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									        Oxygen Facials Boost Collagen Production For a Flawless Complexion

 It may surprise many to learn that Olympians get facials too. I thought it made perfect skin sense
when I read in a recent New York Times article that an American fencer, Tim Morehouse who was
a silver medalist at the Beijing Olympics, had his first facial at the Joanna Vargas Salon in New
York City.

Athletes, who keep themselves in extreme top shape for the Olympics and otherwise, would
naturally do so from head to toe. This is also true of the health-conscious crowd in general.
Oxygen Facials are the most effective face care workout to keep your skin beautifully fit, toned and
ageless. As for Mr. Morehouse, hes reportedly returned to the Joanna Vargas day spa a few
times since his initial facial. It definitely brightened my face, he told The New York Times.

What oxygen treatments offer to shape up your skin..

Oxygen therapy is the non-surgical approach to skincare that is offered at prestigious day spas. It
is considered a premier facial treatment in high demand by celebrities and professionals because
it is so effective in inhibiting the onset of maturing skin.
The facialist to the stars Ms. Joanna Vargas offers her version of this facial, called the Oxygen
Purifying Facial. Many who have experience this facial claim it gives them a younger, luminous
appearance and skin professionals say it is because it boosts the production of vital collagen
proteins that gives the skin instant youth.
As a highly antibacterial facial, oxygen is also a reliable treatment for hormonally imbalanced
complexions that are prone to outbreaks and irritation. It regulates overactive sebaceous glands to
prevent oily skin and eliminates acne causing bacteria on the dermal surface.

A fine mist of pure oxygen, a delivery system akin to a hyperbaric oxygen, is laced with a
hyaluronic acid serum that lavishes the skin with ultra hydration to effectively combat fine lines and

And at Ms. Vargas day spa, this facial also helps to expels contaminants from the pores by
exfoliating the skin, using masks, cleansers and extractions and is an experience similar to a
sauna induce sweat-out, detoxifying the skin. It uses skin care products that are abundant in
vitamins, minerals and finishes with an infusion of oxygen and a feather weight serum that
penetrates the skin deeply for immediate revitalization.

What dermatologists say about oxygen facials

Toronto based dermatologist, Dr. Kellet insists that with oxygen facials, "the result is plumper,
fresher skin instantly." She also stresses that this form of skincare promises a more rapid
approach to making skin look younger as a reliable alternative to collagen injections and plastic

New York dermatologist, Dr. Neil Sadick, says of this advanced face care "it reduces
inflammation." Oxygens calming properties is the main reason he applies the therapy to clients
skin following surgery.

Dermatologist Sandy Skotnicki-Grant invested in this intraceutical technology, as an alternative to
invasive procedures, because the holistic skincare path delivers a more natural looking outcome
without undergoing the knife. She reasons, "Oxygen - along with vitamins A, C and E in the serum
- is healing, and it reduces free radicals." She touts the immediate difference in skins plumpness
and even tone in deciding on oxygen treatments for her clientele.

And the same holds true for Joanna Vargas who provides the Oxygen Purifying Facial as
advanced face care that gets the skin back in peak shape naturally for a clean, clear and glowing

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