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									                      Good News

                                     Walking the talk ...
CHRIS ADAMS, PASTOR    hpcnashville.org                      SEPTEMBER 2012

                                               Christian Education

                                               Note from Pastor Chris

                                               Fellowship MInistry;

                                               Membership Ministry
                                               September Birthdays

                                               Worship MInistry;

                                               Benevolence & Outreach
                                               Benevolence &
                                               Outreach continued
The Good News

      A note from Pastor Chris                                                                             HILLSBORO
                    What is mankind that you are mindful of them,
                       human beings that you care for them?                                               CHURCH
                                     –Psalm 8:4                                                                 Chris Adams
   Tertullian (c. 160 – c. 220 AD) was an early Christian theologian from the Roman province of
Carthage, and is considered by many to be the original father of western Christian theology. He            Rev Hudson Neely
wrote prolifically about the spread of the early church among the gentiles in North Africa. Ac-           Minister of Discipleship
cording to him, pagans were enamored at how those devoted to Jesus cared for one another. He is
quoted famously as saying, 'See how [these Christians] love one another.' The believer’s love for               Amy Dillon
each other was the greatest legacy of the early church!
                                                                                                          Director of Children and
                                                                                                              Family Ministry
   Among all the things we are called to be about as the church today, we are called to love and
care for one another. Once a person becomes a member of the Christian community, they belong                  Shawn Cothran
and become our responsibility. Caregiving is a vital part of who we are.                                   Director of Youth and
   At Hillsboro Presbyterian Church we recognize that much of that caregiving happens within               Young Adult Ministry
the network of friends each of us enjoy. I am constantly amazed at how you surround those in
need with your love and attention. While it is important that the "official" designation of the                Stephen Nix
church is present in the form of pastor or staff in times of need, it is just as important that the     Director of Music Ministry
genuine presence of those closest to the one in need of caring be there at such times. Our church              Tim Gmeiner
should be very proud of how it takes care of one another, with help from our Minister of Disci-               Church Organist
pleship, Hudson Neely, and our Pastoral Assistant, Linda Diguette. Thank you Hudson and
Linda!                                                                                                        Linda Diguette
   After considering how we already best care for one another, as well as a shared desire to do              Pastoral Assistant
even more, I have two exciting announcements this month. The first is that Session has voted to
form a Board of Deacons at HPC. Our Book of Order defines the ordained office of deacon as set                Alice O Dwyer
forth in Scripture, and as one of compassion, witness, and service, sharing in the redeeming love         Child Care Coordinator
of Jesus Christ for the poor, the hungry, the sick, and lost, the friendless, the oppressed, those
                                                                                                                 Janie Hay
burdened by unjust policies and structures, or anyone in distress (G-2.0201). Presbyterians ordain
                                                                                                              Office Manager
a special office to care for one another and the world. At HPC, our new to be created Board of
Deacons will eventually (once we get the full roster) assume the responsibility of our family                  Gloria Shiavi
groups. They will be under the supervision of the Session, will work with our Membership Team,                Office Assistant
and both Hudson and Linda will also be working closely with this body to provide the best care
possible for our members and friends.                                                                          Carole Shean
   Second, with the approval of the Board of Deacons our Congregational Care Model is com-                Financial Administrator
plete and ready for your review. Included with this edition of The Good News is a graphic repre-
                                                                                                               Cynthia White
sentation of that model. You will notice that congregational care at HPC is done by a network of
                                                                                                      Director of Creative Care Center
participants, from members of a person’s Life Group to a rotation of pastoral staff. Care is also
done by the Prayer team, the Membership Team and the Deacons. It is our intention that this                Stephanie Hasbrouck
model provide the very best we can offer in the compassion and concern of this community to all           The Good News Editor
that touch this Body of Christ called HPC. Please take a moment to read through the model and             General Information:
let us know if you have questions. Our hope is that no person will slip through the cracks and all        Telephone:
will feel cared for and cared about.                                                                    Email: gloria@hpcnashville org
   Caring has always been a part of who we are as the Christian community since the beginning.                     Web site:
Our witness to the love of Jesus Christ for the world is even today in how "we [these Christians]           hpcnashville.org
love one another." Thanks be to God for our community of care called Hillsboro Presbyterian               The Good News deadline:
                                                                                                      Good News items will be accepted
Church. To God be the Glory!                                                                           until the third Sunday of each
                                                                                                        month for publication in the
                                                                                                         following month s edition

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                                                                                                The Good News

                                                                                           Family meeting
                                                                                             Children and parents are invited
                                                                                           to a family meeting on Sunday,
                                                                                           Sept. 2 at 9 a.m. in The Well to
                                                                                           hear about all of our awesome new
     Sunday, Sept. 2 is Kick-off Sunday! Worship                                           programs for the year and receive a
                                                                                           calendar with our special event
   will be at 10 a.m. immediately followed by a                                            dates for this Fall. We have new
   Church-wide Picnic (and plenty of games and fun                                         programs for both Sunday morn-
   for children and youth!)                                                                ings and Wednesday nights so we
     More information is coming! Make plans to                                             hope to see you at the meeting so
   join us as we kick-off a new "year" at HPC.                                             you can learn all about them!
                                                                                           Please contact me for more infor-

                                                                                             — Amy Dillon, Director of Chil-

                                                                                           dren and Family Ministry

                                                                                               Night Out
                                                                                           On Saturday, Sept. 15 from 5-8 p.m. we
  Ever wish you could go to seminary?       children). To register for seminary and      will have our Fall Parents' Night Out for
Now you can! Join us on Wednesday           dinner, fill out a registration page in a    kids ages 6 months-5th grade! The
Nights for Hillsboro Theological Semi-      course catalogue or call the church office   evening will include games, crafts, pizza
nary.                                       at 665-0148.                                 and a movie. We will be viewing "The
  Throughout the year, we’ll offer terms                  FALL TERM 2012                 Lorax. "
with different course options so you can              (Wednesdays, Sept. 5 - 26)           So there's sure to be lots of fun! This is
continue your theological education                      Classes 6:30-7:30pm             a great event to invite friends!
without the student loans! Below is more       • Jerusalem through the Ages with Dr.       For more information and to sign up
information about the Fall and Advent       Jack Sasson                                  please contact Amy Dillon at amy@hpc-

                                                                                         Adult Bible Study
Terms. Course catalogues, with teacher         • A Glimpse at Family with Jim &          nashville.org.
bios and course descriptions, are avail-    Livvy Schleicher

                                                                                         begins Sept. 11
able at the church.                                    ADVENT TERM 2012
  In addition to the below courses, we         (Wednesdays, Nov. 28 - Dec. 12)
offer a full age range of children and                  Classes 6:30-7:30 p.m.
youth programs, as well as free child-         • The Teachings and Practices of Bud-
care, during Hillsboro Theological Semi-    dhism with Dr. Marty Bell                      Adult Bible Study will begin Tuesday
nary. And if you’re worried about dinner,      • A Picture Worth a Thousand Words:       Morning, September 11. We meet every
make plans to join us for our 5-4-3 Din-    An Advent Study of Theology & Film           2nd and 4th Tuesday in the Chapel of the

Food For Thought Sept. 10
ner at 5:43 p.m. ($5 adults, $4 youth, $3   with Rev. Chris Adams                        Parish House. We’ll begin at 10 o'clock
                                                                                         will be studying John Stott's "Jesus Christ,
                                                                                         Teacher, Servant & Savior". The student
                                                                                         books have been ordered and will be
                                                                                         available for $8 at the first meeting. All
                                                                                         adults are welcomed to join in the study
 Adults’ Food For Thought will be 11:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m. Mon-                             which is an inductive format, designed to
day, Sept. 10 in the Chapel. Lunch is only $5.                                           help discover for oneself what Scripture is
                                                                                         saying. Rev. Jim Harrell leads the group.
                                                                                         We’d love for YOU to join us!
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The Good News
FELLOWSHIP MINISTRY                                MARLA ALBERT, LEADER

                          Book Club
   We had a great meeting and discussion at
Lee Limbird’s in July. Thanks, Lee, for shar-                                              Supper Sisters’ next adventure is
ing your beautiful home with us! Below is a                                              Burger Up on 12th Ave South. This may
list of dates, places, books and authors for the                                         be my favorite so far ... They have
rest of the year:                                                                        pickle chips (Yum)!! Put Sept. 11 on
   Sept. 24: Linda Diguette will host The                                                your calendar.
Power of One: A Novel by Bryce Courtenay.                                                  And remember that we always get to-
   Oct. 29: Ann Bodnar will host The Mid-                                                gether on the second Tuesday of each
wives by Chris Bohjalian.                                                                month at 6:30 p.m. Bring a Sister with
   Our November meeting will be held Dec.                                                you .... and always, let me know you are
3 due to Thanksgiving weekend. Jim Cozart                                                coming, and I'll save you a seat!
and Suzy Bennett will be hosting. The book to                                                                        — Deb Smith
read will be announced in the future.

                                                                                         5-4-3 Wednesday dinners
   Happy Reading!
                              — Lynne McCalla

Women in Prayer Small Group meets Sept. 20
                                                                                            Join us on Wednesday Nights, beginning
                                                                                         Sept. 4, for our 5-4-3 Dinner. Meals are $5 for
                                                                                         adults, $4 for youth and $3 for children, and
  The Women in Prayer Small Group will meet this year on the third Thursday of           they begin at… 5:43pm! In the month of Sep-
each month at noon at the home of Julia Harrell. Our first meeting of this "new year"    tember, during Hillsboro Theological Semi-
will be the Sept. 20. Please feel a warm welcome as you read this announcement.          nary’s Fall Term, dinner will precede our
  We pray first and eat our lunch together after our prayer time. Bring a sandwich or    programs, which start at 6:30 p.m. And be sure
whatever, and Julia will furnish the rest of your lunch. Make a note - Thursday, Sept.   to also make plans to join us in October for our
20, at noon, at Julia's house, for prayer and fellowship!                                Fellowship Dinners, also starting at 5:43 p.m.
                                                                                         See you there!

MEMBERSHIP MINISTRY                                                                      Nominating
                                                                                         Committee elected
                                           BEN CANNON, LEADER

 Send letters, support to Michael Ross                                                     A congregational meeting was held
                                                                                         Aug. 19 for the purpose of electing a
    Our own Michael Ross is halfway through his current deployment serving our
                                                                                         Nominating Committee.
 country in Afghanistan. He will be moving south to another area in Afghanistan. His
                                                                                           Those elected are: Ben Cannon and
 new address is: 1st Lt Ross, Michael C.; 3/8 Weapons Co.; Lima 2nd Plt; Unit
                                                                                         Scott Brunette from Session and from
 #73270; FOB Payne; FPO AE 09510-3270.
                                                                                         the congregation are: Sharon Yokley,
    Michael loves hearing from home, so let’s be sure he knows we’re praying for
                                                                                         Ann Martin, Kurt Musfeldt and Joice-
 him!!! Since the zip code for Michael is a USA zip, you just need a regular 45 cent

 Thank you
                                                                                         lyn Gregory.

  The gorgeous flower arrangement that I received
from my beloved Hillsboro family is so appreciated
during this sad time in my life. Thank you so much!                                            Please send concise articles to Gloria,
                                                Love,                                                 gloria@hpcnashville.org.
                                     Carolyn Musfeldt
                                                                                                    Send pictures to Stephanie,
                                                                                           Include your name and contact information.

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                                                                                                           The Good News

                         Happy Birthday!
         Sept. 1                                         Sept. 13                                         Sept. 24
     Jon Wright, Sr.                                  David Dingler                                      Marjorie Page
       Jeff May                                      Nancy Hartmann
                                                         Sept. 14                                         Sept. 25
         Sept. 2                                     Katherine Locke                                    Evelyn Moody
       Dave Hor vat
                                                         Sept. 15                                           Sept. 26
       Sept. 3                                         Ashley James                                        Pam Kidd
     Bill Barnes                                                                                          Keri Cannon
Jordan Rosdeutscher                                    Sept. 16                                            Eric Lister
    Joe Kindoll                                     Mary Wallace                                          Joyce Smith
                                                    Matthew Short
         Sept. 4                                  Martha Gray Sasser                                        Sept. 27
       Ben Cannon                                     Sarah Ray                                            Emily Warth

      Sept. 5                                              Sept. 17                                        Sept. 28
 Margaret Krahenbill                                      Mike Swan                                      Gray Sasser
 Ashby Parsons, Sr.                                                                                     Jodie Jacoway
   Joe Swafford                                           Sept. 18
    Jose Adams                                          Raline Center                                     Sept. 29
                                                                                                        Sherry Kelly
       Sept. 6                                            Sept. 20                                     Stephanie Dietz
    Raymond Hazen                                       Jackie Kerby
                                                          Akur Kur                                           Sept. 30
           Sept. 9                                      Julien Smith                                        Jim Sasser
          Jim Swan
                                                           Sept. 21
          Sept. 10                                         o
                                                          T m Walker
         Terry Poff
                                                         Sept. 23
        Sept. 11                                       Tom McCurley
     Nathan Center

If your birthday is not included, please call Gloria in the church office so she can update our records. We don’t want to leave you out!

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The Good News

Mark your calendars for fall at HPC

                 Kick-Off Sunday!
  Sept. 2 is Kick-Off Sunday, when we'll start a new "year" at
HPC! We'll worship at 10 a.m. and immediately following the
service we'll hold a Church-Wide Picnic with good food and
plenty of games & fun for children and youth (be sure to bring
along a swimsuit and towel for kids and youth!). Come join us as
we start an exciting new year together and invite your friends!!
For more information please contact Amy Dillon at amy@hpc-

         New fall worship schedule
  The new fall worship schedule will begin Sunday, Sept. 9.
  The early service will be at 9 a.m. in the sanctuary and will be
in a contemporary format.
  The late service will be at 11:15 a.m. in the sanctuary and will
follow a traditional format
  Sunday school will be 10:15 to 11:00 a.m.
  Don’t forget these new times!

  If you love music and singing...
 Join the choir for the fall/winter schedule beginning 7:30 p.m.
Wednesday, Sept. 5. We need your talent!
 Band Rehearsals begin 6:30 p.m. Thursday, Sept. 6.


 Friends Life yard sale
                                                            LISA TAYLOR, KAREN STEVENS, LINDA KILPATRICK,

                                                                                     Luke 14:12
                                                            DAVID GREGORY AND LEE LIMBIRD, LEADERS LEADERS

                                                                                       On Friday Aug. 10, the Benevolence
  Items needed by Sept. 14 for fundraising event                                     Committee visited Luke 14:12 and helped
                                                                                     with the set up of the first seating, and 12
     FRIENDS LIFE COMMUNITY                                                          more HPC members arrived to man the
  YARD SALE will be held September                                                   kitchen and serve 270 individuals. Since
  21 & 22. Of course our most urgent                                                 we all enjoy this ministry so much and at
  need are items to sell: furniture, elec-                                           Lucy's suggestion, I have volunteered us
  tronics, clothing, books, toys, jewelry                                            for each 5th Friday of the month. So we
  and any other items you no longer                                                  will be serving on August 31 and again on
  need! (Please, no mattresses or box                                                November 30 in addition to our regular
  springs.) You can deliver your dona-                                               2nd Friday.
  tions to the Friends Life House located
  at 4114 Granny White Pike (near J.T.                                                 For more information on how to volun-
  Moore Middle School) any Saturday                                                  teer, write to Lindakilp6@aol.com.
  from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Or call Friends
  Life at 730-9370 to arrange to drop off                                                Gracious letters of thanks were re-
  your donations no later than Sept. 14.                                              ceived by some of the following min-
  Friends Life will benefit from 100 per-                                             istries HPC supports: Monroe
  cent of your donations and you will re-                                             Harding, Second Harvest Food
  ceive a letter of thanks for your                                                   Bank, Room In The Inn, Presbyterian
  tax-free donation. Please see Gloria                                                Campus Ministry, and Martha
  Shiavi if you’d like more information.

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                                                                                                        The Good News
   Wow! An amazing new development at
Village Hope: A new 'feeding station" near
the front gate ... where hungry children can
come for fresh milk! The following good
news is from Paddington:
   "The greatest product that comes with the
Freezeland is the milk. For the record we
can track the lives of Winnie and Arlene who
were severely malnourished when they came
to us as babies. We supplied them with high
protein diets which included milk, in order to
stabilize their health.
   It is from these past achievements that we
look at the Freezeland with much hope and
expectation that the life of the family and
community will realise much from it.
   The major health challenges that we face
with children from disadvantaged circum-         issues of cost and reliance on external sup-       We have also managed to extend the arm
stances is that they will have been subjected    pliers have been eliminated. Having the         to supplying milk to other young children in
to poor nutrition which in the long run          Freezeland means that the family will have      the community as we seek to combat malnu-
makes their health unstable. In most in-         uninterrupted supply of milk for the foresee-   trition. They can come to our new feeding
stances physicians will recommend that they      able future.                                    station and enjoy our new supply of fresh
should be supplied with maximum quantities          The milk from a Freezeland will provide      milk."
of milk. Due to cost constraints the supply of   relish for the family and will also support        As always, the HPC Zimbabwe Team
milk has been limited. Now that we have a        the community feeding programme that we         thanks you all for your constant support!
ready supply of milk in the Freezeland, the      have during the weekends.

   The Kekchi have little formal education and for years have
asked for theological education. We know that education and re-
ligion have always been the catalysts for change in the world so
it is fitting that we be involved in this struggle.
   I was fortunate to find a source of funds late last year that
would enable 10-12 Kekchi to study theology for a year.
   All were enthusiastic. The Kekchi opted for a long- standing
program offered by the Nazarene seminary in Cobán. This pro-
gram teaches the practical aspects of being a pastor and church
planter and does not delve deeply into doctrine. The General Sec-
retary of the Guatemalan Presbyterian Church (IENPG) was also
most enthusiastic.
   Negative remarks by one or two outside the Kekchi about the
manner in which the particular students were selected, and the             Wells Fargo Bank
source of the funds, over time, caused the initial funding to evap-        P.O. Box 3488
orate. It is very difficult to understand how any could be op-             Portland, OR 97208-3908
posed to marginalized people at last having an opportunity for             Cedepca - Account #2000025119521
education, even if only for a few, to find it destroyed by arcane          I believe we all benefit when those at the margins are helped
reasoning that served no one.                                            no matter where they may live. I am returning to Guatemala Au-
   The program continues. There are now 13 students, more than           gust 20. I will visit villages in the Polochíc valley, a political
began the course—11 of them are from the Polochíc and 2 from             prisoner in the prison El Pavon in Guatemala City, and Catholic
Sayaxché. I met with the General Secretary of the IENPG my               Bishop Ramazzini who is central to support of the marginalized
last day in Guatemala and he was, once again, most enthusiastic          in their struggles with international mining and agricultural com-
about the training taking place in Cobán.                                panies who extract profits but leave little of value—especially for
   But we now do need more funding. Even though the negativity           the marginalized.
has subsided, so has the money. Our other PC (USA) partner in                   Que la paz de Dios sea con ustedes este día y para siempre,
Guatemala, CEDEPCA, is now handling the money for us due to
the ecumenical nature of the training. That is a good thing. We                                                                      Roger
can send money directly to their account in the US.
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The Good News
          Mobile Meals                                             Play benefits Room In The Inn
                                                                      Nashville playwright Jim Reyland’s new play, STAND, was
  Mobile Meals has been in existence since 1974. After Imo-        created to raise awareness of the homeless and will raise funds
gene Ross retired from coordinating our Mobile Meals pro-          to benefit Room In The Inn. The play will run for 12 consecu-
gram about four years ago, Pat and Don Fiete took over and         tive weekends, beginning Aug. 24. Nightly talk-back sessions
have done a great job coordinating and often filling in and to     after each performance, which will feature experts in the field
do the routes themselves when substitutes are not available.       to help shed additional insight.
  Their stalwart group of delivers are Chris and Joe Swafford,        STAND is the true story of Johnny "JJ" Ellis, who spent three
Kim Srygley, David Dingler, Valerie Moth, Juliana Ericson,         drug-addicted decades on the streets of Nashville, and a Good
Lucy Carroll, Nancy and Bruce Hartman, Lisanne Hitt, Cheryl        Samaritan who stepped up to help him. The play is directed by
Ryans and Sherry Kelly.                                            David Compton. "JJ" is played by Barry Scott and the Good
  Mobile Meals receives no government support. Metro Meals         Samaritan is played by Chip Arnold.
on Wheels is a government program which has no connection             All general admission tickets to STAND at all theatres are $15
with Mobile Meals. This service area include Edgehil, Mel-         and available at ticketsnashville.com or at the venue the day of
rose, east to Franklin Road, west to West End Ave. and south       show. No other discounts are available.
to Old Hickory Blvd. It is not limited to church member or            "Because STAND will be presented in venues throughout
senior adults and there is no age requirement. This often al-      Nashville, we are hoping that it will raise the consciousness of
lows older adults to remain in their home for a long period and    so many throughout our community by dramatizing the com-
have someone checking on them each day. The Mobile Meals           plexities and struggles faced by the homeless," said Father
drivers are frequently the only human contact these people         Charles Strobel, founding director, Room In The Inn's Campus.
have each day.                                                                                                  — Karen H. Stevens

 Thank you from Penuel Ridge
To the Hillsboro Family
   We are so deeply grateful for your long friendship of prayers and support. The participants of our day retreat program for home-
less women and men wanted to thank you for extending the healing and loving hand of God to them through your support.
                                                                                                                           In Peace,
                                                                                                         Laura Valentine, Director
                                                                                                       Penuel Ridge Retreat Center

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                                                                                                     The Good News

A target for congregational care at HPC
                                                           RICH SHIAVI, LISANNE HITT, DON     FIETE, JULIANA ERICSON, JODY GRANTHAM
                                                           AND SCOTT BRUNETTE, LEADERS

     Beloved, since God loved us so
 much, we also ought to love one an-
 other. No one has ever seen God; if
 we love one another, God lives in us,
    and his love is perfected in us.
              — 1 John 4:11-12

            WHY THE TARGET?
   With the target for congregational care,
we are aiming for a churchwide model for
care that involves and includes everyone
— staff, church leaders and every single
member. Keep reading to find out more
about our model.
   Individual (or Family): At the center
of the target is the individual or family
unit in yellow. As a church, we must con-
tinually ask the question, “How are we
caring for every person at HPC?”
   Life Group: Surrounding the individ-
ual on the target is a small red circle, rep-
resenting Life Groups. These small
groups meet regularly in homes, growing
in faith and love for one another, and the
larger community too!
   Within the target’s larger blue circle,
you’ll find these four essential congrega-
tional care pieces...
   Staff: Our HPC Staff play a major role          Prayer Team: This is a team of folks          Check out the contact information
in this model, including their weekly pas-      who have committed to pray for whatever       below to help us hit our target for congre-
toral visits, weekend on-call rotations,        needs arise. They lovingly coordinate our     gational care at HPC.
and pastoral counseling.                        prayer chapel, prayer chain and prayer gra-             HOW TO GET INVOLVED
   Deacons: In January 2013, HPC will           hams.                                            Life Group: To find out more or to reg-
begin electing deacons for the purpose of                   WHAT ABOUT THE                    ister, visit hpcnashville.org or call us at
caring for “family groups.” Every single                     CONGREGATION?                    665-0148.
church member will be cared for by a               You might now be asking, “What about          Membership Team: Email Ben Cannon
deacon.                                         the congregation?” Actually, that’s really    (team leader) at bhcannon@comcast.net
   Membership Team: This team works             the most important part! At HPC, we be-          Prayer Team: Email Lucy Carroll at
behind the scenes to care for the HPC           lieve that each and every one of us are       lucycarroll401@comcast.net
family in practical ways, including, for        ministers. We are one body, and we all           For more information or general ques-
example, providing meals for families in        have a part to play! What will your part      tions, contact Hudson Neely, Minister of
crisis.                                         be?                                           Discipleship, 665-0148 or hudson@hpc-
                                                       HELP US HIT OUR TARGET                 nashville.org.

     Financial Report                             Finances Going Forward – While we
                                                will continue to be prudent with our
                                                                                              paign with that goal in mind.
                                                                                                 What Do We Do Now? – Let’s keep
  Finances Looking Back – July was a            spending for the remainder of 2012 our        meeting our giving commitments for the
very good month! We received $240               primary focus is now turning to budget        rest of year so that HPC can remain stable
Thousand of the commitments from our            planning for 2013. For this planning cycle    and fully prepared for the great things God
Invest In The Mission campaign plus $71         we are aiming to have our 2013 budget         has planned for us to do. As always we ex-
Thousand for our normal monthly contri-         complete before the 2013 Stewardship          tend sincere thanks for the faithfulness
butions v. July expenses of $77 Thousand.       campaign to be undertaken in November         everyone has shown in giving their time,
For the year so far our spending is exactly     and December. This will allow us to           talents, and money to HPC.
on budget and our income is $116M ahead         specifically set out our 2013 giving target                — Jody Grantham, Treasurer
of budget. God is good!                         and to conduct our 2013 Stewardship cam-
                                                                 PAGE 9
The Good News
Treasurer’s Report                             JULY 2012
                                    2012               2012            2011                   BANK BALANCES:
Revenues:                         ACTUAL             BUDGET            ACTUAL           Total Cash available    $285,922
General Fund Contributions        $418,662           $422,123          $400,697         Total market securities $175,043
Invest in the Mission               239,835          239,835                  0
Building Fund Contributions           3,100             455               3,575         Less: Designated Accounts $(248,030)
                                                                                        Net Cash for Operations $212,935
Other Income                         42,557            38,396            44,004
Total Revenues                      $704,154         $700,809          $448,276
                                                                                        Benevolence Checking $ 55,351
Operating Expenses                 $556,568            $546,711        $408,793
Benevolence                          31,375             35,313           39,833         BE Money Market             $ 16,015
Capital Improvements                     0               5,833                 0        Total Benevolence           $ 71,366
Total Expenses                     $587,943            $587,857        $448,626
Net Cash Gain (Deficit)            $116,211             112,952          (350)

                            Departmental Expenses vs. Budget
                                          2012 YTD              2012            REMAIN          PERCENT        2011 YTD
 DIVISION                                ACTUAL          BUDGET                                SPENT           ACTUAL

Pastoral Compensation               $123,243           $177,577            $54,333              69%            $68,350
Christian Education                 $13,032            $27,665             $14,633              47%            $8,312
Worship                             $4,164             $14,760             $10,596              28%            $4,998
Fellowship/Community                $3,239             $5,000              $1,761               65%            $1,270
Office Administration               $45,131            $77,740             $32,609              58%            $42,892
Wednesday Night Dinner/Program*     $6,279             $12,240             $5,961               51%            $5,575
Evangelism                          $235               $6,000              $5,765               4%             $575
Membership                          $1,829             $3,200              $1,371               57%            $650
Stewardship/Finance                 $0                 $350                $350                 0%             $0
Media                               $6,934             $11,500             $4,566               60%            $2,854
Building & Grounds                  $58,005            $64,700             $6,695               90%            $35,989
Day-to-Day Operating                $63,293            $104,640            $41,347              60%            $50,897
Benevolence                         $31,375            $72,100             $40,726              44%            $39,833
Non-Pastoral Compensation           $231,183           $407,114            $175,930             57%            $186,430

Subtotals                           $587,943           $984,586            $396,643             60%            $448,626

Capital Improvements                $0                  $10,000               $10,000            0%            $0

Total                               $587,943            $994,586              $406,643           59%           $448,626
 Target Percent YTD                                                                              58%
 Monthly Average Expense            $83,992
 Projected Expense 2011             $1,007,902                     * Wednesday Night Programs now under Christian Education
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