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									Travel Insurance – Smart Things to Consider
        When Traveling for Business
              Travel Insurance | Getting Travel Insurance

              Anytime during your business trip, you may get into some type of
              unforeseen circumstances such as a hospital stay due to sickness or
              accident. To avoid all such things one must get Travel Insurance cover.
              It’s peace of mind knowing that you are covered should anything

              Losing luggage, Travel Cancellations etc happen all too often so don’t
              leave it to chance.
Travel Insurance | Insurance Policies for Business Traveler

There are many different policies out there both for the Leisure and Business Traveler. As
a Business Traveler though, things to consider when taking out a policy are:

• Am I covered for any Medical & Dental Expenses

• Am I covered for Amendment or Cancellation Costs e.g. Missed connecting flight due to a late
arrival of the first flight you took

• Do I have some cover for Lost Luggage or personal effects such as my Laptop or Camera or even
cover for Credit card fraud.

• Money Cover if your cash is lost or stolen whilst away

• Do I have Rental car insurance excess which you maybe liable to pay as a result of damage to the
vehicle or theft? Most rentals offer an insurance excess as well that you pay direct for each rental,
but you may not need it if you are already covered under your Travel Insurance policy. Just check
you have enough excess cover.
Travel Insurance –

          A comprehensive Travel Insurance Policy also is very well laid out and easy to interpret with a lot
          less information to a credit card Insurance policy where you find it’s pages & pages of information
          that don’t always mean much and don’t cover for all your needs.

          If you Travel frequently, you would save on costs by purchasing an annual policy. Once done, you
          can forget about it for another year!

          Travel Insurance | Review Your Health Insurance Policy

          Other things to check too when traveling abroad is to review your health insurance policy to see if
          you are covered in other countries. If not, purchase that Insurance policy.

          While many travelers have health insurance, it sometimes does not cover them outside of their
          network or country. Most medical plans will not cover medical expenses abroad, which is why
          Travel insurance coverage is vital to avoid financial disaster. Always check the details of your
          insurance coverage before you travel.
Travel Insurance –

          • Am I covered for Travel Delay or even cover for a replacement employee to complete the
          assignment for which you were originally sent if you need to return home for an emergency?

          Not all travel insurance plans are created equal. The cost varies from company and policy to policy.
          Policies may be purchased for individual trips or as an annual policy for all trips taken in the year of
          insurance. If you purchase an annual travel insurance policy, it will cover you for one year from the
          start date you choose and cover is usually from the day you take out the policy NOT from the day
          you Travel.

          Travel Insurance | Why You Should Get Comprehensive Travel Insurance

          Credit card companies usually provide what is called Travel accident insurance, which covers
          accidents but not incidents of serious illness. When you travel abroad, you should always consider
          buying insurance that includes medical care. A comprehensive Travel Insurance is ideal.

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