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									                               Aging Parents and Elder Care Documents

Every child with aging parents wonders what will happen in the future if your parents become sick or
disabled. Though it can be difficult to bring the subject up to an elderly parent, it's important that you
know if your parents have created specific eldercare documents that will be very important if and
when the time comes. If they haven't already done so, your parents will want to create these as soon
as possible.

Healthcare Surrogates
Also known as healthcare proxies or healthcare powers of attorney, a healthcare surrogate allows an
elderly parent to name another person who can make medical decisions on the elderly parent's behalf.
If the parent doesn't have a healthcare proxy, it may fall to a court to designate someone to make
medical decisions. This can cost time and money, and the court may choose someone the parent
would not have wanted.

Durable Financial Powers Of Attorney
Parents should also be prepared to have someone else step in and make financial decisions if the
parent becomes incapacitated. A durable financial power of attorney will allow the parent to name
someone else who can pay bills, manage property, and take care of the parent's financial obligations.

Living Will
A living will, also known as a medical directive or advance directive, allows the parents to state his or
her medical wishes in written form. These can be used separately or in combination with healthcare

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