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Using Mary Kay’s TOOLS for SUCCESS…
          can turn your hobby into a MONEY MAKING BUSINESS!!!

Plan your work… and work your plan!!!
Rarely do we get into our cars and head off on a vacation, without PLANNING it out! We have a map with our route,
when we’ll go and return, what we’ll do while we are there, money, clothes, sunblock, etc. So, use Mary Kay’s 40+ years -
proven tools—to get your business on the right track. Using Mary Kay’s tools… You’ll be focused, know what you need
to do and when…you’ll make your life easier and be working smart… not hard!
                                          MK TOOLS:
                    “Weekly plan sheet” (available on-line and on order form)
                              “6 Most Important Things To Do” list
               “Weekly Accomplishment Sheet” (available on-line and on order form)
This is done WEEKLY!!! Start by MARKING OFF the times you already have commitments for, like DATE NIGHT WITH
YOUR HONEY, TIME FOR YOU!!! (exercise, reading, ped/manicure), CHURCH, OTHER J.O.B (that stands for “Journey
of the broke”), READING TO CHILDREN, GROCERIES/COOKING, etc. Now you know when you are available to hold
your MK appointments and can say…. “I have 2 openings next week, which would be better fro you Tuesday evening or
Saturday morning? THIS WAY, YOU HAVE CONTROL over your schedule! Circle the times YOU DO HAVE
AVAILABLE to hold your MK appointments… and PUT IT ON YOUR FRIG, so your whole family knows what YOUR plan
is !!!
Use your time wisely! Can you make 2 calls or a delivery on your lunch break? On your way to or from work? Have a
quick facial appointment at your home, while the baby takes a nap? How about doing a Power Saturday, with 3
appointments at 10am - 1pm and 4 or 7 pm? Perhaps you do all your business at your weekly success meeting each
I personally find the best times for ME to book and confirm on the phone is Sunday’s between 4—7 pm! Remember
phone courtesies, by asking, “Do you have a quick minute?” Don’t call before 9 am (10am on Weekends) and never after
9 pm!!! MY “prime time phone time” is 7—9 pm Monday and Thursday evenings! What works best for you? You need a

Before you lay your head down to rest… empty your thoughts of all the important things you need to do the next day, by
making a list of the “6 Most Important Things to do” for the next day... and get a good nights rest!!! I personally make a
MK LIST and a PERSONAL LIST! What are the most important things you need to do for your business… to make
money… earn a MK career car… triple your income and become a Sales Director…

          MK LIST                                                         PERSONAL LIST                        .
Put together 5 Recruiting packets                                      Pick up dry cleaning
Call 5 clients to offer New Year Make-over                             Bring cupcakes to Megan’s class
Follow up with interview from yesterday                                Get 20 single dollar bills, put in envelope, for lunch
Confirm guests for MK meeting. Offer to pick them up                       money & etc.
Enroll my 2 new clients on PCP                                         Send B-day card to Mom
Call Alisha about my $100 day yesterday                                Call sprinkler repair company
                                                                       Make grocery list for next 3 days meals

Other great things that can go on your MK list: Make product sales bank deposit,
Put together 5 Hostess packets, Write 3 thank you postcards to clients, send postcards to my Team members, register
for Career Conference, do my weekly accomplishment sheet, etc.
IF YOU ARE BRAND NEW… label your products, put your inventory on your shelf the same way it’s listed on the
order form, order your personal MK web page, call 10 friends to launch your business debut, Call my Director for more
product knowledge training!!!
MK TOOLS — Weekly Accomplishment Sheet (WAS)
WORK SMART… NOT HARD!!!                 This tool makes our lives easy!!!
One simple piece of paper—that tells it all!
$   How many hours you REALLY worked
$   How many new skin care clients you have
$   Which of the 5 sales opportunities is your strong point and which is your weakest
$   What is YOUR average… for Facial, Class, Show, Web/Reorder, On the Go appointments
$   Do you always have new bookings for the next weeks from this weeks appointments
$   Track the sales tax you have collected back, and non-recoverable tax on gifts given away
$   Track your costs on Hostess gifts, free products and gifts—given away as incentives
$   What your year to date totals are—in EVERY category
$   What your weekly gross profit is!
$   What your total earned profit per hour is!
$   What subjects would you like more information about from your Director? (Booking, Color, etc)

Once you know YOUR AVERAGES…. (Av Facial is $___, Av Class is $___, Av Show is $___)
You can start to project what your paycheck will be… or how many appt YOU need to hold each week… to be
where you want to be!!!

FILL ONE OUT EVER WEEK, whether you worked or not… so at the end of the year you have 52 weekly
accomplishment sheets. (If you chose not to work, put the date & write “didn’t work” or “vacation”, “sick” - so
you are not questioning whether you‘ve lost a week or 2 of your WAS’s

Click on the button, to share it with your Director. Most Directors compile their newsletters from the WAS that
are completed ON-LINE! They only “keep” on-line for about 8 -12 weeks… SO, PRINTOUT 2 COPIES….
ONE for your records with all the “Bank Copy” of your Sales tickets from each of your sales for that week -
stapled to the back, then file it in your “JANUARY - DECEMBER MONEY Binder or file folders.
And ONE copy to bring to your Weekly Success Meeting EVERY WEEK, we want to recognize you with
ribbons and applause!
There are 52 weeks in a year…
you should have 52 Weekly Accomplishment Sheets (WAS) !

Tracking your profit and expences can be done in a 3 ring binder or folders! EACH MONTH OF THE YEAR
would have “A TAB” OR “A SECTION” to keep your 4 “Weekly Accomplishment Sheets” for the month(money
IN) … your “Order Summary” sheet that arrives with your product orders from MK (money OUT) and your
RECEIPTS for that month for… tolls, cotton balls, weekly meeting dues, before and after photo’s printing, office
supplies, etc.

Applause magazines - Binder with 12 clear page protectors - one for each month, then pull them
  out when you have time to read them, or want a picture of products

Questions? Call MK 1-800-272-9333
Consultants & Directors MK Info/ Training/ Tools/ Tracking -
Customers looking for a Consultant -
YOUR customers shopping with you on-line or using Virtual makeover - name
 First you need to decide IF and HOW MUCH product you will have in YOUR MK STORE.
 The more you can start with, the MORE MK gives you for FREE to assist you in launching your business. Now,
 that is smart business!!! I’m sure you will agree it’s pretty hard to sell out of an empty wagon. Women are
 impulsive buyers and want it now! If they go home and can change their mind… usually feel guilty after
 seeing children… house… etc. Your goal is to build to a full store… 3+ or more of every item on your shelf!!!

 Open a separate PERSONAL checking account at a bank that DOES NOT require a minimum balance, nor
 charges a monthly fee… with DEBIT CARD attached. CAN NOT have the words “Mary Kay” on the account.
 You CAN name the account… “product sales” “college fund”… “pink bubble account”. ALL the money from
 your sales will go into this account. You will then use your Debit card to place an order ON-LINE, to replace
 the products you just sold… with 60% of your sales.
 (MK Connections - you can order checks with MK logo on them - BUT, I recommend you order these for your
 HOUSEHOLD checking account, so when you pay bills, you are letting everyone know you are in MK. For your separate
 MK account - the only checks you are going to be writing is for your weekly meetings and special events… and we all
 already know you are in MK!)

 60/40 RULE - MK Inc. recommends you use the 60/40 rule for managing your money from sales. Deposit
 ALL your sales money, then at the end of the week… every other week or monthly… Take 60% of it and place
 a wholesale order… and write yourself a check to your savings or household account, for the remaining 40%
 as your profit. In the beginning of your career, you may want to re-invest 100% of your sales back into more
 product, to build up your store. The extra 10% you are putting into product is to cover tax and Sec 2.

 PAYING OFF DEBTS: Buy a spiral notebook and dedicate a single page to each debt you owe. Then decide
 which level of Star Consultant you are going to be and take that profit weekly and make out a check and mail
 to the creditor and get that debt reduced quickly!!!

 Here is a table to show what you do have to do in order to reduce your debt fast!!!!

  Star                                                         60% to          40% Profit to
  Consultant      Must Sell     Weeks in the    Amt to sell    reinvest for    put towards     Monthly Amt to pay
  Qtrly           Retail each   Qtr to divide   each week      Section 1       debt            towards debt
  Goal            Qtr           by
  Emerald Star
  $3,600 wh.      $7,200        13 weeks        $462 retail    $277 a week     $185 a week     $740 towards debt
  Diamond Star
  $3,000 wh.      $6,000        13 weeks        $385 retail    $231 a week     $154 a week     $616 towards debt
  Ruby Star
  $2,400 wh.      $4,800        13 weeks        $308 retail    $184 a week     $123 a week     $492 towards debt
  Sapphire Star
  $1,800 wh.      $3,600        13 weeks        $231 retail    $139 a week     $ 92 a week     $368 towards debt

Look how much you can put towards a debt or bill every week and every month! It adds up so quickly! The reason some
of us are not making Star Consultant happen is because we look at the entire elephant and consider taking one big bite …
however, if it is broken down…it is achievable!

 McDonalds is hiring at $8.00/hr. You would have to work 23 hours a week to gross the Emerald Star Consultant weekly
 profit of $185. Are you investing 23 hours a week into building your Mary Kay business? If you were, think of just how
 much more you would be earning! The choice is yours!
TIME MANAGEMENT Everyone has the same 24 hours in a day x 7 days a week = 168 hrs
How you choose to spend it is up to you! Use your Weekly Plan Sheet… WEEKLY… so YOU can keep
BALANCE in your life and keep your priorities, Faith first, Family second and Career third. YOU decide when
you will hold appointments. Let’s paint a few pictures:
Left: MK with working another full time job           Right: MK with working another part time job

      168 hours/wk                                                     168 hours/wk
    - 56 hrs… sleep/wk (8hrs a night)                           -     56 hrs … sleep
      112 hours left                                                  112 hours left
    - 40 hrs… JOB (journey of broke)                           - 15 hrs… MK Classes
       72 hours left                                                   97 hours left
   -     3 hrs… drive/commuting                                   -     5 hrs… MK Office (calling, filling
       69 hours left                                                   92 hours left orders, WAS, etc)
     - 15 hrs …housework 4 hrs/laundry 3 hrs/                     -     15 hrs… housework/laundry etc
       54 hours left   groceries2 hrs/cooking 5 hrs                    77 hours left
     - 15 hrs… family time & meals                              -     15 hrs… Family time & meals
        39 hours left                                                   62 hours left
     - 3 hrs… Faith/ Church activities                          -       3 hrs… Faith/Church
       36 hours left                                                    59 hours left
     - 7 hrs … Hyguine                                            -       7 hrs… Hyguine
        29 hours left                                                   52 hours left
    - 4 hrs … Date night                                        -       4 hrs… Date night
        25 housr left                                                   48 hours left
     - 6 hrs… ME (reading/exercise/meditation)                 -        6 hrs… ME
       19 hours left                                                    42 hours left
   -     4 hrs MISC                                        -        4 hrs… MISC
        15 HOURS LEFT TO BUILD MK BUSINESS                            38 hours left
                                                                -     20 hrs … part time job
                                                                      18 HRS TO DO WHAT YOU WANT

Since many of us may not have a separate office for our MK business… try getting things vertical… in binders, that you
can keep on the shelf in your kitchen / bedroom /office. 1 Binder with 12 page protectors (or vertical magazine bin)- Each
month for when your Applause Magazine arrives!
1 Binder with 12 LARGE envelopes (or vertical magazine bin) —marked Jan thru Dec.
This is for your receipts (tolls, film, cottonballs, meeting expenses, an interview lunch, etc), the print-outs you receive with
each product order (says “save for tax purposes) and after you have done your “Weekly Accomplishment Sheets on-line
AND FORWARDED A COPY TO ALISHA… print one out for your records and place in the envelope as well.
Commission statements from Team Commissions go here too. Now we have “money in” with our Weekly
Accomplishments Sheets/commission statements and “money out” with our receipts and MK product purchase receipts…
all in one envelope!

EXAMPLE: When I meet a sharp gal while I’m out, offer her my card… and ask her if she would like to be on my mailing
list... that I have specials every 3 months (PCP) & she fills out the other side of my card with her information. Now, she
has my info and I have hers… but what do I do with that card?
I personally like using a small spiral little notebook ( 3 x 5). Staple or tape the card at the top of the page, I make
notes about her (blonde in Publix, 2 kids, great make-up!) and under that I track my attempts to reach her. Tu 2/6 7:30
pm left message on machine… under that might say Th 2/8 5pm asked me to send her a few samples and call back next
Thurs. (make note on that page of samples)
Go IMMEADIATELY to your MK date book and put her name and # on next Thursday’s page! You can also use MY
CUSTOMERS on your MK INTOUCH page… by “adding an appointment”. When I have actually asked her the PROFILE
CARD QUESTIONS and booked an appointment, then I tear theat page out of my little notebook. SO… whenever I need
bookings … want to meet a MK challenge (like the Cellu-Shape Challenge!!!) don’t have my 5 booking for the next week
by 5pm on Friday’s… or have a hankering to do more shopping—I go to my spiral LEADS notebook and start calling to
Are informative, educational, and recognition orientated. Those who show up… go up! This is where you get a “pat on
the back” for your efforts and successes… as well as see, try and learn about products, application and presentation!!!
You are a REAL TEAM PLAYER when attending, supporting your Director and sister Consultants! If you have had a bad
MK week… you need the meetings to hear how others are having success. If you had a great week… the meeting needs
you! WORK SMART!!! If you are going to be away from your family for that evening… BE EARNING, WHILE YOU ARE
LEARNING, and always PICK-UP and bring a model/guest with you! She’ll love the positive energy in the room
(especially after a day at corporate or with the children), will love and want the products… and now understands why you
are so excited!!! Perhaps she’ll even become your new Team Member and be so grateful you offered her this fabulous

PORTABLE CAR OFFICE                       YOU ARE HOT! You’ve got a bounce in your step… and people are attracted to your
success. Everywhere you go, people are going to notice you, your beautiful smile and your Mary Kay pin. BE PREPARED! Be
prepared to with brochures, coaching packets, samples and career information.
Everything you need all neat and tidy in YOUR PORTABLE CAR OFFICE!
Set up a 12 or 21 POCKET EXPANDING ACCORDIAN FOLDER and tab the dividers with these Mary Kay categories:
1. Profile cards/ $ales Tickets/ Pens
2. Hostess Coaching Packets and or “It’s Girl Time” brochures
3. Fall in Love /Beauty Books / LOOK Books (with Limited Editions)
4. MK Career literature/ audio tapes – “MK is the perfect opportunity”brochure or “Consider the
    Possibilities (DVD) or Linda Chestnut Toupin’s CHOICES (cassette and CD)
5. Product Samples – Packets of TW / Velocity / Eye Creams / Satin Hands / Frangrances
6. Beauty Consultant Agreements
7. “Applause” magazine
8. Weekly Accomplishment Sheets (blank)
9. Extra Business Cards & White Product Labels for putting on brochures/ products
10. Emergency Skin Care Class supplies in a zip lock baggie: Cotton Balls, extra applicators,
    disposable facial cloths, styro trays, Look & Trend Color cards
11. Gift Certificates and envelopes
12. Pre-stamped “Thank You” postcards for Hostesses and guests (write them before you get
    home from appointments)
13. Spare pair of nylons, toothbrush & toothpaste

HELPFUL HINT: At the end of every Mary Kay Quarter, when you have finished up your STAR to

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