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									   SAP Troubleshooting

IV. Troubleshooting
Part Two: Advanced Data Presentation

             Some common error types are included in this section. See Chapter 16 Calculation
             Troubleshooting of the Business Objects User’s Guide (the Adobe Acrobat files
             available through the Help menu) for a full range of error messages.

             Multivalue error occurs when more than one value is placed in a single cell. This can
             occur when we switch values between columns and a single cell. Taking a column
             from a block and placing it in a cell will cause the #MULTIVALUE error because
             we are taking many values and placing them into a cell designed to hold a single
             value. Business Objects does not know which value to display, so it displays a
             #MULTIVALUE error message in the cell.

             Here is an example of #MULTIVALUE error in a report we want to include the
             Extract Date in:

             1. A cell has been created in which to include the Extract Date.

                                                                                                     Formatted: Right: 0.25"

Page                                                                                            70
                                                Intermediate Business Objects for CWS/CMS

2. Select the Case Extract Date column from the block and drop it into the empty

3. The #MULTIVALUE error occurs.

                                                                                            Formatted: Right: 0.25"

                                                                               Page   71
Part Two: Advanced Data Presentation

             Solution 1 – Change the column of values into a single value

             4. Select the Formula Editor from the Formula toolbar.

             5. In the Formula Editor dialog box, replace the old formula with the Max function
                (Aggregates folder) of the Case Extract Date. Click the OK button.

                                                                                                  Formatted: Right: 0.25"

Page                                                                                         72
                                                         Intermediate Business Objects for CWS/CMS

      6. The Max function returns a single value for the cell, which resolves the error.

      7. To delete the empty column, select it and click the Delete icon on the Standard
         toolbar (X).

B. #SYNTAX Error
      Syntax error is an error in the formula. Missing or extra characters in formulas are
      usually the cause of syntax problems. The best way to avoid such errors is to use the
      Formula Editor dialog box rather than “free-hand” type formulas into a cell or

      While in the Formula Editor, pay attention to the Operators window while you
      build your formula. Notice how the list of operators changes based on changes to
      your formula. Operators will only show those that can be used at that time. If an
      operator you wish to use is not present, you may need to change your formula.
                                                                                                     Formatted: Right: 0.25"

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Part Two: Advanced Data Presentation

             The formula in the cell for Case Extract Date below contains a syntax error.

             One of the nice features of the Formula window, or the Formula dialog box, is that
             with syntax errors, the cursor will stop at the location where the syntax is off. This
             will inform you changes need to be made here (in this case a missing parenthesis).

             A computational error occurs when part of the formula (usually a variable) cannot be
             found. This can occur when a measure is being used in a block and a required
             column is removed. When this occurs, the column can be returned to the block and
             hidden so the measure has access to the information or the measure can be made into
             a dimension, which has access to the information at the cube level.

             1. We want to aggregate the Active Service Component by the Year. Select the
                Year dimension and insert the object into the block.

                                                                                                           Formatted: Right: 0.25"

Page                                                                                                  74
                                                  Intermediate Business Objects for CWS/CMS

2. The Year is displayed correctly (albeit not in the right number format).

3. Replace the Year column with the Years measure.

                                                                                              Formatted: Right: 0.25"

                                                                                 Page   75
Part Two: Advanced Data Presentation

             4. A computational error occurs. Notice: Year is a dimension object and Years is a
                measure object. The error occurs because the measure needs information not
                contained in the table where it is placed. There are two ways to correct this
                problem: 1) The object can be changed from a measure to a dimension, which
                looks in the cube (Data Provider), or 2) The missing information can be added to
                the block and hidden so as to be available for calculation but not visible to the
                report reader.

             Solution 1 – Converting the measure to a dimension

             5. Right-click over the Report Manager to bring up the speed menu, and then select
                Edit Variable.

                                                                                                    Formatted: Right: 0.25"

Page                                                                                           76
                                                Intermediate Business Objects for CWS/CMS

6. Change the Qualification from Measure to Dimension and click the OK button.

7. Observe in the Report Manager that Years is now a dimension variable instead of
   a measure. Because dimensions can access data from the entire cube (Data
   Provider), the error is corrected.

                                                                                            Formatted: Right: 0.25"

                                                                               Page   77
Part Two: Advanced Data Presentation

             Solution 1 – Hiding the required object’s column

             8. Select Edit Variable… from the speed menu to return to the Variable Editor;
                switch the Qualification back to a Measure.

             9. Select the Formula tab to determine what the variable is looking for (i.e., Case
                Start Date), and click the OK button.

                                                                                                        Formatted: Right: 0.25"

Page                                                                                               78
                                                   Intermediate Business Objects for CWS/CMS

10. Insert the missing variable Case Start Date into the block to remove the error.

11. We do not want the Case Start Date column to show, however, as the new
    column causes additional aggregation (a row for each Case Start Date). Right-
    click over the table and select Format Table.

                                                                                               Formatted: Right: 0.25"

                                                                                  Page   79
Part Two: Advanced Data Presentation

             12. On the Pivot tab select the Used Variable Case Start Date. Then, click the Hide

             13. Case Start Date is now grayed out; click the OK button.

                                                                                                   Formatted: Right: 0.25"

Page                                                                                          80
                                                           Intermediate Business Objects for CWS/CMS

         14. The Years measure again has the needed values in the table, but they are in a
             hidden column.


                                                                                                       Formatted: Right: 0.25"

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