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					Company Presentation
     Learning Objectives
 To talk about company structure;
 To talk about company profile;
 To give a company presentation.
         Warm-up Practice
 1. What are the factors that should be
  considered in the preparation and delivery
  of a presentation?
 2. Please share your presentation with us.
 3. Some medium-sized and large state-
  owned enterprises in China seem to be
  always running in the red. What do you
  think are the major reasons?
           Warm-up Practice
 4. Please give the English equivalents to
  the following words or expressions.
 总部        总裁 董事会             人事部/人力资
 跨国公司          乡镇企业           营业额 生产
 亏本 引进人才 总资产 管理机制
 5. The following are logos of some famous
  companies worldwide. Try to identify them
  and say as much as possible about the
 1. Background information of the company: date
  of establishment; founders; history; development;
 2. Presentation of the service or products of the
 3. Presentation of the constitution and employees;
 4. Presentation of the consumers and business
 5. Presentation of the important development in
  recent years;
 6. Presentation of the annual report of the
   总部→headquarters/ head office
   总裁→Managing Director/ CEO
   董事会→board of directors
   人力资源部→Personnel/ Human Resources Dep.
   跨国公司→multinational
   乡镇企业→township enterprise
   营业额→turnover
   生产能力→production/ manufacturing
   亏本→lose money; run in the red
   引进人才→bring in talents
   总资产→total assets
   管理机制→management system

                       VP of teaching                          VP of logistics
VP of Administration

                        Dean of the
 Secretary of CPC       department

                                            Secretary of the

                                            VP in charge of
                                             students work

                                                                  League secretary

                                        VP in charge of teaching

                                                                Leader of the branch

          Listening practice
 Listen to a monologue and construct an
  organization chart for the company.
                            New Era Venture
                             Capital Co., Ltd.

        Unit 1                              Unit 3
   Biotechnology,                       New material,
                        Unit 2                                 Unit 4
  Phamaceuticals,                       new energy,       Capital operation
  Modernisation of    IT-related      environmental and       projects
traditional Chinese    projects            Internet
   medicine and                          technology
            Introducing
             yourself and your
Language    Types of company
  Focus     Company structure
             and organization
            Talking about
             company profile
Introducing yourself and your talk

  Greeting and self-introduction
  Title/ Subject
  Purpose/ Objective
  Length
  Outline/ Main parts
  Questions
 Comics Publishing House is divided into 4
  departments: Product Department, Sales
  Department, Marketing Department and
  International Department. Product Department is in
  charge of licensed and own products’
  manufacturing, cooperation with sub-contractors
  and studios. Sales Department is in charge of
  wholesales, sell retail, franchise, and sale by
  subscription. The work of Marketing Department
  includes research, analysis and strategy,
  advertising and PR, and sales support. International
  Department is responsible for licensing, partnership
  programs, international PR, and sale of rights/
  services on foreign markets.

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