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					Revision Rhinoplasty Surgeon Los Angeles
 Nose jobs are one of the
   most common plastic
surgery procedures today.
While any plastic surgeon
   can offer rhinoplasty,
having a specialist in nose
     surgery is ideal to
achieving the perfect nose.
    However, due to the
  onslaught of total body
   makeovers and other
 gimmicks, one often gets
   rhinoplasty done by a
    generalist, which is
leading a wave of revision
 rhinoplasty surgeries to
       fix the errors.
One of the first questions
  that you should ask a
revision rhinoplasty Los
  Angeles surgeon is the
   number of revision
  rhinoplasty surgeries
 they have done. If your
  surgeon is receiving a
     large number of
  references from other
    fellow doctors for
 revision surgeries, it is
 usually a good sign that
they know what they are
Revision Rhinoplasty Surgeon Beverly Hills
   Revision rhinoplasty
 surgeries are performed
due to two main reasons.
The first reason is patient
    dissatisfaction. One
 report form the Archives
 of Facial Plastic Surgery
  sheds light on the fact
  that patients who seek
another surgery are doing
    so because they are
    dissatisfied with the
“symmetry” of their nasal
  Around 5% to 15% of
patients end up seeking
   revision rhinoplasty.
Furthermore, it has been
 reported in studies that
   there is discrepancy
  between the patient’s
understanding and that
    of the surgeon as it
  relates to anatomical
  and aesthetic aspects.
 The second reason may
be due to changes in the
  facial structure of the
   Having a nose job is
  consistently one of the
most commonly requested
  cosmetic operations by
  patients in the United
    States today with
  thousands of surgeries
 happening all over each
 year. If you are selective
and thorough in choosing
the right surgeon for you,
rhinoplasty can be a very
    rewarding and life
     changing event.
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Description: A Rhinoplasty is basically a surgery for the nose where it is tried to improve the appearance and proportion of nose or correct an associated breathing problem. The procedure tries to change the nose’s size, width, profile, nasal tip, nostrils that are large or wide and any nasal asymmetry or deviation.