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									iPhone 5 and iPad mini: two separate keynotes
September and October
The Wall Street Journal has spilled the beans: the iPhone 5 will be unveiled on September 12. As for the
mini iPad, he will have his own keynote in October.

The high-tech site of the Wall Street Journal, All Things Digital, always taken seriously when it comes to
news about Apple, thus relates the new iPhone "will be unveiled during a presentation, not yet
announced, September 12 ". What many brand specialists already suspected.

The iPad mini is, according to the American blog, also on the firing line. But for marketing reasons - one
imagines that Apple hopes to make a splash with its new mini-tablet to compete with any designated
Nexus 7 - will be unveiled during a keynote specifically, in October, "a once the iPhone 5 will be on sale.
"This should be available in the United States on September 21: U.S. operators Verizon and AT & T -
according to BGR - have prohibited their employees to take leave for ten days from this date.

The organization of these two separate events was approached by many analysts who follow the
company for many years. This is the case, in particular, John Gruber considers the i Phone as the
"flagship" of the mobile firm. As such, it should focus the attention of the media when it came out and can
not share the spotlight with another brand product, it is so important.

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