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									Smoking and Young People
  in the West Midlands

             Professor Bryan Stoten Co-Director
                     Hilary Wareing Co-Director
           Tobacco Control Collaborating Centre
  Smoking and Young People
• Smoking increases with number of
  smokers in household – up to six times
  compared with non-smoking homes
• 65% of underage smokers identified shops
  as their usual source of cigarettes
• 45% of 18 year old smokers say they
  would like to give up
What has been achieved:
 21% prevalence by 2007-target date 2010-11
 6% 11-15 yrs prevalence by 2007- target:9% by
 81% support for SmokeFree legislation
 Age of sale raised to 18 years
 Advertisement ban except at Point of Sale
 Visual warnings on packs
 Now: Point of Sale and Vending Machines
What we have been told:
 Tobacco has “gone off the boil” – see Marmot’s
 See South Staffs: “IYSS concentrates on risk taking
  behaviour-alcohol, substance misuse, teen pregnancy
  …but fails (to mention) smoking”
 SS Sustainable Community Strategy – “only reference to
  smoking “…..current trends indicate that obesity will
  soon surpass smoking as the greatest cause of
  premature loss of life..” An unlikely conclusion!
 Trading Standards not addressing underage sales – 72
  prosecutions in 2006-7 nationally
 Community Safety agenda paramount
What we know:
   Opportunistic interventions by clinicians work
   Price works
   Local mass media works
   SmokeFree works
   Restricting access works
   “Politicised” measures such as “Truth” work
   Post 18 “smoking debut” is limited
   Quit measures and Stop Smoking Services
    reduce prevalence by 5%
What is being done:
 Quit offers to teachers
 Training School Nurses in brief interventions
 Social marketing intervention to secure engagement of
  excluded young people
 Brief intervention training for any professional in touch
  with Young People
 Trading Standards enforcement
 Enhanced intervention in schools with identified
  vulnerable children using screening tool
 Time4U – specific SSS for young
What can be done:
 High profile test purchasing with prosecutions and media
 All school nurses trained to offer level 2 interventions
 Expand Coventry text initiative across school age
 Revise PHSE to focus on Tobacco Use in context of
  Health Inequalities
 Introduce “the Truth” material engaging Youth
  Council/Youth Parliament where they exist
 Review staff induction with Tobacco Control module
 Target SSS resources at R&M vulnerable young people
 Commit to 2/3rds of Homes Smokefree by 2020
Six Key Actions:
 Challenge access through Trading Standards initiatives
 Re-establish Tobacco Control as a central curriculum
  concern targeting School Governors, Staff and School
  Nurses and the PHSE agenda
 Reframe the narrative: develop “the Truth” information
  pack for viral marketing
 Recognise exposure to tobacco smoke as damaging to
  young people’s wellbeing in the Children’s Trust strategy
  “Positive About our Future” (see SmokeFree Homes and
Six Key Actions: [cont…]
 Target the excluded through YOTs and Youth
  Service (in particular Pupil Referral Units)
 Introduce “impact statement on Young People
  and Smoking” for all staff induction programmes
  in Education, Children’s Services, Leisure
  Services, Trading Standards, Community
  Services, YOTs and Police
 Time to get real
 New goal – 10% – Beyond Smoking Kills to “A
  Smokefree Future”
 We only get that if we stop them starting – that is the
  battlefield with the industry!
 Don’t do too much
 Steal what you can: “the Truth” from Fresh NE;
  texting from Coventry; “Why we won’t be ripped off”
  from GASP etc
 Use the economic case – that will be in the report
 No more lip service
Mark Easton – the way we behave:
  “Achieving further reductions will probably
  need to come from convincing fewer
  young people to take up cigarettes rather
  than hoping the hard core can be bullied
  into abstinence”
A. Challenging access to tobacco by young
   people through Trading Standards activity
   including test purchases

B. Re-establishing Tobacco Control as a central
   curriculum concern targeting School
   Governors, Staff and School Nurses and
   informing the PHSE agenda
C. Reframe the narrative: developing the “Truth”
   information pack for viral marketing amongst
   school age and college attending young people

D. Recognising and publicising that exposure to
   tobacco smoke is damaging to young people’s
   wellbeing both in the Smokefree Future Strategy
   [see SmokeFree Homes and Cars] and through
   Sure Start and Children’s Centres
E. Targeting vulnerable and excluded young people
   through the work of the Youth Offenders Team
   and the Youth Service [in particular addressing
   the circumstances of the Pupil Referral Units] with
   active cessation support measures for both
   service users and providers
F. Introducing an “impact statement on Young
   People and Smoking” on all staff induction
   programmes in Education, Children’s Services,
   Leisure Services, Trading Standards, Community
   Services, PCT Provider Services, YOTs and
   Police recruitment
An Action Plan
Time       Delivery   Action
required   Date
           01 June    Finalise action plan with WMGO Steering Group
2 days     07 June    Write to all County Borough, County Council and District Council
           2010       Leaders, PCT Chairs and Directors of Public Health seeking
5 days     20-27      First follow up ‘e-mails’ and phone calls to Leaders of Councils,
           June       PCT Chairs and Directors of Public Health
1 day      01 July    Offer October launch dates to PCTs, County Councils, District
           2010       Councils and County Boroughs
½ day      Sep        Write to local radio stations on an ‘alerting’ brief for radio coverage
15 days    06-15      Launch in five ‘clusters’ e.g. Shrewsbury, Stoke, Walsall,
           Oct 2010   Birmingham and Coventry – LA venue using – Film, West Midlands
                      Cost Calculator, Endorsement speech by key local stakeholders –
                      Leaders of Councils, Chief Executives and Chairs of PCTs
                       Smokefree Homes
Time       Delivery    Action
required   Date
1 day      Sep 2010    Write to all housing authorities in West Midlands about
                       Smokefree Homes initiative
15 days    Sep 2010    Development of ‘Smokefree’ Homes Tenant’s pack

At cost    Jan 2011    Production of Smokefree Homes Tenant’s pack (see
                       ‘Experts in Health’ materials).

10 days    Apr – May   Presentation of tenants’ pack and launch in each of five
           2011        clusters from April to May 2011 – with Directors of
                       Housing from County Borough and District Councils
             Schools and Young People
Time required/Delivery Date   Action
Launch April 2011             PHSE ‘compact’ with secondary school head teachers in
10 days plus 20 days          five ‘cluster’ centres as before. Launch presentations by
administration                invitation.

April 2011                    Commission West Midlands customised PHSE Tobacco
                              Module - to include:
                              SSS – quit support for young people pathway development
                              The ‘Truth’ material support pack
                              Production of Young People’s Tobacco Control pack

April 2011 - January 2012     Production of ‘The Truth’ material support pack
At cost                       Production of Tobacco Control pack Pathway Development
                              for Young People
January 2012                  School Nurse ‘toolkit’ with CPD training half day in each
15 days [3 x ½ days per       ‘cluster’
cluster] plus
15 days administration
Introduction of Mandatory Induction Training
Time required/Delivery Date    Action
September 2010                 Part of the Launch commitment incorporating ‘Silence Kills’

October – November 2010        Development of an induction capsule on:
15 days                        - Why does smoking amongst young people matter?
                               - What harm is done by tobacco?
                               - Where do young people access tobacco?
                               - What messages are key and evidenced based?

January – March 2011           Design, production and publication of induction module
At cost budget up to £20,000   for distribution to all HR departments in PCTs, County
                               Councils, County Boroughs and District Councils

April 2011                     Launch of CD based induction pack for HR staff in each
10 days plus 10 days           of the five ‘clusters’
Reducing Access to Tobacco
Time required/Delivery Date    Action

October – November 2010        - 5 x 2.5 hour meetings with Trading Standards
                                 Senior Staff / Directors in each “cluster”
10 days plus 15 days
                               - Presentations by “high profile” LACORS speaker
[5 meetings: lunchtime costs     and local Tobacco Control staff
for 75 participants @ £7 per
head £525]                     - Support pack with press release templates, press
                                 support material, priority setting protocols and\
                                 underage smoking guide
Conference for Key Individuals on Smoking and
Vulnerable Young People

 Time required/Delivery   Action

 January 2011             Invitation to all PCT Stop Smoking Services staff plus
                          members of Youth Offending Teams, County Probation
 8 days plus 20 days      Staff and Local Constabularies, Trading Standards.
 administration           Half day conference with presentations by RDPH; RTPM
                          and County Probation Officers
Tobacco Control Collaborating Centre
                      13 Old Square
                           CV34 4RA

                     Tel: 01926 490190
                     Fax: 01926 490111

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