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                                                                                  THURSDAY, OCTOBER 21, 2010
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                                 TCU DAILY
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Overuse of Internet, television and
social networking is causing anxiety
for college students. Story on page 2.
                                                                                    PHOTO ILLUSTRATION BY MATT COFFELT

HEALTH                       3                           LIGHTS, C AMER A 6
University offers free flu                               New studio in Moudy to
vaccines.                                                be completed Nov. 8.
2       Thursday, October 21, 2010

SOCIAL NETWORKING                                                                                               POLITICS

Excessive tech use harmful                                                                                      Website fact-checks politicians
By Jennifer Iller                                          “Iliketechnologyintheclassroom,butatthesame
Staff Reporter                                          time, it’s how you use that technology,” Nhan said.
                                                        He said that some students use their laptops for
   Habits like surfing the internet, watching TV        notetaking, but many others will spend the class
and using social networking websites may seem           checking Facebook or surfing the internet and it’s
harmless, but once they cross the line into becom-      usually easy to tell which students are using tech-
ing excessive, they become detrimental to a per-        nology for entertainment purposes.
son’s life, according to a self-help expert.               Senior psychology major Jay Adcock said that it
   According to Judith Wright’s book, “The Soft         all comes down to finding a balance between in-
Addiction Solution: Break Free of the Seemingly         dulgent behaviors and other activities.
Harmless Habits that Keep You from the Life You            Engaging in indulgent behavior is a trade-off be-
Want,” soft addictions are defined as, “substances      cause it negatively affects students’ social and aca-
or behaviors not in themselves dangerous.” A per-       demic lives when they spend more time indulging
son’s overuse of that behavior or substance is what     in those behaviors than they do studying, he said.
makes it a soft addiction.                                 Junior biology major Caitlyn Joseph said she
   Eric Wood, a licensed psychologist for the uni-      self-regulates her time spent using technology to
versity Counseling, Testing and Mental Health           balance her studies and entertainment.
Center, wrote in an e-mail that the point at which         Junior fashion merchandising major Mary
a behavior becomes excessive varies from one per-       Crook said she uses Facebook frequently and
son to the next.                                        hasn’t seen a drastic effect on her grades.
   Each of the therapists working in the center has        “It definitely doesn’t help my grades, but I’m not
experience working with students who feel emo-          failing,” she said.
tionally overwhelmed as a result of soft addictions,       Wood wrote that for some students, excessive
Wood wrote. Determining the cause of the behav-         behaviors are the result of a pattern that became                                                                          COURTESTY OF POLITIFACT.COM
ior is an important part of treatment.                  a habit, which can lead to anxiety about not being
   Therapists in the center look for how much           able to stop the behavior and distress about losing     By Kerri Feczko                                       site were professional journalists, not political
distress a person feels from excessive behaviors to     relationships.                                          Staff Reporter                                        activists.
determine how a person will be affected, he wrote.         Crook said her use of social media has just be-                                                               “In the same way that a political journalist
   Wood also wrote that difficulty functioning in       come second nature but she doesn’t think it’s af-          Students no longer have to guess which             keeps his or her views out of a story, we expect
school or work were among the examples of exter-        fected her relationships.                               politicians are spouting brilliance or blowing        our writers to do the same thing,” Adair said.
nal distress.                                              “Sometimes when I open the internet, I’ll just       smoke. They can fact-check it.                           Though the website initially covered only
   Assistant professor of criminal justice Johnny       automatically type in Facebook and I don’t even            PolitiFact is a Pulitzer Prize-winning website     the 2008 presidential election, PolitiFact part-
Nhan said he saw a direct correlation between           mean to,” she said.                                     that checks the legitimacy of statements and          nered with seven state newspapers in January
students’ overuse of technology and their perfor-                                                               claims made by politicians.                           and granted them the right to use the site and
mance in the classroom.                                 Students can visit the university Counseling,
                                                                                                                                                                      display the content from their area. The Austin
   Usually, students will wonder why they received      Testing and Mental Health Center to receive
                                                                                                                                                                      American-Statesman represented Texas.
a bad grade, and it turns out that they spent the       counseling.                                             “American politics needed a                              Comments made by Perry and White on
class chatting with friends or checking Facebook,       The center is:
                                                        • Open Monday-Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
                                                                                                                 referee. There are so many                           PolitiFact’s Texas section were categorized by
Nhan said.                                                                                                                                                            accuracy based on the Truth-0-Meter’s six rul-
   The problem isn’t the technology, which is a         • Located at 2825 Stadium Drive, the west en-            claims being made in politics
                                                                                                                                                                      ings: true, mostly true, half true, barely true,
neutral tool, but the students who consciously          trance of the Brown-Lupton Health Center                 that people don’t know what’s                        false or pants on fire. The website also featured
make the choice not to pay attention in class,          • Available to all university students                   true and what’s not.”                                recent stories and statements regarding the
he said.                                                • Covered by student tuition costs
                                                                                                                                                                      candidates and the election.
                                                                                                                 Bill Adair                                              Haskins said that in order to dig through
                                                                                                                 St. Petersburg Times’s Washington Bureau             the political bias of other news media, the site
                                                                                                                 Chief                                                would be a great tool for students to fact-check
                                                                                                                                                                      the statements made by Perry and White be-
                                                                                                                                                                      fore the election.
                                                                                                                   Cuyler Haskins, a sophomore political sci-            Adair said the upcoming election was a great

                                                                                                                ence and religion double major, said he thought       reason to take advantage of PolitiFact and the
                                                                                                                the site was a great tool to verify the validity of   insight it could bring to the candidates’ final
                                                                                                                statements made by gubernatorial candidates           campaign statements.
                                                                                                                Rick Perry and Bill White for the upcoming               The latest “pants on fire” comment from Per-
                                                                                                                election Nov. 2.                                      ry referred to an accusation that White refused
                                                                                        Read it.                   “As far as straining out what specifically was
                                                                                                                meant by some of the things they say, I find
                                                                                                                                                                      to attend a gubernatorial debate. The most re-
                                                                                                                                                                      cent pants on fire comment from White said
                                                                                                                (the site) to be very resourceful,” Haskins said.     Perry was the highest-paid state employee on
                                                                                                                   PolitiFact, a project created by St. Petersburg    an hourly basis, according to the website.
                                                                                                                Times’s Washington Bureau Chief, Bill Adair              Associate professor of political science
                                                                                                                in 2007, rates the comments and claims made           Adam Schiffer said he thought it was sad that
                                                                                                                by American politicians based on accuracy and         such a site needed to exist.
                                                                                                                validity. Inspiration for the website came from          “After all, that’s what journalists should be
                                                                                                                the idea that there needed to be a mediator in        doing,” Schiffer said. “The primary function
                                                                                                                politics between what was said and what it ac-        should be to sort through the spin and check
                                                                                                                tually meant, Adair said.                             the facts of the candidates, but instead it’s a
                                                                                                                   “American politics needed a referee,” Adair        novelty that’s relegated to one website.”
                                                                                                                said. “There are so many claims being made in            Haskins said it would be a great tool to use in
                                                                                                                politics that people don’t know what’s true and       the future, especially in presidential elections.
                                                                                                                what’s not.”
                                                                                                                   PolitiFact, managed by professional journal-
                                                                                                                ists from the St. Petersburg Times, is not lim-       Politifact:
                                                                                                                ited to verbal statements, Adair said. PolitiFact     Facebook Page:
                                                                                                                covers claims made in TV advertisements,              factcom/61308923432
                                                                                                                websites, e-mails, direct mail and broadcast or       Twitter Page:
                                                                                                                print interviews.                                     YouTube Video:
                                                                                                                   Adair said all the writers who worked for the      watch?v=Ezo_wsHoxyc
                                                                                                                                                 Thursday, October 21, 2010   3
PRIDE WEEK                                                                                                                               HEALTH CENTER

Wear Purple Day commemorates LGBTQ youth                                                                                                 University offering flu
By Alex Collins
Staff Reporter
                                               wide movement Wednesday cre-
                                               ated to honor members of the les-
                                                                                            Tuesday, a forum about discrimi-
                                                                                            nation at 7 p.m. in Palko 130. The
                                                                                                                                         shots to students, staff
                                               bian, gay, bisexual, transgender and         week concludes Wednesday with a              By Clinton Foster
   The university Gay-Straight Al-             queer community.                             surprise called Color in the Com-            Staff Reporter
liance adopted Wear Purple Day                   At least 23 youths committed sui-          mons, Martinez said. Students are
as an event within Pride Week, but             cide because of pressures resulting          invited to leave their mark on the             The Brown-Lupton Health Center will be making it
identifying whether or not stu-                from their sexual identity in Sep-           Campus Commons by showing up                 much easier and cheaper for students, faculty and staff to
dents wore purple in honor of the              tember, he said.                             between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m.                   stay healthy this flu season.
event was difficult, a member of the             Pride Week was created to spread                                                          Students, faculty and staff can go to the University Rec-
group said.                                    awareness at the university about            Participate in Pride Week:
                                                                                                                                         reation Center to receive a free flu shot as part of an all-
   Carter Gilbert, audio-visual co-            the LGBTQ community, King said.                                                           day clinic hosted by the Health Center on Friday from
ordinator for the Brown-Lupton                   Last night, students met for a             True TCU: Campus video project
                                                                                                                                         9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
University Union, said Wear Pur-               candlelight vigil to commemorate             Campus Commons                                 All university students, faculty, and staff are eligible
ple Day was created to celebrate               the lives of the youth who com-              11 a.m. to 2 p.m.                            for the free shots. They must bring their TCU IDs and
the lives of the LGBTQ youths                  mitted suicide, GSA president Juan                                                        a completed “Consent to Vaccinate” form, which can be
who committed suicide because                  Martinez said. Today, Religious and          Rude to Exclude: A forum on discrimina-      downloaded from the Health Center website. This will be
of sexual orientation. He said the             Spiritual Life will host a campus            tion                                         the second year that the Health Center has offered free flu
idea was to wear purple to support             video project in correlation with            Location Palko 130                           shots to the university community.
those youths. However, Gilbert said            National Coming Out Day, which                                                              Shots will be administered in Multipurpose Room 1 in
                                                                                            7 p.m. Tuesday
university homecoming activities               was Oct. 11. Martinez said students                                                       the Rec Center.
made it difficult to identify wheth-           were invited to come into a video
er or not students were wearing                booth and tell about their experi-           Color in the Commons: Surprise
                                                                                                                                         Flu Clinic
purple in honor of the event.                  ence and their faith.                        Students invited to leave their mark on
   Jamal King, social coordinator of             The events will continue next              the Campus Commons
                                                                                                                                         When: Friday, October 22, 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
GSA, said the event was a nation-              week with Rude to Exclude on                 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Wednesday
                                                                                                                                         Where: University Recreation Center, Multipurpose Room 1
                                                                                                                                         Who: All students, faculty and staff are eligible

                                                                                                                                         Must bring TCU ID and a consent form that can be found on the
                                                                                                                                         Brown-Lupton Health Center Web site:

Farmers argue for nutritional value of potato
By Shannon Dininny                             vegetables and whole grains. I don’t be-     time in 30 years after a study showed
Associated Press Writer                        lieve anyone is specifically attacking the   more consumption of leafy greens and
                                               potato.”                                     other veggies was needed.
   GLEED, Wash. (AP) — Potato grow-               With that in mind, the Institute of           The USDA is expected to release
ers are fighting back against efforts to       Medicine, the health arm of the National     changes to the federal school lunch pro-
ban or limit potatoes in federal child         Academy of Sciences, recommended             gram by the end of the year. The program
nutrition programs, arguing the tuber          that the U.S. Department of Agriculture      subsidizes lunch and breakfast for nearly
is loaded with potassium and vitamin C         stop participants of the federal Women,      32 million needy kids in most public
and shouldn’t be considered junk food.         Infants and Children program, known as       schools and many private ones, and
                                               WIC, from buying potatoes with federal       those schools must follow guidelines on
                                               dollars.                                     what they serve.
“We’re just really concerned                      Under an interim rule, the USDA               Whatever the USDA decides, potatoes
 that this is a misconception                  agreed to bar WIC participants from          won’t disappear from school lunches,
 to that public that potatoes                  buying potatoes with their federal dol-      although they might become less com-
 aren’t healthy. The potato                    lars. Potatoes are the only vegetable not    mon, Daniel said,
                                               allowed. Next year, the agency will roll         “It’s an opportunity to make healthy
 isn’t the scourge of the                      out a final rule on the WIC program.         eating choices as varied as possible, and
 earth. It’s nutrition.”                          Jean Daniel, spokeswoman for USDA’s       it’s a learning lesson for children about
                                               Food and Nutrition Service, said the         how to put a plate together that’s healthy
 Chris Voigt                                   WIC program was updated for the first        and balanced,” she said.
 Head of the Washington Potato

   One Washington man is so exasperat-
ed by the proposals that he’s in the midst
of a 60-day, all potato diet to demonstrate
that potatoes are nutritious.
   “We’re just really concerned that this
is a misconception to the public that po-
tatoes aren’t healthy,” said Chris Voigt,
head of the Washington Potato Commis-
sion. “The potato isn’t the scourge of the
earth. It’s nutrition.”
   Healthy food advocates said they’re
not anti-potato, but they think children
need a greater variety of fruits, vegetables
and whole grains to fight a tripling of
                                                                                                                                           The Daily Skiff
child obesity rates in the past 30 years.
   “The potato is the most common
vegetable,” said Diane Pratt-Heavner,                                                       SHANNON DININNY / ASSOCIATED PRESS
spokeswoman for the School Nutrition           In this Sept. 30, 2010 photo, school cook Mavis McDowell, left, serves up tater tots to
Association. “My impression is that the        second-grader Madison Nunley at Naches Valley Primary School in Gleed, Wash. Potato
goal is to increase the amounts of fruits,     growers are worried that potatoes could be limited in the federal school lunch program.
4       Thursday, October 21, 2010

                              The Skiff View

 Vote responsibly;
check political facts

          resident Barack Obama told the
          American people during the
          2008 campaign, “I want you to
          hold our government account-
able. I want you to hold me accountable.”
A couple of months later, the St. Petersburg
Times responded with, “Okay, we will”
and created, a website that
checks the legitimacy of claims made by
  The Pulitzer Prize-winning site rates
claims made by politicians based on accu-
racy and validity into one of six categories
from true all the way to pants-on-fire.
  PolitiFact gives students a great oppor-                                                                                                                                                                      Nate Beeler is an editorial cartoonist for The Washington Examiner.
tunity to quickly check the truth of state-
ments made by politicians, which is espe-
cially important during an election year. In
January, the Austin American-Statesman
                                                                                      Iranian president a threat to the world
partnered with the site to display content                                                                                                                   “resistance to the world’s tyrants.” He                                                          U.S. set up a Shiite majority democ-
                                                                                                                                                             was no doubt talking about the U.S.                                                              racy in Iraq. The Shiites in Iraq are
from Texas.                                                                                                                                                  supported state of Israel.                                                                       undoubtedly sympathetic to the Shi-
  November 2 is coming soon and students                                                                                                                       Ahmadinejad has been at war with                                                               ites in Iran, and thus the Shiites have
                                                                                                                                                             Israel for years. Lebanon is on the                                                              control of two of the largest countries
should use every tool at their disposal to                                                                                                                   Israeli border, and Hezbollah has                                                                in the Middle East.
make an informed decision at the polls.                                                                                                                      already caused one war with Israel in                                                               This fact is not good. Iran and Ah-
There is no reason why PolitiFact should                                              Alex Apple                                                             2006. According to The Telegraph in                                                              madinejad have shown how reckless
                                                                                                                                                             London, Iran has smuggled thousands                                                              they can be with their weapons and
not be one of those tools.                                                                                                                                   of missiles and rockets which it has                                                             military. One military move by Iran
  Students should be paying extra atten-                                                 Iranian President Mahmoud                                           given to Hezbollah.                                                                              could upset all the Middle East and
                                                                                      Ahmadinejad is dangerous. He is ec-                                                                                                                                     lead to a world conflict that would be
tion to statements made by politicians with                                           centric, restless and reckless. United                                                                                                                                  very hard to stop.
the November election looming. PolitiFact                                             States foreign policy officials need to                                Iran and Ahmadinejad have                                                                           The question facing U.S. foreign
                                                                                      recognize the threat that Ahmadine-                                    shown how reckless they can be                                                                   policy experts is this: If Iran attacks
gives us an extra tool to cut through the                                             jad is to ensure the order of peace in                                                                                                                                  Israel, should the U.S. devote military
spin and false claims. The website repre-                                             the world.                                                             with their weapons and mili-                                                                     resources to help Israel, and should
                                                                                         The United States has been in dis-                                  tary. One military move by Iran                                                                  the US involve itself in a struggle that
sents the heart of journalism, keeping a                                              cussion with the Iranian president for                                                                                                                                  could take years to end?
                                                                                                                                                             could upset all the Middle East
check on government officials and provid-                                             a few years trying to stop the prog-
                                                                                                                                                             and lead to a world conflict that                                                                   Ahmadinejad stood in front of
                                                                                      ress of Iran’s nuclear program. Iran                                                                                                                                    thousands of supporters, who were
ing information and truth to the people.                                              has not obliged and many believe                                       would be very hard to stop.                                                                      giving him a hero’s welcome, in
                                                                                      that it continues to test uranium for a                                                                                                                                 Lebanon and told them that “Israel
 Associate/Opinion editor Mark Bell for the editorial board.                          nuclear reactor.                                                                                                                                                        is doomed,” while his supporters
                                                                                         Perhaps even more startling than                                       As he toured Lebanon, Ahmadine-                                                               chanted “death to Israel.”
                                                                                      Iran’s nuclear program is Iran’s                                       jad also made threatened consequenc-                                                                These are real threats, and Ahma-
The Skiff View represents the collective opinion of the editorial board.
                                                                                      threats to Israel. On his recent trip                                  es should the Lebanese government to                                                             dinejad sees the world as his stage.
                                                                                      to Lebanon, the only country that                                      not interfere with Hezbollah’s agenda.                                                           Let’s just make sure the world does
EDITORIAL BOARD                                                                       would accept him with open arms,                                          The United States is trying to weak-                                                          not become his battlefield.
Libby Davis, Editor-in-Chief           Melanie Cruthirds, Managing Editor             Ahmadinejad sent a clear message                                       en Iran’s military capabilities, but all
Mark Bell, Associate/Opinion Editor    Madison Pelletier, Sports Editor               to the world. He praised Hezbol-
Marshall Doig, News Editor             Maricruz Salinas, Web Editor
                                                                                                                                                             the U.S. efforts in Iraq have essentially
Andrea Drusch, News Editor             Rachel Wilson, Web Editor                      lah, an Iranian-funded militia group                                   served to empower Iran instead. Iran                                                                Alex Apple is a freshman political science and
Kayla Mezzell, News Editor             Matt Coffelt, Multimedia Editor                that dominates Lebanese politics, for                                  is nearly all Shiite Muslims, and the                                                              journalism double major from Nashville, Tenn.

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                                                                                                                                              Thursday, October 21, 2010       5
Bullying problem sheds Alcoholic energy drinks a problematic combination
light on gay rights issues

                                                                      Danny Peters

Jack Enright                                                             Alcohol and caffeine have long been
                                                                      favorite chemicals of the human race.
                                                                      Recently, there has been a striking trend
   In almost every school across the world, bullying is               in both the United States and abroad of                                                                                       SXC.HU
an issue. Bullies often pick on those who are different               the sales of alcoholic drinks containing
from everyone else. A particular group that suffers dis-              the stimulant caffeine.                     Though it can decrease our reaction        the physical abilities they think they
proportionately from bullying is lesbian, gay, bisexual,                 On paper, the combination seems          times, caffeine makes us alert and im-     have.
transgender and questioning children and teens. These                 pretty harmless. Alcohol and caffeine       proves our general well being.                After having a few caffeinated alco-
youth are four times more likely to commit suicide                    have been used for thousands of years          Generally when a person is drinking     holic drinks, a person may think they
than their straight counterparts.                                     the world over and have a relatively        caffeine and alcoholic drinks together,    are okay to operate a vehicle when in
   Fort Worth City Councilman Joel Burns recently                     safe track record when used wisely and      they are not drinking in moderation        reality they are not. Caffeine creates the
gave a speech during a city council meeting in re-                    in moderation. The problem with the         and are looking to achieve a buzz.         façade of mental and physical ability,
sponse to the issue, telling gay youth “it will get better.”          combination of caffeine and alcohol is         Potentially, when consuming drinks      when the person actually has no ability
A gay man who himself had been bullied in school,                     each chemicals’ inherent effect on the      such as 4 Loko or the ever-popular Red     to drive or do other things due to the
Burns responded to a slew of recent suicides by gay                   body.                                       Bull and vodka, one may get incred-        alcohol floating around their blood
teens and called for more action to prevent future                       Alcohol is a depressant of the central   ibly inebriated but still have copious     stream.
tragedies such as the ones he listed from occurring                   nervous system. That is, it makes us        amounts of energy.                            Alcohol and caffeine can be good
again. His emotional speech has garnered over 1.8 mil-                relaxed, lethargic and can eventu-             This energetic façade created by mix-   compounds, but they create a pretty
lion views on YouTube and looks like it just may be the               ally negatively effect our motor skills,    ing alcohol and caffeine is where the      large safety problem for the general
catalyst needed for change.                                           speech and pretty much anything             real problem with the combination lies.    population when they are sold together
   Burns’ speech brings up two issues: gay rights and                 involving our nervous system.               Someone who is drinking alcohol and        at the local 7-Eleven.
bullying. Burns chose a good time to make his speech,                    On the other hand, caffeine’s effect     caffeine together may feel energetic and
since October is National Bullying Prevention Month.                  is the opposite of alcohol. Caffeine is     mentally stimulated, but may actually                Danny Peters is a senior writing major
Bullying is an issue that is extremely prevalent in                   a central nervous system stimulant.         be quite inebriated and not have quite                                    from Fort Worth.
schools everywhere, yet it is seldom talked about or
addressed sufficiently. His speech has been, and will
continue to be, a great tool for increasing awareness
and inspiring parents, teachers and students to get
involved in recognizing and preventing bullying.
   While everyone agrees that bullying should be
curtailed, the public remains split on the issue of gay
rights. Therefore, this issue has overshadowed bullying
and even elicited negative comments about his speech
from some who oppose gay rights.
   There is no reason that people should be treated dif-
ferently based on their sexual orientation, whether it is
through bullying or denial of equal rights. Nearly half
a century after the civil rights movement, there is still
inequality among people of different races, genders
and sexual orientations.
   One of the most controversial issues within civil
rights today is that of gay marriage. Burns himself is
married to another man, but many others are denied
the same right. To fully understand the issue of gay
marriage, we must take a step back and look at mar-
riage as it is today.
   People need marriage licenses if they want to get
married. Why? The entire reason government is
involved in marriage in the first place is because of
racism. In the 1920s, 38 states in the U.S. had laws pro-
hibiting whites from marrying those of other ethnici-
ties including blacks, Japanese, Chinese and Indians,
according to an article in The New York Times.
   The answer is to separate church and state and make
churches the sole arbiter of marriages. The govern-
ment should give civil unions to two consenting adults,
regardless of gender, for any purposes such as Social
Security survivor’s benefits, taking leave from work to
care for a spouse and hospital visitation rights.
   If we can make this happen, we will have made a
great leap towards equality in this country.

Jack Enright is a sophomore political science and economics double
                                                major from Tomball.
6   Thursday, October 21, 2010


                                                    High-definition studio to
    Homecoming 2010                                 By Katey Muldrow
                                                    Staff Reporter
                                                                                                         in the design of the studio itself,” Brown said.
                                                                                                            FX Design Group has worked to design and

    TCU vs. Air Force
                                                                                                         redesign broadcast sets for other universities,
                                                       After its completion, a new multifunctional       such as the University of Tennessee and the
                                                    broadcast studio will provide a professional         University of Central Florida, but Brown said
                                                    experience for TCU News Now students and             he thought the set and the studio designed for
                                                    other students within the Schieffer School of        TCU was newer and better.
                                                    Journalism, TCU News Now Adviser Aaron                  “It compares very favorably to any other
                                                    Chimbel said.                                        university I’ve encountered, and those include
                                                       FX Design Group designed the set in the           some pretty big ones,” Brown said. “So you’ve
                                                    high-definition studio to be versatile for a va-     got yourself one beautiful, very functional
                                                    riety of programs and uses, Chimbel said. They       space. And the university has also invested in
                                                    will begin to install the last pieces Nov. 1.        the same equipment that would go in local sta-
                                                       “It will be very modern,” he said. “It really     tions around the country and has converted all
                                                    is designed to be multifunctional, to be flex-       of its operations [to] high-definition.”
                                                    ible [and] to provide the ability for students to       Chimbel said that although the studio’s pri-
                                                    move around.”                                        mary use will be for presenting newscasts with-
                                                       Chimbel said that after completion, the stu-      in the Schieffer School, it will continue to allow
                                                    dio will keep the three high-definition cameras      collaboration with the Department of Film,
                                                    and control room and include nine high-defi-         Television and Digital Media.
                                                    nition monitors. The customized design of the           Chris Blake, TCU News Now sports direc-
                                                    studio set will provide students with opportu-       tor, said students in the Multimedia Reporting
                                                    nities to use the space and equipment for mul-       and Newscast classes create the content for the
                                                    tiple projects and programs.                         weekly TCU News Now broadcast. Students in
                                                       The set will be installed by an FX Design         the Department of Film, Television and Digital
                                                    Group crew and will be ready for use Nov. 8.         Media handle the newscast production.
                                                    Chimbel said it will include cameras for multi-         “We put together the content for it and edit
                                                    ple shot angles, an interview set and a sidewalk     the video, and the production side is done by

                     Check out the Skiff’s          view window.
                                                       “It’s great to have the new studio, but the
                                                    set is what’s really going to make it stand out,”
                                                                                                         one of the FTDM classes,” Blake said. “They
                                                                                                         run the cameras and the switchboard, the
                                                                                                         whole control room and stuff like that.”

                           homecoming               Chimbel said. “When you walk down there
                                                    now, it’s a nice big room with really nice cam-
                                                    eras, but once that set is in there it is going to
                                                                                                            Blake, a senior broadcast journalism major,
                                                                                                         said he felt the newscast would look more pro-
                                                                                                         fessional once the set is complete.

                          special section
                                                    blow people away.”                                      “With the monitors we will be able to add a
                                                       The Schieffer School built the studio as part     lot with what we can show behind the anchors
                                                    of the $5.6 million renovation of Moudy Build-       and stuff like that,” Blake said. “And I think it

                                                    ing South that began in 2009, Chimbel said.          will be more like a real-world newscast.”
                                                       FX Design Group Creative Director Bill               The monitors can be used to place back-
                                                    Brown said faculty members worked with him           ground video, photographs or graphics behind
                                                    and designer Tim Parsons to create the versa-        the anchors, Blake said.
                                                    tile space for broadcasting.                            Chimbel said he was excited for the comple-
                                                       “The university invested a lot of time and        tion of the studio so student news anchors
                                                    money to create ideal studio circumstances,          would no longer be limited to standing behind A th
                                                    both in the equipment that they used but also        a stationary news desk.

                                                                                                              RENDERING COURTESY OF FX DESIGN GROUP
                                                    A conceptual image of some of the different backgrounds that will be shown during broadcasts on the
                                                    studios new green screens.
                                                                                                         Thursday, October 21, 2010   7

o fully open in November

                                                                 RENDERING COURTESY OF FX DESIGN GROUP
hree-dimensional model of what the new broadcast studio will look like after it is finished in November.

                                                                 RENDERING COURTESY OF FX DESIGN GROUP
  What the news desk will look like during broadcasts in the new studio. The studio is being built as a part of
  the $5.6 million renovation to the Moudy Building South.
8      Thursday, October 21, 2010


Many still have doubts about stimulus contents
By Kristen Wyatt                                       a 61-year-old whose heating and air condi-                 The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Of-          cording to a new AP-GfK poll. A plurality of
Associated Press Writer                                tioning company closed last year because of             fice reported last month that 1.4 million to 3.3     likely voters say the bill had no real effect on
                                                       slow business.                                          million people are employed because of the           it. About three in 10 say it did more to dam-
   DENVER (AP) — A photo of President                     Republicans nationwide are attacking                 program, a blow to Republican claims that the        age the economy while about the same share
Barack Obama hangs on the wall in Cora-                Democrats with a “failed stimulus” campaign             stimulus failed to increase employment.              think it helped to bring about improvements.
Faye’s Cafe, a short walk from the Denver mu-          drumbeat. In ads, debates and campaign                     The stimulus program has kept many state             Most Democrats say it did more to help, the
seum where Obama signed into law the most              mailers, they deride the $814 billion program           and local governments fiscally viable, and the       AP-GfK poll found, while a narrow majority
sweeping U.S. economic package in decades              as having reinforced out-of-control spending            money has been a boon to the construction            of Republican voters think it did even more
in an attempt to put people back to work and           and doing little to help.                               industry, financing thousands of road and            damage than would have happened other-
end the worst downturn since the Great De-                In reality, the stimulus program has done            bridge projects. In other areas — tax cuts,          wise. And those with doubts about the bill’s
pression.                                              more than Republicans often claim — and less            Medicaid health benefits, unemployment               effectiveness are far more apt to say they trust
   But the folks tucking into fried chicken and        than Democrats may want to admit in the face            checks, food stamps — the stimulus has pro-          Republicans over Democrats to do a better
cornbread at CoraFaye’s roll their eyes when           of a sluggish economy and high unemploy-                vided some relief to millions suffering in a         job handling the economy.
asked whether the 2009 stimulus made a dif-            ment. Moreover, the spending continues into             tough economy.
ference.                                               next year, meaning the impact of the program               Still, there is broad skepticism that the stim-     Associated Press writer Ivan Moreno contrib-
   “Are you kidding?” said Donn Headley Sr.,           cannot be fully measured.                               ulus package helped the nation’s economy, ac-        uted to this report.

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                                                                         The correct solution will spell the complete
                                                                         phrase along a single continuous spelling
                                                                         path that moves horizontally, vertically
                                                                         and diagonally. Fill the grid from square                                                                      Wednesday’s Solution
                                                                         to square - revisiting letters as needed to                                  Directions
                                                                         complete the spelling path in order. Each                                    Fill in the grid so
                                                                         letter wil lappear only once in the grid.
                                                                                                                                                      that every 3x3 box,
                                                                                                   Wednesday’s Solution                               row and column
                                                                                                                                                      contains the digits 1
                                                                                                                                                      through 9 without
                                                                                                                                                      repeating numbers.

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                                                                                                                                                      Thursday, October 21, 2010   9
LAWSUIT                                                                                                     MUSIC

Hill: No apology after 1991  New York’s Hotel Chelsea up for sale
sexual harassment accusation
                                                                                                            Karen Matthews
                                                                                                            Associated Press Writer

Associated Press                                     a state convention billed as the largest tea              NEW YORK (AP) —
                                                     party event ever.                                      New York City’s Hotel
   WASHINGTON (AP) — Anita Hill is                      Mrs. Thomas said in a statement that she            Chelsea, the bohemian
refusing to apologize for accusing then-             was “extending an olive branch” to Hill.               landmark where poet
Supreme Court justice nominee Clarence                  In a transcript of the message provided by          Dylan Thomas collapsed
Thomas of sexually harassing her, in an is-          ABC News, which said it listened to the re-            in a coma before dying
sue that Thomas’ wife has reopened 19 years          cording, Thomas identified herself and then            in 1953 and where the
after his confirmation hearings.                     said, “I just wanted to reach across the air-          girlfriend of Sex Pistols
   “I have no intention of apologizing be-           waves and the years and ask you to consider            bassist Sid Vicious was
cause I testified truthfully about my experi-        something. I would love you to consider an             fatally stabbed in 1978,
ence and I stand by that testimony,”H i l l ,        apology sometime and some full explana-                is up for sale, its owners
now a Brandeis University professor,s a i d          tion of why you did what you did with my               announced Tuesday.
in a statement released Tuesday night.               husband. So give it some thought and cer-                 Celebrated in songs
   Thomas’ wife, Virginia, had left a voice-         tainly pray about this and come to under-              like     Joni    Mitchell’s
mail message on Hill’s phone on Oct. 9 ask-          stand why you did what you did. OK, have a             “Chelsea Morning” and
ing her to say she was sorry for the allega-         good day,” Thomas said.                                Nico’s “Chelsea Girl,” the
tions that surfaced at Thomas’ confirmation             When Hill heard the voicemail, she con-             1883 building has offered
hearings for a seat on the high court bench          tacted Brandeis’ public safety office, which           short- and long-term
in 1991.                                             in turn informed the FBI.                              shelter to generations of
                                                        In her statement, Virginia Thomas said              artists and musicians.
“I have no intention of apologiz-                    she did not intend to offend Hill.                     Notable residents have
                                                        “I did place a call to Ms. Hill at her of-          included Bob Dylan,
 ing because I testified truthfully                  fice extending an olive branch to her after            Andy Warhol, Arthur
 about my experience and I stand                     all these years, in hopes that we could ul-            Miller, Eugene O’Neill,
 by that testimony.”                                 timately get passed what happened so long              Patti Smith, Jimi Hendrix
                                                     ago. That offer still stands, I would be very          and Jim Morrison.
                                                     happy to meet and talk with her if she would              The hotel’s legacy as
 Anita Hill                                          be willing to do the same,” Thomas said.               an artists’ playground                                           RICK MAIMAN / ASSOCIATED PRESS
 Brandeis University professor
                                                        Hill declined comment to reporters who              could be in doubt after This 1996 file photo shows the Hotel Chelsea on New York’s West 23rd
                                                     stopped her in Waltham on her way to work              the group of families that Street in Manhattan that is for sale. The 1883 building has offered short
                                                     Wednesday, asking them politely to move.               has owned it for 65 years and long-term shelter for some of the world’s most celebrated artists
   In her statement, Hill said, “I certainly            “I need to get off this street and I don’t          decided to sell. They including Bob Dylan, Andy Warhol, Arthur Miller and Eugene O’Neil.
thought the call was inappropriate.” She had         want anybody to get hurt,” she said. “I don’t          have not named an ask-
worked for Clarence Thomas in two federal            have any comment right now. Please, let me             ing price.                                        Today it has 125 transient hotel rooms
government jobs before he was selected for           go teach my class.”                                       “The hotel will always continue to be a where rates start at $189 a night and 101
the court by President George H.W. Bush                 Andrew Gully, a spokesman for Brandeis,             destination for creativity and art, that’s residential units.
for the Supreme Court.
                                                     said the school “completely supports” Hill’s           what makes it so special,” shareholder Paul       “It’s a wonderful community,” said Brian
   Virginia Thomas is a longtime conserva-
tive activist and founder of a new nonprofit         decision to alert campus security about the            Brounstein said in a statement. “Nothing Bothwell, a film editor who has lived at the
group, Liberty Central, which opposes what           call. He said Wednesday was “a routine day”            can ever change that.”                          Chelsea for 16 years.
she has characterized as the leftist “tyranny”       on campus.                                                But residents said they are in the dark        Bothwell said his second-floor apartment
of the Obama administration and congres-                                                                    about the building’s future.                    was home to musician Leonard Cohen in
sional Democrats. She was a keynote speak-            Associated Press reporter Mark Pratt in Waltham,         “We have no idea yet,” said Zev Green- the 1960s and singer-actress Grace Jones in
er earlier this month in Richmond, Va., at                              Mass., contributed to this story.   field, a photographer who has lived at the the 1980s.
                                                                                                            Chelsea since his teenage years in 1974.          “Leonard Cohen fans knock on my door
                                                                                                            “The letter that came to us said nothing’s and ask to see my apartment,” he said.
                                                                                                            going to happen in the short term.”             “They want to see the bedroom.”
                                                                                                               The 12-story brick building was complet-       Bothwell said residents mix easily with
                                                                                                            ed in 1883 and is on the National Register hotel guests like cartoonist R. Crumb, a
                                                                                                            of Historic Places.                             regular visitor.
                                                                                                               12-story staircase, it was the city’s first    “A lot of the people that stay here for a
                                                                                                            cooperative apartment complex when it night or two really respect the arts,” Both-
                                                                                                            was built but has been a hotel since 1905.      well said.

                                                         CHARLES DHARAPAK / ASSOCIATED PRESS
In this Nov. 15, 2007, photo, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, left, sits with his wife Virginia
Thomas, as he is introduced at the Federalist Society in Washington, where he spoke about his
new book and took questions from the audience. Virginia Thomas is asking Anita Hill to apologize
for accusing the justice of sexually harassing her, 19 years after Thomas’ confirmation hearing
10      Thursday, October 21, 2010


Patterson radio show gives glimpses into life off the field
                                                                                    By Leah Watkins                                            show makes it hard to avoid all things about the game.
                                                                                    Staff Reporter                                                “Gary tends to get X’s and O’s because that’s his de-
                                                                                                                                               fault,” Estridge said. “I work hard at trying to pull him
                                                                                     The TCU football players and head coach have a            back every once and a while.”
                                                                                  personal side to them besides their game day personas,          Rudy Pulido Sr., a frequent attendant of the show,
                                                                                  and their true personalities are shown at the weekly         said he enjoys hearing what Patterson has to say be-
                                                                                  Gary Patterson Radio Show, the host of the show said.        cause it gives him a leg up when talking to others
                                                                                     Host Brian Estridge and head football coach Gary          about the team.
                                                                                  Patterson hold a weekly radio show live on Thursdays            “I can almost be an authority,” Pulido said.
                                                                                  from Railhead Smokehouse in Fort Worth. The show                Thursday nights at Railhead Smokehouse are filled
                                                                                  features interviews from Patterson and a different           with purple-clad fans who enjoy food, fellowship and
                                                                                  football player each week, Estridge said.                    football. Pulido said that Patterson has the tendency
                                                                                     Through the interviews, Estridge tries to show the        to pack the house.
                                                                                  listeners the real-life aspects of these men instead            First-time attendant Clarke Barcus said that friends
                                                                                  of their well-known football sides. Estridge said he         were the reason he came to the show but that it was a
                                                                                  would like the audience to learn something new each          fun environment.
                                                                                  week. The audience members have also gotten a first-            Senior geology major Taylor Moore said he tries to
                                                                                  hand look at Patterson’s genuine personality.                make it out to the show a couple times a month with
                                                                                     “What you see is what you get, but everything is          friends to be around Patterson.
                                                                                  genuine when it relates to Gary,” Estridge said.                Pulido said he has enjoyed his Thursday night
                                                                                     He said that on the show, Patterson also has dis-         tradition but has one complaint. The size of the
                                                                                  played his heart for the players he has coached.             crowd Patterson has drawn has created a loud room
                                                                                     “Every decision he makes, everything that he              and which makes the broadcast difficult for Pulido
                                                                                  does is about his players and for their betterment,”         to hear, he said.
                                                                                  Estridge said.                                                  “As a senior citizen, I almost want to get that sign
                                                                                     When it comes to interviews with players, Estridge        that says ‘Quiet Please!’” Pulido said.
                                                                                  asks questions on topics of hobbies and free time, he           The next Gary Patterson Radio Show is scheduled
                                                                                  said. As a result, he found out that senior safety Tejay     for tonight at 6 p.m.
                                                                                  Johnson studied sign language and senior wide receiv-
                                                                                  er Bart Johnson loves to go bass fishing.
                                                                                     Estridge said he wants to get to know who the play-       The Gary Patterson Show
                                                                                  ers are as people thinks the audience would rather           When: Tonight
                                               MATT COFFELT / MULTIMEDIA EDITOR hear that than a question about a defensive route.             Time: 6 p.m. to 7 p.m.
TCU head coach Gary Patterson yells at a call made during the game against BYU on    Although Estridge said he doesn’t want the show to        Where: Railhead Smokehouse
Saturday.                                                                         be filled with football jargon, but being a football radio   Broadcast: 92.1 FM KTFW or 88.7 FM KTCU or


                                                                                                       Favre in talks with NFL over incident
                                                                                                       By Dave Campbell                                 players have Tuesdays off, but many of
                                                                                                       Associated Press                                 them show up for treatment or film study.
                                                                                                                                                           On the other side of the Twin Cities at
                                                                                                          EDEN PRAIRIE, Minn. (AP) — Brett              a promotional union event, NFL players
                                                                                                       Favre spoke with an NFL security of-             association executive director DeMaurice
                                                                                                       ficial Tuesday about text messages and           Smith declined to provide details on Fa-
                                                                                                       lewd photos he allegedly sent to a New           vre’s situation.
                                                                                                       York Jets employee two years ago when he            “I understand that he is meeting, or rep-
                                                                                                       played for the team, according to a person       resentatives have met or are meeting, with
                                                                                                       with knowledge of the situation.                 the league,” Smith said. “When we meet
                                                                                                          The person spoke to The Associated            and talk with players, I don’t intend to
                                                                                                       Press on condition of anonymity because          play it out in front of the press.”
                                                                                                       details of the meeting between Favre and            Added Smith: “We represent every play-
                                                                                                       NFL vice president for security Milt Ahl-        er. Our issues are to ensure that the pro-
                                                                                                       erich were not made public.                      cess is fair, and we do everything to ensure
                                                                                                          ESPN first reported the meeting, citing       that that process is fair.”
                                                                                                       unidentified sources.                               The 41-year-old Favre is scheduled to
                                                                                                          Commissioner Roger Goodell said pre-          address the media on Wednesday at his
                                                                                                       viously the Vikings quarterback would            regular weekly news conference between
                                                                                                       meet this week with a league official            games. This already would have been a
                                                                                                       about the messages and graphic photos            high-drama week for Favre, with another
                                                                                                       he allegedly sent to Jenn Sterger, now a         return to Lambeau Field to face his old
                                                                                                       TV personality with the Versus network.          team in Green Bay. The Vikings (2-3) play
                                                                                                       The website Deadspin reported the story          at the Packers (3-3) on Sunday night.
                                                                                                       about the married quarterback’s alleged             Favre said on Sunday he’s only “con-
                                                                                                       behavior toward Sterger, who has not             cerned about the next game” and that he’ll
                                                                                                       commented on the report.                         let the NFL’s investigation “take its course.”
                                                                                                          Favre arrived at Vikings headquarters
                                                                                                       in the morning, and reporters across the
                                                                                                       street saw his agent Bus Cook drive out
                                               grab one.                       of the parking lot in Favre’s vehicle in the        AP Sports Writer Jon Krawczynski contributed to
                                                                                                       afternoon about 6½ hours later. Vikings                               this report from St. Paul, Minn.
                                                                                                                                              Thursday, October 21, 2010   11

                                                                               Punter McAfee becomes fourth Colts player
                                                                               to be arrested for alcohol-related charges
                                                                               By Michael Marot                         ing the relevant facts,” Polian said.    waiting for a friend to get him, but
                                                                               Associated Press                         “When that task is complete, we will     also that he planned to take a taxi
                                                                                                                        deal immediately with the issue of       home, the report said. He asked if
                                                                                                                        club discipline. Until we complete       he could walk home, but officers ar-
                                                                                  INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — India-            that process, we will have no further    rested him. They say he smelled of
                                                                               napolis Colts punter Pat McAfee          comment.”                                alcohol, his eyes were watery and
                                                                               was arrested for public intoxication       Before the arrest, McAfee posted       bloodshot and his speech slurred.
                                                                               Wednesday after police said he took      this on Twitter: “Bye week bye week         Officers said they had to help
                                                                               a pre-dawn swim in a city canal and      bye week. Time to get some ish           McAfee stand up after giving him a
                                                                               told them “I am drunk” as he tried       done. Happy Tuesday Party people.”       breath alcohol test.
                                                                               to explain why he was sopping wet.         Police were called after a driver at      While Indy has a bye week, they
                                                                                  Police arrested McAfee about 5        a red light reported that a man with     were scheduled to have regular
                                                                               a.m. in the Broad Ripple neighbor-       no shirt approached her car. The         practices Wednesday and Thursday.
                                                                               hood, known for its nightlife. Of-       woman told police she feared the         Coach Jim Caldwell was expected to
                                                                               ficers say the 23-year-old, second-      man was going to try to get in, so       speak with reporters later Wednesday.
                                                                               year player from West Virginia had       she ran the red light and called 911.       In January, Colts receiver Taj
                                                                               a blood-alcohol content of 0.15 per-       Officers asked McAfee if he had        Smith was stopped by police on sus-
                                                                               cent, nearly twice the legal limit for   been swimming in the canal and he        picion of drunken driving. Smith
                                                                               driving in Indiana.                      said “I am not sure,” according to a     spent last season on the Colts’ prac-
                                                                                  He was released from custody just     police report. They asked him how        tice squad but was cut Sept. 4.
                                                                               before noon, about six hours after       he got wet and he said it had been          In August, backup defensive line-
                                     JACK DEMPSEY / ASSOCIATED PRESS           his arrest.                              raining, then told officers that his     man John Gill was arrested for pub-
This is a Sept. 26, 2010, file photo showing Indianapolis Colts punter Pat        McAfee is the fourth Colts player     shirt was “in the water.”                lic intoxication after Indianapolis
McAfee prior to an NFL football game against the Denver Broncos, in            to be arrested on alcohol-related          Police asked McAfee how much           police found Gill passed out in a
Denver. McAfee was arrested for public intoxication after he reportedly        charges this year. Team president Bill   he had to drink.                         ditch. The charge was later dropped,
took a pre-dawn swim in a canal in a nightlife district. Police arrested       Polian said in a statement that the        “A lot cause I am drunk,” McAfee       but Polian said then that Gill would
McAfee about 5 a.m. Wednesday, Oct. 20, 2010, in the Broad Ripple              team was aware of the latest incident.   said, according to the report.           be placed in a roster category that
neighborhood and took him to an arrest processing center.                         “We are in the process of gather-       McAfee told police that he was         would keep him inactive all season.


Henderson hype proves deserved
By Tim Reynolds
Associated Press

   CORAL GABLES, Fla. (AP) — It’s a few min-
utes before sunrise, morning dew soaking the
manicured grass of the Miami football complex,
and offensive line coach Jeff Stoutland is shout-
ing words of encouragement as the biggest Hur-
ricanes run through some drills.
   When it was Seantrel Henderson’s turn,
Stoutland stopped yelling — a rarity for the                        WILFREDO LEE / ASSOCIATED PRESS
high-energy coach. For a few seconds, he just          This Aug. 5, 2010, file photo shows Miami offen-
watched in silence.                                    sive lineman Seantrel Henderson during practice
   It’s easy to stand and marvel when seeing a         in Coral Gables, Fla.
6-foot-8, 340-pound man-child hop over barri-
ers with the agility of a ballerina, hits a blocking   vant, loud, funny and outgoing. The one subject
sled with such force that his imprint on the foam      he doesn’t apparently like discussing is himself.
rubber padding is still there when the next guy        Henderson has routinely declined interview
comes through, and can pull two teammates off          requests, which may be the only way he shakes
the ground at the same time.                           extra attention — because opposing teams are
   Henderson came to Miami with expectations           starting to give him plenty of that.
as long as his copious shadow, and so far, he’s           When No. 25 Miami (4-2, 2-1 Atlantic Coast
fulfilling them all. The nation’s No. 1 recruit a      Conference) hosts North Carolina (4-2, 2-1) on
year ago is already a first-stringer on the right      Saturday night, it’s certain that the Tar Heels will
side of the Hurricanes’ line, played a full game       always know what No. 77 is doing.
in last weekend’s win over Duke, and is proving           “He’s big, he’s physical, he’s looks an awful lot
that he was worth every bit of the hype that has       like Bryant McKinnie when I was at Miami,”
followed him for years.                                said Tar Heels coach Butch Davis. “He’s just a
   “From Day 1, when he starting pushing ev-           big, massive human being. ... Obviously, he’s a
erybody off the line, when he was moving guys          good athlete because he was a former basketball
back from the first day, he was showing that it        player, so he’s got good feet.”
was well-deserved,” Miami running back Da-                The numbers prove what Davis is seeing.
mien Berry said. “He was ready, ready to come          Henderson has played 164 snaps this season,
in, ready to play. The way he picks stuff up, his      including 77 against Duke (with a season-
footwork, his speed, it’s kind of amazing.”            high five pancake blocks), and has graded
   The book on Henderson from his teammates            out at 83 percent or higher in every game —
goes like this: He’s gregarious, a video-game sa-      90 percent twice.
12      Thursday, October 21, 2010

                   I N S I DE
                                Host says Gary Patterson
                                Radio Show offers more
                                than just football analysis.                    SPORTS                                                                     TO M O R R OW
                                                                                                                                                                            The football team
                                                                                                                                                                            takes on Air Force
                                                                                                                                                                            Saturday at home.

     J A S O N T E AG U E                                                                                                                                                                   G R E G M CCO Y
          Senior                                 STANSLY MAPONGA                  KELLY GRIFFIN                     CORY GRANT               WAY N E DA N I E L S                                  Senior
        Cornerback                                  Redshirt Freshman                  Senior                          Senior                     Senior                                         Cornerback
                                                      Defensive End                Defensive Tackle                Defensive Tackle            Defensive End

                                                                        TANNER BROCK                                         TANK C AR D E R
                                                                            Sophomore                                              Junior
                                                                            Linebacker                                          Linebacker

                                                                                                                                                                             CO L I N J O N E S
                                TEKERREIN CUBA                                                                                                                                    Senior
                                     Junior                                                                                                                                   Strong Safety
                                   Weak Safety

                                                                                                      TE JAY JOHNSON
                                                                                                           Free Safety

                                                                                                                                                   PHOTO ILLISTRATION BY MATT COFFELT AND JESSICA SMITH
A mock up of TCU’s 4-2-5 defense setup, which is first in the nation in scoring defense.

Frog defense gives team a unique advantage
By Chris Blake                                           an offense usually uses to gain an advantage on       is going to give them,” Denton said.               has only allowed one catch and that’s where
TCU News Now Sports Director                             the defense, Denton said. That is not the case           Some of the rotating personnel has been a       you play a lot of your one-on-one coverage,
                                                         with Patterson’s scheme.                              result of injuries. Weak safety Alex Ibiloye and   which everybody in our conference knows
   The Horned Frog defense is first in the na-                                                                 strong safety Tyler Luttrell have missed time      that and you have a player that can play like
tion in scoring defense, allowing 9.3 points per         “A lot of what’s fun to watch                         because of injuries, but Tekerrein Cuba and        that it makes a big difference,” Patterson said.
game, and second in total defense, giving up              about the 4-2-5 is that it’s as                      Colin Jones have filled in for them so well that     If it is solid, the man-to-man coverage al-
just 218.3 yards per game. But the numbers                                                                     it has not made a difference, free safety Tejay
                                                          much like an offense as it is a de-                                                                     lows the coaches to send an extra rusher at the
that make Gary Patterson’s defense unique are                                                                  Johnson said.
                                                          fense because you see Gary and                                                                          quarterback. The defense has sacked the op-
four, two and five.                                                                                               “Our whole deal is prepare as if you are go-    posing quarterback 19 times this season, led
   The 4-2-5 defense is a rarity in football be-          the staff, they wait to see the                      ing to be a starter,” Johnson said. “So we don’t
cause it deploys five defensive backs, whereas                                                                                                                    by senior defensive end Wayne Daniels with
                                                          personnel set that the opponent                      expect any let down when we rotate people in
                                                                                                                                                                  5.5 sacks.
more common base defenses like a 3-4 or 4-3               is going to give them.”                              to play. We expect you to play just as well as
use only four. John Denton, radio analyst for                                                                                                                       “The one thing that the defense has been
                                                                                                               the person you’re rotating in for.”
the TCU/ISP Sports Network, said the 4-2-5                                                                        The 4-2-5 relies on cornerbacks playing         able to do is pressure the passer, which was
                                                          John Denton                                                                                             a concern because Jerry Hughes and Daryl
allows the Frogs to keep pace with opposing               Radio analyst for the TCU/ISP Sports Network         man-to-man coverage on wide receivers. Greg
offenses.                                                                                                      McCoy and Jason Teague, who has allowed            Washington were going away,” Denton said.
   “It does put a lot of speed on the field,” he                                                               only one catch this season, replaced four year       After allowing its first points in three weeks,
said. “It gives you a lot of variability and it also        “A lot of what’s fun to watch about the 4-2-5      starters Rafael Priest and Nick Sanders at the     in a 31-3 win over BYU, the defense will try
gives you the ability to adjust on the fly if you        is that it’s as much like an offense as it is a de-   two cornerback positions this season. Both         to stop an Air Force rushing attack Satur-
see different formations.”                               fense because you see Gary and the staff, they        have played well, Patterson said.                  day that leads the nation in rushing, at 346.9
   Last second adjustments are something that            wait to see the personnel set that the opponent          “When you have a guy at the boundary that       yards per game.

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