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					 VIRGMANITY’S LAMENTATIONS AGAINST THE COUNTRY LAWS                                          2012
VIRG-MANITY LAMENTATION                            “Then the LORD God said, “It is not good that
AGAINST GOVERNANCE.                                the man should be alone; I will make him a
                                                   helper fit for him.” Genesis2:18
A female is composed of TWO human beings
i.e: -a female person and;                         And the LORD GOD caused a deep sleep to
     -a Virginity.                                 fall on Adam, and he slept; And He took one of
Virginity is called virginity when she still has   his ribs and closed up the flesh in its place,
blood in her, and when her blood has been
shed, she dies and is no more virginity because    And the rib which the LORD GOD had taken
she has been murdered. And the death of            from man He made into a woman. And He
VIRGINIY is meant not only to take a woman         brought her to the man.…she shall be called
into motherhood, but also to a permanent           Woman because she was taken out Man.”

And another thing, the Virginity defines a         When the time for the blood of Virgmanity to
huge part of a woman value than anything else      be shed, there must a Man in between who
in such a way that she is called a virgin when     authorises it. And the blood that is shed
she still keeps VIRGINITY the part or the          literally confirms a permanent covenant
constituent of whom she is alive.                  between the two; the Woman and the Man
                                                   while Man unites and authorises blood shed.

A human is something that has soul in it, and
the soul in embedded in the blood. “…for the       Therefore a man shall leave his father and his
life of the body is in the blood…”
                                                   mother and hold fast to his wife, and they shall
Leviticus17:11                                     become one flesh.Genesis2:18; 21-24;
The life of VIRGINITY lies in the hands of         Corinthians6:16
the female person wherein she is contained,
and every female person is born with her.
                                                    They must be united for marriage before
Every parent is responsible and accountable
                                                          Virgmanity’s blood is shed.
for taking care and protecting a woman/female
child, but each woman/girl child is
accountable for taking care and protecting
human being in her which is                        Adam knew Eve his wife, and she conceived
(VIRG(IN)MANITY).                                  and bore Cain, saying, “I have gotten a man
                                                   with the help of the Lord. Genesis4:1

It is normal of Virgmanity to be killed, but not
anyone is authorised to murder her. The blood      As much as parents themselves are not their
of virgmanity should only be shed by the one       own, but of GOD who made them; the
from whom a woman was taken. The one who           children too are not theirs, nor of parents’, but
is authorised to shed the blood of Virgmanity      they are of God who made them, therefore a
must be the one who is fit for him just because    consultation or reference to EARTH’s
she was taken from him. And he must the God        CONSTITUTION must be made when they
made and given one as thus says EARTH’S            are raised and groomed.
    VIRGMANITY’S LAMENTATIONS AGAINST THE COUNTRY LAWS                                      2012
                                                       blood is shed, you do family planning, the
                                                       blood is shed, in post divorce, in aborton
“Honour your father and your mother, that              and in prostitution, the blood is shed.
your days may be long upon the land which
the LORD GOD is giving you” Exodus 20:12           An agreement between a man and a woman
                                                   does not indemnify or removes the guilt of
“Train a child in a way he should go, And          blood shedding; not even agreement between
when he is old he will not department from it.     parents of the killers of virginity are off the
Proverbs22:6                                       hook unless axe is within marriage.
“You shall teach them diligently to your           If you continue beyond restriction with your
children, and shall talk of them when you sit in   act of axing, and defend yourself in any way
your house. When you walk by the way, when         possible, you are guilty of defending the
you lie down, and when you rise up. “ You          indefensible
shall bind them as a sign on your hand, and
they shall be as frontlets between your eyes. “       The Blood of Virgmanity is lamenting
You shall write them on the doorpost of your           against the democratic government.
house and on your gates.” Deuteronomy6:7-9.

Do not withhold correction from a child, For       The democratic laws that have not only
of you beat him with a rod he will not die. You    managed to strip women of conscience, but it
shall beat him with a rod, And deliver his soul    has also managed to strip Virginity of
from hell. Proverbs23:13                           protection to the point of nudity. Even dress
                                                   code of women has become pornographic in
                                                   nature because of democracy.
All this should bring us to a point that anyone
who involves himself in sexual relationship        The first democratic point of stripping is ;
outside marriage; both of them a man and a                Banning corporal punishment.
woman are guilty of blood shed and even if
they continue to involve themselves in sexual      It has been clearly stated that:
relationship they are guilty of continually
AXING and stabbing dead a person or corpse         Folly is bound up in the heart of a child, but
virgin.                                            the rod of discipline drives it far from him.
                                                   Proverbs 22:15 ; And that:
    There is no justification for axe outside
                   marriage.                       The rod and reproof gives wisdom, but a child
                                                   left to himself brings shame to his mother.
Not even the following pieces of democratic        Proverbs 29:15,17.
laws will ever justify sexual relationship
outside marriage:                                  But regardless of all that, the government has
                                                   not only defied the Creator of heaven and
    Condom                                        earth, but has also taught and forced them to
    Circumcision                                  publicly disobeyed Him who made them, Him
    Family planning                               through whom they have their daily breath in
    Abortion                                      and out by making the laws that;
    Prostitution
    Divorce or anything else,
     Because even if you use condom, the           Prohibit corporal punishment.
     blood is still shed, you circumcise, the
 VIRGMANITY’S LAMENTATIONS AGAINST THE COUNTRY LAWS                                           2012
The government obviously did that to achieve        Without prayers, not only teenage
the implication of sparing corporal punishment      pregnancy leaked in, but also drugs and
such as:                                            alcohol, aids, death of learners and
                                                    educators and education for black
       Flooding in of drugs and alcohol into       community died which has led to raised
        learning institutions.                      skills shortage in South Africa. Without
       Dropping out of school before               prayers which was and is actually directed
        matriculation; and hence                    to Christians; A conducive environment for
       Skills shortage in South Africa             all types of demons and satanic operation in
       Teenage pregnancy                           the learning institutions of South Africa was
       Aids pandemic                               and is being created.
       Unnecessary deaths and orphans
       Child heading homes                         Third point was ;
       Marriages division                          Child support grants.
       Street children
       Aids pandemic wherein all these the         With child support grants which is obviously
        blood is being shed in one way or the       a reward given to young children who get
        other.                                      pregnant outside marriage, promiscuity shoot
                                                    up like never before; Even parents because
    Because without using corporal                  poverty have been tempted to use child
    punishment, parents failed to control and       support grants as a source of income. The
    guide their children because the                government continues with child support
    government refers to that as abuse.             grants regardless of its implications in order to
                                                    manipulate low class people as it knows that
    The greatest consequence of prohibiting
                                                    the people are dependent on these grants for
    corporal is failure of parents to enforce
                                                    source of income, which is a great links to
    protection of Virgmanity to the young man
                                                    laziness to complete with the hope of resorting
    and women.
                                                    to child support grants for financial solution.
A lot of blood has been shed from axe out of
marriage, in drugs and alcohol, crime,
prostitution, child support grants, as well as in   The process of democratic government of
murdering the babies in the wombs of their          stripping the nation of conscience has achieved
mothers. And the oceans of blood that has           it a high prevalence of aids deaths.
been shed, seem to be not enough yet to
government of South Africa because it               More than enough of blood has been shed, and
continues in spite of complaints from religious     God cannot tolerate this deliberate act of blood
parties and community at large.                     shed any more.

The second key point that government used to
                                                    Every young black girl aged between 9 and 20
enforce stripping women of protection for
                                                    in South Africa has more than one child which
virginity is:
                                                    means that laws of South Africa have created a
Phasing out of prayers at the learning              conducive environment for promiscuity
institutions without which no spiritual             capitalizing on their state of being poor and
battles can won.                                    complaisant.
 VIRGMANITY’S LAMENTATIONS AGAINST THE COUNTRY LAWS                                            2012
By all these, the ruling party’s governance         Virginity is a human being. That is why when
stands, though in the expense of people lives       she is murdered, the blood sheds from her.
and blood.                                          Virginity is in the girl; and the virginity in the
                                                    girl does not belong to her nor to anyone else
The implications of anti- Christ democratic         except God. Virginity’s blood does not spill
laws manifest in various ways day by day and        unless virginity is murdered. (and nothing can
touch people’s lives in one way or the other        replace or substitute virginity’s blood except
which defines South Africa as in crisis, and        the blood that shed when Jesus dies).
that it is in crisis does not mean that the
solution is not there, the solution is on the       There is an order that should be followed when
table, but greatest dilemma the government is       doing anything on earth. The first thing the
faced with , is loss of economy if Christ           people must understand is that they are in the
instructions are taken into consideration. The      earth which they did not make, which means
last resort becomes bloodshed of innocent           that it does not belong to them, and even
people than acknowledging the truth that Jesus      themselves, they did not make themselves
Christ based government is a solution to all        which means that someone made them and
problems the country is faced with.                 they belong to HIM.

There is no justification nor correction for        The earth is the LORD’s, and everything in it.
sexual immorality. No one is allowed to sleep       The world and all its people belong to him
out of marriage, if a sin has been committed        according to Psalm24:1,
already, the only correction for that, to follow
the instruction in WORD of GOD.                     Therefore for any step that the earth takes or
                                                    any move that it makes, it must consult the
If anyone has slept with a girl thereby             only God’s Word.
murdering VIRGINITY, it does not matter she
impregnated her or not, but the procedure is as     There should be no sexual relationship
follows to correct the situation;                   between persons unless the word of God has
                                                    been followed;
“If a man entices a virgin who is not
betrothed, and lies with her, he shall surely       Firstly - Don’t you realize that your body is
pay the bride –price for her to be his wife. If     the temple of the Holy Spirit, who lives in you
her father utterly refuses to give her to him, he   and was to you by God? You do not belong to
shall pay money according to the bride-price        yourself, For God bought you with a high
of virgins” Exodus22:16-17                          price. So you must honour God with your
                                                    body.1 Corrinthians6:19-20
Child support grants is not only one of the
fuels to aids pandemic, but it also leads to        Secondly- Then the LORD God said, “it is not
family disorganisation in as child support          good that the man should be alone; “I will
grants takes the responsibility of those who        make a helper fit for him… So the LORD
shed blood for VIRGINITY and impregnate             caused a deep sleep to fall upon the man, and
them.                                               while he slept took on of his ribs and closed up
                                                    its place with flesh. And the rib that the LORD
When this happens, the children who lack            God had taken from the man he made in to a
father figure are given birth to and in that way,   woman and brought her to the man, then he
disorganized life is being given established.       said, this at last is bone of my bones and flesh
                                                    of my flesh; she shall be called Woman
                                                    because she was taken out of Man.
 VIRGMANITY’S LAMENTATIONS AGAINST THE COUNTRY LAWS                                           2012
Therefore a man shall leave his father and his      VIRGINITY blood has been shed before you,
mother and hold fast to his wife, and they shall    if you sleep with her, you are guilty of killing
become one flesh.Genesis2:18; 21-24, it is          a corpse Virgin.
God who unites couples for marriage.
                                                    South Africa is swimming in the ocean blood
Thirdly – Adam knew Eve his wife, and she           which have been shed by its government.
conceived and bore Cain, saying, “I have
gotten a man with the help of the Lord.

Before any sexual relationship can occur, a
first person to unite couples is God, secondly
through the marriage officer, thirdly in
collaboration with couples’ parents and lastly,
the congregation or the church before a child
can be borne.

If that procedure has been broken,

“If a man entices a virgin who is not
betrothed, and lies with her, he shall surely
pay the bride –price for her to be his wife. If
her father utterly refuses to give her to him, he
shall pay money according to the bride-price
of virgins” Exodus22:16-17

Justice granted to sexual immorality such as:

       Teenage family planning
       Abortion
       Supply of condoms
       Male medical circumcision motive
       Prostitution
       Child support grant
       Pornography etc

does not only lead to:

       Aids pandemic,
       Orphans
       Earth being defiled
       Unnecessary deaths
       Poverty etc

But it is also defiance against the word of God.
Virginity should be protected at all costs.
There is no safe sex at all because any sexual
relationship out side marriage leads to blood
shed where there is no ransom. Even if

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Description: All sexual relationships outside marriage are : if first time ; are murder, if second time and another time are serial killing.