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									                                                                    Investigate Clock

How can I create a clock which shows recognition to a design
AOI Focus: Human Ingenuity –Who are the famous designers of my chosen
design period? What made them famous? How can a clock reflect their

Significant Concepts:
    -   Appreciation of aesthetics in design.
    -   How are designs chosen in the genre of chosen style?
    -   All designs have aesthetic value.
    -   We identify aesthetics by understanding fashion and style

Design situation:
The Red Dot Museum in Singapore is holding an exhibition of clock designs through the ages
and has asked the students of AIS to design and make a clock, using recycled materials,
which is based on a particular design period. They are particularly interested in pop art,
Victorian and de stijl inspired designs.

Design Brief: What am I going to do to solve the situation?
I am going to design, plan and create a clock for the Red Dot Museum of Singapore. I am
particularly interested in the De stijl design period. I like its use of bright vivid colours bright
vivid colours and its simplicity. I will still need to research more famous pieces from the
design period in order to make a clock that relates to de stijl.

Research and guiding questions:
    -   What materials can I use?
    -   What are the needs of the red dot museum?
    -   What aesthetic properties should I have?
    -   What is the function of the clock?
    -   Will it be safe?
                                                               Investigate Clock

De Stijl mood board:
Name: De Stijl

When: 1917


Famous art work: red and blue chair
The red and blue chair was designed in 1917 by Gerrit Rietveld. It is considered by many to
be one of the first pieces of artwork in the de stijl movement. It originally comprised of
unstained beech wood and wasn’t painted until the early 1920’s. It was paitned because
one of Gerrit Rietveld’s coleagues thought that it lacked colour. He built this new model out
of a much finer wood and only used the primary colours of the se stijl movement. It is now
in the Museum of Modern Art. In 2008 the chair was nearly burnt in a fire however it was
rescued by firefighters.
                                                   Investigate Clock
          Famous artwork from the de stijl movement.
Picture   Information Plus                 Minus                Interesting
          Composition The colours are The colours               This one of the
          C, Piet      faded, making it used are all            few pieces of art
          Mondrian     easier for the      primary colours      from de Stijl that
                       numbers on the making the                doesn’t use bold
                       clock stand out. artwork look            colours which I
                       It is               plain and not        think will suit my
                       ‘predictable’       interesting. Also    clock design
                       and not             there are no         more.
                       abstract.           interesting
                                           shapes used.
          Composition There is a lot of Colours are             I think I will
          in Red, Blue white space         scarce making        mainly use these
          and Yellow,  which I think       the art seem         kinds of lines and
          Piet         suits my clock      boring.              textures because
          Mondrian     Really well as                           even though I
                       the numbers                              think it is boring,
                       will stand out.                          I think it would
                                                                be perfect for a
                                                                clock face.
          Trafalgar      This design is      Contrary to my     This is what I will
          square, Piet   very similar to     last piece, I      probably use in
          Mondrian       the last one and    think that these   my design.
                         I think that this   colours are
                         is what I would     actually quite
                         go for because      nice, there are
                         the white space     no negatives.
                         allows my
                         numbers to
                         stand out.
                                                               Investigate Clock

Victorian mood board
Name: Victorian

When: 1882


Famous art work: The Crossing sweeper
The Crossing Sweeper was considered ground breaking in its time because of what it
represented. It represented the collision of wealth and poverty on a street in London. It was
painted in 1858, in the middle of the Victorian era. It was painted by William Powell Firth,
who painted many other famous Victorian inspired paintings.

Picture                 Information Plus                  Minus             Interesting
                        A clock at a   It uses roman      It’s simple and   The Roman
                        train station. numerals,          modern and I      numerals are
                                       which really       don’t think it    something I
                                       reflects on the    fits the time     would seriously
                                       Victorian          period.           consider if I
                                       design period.                       went with this
                        A typical      It is elegant and It is made of      I like the
                                                                 Investigate Clock
                        Victorian       has patterns on    brass and Gold, patterns, which I
                        clock           it.                which I don’t   might en grave
                                                           have access to. into my wood

                        A standing      It is a desk       It is once again   It uses roman
                        clock           clock and          made out of        numerals which I
                                        resembles a        expensive          think I will
                                        grand-father       materials.         include in my
                                        clock                                 design.

Art Deco Mood Board
Name: Art deco

When: 1920


Existing clock designs

An analog or analogue clock is a clock that tells the time using angles. It does this by having
two hands move around 360 degrees in a circle at different speeds. The shorter smaller arm
or ‘hand’ moves slower and indicates the hour of the day. The longer arm moves much
faster and indicates how many minutes have passed in that hour. The On an analogue clock
there are usually 12 numbers printed on the ‘face’ of the clock. The 12 numbers represent
the 12 hours; however there are 24 hours in a day, so the cycle must occur twice for a day
to be complete. The interior of a clock uses slow moving gears to rotate the hands.

Grandfather clock

A grandfather clock is very similar to an analogue clock but instead of being controlled by a
series of gears, it has a pendulum that swings every second making a ‘tick’ and rotating the
hands. It is the largest of any clock and is regarded as being expensive and regal. However I
                                                                  Investigate Clock
don’t think I will do a grandfather clock because it doesn’t relate to the de stijl design

Plywood            Plywood is a really good option to use as it comes in multiple thicknesses
                   and is very flexible. It also doesn’t splinter and is a very cheap wood to
                   use. It is made out of thin sheets of wood veneer. The grains are
                   perpendicular to each other.
Radiata Pine       Radiata pine is really good for screws and nails. It also varnishes ell and
                   holds paint very well.








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