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									                   Difference between Christianity and religion
Christianity                                                            Religion
The general difference between religion and Christianity is that, all other religions are faint copy of Christianity whereas Christianity is
the independent and eternal Kingdom which means that, it was there before all creation existed and nothing existed except through this
Kingdom, and it will be there after all the earth and its content has vanished.
1. Belief and faith is based on the Only God who made heaven            1. Belief and faith is based on gods, that are the LORD GOD’S
   and earth and all its content. Psalm 24:1 , Genesis1:; John1:           creation. e.g.; god can be a person, animal or nature.
2. He was there before the time, John1:                                 2. They existed after God, and they are subject to His decision
                                                                           about what He wants to do with them as His creation.
Indefensible facts about God and King of Christianity:                  Indefensible facts about gods of other religions:
    He alone is God Isaiah46:10                                            They are just the product of the only God’s hands, or they
    He alone made and owns heavens                                            just His creation
    He alone made and owns the earth                                       They depend on the only God for life.
    He alone made and owns all the creation                                They all submit to the only God.
    He rules the day and night                                             They live on earth that was created by God
    He is a King in heaven, on earth and under the earth.
    Nothing is hidden in His eyes, nothing happens without
       His will.
    He lives from everlasting to everlasting.
    He is the Judge of judges
                    Difference between Christianity and religion
Christianity                                                           Religion
   Chronicles/portfolio(past , present and future)                         Chronicles/portfolio
   Created and destroyed the people during the days of Noah.               Faith reference is self-written or a mixture of Holy Bible with
   Destroyed people of Sodom and Gomorrah because of                       some facts being subtracted and own content being added.
   disobedience.                                                           No heaven, reincarnation, purgatory
   Annoyed/angered by sinful life of people of Niniveh, He sent            Die and cannot resurrect
   Jonah to warn them, they listened, and he spared their lives for        Control of lifestyle is based on physical power
   their repentance.                                                       Source of strength is physical
   He will destroy this generation too if, it continues with

3. Faith reference is the Holy Bible: “ All scripture is inspired by   3. Faith reference is self-written or a mixture of Holy Bible with
   God and is useful to teach us…”2Timothy3:16                            some facts being subtracted and own content being added.
4.   The promise after earth life is heaven.                           4. No heaven, but false belief such as: reincarnation, purgatory etc.
5.   God of all creation never dies.                                   5. Die and cannot resurrect.
6.   Control of lifestyle is spiritually based                         6. Control of lifestyle is based on physical power.
7.   Source of strength is faith in the Word, Holy Spirit.             7. Source of strength is physically based
     Basic Analysis Of Structural Representation Of God’s Kingdom
The Leader , God and King Of Christianity.                                Jesus Christ of Nazareth

Where and how does He rule or Govern.                                     -He lives and governs in heaven,

                                                                          -He lives and governs leads in the earth in the form of Holy
                                                                          Spirit and Word(Bible),

                                                                          -He also governs everything under the earth.

Duration of reigning                                                      From generations to generations. Eternal.

                               His Kingdom Representation On Earth
His Cabinet/Spiritual Gifts

The cabinet sits in unity and oneness structurally and in Spirit. The cabinet forms a tangible structure on earth, and the broadness of the
structure gives birth to the same members of the cabinet that represent this Kingdom or CHURCH in every Continent, every country, every city,
every town, and every rural settlement. This is supposed to mean that in every structure that is called Church under Christianity on earth, there
is no distinction in terms of spiritual gifts ( it should constituents or the building blocks are the same)

The cabinet is constantly increased, developed and upgraded by the Holy Spirit from time to time. They accomplish the purpose of God on earth
in various ways based on ministries such as : serving the people accordingly and in totality. With this structure, all problems are tackled without
pressure, stress and exhaustion, but with joy and happiness.

Basic Cabinet/Spiritual Gifts follows:
Apostles              Ephesians 4:11; 1 Corinthians12:28

Prophets              Romans 12:6; 1 Corinthians12:10; Ephesians4:11

Evangelists           Ephesians4:11-

Teachers              Romans 12:7; 1 Corinthians12:28; Ephesians4:11

Pastors               Ephesians 4:11

              Other ministries

Healing               1 Corinthians12:9, 28, 30

Helping               1 Corinthians12:28-
Administration                  1 Corinthians12:28-

Speaking Tongues                1 Corinthians 12:10; 14:27-28-

Interpretation of the tongues   1 Corinthians12:10; 14:27-28-

Services                        Romans 12:7


Faith                           1 Corinthians12:8-10-

Knowledge                       1 Corinthians12:8-

Hospitality                     1 Peter4:9,10

Exhortation                     Romans 12:8-
Leadership   Romans 12:8-

Giving       Roman 12:8

Mercy        1 Corinthians12:8,28

Wisdom       1 Corinthians12:8
             Basic Analysis Of Structural Representation Of Religion
Leader, King, God of Religions                                            Based on diverse beliefs.

                                                                          A human being is selected to be worshipped,

                                                                          Creation chosen to be worshipped :- Animal

                                                                          Nature is worshipped                -Matter eg stone, star, idols etc

Where and how does god of religion rule.                                  -They live and lead only on the earth using self-designed bible,
                                                                          mixture of Holy Bible with some portion interpreted and defined
                                                                          to suite a person’s behaviour

                                                                          -Those who believe in the Holy Bible use Word part of the Bible
                                                                          and do not consult Holy Spirit for interpretation.

                                                                          -Leadership has to be inherited next in line in the family.

                                                                          -A person who started religion, continues to be god even if s/he
                                                                          is dead and others are taught to believe in him or her.

Duration                                                                  All depends on God of Christianity’s mercy and will.

                                 Representation Of Religion Churches
Their Leadership /Management

People are elected to certain positions according to the period of services they have offered. Others are elected by favour to run the churches of

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