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									G R E AT E R B O S T O N L E G A L S E R V I C E S   |   2008 ANNUAL REPORT
                                                                                       Credit: Kevin Decker
            The Ma family were able to stay in their home after GBLS intervened with
            the bank, that had begun unlawful eviction proceedings against them.

Dear Friends,
Greater Boston Legal Services has been dealing with a severe financial crisis since July 2008. Our
annual funding from the Massachusetts Legal Assistance Corporation (MLAC) was cut because of
the sharp decline in Interest on Lawyers’ Trust Accounts (IOLTA), MLAC’s principal source of
revenue. Over the course of a few months, GBLS’ MLAC funding was cut by $2 million.

We immediately began cost-cutting measures. We reduced non-personnel expenses, adopted health
insurance changes, froze most hiring and offered voluntary layoffs. Our staff agreed to forego
badly-needed raises. We elected to participate in the Commonwealth’s WorkSharing Program, by
which we reduced the salaries and work schedules of our employees by 10% for a period of six
months. Producing this very basic 2008 Annual Report in-house is another cost-cutting measure.

The economic downturn hurts those who are poor and forces more people into poverty. More
people than ever need our services to obtain basic human needs. The Legal Advocacy and Resource
Center (LARC), which does our screening, has 25 to 30 callers already in the telephone queue when
it opens each morning and is seeing increasing numbers of clients walking in because they cannot
get through on the telephone. We are trying to help homeowners facing foreclosure, tenants in no-
fault evictions because their building has been foreclosed, and workers laid off then wrongfully
denied unemployment benefits. Domestic violence appears to be increasing.

The news isn’t all bad. Despite the downturn, Boston’s legal community rose to the challenge and
raised $2.8 million for GBLS in 2008. In addition, we began an emergency fundraising campaign
which so far has brought in more than $500,000. As we write this letter, we are hopeful that we will
receive some federal stimulus funding and that the state will not cut the MLAC appropriation.

Our staff has continued its extraordinary work. We’re proud to report some of the staff’s
noteworthy 2008 achievements that you’ll read about on pages 4 and 5.

We are grateful to everyone who has invested in GBLS. We ask that you continue to support us so
we may continue helping the neediest in our communities improve their lives, and minimize the loss
of services and staff in these very hard times.

Julia Huston, President of the Board                       Bob Sable, Executive Director

        197 Friend Street, Boston, MA 02114   Tel: 617.371.1234   Fax: 617.371.1222   tdd: 617.371.1228
                              2008 Major Achievements

•   BHA v. Bridgewaters/Rights for tenants with disabilities: Housing Unit attorneys Ann
    Jochnick, Mac McCreight, and Dick Bauer won a significant Massachusetts Supreme Judicial
    Court case on behalf of tenants with mental disabilities. The SJC determined that a federally-
    assisted public housing authority’s obligation to consider reasonable accommodations of a
    disabled tenant “is not optional”, even when the tenant is perceived to pose a threat to others. A
    housing authority must consider whether a requested accommodation will sufficiently mitigate
    any alleged risk, before proceeding with an eviction. BHA v. Bridgewaters establishes
    important rights for tenants with disabilities and will probably have national impact, because it
    is based on federal law.

•   Guardianship reform: As a result of years of advocacy, vulnerable elders have significantly
    increased protections against unwarranted guardianships. GBLS Elder Law Unit Managing
    Attorney Wynn Gerhard and attorneys Betsey Crimmins and Alex Munevar, along with other
    elder advocates, successfully lobbied for the passage of the Massachusetts Uniform Probate
    Code (MUPC) bill. In January 2009 Governor Deval Patrick signed the bill. The MUPC
    provides extensive, long-needed changes to the laws on guardianship and conservatorship and
    other areas of probate law. It will give strong due process protections to the elderly and
    disabled including a right to counsel.

•   MassHealth Equality Bill: Nearly four years after GBLS staff and fellow advocates started
    working to bring the MassHealth Equality bill to the attention of the Massachusetts Legislature,
    Governor Deval Patrick signed the bill into law in July 2008. Elder Law Unit attorney Betsy
    Crimmins and GBLS Cambridge and Somerville office attorney Deborah Filler represented the
    Public Policy Committee of the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) Aging Project,
    joining efforts with other elder advocates, to get this legislation passed.

    The new law will ensure that same-sex married couples are eligible for spousal benefits under
    MassHealth, the state/federal Medicaid program. It will significantly impact couples who are
    facing nursing home care as they will be eligible for benefits and protections that allow the
    “community spouse” to retain the family home and enough assets to live independently, without
    jeopardizing the other spouse's eligibility for Medicaid coverage of nursing home care.

•   Unemployment Insurance notices translated: In September 2008 Employment Unit attorneys
    Brian Flynn and Sherley Cruz secured a preliminary injunction motion that required the
    Division of Unemployment Assistance (DUA) to translate into 9 languages all notices DUA
    sends out to alert people about federal extended unemployment insurance benefits. This victory
    is part of the attorneys’ pending case to compel DUA to translate all notices into 9 languages.

    2008 ANNUAL REPORT                            4
•   Unpaid Overtime and Wages Class Action Lawsuit Settlement: In November 2008, Michael
    Bianco, Inc., agreed to pay $850,000 in unpaid overtime and other wages to settle a federal class
    action lawsuit brought by GBLS Employment Law attorneys Audrey Richardson and Ingrid
    Nava, South Coastal Counties Legal Services, and attorney Philip Gordon of the Gordon Law
    Group. This former New Bedford factory manufactured military gear for the U.S. Department
    of Defense and was the target of a March 2007 federal immigration raid that was broadly
    criticized for its inhumane treatment of the workers and their families. The case was filed after
    interviews with detained workers and others exposed a range of labor violations in the factory.
    The lawsuit included allegations that Michael Bianco systematically and intentionally violated
    the laws requiring time-and-a-half for overtime work and made illegal deductions from workers’

                                                                                           Credit: Linda Lank

                        For this victim of domestic violence, GBLS attorneys secured
                     wrongfully-denied unemployment benefits, food stamps, and a green
                      card. GBLS also was successful in upgrading her Medicaid from
                               basic to standard due to the abuse she suffered.

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Case Types:

                                                     Consumer: 3%
                                                     Education: less than 1%
                                                     Employment: 12%
                                                     Family: 16%
                                                     Juvenile: less than 1%
                                                     Health: 16%
                                                     Housing: 24%
                                                     Income Maintenance: 11%
                                                     Immigration: 14%
                                                     Miscellaneous: 4%

Age:                                  Gender:

                     0-17: 2%
                                                                         Male: 28%

                     18-59: 75%
                                                                         Female: 72%
                     60+: 23%


                                        African/American: 24%

                                        Asian/Pacific Islander: 11%

                                        Hispanic: 28%

                                        Other: 12%

                                        White: 25%

2008 ANNUAL REPORT                6
INCOME                                                        2008                 2007

Massachusetts Legal Assistance Corporation                7,140,387          7,080,518
Law Firms & Attorneys                                     3,020,349          2,823,780
Cy Pres Awards                                               30,182          1,965,460
Foundations/Corporations                                  1,565,902          1,127,232
Other Government Grants                                     836,810            739,115
Individual Contributions                                    553,656            565,984
United Way                                                  546,969            651,559
Elder Services                                              474,856            464,193
Investment Income                                           331,717            350,246
Miscellaneous                                               151,744            325,003
Law School Support                                          236,800            233,300
Attorney Fees                                               311,925              4,868
TOTAL INCOME BEFORE DONATED SERVICES                    15,201,297        16,331,258
DONATED SERVICES                                         3,849,725         2,492,012
TOTAL INCOME                                            19,051,022        18,823,270

EXPENSES                                                      2008                 2007

     Lawyers                                              5,599,688          4,876,056
     Non-Lawyers                                          3,706,627          3,354,892
     Fringe Benefits                                      2,823,486          2,357,974
SUBTOTAL                                                12,129,801        10,588,922

    Space & Utilities                                       418,204            435,206
    Office & Related                                        417,757            424,835
    Contract Services                                       892,326            755,124
    Library                                                 166,758            161,231
    Client Litigation Expenses                              169,217            116,836
    Travel & Training                                       146,702            141,818
    Miscellaneous                                           238,653            231,671
    Transfer To Capital Or Endowment                         53,282          2,248,874 *
SUBTOTAL                                                 2,502,899          4,515,595

TOTAL EXPENSES BEFORE DONATED SERVICES                  14,632,700        15,104,517
DONATED SERVICES                                         3,849,725         2,492,012
TOTAL EXPENSES                                          18,482,425        17,596,529

OPERATING SURPLUS                                          568,597          1,226,741
CUMULATIVE OPERATING NET ASSETS                          6,083,378          5,514,781

* 2007—$1.5 million invested to endow an attorney position & $650,000 for office

LAW FIRM FELLOWSHIPS                               Foley Hoag LLP

In addition to their 2008 Lawyers Fund Drive       President's League
contribution, the following firms provided         ($350-$499 per Boston attorney)
funding to support the salaries of GBLS            Allen & Hollander, LLP
attorneys.                                         Day Pitney LLP
                                                   Klein Hornig LLP
Goodwin Procter                                    Mintz Levin
Ropes & Gray                                       Sullivan & Worcester LLP
WilmerHale                                         Supporter League
                                                   ($200-$349 per Boston attorney)
LAWYERS FUND DRIVE                                 Altman Riley Esher LLP
                                                   Davis, Malm & D’Agostine, P.C.
Leadership League                                  Finnegan, Henderson, Farabow, Garrett &
($700 or more per Boston attorney)                     Dunner, LLP
Bromberg & Sunstein LLP                            Fish & Richardson, P.C.
Choate, Hall & Stewart                             Gargiulo/Rudnick, LLP
Davids & Cohen, P.C.                               Janet E. Bostwick, P.C.
Dwyer & Collora, LLP                               K&L Gates LLP
Edwards Angell Palmer & Dodge LLP                  McDermott, Will & Emery
Goodwin Procter                                    Morse, Barnes-Brown & Pendleton
Goulston & Storrs                                  Murtha Cullina, LLP
Hemenway & Barnes                                  Nixon Peabody LLP
MacDonald, Rothweiler & Eisenberg LLP              Nutter, McClennen & Fish, LLP
Meehan, Boyle, Black & Bogdanow, P.C.              Rackemann, Sawyer & Brewster
Ropes & Gray                                       Robinson & Cole LLP
Rosenberg, Schapiro, Englander, Chicoine &
   Leggett, P.C.                                   Friends League
Skadden                                            (up to $199 per Boston attorney)
The Law Offices of James Sokolove                  Adler, Cohen, Harvey, Wakeman & Guekguezian
Sugarman and Sugarman, P.C.                            LLP
Weil, Gotshal & Manges LLP                         Adorno & Yoss LLP
WilmerHale                                         Behar & Kalman
                                                   Beveridge & Diamond, P.C.
Pacesetters                                        Boyle, Morrissey & Campo, P.C
($600-$699 per Boston attorney)                    Broude & Hochberg, LLP
DLA Piper LLP (US)                                 Burns & Levinson LLP
                                                   Byrne & Drechsler, LLP
Reginald Heber Smith League                        Casner & Edwards, LLP
($500-$599 per Boston attorney)                    Cohen & Oalican, LLP
Bingham McCutchen LLP                              Conn, Kavanaugh, Rosenthal, Peisch & Ford,
Brown Rudnick Berlack Israels, LLP                     LLP
Cosgrove, Eisenberg and Kiley, P.C.                Cornell & Gollub
Dechert LLP                                        Donoghue Barrett & Singal, P.C.

2008 ANNUAL REPORT                             8
Donovan Hatem LLP                                   MATCHING GIFTS –
Healy, Fiske, Richmond & Matthew                    ASSOCIATES’ DRIVE
Holland & Knight LLP                                (Donations were matched by the firms or by
Kotin, Crabtree & Strong, LLP                       individual partners)
Krokidas & Bluestein LLP
Lahive & Cockfield, LLP                             Anderson Krieger LLP
Lee & Levine LLP                                    Bingham McCutchen LLP
Looney & Grossman LLP                               Bromberg & Sunstein LLP
Masterman, Culbert & Tully LLP                      Burns & Levinson LLP
McCarter & English, LLP                             Choate, Hall & Stewart
The McCormack Firm, LLC                             Cooley Godward Kronish
Messing, Rudavsky & Weliky, P.C.                    Day Pitney LLP
Morrison Mahoney LLP                                DLA Piper LLP (US)
Petrucelly & Nadler, PC                             Edwards Angell Palmer & Dodge LLP
Pierce, Davis & Perritano, LLP                      Finnegan, Henderson, Farabow, Garrett &
Posternak, Blankstein & Lund LLP                        Dunner, LLP
Proskauer Rose LLP                                  Fish & Richardson, P.C.
Segal Roitman, LLP                                  Foley Hoag LLP
Smith & Brink, P.C.                                 Holland & Knight LLP
Sugarman, Rogers, Barshak & Cohen, P.C.             K&L Gates LLP
Taylor, Duane, Barton & Gilman, LLP                 Lahive & Cockfield, LLP
Urbelis & Fieldsteel, LLP                           Lowrie, Lando & Anastasi
                                                    Nutter, McClennen & Fish, LLP
CORPORATE LEGAL                                     Peabody & Arnold LLP
DEPARTMENTS                                         Robins, Kaplan, Miller & Ciresi, L.L.P.
                                                    Sherin and Lodgen LLP
Arbella Insurance Group Charitable Foundation       Skadden
Biogen Idec                                         Sullivan & Worcester LLP
Bose Foundation Inc.                                WilmerHale
Boston Scientific Corporation                       Wolf, Greenfield & Sacks, P.C.
Children's Hospital Boston
Citizens Bank
Copyright Clearance Center, Inc.
EMD Serono, Inc.
Fidelity Investments
Genzyme Corporation
InterSystems Corporation
Liberty Mutual Insurance Company
The Millipore Foundation
OneBeacon Insurance Group
Pioneer Investment Management USA Inc.
Plymouth Rock Foundation
Putnam Investments
Reit Management & Research LLC
Sovereign Bank
State Street Foundation, Inc.

$50,000-$74,999                                          Richelle S. & Mark
                            $5,000-$9,999                  Kennedy
Anonymous                                                Joseph B. Kittredge
                            Auer Family Foundation       David A. Kluft
$25,000 - $49,999           Jean G. Bell                 Joseph L. Kociubes
                            Brian A. & Barbara Davis     Kim V. Marrkand
Anonymous (2)               Jonathan G. & Margot Davis
John F. Donohue                                          Andrew J. McElaney
                            Alice Willard Dorr           Howard D. Medwed
Steven S. Fischman            Foundation
Robert J. Hildreth                                       Joseph E. Mullaney
                            Michael & Linda Frieze       Jody L. Newman
Daniel Rothenberg           Rhys Gardiner
Law Offices of James                                     Kevin P. O'Flaherty &
                            Marc Gary                      Sarah Brinley
  Sokolove Affiliates &     Geoffrey A. Howell
  Partners, LLP                                          Plymouth Rock Foundation
                            Mitchell H. Kaplan &         Frederick & Ruthann Prifty
                              Fern Frolin                The Rothstein Foundation
$10,000-$24,999             Daryl J. Lapp & Catheryn     David A. Rozenson &
Anonymous (2)                 J. Kato                      Jessica Solodar Rozenson
Bernard J. & Bonnie C.      Robert & Mona Leveille       Jeffrey Rudin
  Bonn                      Robert J. Nagle & Kristin    Robert A. & Sloan K.
Cogan Family Foundation       Hicks                        Sable
Thomas J. & Midge           Mark V. Nuccio               Camille F. Sarrouf
  DeSimone                  Anne L. & Martin Peretz      Laura E. Schneider
Michael B. Elefante &       The Sam Spiegel              Ellen Semonoff & Daniel J.
  Louise Sawyer               Foundation                   Meltzer
John Kenneth Felter         The Anne & Henry Zarrow      Richard W. & Joann
Deirdre M. Giblin & David     Foundation                   Southgate
  B. DuBard                                              Franklin G. Stearns
Louis A. & Phebe S.         $2,000-$4,999                Norman Stein & Mindy
  Goodman                   Anonymous (3)                  Lubber*
Julia Huston & Donald       Matthew A. Berlin &          Jeffrey M. Stoler
  Larson                      Simone Liebman             Melissa B. Tearney
Stephen R. Karp             Timothy C. Blank             Jerome B. Tichner, Jr.
Alex H. MacDonald &         Gregory E. Bulger            Anne & Brian Trinque
  Maureen Strafford           Foundation                 Michael Unger
Richard A. Marks &          John J. Carroll              Jack Ward & Joe Miglorie
  Jennifer Morrison         Edward M. Condit             John F. & Jane Ward
Phyllis McGillicuddy        Ronald M. & Nancy M.         Steven A. & Nancy Wilcox
  Charitable Trust            Davids                     Stephen S. Young
New Prospect Foundation     Thomas J. DesRosier          Albert P. & Judith Zabin
David C. Phelan             Sarah B. Gordon
David W. & Deirdre          Kate Haffner                 $1,000-$1,999
  Rosenberg                 Philip & Mary Causey
May & Tetsuo Takayanagi                                  Anonymous (4)
Marian A. Tse & James S.                                 Elizabeth P. Black
                            Larry & Suzanne
  Lee                                                    John E. Bowman
Donald E. Vaughan & Lee                                  W. Lincoln Boyden
  S. Ridgeway                                            Jay L. Cohen

   2008 ANNUAL REPORT                   10
Marjorie B. Cohn             Joseph Sulman                Gary L. Gill-Austern
Martin & Margorie B. Cohn    Arthur & Abigail O.          Paula W. Gold
Shepard Davidson               Telegen                    Joanne Goldstein
Sarah Derby & Gary           Richard Toomey               Stanley N. Griffith & Ann
  MacDonald                  Paul Tremblay & Linda          Schauffler
Lee & Nancy J. Dunham          Beattie                    David Halstead
Christopher F. Dunn          Andrew M. Troop              Eben Hansel
Martin M. Fantozzi           William B. Tyler             Kirk G. Hanson
Michael T. Gilmore &         Douglas & Judith Weinstock   Kurt W. Hemr
  Deborah M. Valenze         Deborah Jackson Weiss        Charlotte Hemr
Richard J. Grahn                                          Christopher Hurld
Daniel L. Greenberg          $500-$999                    Safraz Ishmael
The Irene Greif & Albert                                  Robert Kanapka
  Meyer Family Fund          Ned Abelson                  Laura M. Kaplan
M. Dennis Guappone           Brook Ames                   Jennifer A. Karnakis
Alain & Valerie Guery        R. Peter & Ann Anderson      Leena Karttunen
Roy A. & Sylvia Hammer       Anonymous (11)               Lawrence K. Kolodney
Ellen M. Harrington          Jennifer Antoniazzi          Rebecca A. Lee
Susan A. Hartnett            Emily Armstrong              Donald G. Leka
R. Scott Henderson           Alexander Bagnall            Mary K. Leonard
George H. Kidder             Daniel A. Bancroft           Brooke E. Lierman
John M. Kimpel               Anne Bandes                  Kevin Littman & Liisa
William B. King              Bruce & Katie Barnett          Nogelo
Martha J. Koster             Dinah K. Bodkin              Elianna J. Marziani
Jessica A. Ladd & William    Bowman Selig Families        Heather McCready
  H. Brack                     Charitable Trust           Aaron & Marilyn Miller
Thomas A. Lehrer*            John G. Brooks               Martha L. Minow & Joseph
Tamar A. Lewis               Angela Brooks                  Singer
Kenneth W. Luke              Ira Carp                     John Morrier
Sarah A. & Douglas S.        Ann M. Chiacchieri           Daniel L. Greenberg &
  Marshall                   Vivian L. Coates               Karen E. Nelson
Susan A. Maze-Rothstein &    Gregory J. Comeau            Andrew L. Nichols &
  Steven Rothstein           Steven M. & Heather S.         Roslyn G. Daum
James W. McGarry               Cowley                     John V. O'Hanlon
William G. Meserve           Ryan Cunningham              Hillary A. Pelletier
Robert W. & Gladys S.        Philip C. Curtis             Duncan & Susi Pendlebury
  Meserve Charitable Trust   Joanne D'Alcomo              Steven P. Perlmutter
Samuel B. Moskowitz          Roslyn G. Daum               Christopher D. Perry
Christine O'Connor           Jonathan Davis               Michelle Peters
James W. Perkins             Juliet A. Davison            Drew Picciafoco
Linda C. & Leonard J.        Lia S. DerMarderosian        Meyer Potashman
  Rosen*                     M. L. Engel                  Eileen S. Pott
Thomas G. Shapiro            Ravi Faiia                   William G. Potter
Craig Smith & Lisa Danetz    Katherine J. Fick            Christopher J. Powell
W. Thomas & Joan C. Smith    Joseph R. Fleming            Thomas J. Provost
H. Michael Stevens           Susan M. Galli & Mark S.     John S. Rhee

Peter S. Rice            MaryDilys Anderson       Stephen M. Burrington
Stephen Rickard          Daryl D. Andrews         Steven Buttacavoli
Bella Rosner             Matt & Julia Andrus      Robert Buxbaum, M.D.
James I. Rubens          Anonymous (49)           Sara Cable
Mary K. Ryan             Yael D. Aufgang          Jay P. Calhoun
Robert Sanoff            Lisa J. Avery-Peck       Levin H. Campbell
Jeffrey R. Scalzi        Thomas R. Ayres          Naoka Carey
Rebecca L. Schuster      Ceyda N. Azakli          Robert D. Caridad
Adam Small               Shalanda Baker           Robert M. Carney
Robert H. & Elizabeth    Heather E. Balmat        Karen Carp
  Smith                  David M. Banash          James R. Carroll & M.
Edwin Smith              John R. Baraniak, Jr.      Claire Masinton
Robert W. Sparkes, III   James Barri              Anthony J. Carroll
Gary A. Spiess           Stacy H. Barrow          Larry Carsman
Charles Steenburg        David A. Barry           Edmund C. Case
Alyson B. Stewart        Brian C. Barry           Elizabeth A. Castellani
Caroline E. Strickland   Edward J. Barshak        Alyssa Chandler
Edward M. Swartz         Ilan Barzilay            Anonymous
Tim Syrett               Kevin D. Batt            David Chavous
Alisa M. Tenenholtz      Eoin Beirne              Olivia S. Choe
Mark S. Thurber          Victoria E. Bembenista   Eric P. Christofferson
Laura Topper             Daniel J. Bennett        David S. Clancy
Maria A. Trevisan        Eric Benson              Sherrill P. Cline
Michael H. Turk          William F. Benson        Sarah Clinton
Detlev F. Vagts          Jennifer L. Berylson     John & Catherine Coburn
Carol J. Wagner          John E. Besser           Kent A. Coit
David Waller             David E. Blau            E. Michael Collins
Scott A. Webster         Michelle Blauner         Sandra Szela Congdon
David W. White           Scott Bleier             Bryan S. Conley
Monika A. Wirtz          Edward M. Bloom          Bryan Connolly
Wolfman Charitable       Thomas J. Bone           Patti Connor-O'Hara
  Foundation             Jennifer Bonetti         David L. Coombs
Douglas Wolfson          Jean Bowe                Zachary Coseglia
B. Andrew Zelermyer      Amy E. Boyd              Nancy M. Cremins
                         Meghan Boyle             Paula G. Curry
$250-$499                Joel J. Brickman         Lou Ann David
                         Thomas W. Bridge         Andy Dean
Paul Abbott              John Brooks              Megan Delehanty
Nancy Adams              Amy Brosius              Elisabeth DeLisle
Jennifer M. Adams        Thomas A. Brown          Jay Kugler DeYoung
Michelle Addison         Clarence H. Brown        David Dineen
Christopher D. Agnew     Cynthia A. Brown         Peter W. Dini
Meredith Ainbinder       Rachel M. Brown          James DiTullio
Susan H. Alexander       Ellen A. Bruce           Anthony M. Doniger
Melissa C. Allison       Caroline H. Bullerjahn   Alison Douglass
Scott Altonian           Kathleen Burgener        Hilary B. Dudley
Brooks A. Ames

2008 ANNUAL REPORT                   12
Lauren E. Dwyer             Nancy T. Hegarty              Anna Kuznetsova-Schafer
Lydia M. Edwards            James C. Heigham              Alan J. Langton, II
MJ Edwards                  Alexander G. Henlin           Linda B. Lank
Andrea & Jared Eigerman     Catherine E. C. & John        H. Kate Lee
John C. Elstad                Henn                        Richard D. Leggat
Lawrence S. Elswit          Vickie L. Henry & Claire E.   Breton Leone-Quick
Benjamin D. Enerson           Humphrey                    Amy M. Ling
Walead Esmail               Jaime Hertel                  Elizabeth Lintz & John
Timothy Famulare            Jillian Hirsch                  Kramer
Steven L. Feldman & Hedda   John Hitt                     Natasha C. Lisman
  Rublin                    Dianne Hobbs                  Charles & Delores Locher
Rich Fields                 Matt Holian                   Cecelia Lockner
Susan Marie Finegan         Brad & Jane Honoroff          Werner A. Lohe
Mark Finsterwald            Elizabeth A. Houlding         Amy R. Lonergan
Michael Fleming             Christopher E. Houston        Catherine Lucas
Albert M. Fortier           Sheryl A. Howard              Jennifer B. Luz
Doris Fournier              Joyce Hsieh                   Jeremiah Lynch
Dianne L. Frade             Katherine Huang               Mary H. Macedo
Joshua Gallitano            Debra T. Huang                Nicholas H. Madden
S. Zelda & Elkan Gamzu      Jennifer E. Inker             Scott R. Magee
Frederique Garnier          Matt Iverson                  Sean P. Mahoney
Jennifer M. Gay Smith       Stephanie Ives                Jason C. Mang
Jonathan M. Gelchinsky      Nancy A. Johnsen              Ian R. Marinoff
Ara Gershengorn             Winston K. Jones              Tina Marisam
Lee G. Giguere              Kari Jorgenson                Haima Varadan Marlier
Garrett Gillespie           Rick Kaitz                    Paulo Marnoto
Bob Gilman                  Jodi Kalagher                 Carol Martens
John M. Golden              Vasiliki Kalaitzidis          Christie Lombard Martin
Angela Gomes                Caroline Kane                 Elizabeth E. Mathiesen
Alexandra M. Gorman         Peter J. Karol                Jonathan Mathiesen
Marshal S. Grant            Jeffrey Katz                  Jarrod Matteson
Richard Griffin             T. Kavanaugh                  Matthew J. Matule
Sara R. Gutierrez           Dennis J. Kelly               Amy McDonald
Mark A. Haddad              Richard Kerr                  Essence R. McGill
Michael Hamlin              Adam Kessel                   John McGrail
Matthew Hanaghan            Jennifer King                 James McGrane
Jonathan I. Handler         Patrick King & Sandra L.      Sean P. McKay
Donna Stoehr Hanlon           Moody                       Thomas & Kimberly
Janna Hansen                Chris & Lisa Kirby              McNulty
Seth & Rachel Harrington    Karl E. Klare                 Dana McSherry
Meghan Hart                 Erin Klein                    Matthew V. McTygue
Taylor Hart                 Carisa A. Klemeyer            Phyllis Fine Menken
Leanne Hartmann             Peter Kochansky               Joshua S. Miller
Kevin Hartzell              Neil M. Kulick & Claire       Kathleen K. Miller
Mary Haskell                  Laporte                     Machua Millett
Meredith Haviland           Lawrence Kulig                Neal E. Minahan

Jay Mitchell               Elizabeth A. Ritvo           Robert Toone
David Mollo-Christensen    Valarie B. Rosen             Steven J. Torres
Tom Montgomery             Laurie F. Rubin              Elizabeth Toulan
Andrew Moosmann            Ronald W. Ruth               Bruce I. Tribush
Elizabeth Mulcahy          Jennifer M. Ryan             Brian Trinque
Sarah Mullen               Krista B. Ryan               Thomas J. Tuytschaevers
Katherine A.K. Mumma       Kenneth W. Salinger          Benjamin B. Tymann
Siobhan Murphy             Christine Santariga          Nik Uhlir
Mary B. Murrane            Eliza M. Scheibel            Jane F. Urban
Jean A. Musiker            Karyn Faith Scheier          Nicole Valtz
Jennifer Neilsson          Richard S. Scipione          John R. Van Amsterdam
Cara J. Nelson             Kimberly Seluga              James H. Velema
Matt Nevins                Daina Selvig                 Anna Marie Ventura
Kevin K. Nolan             David L. & Jane B. Shapiro   Gabrielle Viator
Patrick Noonan             Carol Shea                   Hannah Waldron
Andrew T. O'Connor         Kim Shellenberger &          Victoria L. Walton
Sheila O'Leary               Richard Balaban            Jason Webster
Kavita Padiyar             Laura S. Sherman             McKenzie Webster
Nicole A. Palmer           David L. Silvian             Katherine Weir
Lila A. Palmer             Joseph W. Singer             Herbert M. & Eleanore
Roger Pao                  Adam L. Sisitsky               Weiss
Faith Park                 Shaun Skeya                  Sarah E. Whitman
Nicole D. Park             Ericka Snyder                Neal & Clea Winneg
Marc Parsons               Ednauria D. Souza            Caroline Woodward
Anita Patel                Alison Spillane              Melissa Wright
Colleen & Brian Patten     Lawrence T. Stanley, Jr.     Chi Chi Wu & Andrew
Mark Pearlstein            Matthew M.K. Stein             Leong
Christopher S. Pearsall    John Stephan (In honor of    Sara Yevics
Ellen Causey Peckham         Robert Richards)           Jeremy A. Younkin
Bianca Keyfetz Peskin      Jennifer L. Stewart          Michael Zarren
Shirin Philipp & John M.   Nathaniel C. Stinnett        Madelyn Zeylikman
  Higgins                  Mimi Ellis Storey            Heather & John Zuzenak
Stephanie M. Poggi         Steve & Joan Subrin          David Zwick
Jason P. Pogorelec         Jennifer Sulla
Karla Portocarrero         Jennifer Sullivan            $100-$249
Addy Press                 Timothy W. Sullivan
Brian R. Price, II         Shreevani Suvarna            Susan Abbott
Jeffrey J. Pyle            Kuangshin Tai                William F. & Claire Abely
Letao Qin                  Janet Taylor                 Robert Abrahamsen
Barbara W. & Yale Rabin    Erica Tennyson               Steven Abreu
Sarah Ragland              Sarah Theall Lemke           James S. Ackerman
Christian Regnier          James E. Thomas              Peter M. Acton, Jr. &
Christopher Rhodes         Mohan P. Thomas                Rebecca W. Acton
G. Shaun Richardson        Craig C. Todaro & Allison    Samuel Adams
Jenny Richlin                Staton                     Christopher Addesa
Julie C. Rising            Keith Toms                   Anthony V. Agudelo
                                                        Ani Ajemion

2008 ANNUAL REPORT                     14
Michael A. Albert            Matthew Bloomer             Ronald W. Crawley
Luke J. Albrecht             Leslie I. Boden             Robert A. Creamer
Sandy Alexander              Rebecca R. Bodfish          Margaret B. & Charles E.
Natasha Aljalian             Max Bodoin                    Crockett
Richard C. Allen             William L. Boesch           Anonymous
Michael L. Altman            Krietta Bowens              Judith Crosby
Lourdes Alvarez              Anita M. Bowles             Brian M. Cullen
Paige Ammons                 Patrick F. Brady            Patrick Curran
Anonymous (89)               Mary Liz Brenninkmeyer      Kevin B. Currid & Jennifer
Michael S. Appel             Rachel Brodin                 Perrigo
Luz A. Arevalo               Candace Brown               David D'Addio
Maria G. Arlotto             Scott Brown                 Andrew C. Daly
Joseph Arthur                Tracy E. Brown              Maria E. Damico
Lisa C. Ashton               Stephanie A. Bruce          Dennis N. D'Angelo
Gina M. Atwood               Robert G. Burdick           Nithya Das
Amy Auth                     Kenneth E. Burdon           Elizabeth S. Davenny
Elba Aviles                  Daniel E. Callahan          Alex Davidson
Janet Axelrod & Tim Plenk    Andrew J. Camelio           Rhoda M. Davidson
Paul R. Bagley               Patricia Cantor             Susan P. Davies
Sandy Bailey                 Jennifer Capasso            Sharleen Joy Davis
Victor N. Baltera            Jennifer L. Carpenter       Emily Dean
Douglas R. Banghart          Chad M. Carr                Paul W. Decker
Eleanor F. Baria             Cameron & Michael Casey     Marie E. Delrossi
Mark A. Barnett              Carol M. Cerf               Anthony DeProspo, Jr.
David Baron                  Erica Chien                 James DeVellis
Steven D. Barrett            Francis Chin                Judith E. Diamond
Jeffrey S. Barry             David D. Christensen        Samiyah Diaz
Bethany Bartlett             Jeffrey & Elizabeth         Derek Domian
Brian R. Bassett               Christoforetti            Robert V. Donahoe
Benjamin Sternfield Baum     Barbara H. Chuang           Marc B. & Lisa Dorfman
Katharine Coughlin Beattie   Christopher Clark           Michael J. Douglas
Michael Beauvais             Courtney A. Clark           James R. Drabick
Sonia Bednarowski            Kim M. Clarke               Jason L. Drori
Meredeth A. Beers            Nicole Clement              Sonya Dunne
Jennifer Behr                Susan Cohen & Michael       Christopher Edwards
Carrie & Brian Bellerby        Klein                     Nathan Edwards
Teresa A. Belmonte           Eben P. Colby               Gabriella Kaplan Eisner
Christina Benson             J. Fraser Collin            David A. Elchoness &
Gerald A. Berlin             Juan Alexander Concepcion     Evelyn M. Bonn
Seth P. Berman               Theodore Connolly           Jonathan Elder
William J. Bernat            Christopher R. Conroy       Matthew Elliott
Brian A. Berube              Emily J. Cooper             Peter B. Ellis
Ann & Donald Berwick         Martin S. Cooper            Lana B. Epstein
Brandon L. Bigelow           Robert K. Crabtree          Briana Erickson
Thomas P. Bloch              Roy Cramer                  Kenneth W. Erickson
Robert M. Bloom              Laura Stock Craven          Craig Estes

Jonathan Evan                Claudia Gilman Eisenbaum   Stephen Hayden
Matthew Fagan                  & Harry Eisenbaum        Regina Healy
James Ryan Fagan             Daniel J. Givelber         Steven A. Heikin
Richard H. Fallon            Anonymous                  Mary Kate Heller
Jay Fanciullo                Michael L. Glenn & Susan   Andy Henderson
Kara Fay                       B. Jhirad                Bret Hendrickson
Cara Feldberg                Richard A. Glickstein      Rushna T. Heneghan
Pat Fernandez                David Glynn                Steven J. Henry
Anonymous                    Joshua M. Gold             Marc Heon
Dahlia Fetouh                Jenna Goldenberg           Sharon Rackow Herrick
Lorne M. Fienberg            David Goldman              Philip & Ann Heymann
Jennifer Wright Fischesser   Michael Goldman            Matthew R. Hillery
Robert A. Fisher             Susan & Michael Goldman    Michael Hines
Kathleen Fitzgerald          John J. Goldrosen          Guenter Hiort
Brian M. Flaherty            Lynn D. Goldsmith &        Emily Hodge
Janet B. Fogel                 Richard L. Alfred        Kay Hideko Hodge
Patrick M. Folan             Nathan Goldstein           Yalonda T. Howze
Jeffrey S. Follett           Michelle Gonnam            Gerald Hrycyszyn
Gina A. Fonte                Lisa C. Goodheart          Mary Beth Hubner
Mark A. Ford                 Andrew H. Goodman          Shayne Huff
Suzanne Foster               Stacey Gordon              Ralph W. Hughes
Constance B. Franklin        Patricia Granahan          Christine D. Husson
Elizabeth Freeman            Jordan Grant               Sam Hwang
Peter Friedenberg            Jessica Gray               Raymond & Elsa Janairo
Susan Friery                 Jessica Green              Jennifer Janeira
Samuel Furgang               Veronica A. Greenbaum      Daniel Janis
Eric Fuselier                Joshua Greenberg & Kate    Miriam E. Jencks
Anne Gaeta                     Dulit                    Emily Jennings
Joshua W. Gardner            George L. Greenfield       Joanna B. Jerison
Michael Garko                Ellen J. Grossman          Giselle Joffre
Edward R. Gates              Hemanth C. Gundavaram      Peter G. Johannsen
Matthew Gaughan              Diane Gunn                 Anne E. Johnson
Jeffrey Gaulin               Rachel Gurvich             Gordon M. Jones, III
Lisa Gaulin                  Valerie Gwinn              Myong J. Joun
Alexander Gavis              Robert Hadfield            Robert P. Joy
Jack Gearan                  Hope Haff                  Diane S. Juliar
Gina Gebhart                 Rebecca L. Haffajee        Yong-Nam Jun
Alan S. Geismer              Dan Haley                  Christopher B. Kaczmarek
Fred W. Geldon               Jesse D. Hallee            James C. Kaddaras
Rebecca Sue Gelman           Esther Hanig               Adam P. Kahn
Christine Genaitis           David C. Harlow            Matthew N. Kane
Jennifer Geosits             Jane Harper                Daniel & Priscilla
Lourdes German               Heather W. Harrington        Karnovsky
Gregory Gerstenzang          Richard M. Harter          Rudolph & Helen Kass
Vanessa & Jeffrey Gilbreth   James Hassett              Georgia Katsoulomitis
                             Edgar Hatrick              Gregg Katz

2008 ANNUAL REPORT                      16
Andrew L. Kaufman            Lisa LoGerfo                 James W. Meyer (In honor
Nancy Keating                Anne Marie Longobucco          of Brian Flynn & Sarah
Eric Keller                  Julie Lovas                    Anderson)
Nicholas M. Kelley           Lyn M. Lustig                Francesca L. Miceli
Maria Kelly                  Robert Lyons                 Mark C. Michalowski
Nancy Kelly                  Marianne MacDonald           Frank I. Michelman
Jared T. Kelly               Benjamin & Lindsay Mack      Jakub Michna
Sarah P. Kelly               Jennifer J. Madden           Barbara Mitchell
Dara Kesselheim              Timothy H. Madden            Elizabeth Mitchell
Brian Kickham                Michelle Maloney             Matthew Mitchell
Peter J. Kirk                Lisa M. Maloof               Joan Mitrou
Christopher J. Kiyan         Gail Mann & Steve            Jerold Mogul
Matthew Kleiman                Klionsky                   Jessica Mols
Amy M. Kloempken             Darah Manning                William Monnin-Browder
William A. Knowlton          Lauree Mansour               Susan & Robert
Jeffrey Kopacz               Jennifer L. Markowski          Montgomery
John B. Koss                 Raj Marphatia                Peter Moores
Kenneth F. Kozik             Noreen A. Martin             Michael C. Moran
Katrina Kropa                David P. Mason               Patricia Moran
Jason Kropp                  Sean Masterson               Jeannie M. Morello
Dana Krueger                 Lara Mataac                  Sherry Yee Mulloy
Cori & Stephen Lable         Nicholas Mathewson           Elizabeth Brady Murillo
Marshall L. & Lane Lambert   Wataru Matsuyasu             Timothy Murphy
  (In honor of Gabriel       Rebecca Plaut Mautner (In    John Nagle
  Thorton)                     honor of Anna-Marie        Alisha Q. Nanda
Guy P. Land                    Tabor & Quentin Palfrey)   Timothy F. Nelson
Lori & Eric Lander           Scott & Susan Mazur          Elisa Nethercott
Elizabeth Larcano            Mary A. McCarthy             Christine M. Netski
Vern Larkin                  Ann McCauley                 Leslie Newman
Jermaine Lawrence            Laura McCollum               Aurelien T. Ngonga
Matthew J. Leary             Paul McDermott               William S. Noble
David H. Lee                 Brent McDonald               Elizabeth M. Norman
Brian & Jennifer Lerman      Robert M. McGill             Melissa Nott Davis
Andrew Lese                  Thomas J. McGinnis           Alicia M. Novak
Benjamin Letzler             Benjamin McGovern            Emily J. Novick
Sarah A. Levendusky          Bonnie & Josh McGuire        Justin O'Brien
Andrew R. Levin              Katherine S. McHugh          Susan K. O'Connell
William A. Levine            James M. McKenzie            Erin A. O'Dea
Matthew Levitt               Terrence J. McLarney         Anonymous
Melissa G. Liazos            Lawrence J. McNally          James T. Olesen
Stanley Lieberson            Stephen R. McNaught          Karen M. O'Malley
Joan & Ramsey Liem           Kevin M. Meagher             John G. O'Neill
John F. Linares              Pamela J. Meister            Allison R. O'Neill
Sally B. Linden              Thomas A. Mela               Ellen Oppler
Natalie Linendoll            Gayle M. Merling             Daniel J. Ossoff
Helen C. Lockhart                                         Justin & Maggie O'Sullivan

Timothy J. Oyer             Allan G. Rodgers             John M. Skenyon
Melissa Paddock             Alan J. Rom                  Megan Smiley
Young Paik                  Regina E. Roman              Marcy Smirnoff
Shirley Sperling Paley      Melissa L. Roth              Jennifer Sacco Smith
Danielle M. Panetta         Sarah A. Rothermel           Emily M. Smith
Michelle D. Paterniti       Emma Rothfeld                Neil T. Smith
Poonam Patidar              James V. Rowan               Jean Chapin Smith
Adrienne M. Penta           Andrew Royce                 Alex Smolenski
Dwight & Julie Perkins      John R. Russell              David Sobol
Edward F. Perlman           Maimoona Sahi                Judy Somberg
Nancy E. Phillips           Justin Saif                  Laura Sorafine
Dianne Phillips             Teresa Sakash                Mark Spiegel
Jenna Phipps                Charles H. Sanders           Marianne Staniunas
Nina L. Pickering           Shiva Sandill                Robert S. Steinberg
Marianna C. Pierce          Jay Sandvos                  Henry J. Steiner
Nicholas W. Pilchak         William J. Santoro           Jeffrey S. Stern
Jason Pinney                Nisha Sardella               Christina K. Stock
Scott D. Pomfret            Bonnie Sashin                Jessica Stokes
Michael Pomianek            Kristen Scammon              Andrew P. Strehle
Allyson Portney             Katherine Schmeckpeper       Peter Sturges
T. Peter R. & Kerry E. F.   Stacey N. Schmidt            Sundar Subramanyam
  Pound                     Elizabeth L. Schnairsohn     Gail A. Sullivan*
Robyn Powell                Lawrence A. Schneider        Kevin Sullivan
Lonnie Powers               Sheldon & Ellen Schwartz     Jennifer Frauson Sullivan
Jerome Preston              Terry Phillip Segal          Johanna Wise Sullivan
Amy Pugliano                Philip Segaloff              Maura D. Sullivan & Steven
Michael S. Rabieh           Ilene Seidman                  Cagnetta
Ido Rabinovitch             Robert Seigal                Jeffrey Swope
Joan Rachlin & Seymour      Michelle Seligson            Anna-Marie Tabor
  Small                     Marshall D. Senterfitt       Ai Tajima
Michael Rader               Jessica & Michael Sergi      Yixin Tang
Cathie S. Ragovin           Paras N. Shah                Emily E. Taylor
Shahzia M. Rahman           David M. Shamberger          Mark F. Taylor
Phil Rakhunov               Noah C. Shaw                 Joseph Teja, Jr.
Gershon M. Ratner           Lauren Shebairo (In memory   James L. Terry
Kate Isley Rausch             of Rosa Sassoon)           Eunha Thayer
Stephen Rebelo              Robin Sheedy Bunker          Barbara M. Theberge
Joel M. Reck                Jan Shepard                  Elizabeth Thomas
Srikanth Reddy              Larry & Irina Shumway        Phi Lan Tinsley
Thomas Reith                Gregory Sieczkiewicz         Matthew Tisdale
Meghan Rhatigan             Stanley & Maureen Siegel     Andrea Young Toulouse
Sean J. Riley               Michael T. Siekman           Jennifer Tracy
Elba Rivera                 Robert S. Silberman &        Laurence H. Tribe
Joseph C. Robbins             Nancy A. Netzer            Mary Tufano
David P. Rockwell           Leonard M. Singer            Timothy & Desiree
Thomas A. Rockwell          Jonathan Sirois                Twardowski

2008 ANNUAL REPORT                      18
 Judith R. Ullman                  Sean P. Waters                     Michael W. Wiggins
 Colin Van Dyke                    Jason L. Watkins                   Steven R. Willis
 Michael D. Vhay                   Kristy Watkins                     John Willshire Carrera
 Suzanne C. Villee                 Mitch Webber                       Nancy R. Wilsker
 Ariatna Villegas-Vazquez          Jason Weida                        Ben Wilson
 Benjamin Volinski                 Joseph J. Weinstein                Ernest & Roswitha Winsor
 Elizabeth W. Vorenberg            Jordi Weinstock                    Neal A. Winston
 Amrish V. Wadhera                 Amiel Weinstock                    Thomas & Suzanne Wintner
 Sarah Waelchli                    Adam Weisberger                    John G. Wofford
 Robert H. Walat                   Michael Weissmann                  Tina Wu
 Tricia Wall Mundy                 Richard & Sally Weitzen            Kevin Wythe
 Ellen Wallace                     Chris Westberg                     Robert G. Young
 Albert W. Wallis & Karen          Scott B. Weston                    Emily Yu
   Smith                           Emily R. Whelan                    Lynne Zagami
 Keith Walsh                       Sarah Whipple                      Geraldine M. Zipser
 William E. Walt                   James F. Whipple                   Ellen Ziskind
 Carla C. Ward                     Paul E. White                      Andrew Zoltan
 Columbia J. Warren                Christine J. Wichers               Lynn M. Zuchowski
 Taylor Washburn                   David Wiener

  * Indicates donation to one of the endowment funds

  Boldface type indicates that in addition to their annual gift to the general operating fund, the
  donor contributed to the Emergency Bridge Fund. This fund was established to reduce the
  impact on client services due to the drastic reduction in IOLTA funding.

While we made every effort to include all donors in this report, if we have inadvertently omitted
any donor, please accept our apologies and contact our office for record correction.

Boston University Law School
Chelsea/Revere/Winthrop Home Care Center,        Anonymous (2)
    Inc.                                         Blue Cross Blue Shield Foundation of
City of Boston                                        Massachusetts
    Commission on Affairs of the Elderly         Boston Bar Foundation
    Department of Neighborhood Development       The Boston Foundation
    Office of Jobs and Community Services        Bushrod H. Campbell and Adah F. Hall
City of Cambridge                                     Charitable Fund
Commonwealth of Massachusetts                    Citizens Bank Foundation
    Department of Public Health                  Jane B. Cook 1992 Charitable Trust
    Executive Office of Public Safety            Harry H. Dow Memorial Legal Assistance Fund
Massachusetts Office for Victim Assistance       Charles H. Farnsworth Charitable Trust
Corporation for National and Community           The Fish Family Foundation
    Service−AmeriCorps                           The Foley Hoag Foundation
Equal Justice America                            Jackson and Irene Golden 1989 Charitable Trust
Equal Justice Works                              Jane’s Trust
Harvard Law School                               K.I.N.D. (Kids in Need of Defense)
Homeowner Options for Massachusetts Elders       Lawrence Model Lodging Houses Trust
HomeStart                                        Massachusetts Bar Foundation
Lutheran Social Services of New England          Phyllis McGillicuddy Charitable Trust
Massachusetts Legal Assistance Corporation       George H. and Jane A. Mifflin Memorial Fund
Minuteman Senior Services                        Millipore Foundation
Mystic Valley Elder Services                     New Prospect Foundation
Project Hope−Transition to Work Collaborative    9 to 5 Multi-State Consortium
Somerville Cambridge Elder Services              Oak Foundation
Somerville Homeless Coalition                    Albert E. Pillsbury Trust
South Shore Elder Services                       Fannie B. Pratt Trust
United Way of Massachusetts Bay and              Plymouth Rock Foundation
    Merrimack Valley                             Racial Justice Collaborative of New England
U.S. Department of Housing & Urban               Sailors' Snug Harbor of Boston
    Development                                  State Street Foundation
U.S. Department of Justice                       United Nations Voluntary Fund for Victims of
U.S. Department of the Treasury Internal              Torture, High Commissioner for Human
    Revenue Service                                   Rights

                                                 EASTERN REGION PARTNERS
                                                 Community Legal Services and Counseling
                                                 Legal Advocacy & Resource Center
                                                 MetroWest Legal Services
                                                 Volunteer Lawyers Project of the Boston Bar

2008 ANNUAL REPORT                              20
Members of the GBLS Legacy Society make a lasting commitment to legal services by
including GBLS in their wills or other planned giving vehicles.

              John G. Brooks                          David W. Rosenberg
              John J. Carroll                         Robert A. & Sloan K. Sable
              Philip K. Hamilton                      Richard W. Southgate
              Richard A. Marks                        Toni G. Wolfman
              Joseph E. Mullaney                      Stephen S. Young
              Stephen H. Oleskey

For more information on how to become a member of the GBLS Legacy Society, please
contact your attorney, financial advisor, or Anna Marie Ventura at GBLS (617-603-1565).

                                                                                   Credit: Laura Westerling

               “Rosa” was a teenage trafficking victim whom U.S. Immigration authorities
             sought to remove to her home country. GBLS and a private law firm partnered to
                save her from removal, and with their help Rosa received a “green card”.

Board Members
Robbie Adjei               Robert Leveille
Isaac Bantu                Laurie Leyshon
Steven Bauer               Kenneth Luke
Timothy Blank              Alex MacDonald
Bernard Bonn               Elaine Marin
John Bowman                Richard Marks
Joel Brickman              Kim Marrkand
Shaquella Butler           Andrew McElaney
John Carroll               Howard Medwed
Myrnairis Cepeda           Shams Mirza
Joanne Daniels-Finegold    Samuel Moskowitz
Lou Ann David              Edward Naughton
Ronald Davids              Jody Newman
Thomas DeSimone            Kevin O'Flaherty
Thomas DesRosier           Patrick O'Toole
Rita Dixon                 Salea Perry
John Donohue               David Phelan
Kundanika Doshi            Carmen Pola
Sonya Dunne                Alan Rom
David Eastmond             David Rosenberg
Michael Elefante           David Rozenson
Donna Evans                Jeffrey Rudin
John Felter                Jeffrey Scalzi
Marc Gary                  Laura Schneider
Louis Goodman              Vivian Smith
Dorothea Guild             Queen Smith
Philip Hamilton            Craig Smith
Jonathan Handler           James Sokolove
Ellen Harrington           Franklin Stearns
Catherine Harris           Jeffrey Stoler
Susan Hartnett             Ilene Sunshine
Mark Harty                 Melissa Tearney
Regina Healy               Joseph Teh
Lawrence Heffernan         Arthur Telegen
Geoffrey Howell            Richard Toomey
Julia Huston               Magalis Troncoso
Ronica Jackson             Andrew Troop
Ronda Jackson              Marian Tse
Sandra Johnson             Donald Vaughan
Mitchell Kaplan            Kathleen Verna
Veronica Kimbro            John Ward
Jacques Kitembo            Steven Wilcox
Joseph Kociubes            Stephen Young
Kenneth Luke
Daryl Lapp
Danford Larkin
Donald Leka

2008 ANNUAL REPORT        22
Corporation Members
Benjamin Albert         Robert Nagle
                        Stephen Oleskey
Dominic Avellani
                        Jacob Pizer
Richard Bluestein
                        David Rosenberg
Bernard Bonn
                        David Rozenson
Beverly Boorstein
                        Mary Ryan
John Bowen
                        Saul Schapiro
John Bowman
                        Adam Sisitsky
John Brooks
                        Robert Smith
Gregory Bulger
                        Richard Southgate
John Cogan
                        Robert Spangenberg
Andrew Culbert
                        Gary Spiess
Jonathan Davis
                        Paul Sugarman
Lee Dunham
                        Jeffrey Swope
Thomas Dwyer
                        May Takayanagi
Michael Elefante
                        Arthur Telegen
Pam Feingold
                        Jerome Tichner
Steven Fischman
                        William Tyler
Linda Gavin
                        Sara Walker
Deirdre Giblin
                        John Wofford
Marvin Gilmore
                        Toni Wolfman
Lena Goldberg
                        Stephen Young
Katherine Haffner
                        Albert Zabin
Susan Hartnett
William Haynsworth
Regina Healy
Daniel Heffernan
Rushna Heneghan
Kay Hideko Hodge
Julia Huston
Gordon Jones
Bernardine Joslin
George Kidder
Megan Kopman
Hope Kumar
Lori Lander
Paul Lee
Donald Leka
William Looney
Richard Marks
Susan Maze-Rothstein
Katherine McHugh
William McNally
J. Charles Mokriski
Robert Muldoon
Joseph Mullaney

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