International   Ahmad              Chowk, Rawalpindi, Tele:2294202                         Shopping Centre, G.T. Road, Dina.

359.   2236/RWP                      Khalid Jamil       10-B, 2nd Floor, Taj Mahel Plaza, 6th Road, Murree                                          2005
       M/s. Al-Ibad International                       Road, Rawalpindi , Tele: 4453235, Fax; 4453249

360.   2237/RWP                    Muhammd Riaz         Flat No.14, 3rd Floor, Satellite Shopping Centre, 6th                                       2005
       M/s. Sufyan Recruiting                           Road, Rawalpindi Tele:4426676
361.   2238/RWP                    Akhtar ullah Jan     Flat No.2, 2nd Floor, Rehman Plaza, I-10/Markaz,                                            2005
       Touchi International Agency                      Islamabad.

362.   2241/RWP                      Raja Muhammad    Flat No.13-A, 3rd Floor, United Centre, Shamsabad,                                            2005
       M/s. Al-Assad International   Mushtaq          Murree Road, Rawalpindi Tele:4451156
363.   2245/RWP                      Sardar Ayaz Khan Office No.9-C/1, 3rd Floor, Taj Mahal Plaza, 6th                                              2005
       SAK Brothers                                   Road Chowk, Rawalpindi Mobile:0333-5112722,
364.   2249/RWP                      Umar Zahid Malik Ali Akbar House, G-8/Markaz, Islamabad.                                                       2005
       M/s. Green Park Overseas
365.   2250/RWP                     Ch. Mazhar          Opp. Bismillah Tent Service, Jhelum Road,           2005
       Sadoon Associates            Hussain             Chakwal. Tele: 0573-554986
366.   2251/RWP                     Raja Amjad Ali      Room No.17, 2nd Floor, Resham Plaza, Chandni        2005
       M/s. Al-Bassami Recruiting   Kinyani             Chowk, Satellite Town, Rawalpindi. Mobile: 0333-
       Agy.                                             5227211

367.   2252/RWP                     1) Riaz Ahmed       Old Rasul Road, Near Nagina Cinema, Mandi           2005
       M/s. Umar Abdullah           2) M. Asghar        Bahauddin.
       International                Warraich
                                    3) M. Arshad
368.   2257/RWP                     1) Rana Ghulam      Shop No. 371, Dubai Plaza, 6th Road, Murree         2005
       M/s. Omer Moon                 Farid Tariq       Road, Rawalpindi, Tele: 4420499.
       International                2) Rana Zaiqham

369.   2260/RWP                     Muhammad            Shop No.23-D, Haider Road, Saddar, Rawalpindi.      2005
       M/s. Rameez International    Zubair Kinyani

370.   2261/RWP                     Sidiqullah Khan     Flat No.4, Bhalwal Plaza, I-10/Markaz, Islamabad.   2006
       Al-Tawab International

371.   2262/RWP                     Malik Javed Iqbal   41-Qasim Market, Qasim Rod, Rawalpindi Cantt.       2006
       M/s. Moeen International

372.   2263/RWP                     Mehmood Fraz        Office No.2, 2nd Floor, Suny Plaza, 6th Road,       2006
       Gul Shahzad Corporation &                        Rawalpindi. Tele: 4846006, Fax: 4846007, Mob
       Manpower Consultants.                            03005005915, E-mail rajafaraz@hotmail.com,
373.   2264/RWP                     M. Iqbal Khattak    8-M, 106-W, Royal Centre, Blue Area, Islamabad.     2006
       M/s. M. G. Traders

374.   2265/RWP                     M.F. Rehman         Office No.2, Block E-2, 1st Floor, Raja Plaza, F-   2006
       Ms/ R & N Enterprises        Akbar               10/Markaz, Islamabad.

375.   2267/RWP                     Khalid Irfan        Office No.11, Mezzanine, Chaudhry Plaza, Block-     2006
       M/s. Salmans Manpower       Mehmood Butt        51, Blue Area, Islamabad, Tele: 2274397, Fax:
       Bureau                                          2274399

376.   2269/RWP                    Muhammad            Flat No.2, 2nd Floor, B-223, Zamurd Plaza,              2006
       M/s. Al-Adal Enterprises    Javed Khan          Commercial Market, Satellite Town, Rawalpindi,
                                                       Tele: 4417864.

377.   2275/RWP                    Muhammad Sabir      House No.B-III-730/45, Ward No.29, Khuram               2006
       M/s. Travel Kashmir                             Colony, Muslim Town, Rawalpindi Mobile: 0300-
       Manpower R/Agency                               5152073
378.   2276/RWP                    Muhammad            Flat No.4, 2nd floor, Macca Shopping Centre,            2006
       M/s. Gulab Overseas         Jaipuri Khan        Khanna Road, Rawalpindi

379.   2282/RWP                    Murtaza Khan        Flat No.4, 2nd Floor, 78-A, Al-Shifa Plaza, 6th Road,   2006
       M/s. Reliance Overseas                          Satellite Town, Rawalpindi Tele:4417318,
       Manpower R/Agency                               Fax:4417368

380.   2284/RWP                    Tahir Iqbal         Office No.1, 1st Floor, Block 17-W, Mehmood             2006
       M/s. Tahir Workforce                            Plaza, Blue Area, Islamabad Tele: 9224578

381.   2285/RWP                    Baasir Hanif        2nd Floor, Tulip Plaza, Adamjee Road, Rawalpindi        2006
       M/s. Al-Aafiat OEP                              Mobile:0300-8502702

382.   2295/RWP                    Shahid Miraj        Flat No.9-10, Moona Market, Opp. Bilal Hospital,        2006
       M/s. Atif Corporation                           C-1, Satellite Town, Rawalpindi. Tele: 4471379

383.   2296/RWP                    Sadaqat Ali Tahir   B-9, Zaib Plaza, Rehman Shaheed Road, Gujrat            2006
       M/s. H. R..S. Overseas                          Tele:0433-540086
       Employment Services

384.   2298/RWP                    Imran Zulfiqar      Flat No.18-19, Moona Shopping Centre,                   2006
       M/s. Al-Nasar Enterprises                       Sadiqabad Road, C-1, Satellite Town, Rawalpindi.
                                                       Tele: 4436541
385.   2299/RWP                    Ghazanfar Ali       68-B, 4th Road, Satellite Town, Rawalpindi, Tele:       2006
       M/s. Turab Enterprises      Jawad               4842868, 4845566
386.   2301/RWP                     Raja Gul Jabbar   State Life Building No.9, Jinnah Avenue, Blue         2006
       M/s. LETS Overseas                             Area, Islamabad.

387.   2302/RWP                     Ejaz Hussain      Office No.17, 1st Floor, Plot No.5/A-1, Taj Mahal     2006
       M/s. Khadija International                     Arcade, F-10/Markaz, Islamabad, Tele:2102122
388.   2303/RWP                     Amir Ikram        Shop No.I-636, Near Taili Mohallah, Murree Road,      2006
       M/s. A.R. Recruiting         Qureshi           Rawalpindi

389.   2304/RWP                     Muhammad Azam Flat No.504, 5th Floor, Poonch House Building,            2006
       M/s. Express O.E. P.         Khan          Saddar, Rawalpindi.

390.   2308/RWP                     Imran Khan        House No. 950, Street No.27, I-10/4, Islamabad.       2006
       M/s. Iswa International      Abbasi

391.   2312/RWP                     Sarfraz Zahoor    Flat No.102, First Floor, Royal Centre, Blue Area,    2006
       M/s. Barkha International    Cheema            Islamabad. Tele 2272360, 2279412, Fax 2206358,
                                                      Mob 03009504161
392.   2315/RWP                     insar Akhtar      Flat No.5, First Floor, Al-Mustafa Plaza, 6th Road,   2006
       M/s. Zanib Recruiting        Abbasi            Rawalpindi.
393.   2323/RWP                     Khan Muhammad     Flat No.12, 3rd Floor, Satellite Shopping Center,     2006
       M/s. K.M. Enterprises                          Rawalpindi

394.   2328/RWP                     Sheikh Azhar      Flat No.3, First Floor , National Business Center,    2006
       M/s. Max International       Rauf              Shamasabad, Murree Road, Rawalpindi

395.   2329/RWP                     Brdg.(R) Munir    Ghousia Plaza, Plot No.5, I.J. Principal Road,        2006
       M/s. Ahsan & Asad            Ahmed Butt        Islamabad
396.   2336RWP                    Ahmad Khan       Office No.3, Block 39, Islamabad Center, Fazal-e-     2006
       Travel Lines and                            Haq Road, Blue Area, Islamabad
397.   2343/RWP                   Raja Majeed      Room No.118, 1st Floor, Faizan Plaza, Committee       2006
       M/s. Raja Majeed           Ahmed Janjua     Chowk, Rawalpindi
398.   2344/RWP                   Muhammad Afzal   House No.NE/1153, Street No.1, Dhok Farman Alli,      2006
       M/s. Hazrat Arif Sultan    Nasir777         Rawalpindi
       (4-S) Services
399.   2345/RWP                   Muhammad         House No.719, Street No.70, Sector I-8/3,             2006
       M/s. Al-Hijra              Saleem           Islamabad
       International Recruiting
400.   2352/RWP                   Rohail Bhatti    Office No.J 596-A, Street No.5, Dhoke Ellahi          2006
       M/s. Romail                                 Bukhsh, Rawalpindi

401.   2358/RWP                Raja Ansir          Office No.1, 3rd Floor, Allmustafa Plaza, Chandni     2006
       M/s. Gujar Khan Express Mehmood             Chowk, Rawalpindi, Tele 4846738 Fax 4846739,
                                                   Mob 03009551648
402.   2361/RWP                   Muhammad         Office No.16, 1st Floor, London Shopping Center,      2006
       M/s. Al-Owais              Ashraf Malik     G-9 Markaz, Islamabad Tele 2263601 Fax
       International                               2263759 E-mail alowaisint@yahoo.com
403.   2362/RWP                   Jamshaid Ali     House No.65, Ward No.15, Hayat Sir Road, Gujar        2006
       M/s. Grindlays                              Khan
       Worldwide Services
404.   2366/RWP                   Muhammad         Office No.11, 2nd Floor, Satellite Shopping Center,   2006
       Mother Land Enterprises    Kamran Sohail    6th Road, Satellite Town, Rawalpindi
405.   2367/RWP                   Azeem Ullah      House No.1, Sarwar Street, Defence Road, New          2006
       M/s. Tribal Overseas       Khan             Lalazar, Rawalpindi
       Employment Promoter
406.       2
       2376/RWP                   Raja Imdad Ali   Flat No.3, Mecca Plaza, (Gulshan Dadan),              2006
       M/s. Raabi Enterprises     Khan             Shamsabad, Murree Road, Rawalpindi
407.   2378/RWP                    Shoukat Ali        5-B, 1st Floor, Royal Plaza, 6th Road, Rawalpindi                                      2006
       M/s. Rimsha Travel,         Qureshi
       Tourism and Human
       Resource Consultants
408.   2386/RWP                    Imtiaz Ahmed       House No.DN 225-A, Sector A-4, Khaban-e-Sir                                            2006
       M/s. Tashkeel                                  Syed, Rawalpindi
409.   2388/RWP                    Raja Altaf         House No.236-B, Street No.3/c, Shakrial,                                               2006
       M/s. Al-Qavi                Hussain,           Rawalpindi
       Corporation                 Managing Partner
                                   Malik Muhammad
410.   2389/RWP                    Muhammad Ali       House No.408, Street No.56, I-10/1, Islamabad                                          2006
       M/s. Shaffaf                Nadeem
411.   2390/RWP                    Ch. Ali            Flat No. 12, First Floor, United Centre,                                               2006
       M/s. Gulf Overseas          Muhammad           Shamsabad, Murree Road, Rawalpindi
       Technical Services
412.   2396/RWP                    Atiq-ur-Rehman     Ward No.8, Mohallah Tariqabad, Khashgarh, Distt.    Office No.3, 1st Floor, Al-Fateh   2006
       M/s. Leepa Manpower                            Muzafarabad                                         Plaza, Chandni Chowk, Rawalpindi

413.   2397/RWP                    Muhammad           Flat No.4, 1st Floor, Riaz Plaza, Adamjee Road,                                        2006
       M/s. Kallar Enterprises     Akhtar             Rawalpindi
414.   2399/RWP                    Muhammad Aub       Room No.A-5, 1st Floor, Deen Plaza, G.T.Road,                                          2006
       M/s. Jalwal Enterprises                        Tehsil Taxila, Distt. Rawalpindi
415.   2400/RWP                    Arshad Mehmood     2/2, Usaid Plaza, Fazal-e-Haq Road, Blue Area,                                         2007
       M/s. Aliot International    Abbasi             Islamabad
416.   2406/RWP                    Ch. Tanveer Ijaz   Office No.3, 2nd Floor, 4/E, Hajvairy Plaza,                                           2007
       M/s. Faseeh International                      Commercial Center, Satellite Town, Rawalpindi
417.   2409/RWP                    Muhammad Ayaz      House No.874, 1st Floor, I-10/4, Islamabad                                             2007
       M/s. Progressive            Abbasi
       Manpower Services
418.   2414/RWP                  Ata-ur-Rehman    Office No.1, 2nd Floor, Asmat Center, Commercial   2007
       M/s. Atta International                    Market, Satellite Town, Rawalpindi

419.   2421/RWP                  Ghulam           Office No.45, Rose Plaza, I-8 Markaz, Islamabad    2007
       M/s. Sammeha Overseas     Mursaleen
       Employment Promoter
420.   2431/RWP                  Waqas Khan       Best Western Hotel, Club Road, Islamabad           2007
       M/s. Excel Overseas
       Employment Bureau
421.      2
       2432/RWP                  Muhammad         Flat No.2, Rupial Plaza, I-10 Mrkaz, Islamabad     2007
       M/s. Power Chain O.E.P    Mukhtiar Ahmed
422.      2
       2434/RWP                  Raja Mehmood     Al-Haj Manzil, Mohallah Faiza Abad, Malkwal,       2007
       M/s. Agey Abey            Nawaz Khan       Distt. Mandi Bahauddin
       Manpower R/Agency
423.   2444/RWP                  Muhammad Abid    Office No.2 2nd Floor, Saqib Plaza,Bank Road,      2007
       M/s. Roots Overseas       Rizwan           Saddar, Rawalpindi
       Employment Promoter

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