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									    The iPhone Alternatives for The Shutter Bugs

By: Crystal Sanders

The reason Tim Cook was listed in the Top 100 Most Influential People and Steve Jobs was in
the Top 20 Most Influential Americans of All Time can all be summed up into one word: Apple.
We are all aware of how groundbreaking the iDevices were for the Cupertino-based tech
company. They giant has managed to create a new line of gadgets that caters to all sorts of
people and is used in all sorts of ways. In fact, they believe they have created not merely a
brand or a device but a whole new category. One of the main ideas that supports this notion is
the emergence of the term “iPhoneography” which is used to refer to photography through an
iPhone. If you think no one gives a damn about it then you’re definitely mistaken. Instagram
has been voted as the number one app in the Apple App Store; accessories manufacturers
invest in creating mini tripods, camera lenses and whatnots for better photo taking; photo
editing apps are very much supported in the App Store; and people are starting to abandon
the idea of wanting to sell used iPhone for a real camera. Seriously though, there are a lot of
other smartphones out there that could make a better camera than the iPhone! Here are
some suggestions.

Nokia 808 PureView

Despite being an underdog (somehow)
in the smartphones arena, Nokia has
attempted many times to outstage
the iPhone4S by playing its strengths
and amplifying them. Take the Nokia
N8 for example. It’s been hailed as one
of the best camera phones in the
market before the PureView release.
Nokia knows that their strength lies in
the camera and the phone’s durability
which was why they came up with this
smartphone which is said to be the
Symbian “Game Changer.” What would
make you want to sell used iPhone 4S
right now is that its 8MP iSight camera is no match compared to the Nokia 808’S 41mp. It also
has a 0.3MP front camera (just like the iPhone 4S) and also has flash for taking pictures and
videos at 1080 pixels at 30 frames per second. Its AMOLED 4-inch screen is another iPhone 4S
challenger though the Apple smartphone’s Retina display at 328ppi did topple Nokia 808’s
183ppi. One more thing that photographers would probably love most about this smartphone
is that it has Micro HDMI slots which make it easier to transfer photos to your laptop.

HTC Rezound

                                                 Another smartphone that a photo-loving
                                                 Instagrammer could try after making
                                                 money when they sell used iPhone is the
                                                 HTC Rezound. It’s got a lot of cool points
                                                 over the iPhone 4S not only in the
                                                 camera department but in the
                                                 multimedia capabilities in general. While
                                                 both smartphones have 8MP cameras
                                                 and flash capabilities, HTC’s 2MP front
                                                 cameras are far better than the iPhone’s
                                                 grumbling 0.3MP FaceTime. The graphics
                                                 and photos you take also look better on
                                                 a Super LCD 4.3 inch screen than the
                                                 iPhone 4S’ 3.5 inch screen. Oh, and have I
mentioned than HTC Rezound’s screen looks glorious at 340ppi? Yeah your iPhone 4S’ Retina
display is only 328ppi, brother. Go ahead and sell an iPhone. I’m pretty sure your food
photographs would look yummier with a better smartphone.


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