KANGAROO ISLAND COUNCIL

NOTICE is given that an Ordinary Meeting of Council is to be held at the
Council Chambers, Drew Street, Kingscote on Wednesday 7th July 2004 at

                                                M Dilena
                                                Chief Executive Officer



2.0          APOLOGIES
             Cr Scott McDonald.

      3.1    Phillipa Berden to be presented with certificate for completion of

4.0          DEPUTATIONS
      4.1    Mark Herman, Department of Environment and Heritage
             To address Council on their financial position.

      4.2    Staff Office Accommodation Working Group - To make a
             presentation on possible option for the upgrade of the current
             office facilities

5.0          MINUTES OF MEETING HELD 9.6.04 (yellow pages)
             Moved Cr                                Seconded Cr
             That the Minutes of the Meeting held on 9.6.04 be confirmed.


7.0          MINUTES OF SPECIAL MEETING HELD 24.6.04 (to be
             provided at the meeting)
             Moved Cr                                Seconded Cr
             That the Minutes of the Special Meeting held on 24.6.04 be confirmed.


9.0          MAYOR’S REPORT
             Moved Cr                                 Seconded Cr
             That the Mayor’s Report be received for information.
                    10/6/04 Tourism KI Board meeting, Cr Turner as proxy attended
                            on my behalf.
                            KI Development Board, Tourism KI and myself met
                            with Mark Hermann DEHA at his request over the
                            Kingscote Penguin issue. It is unfortunate that National
                            Parks are ceasing tours 30/6/04, as the tours are sold as
                            Parks product around the world. The issue is receiving
                            further attention at Ministerial level.

                    12/6/04 Jan and I attended the Rotary changeover dinner, Mr.
                            Michael Langan is the new President
                            In the morning I attended the AGM of the Wisanger
                            School museum, a facility owned by Council. Mr.
                            Garnett Bell was re-elected Chairman at nearly 90 years
                            of age, a significant achievement for an old scholar!

                    13/6/04 I attended the Masters football at Penneshaw, Kangaroo
                            Island was the winner and David Florance has been
                            selected to play in the State side.

                    14/6/04 Graham Trethewey was awarded the Order of Australia
                            Medal and I forwarded a letter of congratulations.

                    15/6/04 CEO Marc Dilena and I met in Adelaide with SA
                            Tourism Commission CEO Bill Spurr. A number of
                            issues were discussed, including a resource agreement,
                            which the CEO will have in his report. The SA Tourism
                            Commission have increased funding substantially and
                            would like us to add CPI to our contribution from 2005

                    17/6/04 The Budget Income Committee met with the inclusion
                            of KI Development Board and Tourism KI and will have
                            a workshop in the near future. This has been difficult to
                            get going however should be very active over the next
                            few months.

                    19/6/04 Kangaroo Island Lions handover Dinner, Cr Turner
                            kindly went on my behalf as I had a previous

                    21/6/04 Plastic Bag Free Zone Sub Committee had an
                            information session with the Council officer from
                            Yankalilla who is dealing with their project. Many of
                            our problems in implementation are similar and we will
                            work more closely together and share ideas.

                    24/6/04 Special Council meeting re: Budget, followed by
                            Information Services in the afternoon.

C:\Council Information\Webinfo to convert to pdf\Agenda 0407.doc
                    26/6/04 Western Kangaroo Island Lions Handover Dinner, Mr.
                            Ron Hams is the new President. All of our service clubs
                            do wonderful work for the community and it is most
                            important they receive recognition.

                    28/6/04 Meeting with KI Development Board, followed by a
                            meeting with SAPOL mainland officers and the new
                            Acting Sergeant for the Island.

                    2/7/04        Meeting with the KI Development Board on the
                                  sustainable Tourism Strategy.

                    5/7/04        TOMM meeting.
                                  DAP in the evening.

                    I would like to mention the Indoor Pool Committee, they are
                    understandably disappointed with Councils decision; however,
                    are pressing ahead and would like us to support them in spirit as
                    they explore further funding options. I pointed out that grants are
                    one for one and our funding ability is seriously difficult on an
                    issue such as the pool.

                    Settlement Day
                    I have been preparing a program and will seek members
                    comments at the meeting.

10.0                QUESTIONS FROM THE GALLERY

11.0                PETITION - Nil.

12.0                QUESTIONS

          12.1      Questions on Notice - Nil.

          12.2      Questions without Notice

13.0                REPORTS OF COMMITTEES

          13.1      Centres Project Steering Committee
                    Moved Cr                                  Seconded Cr
                    That the minutes of the Centres Project Steering Committee
                    meetings held on 29.4.04 (refer pink pages attached), 20.5.04
                    (refer pink pages attached), 31.5.04 and 28.6.04 be received and
                    the recommendations therein be adopted.


1.0       PRESENT
C:\Council Information\Webinfo to convert to pdf\Agenda 0407.doc
J. Bates (Chairperson), S. MacDonald, R. Davis, P. Mitchell (Planning Officer),
M. Boxall (on behalf of P. Brauer)

2.0       APOLOGIES

P. Brauer, P. Mortier (Planning SA), L. EVES (ESM)

3.0       DEPUTATION



4.1 The Steering Committee directed Laurence Eves and Patrick Mitchell in
    conjunction with Hassell to prepare an article for the Islander Newspaper
    outlining the study and encouraging interested persons to attend a drop-
    in session and workshop in each main center. In this regard the Steering
    Committee members are to make themselves available for a photo shoot
    to be put in the Islander Newspaper.

4.2 The Steering Committee direct Hassell to undertake drop-in sessions
    providing a summary of existing identified issues and undertake public
    workshops in each centre with an (inspiring) launch / introduction from
    Mr Kenyon about the benefits of the project.

4.3 The Steering Committee direct Hassell Team member Natalie Fuller to
    touch base with Laurence Eves and Patrick Mitchell regarding the most
    appropriate times and format to undertake the community consultation
    (1st and 2nd Stages).

4.4 The Steering Committee direct Hassell to confirm work undertaken to
    date, that all consultants have taken part in the project schedule as
    detailed in the submission and that all consultants will be present at
    community consultation (1st and 2nd Stages). In this regard, the
    Committee considers that J. Green, P. Kenyon, L. Vines or K.
    McDougall, W. Keates, A. Leedham and Natalie Fuller should be
    present at the consultation.

4.5 The Steering Committee direct Patrick Mitchell to provide a detailed
    run-down of the Budget committed by Council for the project.

C:\Council Information\Webinfo to convert to pdf\Agenda 0407.doc
4.6 The Steering Committee direct Hassell to advise on the actual format for
    the public consultation (including times, dates, venues, roles of key
    consultants in the consultation, how the consultation will work), details
    on the launch of the project for each centre (BBQ? (different for each
    centre), banners – silk flags (Council Officers to arrange), how the
    summary paper, as detailed in the brief will be fed to the public.

4.7 The Steering Committee direct Hassell not to undertake workshops in
    Adelaide for the non-Islander residence but rather send a list of issues to
    key persons as identified by Council Staff, Steering Committee members
    and community members.

5.0       NEXT MEETING – Tentatively arranged for 11.00am Monday 7th
          June 2004

6.0       CLOSED – 4.45pm Chairperson Cr J Bates Declared The Meeting

           HELD AT COUNCIL CHAMBERS 12.00PM 28 JUNE 2004,

1.0       PRESENT

J. Bates (Chairperson), S. MacDonald, P. Brauer, R. Davis, L. Eves (ESM),
P. Mitchell (Planning Officer),

2.0       APOLOGIES

P. Mortier (Planning SA),


          HELD 31 MAY 2004

That the minutes of the meeting held 31 May 2004 be confirmed.


C:\Council Information\Webinfo to convert to pdf\Agenda 0407.doc
5.1 The Steering Committee directed Laurence Eves and Patrick Mitchell to
    prepare a “letter box drop flyer” for each Centre to be distributed the
    Monday prior to consultation (Monday 12 July 2004) outlining the study,
    key issues previously identified, the key dates and times and requesting
    persons attend the workshops.

5.2 The Steering Committee direct Hassell to undertake a letter box drop
    outlining the benefits of the project, the team involved in the project and
    the relevant experience of key personnel undertaking the consultation.
    Further to produce an article to be put in The Islander newspaper (15 July
    2004) outlining that the guest speaker will be Peter Kenyon and outlining
    his recognised national and international experience.

5.3 The Steering Committee direct L. Eves & P. Mitchell to organise A3
    posters to be forwarded to Committee members by 12 July 2004 so that
    Committee members can distribute them to places most frequented by the
    public in their respective centres.

5.4 That Steering Committee members will be present at all community

5.5 The Steering Committee direct P. Mitchell to organise a debriefing
    session with the Steering Committee and the Hassell team on the 21 July
    2004. This includes organising an appropriate time, venue and

5.6 The Steering Committee to be provided with a final agenda for the
    consultation process – times, venues, format, Steering Committee roles, et
    cetera… prior to

5.7 The Steering Committee direct that the Agenda’s and Minutes of the
    Steering Committee meetings be put to Council.

5.8 The Steering Committee direct Hassell to consult Council Managers and
    Staff (i.e. TSM, CSM, D. Rowley, C. Barrett, J Fernandez, P. Moors,
    etcetera… with regard to technical / logistic matters that may not be
    covered in community consultation.

          MONDAY 12 JUNE 2004 – 12.00PM

7.0       CLOSED – 1.45pm Chairperson Cr J Bates Declared The Meeting
C:\Council Information\Webinfo to convert to pdf\Agenda 0407.doc
          13.2      Information Services Committee
                    Moved Cr                                 Seconded Cr
                    That the minutes of the Information Services Committee meeting
                    held on 24.6.04 be received and the recommendations therein be

                 COMMENCING AT 2.30PM

1.0       Present
          Mayor Michael Pengilly, Cr. Rebecca Davis, Jean Woolley (Community
          Representative), Shirley Simcock (Community Representative), Janice
          Kelly (Friends of the Library Representative) and Sharon Gullickson
          (Library Manager)

2.0       Apologies
          Cr. Scott McDonald, Marc Dilena (CEO)

3.0       Minutes of the Meeting held on 22-4-2004
          Moved: M. Pengilly                               Seconded: J Woolley
          That the Minutes of the Meeting held on 22-4-04 be confirmed.

4.0 Business arising from the Minutes of 5-11-03
      4.1 Workshop was postponed and will be rescheduled to the next
          meeting. Suggested utilising the TOMM survey as a tool for
          surveying KI residents.

5.0 Correspondence
      5.1 Email received from David Kuchel, Accounts officer, Marion
            Library Service re transient people joining libraries.
            Discrimination issues raised in the email were discussed.

6.0 Librarian’s report
       Moved J Kelly                                               Seconded M Pengilly
       That the Librarian’s Report is received.

          6.1 The KI Council website is now live at
               www.kangarooisland.sa.gov.au but has received very little publicity
               as it is still undergoing substantial development.
               The next addition to the website will be a Business Listing which
               aims to provide new residents and tourists with interactive maps
               detailing where businesses are located on Kangaroo Island. The
               project has meant library staff marking the business with a GPS so
               that the LGA team can accurately map the location of the business
               and create interactive maps.

C:\Council Information\Webinfo to convert to pdf\Agenda 0407.doc
               The committee commented on the slow load time of the website and
               requested that this be investigated. ACTION: S Gullickson to contact
               John Munday regarding the access problems discussed by the

          6.2 Budget for 2004/2005 was discussed. The committee will further
              discuss the budget once finalised by Council.

          6.3 It is rewarding to see that loans are steadily increasing. This has been
              largely because of the Library’s ability to meet readers’ needs
              through free inter-library loans and a continuing focus on improving
              customer service.

                                                Loans per month    Loans per month
                                                     2004               2003
                      January                        3355               2569
                      February                       3017               2763
                      March                          3643               2772
                      April                          3444               2976
                      May                            3102               3125
                      TOTAL for                     16561              14205

7.0 Friends of the Library
       Verbal report was received from J Kelly.
       7.1 2 very successful events held in the past months. This has enabled the
           Friends to maintain a bank balance of approximately $5,000.

          7.2 Currently investigating insurance requirements for the Friends group.
              May be appropriate if each member is registered as a volunteer of
              Council, thus members would be considered to be non-paid
              employees of Council and insured under Council’s volunteer

          7.3 From next meeting, financial reports will be presented

          7.4 Forthcoming events include visit to the State Library, Big Book Club
               event in September, launch of Short Story Competition, 30 year
               celebration which will include a picnic in Memorial Park on Friday
               28th January

8.0 General Business
      8.1 M Pengilly recommended all forthcoming meetings be held on the 1st
          Monday of each month and the time be confirmed with Tracey.

          8.2 Jen Trethewey will be replacing Tracey while Tracey is on maternity

9.0 Closure
       Cr Davis declared the meeting closed at 3:00pm
C:\Council Information\Webinfo to convert to pdf\Agenda 0407.doc
          Next meeting to be held on Monday 2nd August at 1:00pm.

          13.3      Plastic Bag Free Zone Sub Committee
                    Moved Cr                                  Seconded Cr
                    That the minutes of the Plastic Bag Free Zone Sub Committee
                    meeting held on 21.6.04 be received and the recommendations
                    therein be adopted.


                   Plastic Bag Free Zone Sub Committee
 Meeting to be held in Kangaroo Island Council Chambers Meeting Room,
             Drew Street, Kingscote on 21st June 2004 at 2pm

     1. Welcome
          Michelle Hales (Yankalilla Tourism and Economic Development
          Officer), Daniel Rowley (KIC), David Honner (KIDB), Mayor Michael
          Pengilly, Toni Duka (KIC)

     2. Apologies
     Joe Tippett
     3. Confirmation of Minutes
     Confirm that the minutes of the previous meeting be confirmed
     MOVED: D Honner                   SECOND: T Duka

     4. Presentation outlining Yankalilla progress with Plastic Bag Free

     * Yankalilla DC has ten towns with approximately 4,000 ratepayers
     * The project began in September 2003, with Michelle appointed as the
       responsible officer. Time and resources has been a big issue.
     * Yankalilla were advised by KESAB to promote the project as “towards
       Plastic Bag Free”, and as a first step to reduce plastic bag use.
     * A subtle promotion was implemented, with no “big stick” approach.
       The key has been education and awareness based around consumer

     Launch of project:
     * Yankalilla bore the cost of calico bags initially with some financial
       contribution from Zero Waste and StarFish Hill (Tarong Energy).
     * All ratepayers were provided with two bags per household.
C:\Council Information\Webinfo to convert to pdf\Agenda 0407.doc
     * 30,000 paper bags were purchased from the Good Buy Bag and given
       away to retailers to encourage their use.
     * School Kids were given a polypropylene bag. Costs were covered
       through sponsorship, with approximately 17 businesses contributing
       $200 each. These bags were delivered in conjunction with World
       Environment Day.
     * KESAB have presented to all schools in Yankalilla.
     * Articles raising awareness have been included in Eco-voice, Sunday
       Mail, Council News, Website and LGA news.
     * Signage has been erected on cor flute throughout the Council area.

     * Mitre 10 have now developed their own bag.
     * CRT have bought in a hessian bag with their logo on it.
     * Yankalilla Foodland uses 1M bags per year. They have now purchased
        a biodegradable bag, which Yankalilla were happy to accept as a
        compromise, with this only costing the business 1 or 2 cents per bag.
        The quality of this bag is comparable to previous plastic bags.
     * Need to make it easy for retailers to get on board.
     * The option of charging users for plastic bags has been left up to
        individual retailers.
     * Members of the Australian Retailers Association must reduce bag use
        by 25% by end 2004 and a further 25% by end of 2005.

     * Didn’t consult with community and retailers prior to announcing the
     * Compliance hasn’t been measured, however the general feeling is good.
     * The initial reaction was loss of plastic bags to be re-used as bin liners.
     * Retailer support and perception has been a key component so far.

     Potential joint projects between Yankalilla District Council and Kangaroo
     Island Council:
         * Development of an awareness raising kit that could be adapted for
            other regions also, including:
            * Series of posters raising awareness,
            * Car Stickers/ Key rings reminding shoppers to take bags.
         * Approach to Sealink regarding advertising on the bus that travels
            between Adelaide and Kangaroo Island.
         * Press Release regarding the meeting of Yankalilla and Kangaroo
         * Update of Retailers Kit.
         * Samples box to take to retailers.
         * Development of display to take to shops, agricultural shows,
            community events etc.

     * Michelle and Toni to work together to progress potential projects
     * Letter to Kangaroo Island Ratepayers explaining we are Plastic Bag Free
        and what this means.
C:\Council Information\Webinfo to convert to pdf\Agenda 0407.doc
     * A memo to Council Staff and Elected Members asking that they be seen
       to be supporting the initiative.

     The committee thanked Michelle for her time, and indicated they look
     forward to developing several of the projects discussed in conjunction with
     Yankalilla Council.

     3:10 pm

     NEXT MEETING: to be advised.

          13.4      TOMM Committee
                    Moved Cr                               Seconded Cr
                    That the minutes of the TOMM Committee meeting held on
                    7.06.04 be received and the recommendations therein be adopted.


                          MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE MEETING

                    Kangaroo Island Council Chambers,
 Corner of Drew and Franklin Street, Kingscote, Monday 7th June 2004, 1:00pm

1) Welcome
2) Present
Marc Warren (TKI), David Honner (KIDB), Jo Davidson (KINRB), Jackie Kelly
(Community), Toni Duka (TOMM Project Officer), Louise Eves (KIC), Michael
Pengilly (KIC), David Crinion (SATC), Jeanette Gellard (DEH), Michael Pengilly
(KIC), Di Morris (TKI), Scott McDonald (KIC), Marc Dilena (KIC), Craig Wickham
3) Apologies
Tony Jarvis (KIC),
4) Election of Chair
KI Council have re-instated the TOMM Committee as a Section 41 committee as
Mayor Pengilly, Cr McDonald, CEO, TOMM Project Manager, and Representatives
from Industry, KIDB, Tourism KI, DEH, KINRB, SATC and Jackie Kelly.
The chairperson will also need to be re-nominated as per Council requirement.

Nominate Jackie Kelly to re-stand as Chair of the Committee
Moved M Pengilly

5) Previous Minutes
That the minutes of the previous meeting, 17th February 2004 be accepted.
Moved C Wickham                     Seconded D Honner
C:\Council Information\Webinfo to convert to pdf\Agenda 0407.doc
6) Financial report – KI Council, Finance Officer
That the financial report (February – June 7th)) be accepted.
Moved M Warren         Seconded M Pengilly

 Approval of outstanding Colmar Brunton invoices ($11,000 progress payment
and $22,000 resident survey)
That payment of the outstanding Colmar Brunton invoices is approved.
Moved M Pengilly                   Seconded D Morris

Budget outlook for 2004-2005
KIC have committed to employ TOMM/CDO Officer full time. Proposed TOMM
funding will be committed to by KIC, however there will still be a need to source
external support where possible. Stakeholder commitment is still critical to the future
of TOMM.

Five year budget projected and provided for information, this may change given
discussion on the future use of Colmar Brunton.

That the Budget Outlook is received and accepted
Moved D Honner               Seconded C Wickham
7)        Stakeholder Update – a brief overview from each stakeholder regarding
          use, exposure and issues relating to TOMM in the past month.

KIC, Marc Dilena
  * Still catching up on TOMM.
     * CDO/TOMM Project Manager now directly reports to CEO, which
       highlights the importance of this position in KIC.
  * KIC will look at using TOMM data better in their business.

KIC, Louise Eves
  * Spoke to Valuers Office and had a discussion relating to tourism on KI.

KIC, Michael Pengilly
  * Ferry companies recently using TOMM data.
      * Anecdotally Airport and Sealink figures are below projections. An Airport
        meeting is being held tomorrow. Michael will remind them of the use of
        TOMM data to help explain some of this.

KIC, Scott McDonald
  * Letters to Premier, using TOMM facts and figures to support argument.

C:\Council Information\Webinfo to convert to pdf\Agenda 0407.doc
DEH, Jeanette Gellard
      * DEH budget processes, utilising TOMM data to predict revenue and verify
        stats that DEH collect. This provides a better estimate and more accurate
      * Reference to TOMM website for students who need breakdown for Visitor
      * DEH discussed financial commitment to TOMM and have support for
  * Make-up of visitors has changed significantly.

KINRB, Jo Davidson
     * KINRB meeting tomorrow. Awaiting funding commitment pending the
        outcomes of this meeting. Jackie Kelly and Toni Duka to present to the
        committee regarding concerns over the resident survey.
  * Tourism and Conservation partnerships $, potential for funding of projects.

TKI, Di Morris
  * Utilised Web site for reports and passing information on.

TKI, Marc Warren
      * Used TOMM data in funding submission to Australian Tourism
        Development Fund.
      * Some Board members have raised concerns regarding lack of the
        availability of data, some members also have high expectation of what the
        data can provide.

KIDB, David Honner
      * Used TOMM data recently for funding applications; food product
        development and new business development.
      * Involved in developing a project and funding application with the Centre for
      * Liaison with Greg Brown, University of SA regarding surveys and student

SATC, David Crinion
     * Meeting with John Heagney, Environment Australia regarding registration
       of TOMM as an environmental organisation.
  * Utilised TOMM data for statistics and reporting recently.
     * Feedback on TOMM website, saying figures outdated. This needs to be a

Community, Jackie Kelly
    * Jackie congratulated KIC on its commitment to make the CDO/TOMM
       Project Manager full time.
    * Promoted TOMM at a recent Friends of the Library Function, with a guest
      speaker on Kangaroo Island coastlines.

Industry, Craig Wickham
      * Used in broader Industry/Community sense. Spoke at a Government
          Leadership Foundation (with Government and Private Sector delegates)
          regarding the development of Kangaroo Island as a tourism destination.
          Highlighted that it is cutting edge and could be useful for delegates to look

C:\Council Information\Webinfo to convert to pdf\Agenda 0407.doc
          * Used TOMM data for debate on koala issue to highlight the attraction of KI
            to visitors is broader than koalas.
          * Discussed TOMM with Claire Ellis, Uni Tasmania – Economic
            Development Study with DEH for koala management.
          * Attended ATE (Australian Trade Exhibitions) – new markets in Europe
            emerging that we’ve never had. Spoke about TOMM and managing
            tourism on KI with increasing visitors.
8) Business Arising – Actions from previous meeting
       a) Kangaroo Island Secrets – TOMM article (MW, TD)
       New article printed in Kangaroo Island visitors guide. Copy made available
       for committee to read.

          b) WTO Case Study “Signposts for Sustainable Tourism” update (TD)
          Case Study authored by Elizabeth Jack and Toni Duka. Comments only
          received from Craig Wickham. Final Copy has gone into to WTO, one final
          edit yet to be completed, currently being compiled and is expected to be
          published in September. News articles currently been drafted by Elizabeth
          Jack for approval from WTO to be printed in the Ecotourism Australia
          newsletter and the Islander.

          ACTION: T Duka - Edit – last paragraph should read - “Kangaroo Island has
          succeeded not because it is an Island……”

          Recognition for KI TOMM in these processes is critical. There is a need to
          develop a mechanism for information and articles to feedback to KI TOMM
          and the committee. Public reports and all enquiries should be passed onto the
          Project Manager, including those from Stakeholders and Ambassadors to
          ensure information provided is consistent, up to date and a record of what
          information was provided and for who. This should then be kept on file.
          There is still a critical role for Stakeholders and Ambassadors to play in
          promoting TOMM and being up to speed on information available, however
          the Project Manager should be made aware of any contact and have the
          opportunity to check responses are up to date and consistent. The committee
          needs to drive major publications and retain ownership of these with input
          from a variety of authors, determined at the time, based on availability and
          appropriateness. This will be important as TOMM gains further recognition.

          ACTION: T Duka to place a note on the website indicating people should
          contact TOMM Project Manager if they use TOMM information.

          ACTION: T Duka - The Case Study to be posted on the TOMM web site once

          c) Website Banner, IT&e quote (TD)
          TOMM does not currently pay for maintenance only for hosting and the
          registration of the domain name. Part of the original contract included
          provision for the rolling of photos. The committee would need to select
          images to be made permanent for the banner. IT&e charge $140 per hour, this
          work would take approximately 0.5 – 1 hour to complete (i.e $70 - $140).

          ACTION: Craig Wickham to work with Toni Duka on reducing this cost,
          potentially with another provider. Also to check capacity of site and see if we
          are near this, and request that IT&e confirm in writing what the annual cost
          consists of.
C:\Council Information\Webinfo to convert to pdf\Agenda 0407.doc
          d) TOMM/CDO Position (TD)
          At the March meeting of Council the position of Community Development
          Officer/TOMM Project Manager was made a permanent position within
          The committee congratulated KI Council on its commitment to funding the
          TOMM Project Manager permanently.

          e) Stakeholders approached for ongoing funding (TD)
          Letter drafted and presented for approval.
          RESOLVED: Letter to be sent by T Duka.

         f) Visitor Exit Survey – Sealink participation (TD)
         Liaison with Sealink staff has occurred. A permanent “TOMM” area is being
         established on each of the boats that will include TOMM information, survey
         forms and a return box. Discussions have been held regarding the best way to
         keep staff informed of Sealink’s important role in the collection of data. The
         staff newsletter is one option currently being considered and ongoing
         discussion will occur with the new Operations Manager (based in Adelaide)
         and Reservations Manager (based on Kangaroo Island).

          Display on Boats need to be professionally developed.

          There will be an issue with number of surveys received from Sealink in the
          past 2 months, this will be accounted for in the weighting.

          g) NTDP – final report for TOMM stage 2 (JG)
          Data was archived, had to be sorted, and audited. Currently challenged getting
          outcomes from finance section. Jeanette will continue to progress.

         h) Uni SA Projects (TD, DH)
         David Crinion - Greg Brown, Uni SA project – resident survey being drafted
         with significant input from David Crinion, David Honner, Craig Wickham and
         Toni Duka. This information will feed into Strategic Planning process. The
         survey is about what resident’s value about KI, including aesthetic, economic,
         spiritual, environmental and cultural values. Currently working to fine tune
         survey and would like to see it piloted before it is distributed. Kangaroo Island
         is a pilot for this type of survey, which may be applied in other regions.

          David Honner – Uni SA still having some issues with collection of data. Still
          working with them to improve process and get some useful outputs. Looking
          at utilising existing data.

          Jo Davidson - Departed meeting.

          i) Costing options for Colmar Brunton work (DH, TD)
          Options for completing survey work in house were presented to the
          Committee. The Committee are supportive of idea.

          Gather information to present detailed case:
          * Speak to Greg Brown.
          * Look into phone survey company.
          * Need to be rigorous about time committed to this.
          * Add recruiting costs.

C:\Council Information\Webinfo to convert to pdf\Agenda 0407.doc
          * Add purchase of software.
          * Capacity Building strategy incorporated into the plan.
          * ICQA – National data accreditation. – Information from Richard
          Trembath, Steph Denton (SATC) for staff involved.

          Further investigation is supported, and outcomes presented at next meeting.
          Moved M Pengilly                      Seconded D Morris

          j) Meeting with Environment Australia (DC, TD)
          Toni Duka and David Crinion met with John Heagney, Environment Australia
          in Canberra on 4th May. Outcomes to be reported on in Item 10.

9) Travellers Philanthropy Conference Report – Toni Duka
Report provided to Committee Members, which is a short dot point summary of the
major points from the Conference. Toni Duka reported that the conference was
extremely worthwhile attending and acknowledged the commitment from SATC and
the KI Council supporting registration and travel costs. The outcomes are significant
and Travellers Philanthropy certainly has potential for implementation in some form
on Kangaroo Island.

          RESOLVED: Workshop the outcomes at the next meeting.
          ACTION: Committee members to read the report prior to the next meeting.
10)     Sustainable Funding options – outcomes of meeting with Environment
        Australia – Toni Duka, David Crinion (inc Business Plan)
T Duka and D Crinion visited John Heagney re: likelihood of TOMM to be
considered as an environmental organisation, which would give Deductible Gift
Recipient Status.
The presentation was well received, and the visit extremely worthwhile.
John’s initial response was reserved, however as discussions progressed he became
quite interested and we were encouraged by his response.
John’s advice was to:
        * Change the name to include an environmental component;
        * Alter the language, as this was an issue in the statement document and
        business plan.

The action from this was to re-orientate these documents to uncover the underlying
environmental principles. This would be of benefit for other people in the
environmental circle. Initially Free Hills felt the same and developed a positive
opinion after some explanation – this highlights that we need to be better at
communicating our intent.

John offered support and assistance if we needed it. He mentioned he thought our
intent was good and wished the eastern seaboard communities would pick it up, which
was very positive.

Edited documents were provided to the Committee for their comment. There is also a
need to visually pick up an environmental flavour, or add words to our logo that
reflect this.

ACTION: David C and Toni D to work on this.

C:\Council Information\Webinfo to convert to pdf\Agenda 0407.doc
ACTION: Toni D to email John Heagney to thank him for his time and express the
value of his advice. Inform him that we are meeting to pull together a draft for his
comment prior to submission.

ACTION: Committee to provide comments on re-drafted Business Plan and
Background Document before the next meeting.

David Crinion also noted that SATC will investigate the account received from
FreeHills which appears a little high.
11)        Strategic Tourism Plan update
          * Hassell have been selected as consultants (also won Places for People
            project with KIC and will have good links).
    *     Craig Wickham has been selected as Chair of project.
          * David C meeting with Brenton Burman (HASSELL) in next couple of days
            to update on process.
    *     KIDB project managing the process on behalf of other stakeholders.

Some Committee members expressed concerns with Sub-consultant, Michael Sulser
on his recent visit to Kangaroo Island relating to this process. ACTION: David C and
Craig W to follow this up.
12)       Project Manager Report
   *      Attendance at Travellers Philanthropy Conference
          * Meeting with Environment Australia regarding application for
             Environmental Organisation
          * WTO Case Study
          * Sustainable Tourism Monitoring Text Book: authors Louise Twining-Ward
             (based in Samoa) and Graham Miller (British Colleague, senior lecturer in
             tourism, University of Surrey), with a number of contributors. TOMM will
             be a case study along with Samoa, WTO and the British Tour Operators
             Initiative. Chapter to be written by Elizabeth Jack and Toni Duka.

          There is a need to develop a framework for approaches by external interest for
          contributions regarding TOMM. The committee needs to ratify support to
          these projects before they are committed to – this will ensure that TOMM KI
          committee is driving the process and seen to be driving it.

          ACTION: Develop a Protocol for ensuring the development of printed
          information regarding TOMM is approved by the Committee.

          Resourcing these projects is also an issue at the moment, whilst recognising
          the exposure TOMM receives, we need to ask if it is time best spent at this

          Marc Warren – Departed meeting.

          Project Managers Report continued…
          * Liaison with KI Sealink
          * Attendance at Tourism KI Strategic Planning Day
          * Fielded several enquiries regarding visitor numbers and associated data
             (DEH, Students, University of Tasmania)
          * Met with Michael Sulser re: Strategic Tourism Plan

C:\Council Information\Webinfo to convert to pdf\Agenda 0407.doc
Move that the Project Managers Progress Report be accepted.
Moved M Pengilly                Seconded S McDonald
13)      Other Business
        a) Tourism and Conservation Partnerships Funding (TD)
         This program focuses on new product development. The program has
         received an influx of funding applications well beyond resources available.
         Not to be applied for this year.

          The Southern Areas Area Consultative Committee has expressed interest in the
          development of a project relating to TOMM potentially data oriented. David
          Honner and Toni Duka will pursue this.

          b) Centre for Tourism, AusIndustry Grant Application (DH)
          The Centre for Tourism is a Partnership between Regency Institute of TAFE,
          Uni SA, Flinders and SATC. They are developing an application to
          AusIndustry for the Tourism Development Fund (Federal $) for a project in
          relation to TOMM data. They have asked KIDB to apply on behalf of Centre
          for Tourism. Currently put on back burner for this round, while the project
          takes a more definitive shape over the following months so watch this

          Craig Wickham:
          Dot point idea for Business Plan under logos:
          * Healthy environment
          * Welcoming locals
          * Sound economy
          * Satisfied visitors
          * Better decisions
          To be included for discussion at the workshop next month.
14)       Meeting Summary – what to take away from today’s meeting
          * Jackie Kelly has been re-elected as Chair of the Committee
          * KIC have made TOMM Project Manager/CDO a permanent position
          * World Tourism Organisation Publication due for release in September with
          * TOMM as a case study.
          * University SA links are still strong and progressing.
          * Committee is currently looking at cost savings and improving efficiency by
            conducting surveys in-house.
          * Committee representatives met with Environment Australia regarding
            becoming a registered environmental charity, the initial response was
          * Travellers Philanthropy Conference had some excellent lessons learned and
            will have applicability to Kangaroo Island in some form.

15)           Next Meeting and Close
                                   Workshop: Monday 5th July 2004
                                12pm - 3pm at the Council Chambers

Lunch will be supplied, the following committee members have offered to provide:
Dianne: Quiche, Jackie: Soup, Toni: Bread Rolls and Salad
Meeting Closed: 3:15pm

C:\Council Information\Webinfo to convert to pdf\Agenda 0407.doc
          13.5      Volunteers Insurance Meeting
                    Moved Cr                                 Seconded Cr
                    That the notes of the Volunteers Insurance meeting held on
                    31.05.04 be received.

           HELD 31ST MAY 2004 AT COUNCIL CHAMBERS, 7:35PM
                        NOTES FROM MEETING

Mayor addressed the meeting and welcomed Mr Bob Richards, Mr Rod Dolling
(Office for Volunteers) and Mr Gary Oakley (LG Risk Management Services).

Anne Arnold, Dean Overton, Bev Overton, Meredith Griggs, Sharon Billet, Cr Bec
Davis, Cr Jayne Bates, Hartley Wilson, Bev Wilson, Graham Trethewey, Des
Lanthois, K &A Stevens, Cr Malcolm Boxall, Giesela Robinson, Cr Mike Hobbs, Cr
Bill Richards, Bob Farnden, Kym Scholz, Cathie Tydeman, Mayor Pengilly, CEO
Mark Dilena, Jackie Kelly OAM (representative of Ministerial Task Force for

Presentation from Mr Bob Richards, Office for Volunteers
Mr Bob Richards described the Advancing the Community Together document that
had been released in 2003. The Premier is the Minister of Volunteers. He has
appointed a Volunteer Administrative Group to implement the process (which
includes most volunteer groupings). The group was broken up into working parties.
This led to the document “Taking the partnership forward”.

Key issues for Volunteers:
       *       Liability Insurance
       *       Communications

Mr Rod Dolling advised that information was on-line through www.ofv.sa.gov.au.
He advised of the partnership with LG Risk Management Services and referred the
group to the ‘Insurance for volunteers – Insurance /risk management’ information

It had been considered that the diversity of the type of volunteers would present a
problem in obtaining group insurance. This meeting has been called to try to
overcome some of these diversity problems.

There is a need to:
       *       Invite groups to register;
       *       Analyze the current insurance / risks of these registered groups; and
       *       To group them accordingly.

Whilst Kangaroo Island is only a small area it is considered significant in terms of this
pilot study.

C:\Council Information\Webinfo to convert to pdf\Agenda 0407.doc
Mr Gary Oakley (LG Risk Management) described the need for;
      *      Public Liability Insurance of $10 million;
      *      Associations and official liability;
      *      Personal accident insurance for volunteer workers - $75,000.

He advised that insurance costs would not get any cheaper in the future. He also
believes there is a need to get together and insure as a group or groups. LG Risk
Management has offered to assist with this.

Noted that like groups have like risks. Therefore better to group similar risk groups if

Questions from the audience:

                    Is it compulsory for a volunteer body to have insurance?
                    No-but you should because could be liable. If you are an
                    unincorporated body it is possible that the individual members of
                    that body may be sued, however this is unusual.
                    In a small body $10 per head will not be enough to pay for
                    insurance cover – need to group with others.

                    What is the commercial bottom line for group insurance?
                    LG Risk Management will add any existing already insured
                    volunteer body to the group in order to get a cheaper total

                    One Progress Association has used Council as an umbrella for
                    insurance and grants.
                    That is good but you should group Progress Associations together
                    in order to get cheaper insurance.

                    Land Care groups have already grouped and receive better insurance.
                    Obviously they have done their homework.

                    The Flora & Fauna Club is incorporated but have no insurance. They
                    have become Friends of the Council in order to gain insurance
                    protection. Is this valid?
                    Need to check with Council.

                    As a Progress Association do we have to take the group package?
                    No, but it will probably be cheaper. And we do need certain
                    minimums for the package to be attractive.

                    The Flora & Fauna Club often has adventure outings and encourages
                    tourists. Currently they are going at their own risk. We have signage
                    warning them of this.
                    Legal obligations go further than signage. The Club needs to
                    implement a Code of conduct, which will stand up in court.

                    If we have group insurance and a tourist joins the club as say a country
                    member for $2 is he/she covered?
                    Yes – Paid or unpaid.

C:\Council Information\Webinfo to convert to pdf\Agenda 0407.doc
                    Does LG Risk Management require information on all volunteer
                    groups on KI?
                    No- but it would be nice to have as many as possible.

                    Do we need a KI audit?
                    I think we need Council to organize the collection and collation of
                    the data. The Government will assist with some funding costs to
                    assist the project.

Meeting closed 8.52 p.m.

                    Your Worship Mayor Pengilly and Councillors, I submit the
                    following information reports for the Ordinary Meeting of
                    Council to be held on Wednesday 7 July 2004.

                    Moved Cr                               Seconded Cr
                    That the Environmental Services Reports be received.

          14.1 REPORT TITLE:                                 NATIVE VEGETATION
                                                             COUNCIL UPDATE
                    AUTHOR:                                  LAURENCE EVES, ESM

                    The purpose of this report is to advise Council of the current
                    situation as regards the ability of officers to work with the Native
                    Vegetation Council and the new Act and also with progress being
                    made with regard to meetings and discussion.

                    RECOMMENDATION 1
                    That as regards issues and concerns with the administering of the
                    Native Vegetation Act 1991 by Council’s officers, Council
                    request that the ESM invite senior persons from the Native
                    Vegetation Council to come to Kangaroo Island and address and
                    answer questions from Councilors, members of the Development
                    Assessment Panel and any other body Council may decide is
                    relevant. The meeting should be given a high priority.

                    RECOMMENDATION 2
                    That Council request that the ESM write to the Honorable Dean
                    Brown MP on behalf of the Mayor of Kangaroo Island and thank
                    him for his interest in this matter thus far whilst enquiring as to
                    his progress thus far in the matter. Council reiterate its belief that
                    the Honorable Dean Brown be kept up to date with Council’s
                    deliberations and progress in this matter.

C:\Council Information\Webinfo to convert to pdf\Agenda 0407.doc
                    Councilors may recall that the revised Native Vegetation Act
                    1991 came into force on the 25th August 2003 and held significant
                    change for Council in terms of the way matters involving
                    vegetation have been administered to date.

                    The new Act came into force with a raft of exemptions as well as
                    a more stringent and determined way of viewing vegetation
                    clearance and development as a whole.

                    Council’s officers have encountered problems in the use of the
                    Act as have other Local Government areas, and clarification of
                    issues through the Native Vegetation Council have often not been
                    able to resolve those problems. To date it would seem that a
                    degree of difficulty has existed for officers of the Native
                    Vegetation Council as well as the Act is couched in difficult
                    interpretation and does not allow scope for development or land
                    division potential in many instances.

                    As revealed, Council’s officers have encountered concerns with
                    the handling and interpretive role in the use of the Native
                    Vegetation Act 1991. Issues encountered are as follows:

                    Many subdivision applications are being recommended for refusal
                    by the Native Vegetation Council based on perceived native
                    vegetation impacts resulting in –
                        * Significant delays in Council assessing/approving
                        * Owners requesting Council to consider entering into Land
                           Management Agreements (as the only legal mechanism to
                           address concerns in accordance with the Section 57 of the
                           Development Act 1993)
                        * Significant workloads for Staff, surveyors/applicants
                        * Significant financial constraints for applicants and Council
                        * Significant frustrations and hindrance for applicants

                    Native Vegetation Council recommending Council enter into
                    Land Management Agreements for many subdivision applications
                       * Costs associated with Council entering into agreements,
                          ongoing monitoring as well as potential enforcement (also
                          see above)

                    Many subdivision proposals, approved by Council, being delayed
                    based on perceived undue impacts to roadside vegetation (i.e.
                    Council owned roads - Binneys Track, Bullock Track, Barrett’s
                    pending application).
                       * Significant delays and costs for developers associated with
                          trying to resolve issues

C:\Council Information\Webinfo to convert to pdf\Agenda 0407.doc
                          * Significant frustrations for Council and Council Staff
                            trying to resolve issues

                    Native Vegetation Council having several opportunities to
                    comment on applications:
                        *      At land division stage
                        *      At road building stage
                        *      At dwelling construction stage
                    Note: The problem being that potential purchases are unaware
                    that they may not be able to develop as they wish (even with the
                    appropriate Council consents).

                    Native Vegetation Council perceiving input into areas of existing
                    land division well after the divisions creation (i.e. Dover Farm
                    where native vegetation are alleging the new legislation is
                    binding past land divisions where persons have purchased blocks
                    for retirement or investment).

                    Council unsure of the legal implications should it resolve to
                    approve a subdivision application and the Native Vegetation
                    Council refuses to grant an approval / permit under the Native
                    Vegetation Act.
                       *      Can Council be sued
                       *      Can land sellers be sued

                    Council / community uncertain about existing scrub blocks and
                    Native Vegetation Act issues:
                       * Do developers need an additional consent from the Native
                          Vegetation Council to clear for building purposes.
                       * What are the implications for Council approving plans for
                          vegetated blocks

                    Other issues:
                       * Uncertainty for Council in terms of assistance from the
                           Native Vegetation Council Staff to defend refusal
                       * An apparent lack of support from the Native Vegetation
                           Council for developers willing to amend subdivision
                           proposals to reduce the potential impact on native
                       * Where Council Staff have been proactive in seeking to
                           prevent clearance of vegetation – Native Vegetation
                           Council has been very slow to respond and resulted in no
                           action being taken.
                       * Where Native Vegetation Council has requested applicants
                           enter into Heritage Agreements, the Native Vegetation
                           Council has been painstaking and changed initial
                           understanding with developer / surveyor
                       * The Act appears to be misleading and confusing to the
                           extent that Native Vegetation Council personnel, Council

C:\Council Information\Webinfo to convert to pdf\Agenda 0407.doc
                               and independent solicitors, State Government Agencies
                               and Council Staff are often of differing opinion or are
                               unable to give an opinion. Native Vegetation Council staff
                               readily admits they do not wholly understand the

                    As a result of these difficulties discussions have been held with
                    the Honorable Dean Brown, Member for Finniss on the 17th June,
                    2004 who has undertaken to follow up on the matters raised as
                    above. Mr Brown commented that as regards many of the matters
                    raised it would seem that the outcomes being experienced were
                    not the intention of the Government when the matter went to
                    Cabinet. Council will be kept advised.

                    Further discussions were held with visiting officers of the NVC
                    with a view to clarifying matters of interpretation within the Act
                    however, once again many definitive outcomes being sought were
                    unable to be resolved.

                    It would seem that answers to the many questions raised by the
                    new Legislation need to be forthcoming and it would also seem
                    that it would be beneficial for Council to have a grasp of the new
                    Legislation as well. In that regard it may be useful to enter into
                    discussions with representatives of the NVC as well as invite all
                    members of the DAP to those discussions.

                    The need to resolve issues and create an understanding and good
                    working relationship with the NVC needs no explanation. To
                    create confidence for Council officers that ensures that actions or
                    approvals granted will not land Council in court is also a high

                    AUTHOR:           LAURENCE EVES, ESM
                    ATTACHMENTS:      PROPOSED POLICY

                    This report serves to further a request from Council that a Policy,
                    for the placement of shipping containers on private land be
                    developed as soon as reasonably possible.

                    That in terms of the draft Shipping Containers on Land Policy
                    that Council adopt the Policy for inclusion in the Kangaroo Island
                    Policy Manual and in so doing authorise the ESM to finalise the
                    definition section (Section 2) of the Policy and give the Policy the
                    next available number for inclusion in the manual.

C:\Council Information\Webinfo to convert to pdf\Agenda 0407.doc
                    At the Development Assessment Panel at it’s June meeting
                    resolved the following:
                    “The Panel request that Council’s Officers establish options to
                    be presented to Council on the formulation of a Policy on the use
                    of shipping containers as site storage on Kangaroo Island.”

                    Discussion on the matter revealed that several Panel members
                    have had growing concern as to the placement of shipping
                    containers on land on Kangaroo Island for the purposes of storage
                    of goods.

                    The major area of concern has seemed to be the use of said
                    containers for habitable purposes as well as the obvious concerns
                    with the visual appearance of the containers when not the subject
                    of a visual upgrade.

                    In line with the request of the Development Assessment Panel a
                    draft Shipping Container on Land Policy has been developed and
                    is provided as an attachment to this report for consideration by

                    The objectives of the Policy are to provide a common sense
                    approach to this matter that also provides reasonable exemptions
                    and guidance to the public. Ideally, this policy should form
                    changes to the Kangaroo Island Development Plan via the PAR
                    process at a convenient time.

                    The Policy opens with an Introduction that refines the parameters
                    of the document as well as creates the exemptions that should

                    Definitions will be added in the following section and if possible
                    some guidance from members would be useful.

                    The document then moves into a preamble that walks the reader
                    through the concerns and brief history of issues that surround the
                    placement of shipping containers on land on the Island.

                    Part 4 of the Policy clearly defines the zoning on Kangaroo Island
                    and clearly spells out the likelihood of being able to place a
                    container on land within those zones. The intention has been to
                    group zones into “like” categories with the outcome being that an
                    application to place a container on land on Kangaroo Island
                    would only be likely to receive consideration within the:
                       * Rural Living Zone
                       * General Farming Zone

C:\Council Information\Webinfo to convert to pdf\Agenda 0407.doc
                          *   Kingscote Wharf Zone
                          *   Commercial Zone
                          *   General Industry Zone
                          *   Airport Zone

                    The rationale behind this decision has been to keep shipping
                    containers out of residential areas and places of potentially high
                    landscape quality where there seems to have been the most
                    objection to-date.

                    Those areas where Council is able to make a consideration are
                    areas where the siting of a container could possible be out of site
                    or where they would be of most benefit. Any decision within
                    these areas would be a consent on merit decision and accordingly
                    specific conditions of approval would apply.

                    It would seem wise for Council and the Development Assessment
                    Panel to consider the development of a Shipping Container Policy
                    and thereby control the siting of same.

                    The locations ie zones for their placement is the key to
                    successfully applying the Policy and as such, Council needs to
                    focus on this aspect. When the next relevant PAR is undertaken,
                    Council should consider implementation into the Kangaroo Island
                    Development Plan. As an interim step it is the opinion of Officers
                    that the Policy be adopted by Council.

          14.3       REPORT TITLE:                           LAND ACQUISITION – M & E
                                                             HAMBOUR - CNR SOUTH
                                                             TERRACE & CHEOPIS
                                                             STREETS, PENNESHAW
                    AUTHOR:                                  P MITCHELL
                    ATTACHMENTS:                             YES – TSM REPORT

                    This report serves to further Council’s June 2004 resolution of
                    this matter, wherein Council deferred a decision on this matter
                    until the July 2004 Council meeting pending a report from the
                    Technical Services Manager.

                    The matter is based on a request from Mr & Mrs M. Hambour as
                    to the acquisition of Council owned land on the corner of South
                    Terrace & Cheopis Streets Penneshaw for the disposal of effluent
                    from a proposed development.

C:\Council Information\Webinfo to convert to pdf\Agenda 0407.doc
                    RECOMMENDATION 1
                    That in terms of allowing Mr & Mrs M Hambour the exclusive
                    use of 400m² of the road reserve on South Terrace adjacent to Lot
                    86 Cheopis Street, Council resolve to proceed toward allowing
                    the request to happen and accordingly have the CCSM commence
                    the public consultation associated with closing this portion of the
                    road reserve to South Terrace.

                    RECOMMENDATION 2
                    That Council in reference to the matter of allowing Mr & Mrs M
                    Hambour exclusive use of 400m² of road reserve on South
                    Terrace adjacent to Lot 86 Cheopis Street Council:
                       * Advise staff as to whether sale or lease of the land is the
                          preferred option.
                       * Have staff advise Mr & Mrs Hambour that all costs
                          associated with transferral or lease of the land would be
                          their responsibility.
                       * Have staff advise Mr & Mrs Hambour that a final decision
                          as to whether to proceed with the proposal will not finally
                          be made until the public consultation process is complete
                          under the Roads Opening and Closing Act & Local
                          Government Act and Council is satisfied with the findings
                          that they support the proposal.

                    Council may recall this matter in the May 2004 and June 2004
                    Council agendas.

                    The minutes for the May meeting resulted in a deferred decision
                    pending further information on the proposal. In this regard, the
                    applicant was requested to submit full details of the proposal
                    including details on the proposed effluent disposal method and
                    details of the area intended for consideration.

                    The minutes for the June meeting resulted in a deferred decision
                    pending a report on the proposal from Council’s TSM. The
                    TSM’s report has been included as an attachment to this report.

                    It is the intention of Mr & Mrs Hambour to undertake
                    development to Lot 86 Cheopis Street, Penneshaw by way of the
                    erection of 3 two storey apartments that would likely result in a
                    community title arrangement in the future.

                    The difficulty with this site and the development proposal is the
                    ability to dispose of effluent in the absence of a town scheme.

C:\Council Information\Webinfo to convert to pdf\Agenda 0407.doc
                    Mr & Mrs Hambour are therefore proposing that Kangaroo Island
                    Council grant them the right of exclusive occupation of 400m² of
                    land on the corner of Cheopis Streets and South Terrace
                    Penneshaw, where the road reserve is unusually wide.

                    The TSM initially advised “not recommended” based on concern
                    that there is no clear policy direction on this issue and that the
                    Roads Opening and Closing Act & Local Government Act
                    processes are lengthy, costly and complex.

                    The TSM has advised however, that he has no concern with
                    technical matters (i.e. the reduction of footpath width or the safety
                    performance of the carriageway) and now appears to have no
                    strong view on the matter.

                    Council’s ESM advised in the June 2004 agenda that effluent
                    disposal for the proposed development and land in question could
                    be accommodated under the Guidelines for the disposal of
                    effluent on private properties in South Australia. Further that
                    report reflected that if the property were to be serviced by a
                    STED scheme the matter of approving a development of this
                    nature would be a simple one.


                    This is the third occasion that this matter has been before Council.

                    Given that the request for further information has been
                    accommodated generally in accordance with Council’s May 2004
                    resolution, and given that Council’s TSM has provided a report
                    on the matter in accordance with the June 2004 Council
                    resolution, it is now considered appropriate that a decision is
                    reached on this matter.

          14.4 REPORT TITLE:                                 REGIONAL OPEN SPACE
                                                             ENHANCEMENT SUBSIDY
                                                             (ROSES) PROGRAM
                    AUTHOR:                                  PATRICK MITCHELL,
                                                             PLANNING OFFICER

                    To advise Council on the Regional Open Space Enhancement
                    Subsidy initiative that would enable the potential for early
                    winners in conjunction with the Kangaroo Island Centres Project.

C:\Council Information\Webinfo to convert to pdf\Agenda 0407.doc
                    That Council receives and notes the report and endorse the
                    actions of its officers to apply to the ROSES program for a joint
                    initiative between Planning SA and Council for the creation of
                    public open space concept plans for Council owned land.

                    In 2003–2004 Planning SA launched the Regional Open Space
                    Enhancement Subsidy (ROSES) initiative. This State Government
                    initiative is a partnership arrangement with local governments in
                    the development of quality regional public open space.

                    The program provides financial assistance to Councils for the
                    purchase, development and planning of open space identified as
                    being of major regional significance, specifically for works
                    pertaining to conservation and unstructured recreation on public
                    land, which is compatible with surrounding land. Funding
                    categories include:
                        * Open space development;
                        * Open space land purchases;
                        * Open space planning (concept plans).

                    Council Officers recently attended a meeting with Planning SA
                    representatives to seek an understanding of where Kangaroo
                    Island Council may be eligible for such a program. Specifically,
                    in light of the ROSES Guidelines for Applications and the KI
                    Centres Project as the Centres Project is considered to
                    significantly overlap the ROSES initiative. Accordingly Officers
                    requested that the Planning SA representative for the KI Centres
                    Project also attend that meeting to add support to this new

                    Whilst it would be ideal to seek funding to implement
                    development works on portions of Council owned public land and
                    provide very early and visible outcomes for such projects, such
                    works would not be in accordance with a recognised concept plan
                    nor a Regional Open Space Strategy. The application would
                    therefore be unlikely to be supported at the State levels that
                    actively endorse forward planning as oppose to ad hoc

                    As Council has no Regional Open Space Strategy presently
                    formulated, it is considered that Council could apply for funding
                    for public open space concept plans under the ROSES program.

C:\Council Information\Webinfo to convert to pdf\Agenda 0407.doc
                    Initial discussions with Planning SA revolved around Council
                    seek funding for the creation of concept plans that align with the
                    Centres Project. Specifically targeting coastal open space areas on
                    the periphery of Kingscote, American River and Penneshaw and
                    within the township of Parndana.

                    Feedback from Planning SA staff was very encouraging and
                    culminated in the preparation of a draft application that can be put
                    to Planning SA seeking dollar for dollar funding in line with some
                    in kind work to be undertaken by Council for consideration.

                    TIMING CONSIDERATIONS
                    Discussions have reveal that the next round for assessment of
                    applications is in August 2004 and subsequent rounds are to be
                    considered on a three monthly basis thereafter.

                    Officers are therefore of the opinion that to successfully develop
                    an application for funding, then subsequently develop a brief, may
                    result in concepts plans prior to the next round of funding.

                    An application for physical works could then follow this round of
                    funding on the proviso said application was inline with the
                    concept plans the subject to this round of funding.

                    Council and the community could reasonably expect to see
                    physical outcomes under the two initiatives prior to Christmas

                    This program appears to be significantly faster tracked than other
                    State Government initiatives. In addition, producing concept
                    plans for an ongoing development vision for Council’s public
                    open areas and networks would provide:

                         * a demonstrated background to funding agencies and bodies
                           that Council has been proactive to determine an
                           appreciation of a planned direction and outcome driven
                           approach; and
                         * Council with a better direction and understanding of future
                           requirements (i.e. costing, implementation and
                           management opportunities / constraints).

                    Further by aligning this project with the Centres Project it will
                    create early, visible winners for the community, which may
                    reduce scepticism within the community that are often perceived
                    with such programs.

C:\Council Information\Webinfo to convert to pdf\Agenda 0407.doc
          14.5       REPORT TITLE:                           KANGAROO ISLAND CENTRES
                    AUTHOR:                                  PATRICK MITCHELL,
                                                             PLANNING OFFICER

                    To update and advise Council on the progress of the Kangaroo
                    Island Centres Project and the upcoming community consultation
                    (public workshops) as part of the project.

                    That Council receives and notes the report.

                    Council will be aware of the Kangaroo Island Centres Project
                    (refer Council April 2004 and May 2004 Agendas) wherein
                    Council appointed HASSELL and their team to undertake the

                    HASSELL is considered to have collated an excellent team,
                    where members of the team are nationally and internationally
                    recognised, and in some cases unsurpassed in their chosen
                    profession. This was seen as a major draw card to the
                    appointment of this firm to undertake the project.

                    The project is progressing and has seen a number of articles
                    placed in “The Islander” briefly advising the public of the project
                    and encouraging interested persons and community groups to be

                    Upcoming Islander articles (until the launch of the community
                    consultation phase) will be focusing on previous studies
                    undertaken to date, the issues previously identified from those
                    studies, further information on the project, key times and venues
                    for the community consultation and the key personnel taking part
                    in the project.

                    The upcoming articles are hoped to encourage excitement in the
                    project and hence engender greater input from the community.

C:\Council Information\Webinfo to convert to pdf\Agenda 0407.doc
                    TIMING CONSIDERATIONS
                    Work undertaken to date (Stages 1 & 2) includes the project
                    initiation with the Steering Committee including a Planning SA
                    representative, background research, review of previous studies,
                    collation of information, mapping and the like, as well as the
                    project team briefing at which Council and Planning SA were

                    The project is heading toward the third stage of eight in the
                    process. An important aspect to the third stage of the project is the
                    community consultation phase, which will commence on Sunday
                    18 July 2004 to the 21 July 2004 with workshops being
                    undertaken in Penneshaw, Kingscote, Parndana and American

                    At this time, the consultant team will commence analysis and
                    auditing of the towns that will in conjunction with community
                    consultation and background research form the basis of an issues
                    paper and formulate the backbone for the draft urban design
                    frameworks for each of the centres.

                    The issues paper is expected to be before Council in August 2004
                    with the draft urban design frameworks expected to be before
                    Council in October 2004.

                    The benefits of the project appear to be numerous. By providing
                    the framework for an ongoing development vision for the towns,
                    it provides:
                        * The basis / investigations for future Plan Amendment
                           Reports (both the Local Heritage PAR and Centres PAR)
                           as recognised in the outcomes of the Section 30
                           Development Plan Review recently forwarded to the
                        * A demonstrated background to funding agencies and
                           bodies that Council has been proactive to determine an
                           appreciation of a planned direction;
                        * Council with a better understanding of future requirements
                           (i.e. costing implementation and management opportunities
                           / constraints);
                        * Greater direction for Council, community members and
                           developers with regard to outcome driven planning.

          14.6 REPORT TITLE:                                 EDALA (ELECTRONIC
                                                             DEVELOPMENT APPLICATION
                                                             LODGEMENT ASSISTANCE)
                    AUTHOR:                                  PATRICK MITCHELL,
                                                             PLANNING OFFICER

C:\Council Information\Webinfo to convert to pdf\Agenda 0407.doc
                    To advise Council that it’s Environmental Services Department is
                    preparing to partake in the EDALA (electronic development
                    application lodgement assistance) program in conjunction with
                    Planning SA.

                    That Council endorse the actions of its officers and note the

                    Planning SA launched the EDALA program some months ago as
                    a trial project for the electronic lodgement of development

                    While at this time it only allows for the submission of land
                    division applications, surveyors and Councils partaking in the
                    program have seen much benefit in time and cost savings (by
                    submitting applications electronically as oppose to physically
                    attending the Planning SA office or mailing applications).

                    Presently half of Kangaroo Island’s land division applications are
                    submitted (by surveyors) through the EDALA system with
                    Planning SA staff updating their records, electronically
                    forwarding applications to relevant state government agencies and
                    then receiving advice from agencies electronically.

                    As Council is yet to be part of the program, Council receives its
                    applications and agency advice in hard copy by post. Council
                    further notifies relevant agencies in hard copy by post.

                    Due to Planning SA identifying the significant increase of land
                    division applications across the island (indeed one of the highest
                    in the State), Kangaroo Island Council was targeted by Planning
                    SA to participate in the project.

                    Accordingly Council Officers attended Planning SA for a brief
                    introduction of the project, its benefits in terms of electronic
                    tracking, electronic agency referrals and advice as well as
                    electronic notification of decision advice.

                    While the EDALA program is expected to create some additional
                    workload, especially at the initial stages of implementation, the
                    program does come with free assistance by Planning SA.

C:\Council Information\Webinfo to convert to pdf\Agenda 0407.doc
                    There appears to be no significant financial outlay for Council, if
                    any at all, with Planning SA providing all training (on island) and
                    with the system being accessed via the internet utilising Council’s
                    current system.

                    Notwithstanding, the EDALA system will require plans and maps
                    to be downloaded onto A3 paper and therefore may require the
                    purchase of an A3 printer.

                    Nonetheless, discussions with Planning SA staff and staff from
                    the Local Government Association has revealed that the LGA
                    will assist local governments with the purchase of an A3 printer
                    on the proviso they partake in the EDALA program.

                    The benefits of the program appear to outweigh the additional
                    staff workload in terms processing, tracking and updating the

                    Indeed, it appears that this program may align itself with other
                    programs, and once Council staff are familiar with the program, it
                    may help reduce timeframes in receiving applications, assessing
                    applications and notifying appropriate bodies of outcomes.

                    It is therefore considered appropriate for Council to update to
                    Planning SA’s EDALA program and seek funding from the LGA
                    for the purchase of an A3 printer.

                    Moved Cr                         Seconded Cr
                    That the Environmental Services Information reports on Waste
                    Control System Applications, Food Businesses and Other
                    Environmental Health Issues be received for information.

          15.1 REPORT TITLE:                                 FOOD BUSINESSES
               AUTHOR:                                       PETER H MOORS,
                                                             ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH
                    FILE NUMBER:                             061

                    To advise Council of any relevant matters pertaining to Food

C:\Council Information\Webinfo to convert to pdf\Agenda 0407.doc
                    Included in the inspections for June was Morrison’s Foodland. It
                    was a pleasure to see that all of the requirements of the Food
                    Safety Standards were being met and that the standard of
                    cleanliness and hygiene being practised in the store was excellent.
                    Shirley and her staff are to be congratulated.

                    Whilst Morrison’s does have the advantage over other food
                    premises of being quite new, the majority of premises inspected
                    are complying with the new requirements. This is not always easy,
                    given that many of these premises have been in place for a long
                    time and were not constructed up to today’s standards.

                    FOOD RECALLS
                    There were two food recalls during June as detailed below.
                    1.     Nestle Australia
                    Nestle Nan 1 Probiotic Starter Infant Formula with Bifidus.
                    Incorrect mix of formulation may have occurred during
                    manufacturing process.
                    2.      General Mills Australia Pty Ltd
                    Latina Creamy Tomato & Roasted Mushroom Pasta Sauce.
                    Undeclared allergen.

          15.2 REPORT TITLE:                                 OTHER ENVIRONMENTAL
                                                             HEALTH ISSUES
                    AUTHOR:                                  PETER H MOORS,
                                                             ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH
                    FILE NUMBER:                             061
                    ATTACHMENTS:                             FLOW METER READINGS FOR
                                                             JUNE 2004.

                    To advise Council of any other relevant environmental health

                    FLOW METER READINGS:
                    Flow sheet readings for June are attached.

                    There were five septic tank application received during June

                    In a letter dated 2 June, the EPA has delegated certain powers to
                    Council Officers as detailed below:

C:\Council Information\Webinfo to convert to pdf\Agenda 0407.doc
                    Chief Executive Officer and Environmental Services Manager
                    Section 93 (1) Power to issue an environment protection order
                    Section 93 (2)(c)(i) Power to give notice to not commence a
                    specified activity.
                    Section 93 (2a) Where a proposed environment protection order
                    or a proposed variation to an environment protection order would
                    require the undertaking of an activity for which a permit would,
                    but for Section 12 of the Water Resources Act 1997, be required
                    under that Act, Board function, before issuing or varying an
                    order, of giving notice to the authority under the Water Resources
                    Act 1997 to whom an application for a permit for the activity
                    would otherwise have to be made inviting the authority to make
                    written submission in relation to the proposal within a period
                    specified in the notice.
                    Section 93 (6) Power, if of the opinion that it is reasonably
                    necessary to do so in the circumstances, include in an
                    environment protection order a requirement for an act or omission
                    that might otherwise constitute a contravention of the Act.
                    Section 93 (7) Power, by written notice served on a person to
                    whom an environment protection order has been issued, to vary or
                    revoke an environment protection order.
                    Section 95 (1) Where the requirements of an environment
                    protection order are not complied with, the power to take any
                    action required by the order.
                    Sectio 95 (4) The power to recover reasonable costs and expenses
                    incurred by the council as a debt from the person who failed to
                    comply with the requirements of the environment protection
                    Section 95 (5)(a) Where an amount is recoverable from a person
                    under this section, the power by notice in writing to the person, to
                    fix a period, being not less than 28 days from the date of the
                    notice, within which the amount must be paid by the person, and,
                    if the amount is not paid by the person within that period, the
                    person is liable to pay interest charged at the prescribed rate per
                    annum on the amount unpaid.

                    Chief Executive Officer, Environmental Services Manager,
                    Fire Prevention Officer and Assistant Fire Prevention Officer
                    Environment Protection (Burning) Policy 1994
                    Clause 4 (1) Power to give written consent to cause or permit the
                    burning of matter by a fire in the open on any non-domestic
                    premises, subject to sub-clause (2) and the provisions of the
                    Country Fires Act 1989.
                    Clause 4 (4) Power to grant consent for such periods and subject
                    to such conditions as considered necessary or desirable by council
                    officers to control or minimise air pollution from the land or
                    premises concerned.
                    Clause 5 (5)(d)(i) Power to give permission for burning-off for
                    the purpose of reducing the fire hazard of bushfires by notice in
                    writing, or by notice published in a newspaper or other
                    publication relating to burning-off in the area concerned.
C:\Council Information\Webinfo to convert to pdf\Agenda 0407.doc
                    Clause 5 (6)(a) Power to give permission for burning off for the
                    purposes of reducing the hazard of bushfires for such a period,
                    not exceeding two months, that a council officer thinks fit.
                    Clause 5 (7) Power to vary or revoke a permission given under
                    this clause.

                    To date there has been no response from the EPA to Council’s
                    notification that it intends to appoint Laurence Eves, Peter Moors
                    and Aaron Wilksch as authorised officers under the Environment
                    Protection Act 1993.

                    NOTIFIABLE DISEASES
                    One case of Chicken pox and one of Campylobacter jejuni were
                    notified during the month of June. In addition, the Communicable
                    Disease Control Branch sought Council assistance in making
                    contact with another person with C. jejuni due to his occupation
                    being listed as being in the food industry.

                    STEDS IRRIGATION UPDATE
                    Ray Ledger, Principal Adviser Wastewater from the EPA visited
                    the Island on Wednesday 2 June to inspect the work done. Ray
                    acknowledged that with the failure to reduce the water levels of
                    the two lagoons sufficiently after the pumps were installed, there
                    is a likelihood that there will be an overflow from the lagoons
                    again this winter. However Ray gave an undertaking that as a
                    result of Council’s effort in improving the STEDS scheme, no
                    action will be taken by the EPA for this winter season should a
                    discharge to the samphire swamp occur. No discharge of effluent
                    from the Lagoons to the swamp will be permitted in the following

                    There are still a few minor jobs requiring attention before the
                    system can be commissioned, and these are in hand. Nathan Silby
                    from KBR expects to be on the Island in the next week or so to
                    check the progress.

                    STEDS – WATER SAMPLING
                    Quarterly sampling of the effluent in both STEDS lagoons was
                    undertaken in early June.

                    STEDS – GROUNDWATER SAMPLING
                    Groundwater from the six bores surrounding the STEDS lagoons
                    was sampled in May as part on the on-going monitoring of the
                    site and the results are attached. As a guide, SA Water has
                    advised that the Kingscote town water supply has a conductivity
                    of about 1410uS/cm and TDS (total dissolved solids) of

C:\Council Information\Webinfo to convert to pdf\Agenda 0407.doc
                    810mg/L. Seawater is about 40,000uS/cm. Thus it is apparent that
                    the groundwater around the site is extremely saline.

                    BIOSOLIDS DEPOT
                    Stockpiles PS6 and PS7 were sampled for analysis during early

                    VIVONNE BAY CAMPING GROUND
                    All electrical work at this site has now been completed and the
                    only thing remaining is for the construction of a step. Technical
                    Services anticipate that this will be completed within the week.

          15.3      REPORT TITLE:                            IMMUNISATION UPDATE
                    AUTHOR:                                  PAULINE HEATH,
                                                             ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES

                    The monthly Immunisation Clinic held on Thursday 3 June was
                    well attended at the Cook Centre. The school program including
                    Meningococcal C for Reception to Year 4 students, Hep B and
                    ADT will recommence in August, on the return of staff from
                    leave from the Cook Centre. A catch up day will be held in
                    September for students who have missed their vaccinations
                    through absence at school.

                    On Monday 28th June I attended the meeting of the South
                    Australian Immunisation Network held at the Holdfast Bay
                    Council. The meeting was attended by 27 representatives from
                    various Metropolitan and Country Councils.

                    Items for discussion included how various Councils were
                    progressing with the School Based Program and problems that
                    were being encountered. One Council representative expressed
                    concerns that some students were feeling ill after having the
                    vaccination, however further enquiries revealed that these
                    students had not eaten breakfast prior to vaccinations. This
                    Council now conducts a screening to ascertain whether students
                    have eaten before being immunised.

                    In general the School Based Program was progressing on
                    schedule, within both Primary and Secondary Schools. Some
                    concerns were raised on the amount of time it takes to draw up
                    vaccines, that are available in pre-loaded form. Providers were
                    notified that this issue had been looked into, however there was
                    still current stocks of vaccines that had to be used first.

C:\Council Information\Webinfo to convert to pdf\Agenda 0407.doc
                    The meeting concluded with a presentation on Pertussis
                    (Whooping Cough) specifically aimed at Boostrix a combined
                    diphtheria-tetanus-acellular pertussis (dTpa) vaccine. The
                    presentation was very informative allowing for a greater
                    understanding of the infection and vaccines potential use.

                    The next meeting will be the Country Seminar to be held at Berri
                    in October. Exact date and location are to be advised.

       15.4         REPORT TITLE:                            BUILDING INSPECTIONS 2004
                    AUTHOR:                                  AARON WILKSCH, TRAINEE
                                                             BUILDING SURVEYOR

                    This report serves to inform Council of progress of building
                    inspections for the January and April quarters of 2004.

                    Council, in 2001 considered a Building Inspection Policy,
                    resulting in Council’s authorised officers being required to carry
                    out inspections of building work to a minimum of 20% of all
                    development approvals issued. This included building work
                    assessed by private certifiers (pursuant to Section 71A of the
                    Development Act 1993)

                    Council’s Trainee Building surveyor has, during the January and
                    April quarters undertaken inspections, under delegation, of a large
                    percentage of the building work for which mandatory notification
                    has been required in the approval process.

                    Inspections have included many types of building work ranging
                    from simple shed footings, verandahs, pergolas and the like,
                    through to staged building projects and split level footings and
                    timber framing for private dwellings.

                    Typically our greatest issue to overcome in regard to building
                    inspection is that of notification to Council at commencement of
                    each stage of building. Builders, and owners especially, have been
                    happy to see that Council’s building surveyors are making efforts
                    to attend their building sites promptly upon notification of
                    commencement of work.

C:\Council Information\Webinfo to convert to pdf\Agenda 0407.doc
          15.5 REPORT TITLE:                                 GENERAL INSPECTOR’S
                                                             REPORT – JUNE 2004
                    AUTHOR:                                  LES GULLICKSON & RAY
                                                             LOUTH, GENERAL
                    ATTACHMENT:                              STEDS SIGNAGE

                    Despite the onset of June and all that comes with winter, there has
                    still been a lot happening in the G.I’s world on K.I. Campers are
                    beginning to move indoors into undercover Camping Area BBQ
                    sites and in the absence of campers, the council rubbish bins are
                    beginning to fill with the domestic waste from households who
                    choose not to use the Council dump. One set of bins at a well
                    known camping area was actually loaded up with waste building
                    materials (plaster and steel off cuts) and the jury is still out on
                    who was responsible for that one. Depot staff in the areas
                    concerned have been informed and the sites are being regularly
                    visited now. Hopefully it will only be a matter of time.

                    Response times for reported incidents have remained short, with a
                    similar number of call outs to last month with most being able to
                    be resolved quickly. There has been a number of calls re straying
                    farmed animals, where inadequate fencing has resulted in large
                    numbers of sheep escaping onto road reserves and adjoining
                    properties. In one case, intervention has required some level of
                    mediation to get two neighbouring farmers to agree on a solution
                    that creates a win/win for all concerned. G.I’s also received a call
                    on a lost Shetland Pony that is kindly being looked after by the
                    finder until an owner is located.

                    General Inspectors apprehended a local resident and his son,
                    inside the STEDS pondage area looking for mushrooms. While
                    the purpose of their visit might be considered OK, both were
                    reminded that the area is dangerous and subject to authorised
                    entry only. The father climbed over the cyclone gate with barbed
                    wire attached, in direct violation of the sign that was on the gate.
                    The son (10 or 11 year old) who went with the father was clearly
                    being taught the wrong thing. Both father and son were given a
                    warning and informed they may be proceeded against if found
                    inside the restricted area again. In response to their questioning as
                    to why G.I’s work week-ends, they were informed it is because of
                    just this type of activity. Following a recommendation from G.I’s,
                    the ESM authorised the preparation of new signage to be located
                    at three strategic points along the STEDS Pondage Fenceline,
                    that not only clearly indicate Danger – Restricted Area, but also
                    states that Trespassers will be Prosecuted. By Law
                    recommendations and a trespassing expiation fee structure is
                    being prepared for approval. Copy of the new signage, which
                    incorporates graphics and words is attached.

C:\Council Information\Webinfo to convert to pdf\Agenda 0407.doc
                    The Environmental Services section has received their new GPS
                    unit and mapping software and that, with the aid of a mobile
                    office in the case of the G.I’s, will enable G.I’s to specifically
                    locate trouble spots for the benefit of accurately documenting
                    council concerns and facilitating and co ordinating timely
                    responses. It is anticipated that this will be of particular benefit
                    when undertaking the Section 40 Fire Prevention work.

                    Dogs and Cats
                    Dog owners that have an existing Control Order against them
                    have managed to quietly restrain their dogs and avoid any further
                    GI intervention. Another owner, for whom the threat of a dog
                    control order was real and imminent, created a solid secure area
                    alongside his house to accommodate two small dogs that were
                    creating problems in the community. General Inspectors seized
                    the dogs at one stage and held them in the pound for 4 days while
                    the owner built the dog impoundment and then, inspected the
                    impoundment before releasing the dogs back to the owner. There
                    has been no complaints or stray dogs from or about that
                    household since.

                    General Inspectors were also called to collect a stray dog found at
                    “Amaze-n-fun” during the month and it was later found that the
                    owner who had registered the dog had left the Island and also left
                    the dog. On a return visit to the Island, the dogs owner was
                    confronted by General Inspectors and she acknowledged that she
                    did not want the dog because she could not take it with her to
                    Adelaide. That particular dog owner signed the dog over to
                    council to be disposed of and after extensive efforts by the Vets
                    and G.I’s to find a new owner for the dog, the was euthanaised
                    by the vets. This particular incident has resulted in the owner
                    receiving over $200.00 in fines and costs for dog wandering,
                    impoundment fees and the costs of euthanasia through the vets.

                    The Cat Trapping program is continuing and to date, still no cats
                    have been trapped in the Kingscote area. Rats remain the main
                    cause of baits going off.

                    Incident reports have been down a little and there appears to be a
                    higher level of dog management because the “Arcacia
                    Apartments” (the pound) appears to have fallen on lean times.
                    Great news; with owners obviously keeping better control of their
                    dogs or else: the dog “rules the rug” by the fire. The issue of
                    concerned visitors to the island picking up what they think are
                    stray dogs, especially down the western end, has resulted in one
                    owner having to come into Kingscote from Karratta to pick up an
                    elderly dog that has never strayed. The dog was picked up with all
                    good intention, albeit within earshot of its own property.

C:\Council Information\Webinfo to convert to pdf\Agenda 0407.doc
                    Parking has been a quiet issue this month, with only one written
                    complaint being received. General Inspectors are monitoring the
                    Dauncey Street area in their travels and this also serves to respond
                    to the complaint of one business owner that has had access to the
                    rear of his premises blocked by cars at times.

                    Strong winds, poorly secured loads and deliberate dumping of
                    domestic waste in council parkland wheelie bins, heads the
                    littering issues. One household is set to be called upon to show
                    just cause why they should not be penalised for illegal dumping of
                    rubbish, given the amount of domestic waste (containing personal
                    letters and bills), found in a beachside wheelie bin. While it is not
                    a particularly nice task to sift through domestic rubbish, it does
                    get results. General Inspectors have retained the evidence found
                    in the wheelie bin and obtained a statement from an eye witness to
                    the finding, all in an effort to formally challenge the residents
                    responsible and proceed with penalty if applicable. This
                    particular incident was compounded by the fact that, with the
                    wheelie bin full of domestic rubbish, campers who pay camping
                    fees to stay in clean areas where services are provided for their
                    use, have nowhere to place their rubbish and hence the litter issue
                    is compounded.

                    In another incident, a plastic bag of rubbish came loose from a
                    trailer belonging to a Kingscote business in the vicinity of the
                    folly, while on the way to the dump. The contents, while strewn
                    all over the folly area, provided enough evidence to approach the
                    business owner concerned. It was found that despite a concerted
                    effort to control the rubbish in the trailer by way of a cage, one
                    bag did get away and was subsequently spilt on the roadway.
                    Given the business owners clear effort to control the waste as it is
                    transported to the dump, a warning was given and documentation
                    (Invoices and Faxes) found in the waste was returned to the

                    By Laws / Acts / Legislation.
                    The new Dog and Cat Management Act has been gazetted,
                    effective of 01 July 2004. Recommendations have been received
                    from the Dog and Cat Management Board for a new Registration
                    Fee structure, along with a pro forma for the Dog and Cat
                    Management Board to approve any new fees agreed upon by
                    Council. A copy of recommendations for a council decision will
                    be prepared for upcoming Council meeting.

C:\Council Information\Webinfo to convert to pdf\Agenda 0407.doc
                    The new Dog and Cat Management Act should be available very
                    soon and while a lot has been projected about its content and the
                    nature of changes therein, G.I’s are unable to offer any firm
                    direction on the impact of the changes as they relate to Kangaroo
                    Island Council, however it is envisaged that changes to By-Laws
                    will be necessary.

                    Camping / Miscellaneous Incidents.
                    General Inspectors again have again managed to secure monies
                    from campers who have failed to attain camping fees from
                    designated areas prior to their beginning to camp in Council areas.
                    The biggest issue raised by campers has been the fact that they
                    state they do not know where they are going to camp until the
                    close of day, and; if in fact they need a Council camping permit to
                    camp if they are in the vicinity of national parks.

                    This is an issue and General Inspectors are keen to be part of any
                    group willing to discuss the efficiency of any suggestions on
                    improving this situation.

                    Chapman River Reserve remains a concern with campers
                    continuing to defecate in the bushes in the vicinity of the water
                    tanks and BBQ shelter on the Eastern side of the river.

                    The Stokes Bay BBQ shelter was also found to be a site for
                    similar activity with signs that people had defecated behind the
                    BBQ shelter and within 5 feet of the freshwater tank tap. It is
                    envisaged that this is illegal camper activity, by people choosing
                    not to use the camp ground and rather utilising the BBQ shelter to
                    set their tents and swags in. G.I’s are making regular visits but
                    these people camp very light and don’t often stay long after

                    Bad News Story
                    General Inspectors had to authorise the euthanaise of a dog that had
                    committed nothing more than having an owner who didn’t want it
                    any more and who made vain attempts to dispose of the dog.

                    Good News Story
                    General Inspectors were able to identify the owner of domestic
                    waste illegally dumped in a council camping ground wheelie bin,
                    and; are proceeding to follow the matter through.

                    A lovely Border –Collie dog (great temperament) that was
                    inadvertently separated from its home by the good intentions of an
                    Island visitor, was able to be re-united with its owner after just
                    one cold night in the “Arcacia Apartments”. Saddest thing was the
                    dog had been de-sexed and was a sure-fire candidate to provide
                    one General Inspector with a pup if the dog was capable of having

C:\Council Information\Webinfo to convert to pdf\Agenda 0407.doc
                    Your Worship Mayor Pengilly and Councillors, I submit the
                    following reports for the Ordinary Meeting of Council to be held on
                    Wednesday 7 July 2004.

                    Moved Cr                        Seconded Cr
                    That the Technical Service Manager’s Reports be received.

          16.1      REPORT TITLE:                            JUNE 2004 PROGRESS OF
                                                             WORK REPORT
                    AUTHOR:                                  TECHNICAL SERVICES

                    For information of Council.

                    That the June 2004 progress of work report be received.

          2003/04 Capital & Construction Works:
                  Project Name                                  Status
          Stokes Bay Road               Sealing of 1.8 kms roadway completed on 6/4/04
          Seaview (Boat Ramp) Road       Sealing completed on 17/12/03
                                         Line-marking has been deferred
          Vivonne Avenue                 Road based construction completed
                                         Kerbing installation planned to commence on
          Reeves Street                 Sealing carried out on 29/1/04
          Parndana Mainstreet           Project deferred
          Bessell Drive                 Sealing completed on 19/12/03
          Rapide Drive                  Sealing completed on 6/2/04
          Hawthorne Avenue              Construction has been rescheduled subject to funding
          Resheeting Program            Program completed
          Vegetation Clearance          Program completed
          STEDS Extensions               Extension on Marsden Crescent completed
                                         Dutton Street extension has commenced
          Footpath Program               Sealing of Smith Street footpath in Parndana
                                         Penneshaw path deferred pending advice on
                                         Franklin Street in Kingscote path sealed
                                         Other paths at Kingscote deferred.

          Infrastructure Maintenance & Operations:
                     Function                                 Status
          Sealed Road Maintenance       Maintenance run on South Coast Rd, West End Hwy,
                                        Playford Hwy and North Coast Rd undertaken

C:\Council Information\Webinfo to convert to pdf\Agenda 0407.doc
          Unsealed Road Maintenance                    Patrol Grading continuing as per program
                                                       Resheeted 300 m of Seagers Road over new culvert
                                                       Resheeted 300 m of Bomb Alley Rd
                                                       Numerous trees removed from District Roads
                                                       Tree trimming school bus route carried out in
                                                        Dudley area
                                                       Repaired clay patch on Bark Hut Rd
                                                       Removed fallen trees from John Cox Rd & Gosse
                                                        Ritchie Rd
                                                       Filled low area on 5 ways intersection
          Traffic Control & Signs                     Normal maintenance undertaken
          Culverts & Bridges                           Installed new pipes & headwalls on culvert No 14
                                                        Elsegood Road
                                                       Installed a new culvert crossing on Bomb Alley Rd
                                                       Extensive culvert maintenance carried out in
                                                        Townships and District Roads
                                                       Lowered a culvert on Gregors Road to remove
                                                        water from corner
                                                       Unblocked culvert No 9 Stokes Bay Rd
                                                       Constructed SEP in Wheelton St
                                                       Repaired kerb in Franklin St
                                                       Constructed pram ramps on Drew St and Franklin
          Reserves & Verges                            General maintenance carried out
                                                       Grass slashing reserves and road verges in
                                                        Penneshaw area
                                                       Trimmed overhanging limbs on Willoughby Cr and
                                                        Investigator Ave
          STEDS                                        Normal maintenance activities carried out
                                                       Attended callouts due to Power outages
                                                       Constructed bund around STEDS Reuse tank at
          Sports and Recreational                     General maintenance carried out
          Public Amenities & Council                  General maintenance carried out

          Special Project Management:
                  Project Name                                                Status
          Christmas Cove Harbour                      General site upgrade & repairs continuing
          Reeves Point Redevelopment                  Supplied backhoe for minor assistance to contractor
          (Flagstaff Hill)
          Playford Highway Drainage                   Project completed for TSA
          Upgrade at Kingscote

          Parks & Recreation Facility Management:
          No report this month

C:\Council Information\Webinfo to convert to pdf\Agenda 0407.doc
          Community Group Projects:
             Project Name/Services                                            Status
          American River Boardwalk                    Delivered materials
          & Bridge
          Advance Kingscote                           Supplied tree planting materials for Reeves Point
          Nepean Bay SW Retention                     Provided materials for tree planting

          Waste Management & STEDS:
          Kingscote LEMP            Undertaking costing to have completed and first round
                                    of monitoring done
          Towards Zero Waste         Cr Boxall, D Rowley and C Barrios attended
          Conference                 The best conference for a long time on this subject-
                                       according to many in the industry
          Regional Waste Management  Technical staff will be developing over the next
          Strategy                     few months
                                     Council will have opportunity to comment prior to
                                     Council will need to adopt when complete
          New Cell Kingscote         Received first set of drawings
                                     EPA have required changes to the drawings- not
          Cardboard Recycling        Installed and purchased equipment to undertake
                                     Most businesses advised of what is required

          Staff & System Development:
                    Program                                   Status
          Vehicle Purchasing           Sought proposal from dealers regarding Fleet
                                         Scheme for cars & light commercial vehicles
                                       Ordered light truck as replacement ute for Green
                                         team in Kingscote
          TAFE Training               Issued plant OH&S tickets from plant accreditation
          Senior Mechanic             Replacement put on hold pending budget
          Pressure Vessel Testing     Pressure vessel inspection and certification

          Sundry Works & External Services:
                  Client Name                             Services Provided
          T.S.A.                        Dot Loops x 2
                                        Reinstatement work on Ayliffe Hill and Muston
                                          Hill roadside for TSA /NPWS
                                        Edge break and water control work on Penneshaw
                                        Patching of Hog Bay Road and Playford Highway
                                        Scour correction on Hog Bay Rd
                                        Drain cleaning along Buick Drive
                                        Removal of loose material on Racecourse corner
          Cemetery                     2 x Graves
          T.S.A. Marine Group           Guard Railing delivered for commencement in July
                                        Emergency Callout for diesel spill at Kingscote
                                        Purchase order obtained from J. Ayliffe for sealing
C:\Council Information\Webinfo to convert to pdf\Agenda 0407.doc
          DEH                                         Vegetation remediation works along Hog Bay Rd &
                                                      American River Rd.
          NPWS                                        Notification of revised Patrol Grading Rates in line
                                                      with new rates

          16.2      REPORT TITLE:                             EMU BAY SPEED ZONING
                    AUTHOR:                                   KEN LIU, TECHNICAL
                                                              SERVICES MANAGER

                    To report on speed zoning within the township of Emu Bay.

                    That the Traffic Impact Statement signed by the Technical
                    Services Manger be endorsed.

                    Council at the last meeting resolved that the 25kph speed limit on
                    Emu Bay beach be initiated and the illegal 25kph speed sign at the
                    entrance of Emu Bay beach access road be removed immediately.

                    In accordance with Council’s instruction, a Traffic Impact
                    Statement has been written, engineer certified and submitted to
                    Transport SA for approval. The report recommends a restriction
                    of vehicle speed of 15kph on beach and a 30kph speed limit on
                    the beach access road be imposed within this area of Emu Bay
                    township. A 25kph speed limit set by the Council is not an
                    appropriate zoning for the area.

          16.3 REPORT TITLE:                                  DISABLED PARKING IN
                                                              DAUNCEY STREET
                    AUTHOR:                                   KEN LIU, TECHNICAL
                                                              SERVICES MANAGER

                    To advise Council of the cost and the need of providing an extra
                    disabled parking bay in Dauncey Street.

                    That the writer be advised that due to lack of resources Council is
                    unable to provide an extra disabled car parking bay at the present

C:\Council Information\Webinfo to convert to pdf\Agenda 0407.doc
                    Council has sought further information on the provision of
                    disabled parking facilities in Kingscote’s main street, prior to
                    responding to a letter from the Women’s Health Advisory
                    Group’s enquiry for a parking space for disabled people outside
                    the PK’s Lighthouse.

                    I am not aware that there is any legislative requirement to provide
                    suitable parking facilities for disabled people on public roads.
                    However, there is a requirement to provide adequate parking
                    spaces for people with disabilities within private developments
                    and the minimum number required is dependent on the type of
                    facility, general is in the range of 1 to 4 percent of the total
                    parking spaces as recommended in AS2890.1.

                    The cost of converting the existing parking space outside the
                    PK’s Lighthouse in Dauncey Street into a disabled parking bay
                    would be in the vicinity of $3,000 which includes alterations to
                    the existing kerbing and footpath, and signage and line-marking

          16.4 REPORT TITLE:                                  EMU BAY DRAINAGE STUDY
               AUTHOR:                                        KEN LIU, TECHNICAL
                                                              SERVICES MANAGER
                    ATTACHMENTS:                              DRAFT DRAINAGE REPORT TO
                                                              BE TABLED & APPENDIX A & B

                    The drainage study was initiated to ensure that appropriate
                    stormwater drainage infrastructure will be incorporated with
                    future road upgrading within the township of Emu Bay. This
                    report is to provide Council with the outcomes of the drainage
                    investigations and the future directions on the stormwater
                    management within Emu Bay.

                    That the draft report on Emu Bay Township Drainage Strategy be
                    adopted in principle for implementation.

                    Emu Bay Township is set on a steep landscape and contains
                    minimal drainage infrastructure and predominantly unsealed
                    roadways. The township is developing reasonably quickly and
                    Council is upgrading its road infrastructure by providing sealed
                    and kerbed internal roadways, commencing with a portion of
                    Hawthorne Avenue.

C:\Council Information\Webinfo to convert to pdf\Agenda 0407.doc
                    By upgrading the road networks and hence formalising the
                    drainage, there is also a need to provide formal underground
                    drainage systems. For this reason, Council have engaged KBR to
                    assist the development of an overall stormwater drainage strategy
                    for Emu Bay township.

                    The scope of the drainage study involved identifying and
                    reviewing the contributing catchment areas, the existing
                    stormwater drainage infrastructure and the development of a new
                    stormwater drainage strategy. This strategy encompassed
                    preparation of an overall catchment plan nominating locations for
                    new stormwater drainage infrastructure.

                    The report summarises the findings of the investigation,
                    presenting first order analysis and providing drainage plans
                    depicting the proposed stormwater drainage strategy.

                    Catchment Areas
                    An analysis of the topography at Emu Bay and throughout the
                    surrounding rural land resulted in the identification of three
                    primary catchment areas, namely:
                    * Northern Bushland
                    * Southern Bushland
                    * Township Catchment

                    These areas are depicted more clearly in the attachment
                    “Appendix A” and are summarised in Table 1 below. An
                    investigation of the Kangaroo Island Council’s zoning plan in the
                    region identified that that a portion of the Bushland Area is
                    classified as Deferred Urban (see Appendix A for details). This
                    was taken to mean that it may be the subject of residential
                    development in the future. Of this area only one of the lots,
                    namely Lot 382, was seen as significantly contributing to the
                    flows to be conveyed in the underground stormwater system
                    being designed for the Township catchment. The rest of the
                    Deferred Urban development area was assumed to be supported
                    under an independent drainage strategy in the future.
                    Consequently, Lot 82 was considered a part of the Township
                    catchment and taken into account in the design of the
                    underground stormwater system.

C:\Council Information\Webinfo to convert to pdf\Agenda 0407.doc
                                 Table 1         Catchment area
                    Catchment                               Area   Area with Lot 382 Included in
                                                            (ha)    Township Catchment (ha)
                    Northern Bushland                       17.2              10.85
                    Southern Bushland                       28.2              28.2
                    Township Catchment                      15.5              21.8

                    Existing Stormwater Drainage Infrastructure
                    Despite the steep catchment and developing nature of the
                    township, Emu Bay’s existing stormwater drainage infrastructure
                    is minimal. There is only a single stormwater side entry pit in
                    place on a low point in Hamilton Drive just north of Buick Street.
                    Other than the local catchment to this pit it is assumed that
                    generally water is allowed to follow the natural surface profile
                    and discharge in an uncontrolled manner to the rocky shoreline.

                    The Northern Bushland catchment is particularly steep and
                    currently contributes to the township catchment due to minimal
                    cut off drainage points. There are currently numerous vacant
                    blocks adjacent this catchment which will need to be protected
                    when developed.

                    The Southern Bushland catchment currently drains via a natural
                    flow channel to a pipe crossing beneath Hawthorne Avenue south
                    of Buick Street. Downstream of this pipe crossing, the formal
                    creek dissipates, allowing stormwater to ‘sheet flow’ over two
                    vacant blocks down to Hamilton Drive.

                    Proposed drainage infrastructure and strategy
                    The Rational Method was used to determine the peak flow rate
                    for a design Average Recurrence Interval (ARI) of 5 years. An
                    iterative process was used to solve the kinematic wave equation
                    to determine the time of concentration and was then combined
                    with the Intensity Frequency Duration (IFD) data for Kingscote to
                    determine the design rainfall intensity.

                    The minimal stormwater drainage infrastructure that currently
                    exists is unable to convey flow in an acceptable manner. In order
                    to remedy this, a three tiered drainage strategy is proposed to
                    convey the flows from the three catchment areas.

C:\Council Information\Webinfo to convert to pdf\Agenda 0407.doc
                    Northern Bushland:
                    The flow derived for the Northern Bushland was calculated at
                    240 L/s. In order to ensure that the majority of the flow from the
                    Northern Bushland does not spill over into the Township
                    Catchment it is proposed that a temporary natural earth drainage
                    swale (V-shaped, 2600 mm wide and 650 mm deep) be
                    constructed. This swale would be placed at the boundary between
                    the two catchments and would divert flow away from the
                    Township Catchment in a northerly direction over the rock face,
                    see Appendix B.

                    Southern Bushland:
                    The method described for the Northern Bushland was used to
                    derive a flow of 370 L/s for the Southern Bushland. The
                    topography of the area forces the majority of this flow across
                    Hawthorn Avenue (south of Buick Street) where the natural flow
                    channel dissipates and allows ‘sheet flow’ to cross two vacant
                    allotments. This flow path is shown in Appendix B.

                    It is proposed that this drainage route be maintained as the low
                    point on Hawthorne Avenue will not physically allow drainage to
                    be achieved via the proposed formal pipe system at Buick Street.
                    It would be wise that Council should give consideration to either
                    purchase the associated land to create a drainage reserve with a
                    formal swale or negotiate an easement through one of the
                    properties to convey a piped drainage system.

                    Once the flow is allowed to reach Hamilton Drive it is proposed
                    that a field gully be used to capture the flow. This field gully,
                    1500mm x 1500mm, would divert flow into the underground
                    stormwater system proposed for the Township Catchment.

                    Township Catchment:
                    The township catchment is the subject of ongoing development,
                    the majority of which is residential housing. Consequently the
                    drainage strategy for this area centred on the development of a
                    formal urban stormwater drainage system.

                    At the concept design stage the catchment was split up into a
                    number of sub-areas, around which a system of stormwater pipes
                    and pits was based. Analysis was undertaken using the Rational
                    Method incorporating the IFD data for the Kingscote region.
                    Once a system was developed in which the pit and gutter
                    capacities were not exceeded the system was inputted into the
                    computer package Drains. This software, specifically intended for
                    Australian urban stormwater drainage systems, was used to
                    analyse and optimise the system, ensuring that all design criteria
                    were satisfied.

C:\Council Information\Webinfo to convert to pdf\Agenda 0407.doc
                    The proposed system is shown in Appendix B. This drawing
                    indicates that the overall stormwater drainage system is
                    comprised of four smaller sub-systems. Each of these systems
                    drains flow to an outlet on the perimeter of the catchment,
                    whereby flow is allowed to disperse freely over the nearby rock

          16.5 REPORT TITLE:                                 BUICK DRIVE DRAINAGE
                    AUTHOR:                                  KEN LIU, TECHNICAL
                                                             SERVICES MANAGER
                    ATTACHMENT:                              SW DRAINAGE LAYOUT &
                                                             HYDRAULIC GRADE LINE

                    To inform Council of the drainage issues in the lower area of
                    Buick Drive, American River.

                    That the information be received.

                    Council, in 2002 approved a land division on the high side of
                    Buick Drive, American River without a development condition to
                    require the Developer to manage the external stormwater disposal
                    problems created by the division.

                    Following extensive negotiations, it was fortunate that the
                    Developer was willing to construct at its own cost an outfall
                    drainage system to redirect some 85% of stormwater runoff from
                    the land division to the sea instead of discharging through the
                    existing culvert (a natural low point of the road) across Buick
                    Drive onto the land in the lower area. The residents in the lower
                    area of Buick Drive have since blamed the land development for
                    flooding of their properties and have repeatedly harassed the
                    Council staff. Clearly, Council has not done anything nor
                    approved works that would make the current flooding situation
                    worse than before as this area is subject to inundation. In fact, the
                    development has minimised the flooding problems (the attached
                    plans can easily substantiate this view).

C:\Council Information\Webinfo to convert to pdf\Agenda 0407.doc
                    The 450 mm diameter underground drain installed by the
                    developer on 0.41% grade has adequate capacity of removing of
                    the majority of stormwater runoff from the land division and the
                    catchment area above. Should this outfall drain be extended
                    further up Buick Drive to pick up water from the golf course and
                    the land above, the size of the drain diameter required will need
                    to be increased to 1200 mm (700% larger in cross-sectional area),
                    at an additional cost of some $200,000.

                    A suggestion has recently been made that this existing drain could
                    be easily extended by 80 metres to the culvert and that the
                    problem will be solved. Investigations have revealed that this
                    arrangement will only compound the current flooding problems,
                    as the Hydraulic Grade Line at the culvert inlet will be
                    approximately 400 mm above the invert level, which means that
                    when the system is running full the stormwater in the drain will
                    be back flowing via the culvert onto the other side of the Buick
                    Drive and will add to the problems (refer to attachments for

                    There are two (2) practical solutions to this problem:
                    1)    Duplicate the existing outfall drain with a 900 mm
                          diameter pipe ($250,000), or
                    2)    Construct a diversion drain and associated structures as
                          outlined in the American River Stormwater Reuse
                          proposal ($300,000).

          16.6 REPORT TITLE:                                 INDEPENDENCE POINT WALK
                                                             – BOXTHORN REMOVAL
                    AUTHOR:                                  DANIEL ROWLEY
                    AUTHOR’S TITLE:                          TECHNICAL SERVICES

                    To advise Council of assistance towards the removal of Boxthorns
                    along the yet to be completed Independence Walk, American

                    That the report be received.

                    At the June 2004 Council Meeting Ms Irene Halley asked if
                    Council would assist in the removal of boxthorns along the
                    Independence Point Walk, Irene is constructing.

C:\Council Information\Webinfo to convert to pdf\Agenda 0407.doc
                    Following this meeting discussions with the Kangaroo Island
                    Animal and Plant Control Board (KIAPCB) have occurred and
                    have been advised of the following:
                    1. The KIAPCB have received funding from Envirofund for
                        boxthorn management on Kangaroo Island
                    2. Council provides the KIAPCB with $5,000 toward the
                        boxthorn program
                    3. Some work has already been undertaken along the trail and
                        the KIAPCB will be undertaking follow up work in this area
                    4. New work will be undertaken in consultation with Ms Halley
                        in the 2004/05 financial year

                    Council has advised Ms Halley to contact Keith Hodder from the
                    KIAPCB to discuss the proposal and the assistance they can

                    Your Worship Mayor Pengilly and Councillors, I submit the
                    following Reports for the Ordinary Meeting of Council to be held
                    on Wednesday 7 July 2004.

                    Moved Cr                        Seconded Cr
                    That the Corporate & Community Services Reports be received.

          17.1 REPORT TITLE:                                 REGISTRATION FEES FOR
                                                             DOGS 2004/05
                    AUTHOR:                                  LOUISE EVES, FINANCE
                    ATTACHMENTS:                             FEE SCHEDULE

                    To establish the new dog registration fee schedule.

                    That the attached Dog Registration Fee Schedule 2004/05 be
                    accepted by Council.

                    The Dog and Cat Management Act 1995 (the Act) has recently
                    undergone changes, one of which is dog registration fee levels
                    and rebates. The aim of these changes is to provide an increased
                    emphasis on encouraging responsible dog ownership through the
                    provision of rewards and incentives, to encourage dog owners to
                    be responsible. The more responsible the dog owner, the greater
                    the reward.

C:\Council Information\Webinfo to convert to pdf\Agenda 0407.doc
                    Under the amended regulations, Councils now have the ability to
                    set their own registration fees within a recommended range
                    (excluding compulsory rebates). A consultation survey was
                    conducted across all SA Council’s to seek feedback on the
                    recommended feedback prior to putting forward those
                    recommendations to the Minister.

                    The Minister has set these ranges, and Councils have been
                    advised accordingly. These changes are to come in to affect from
                    the 2004/05 financial year.

                    The process for setting dog registration fees for the new financial
                    year has been finalised and are as follows:

                    *       Councils shall determine their registration fees.
                    *       Councils may determine their own level of rebates, but they
                            must include a reduced registration fee for desexed, micro
                            chipped and trained dogs as mandated by the Act. The Board
                            has determined that training shall include Good Canine
                            Good Citizen Programs, obedience, show ring, retrieval,
                            agility dogs and dogs used in the Pets as Therapy Program.
                    *       A series of rebates recommended by the Board have been
                            provided, which Councils choose to abide by those
                            recommendations, but they do not have to do so.
                    *       Forms are to be submitted to the Board by email (if
                            electronic signature) or by fax. The A/Executive Director of
                            the Board will certify the mandatory rebates (desexing,
                            microchip, and training) have been applied and will
                            recommend that the fees be approved.
                    *       The Board will not recommend any fee exceeding $45 be
                    *       The form will then be forwarded to the Department for
                            Environmental and Heritage for endorsement.
                    *       The Board will advise councils as soon as approval is given.

                    The Board recommends the following fee levels and rebates
                    which can be found in the table 1.

                    POLICY IMPLICATIONS

                    Income received for dog registration will increase by
                    approximately $16,500. This increase will assist with the cost of
                    upgrading the dog compound, ongoing maintenance and increases
                    in operating expenses such as wages in complying with the new
                    changes to the act.

C:\Council Information\Webinfo to convert to pdf\Agenda 0407.doc
                    The increase in dog registration is in line with the amendments to
                    the Dog and Cat Management Act (1995) and the amended

                    The amended Act has come about in order to meet the changing
                    needs of Council’s community. Councils require additional
                    resources to enforce provisions of the Act and fulfil expectations
                    as a result of the amended Act including animal management
                    plans and allowing for past and future CPI increases. These funds
                    must be made available through revenue generated by dog

                    The increase whilst initially by some of the community may not
                    be openly accepted, the overall benefits and the additional rebates
                    for micro-chipping and trained dogs will assist the council by
                    raising the necessary income to facilitate the needs of the
                    community as a whole in better dog management.

                    The Dog and Cat Management Board will be undertaking
                    advertising on radio and through the newspapers to highlight the
                    changes to dog registration and the Act.

                    An extension has been granted for the 2004/05 financial year
                    only. In effect this means an extended renewal period to the 30th
                    November 2004 (currently 31st August). This will allow Councils
                    additional time to amend their systems and notify residents
                    regarding the extended payment period and changes to fee
                    structures. The Minister supports this transitional period.

                    COMMUNITY CONSULTATION
                    The Dog and Cat Management Board will be notifying all SA
                    local communities on the changes and the affects of the Act.
                    Once the Council has made its resolution and agreed on the
                    recommended fees this will be forwarded to the appropriate
                    authority for signing off.

                    Upon notification from the relevant authority Council will need to
                    advertise in the local paper of the changes to registration fees and
                    inform them of the transitional extended period. It is also
                    suggested that a flyer be enclosed with the renewal notice.

                    After consultation with the General Inspectors, I offer the
                    proposed fees for Kangaroo Island Council, which is attached. It
                    was felt that Council should not apply the $40 as the maximum
                    fee, as recommended by the board, but that the minimum of the
                    range $35 is far more preferable for the island.

C:\Council Information\Webinfo to convert to pdf\Agenda 0407.doc
Board recommendations: TABLE 1

Maximum fee                              The Board recommends        $35.00
                                         a uniform fee which is
                                         within the range $35 to
Mandatory Rebates                        Desexed                     -40%
                                         Micro-chipped               -10%
                                         Trained Dogs                -10% (definition above)
Pensioner Rebate                         Board recommends it         -50% applies to a
                                         remains the same            maximum of two dogs.
                                                                     Pensioner Rebate is
                                                                     deducted after all other
                                                                     qualifying rebates have
                                                                     already been deducted

Working Dogs                             The board recommends        $8.75
                                         for those working dogs
                                         which are primarily kept
                                         and used for the
                                         purposes of droving or
                                         tending stock a rebate of
                                         75% of the set maximum
                                         fee with no additional
                                         rebates applying to this
                                         category of dog (i.e. if
                                         the maximum fee is $40
                                         - $10 will be the
                                         maximum fee per
                                         working dog.
Greyhounds                               Registered Greyhounds       $8.75
                                         (Same conditions for
                                         maximum rebate as
                                         listed for working dogs.)
Business Registrations                   Business registration       See fees above for
                                         fees be the same fee for    maximum and rebates
                                         the individual dog
                                         registrations but with
                                         discs being issued to the
                                         business (not the dog)
                                         and that the disc is
                                         transferable between

C:\Council Information\Webinfo to convert to pdf\Agenda 0407.doc
Guide, Hearing and                       The Act requires that      Automatically Accredited
Disability Dogs                          there is no fee charged    Lions Hearing Dogs
                                         for the registration of    Guide Dog Associated of
                                         guide, hearing and         SA and NT
                                         disability dogs            A person claiming that a
                                         accredited by the Board.   dog is a disability dog,
                                                                    must support that claim
                                                                    with two medical
                                                                    certificates, one of which
                                                                    is issued by a specialist
                                                                    and any other
                                                                    information required by
                                                                    the Board.
                                                                    A dog of a prescribed
                                                                    breed or a dog that has
                                                                    been declared dangerous
                                                                    will not be accredited by
                                                                    the Board as being a
                                                                    guide, hearing or
                                                                    disability dog.
Transfer of registration Fee should be no more                      Disc $2.00
and replacement discs    than $5.00 for either.
                                                                    Transfer $5.00
Late Registration Fees                   Act provides for a late    25%
                                         fee after the grace period
                                         has expired. Board
                                         recommends late fee is
                                         25% of the maximum
                                         fee in addition to the fee
                                         that would otherwise be
                                         due for registration.
Part year Registration                   The board recommends       See Max and rebates
                                         that pups that are old     above.
                                         enough to be registered
                                         in the second half of the
                                         financial year be liable
                                         for a fee of half that
                                         which would be applied
                                         for a full year

18.0                CHIEF EXECUTIVE REPORTS
                    Your Worship Mayor Pengilly and Councillors, I submit the
                    following reports for the Ordinary Meeting of Council to be held on
                    Wednesday 7 July 2004.

                    Moved Cr                         Seconded Cr
                    That the Acting Chief Executive Officer’s Report be received.

C:\Council Information\Webinfo to convert to pdf\Agenda 0407.doc
          18.1 REPORT TITLE:                                 DRAFT AGREEMENT BETWEEN
                                                             S A TOURISM, K I COUNCIL
                                                             AND TOURISM KANGAROO
                    AUTHOR:                                  M DILENA, ACEO

                    To endorse the agreement between SA Tourism, KI Council and
                    Tourism KI.

                    That the agreement between SA Tourism, KI Council and
                    Tourism Kangaroo Island be endorsed and that the contribution
                    rate be approved at $41750 per annum for the next 3 years.

                    On 15 June the Mayor and Chief Executive Officer met with Mr
                    Bill Spurr Chief Executive Officer and another senior officer of
                    SA Tourism Commission. The state of tourism on KI was
                    discussed in some detail as was the proposed Agreement. It was
                    suggested that the donation by KI Council should be increased by
                    CPI in 2004/2005 and remain at that figure for 2005/06 and
                    2006/07. Suggested $41750 (approximately 4.4%).

                    A copy of the draft agreement (same as previously) is available
                    for perusal.

          18.2      REPORT TITLE:                            KINGSCOTE HOSPITAL BEACH
                                                             PENGUIN LICENCES
                    AUTHOR:                                  M DILENA, ACEO

                    Renewal of penguin licences in the Kingscote Hospital beach
                    penguin area.

                    That the current licences for penguin tours in the Kingscote
                    Hospital beach area be extended until the 1st September 2004 and
                    the licence holders be advised accordingly.

C:\Council Information\Webinfo to convert to pdf\Agenda 0407.doc
                    Licences to operate commercial tours within the Kingscote
                    Hospital beach penguin area are due for application and/or
                    renewal on 1st July 2004. However because of the current
                    confusion as to the varying useage of the whole Kingscote Wharf
                    area it would appear sensible to extend the current licences for a
                    period of two months pending the forthcoming meeting of KI
                    Ports Management Committee which is to be held in Kingscote
                    on 13th July 2004.

          18.3      REPORT TITLE:                            KI COMMUNITY PASSENGER
                    AUTHOR:                                  M DILENA, ACEO
                    ATTACHMENT:                              REPORT

                    Transport service for Kangaroo Island community.

                    That a delegation to the relevant State Government Minister be
                    arranged in order to inform him/her of this deplorable situation
                    and to ensure that Kangaroo Island obtains the community
                    transport service that it deserves.

                    The CEO advises that, following a detailed discussion with Mrs
                    Toni Duka (Chair, KI Community Passenger Network
                    Committee) and Mr Rafferty Fynn (Community Passenger
                    Network Coordinator) he has requested a report detailing the
                    problems and lack of progress in achieving a suitable community
                    passenger network for Kangaroo Island – see report attached.

                    Mr Fynn’s report is, to say the least, alarming. There has
                    apparently been no progress towards the targeted goal of
                    obtaining any community passenger network on Kangaroo Island
                    and according to Mr Fynn and the Committee believes there
                    appears little likelihood of this occurring. Approaches to the State
                    Government should be made to ascertain its intention as soon as

          18.4 REPORT TITLE:                                 KI YOUNG ACHIEVER AWARD
               AUTHOR:                                       M DILENA, ACEO
               ATTACHMENT:                                   SUBMISSIONS PROVIDED

C:\Council Information\Webinfo to convert to pdf\Agenda 0407.doc
                    To select the KI Young Achiever for 2004.

                    That                be selected as KI Young Achiever and
                    presented with an award on Settlement Day, 27th July 2004.

                    To date we have received two applications.

          18.5      REPORT TITLE:                            RISK MANAGEMENT POLICY
                    AUTHOR:                                  M DILENA, ACEO

                    To adopt a Risk Management Policy.

                    That Council adopt the Risk Management Policy as provided and
                    include it within its Policy Manual.

                    This issue was raised and the last Council meeting and therefore
                    it’s appropriate to adopt a Risk Management Policy.

                    The proposed Risk Management Policy is attached on blue pages.

          18.6      REPORT TITLE:                            ENVIRONMENT PROTECTION
                                                             AUTHORITY PROSECUTION
                    AUTHOR:                                  M DILENA, ACEO

                    Providing an update on the prosecution by the Environment
                    Protection Authority.

                    That the report be received for information.

                    The Chief Executive Officer advises that following negotiations
                    between our lawyers and those of the Environment Protection
                    Authority the number of charges have been dropped to 7. Legal
                    advice was to accept the offer and plead guilty to the 7 charges. It
                    is believed the complainant (EPA) will be prepared to concede
                    that full credit should be given for the plea.

C:\Council Information\Webinfo to convert to pdf\Agenda 0407.doc
                    The CEO has instructed our lawyers to accept the offer and to
                    plead guilty to the 7 charges.

                    Advice has been received that the hearing will be in Adelaide on
                    3 August at 10.30am and will probably last for a half day.

          18.7      REPORT TITLE:                            CODE OF CONDUCT FOR
                                                             ELECTED MEMBERS – LEGAL
                    AUTHOR:                                  M DILENA, ACEO

                    Progress of adoption of Code of Conduct for Elected Members.

                    That the report be received for information.

                    Legal advice has been received in relation to Clause 5 of the
                    proposed Code of Conduct for Elected Members document. These
                    changes will be incorporated into the draft Code of Conduct
                    document and presented to the August Council meeting.

                    Moved Cr                              Seconded Cr
                    That the correspondence be received and that the items listed by
                    Councillors for special consideration be individually dealt with
                    and that in all other matters the listed recommendations be

          19.1      CORESPONDENT:                            KI NATURAL RESOURCES
                                                             BOARD - STEDS DISCHARGE
                    AUTHOR:                                  LAURENCE EVES, ESM
                    ATTACHMENTS:                             1/704 CORRESPONDENCE

                    This report serves to provide Council with an update of concerns
                    raised by KINRB with the EPA as regards Council’s effluent
                    disposal ponds.

                    That this report be received and noted and that Council consider
                    the possibility of holding a forum or similar with a view to
                    deriving a long term program for the Kingscote STEDS system

C:\Council Information\Webinfo to convert to pdf\Agenda 0407.doc
                    The Kangaroo Island Natural Resources Board (KINRB) has for
                    some time raised concern with the location of Council’s effluent
                    detention ponds. Concern has been centred around the potential
                    for the ponds to leach into the Cygnet River system and thereby
                    find its way into Nepean Bay. Similarly, concern has been raised
                    regarding the winter discharge of the ponds onto the adjacent
                    samphire swamp flats where KINRB has stated nutrient loads
                    reach the Cygnet River and promote algae growth that ultimately
                    reduces the photosynthetic capabilities of the reed grass within
                    Nepean Bay.

                    This matter has been the subject of much discussion and the cause
                    and effect deliberated for several years. Council has made
                    decisions to reduce water levels in the lagoons to a level that will
                    halt any discharge to the samphire swamp and in line with that
                    decision the Racecourse/crop irrigation scheme was implemented
                    this year.

                    The outcome of the implementation of that scheme is the
                    expectation that discharges will be halted which is in line with
                    expectations of KINRB. The difficulty experienced this season
                    was the delays involved in having the system put in place that
                    would have permitted enough lead time to irrigate and reduce the
                    pond levels to a manageable volume that would have guaranteed
                    no discharge this winter.

                    As a point of importance it would seem necessary to accurately
                    record for members what the EPA have said to Council:
                    “In the event that rain in the 2004 winter period results in a rise
                    in the lagoon level which potentially could lead to an overflow,
                    you are requested to notify this office prior to any discharge to
                    the samphire swamp.
                    As a result of your effort in improving the STEDS scheme, no
                    action will be taken for this winter season in relation to
                    discharge from the lagoon to the samphire swamp.”

                    The important distinction to make is that no one including the
                    EPA is satisfied with the potential to discharge this year but
                    rather, the EPA will give an undertaking that no legal action will
                    be undertaken this year given Council’s efforts to improve the

C:\Council Information\Webinfo to convert to pdf\Agenda 0407.doc
                    The efforts of KINRB and other similar bodies is recognized for
                    their efforts at improving the environment and it is also important
                    that all bodies work to a common end. Council’s STEDS
                    committee met at 4.00 pm on Monday 29th March 2004 at which
                    time the committee was advised that a letter should be sent to the
                    EPA to request an interim approval to discharge this year if
                    necessary. That letter was sent on 30th March 2004 to Mr Ray
                    Ledger of the EPA.

                    On 2nd June 2004 Mr Ledger attended on the Island and met with
                    Council’s officers and advised that he was happy with the
                    upgrade to the STEDS system and would consider refraining from
                    prosecuting should a discharge condition become necessary.
                    Given that the upgrade was the result of an order on Council from
                    the EPA it would not have seemed unusual that the subject
                    meeting was held between Council and the EPA.

                    The outcomes from the foregoing has been to ensure that Council
                    avoids if possible any potential for a waste of resources in the
                    litigation process. There has been no intention to exclude anyone
                    nor has there been any desire to withhold any information.

                    In the matter of the lagoons I have made it clear that time was of
                    the essence in avoiding a discharge situation this year. Delays in
                    the supply of the irrigation pump were largely the problem with
                    the irrigation installation and a good effort was made to drop
                    pond levels.

                    The location of the effluent ponds is obviously not the best site
                    however, there is the cost of relocation to consider should
                    Council wish to change that position. There is significant
                    criticism that goes with the role of how to achieve the best
                    balance between environmental issues and Council’s budget.

                    It would seem to be time Council as a body decided on a program
                    for where it intended to go with its STEDS system and over what
                    time frame that might be. Much of the criticism from the
                    community in terms of Council’s management of this asset is
                    based around the fact that there is no long term management
                    program for the system. This lack of a program does not permit
                    transparency for the public nor does it offer a plan they can hold
                    to and work with.

                    I would suggest that this matter might need to be the subject of a
                    forum or the like where it can be moulded into a long term view
                    for Council and the community and it would be at this time that
                    bodies like KINRB could have input into the decision making

C:\Council Information\Webinfo to convert to pdf\Agenda 0407.doc
          19.2 CORRSPENDENT:                                 TRANSPORT SA – BULLOCK
                                                             TRACK/SEAVIEW ROAD
                                                             REDUCE SPEED LIMIT
                    AUTHOR:                                  KEN LIU, TSM
                    FILE NUMBER:                             022
                    ATTACHMENTS:                             2/704 CORRESPONDENCE

                    To inform Council of approval for the erection of 50kph speed
                    limit signs on Bullock Track and Seaview Road, Kingscote.

                    That the Technical Services Manager be authorised to effect the
                    placement of speed limit signs on Bullock Track as approved by
                    Transport SA.

                    Following sealing of Seaview Road in early 2004, it was
                    considered necessary to properly sign the township speed limit to
                    control vehicle speeds and a Traffic Impact Statement was
                    subsequently prepared and forwarded to Transport SA for

                    The letter is self explanatory.

          19.3 CORESPONDENT:                                 AMERICAN RIVER
                                                             COMMUNITY & SPORTS
                                                             ASSOCIATION – OVAL
                                                             ENTRANCE UPGRADE
                    AUTHOR:                                  DANIEL ROWLEY, TECHNICAL
                                                             SERVICES COORDINATOR
                    FILE NUMBER:                             022
                    ATTACHMENTS:                             3/704 CORRESPONDENCE

                    To provide Council with options on how they can assist the
                    American River Community and Sports Association to upgrade
                    the vehicle access points to “The Shed”.

                    A Council decision is required.

                    The letter is self-explanatory.

C:\Council Information\Webinfo to convert to pdf\Agenda 0407.doc
                    The approximate cost for upgrading the area, using the plant rates
                    distributed as part of the 24 June 2004 budget meeting and
                    without the 44% overhead, 10% administration charge and 10%
                    Rate of Return, are as follows-
                    * Front Road and Car Park- $4,500
                    * Rear road and Car Park-             $9,000

                    In discussion with a representative of “The Shed” the priority is
                    the “rear” road and car park.

                    Some possible resolutions that Council could make include-
                    1. Due to budget constraints Council cannot assist however
                       Council is prepared to undertake the works “at cost”, ie
                       without overheads etc, for the American River Community
                       and Sports Association;
                    2. Council is prepared to undertake the work on a 50/50 share
                       basis; and
                    3. Council undertakes the work without a budget allocation.

          19.4 CORESPONDENT:                                 OMBUDSMAN – RATING OF
                                                             UNOCCUPIED LAND
                    AUTHOR:                                  M DILENA, ACEO
                    FILE NUMBER:                             123
                    ATTACHMENTS:                             4/704 CORRESPONDENCE

                    A letter has been received from the Ombudsman advising that
                    since Council has satisfactorily found a personal remedy for Mr
                    Bramford and has agreed to review its rating policy and to redress
                    the anomalies identified, he has discontinued his investigation.

                    That Council receive the correspondence for information.

                    The Ombudsman further advises “I do wish to acknowledge
                    Council’s willingness to consider my recommendations and
                    persist with Mr Bramford and this office to resolve the matter on
                    such a positive basis.”

          19.5 CORESPONDENT:                                 SOLDIER SETTLER MUSEUM
                                                             COMMITTEE – COMMUNITY
                                                             PARTNERSHIP GRANT FUNDS
                    AUTHOR:                                  M DILENA, ACEO
                    FILE NUMBER:                             003
                    ATTACHMENTS:                             5/704 CORRESPONDENCE

C:\Council Information\Webinfo to convert to pdf\Agenda 0407.doc
                    Soldier Settler Museum Committee seeking funds from the
                    Community Partnership Grants Programme for tea and coffee

                    That Council advises the Parndana Soldier Settler Museum
                    Committee that it will grant $100 towards the improvements from
                    the Community Partnership Grants Programme.

                    The Committee seeks a grant from the Community Partnership
                    Grant Scheme for a fresh water container, additional cups and
                    saucers, teaspoons, serving plates and two serving trays; total cost

          19.6      CORESPONDENT:                             LGFA – AGM 8 OCTOBER 2004
                    AUTHOR:                                  M DILENA, ACEO
                    FILE NUMBER:                             042
                    ATTACHMENTS:                             6/704 CORRESPONDENCE

                    Advising the Annual General Meeting and seeking Council’s

                    RECOMMENDATION 1
                    That               be appointed Council’s representative for the
                    forthcoming Local Government Finance Authority Annual
                    General Meeting.

                    RECOMMENDATION 2
                    That Council nominates                 to the Board of the
                    Local Government Finance Authority/That Council advise it does
                    not wish to nominate a member to the Board of the Local
                    Government Finance Authority.

                    The Annual General Meeting of the Local Government Finance
                    Authority will be held on Friday 8 October 2004 at the
                    Convention Center in Adelaide.

                    Council needs to appoint a Council representative for the meeting
                    and may nominate a Member for the Board if it so desires.

C:\Council Information\Webinfo to convert to pdf\Agenda 0407.doc
          19.7 CORRESPONDENT:                                ARPA BOATING FACILITIES
                                                             COMMITTEE – BOATING
                                                             FACILITIES UPGRADE
                    FILE NUMBER:                             013
                    ATTACHMENT:                              7/704 CORRESPONDENCE

                    Submission for the improvement and expansion of recreational
                    boating facilities in American River.

                    That the American River Progress Association Boating Facilities
                    Committee be advised that their submission has been referred for
                    discussion at the next Strategic Planning meeting and further the
                    matter will be discussed at the next KI Ports Management
                    Committee Meeting.

                    The American River Progress Association Boating Facilities
                    Committee has submitted a detailed Action Plan for

                    The Chief Executive Officer advises that because of the large cost
                    of Stage 1 and 2 this concept should be referred to a Strategic
                    Future Planning meeting of Council.

          19.8 CORRESPONDENT:                                ANGLICAN PARISH OF KI –
                                                             STEDS CHARGE ASSISTANCE
                    FILE NUMBER:                             125
                    ATTACHMENT:                              8/704 CORRESPONDENCE

                    Seeking assistance with the STEDS fees.

                    That Council advise the Anglican Parish of KI that they
                    unfortunately must refuse the application for exemption of
                    STEDS charges for both properties.

                    The Anglican Parish of Kangaroo Island request relief from
                    STEDS fees for the St Albans church site and St Richards church
                    site at Parndana.

C:\Council Information\Webinfo to convert to pdf\Agenda 0407.doc
                    Religious groups are exempt from payment of rates but not
                    service charges.
                    STEDS is a service charge for the cost of running the scheme. It
                    is a user pays scheme such that the costs are split between the
                    participants. It is a non-profit scheme administered by Council. If
                    one or more participants do not contribute it places an extra
                    charge onto the remaining participants.

                    Moved Cr                          Seconded Cr
                    That the following items of correspondence be received for

          20.1      CORRESPONDENT:                            ADVANCE KINGSCOTE
                    FILE NUMBER:                             078
                    ATTACHMENT:                              9/704 CORRESPONDENCE

                    Concerned for the unprotected penguin colony in the vicinity of
                    the Kingscote wharf. They support the fencing of the colony.

          20.2 CORRESPONDENT:                                LGA - WENDY CAMPANA -
                                                             EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR
                    FILE NUMBER:                             057
                    ATTACHMENT:                              10/704 CORRESPONDENCE

                    Information on the arrangements for setting Council Member
                    allowances and Mayoral allowances.

          20.3 CORRESPONDENT:                                SOUTH AUSTRALIAN FARMERS
                                                             FEDERATION (SAFF)
                    FILE NUMBER:                             151
                    ATTACHMENT:                              11/704 CORRESPONDENCE

                    To offer the Kangaroo Island Council the opportunity to join
                    forces with SAFF to deliver cheaper power to businesses on the

C:\Council Information\Webinfo to convert to pdf\Agenda 0407.doc
          20.4      CORRESPONDENT:                           KI DEVELOPMENT BOARD -
                                                             COPY OF LETTER TO LEWIS
                    FILE NUMBER:                             151
                    ATTACHMENT:                              12/704 CORRESPONDENCE

                    KI Development Board’s comments to ESCOSA for the KI
                    Electricity Reliability Service Standards: Draft Determination.

          20.5 CORRESPONDENT:                                THE HON TRISH WHITE -
                                                             MINISTER FOR TRANSPORT,
                                                             URBAN DEVELOPMENT &
                                                             PLANNING, AND SCIENCE &
                                                             INFORMATION ECONOMY
                    FILE NUMBER:                             022
                    ATTACHMENT:                              13/704 CORRESPONDENCE

                    To advise that the specific tourist road funding program was
                    discontinued in 2002/2003. The letter also discusses Kangaroo
                    Island port charges.

          20.6      CORRESPONDENT:                            LGA - WENDY CAMPANA
                                                             EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR
                    FILE NUMBER:                             057
                    ATTACHMENT:                              14/704 CORRESPONDENCE

                    To inform Council of a Council Members’ Self Assessment Tool
                    that LGA have developed.

          20.7 CORRESPONDENT:                                THE HON MICHAEL WRIGHT -
                                                             MINISTER FOR
                                                             ADMINISTRATIVE SERVICES,
                                                             INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS,
                                                             RECREATION, SPORT &
                                                             RACING, AND GAMBLING
                    FILE NUMBER:                             042
                    ATTACHMENT:                              15/704 CORRESPONDENCE

                    To advises that more information will be needed to consider the
                    proposed co-locating of government departments and Council

C:\Council Information\Webinfo to convert to pdf\Agenda 0407.doc
          20.8 CORRESPONDENT:                                HON RORY MCEWEN - MINISTER
                                                             FOR AGRICULTURE, FOOD &
                                                             FISHERIES, STATE/LOCAL
                                                             GOVERNMENT RELATIONS, AND
                    FILE NUMBER:                             042
                    ATTACHMENT:                              16/704 CORRESPONDENCE

                    To notify Council that our letter regarding a legislation to
                    supplement Council income is receiving consideration.

          20.9      CORRESPONDENT:                            PRIVATE FORESTRY - KI
                    FILE NUMBER:                             068
                    ATTACHMENT:                              17/704 CORRESPONDENCE

                    Dr Leon Bren has been commissioned to undertake a hydrological
                    stuffy of the Middle River catchment. This is due for completion
                    July 2004.

          20.10 CORRESPONDENT:                                SACHA - CON HADJICOSTANTIS
                FILE NUMBER:                                 139
                ATTACHMENT:                                  18/704 CORRESPONDENCE

                    Looking forward to joint venture with Council to provide housing
                    for aged persons on low incomes.

          20.11 CORRESPONDENT:                               S&HLGA – BUSINESS PLAN &
                                                             2004/05 BUDGET
                    FILE NUMBER:                             095
                    ATTACHMENT:                              19/704 CORRESPONDENCE

                    Providing a copy of the draft Business Plan and 2004/05 Budget
                    for the S&HLGA.

          20.12 CORRESPONDENT:                               S&HLGA – 18th JUNE MEETING
                    FILE NUMBER:                             095
                    ATTACHMENT:                              20/704 CORRESPONDENCE

C:\Council Information\Webinfo to convert to pdf\Agenda 0407.doc
                    Providing a key summary of outcomes for the 18th June 2004
                    S&H LGA Executive Committee meeting.

          20.13 CORRESPONDENT:                               LGA – AUSLINK
                    FILE NUMBER:                             069
                    ATTACHMENT:                              21/704 CORRESPONDENCE

                    Providing details of the Auslink White Paper and the impact on
                    Local Government.

          20.14 CORRESPONDENT:                               NATIONAL LOCAL
                                                             GOVERNMENT CUSTOMER
                                                             SERVICE NETWORK – LG
                                                             SERVICE QUALITY FRAMEWORK
                    FILE NUMBER:                             042
                    ATTACHMENT:                              22/704 CORRESPONDENCE

                    Providing a copy of the recently launched “Local Government
                    Service Quality Framework – Roadway to the Future”. (Copy
                    available at the meeting for perusal)

21.0                NOTICES OF MOTIONS

22.0                OTHER BUSINESS

23.0                IN-CAMERA BUSINESS
                           pm Moved Cr                         Seconded Cr
                    That under the provisions of Section 90(2) of the Local Government
                    Act 1999 an order be made that the public and all Officers of the
                    Council with the exception of the Acting Chief Executive Officer be
                    excluded from attendance at the meeting in order to consider in
                    confidence staffing matters and further the Council is satisfied that
                    on the basis of the provisions of Section 90(3)(a), the principle that
                    meetings of the Council should be conducted in a place open to the
                    public has been outweighed by the need to keep the information or
                    discussion confidential.

24.0                CLOSURE BY MAYOR

C:\Council Information\Webinfo to convert to pdf\Agenda 0407.doc

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