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					Wood working is anything from whittling on a stick to constructing a log cabin or using fire to
hollow out a log for a canoe. Now for every thing you are going to need or should have a plan.
Why with a plan, layout, or blueprint depending on what your are doing they will give you the
steps to complete your project after all like Christmas toys if you put part A on part C behind
part no what that’s part D or part A aaarrrgggg!!!!!! who needs toys anyway they have a BOX
that they love! Well, we all know that some Instructions are not very clear (toys and they play
with a CARDBOARD BOX) nor do they give you a good list of Materials.

What you need to know before you start any new project is what is needed. Do you need a stick
or a log if so how many, how long, 2x4’s, 2x12’s, treated or not, ply wood or plank, nails or
screws with a good set of clear plans you will know before you start. Other things you need is
tools now if you have been Woodworking for a while you might have a good idea, however a
Beginner will need a list of tools and even a well experienced woodworker can be surprised so
having a clear list of tools is important for all.

On this site you can find Articles on Woodworking, some about plans for building a house,
others about a small box, and links to were you can find these plans. But why pay when you can
find them for free? Good question yes you can find free plans on the web. Finding a set of plans
that has ALL materials listed did not work out any better then toy instructions do. I found some
plans for bunk beds that told me the only drill bit I need was 3/8’s and ALL screws were 2” deck
however ALL wood was 2x4 or 2x6’s have you ever measured a deck screw head yelp 3/8’s inch
give or take.(Pulls thru real well). Leaving only 1/2” in your rails will not hold!!! These were
good FREE plans! I had no one to turn to so what was I to do? These are easy fixes and I did
realize these things were wrong!

What happens If the project is bigger more complicated like say a Gazebo or your children's play
house, swing set, or play scape. It can be very easy to miss something even if you have year’s
worth of experience. When you buy and see something that does not look right you do have a
resource to turn to to say, “What is wrong here?” Something you will not get with “FREE” plans.
You see the Woodworkers who sell these plans have a stake in them, their reputation to uphold if
they want to stay in business. Sure they can sell without refund but we all know how good those
are and 99% of us know not to buy them.

All of these web based business have been around for years and have good reputations; yes you
can find bad reviews of them however show me one that you can’t; however what I have done is
weighed the various reviews and according to my opinion, I am showing you the best ones the

               Thank You for taking the time to read this while your are here you can check
out the Woodworking sites. Douglas

Plans are Woodworking