; Executive Specialty Sales Representative in Buffalo NY Resume Rachel Swanson
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Executive Specialty Sales Representative in Buffalo NY Resume Rachel Swanson


Rachel Swanson is a successful pharmaceutical sales and marketing professional with a proven track of exceeding quotas and winning numerous awards.

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									                                     RACHEL SWANSON
                                                                               P: 814-835-2225
Erie, Pennsylvania 16505            swansonrachelr@gmail.com                   C: 814-449-2157

                                  SALES PROFESSIONAL
Successful pharmaceutical sales and marketing professional with a proven track of exceeding
quotas and winning numerous awards. Optimized performance with effective communication,
multi-tasking skills, team building, and management of reporting and business development.
Executed management responsibilities for multiple oral, injectable and assay pharmaceutical
products in territory, including launch of two blockbuster drugs. Total product portfolio for
disease states included Cardiovascular, Critical Care, Pulmonology, Oncology, Neurology,
Surgery, Pain Management, Diabetes and Peripheral Disease.

                                   CAREER EXPERIENCE

Executive Medical-Specialty Sales Associate, 1997-2012
Managed business in 3 Teaching, 2 Veteran, and 12 Community hospitals, Regional Cancer
Clinics, Home Health agencies and surrounding physician offices for Lovenox, Plavix and
Multaq in North Western Pennsylvania, South Western New York, and North Eastern Ohio.
Developed strategic business and project sales plans for complex situations, negotiated hospital
contracts and secured exclusive formulary status for 12 years, implemented order sets, protocols
and pathways, coordinated speaker development, and provided clinician and patient education.
Participated as a member of National Marketing Brand Advisory Committees and Regional
Councils to develop strategic marketing and business plan initiatives.

 2010 - Engagement Award Winner for sales, and team leadership.
•    Implement sales strategies for Oncology, met with national Advertising Agency, presented
     on regional teleconferences and provide support at divisional team meetings.
• Represented Sanofi-Aventis on the National Plavix Proof Council as a joint venture with
     Bristol-Myers Squibb.
 2009 - National Sales Award Winner for consistently exceeding Lovenox and Plavix sales goals,
     portfolio attainment ranking 3 out of 73.
 2008 - Impact Award Winner for 1st Quarter finishing 1out of 5 in the district.
•    Assisted two district sales managers as a Boot Camp Trainer for new hires.
 2007 - International Sales Award Winner - ranked in top 1% for exclusive product protocols in
     numerous hospitals resulting in 20% sales increase and 36% increase in market growth.
•    Accepted 2-year nomination as a National Lovenox Brand Advisory Council member to
     gather field inquires, and use marketing skills to assist in development of promotional sales
     materials and programs

2005 - Promoted to Executive Medical Specialty Sales Associate.
2004 - Aventis Ring Award Winner - 2002, 2007, and 2009 for goal attainment over 103%.
2003 - Hospital Associate 3rd Quarter Award - double digit sales growth in 4 out of 5 hospitals.
1999 - Awarded Division Associate of the Year for grouping and management of 2 territories,
       and greatest number of speaker events.

                             RELATED WORK EXPERIENCE

Senior Sales Representative
Optimized sales and executed management responsibilities for 15 Hospitals, Nursing Homes and
surrounding physician offices. Successfully launched 4 products (Troponin, Coreg, Retavase,
and Demadex).
• Rewarded Principle Quest Award for exceeding annual Demadex goal - 118%
•    Awarded District Leader in Cardiac Troponin Bedside Assay-National Rank 21
• Excepted leadership position as Divisional Field Trainer to initiate training programs for the
     new hires and developed team-building programs. Planned agendas and facilitated product
     launch and quarterly meetings. Trained 4 new field representatives in 4 months.
•   Represented Boehringer Mannheim at Roche Pharmaceutical product launch.
• Awarded National Trip Winner - ranked #1 in NE Region for Anexsia sales.


University of Evansville, IN
Bachelor of Science-Interpersonal Communications
Masters-Marketing Management/Communications

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