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									I   N   T   E   G   R   I   T   Y

                                    E   X   C   E   L   L   E   N   C   E

                                                                                    U N D E R S T A N D I N G

                                                                            U   N   I   T   Y

                        R E S P O N S I B I L I T Y

                                                                                                     Published in March 2012.
              The Tata Commitment

At the Tata Group we are committed to improving the quality
of life of the communities we serve. We do this by striving for
leadership and global competitiveness in the business sectors in
which we operate.

Our practice of returning to society what we earn evokes trust
among consumers, employees, shareholders and the community.
We are committed to protecting this heritage of leadership with
trust through the manner in which we conduct our business.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              G r o u p

                                                                                                          materials                                                  engineering                                                              information technology
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              & communications
                                         An Introduction .....................................04          Metals                                                     Automotive                                                               Information Technology

                                                                                                          •   Tata Steel .......................................14   •   Tata Motors ............................................... 22
                                         Group History ........................................06
                                                                                                                  Subsidiaries / Associates / JVs
                                                                                                                                                                           Subsidiaries / Associates / JVs                                    •   Tata Consultancy Services............ 38
                                                                                                                                                                           • Jaguar Land Rover
                                                                                                                • Tata Steel Europe (Corus)                                • Tata Marcopolo Motors
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              •   Tata Elxsi ........................................ 42
                                         International Locations .........................09                    • NatSteel Holdings                                        • Tata Daewoo Commercial Vehicle Company                           •   Tata Technologies ......................... 44
                                                                                                                • Tata Steel Thailand                                      • Tata Motors (Thailand)                                           •   Tata Interactive Systems .............. 47
                                                                                                                                                                           • Tata Hispano Motors Carrocera S.A.
                                                                                                                • Tinplate Company of India                                • Tata Motors (SA) (PTY)                                           •   Tata Business Support Services ... 48
                                                                                                                • Tayo Rolls                                               • Telco Construction Equipment
                                         Promoter Companies                                                     • Tata Steel Processing and Distribution                   • Tata Technologies
                                                                                                                • TRL Krosaki                                              • Tata Cummins                                                     Communications
                                                                                                                • Tata Sponge Iron                                         • TML Drivelines
                                         •     Tata Sons ............................................10
                                                                                                                                                                           • TAL Manufacturing Solutions                                      •   Tata Sky ......................................... 49
                                                                                                                • Tata Metaliks
                                                  Subsidiaries & Divisions                                      • Tata Pigments                                            • Tata Motors European Technical Centre                            •   Tata Teleservices ........................... 50
                                                                                                                                                                           • Tata Motors Finance
                                                  • Tata Consulting Engineers                                   • Jamshedpur Injection Powder
                                                                                                                                                                           • Tata AutoComp Systems
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              •   Tata Communications ................... 52
                                                  • Tata Housing Development Company                            • TM International Logistics                               • TML Distribution Company
                                                  • Tata Petrodyne                                              • mjunction services                                       • Concorde Motors (India)
                                                                                                                • TRF
                                                                                                                • Jamshedpur Utility and Service                     •   Tata AutoComp Systems .......................... 28
                                         •     Tata Industries ...................................11
                                                                                                                  Company                                                  JVs
                                                  Divisions                                                                                                                • Tata AutoComp Systems Limited Interiors and
                                                                                                                • The Indian Steel and Wire Products                         Plastics Division
                                                  • Tata Strategic Management Group                             • Tata BlueScope Steel                                     • Nanjing Tata AutoComp Systems
                                                  • Tata Interactive Systems                                    • Dhamra Port Company                                      • Tata Johnson Controls Automotive
                                                                                                                • Lanka Special Steel                                      • Tata Toyo Radiator
                                                                                                                • Sila Eastern Company                                     • Tata Yazaki AutoComp
                                                                                                                • Tata Steel KZN                                           • Automotive Stampings & Assemblies
                                                                                                                • Tata NYK                                                 • Tata Ficosa
                                                                                                                                                                           • TACO Composites
                                                                                                                • S&T Mining Company                                       • Tata AutoComp GY Batteries
                                                                                                                • T.S. Alloys                                              • TACO Hendrickson Suspensions
                                                                                                                                                                     • Telco Construction Equipment
                                                                                                          Associated Sector                                            Company ................................................... 30
                                                                                                          •   TRL Krosaki .....................................18    Engineering Products & Services
                                                                                                          Composites                                                 • Tata Projects .............................................. 31
                                                                                                          •   Tata Advanced Materials ...............19
                                                                                                                                                                     • Voltas ........................................................ 32
                                                                                                                                                                     • Tata Consulting Engineers ....................... 34
                                                                                                                                                                     • TRF ............................................................. 35

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        O v e r v i e w

           energy                                              services                                                consumer products                                       chemicals

           •   Tata Power ................................56   Hotels, Property Development                            •   Tata Global Beverages ............ 76               •   Tata Chemicals ........................88
                   Subsidiaries                                                                                        •   Titan Industries .......................80          •   Rallis India ...............................91
                   • Tata Power Delhi Distribution             •   Indian Hotels (Taj Hotels Resorts                   •   Infiniti Retail............................83       •   Advinus ....................................92
                     Limited (TPDDL)                               and Palaces) .................................62
                   • Powerlinks Transmission
                                                                                                                       •   Trent .........................................84
                   • Tata Power Trading Co.
                                                               •   Tata Realty and Infrastructure ....65
                   • Strategic Electronics Division            •   Tata Housing Development
                     (SED)                                         Company ......................................66
                   • NELCO                                     • JUSCO ...........................................67
                                                               • Drive India Enterprise Solutions
           •   Tata BP Solar ............................59        Limited (DIESL).............................68

                                                               Financial Services
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    defence and aerospace ...... 93
                                                               •   Tata AIG Life
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    international operations ..... 94
                                                                   Insurance Company .....................69
                                                               •   Tata AIG General
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    • Tata International ...............................98
                                                                   Insurance Company .....................69
                                                               •   Tata Asset Management ..............70
                                                               • Tata Investment Corporation ......70                                                                                                                               corporate social responsibility
                                                               • Tata Capital ..................................71
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    • Trusts .................................................... 100
                                                               Other Services                                                                                                                                                       •   Institutes ............................................. 106
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    •   NCPA..................................................... 108
                                                               •   Tata Strategic ...............................72                                                                                                                 •   Tata Medical Center ........................ 109
                                                               •   Tata Services ................................73                                                                                                                 •   Tata Council for
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Community Initiatives.................... 110

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    • Product Index.................................... 111

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                                                                                                     THE TATA GROUP

                                               The Tata Group comprises operating companies in seven business sectors : Materials, Engineering, Information Technology and
                                               Communications, Energy, Services, Consumer Products and Chemicals. The Group was founded in the last quarter of the 19th century in

                                               India when the country had just set out on the road to gaining independence from British rule. Consequently, the founders of the Group
                                               aligned business opportunities with nation building. This approach remains ingrained into the Group’s ethos even today even as it spreads
                                               its operations to other geographies.

                                               The Tata Group is today India’s largest conglomerate with revenues of $83.3 bn in the financial year ending March 31, 2011. The Group

                                               companies had 424,365 people on their rolls on March 31, 2011. Its 31 publicly listed companies have a combined market capitalisation
                                               which is one of the highest among all business houses in India and a shareholder base of over 3.6 million. Group companies export products
                                               and services to over 85 countries and have operations in over 80 countries.

                                               The Tata companies share a set of five core values derived from the Group’s early beliefs which even today drive all business decisions.

                                               These values are : Integrity, Understanding, Excellence, Unity and Responsibility. The Group and its companies have been distinctive in

                                               their adherence to business ethics and their commitment to corporate social responsibility. This legacy has earned the trust of the Group’s
                                               stakeholders in a measure few business houses can match.

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                                                                                GROUP HOLDING STRUCTURE

                       Board of Directors

                                                     Sir Dorabji Tata Trust         Sir Ratan Tata Trust     Other Tata-endowed Trusts
                      Mr. Ratan N Tata
                      Mr. Cyrus P Mistry
                       Deputy Chairman
                                           ••                                 66% shareholding
                 Mr. Farrokh K Kavarana
                                            ••                                                             50% shareholding
                   Mr. R Gopalakrishnan
                                            •                     Tata Sons Limited
                    Mr. Ishaat Hussain
                       Finance Director
                                                            (Major shareholdings)
                  Mr. R K Krishna Kumar
                                                ••          •
                                                                Tata Consultancy Services
                                                                Tata Steel                                                                                  04
                      Mr. Arun R Gandhi
                                               •            •
                                                                Tata Motors
                                                                Tata Power
                                                                                                              Tata Industries Limited                       05

                    Mr. Kishor A Chaukar
                      Managing Director
                                                •           •
                                                                Tata Communications
                                                                Tata Chemicals
                                                            •   Tata Global Beverages                        (Major shareholdings)
                       Mr. S Ramadorai
                                          •                 •
                                                                Indian Hotels
                                                                                                             • Tata Advanced Materials
                                                                                                             • Tata AutoComp Systems
                      Mr. B Muthuraman
                                           •                •
                                                                Tata Elxsi
                                                                                                             • Tata Industrial Services
                                                                                                             • Drive India Enterprise Solutions
                    Mr. Prasad R Menon
                                           •                •
                                                                Tata Investment Corporation                  • Advinus Therapeutics
                                                            •   Tata Teleservices
                         Mr. Ravi Kant
                                         •                  •
                                                                Tata International
                                                                Tata AIG General Insurance Company
                       Mr. K R S Jamwal
                       Executive Director
                                          •                 •
                                                                Tata AIG Life Insurance Company
                                                                Tata Sky
                                                            •   Tata Asset Management
                        Mr. R R Bhinge
                        Executive Director
                                          •                 •
                                                                Tata Advanced Systems
                                                                Tata Capital
                                                            •   Tata Realty and Infrastructure
                                                            •   Tata Petrodyne
                  •   Tata Sons Limited                     •   Tata Housing
                  •   Tata Industries Limited               •
                                                                Tata Consulting Engineers
                                                                Infiniti Retail
                                                            •   Tata Business Support Services

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                          group history

              Jamsetji Nusserwanji                                   1902                                                1910
                  Tata starts a
                                                            The Indian Hotels Company                             The first of the three
              private trading firm                                                                                                                                                            1917
                                                           is incorporated to set up the                        Tata Electric Companies,
             laying the foundation                                                                                                                                                       The Tatas enter the
                                                           Taj Mahal Palace and Tower,                           the Tata Hydro-Electric
                of the Tata Group.                                                                                                                                                        consumer goods
                                                             India’s first luxury hotel,                        Power Supply Company,
                                                              which opened in 1903.                               is set up to generate                                                  segment as
                                                                                                                        electricity.                                                   the Tata Oil Mills
                                                                                                                                                                                     Company is established
                                                                                                                                                                                           to make soaps,
                                                                                                                                                                                           detergents and
                                                                                                                                                                                            cooking oils.
                                                                                                     1907                                 The Indian Institute
                                                                                                                                       of Science is established
                                                                                             The Tata Iron and Steel
                                                                                                                                        in Bengaluru to serve
                                                                                           Company is established to set
                                                                                                                                            as a centre for
                                                                                           up India’s first iron and steel                                               1912
                                                                                                                                         advanced learning.
                                                                                           plant in Jamshedpur, which                                              Tata Steel introduces                              1932
                                          1874                                             started production in 1912.                                              eight-hour working                               Tata Airlines,
                                                                                                                                                                     days, well before                         a division of Tata Sons,
                                     The Central India
                                                                                                                                                                    such a system was                          is established, opening
                                    Spinning, Weaving
                                                                                                                                                                     implemented by                                 up the aviation
                                   and Manufacturing
                                                                                                                                                                     law even in most                               sector in India.
                                   Company is set up,
                                                                                                                                                                    western countries.
                                   marking the Group’s
                                    entry into textiles.

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                                                                                                                                                                 Tata Quality
                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Tata Indica — India’s
                                                         1945                                                                                                Management Services
                                                                                                             1968                                                                                                        first indigenously
                                                                                                                                                              institutes the JRD QV
                                         Tata Engineering and Locomotive                                                                                                                                               designed, developed
                                                                                                        Tata Consultancy                                       Award, modelled on
                                              Company (renamed Tata                                                                                                                                                  and manufactured car —
                                                                                                         Services (TCS),                                      the Malcolm Baldrige
                                               Motors in 2003) is established                                                                                                                                        is launched by Tata Motors,
                                                                                                       India’s first software                                   National Quality
                                                to manufacture locomotive                                                                                                                                                  spearheading the
                                                                                                        services company,                                      Value Award of the
                                           and engineering products. The                                                                                                                                                   Group’s entry into
                                                                                                    is established as a division                             United States, laying the
                                          company began manufacturing                                                                                                                                                     passenger cars.
                                                                                                            of Tata Sons.                                     foundation of the Tata                                                                         06
                                          commercial vehicles in 1954 in a
                                                                                                                                                               Business Excellence                                                                           07
                                                   JV with Daimler Benz.
                                                                                                                                      Titan Industries —
                                                                                                                                   a joint venture between                                       1996
                           1939                                                     1952
                                                                                                                                   the Tata Group and the
                                                                                                                                                                                         Tata Teleservices Limited
                      Tata Chemicals is                                  Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru,                                   Tamil Nadu Industrial
                                                                                                                                                                                          (TTSL) is established to
                         established.                                   India’s first Prime Minister,                           Development Corporation
                                                                                                                                                                                             spearhead the
                                                                         requests the Group to                                   (TIDCO) — is set up to
                                                                                                                                                                                          Group’s foray into the
                                                                        manufacture cosmetics in                                 manufacture watches.
                                                                                                                                                                                             telecom sector.
                                                                                India; and Lakme
                                                                                  is established.

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                                                                                                         2004                                                                             2008
                                               2001               The Tata Group acquires a
                                                                     controlling stake in          Tata Motors acquires
                                        Tata-AIG — a joint                                        the heavy vehicles unit
                                                                   Videsh Sanchar Nigam                                             2005
                                         venture between                                            of Daewoo Motors,                                           2007
                                                                      Limited (now Tata                                        Indian Hotels adds
                                       the Tata Group and                                              South Korea.
                                                                 Communications) — India’s                                      New York's iconic           Tata Steel acquires
                                     American International
                                                                    leading international                    •                                             Corus, the UK-based
                                        Group Inc (AIG) —                                                                      hotel, The Pierre, to
                                                                    telecommunications              Tata Steel makes its                                    steel company, for        Tata Motors acquires
                                        marks the Group’s                                                                    its portfolio as also its
                                                                       service provider.            first major overseas                                      $ 12.1 bn, then        the Jaguar Land Rover
                                     re-entry into insurance.                                                                Ginger "Smart Basics"
                                                                               •                  investment in NatSteel                                  the biggest overseas        businesses from Ford
                                      The Group’s insurance                                                                       hotels in India.
                                                                   Tata Consultancy Services        Asia, headquartered                                      acquisition by an        Motor Company and
                                       company, New India                                               in Singapore.                                                                unveils the Tata Nano,
                                                                    becomes the first Indian                                                                 Indian company.
                                          Assurance, was                                                                                                                               among the world’s
                                                                software company to cross one                                                             Currently Tata Steel is
                                       nationalised in 1956.                                                                                                                        cheapest cars. The Nano
                                                                   billion dollars in revenues.                                                           among top 10 global
                                                                               •                                                                          steel companies with        went on sale in 2009.
                                                                     Titan launches Edge,                                                                crude steel production
                      2000                                           the slimmest watch                                                                     capacity of over
           Tata Tea (since named as                                      in the world.                                                                     28 million tonnes
        Tata Global Beverages) acquires                                                                      •                          •                      per annum.
              the Tetley Group, UK,                                                                 Tata Consultancy         Tata Communications
                 in the first major                                                               Services goes public in            acquires
                 acquisition of an                                                                India's private sector's    Tyco Global Network,
               international brand                                                                     largest initial        making it one of the
               by an Indian group.                                                                      public offer.        world's largest provider
                                                                                                                               of submarine cable

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                     Head Office Q Group Representative Office T                                    JV/Subsidiary/Associate V
                                                                                                                                                                            international locations
                                                                                                                                                   Production Facility/Property O                        Global Development Centres (GDC) O
                     R&D Centre/Centre of Excellence (CoE) M
                    United States                        T                France                                                 Sweden                                                  Tanzania                                                Tata AutoComp                           O
                    Tata Incorporated                    Q                TCS                                   V                TCS                                    V                Tata International                     V                Tata Technologies                       V
                    Tata Global Beverages                VO               Tata Communications                   V                Tata Communications                    V                Kenya                                                   Thailand
                    TCS                                  VOM              Tata Technologies                     V                Tata Steel                             VO               Tata Global Beverages                  V                Tata Steel                              O
                    Tata Communications                  V                Tata Steel                            VO                                                                                                              O
                                                                                                                                 Norway                                                  Tata Chemicals                                          Tata Motors                             VO
                    Indian Hotels                        VO
                                                                          Germany                                                Tata Communications                    V                Tata International                     V                TCS                                     V
                    Tata Technologies                    VOM
                                                                          TCS                                   V                Tata Motors                            V                                                                        Tata Technologies                       VO
                    Tata Chemicals                       O                                                                                                                               Botswana
                    Tata Steel                           VO               Tata Technologies                     VO               TCS                                    V                TCS                                    V                Malaysia
                                                                          Tata Communications                   V                Russia                                                                                                          Tata Steel                              O
                    Canada                                                                                                                                                               Mauritius
                                                                          Tata Steel                            VO                                                      V                                                       V                Indian Hotels                           O
                    TCS                                  VO                                                                      Tata Communications                                     Tata Chemicals
                    Tata Communications                  V                Belgium                                                Tata Global Beverages                  VO               Tata Steel                             V                TCS                                     V
                    Tata Technologies                    V                TCS                                   V                Morocco                                                 Saudi Arabia                                            Singapore
                    Tata Steel                           VO               Tata Communications                   V                TCS                                    O                Voltas                                 V                Tata Communications                     V
                    Mexico                                                Tata Steel                            O                Tata Chemicals                         O                TCS                                    V                Tata Steel                              O
                    TCS                                  VO               Luxembourg                                             Tata Motors                            V                                                                        Tata Technologies                       QOM
                                                                                                                                                                                         Qatar                                                   Tata Motors                             V
                    Tata Technologies                    V                TCS                                   O                Indian Hotels                          O                Tata Consulting Engineers              V                                                        VO
                    Tata Steel                           V                Tata Communications                   V
                                                                                                                                 Senegal                                                 Oman                                                    Tata Chemicals                          V
                    Chile                                                                                                        Tata International                     V
                                                                          Switzerland                                                                                                    Voltas                                 V                Tata International                      V
                    TCS                                  VO                                                     V
                                                                          TCS                                                    Ghana                                                   Tata Steel                             V                Tata Power                              V
                    Ecuador                                               Tata Communications                   V                Tata International                     V                                                                        The Philippines
                                                         VO                                                                                                                              UAE
                    TCS                                                   Tata Steel                            O                                                                        Tata International                     V                Tata Steel                              O
                    Uruguay                                               Poland                                                 Tata International                     V                Indian Hotels                          O                TCS                                     VO
                    TCS                                  VO               TCS                                   V                                                                        Tata Steel                             V
                                                                                                                                 Ivory Coast                                                                                                     Vietnam
                    Brazil                                                Tata Communications                   V                                                                        Voltas                                 V                Tata Steel                              VO
                                                                                                                                 Tata Steel                             V                                                       VO
                    TCS                                  VO               Netherlands                                                                                                    TCS
                    Tata International                   V                                                                       Malawi                                                  Tata Communications                    V                Taiwan
                    Tata Steel                           V
                                                                          Tata Communications
                                                                                                                                 Tata Global Beverages                  V                Bahrain
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Tata Communications                     V                         08
                                                                          Voltas                                                                                                                                                                 TCS                                     V
                    Argentina                                             TCS                                   V                Namibia                                                 TCS                                    V
                    TCS                                  VOM              Tata Chemicals                        O                Tata International                     V                Maldives                                                TCS                                     V
                    Columbia                                              Tata Steel                            VOM              Zambia                                                  Indian Hotels                          O                Tata Power                              V
                    TCS                                  VOM              Tata Technologies                     V                Indian Hotels                          O                                                                        Tata Motors                             V
                    Bermuda                                               Denmark                                                Tata International                     V                Tata Global Beverages                  VO               South Korea
                    Tata Communications                  V                TCS                                   V                Zimbabwe                                                Sri Lanka                                               Tata Motors                             VOM
                    Portugal                                              Hungary                                                Tata International                     V                Tata Communications                    V                Tata Technologies                       O
                    Tata Communications                  V                TCS                                   VOM              South Africa                           T                Indian Hotels                          O                TCS                                     V
                    Spain                                                 Tata Communications                   V                Indian Hotels                          VO               Tata Steel                             O                Japan
                    Tata Motors                          VO M             Czech Republic                                         Tata International                     V                Tata Global Beverages                  V                TCS                                     V
                    Tata Communications                  V                Tata Global Beverages                 O                TCS                                    VOM              Nepal                                                   Tata Communications                     V
                    United Kingdom                       T                                                                       Tata Steel                             VO               Tata Communications                    V                Tata Technologies                       V
                    Tata Limited                         Q                                                                       Tata Communications                    VO
                                                                          TCS                                   O                                                                        Bhutan                                                  Australia
                    Tata Global Beverages                QO M                                                                    Tata Global Beverages                  V                                                       O                TCS                                     VM
                                                         VOM              Tata Communications                   V                                                                        Indian Hotels
                    TCS                                                                                                          Tata Chemicals                         V                                                                        Tata Steel                              VO
                                                         VO               Tata Technologies                     V                                                                        Bangladesh
                    Indian Hotels                                                                                                Tata Motors                            VO                                                                       Indian Hotels                           O
                    Tata Communications                  V                Italy                                                  Tata Power                             V                Tata Global Beverages                  VO
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                VO               Tata Communications                     V
                    Tata Motors                          M VO             Tata Communications                   V                                                                        Tata Motors
                                                         O                                                                       Mozambique                                                                                                      New Zealand
                    Tata Chemicals                                        TCS                                   V                                                       V                China                                  T
                    Tata Technologies                    VO                                                                      Tata International
                                                                                                                                                                                         TCS#                                   VOM              TCS                                     V
                    Tata Steel                           VOM              Greece                                                 Tata Steel                             V
                                                                          Tata Steel                            V                Tata Chemicals                         V                Tata International#                    V
                    Finland                                                                                                                                                              Tata Communications#                   V
                    Tata Steel                           V                Turkey                                                 Uganda                                                  Tata Steel                             VO
                    TCS                                  V                Tata Steel                            V                Tata International                     V                Tata Global Beverages                  VO                                                #
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Hong Kong
                    In addition ...
                    • TCS has 18 offices in USA including 3 Development Centres. In the UK, TCS has 11 offices including one                   •    Tata Technologies has offices in the USA (10), Canada (1) , Mexico (3) , UK (2), Germany (2) , France (3) and South Korea (1).
                       Development Centre. TCS has an additional 111 offices in 42 countries around the world.                                 •   Tata International has offices in Ethiopia, China, Malawi, Vietnam, Thailand and Uruguay.
                    • Tata Steel Group has finishing facilities/offices in Ireland, Turkey, Switzerland, Belgium, Sweden, Spain, Germany,      •   Voltas has offices in Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, Singapore and Bahrain.
                       France, among other countries. Also it has JV/Subsidiary/Associates in Portugal, Spain, Poland, Norway, Austria,        •   Tata Global Beverages has its corporate head office in the UK which supports its three regions
                       Romania, Czech Republic, Italy, Bulgaria, Jersey, Denmark, Isle of Man, Latvia and Hungary.                                 comprising of CAA (USA, Canada, Australia and South America), EMEA (UK & Africa, Europe,
                    • Tata Interactive Systems has Development Centres in Germany, Switzerland. Its sales and marketing operations                 Middle East and Russia), South Asia.
                       span the US, Canada, the UK, Mainland Europe, Australia, New Zealand, the Middle East and Asia.                                                                                                                                              Please see pages 94-97 for details
                                                                                                                                               •   Tata Communications has subsidiaries in Guam, Puerto Rico and Austria.
                    • Tata Elxsi has offices in USA, UK, France, Germany, Japan, Seoul and UAE. Design studios in UK, Japan and                                                                                                                                     on International Operations
                                                                                                                                               •   Titan has a sourcing office in Hong Kong and retail outlets in 29 countries.
                       Animation/VFX studio in USA.
                                                                                                                                               •   Indian Hotels has sales office in Japan and representative offices in Brazil, France and Germany.
                    • Tata Power through its subsidiaries has offices in Singapore, Indonesia and South Africa.

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                                                   Established as a trading firm by Jamsetji Tata in 1868, Tata Sons is the promoter of the major Tata companies and holds the majority promoter
                                                   holding in the Tata companies. The Chairman of Tata Sons is traditionally regarded as the Group Chairman.
                                                   About 66% of the equity capital of Tata Sons is held by public philanthropic trusts endowed by the members of the Tata family, the two
                                                   biggest being the Sir Dorabji Tata Trust and the Sir Ratan Tata Trust, both created from the estates of the sons of the Group’s founder. (Please
                                                   also see pages 100-105.)
                                                   Tata Sons is the owner of the Tata name and the Tata trademarks which are registered in India and several other countries and are used by
                                                   Tata companies in relation to their products and services. The terms of use of the Tata mark and logo by the companies are governed by the
                                                   Brand Equity and Business Promotion Agreement signed between Tata Sons and the respective company.

 Jamsetji Nusserwanji Tata - Founder, Tata Group   Amongst the various Brand Equity and Business Promotion activities, Tata Quality Management Services provides long and short-term initiatives
                                                   and training and assessment programmes, to maximise the companies’ performance through the Tata Business Excellence Model.
                                                   Besides other subsidiary companies which separately appear in this brochure, some of the operating subsidiaries of Tata Sons are:
                                                   Tata Consulting Engineers Limited is a premier consulting engineering organisation and is in this business for over 50 years, with over 3,000
                                                   highly qualified and experienced technical professionals offering the full range of engineering and consultancy services to its clients, spanning
                                                   concept development to commissioning support on their new or expansion projects. The sectors served are: Power (generation, transmission
                                                   & distribution), alternate energy, infrastructure, chemicals, oil & gas, industrial, steel and metals, mining and minerals. ISO 9001:2008 certified,
                                                   TCE has completed over 6,500 assignments in India and overseas. (Please also see page 34.) (www.tce.co.in)
                                                   Tata Housing Development Company Limited: Commencing operations in 1984, Tata Housing is one of the key players in the real estate
                                                   industry in India. Its primary business is the development of properties in the residential, commercial and retail sectors. Its operations span
                                                   various aspects of real estate development, such as land identification and acquisition, project planning, designing, marketing and execution
                                                   and property management. The company caters to the needs of home buyers across all income segments – from low cost housing through
                                                   “Shubh Griha” homes, to “New Haven” in the affordable housing segment and distinctive projects in luxury and premium housing. (Please also
                                                   see page 66.) (www.tatahousing.com)
                                                   Tata Petrodyne: A 100% owned subsidiary, Tata Petrodyne owns interests in several oil & gas assets in India and a gas asset in the Southern
                                                   Gas Basin of the UK North Sea. It is a sole interest holder and operator of an offshore exploration permit in Australia. It has recently expanded
                                                   its geographical presence by acquiring interest in three onshore assets in Indonesia. (www.tatapetrodyne.in)

                                                   Contact : Chief, Group Corporate Affairs and Media, Tata Sons, 24, Homi Mody Street, Mumbai-400 001, India. Tel : +91-22-6665 7209
                                                   Email : debasis.ray@tatamotors.com

01_Tata Main Brochures_2012 (001-011).indd 10                                                                                                                                                            4/5/12 1:32:59 PM

                    Tata Industries was set up by Tata Sons in 1945 to function as a managing agency for companies promoted by Tata Sons. After the
                    cessation of the managing agency system, its mandate was recast in the early 1980s to promoting the group’s entry into new and high-
                    tech businesses.
                    Tata Industries has initiated and promoted the group’s ventures into several sectors, which include auto components, advanced materials,
                    telecommunications and life sciences. Tata Industries continues to evaluate opportunities for promoting new business ventures and
                    pioneers the entry of Tata into emerging technologies which exhibit the potential to become large businesses. Tata Industries also has
                    two operating divisions which function as independent profit centres:

                    Tata Strategic Management Group (Tata Strategic) is the largest Indian-owned management consulting firm. Its clientele includes
                    private sector companies in India, multi-national corporations, public sector/Government and companies promoted by Tatas. Over 50% of
                    its business comes from non-Tata clients and 20% from international clients.
                    Tata Strategic offers a wide range of solutions covering direction setting, driving strategic initiatives and implementation support.           Bombay House - Head Office, Tata Group
                    It works with clients across the following industry domains: Automotive and Engineering; Infocom, Media and Education; Chemicals;
                    Energy; Consumer and Retail; Infrastructure; and the following functional areas: Strategy; Organisational Effectiveness; Delivery Excellence;                                             10
                    Marketing & Sales; Logistics and Sourcing. Tata Strategic is an IP driven firm with unique India insights and proprietary frameworks. Its
                    network of alliances expands its global footprint and offers clients advanced solutions, international experience and end-to-end services.
                    (Please also see Page 72) (www.tsmg.com)

                    Tata Interactive Systems (TIS) is the pioneer and global leader in custom learning solutions. TIS’ learning solutions are designed to enable
                    organisational initiatives across industry verticals and have proven their effectiveness at more than 500 clients, 60 of them are Fortune 500
                    companies, leading educational institutions and government departments.
                    Leveraging its solid international experience over 21 years in developing interactive and media rich learning solutions, TIS has launched
                    CLASSEDGE, an innovative and comprehensive educational solution for Indian schools. CLASSEDGE is designed to help teachers deliver
                    high quality instruction, with an effective blend of classroom activities and interactive multimedia demonstrations.
                    TIS is the first and only learning solutions organisation in the world to be assessed at Level 5 in both the SEI-CMM and P-CMM. Its solutions
                    have won nearly 50 prestigious international awards over the last 10 years. (Please also see Page 47) (www.tatainteractive.com)

                    Contact : Tata Industries Limited, Bombay House, 24, Homi Mody Street, Mumbai - 400 001, India.
                    Tel : +91-22-6665 7373 Fax : +91-22-6665 7974 Email : TIL@tata.com

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                                                                                                                          Tata Steel

                                                                                                                 Associated Sector

                                                                                                            TRL Krosaki Refractories


                                                                                                            Tata Advanced Materials

                    Iron and steel was the foundation on which the Tata Group was built, and the
                    cornerstone of the country’s rise to industrial prominence. A saga that started

                    in 1907 continues to gather steam, with the pace-setting Tata Steel maturing
                    into one of the world’s largest steel producers and an innovator exploring new
                    applications and opportunities for growth and globalisation.

02_Tata Main Brochures_2012 (012-019).indd 13
                                                                                                      materials               4/5/12 1:34:18 PM
                                                           STEEL                                                                             www.tatasteel.com

                                                Tata Steel is among the top-ten global steel companies with a crude steel production capacity of 27 million tonnes
                                                per annum (mtpa). A Fortune 500 company, the Tata Steel Group is the world’s second most geographically
                                                diversified steel producer, employing around 80,000 people across five continents in nearly 50 countries. The
         A view of the main gate at             Group’s vision is to be the world’s steel industry benchmark in “Value Creation” and “Corporate Citizenship”
         Tata Steel Works, Jamshedpur           through the excellence of its people, its innovative approach and overall conduct. Underpinning the vision is a
                                                performance culture committed to aspirational targets, safety and social responsibility, continuous improvement,
                                                openness and transparency.
                                                Tata Steel’s global growth began with the objectives of attaining a larger geographic footprint and to service
                                                a global customer base, including the mature markets of UK and Europe and the fast-growing South East Asia
                                                and China markets. Apart from its Indian operations, the Tata Steel Group today comprises European operations
                                                through Tata Steel Europe – (www.tatasteeleurope.com) and South East Asian operations through Tata Steel
                                                Thailand (www.tatasteelthailand.com) and NatSteel Holdings, Singapore (www.natsteel.com.sg).
                                                After more than a century of growth, the Tata Steel Group is well positioned to service a global customer base, to
                                                enjoy economies of scale in plant utilisation and research and development and to deliver its ambitious vision
                                                with a motivated and highly-skilled workforce.

                                                Indian Operations
                                                Established in 1907, Tata Steel founded and developed India’s first industrial city, now Jamshedpur, where the
                                                company established one of Asia’s first integrated steel plants. The Jamshedpur works currently comprises a
                                                6.8 mtpa crude steel production facility (with plans to grow to 10 mtpa during 2012) and a variety of finishing
                                                mills. Tata Steel has a significant presence in allied and downstream areas through its various Strategic Business
                                                Units, namely the Tubes Division, Wire Division, Bearings Division, Ferro Alloys and Minerals Division, Agrico
                                                Division and Tata Growth Shop. The company also possesses and operates captive iron ore, coking coal, and
                                                chrome ore mines.
                                                Tata Steel is developing three greenfield steel projects in the states of Jharkhand, Odisha and Chhattisgarh, which
                                                will provide an additional capacity of 23 mtpa. Its 6 mtpa integrated greenfield steel plant project at Kalinganagar
                                                in Odisha is already underway.
                                                Products & Brands: Tata Steel’s Jamshedpur works produces hot and cold rolled coil and sheet, galvanised sheet,
                                                tube, wire rod and reinforcing bar. To differentiate its premium quality steel products, Tata Steel has introduced

02_Tata Main Brochures_2012 (012-019).indd 14                                                                                                                         4/5/12 1:34:18 PM

                    brands such as Tata Steelium (the world’s first branded cold rolled steel), Tata Shaktee (galvanised corrugated
                    sheet), Tata Tiscon (rebar), Tata Bearings, Tata Agrico (hand tools and implements), Tata Wiron (galvanised
                    wire products), Tata Pipes (pipes for plumbing, irrigation and plant processes), Tata Structura (contemporary
                    construction material) and Galvano.                                                                                       'H' Blast Furnace at the Jamshedpur works
                    In 2008 Tata Steel India became the first integrated steel company in the world, outside Japan, to be awarded the
                    Deming Application Prize for excellence in Total Quality Management.

                    European Operations
                    Tata Steel has a crude steel production capacity in Europe of around 18 million tonnes and has production
                    sites in the UK, Netherlands, Germany, France, Belgium, Spain and Turkey. Its long and flat products cater to the
                    construction, automotive, packaging, engineering and other markets worldwide.
                    Comprising three operating divisions – Strip Products, Long Products and Distribution & Building Systems –
                    Tata Steel in Europe produces carbon steel at its integrated steelworks at Port Talbot, Scunthorpe and IJmuiden
                    in The Netherlands. With innovation and continuous improvement at the heart of its business performance,
                    Tata Steel in Europe aims to create value by offering a differentiated product range supported by unrivalled
                    customer service.

                    South East Asia Operations
                    NatSteel Holdings (www.natsteel.com.sg) is one of the largest steel producers in the Asia Pacific region. With
                    headquarters in Singapore, it has more than 3,200 employees in Singapore, China, Thailand, Vietnam and Australia.
                    It has a crude steel production capacity of 0.8 mtpa with additional rolling capacity so it can deliver around
                    2 mtpa of high quality steel products to the construction industry. NatSteel has associate steel companies in
                    several South East Asian countries, including the Philippines, China and Vietnam, as well as in Australia.
                    Tata Steel Thailand (www.tatasteelthailand.com) is 67.9% owned by the Group, has its headquarters in Bangkok
                    and is the largest producer of long steel products in Thailand, with a manufacturing capacity of 1.7 mtpa.

                    Raw Materials
                    Owning iron ore mines and collieries in India have historically given Tata Steel a distinct advantage in raw materials
                    sourcing. Tata Steel is also working towards enhancing the security of the raw materials supply for its global           9.6 mtpa expansion project in Jamshedpur
                    operations through joint ventures in Thailand, Australia, Mozambique, West Africa, Oman and Canada.

                    Subsidiaries / Associates / JVs
                    Tinplate Company of India Limited (TCIL): With a market share of over 35%, TCIL is the industry leader in tinplate
                    manufacturing in India. (www.tatatinplate.com)

02_Tata Main Brochures_2012 (012-019).indd 15                                                                                                                                             4/5/12 1:34:19 PM
                                                                                           Tayo Rolls Limited: India’s leading rolls manufacturer and supplier, the company’s products are used in integrated
                                                                                           steel plants, power plants, paper, textile and food processing, and the government mint. (www.tayo.co.in)
                                                                                           Tata Steel Processing and Distribution Limited (TSPDL): TSPDL is in the business of steel processing and
                                                                                           distribution. It offers hot and cold rolled flat steel products in customised sizes and quantities through processing
                                                                                           and materials management services. (www.tspdl.com)
                                                                                           TRL Krosaki: TRL Krosaki produces high alumina, basic, dolomite, silica and monolithic refractories and offers
                                                  Tubes                                    design, procurement and re-lining applications services. It is one of the few companies worldwide to produce
                                                                                           silica refractories for coke ovens and the glass industry. The company has a basic bricks manufacturing unit in
                                                                                           China. (www.trlkrosaki.com) (see also page 18)
                                                                                           Tata Sponge Iron Limited (TSIL): TSIL is the first Indian sponge iron plant based on Tata Steel’s Direct Reduction
                                                                                           Technology. (www.tatasponge.com)
                                                                                           Tata Metaliks: Tata Metaliks is engaged in the business of manufacturing and selling foundry grade pig iron. The
                                                Bearings              Galvanised sheets    Pig Iron produced by Tata Metaliks is rated the best in India. (www.tatametaliks.com)
                                                                                           Tata Pigments Limited (TPL): It is a national player and one of the largest producers of synthetic iron oxide
                                                                                           pigments in India. TPL’s range of products includes oxides of iron, dry cement paint, exterior emulsion paint and
                                                                                           distemper. (www.tatapigments.com)
                                                                                           Jamshedpur Injection Powder Limited (JAMIPOL): JAMIPOL manufactures carbide de-sulphurising compounds
                                                                                           which are used for de-sulphurising hot metal for the production of low-sulphur, high-quality steel. (www.jamipol.
                                                                                           TM International Logistics Limited (TMILL): TMILL provides material handling and port operation services at
                                                                                           Haldia and Paradip Ports in addition to providing freight forwarding and chartering services. (www.tmilltd.com)
                                                                                           mjunction services limited: Mjunction, a 50:50 venture of SAIL and Tata Steel, is India’s largest e-commerce
                                                    Cold Roll Coils          Steel Wires   company and the world’s largest e-marketplace for steel. (www.mjunction.in)
                                                  Wire Rods                                TRF Limited: TRF is one of India’s leading companies in the business of design, manufacture, supply, installation
                                                                                           and commissioning of engineered-to-order equipment and systems in the areas of bulk material handling,
                                                                                           processing, reclaiming and blending. (www.trf.co.in) (see also page 35)
                                                                                           Jamshedpur Utility and Service Company Limited (JUSCO): Re-engineered out of Tata Steel’s town services,
                                                                                           JUSCO is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Tata Steel and is the country’s first enterprise that provides municipal and
                               Colourful cans                                              civic services for townships. (www.juscoltd.com) (see also page 67)

02_Tata Main Brochures_2012 (012-019).indd 16                                                                                                                                                                     4/5/12 1:34:21 PM

                                                                                                                                                                             The IJmuiden plant at night

                    The Indian Steel and Wire Products Limited (ISWP): Acquired by Tata Steel in 2003, ISWP has two units – a wire unit
                    comprising wire drawing mills, wire rod mills and a fastener division and a steel roll manufacturing unit named Jamshedpur
                    Engineering and Machining Company (JEMCO). (www.iswp.co.in)
                    Tata BlueScope Steel Limited: A joint venture with BlueScope Steel Limited, Australia, Tata BlueScope Steel Limited offers
                    a comprehensive range of branded steel products for building and construction applications. The company is constructing
                    a state-of-the-art metallic coating and painting facility at Jamshedpur. (www.tatabluescopesteel.com)
                    Dhamra Port Company, Odisha: A joint venture between Larsen & Toubro Ltd and Tata Steel Ltd., the port has been
                    commissioned and commercial operations have begun. (www.dhamraport.com)
                    Lanka Special Steel Limited: The only unit in Sri Lanka manufacturing galvanised wires.
                                                                                                                                                                      A view of Tata Steel, Thailand plant
                    Sila Eastern Company Limited: Established to develop limestone mines in Thailand, mainly for the captive use of Tata
                    Tata Steel KZN: Produces ferro chrome at its new plant in Richards Bay, South Africa.
                    Tata NYK: Tata NYK is a joint venture shipping company with Nippon Yusen Kabushiki Kaisha (NYK Line) catering to dry
                    bulk and break bulk cargo. Japan-based Nippon Yusen Kaisha NYK Line is one of the largest shipping companies in the
                    world. (www.tatanykshipping.com)
                    S&T Mining Company Pvt Ltd: Tata Steel has entered into an alliance with India’s largest steel making company, SAIL, for
                    raw material security. A JV company, S&T Mining Company Pvt. Ltd. was incorporated in September 2008 with its registered
                    office in Kolkata. (www.stmining.com)
                    TS Alloys: Tata Steel owns 100% of the equity of Rawmet Ferrous Industries (now TS Alloys) which has a Ferro Alloy Plant
                                                                                                                                                     Cut-and-bend operations of NatSteel Asia, Singapore
                    near Cuttack (Odisha), with a production capacity of over 50,000 tpa of high carbon ferro chrome. (www.tsalloys.com)

                    Corporate Sustainability
                    Tata Steel was founded on the philosophy that society is not just another stakeholder in its business, but is, in fact, the
                    very purpose of its existence. As Tata Steel’s operations have expanded into new geographies, the company has retained a
                    collective focus on the various areas of corporate sustainability that impact the environment, people and their health, and
                    society at large. As a policy, all its businesses promote and encourage economic, social and educational development within
                    their communities while also giving active support to local initiatives. The Tata Steel Group’s focus in the area of corporate
                    sustainability includes social sustainability, environmental sustainability, social welfare, sports and inclusive growth in an
                    attempt to ensure that the Group’s successes are shared by all its constituents and stakeholders.

02_Tata Main Brochures_2012 (012-019).indd 17                                                                                                                                                                4/5/12 1:34:24 PM
                    A triathlon sponsored by Tata Steel Europe   In India, the company is pledged to causes such as strengthening civic amenities in and around its areas of
                                                                 operation, providing healthcare, education, training, employment and empowerment, and preserving culture and
                                                                 heritage, especially of indigenous tribes. Tata Steel has expanded its reach from the city of Jamshedpur and its
                                                                 adjoining areas, to over 800 villages in India, touching the lives of hundreds of thousands of people.
                                                                 In Europe, initiatives like apprenticeships and graduate schemes, sponsorship of British Triathlon and several other
                                                                 programmes have ensured that extended communities are benefited by the Group’s businesses.
                                                                 Tata Steel is a valued member of the Worldsteel Association (worldsteel) and has accepted a set of 11 sustainability
                                                                 indicators to measure its economic, environmental and social performance within the steel industry. The Company
                                                                 is also guided by frameworks such as the UN Millennium Development Goals, which are advanced through its
                                                                 social initiatives.

                                                                 Contact : Head – Corporate Affairs & Communications, Tata Steel, Jamshedpur-831 001, India. Tel : +91-0657-2431 142
                                                                 Fax : +91-0657-2425 182 Email : communications@tatasteel.com

                                                                   TRL KROSAKI REFRACTORIES                                                                            www.trlkrosaki.com

                                                                 TRL Krosaki Refractories Limited (TRL Krosaki) was known as Tata Refractories Limited till June 2011 when it
                                                                 forged a strategic partnership with Japan’s premier refractories company, Krosaki Harima Corporation (KHC). KHC
                                                                 acquired 51% equity of the company from Tata Steel, thereby reducing Tata Steel’s holding from 77% to 26%. This
                                                                 partnership has strengthened the company’s technology and product offerings and transformed it into a global
                                                                 company by improving its reach to its global customers.
                                                                 TRL Krosaki has a production capacity of over 4 lakh tonnes from two modern plants and five operating units –
                                                                 with its main works at Belpahar in Odisha having the highest plant capacity under one roof in the world – and
                                                                 a wide product basket of six main product lines – silica, high alumina, basic, dolomite, flow control products &
                                                                 monolithics – catering to a range of industries in the metals, chemicals and petro-chemicals sectors.
                    View of TRL China Limited

02_Tata Main Brochures_2012 (012-019).indd 18                                                                                                                                               4/5/12 1:34:25 PM
                                                                                                                                                                TRL Krosaki main entrance at Belpahar, Odisha

                    TRL Krosaki also offers value-added services in the form of total refractories solutions & total refractories management
                    through its Refractories Engineering Management Services department. It is also the number one exporter of refractories
                    from India with 24% market share.
                    Apart from its main works at Belpahar, the company has two captive mines in Odisha for quartzite and plastic clay; a
                    manufacturing unit in Bayuquan, Lioning Province, China; operations in Jamshedpur, Salem, Bhuj, Jhansi and Hyderabad in
                    India; and marketing offices in Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Jamshedpur, Bengaluru, Belpahar, Kuala Lumpur, UK and UAE.
                    TRL Krosaki has been certified to IMS certification which includes ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001.

                     Contact : GM (PR & HRD), TRL Krosaki Refractories Limited, Belpahar, Dist - Jharsuguda, Odisha, India, Pin - 768218.
                     Tel : +91 6645 258393 Fax : +91 6645 250243 Email : dbehera@trlkrosaki.com
                                                                                                                                                                  Defence and Industrial Composites Division

                      TATA ADVANCED MATERIALS                                                                                               www.tamlindia.com

                    Tata Advanced Materials is engaged in the design, manufacture and assembly of composite products for applications in
                    the aerospace, defence and industrial sectors.

                    Business Divisions
                    This division offers complete end-to-end solutions from concept to product for applications in space, aircraft & helicopter
                    in the area of :
                    Design & analysis; Tool design & manufacturing; Manufacturing & assembly of composite components; Material testing &
                    Its state-of-the-art facility consists of clean rooms, cold store, critical process & quality equipments like autoclaves, NDT, etc.                                   Aerospace Division
                    backed up by quality systems & customer approvals. It’s an AS9100 & NADCAP certified (first in India) company.
                    Its customer list includes Boeing, FACC, Spirit, Pratt & Whitney, Goodrich, SAAB, HAL, VSSC and NAL.
                    Defence and Industrial Composites
                    This division is actively engaged in offering solutions for personal armour, vehicle armour, and provides end-to-end
                    composite solutions for applications in urban transportation and medical segments. Its customer list includes Ministry of
                    Defence, Navy, State Police Forces, Tata Motors, and GE-Medical.
                    Contact : Sales & Marketing, Tata Advanced Materials, 10, Jigani Industrial Area, Jigani 562 106, Bengaluru, India.
                    Tel : +91-80-6695 5500 Fax : +91-80-2782 5570 Email : sales.aero@tamlindia.com (for Aerospace) & sales.dicd@tamlindia.com
                    (Defence & Industrial)

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03_Tata Main Brochures_2012 (020-027).indd 20   4/5/12 1:34:53 PM

                                                                                                                                                                 Tata Motors

                                                                                                                                                      Tata AutoComp Systems

                                                                                                                                                Telco Construction Equipment

                                                                                                                                             Engineering Products & Services

                                                                                                                                                                Tata Projects


                                                                                                                                                    Tata Consulting Engineers

                                                engineering                                                                                                              TRF

                                                The Tata Group has energised India’s immense pool of engineering talent in myriad
                                                ways while delivering products, services and solutions that have enhanced the
                                                country’s capabilities and improved the lives of its citizens. Exemplars of this spirit of

                                                engineering excellence are the Indica, India’s first indigenously produced passenger
                                                car, and the Tata Nano, the world’s most affordable car.

03_Tata Main Brochures_2012 (020-027).indd 21
                                                        engineering                                                                                                     4/5/12 1:34:54 PM
                         MOTORS                                                                                     www.tatamotors.com

              Established in 1945, Tata Motors, India’s largest automobile company with a portfolio of commercial, passenger and
              utility vehicles, is increasingly acquiring a significant international presence.
              Tata Motors is India’s largest commercial vehicle manufacturer, having entered the segment in 1954. It is the world’s
              fourth largest truck and bus manufacturer.
              Tata Motors is also India’s third largest passenger vehicle player, with its first passenger vehicle entering the market in
              1991. The Tata Indica, India’s first indigenously designed car, was launched in 1998. Tata Motors unveiled the Nano, the
              world’s most affordable car in 2008, and subsequently launched in 2009. It acquired Jaguar Land Rover, two iconic British
              brands in 2008. It has had a strategic alliance with Fiat since 2005.
              Tata Motors’ plants in India are at Jamshedpur (Eastern India), Pune and Sanand (West), Lucknow and Pantnagar (North),
              Dharwad (South). Tata Motors and Fiat have set up a common manufacturing facility at Ranjangaon, near Pune. Besides,
              Tata Motors’ subsidiaries and associate companies have manufacturing facilities in UK, South Korea, Thailand, Spain and
               South Africa.

                       Apart from serving the robust Indian market, Tata Motors is also pursuing growth internationally through
                          exports and acquisitions. It acquired the business of Jaguar Land Rover from Ford Motors in 2008. Earlier,
                               in 2004, it had acquired the heavy vehicles business of Daewoo Motors. Today, the company’s subsidiary,
                                Tata Daewoo Commercial Vehicles Co. in South Korea, is the country’s second largest truck maker and the
                                  largest exporter of heavy trucks.
                                     Hispano Carrocera, the reputed Spanish bus manufacturer is a fully-owned subsidiary of Tata Motors.
                                     The company has a joint venture with Marcopolo, the Brazil-based body-builder of buses and
                                     coaches. Tata Motors also has a joint venture with Thonburi Automotive Assembly Plant Company
                                     of Thailand to manufacture and market the company’s pick-up vehicles in Thailand.
                                     Tata Motors’ vehicles are exported to Europe, Africa, the Middle East, South East Asia, South Asia and
                                     South America. The company has joint venture/franchisee assembly operations in Bangladesh, Ukraine
                                     and Senegal. Currently about 63% of its revenues is derived from its international business.The company
                                     intends to increase its international business through organic and inorganic growth routes.

                                                Jaguar XF

03_Tata Main Brochures_2012 (020-027).indd 23               4/5/12 1:34:55 PM
                                                                                               The company’s product lines are :
                                                                                               Passenger Cars : Tata Indica hatchback, Tata
                                                                                               Indigo family of sedans and station wagons and
                                                                                               the Tata Nano, Jaguar luxury saloons.
                     Tata Xenon XT              Tata Safari Strome                 Tata Aria
                                                                                               Utility Vehicles : A range comprising the Tata Aria
                                                                                               (Crossover), the Tata Safari (SUV), the Tata Xenon
                                                                                               XT (Lifestyle Pick-up), and the Tata Sumo Grande
                                                                                               MK II, the Tata Sumo range, the Tata Venture
                                                                                               (People Carriers) and the Land Rover 4 x 4s.
                                                                                               Commercial Vehicles for goods transportation
                                                                                               Small Commercial Vehicles : The Tata Ace range.

                      Tata Indigo Manza                              Range Rover Evoque        Light & Intermediate Commercial Vehicles : Pick-
                                                                                               ups (2T GVW) and the Tata Ultra trucks ranging
                                                                                               from 5T GVW to 14T GVW.
                                                                                               Medium and Heavy Commercial Vehicles : Tata
                                                                                               Prima range of multi-axle trucks, tractor-trailers,
                                                                                               tippers, mixers, and special application vehicles,
                                                                                               ranging from 10T GVW to 75T GVW.
                                                                                               Commercial       Vehicles      for      passenger
                                                                                               •    Light, medium and heavy buses from 2T
                                                                                                    GVW onwards.
                                                                                               •    Multi-purpose vehicles – the Tata Magic,
                                                                                                    the Tata Magic Iris, the Tata Winger and
                                                                                                    the Tata Venture – for urban and rural

03_Tata Main Brochures_2012 (020-027).indd 24                                                                                                        4/5/12 1:34:56 PM

                    Research and Development
                    Tata Motors has seven R&D centres in India, South Korea, Spain and the UK, with over 4,500 engineers and scientists.

                    The company’s R&D facilities include a crash-test facility and hemi-anechoic chamber for testing of noise and vibration.

                    The company also draws on the expertise of leading international design and styling houses. It is developing vehicles
                    running on alternate fuels (biofuels, hydrogen), as also electric and hybrid vehicles, both for personal and public
                    transportation. It has also been implementing several environment-friendly technologies in manufacturing processes,
                                                                                                                                               Tata Magic
                                                                                                                                               T M i
                    significantly enhancing resource conservation.

                    Tata Motors’ R&D department has received several awards. Among them are India’s National Award for Research and
                    Development Efforts in Industry in the Mechanical Engineering Industries sector, the National Award for Successful
                    Commercialisation of Indigenous Technology by an Industrial Concern, and the CSIR Diamond Jubilee Technology Award.
                    The R&D Centre of Tata Daewoo’s Commercial Vehicle Company has won the Ministry of Science & Technology Award
                    from the South Korean government.

                    Subsidiaries and Associates
                    Tata Motors has made substantial investments in building associate and subsidiary companies and joint ventures that
                    complement and support its business activities. These include :
                                                                                                                                               Tata Ace Zip
                    Jaguar Land Rover Ltd.: Comprising Jaguar luxury saloons & sports cars, and Land Rover 4 x 4s. Its plants are located in
                    the UK at Castle Bromwich, Halewood and Solihull. (www.jaguar.com) (www.landrover.com)

                    Tata Marcopolo Motors Ltd.: Manufacturing fully-built buses in India.

                    Tata Daewoo Commercial Vehicle Co. Ltd. (TDCV): A 100% subsidiary of the company, TDCV is in the business of
                    producing heavy commercial vehicles. Its plant is at Gunsan in South Korea. (www.daewootruck.co.kr)

                    Tata Motors (Thailand) Ltd.: Manufacture and marketing of pick-up vehicles in Thailand. Its plant is in Bangkok.
                    (www. tatamotors.co.th)
                    Tata Hispano Motors Carrocera S.A.: A reputed Spanish bus manufacturing company. Its plant is at Zaragoza in Spain.

                    Tata Motors (SA) (PTY) Ltd.: A joint venture company of Tata Motors and Tata Africa Holding (Pty) Ltd.                     Tata Magic Iris

03_Tata Main Brochures_2012 (020-027).indd 25                                                                                                                    4/5/12 1:34:58 PM
                                                Telco Construction Equipment Company Ltd.(TELCON): Engaged in the business of construction equipment
                                                and allied services in which the company has 40% holding and Hitachi Construction Machinery Company
                                                Limited, Japan, holds 60%. (Please also see page 30) (www.telcon.co.in)
                                                Tata Technologies Ltd. (TTL): TTL along with its subsidiaries provides specialised Engineering &
                                                Design services, Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) and product-centric information technology
                                                services. It has two operating companies, INCAT and Tata Technologies iKS (Please also see page 44)
                                                (www.tatatechnologies. com)

                                                Tata Cummins Ltd. (TCL): TCL is engaged in the manufacture and sale of high horse power engines used in
                                                the company’s range of M&HCVs. (www.tatacummins.com)
                        Tata Venture
                        T V
                                                TML Drivelines Ltd. : A 100% subsidiary of the company engaged in the business of gear boxes and axles
                                                for heavy and medium commercial vehicles. (www.tatamotors.com)

                                                TAL Manufacturing Solutions Ltd.: A 100% subsidiary of the company engaged in the business of
                                                providing factory automation solutions and design and manufacture of a wide range of machine tools.

                                                Tata Motors European Technical Centre Plc (TMETC) : A 100% subsidiary of the company in the UK, engaged
                                                in design engineering and development of products.

                                                Tata Motors Finance Ltd.: A 100% subsidiary of the company, engaged in financing customers of Tata
                       Tata Prima Tipper
                                                Motors and its channel partners. (www.tatamotorfinance.com)

                                                Tata AutoComp Systems Ltd.: A holding company for promoting domestic and foreign joint ventures in
                                                auto components and systems and is also engaged in engineering services, supply chain management and
                                                after market operations for the auto industry. (Please also see page 28) (www.tacogroup.com)

                                                TML Distribution Co. Ltd. : Sales, logistics and distribution of Tata Motors’ vehicles.

                                                Concorde Motors (India) Ltd. : A 100% subsidiary of the company, it retails Tata Motors’ range of passenger
                                                vehicles. (www.concordemotors..com)

                       Tata Divo Bus

03_Tata Main Brochures_2012 (020-027).indd 26                                                                                                                 4/5/12 1:34:59 PM

                    Corporate Sustainability
                    Tata Motors is committed to improving the quality of life of communities by working on four thrust areas
                    – employability, education, health and environment. The activities touch the lives of more than a million
                    citizens. The company’s support on education and employability is focused on youth and women. They
                    range from schools to technical education institutes to actual facilitation of income-generation. In health,
                    its intervention is in both preventive and curative health care. The goal of environment protection is
                    achieved through tree plantation, conserving water and creating new water bodies and, last but not the
                    least, by introducing appropriate technologies in its vehicles and operations for constantly enhancing
                    environment care.

                                                                                                                                         Electronic assembling branch of Tata Motors’ Grihini Udyog Society

                    Contact : Head – Corporate Communications, Tata Motors, Bombay House, 24, Homi Mody Street, Mumbai-400 001, India.
                    Tel : + 91-22-6665 7613 Fax : + 91-22-6665 7616 Email : qv@tatamotors.com

03_Tata Main Brochures_2012 (020-027).indd 27                                                                                                                                                           4/5/12 1:35:00 PM
                                                AUTOCOMP SYSTEMS                              www.tacogroup.com

                                                                   Established in October 1995, Tata AutoComp
                                                                   Systems offers products and services in the
                                                                   field of auto components to Indian and global
                                                                   Tata AutoComp has three major businesses -
                                                                   Manufacturing, Engineering and Supply Chain
                                                                   Management. The Tata AutoComp Group
                                                                   comprises the holding company, Tata AutoComp
                                                                   Systems Limited, its operating divisions, its joint
                                                                   ventures with global auto component leaders
                                                                   and subsidiaries in plastic interiors and exteriors
                                                                   and composites.
                                                                   The Tata AutoComp group has 48 manufacturing
                                                                   plants (including one in China) and 2 engineering
                                                                   centres. Its current OE customers include Ashok
                                                                   Leyland, Eicher Motors, Fiat, Ford, General
                                                                   Motors, Honda, Mahindra and Mahindra,
                                                                   Mahindra Renault, Mercedes-Benz, Skoda,
                                                                   Tata Motors, Toyota and Volkswagen. Most of
                                                                   the manufacturing units have received global
                                                                   recognition from its customers.

04_Tata Main Brochures_2012 (028-035).indd 28                                                                            4/5/12 1:35:21 PM

                      Sr. No.                   Name of Business Unit                           Partner                      Product Area
                         1.       Tata AutoComp Systems Limited Interiors and         100% owned by Tata             Plastic interiors and exteriors
                                  Plastics Division                                   AutoComp
                         2.       Nanjing Tata AutoComp Systems Limited, China        100% owned by Tata             Functional plastic parts and
                                                                                      AutoComp                       systems
                         3.       Tata Johnson Controls Automotive Limited            Johnson Controls Inc.,         Seating systems
                                                                                      USA & ISRINGHAUSEN,
                         4.       Tata Toyo Radiator Limited                          T Rad, Japan                   Heat exchangers

                         5.       Tata Yazaki AutoComp Limited                        Yazaki Corp, Japan             Wiring harness                                      Seat assembly at Tata Johnson Controls

                         6.       Automotive Stampings and Assemblies Limited         75% owned by Tata              Stampings and assemblies
                                                                                      AutoComp 25% owned
                                                                                      by Public
                         7.       Tata Ficosa Limited                                 Ficosa, Spain                  Visioning systems,
                                                                                                                     command & control systems
                         8.       TACO Composites Limited                             100% owned by Tata             Composites (sheet moulded
                                                                                      AutoComp                       and bulk moulded)
                         9.       Tata AutoComp GY Batteries Private Limited          GS Yuasa, Japan                Automotive batteries

                        10.       TACO Hendrickson Suspensions Private Limited        Hendrickson                    Truck and bus suspension
                                                                                      International, USA             systems

                                                                                                                                                               Moulding facility at Interiors and Plastics Division
                    Tata AutoComp also provides a complete range of engineering services to its customers in a variety of product domains. Its
                    range of services include: Concept Design and Detailing, Analytically driven Design and Development, CAD, CAE, Simulation
                    and Optimisation, Product Design and Development, Knowledge-based engineering, Plastics and Sheet Metal Tool design.

                    Contact : Senior General Manager, Corporate Communications, Tata AutoComp Systems Limited, TACO House, Damle Path, Off Law College Road,
                    Pune-411 004, India. Tel : +91-20-6608 5000 (extn: 5119) Fax : +91-20-6608 5102 Email: shvetal.diwanji@tacogroup.com
                                                                                                                                                                                  Tube mill at Tata Toyo Radiator

04_Tata Main Brochures_2012 (028-035).indd 29                                                                                                                                                                         4/5/12 1:35:21 PM
        engineering                                                                                                                                                                                 41

                                                 TELCO CONSTRUCTION EQUIPMENT COMPANY LIMITED                                                                          www.telcon.co.in

                                                Telcon is India’s leading provider of mining, infrastructure, construction and agricultural equipment and services. Started in
                                                1961 as a division of Tata Motors, Telcon is now a joint venture between Tata Motors and Hitachi Construction Machinery Co. Ltd.
                                                of Japan – world leaders in hydraulic excavator technology – with Hitachi holding 60% stake.
                                                Telcon has state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities at Jamshedpur, Dharwad and, most recently, at Kharagpur and has rolled out
                                                over 55,000 machines from its plants since inception. The company has over 225 sales, service and customer support offices and
             Hydraulic Excavator
                                                an extensive dealership network across India. Telcon has been able to maintain its leadership position in the country in the area
                                                of hydraulic excavators over the past two decades by virtue of its ability to offer technologically superior product offerings and
                                                superior after sales support to its customers. Telcon also exports to Asian, African and Middle East countries and is on its way
                                                to becoming a global production hub for supply of select hydraulic excavators and off highway dumpers through the Hitachi
                                                Telcon’s mission & strategy is to become a Full Liner – providing the complete range of products and services to address the
                                                needs of mining, construction, infrastructure and agricultural value chains. As part of its strategic growth path, Telcon acquired
                                                Serviplem S.A. (Spain) in 2008 for its superior and proven technology in the design, manufacturing, sales and service of concrete
                                                equipment as well as to gain manufacturing foothold in Europe and China. Telcon has leveraged the design and manufacturing
                                                capabilities of Serviplem to launch the Transit Mixer Trucks for the Indian market. Telcon’s acquisition of Comoplesa Lebrero S.A.
                                                (Spain) has given access to the latest technology and capabilities in design, manufacturing, sales and service of compaction
                                                equipment like soil compactors, asphalt compactors, etc.
                                                Products and Services
                                                Telcon has a wide range of construction and mining equipment catering to the needs of nation building and infrastructure
             Transit Mixer
                                                creation. Its portfolio of products includes hydraulic excavators, mining shovels, off-highway dumpers, backhoe loaders, wheel
                                                loaders, vibratory compactors, motor graders, crawler cranes, multi-utility loader, transit mixers, etc. Telcon’s strength lies in its
                                                strong design and development set-up giving it the capability to customise solutions around customer needs and its wide
                                                spread service network.
                                                As an extension to its product line, Telcon offers a range of value-added services like full maintenance / service contracts, unit
                                                exchange programmes, hydraulic aggregate repairs at Telcon’s own workshops, comprehensive refurbishing of machines, etc.
                                                The company has collaborations with Hitachi Construction Machinery Company Ltd., Japan, for hydraulic excavators, Hitachi Truck
                                                Manufacturing Ltd., Canada for Dumpers & TCM, Japan for Reach Stackers. It has agency supply agreements with Hitachi-Sumitomo
                                                Corporation, Japan for Hydraulic Crawler Cranes, Hitachi Zosen for Tunnel Boring machines and Berco for undercarriages.

                                                Contact : Sr General Manager – Sales & Marketing, Telco Construction Equipment Company, Jubilee Building, 45, Museum Road,
             Backhoe loader                     Bengaluru-560 025, India. Tel : +91-80-6695 3301/02 Fax : 91-80-6695 3309 Email : telcon.info@telcon.co.in

04_Tata Main Brochures_2012 (028-035).indd 30                                                                                                                                             4/5/12 1:35:22 PM
                                                                                                                                                         Power Generation         Transmission &


                                    PROJECTS                                                                                   www.tataprojects.com

                    Tata Projects Limited (TPL), established in 1979, is an Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) contracting company.
                    The company operates through seven Strategic Business Units (SBUs): Power Generation, Transmission & Distribution, Water
                    & Waste Water, Oil, Gas and Hydrocarbon, Railways, Metals & Minerals and Quality Services.
                    Currently, TPL has over 2000 employees spread across three Regional Offices and 75 projects at 63 locations, 15 Regional
                    Inspection Offices and three registered overseas offices - Abu Dhabi, South Korea and China.
                    The company has its own tower manufacturing unit near Nagpur, acquired a majority stake in Artson Engineering
                    Limited (design & manufacturing tanks / piping for OGH projects) and formed joint venture companies – Al Tawleed
                    (for projects in Saudi Arabia), TEIL Projects Limited (with EIL, a Central PSU) and TPL-TQA Ltd. (for Third Party Inspection
                    Services in South Africa).
                    Services offered by the SBUs
                    •       Power Generation – EPC of total plant and balance of plant in coal and gas based power projects.                             Railways                 Metals & Minerals
                    •       Transmission and Distribution – EPC of HV transmission lines up to 800 kV; 400 kV and GIS-sub-stations; rural
                            electrification; supply of transmission, telecom and metro rail towers.                                                       Oil, Gas & Hydrocarbon   Quality Services
                    •       Water and Waste Water – EPC of desalination plants; industrial water and effluent treatment plants; manufacturing
                            of reverse osmosis water purification units.
                    •       Oil, Gas and Hydrocarbon – EPC of tank farms/terminals; process plants and refinery expansion projects; offshore
                            structural revamping and piping works.
                    •       Metals and Minerals – EPC of Iron (sinter and blast furnace) and steel making plants; mills; ore beneficiation &
                            palletisation plants.
                    •       Railways – EPC of overhead electrification; complete railway infrastructure, including bridges, stations and signaling.
                    •       Quality Services - Global presence in third party industrial inspection; certified welding inspection training courses
                            in collaboration with TWI/UK; ISO certification body.
                    The company has been:
                    •       Ranked the fastest growing construction company in India in FY 10-11.
                    •       Rated amongst the Top Ten Most Admired Construction Companies in India consecutively for five years from 2007 to
                                                                                                                                                         Water & Waste Water
                            2011 by Construction World.
                    •       Received the Construction Company of the Year Award from EPC World for 2011.
                    •       Bagged D&B-Axis Bank Infra Award 2011 for Exemplary Execution of Power Plant.

                    Contact : Chief Corporate Affairs, Tata Projects, Mithona Tower-I, Prenderghast Road, Secunderabad-500 003, Andhra Pradesh, India.
                    Tel : +91-40-6623 8801 Extn. : 8737 Fax : +91-40-2789 1644 Email : a.venkateshwar@tataprojects.com, Website : www.tataprojects.com

04_Tata Main Brochures_2012 (028-035).indd 31                                                                                                                                                         4/5/12 1:35:23 PM
                Voltas projects sites: Burj Khalifa, Dubai ...
                                                                       VOLTAS                                                                                                www.voltas.com

                                                                       Set up in 1954, Voltas is India’s premier air conditioning and engineering services company. The company’s
                                                                       core competence lies in (a) management and execution of electro-mechanical projects, most significantly in
                                                                       air conditioning (b) design, manufacture and marketing of cooling appliances, air conditioning & refrigeration
                                                                       equipment and (c) supply, installation and servicing of engineering-based products and solutions. All these
                                                                       capabilities are ISO 9001-2000 certified.
                                                                       Areas of Business
                                                                       Internationally, Voltas has been well known for over 30 years as an engineering, procurement and construction (EPC)
                                                                       contractor for electro-mechanical projects, with specialisation in HVAC&R (heating, ventilation, air conditioning
                                                                       & refrigeration), building management systems, plumbing, public health, fire fighting & safety, ELV & specialised
                                                                       systems, and power management. Project works have been successfully undertaken in the Middle East, South East
                                                                       Asia, the CIS countries, Africa and SAARC countries.
                                                                       Voltas is also known in both domestic and international markets as a total solutions provider for turnkey public
                                                                       health projects as well as for water, effluent and sewage treatment, and water pollution control projects.
                                                                       In India, Voltas is recognised as a pioneer and leader in air conditioning and refrigeration. Voltas has designed and
                                                                       executed a diverse array of HVAC&R applications, including intelligent office complexes, airports, banks, shopping malls,
                                                                       multiplexes, call centres, information technology parks, pharmaceutical production plants, clean rooms, hospitals,
                                                                       electronics and telecommunication facilities, naval warships and mercantile ships, cold storages for horticulture and
                                                                       meat produce, process chilling facilities, ordnance factories, atomic energy plants and power plants.
                                                                       In recent years, Voltas has expanded its domestic business portfolio to include the entire range of electro-mechanical
                                                                       services offered in overseas markets.
                                                                       Voltas is also a pioneer in the design, manufacture and marketing of a range of popular cooling appliances for
                                                                       the household, institutional and industry segments, including export markets. These include window and split
                                                                       air conditioners (Vertis and Sensicool brands), water coolers and dispensers (Tushar and Mini Magic brands)
                                                                       and commercial refrigerators (Coldcel brand). In addition, Voltas manufactures a range of air conditioning and
                                                                       refrigeration equipment used in its projects. Voltas is also India’s major manufacturer of forklift trucks.
                                                                       In the field of engineering products and services, Voltas works in association with over 35 globally renowned
                                                                       manufacturers to offer various engineering products and solutions. The company’s services span the spectrum
                                                                       from design and sourcing to installation, commissioning, training, parts supply and maintenance. These services are
                                                                       offered in the field of textile machinery (of which Voltas is India’s largest supplier, with a complete range of products),
               ... and Rajiv Gandhi International Airport, Hyderabad   and mining and construction equipment and materials handling equipment.

04_Tata Main Brochures_2012 (028-035).indd 32                                                                                                                                                       4/5/12 1:35:25 PM

                        Voltas represents a number of leading Indian and international
                        manufacturers. These include Lakshmi Machine Works Limited,
                        Lakshmi Card Clothing Manufacturing Co. Pvt. Ltd., Lakshmi Ring
                        Travellers (CBE) Ltd., Lakshmi Caipo Industries Ltd., ELGI Electric and
                        Industries Ltd., Lakshmi Electrical Drives Ltd., Airmaaster Industrial
                                                                                                               Visi cooler            Mini Magic
                        Technologies, Kluber Lubrication India Pvt. Ltd., Adwaith Lakshmi                                             water dispenser
                        Industries Ltd., Erbatech Machinery Pvt Ltd. and Terex Powerscreen
                                                                                                                                                            Range of Vertis air conditioners
                        (India); Terrot GmbH, Erbatech GmbH, Textile Plant & Equipment,
                        Brueckner - Textile-Technologies GmbH & Co. KG, Dilo Systems
                        GmbH, Thies GmbH & Co KG, Pleva GmbH, Hansa Industrie - Mixer
                        GmbH & Co.KG, and Wumag Texroll GmbH & Co. KG, (Germany); Steiger
                        Participations SA (Switzerland); Reggiani Macchine S.P.A. and Martex                                                         Srl
                        (Italy); Kobelco Cranes and Tadano (Japan); Terex Equipments Limited
                        and Flexi Narrow Aisle Limited (U.K); LeTourneau - Joy, and ESCO
                        (USA), Ruks Engineering and Dunline International (Canada); MIDEA,
                        Shenyang Sanyo Building Machinery Co. Ltd., NFLG, Shandong Rifa
                        Textile Machinery Co., Ltd., and Dadi Engineering Development
                        (Group) Co. Ltd., (China); Jaws Bucket & Attachment P Ltd. and Aury
                        Australia Pty Ltd., (Australia).                                                          Voltas 10T forklift, part of a range of
                        Joint Ventures & Subsidiaries:                                                             industrial and infrastructure usage
                        The Company’s strategic joint ventures are:                                                                                         LMW Ring Frame LR6 AX with auto doffer
                        Universal Voltas LLC, Abu Dhabi, UAE; Universal Weathermaker Factory LLC, Abu Dhabi, UAE; Olayan Voltas
                        Contracting Co. Ltd., Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia; Voltas Materials Handling Private Limited, India.
                        Voltas’ subsidiaries are:
                        Universal Comfort Products Limited; Rohini Industrial Electricals Limited; Simto Investment Company Limited;
                        Auto Aircon (India) Limited.
                        Voltas Netherlands B.V., Amsterdam, Netherlands; Weathermaker Limited, Dubai, UAE; Saudi Ensas Company for
                        Engineering Services W.L.L., Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Lalbuksh Voltas Engineering Services & Trading
                        LLC, Muscat, Sultanate of Oman; Voltas Oman LLC, Muscat, Sultanate of Oman.
                                                                                                                                                            Powerscreen track mounted screening plant for mining and road construction
                        Contact : Corporate Communications Department, Voltas Limited, Voltas House ‘A’, 4th Floor, Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Road,
                        Chinchpokli, Mumbai-400 033, India. Tel : +91-22-6665 6666 Fax : +91-22-6665 6288 Email : ccd@voltas.com

04_Tata Main Brochures_2012 (028-035).indd 33                                                                                                                                                                                    4/5/12 1:35:32 PM
                                                                                 CONSULTING ENGINEERS                                                                          www.tce.co.in

                                                                    Tata Consulting Engineers Limited (TCE), a wholly owned subsidiary of Tata Sons Limited, is a premier consulting engineering
                                                                    organisation established in 1962. Headquartered in Mumbai, its offices are spread over several cities in India. It also has a
                                                                    subsidiary in Doha, Qatar, a registered office in the USA and a representative office in South Africa.
                                                                    Currently TCE has on its rolls over 3,000 highly qualified and experienced multi-disciplinary technical professionals. Its
                                                                    competencies are wide and range from engineering to project management, environmental protection to safety assessment
                                                                    and construction to commissioning. The depth and spread of competencies as well as professional experience of its staff
                                                                    supported by extensive IT infrastructure and contemporary software enables TCE to position itself among the best in the
                                                                    consulting engineering profession in the domains it serves.

                                                                    Areas of business
        TCE's projects: 4000 MW Mundra Ultra Mega Power Plant ...
                                                                    TCE offers the full range of engineering and consultancy services to its clients spanning concept development to
                                                                    commissioning support on their grassroots or expansion projects. It also undertakes specialised assignments such as
                                                                    system studies, plant betterment and renovation & modernisation of existing facilities. The sectors served are:
                                                                    •     Power – Generation (fossil fuel fired and hydro), transmission and distribution
                                                                    •     Nuclear – Power, fuel fabrication, spent fuel processing and waste management
                                                                    •     Alternate Energy – Wind, bio-mass and solar
                                                                    •     Infrastructure – Water & waste water, rural and urban development, buildings & townships, environmental
                                                                          engineering, ports and transportation
                                                                    •     Chemical – Oil and gas, petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals and other organic and inorganic chemicals
                                                                    •     Industrial – Cement, paper and pulp, glass, paint, automobiles and auto components
        ... Cauvery Water Supply Scheme
                                                                    •     Mining & Minerals – Coal, iron ore
                                                                    •     Steel and Metals – Steel and non-ferrous
                                                                    TCE also excels in the design of special purpose projects which are one-of-a-kind. Outstanding examples are radio telescope
                                                                    for astronomical research, fueling machine for nuclear reactors and solid propellant plant for space application etc.
                                                                    It has to date completed more than 6,500 assignments in India and overseas.
                                                                    TCE is ISO 9001-2008 certified.

                                                                    Contact : 247 Park, Tower A, LBS Marg, Vikhroli (W), Mumbai-400 083, India. Tel : +91 - 22 - 6114 8181
                                                                    Fax : +91 - 22 - 6114 8282 Email : mail@tce.co.in

         ... TCS Techno Park Sirsuseri

04_Tata Main Brochures_2012 (028-035).indd 34                                                                                                                                                      4/5/12 1:35:35 PM

                         TRF LIMITED                                                                                                        www.trf.co.in

                       Established in 1962 as Tata Robins Fraser Limited, TRF has emerged as a pioneer in solutions for material handling equipment
                       and processing systems required in infrastructure development and automotive applications.
                       The material handling equipment and systems business caters mainly to power, steel, ports, mining, etc sectors. Its two
                       principle business segments, products and projects, are further divided into the following business units:
                       •     The Bulk Material Handling Equipment Division, specialising in design and manufacture of a wide range of material
                             handling equipment, such as wagon tipplers, conveying systems, screens and crushers, travelling wagon loaders, etc.
                             The division manufactures its products in its state-of-the art works at Jamshedpur, India.
                       •     The Bulk Material Handling Systems Division, offering complete package of material handling and allied systems
                             and services on a turnkey basis.
                       •     The Port and Yard Equipment Division, focusing on design, supply, erection and commissioning of material handling
                             equipment for ports and stockyards including level luffing cranes, ship loaders and unloaders, container cranes,
                             stacker-reclaimers, etc.
                                                                                                                                                            Ship unloader
                       •     The Balance Of Plant (BoP) Division, offering complete EPC solution to power plant developers, comprises systems
                             and utilities like coal and ash handling plants, water treatment, cooling tower, electrical-BoP, civil work, HVACs and
                             compressed air, fire prevention and fuel handling systems. Its services include system engineering for integration
                             within BoP packages and those between BTG and BoP.
                       •     The Operation and Maintenance Services Division, providing operation and maintenance services to customers
                             using bulk material handling equipment.
                       The TRF group of companies comprises:
                       •     Hewitt Robins International Limited, UK is engaged in the design, manufacture of mobile crushing plants and
                             screens, feeders, foundry equipment, etc. HRIL produces standard and custom-designed equipment to perform in the
                             toughest industrial environments.
                       •     York Transport Equipment (Asia) Pte Limited, Singapore, engaged in the business of trailer under-gears, which
                             includes axles, suspension and other components. The company has manufacturing facilities in Singapore, Australia,
                             China and India.
                       •     Adithya Automotive Applications Limited, an automotive applications unit, at Lucknow, India for fixed body truck                York TEA's office in Singapore
                             applications. It provides end-to-end solutions through fabrication and machining for tippers, load bodies, refrigerated
                             bodies, etc.
                       •     Dutch Lanka Trailer (DLT) Manufacturers Limited, Sri Lanka, a world class trailer manufacturing company with
                             manufacturing facilities in Sri Lanka, Oman and India. It exports trailers to over 30 countries.
                       TRF’s material handling products and systems are well known in the market for their reliability, productivity and longevity.
                       The company has been constantly upgrading and developing new products and systems with the help of internationally
                       reputed enterprises having cutting edge technical expertise.

                        Contact : Head – Corporate Communications, Jamshedpur-831 007, India. Tel : +91 657-3046407 Fax : +91 657-2345732
                        Email : rajen.sahay@trf.co.in

                                                                                                                                                                      Rock bucket tipper trailer

04_Tata Main Brochures_2012 (028-035).indd 35                                                                                                                                                      4/5/12 1:35:35 PM
05_Tata Main Brochures_2012 (036-053).indd 36   4/5/12 1:36:05 PM
                                                                                                                                   Information Technology

                                                                                                                                   Tata Consultancy Services

                                                                                                                                                    Tata Elxsi

                                                                                                                                           Tata Technologies

                                                                                                                                     Tata Interactive Systems

                                                                                                                               Tata Business Support Services


                                                                                                                                                     Tata Sky
                    information technology & communications                                                                                 Tata Teleservices
                    The Tata Group pioneered the infotech services industry in India when it established Tata Consultancy
                    Services — now India’s most valuable IT company and Asia’s largest software house — way back in 1968.              Tata Communications

                    The Group has, since those early days, sharpened its focus on creating technology solutions to help and
                    connect the businesses and the people they touch. That is the philosophy driving the current Tata thrust
                    in telecom services.

                                                      information technology
05_Tata Main Brochures_2012 (036-053).indd 37
                                                           & communications                                                                             4/5/12 1:36:06 PM
        information technology
        & communications

                                                            CONSULTANCY SERVICES                                                             www.tcs.com

                                                Tata Consultancy Services is an IT services, consulting and business solutions organisation that delivers
                                                real results to global business, ensuring a level of certainty no other firm can match. TCS offers a consulting-
                                                led, integrated portfolio of IT, BPO, infrastructure, engineering and assurance services. This is delivered
                                                through its unique Global Network Delivery Model (GNDM™), recognised as the benchmark of excellence
                                                in software development. TCS has over 202,000 of the world’s best-trained consultants in 42 countries.
                                                The company is listed on the National Stock Exchange and Bombay Stock Exchange in India. For more
                                                information, visit us at www.tcs.com

                                                Key Business Areas
                                                •    IT Services – rich technology skills and integrated processes, delivered across the world with
                                                     unparalleled rigor and quality
                                                •    Business Solutions – comprehensive strategies, extending from analysis to ideation to solution,
                                                     drawing upon functional and industry knowledge
                                                •    Outsourcing – superior, scalable services and programmes, from optimising discrete functions to
                                                     managing entire business solutions and service areas with reduced risk and cost

                                                The TCS Advantage
                                                1.   Customer-centric Engagement Model: TCS’ years of experience working across industries underpins
                                                     the vast array of services that it offers. TCS has structured its operations to focus on teams around
                                                     domain and technology requirements, offering specialised services and solutions that meet the
                                                     distinct needs of global business. TCS’ deep understanding across industries, combined with insights
                                                     from its Centers of Excellence, allows it to more efficiently equip the client’s business with proven
                                                     solutions that incorporate industry best practices. With engagement models that match the size and
                                                     scale of the operations, TCS supports the business goals and offers partnership opportunities based
                                                     on gain-share and risk-share models, as appropriate. Whatever the business needs or aspirations, TCS
                                                     has the in-depth knowledge, world-class processes and standards, and relationship-based approach
                                                     to put the right solution in place.
                                                2.   Global Network Delivery Model™ : TCS’ Global Network Delivery Model (GNDM™) delivers services
                                                     and solutions anywhere, with consistently superior quality. At the centre of this model are its people,
                  TCS House, Mumbai, India
                                                     providing skills at the appropriate scale and nurtured by the firm’s ability to attract and retain talent.
                                                     TCS has adopted a ‘follow-the-sun’ approach, meaning that no matter where the business is located,
                                                     TCS can help clients keep their business running 24/7, while providing a seamless experience across

05_Tata Main Brochures_2012 (036-053).indd 38                                                                                                                     4/5/12 1:36:06 PM

                            all operations. This combination of platform and people – assisted by collaborative tools – translates
                            to processes that are consistent and effective everywhere.
                            The model’s highlights are:
                            •      Highly refined processes that have earned TCS the first global SEI-CMM Level 5 assessment
                            •      Execution by a talented, scalable professional force
                            •      On-site, domestic, and offshore staffing
                            •      Broad technology and domain expertise
                            •      Effective and scalable talent management
                            •      Delivery through a network of integrated, global development centres
                            •      Multi-continent and interconnected development centre network
                            •      State-of-the-art, redundant telecommunications network
                            •      Global collaboration tools
                    The firm’s solution centres are at the heart of this delivery process and are located across the world. Each      Specialised Training Centre - Ignite, Chennai, India

                    centre is classified as Global, Regional or Near Shore, and provides a unique set of services and solutions
                    to our clients.
                            •      Global Solution Centres: Brazil, China, India
                                   −       Very high scale
                                   −       Serves large customers
                                   −       High depth & breadth of skills
                                   −       Matured processes
                            •      Regional Solution Centers: Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Hungary, Mexico, Morocco and
                                   −       Medium scale
                                   −       Serves local customers
                                   −       Select capabilities
                                   −       Addresses language and cultural challenges
                            •      Near-Shore Solution Centres: Canada, Luxembourg, Singapore, South Africa, UAE, UK and USA
                                   −       Smaller scale
                                                                                                                                     Jamsetji Tata Building, Montevideo, Uruguay
                                   −       Customer geography & time zone
                                   −       Helps to build customer comfort

05_Tata Main Brochures_2012 (036-053).indd 39                                                                                                                                               4/5/12 1:36:07 PM
        information technology
        & communications
                                                                                            3.   Focus on Innovation : TCS Innovation Labs work across domains, new technology areas and are spread
                                                                                                 across geographies. These Labs attract the best R&D talent globally, are equipped with state-of-the-art
                                                                                                 infrastructural resources, and have to their credit many achievements across software engineering
                                                                                                 standards, business & domain innovations, and technology products. The work being carried out in TCS
                                                                                                 Innovation Labs includes areas such as next generation software processes, human-computer interface,
                                                                                                 bioinformatics, nanotechnologies, embedded solutions, grid computing and utility computing. TCS offers
                                                                                                 research-based solutions in advanced technologies that help support its customer’s business objectives.
                                                                                                 TCS’ R&D offerings are addressed to support business objectives and they include:
                                                                                                 •    Promote business agility: SaaS platforms, Agile enterprise architecture, Decision Support Systems
                                                                                                 •    Enable simplification and transformation: Virtualisation, Cloud Computing, Managed Evolution of
                                                                                                 •    Manage enterprise risk and compliance: Smart Cards, Copyright protection offerings

                   The Tata Research Development and Design Centre (TRDDC) at Pune, India        •    Facilitate the enrichment of the user experience: Surface Computing, Unified Communications
                                                                                                      and Multimedia Gateway solutions
                                                                                            TCS’ clients also benefit from its Co-Innovation Network (COIN™), which identifies and refines useful emerging
                                                                                            technologies. The work of the Innovation Labs is strengthened through collaborating with universities such as
                                                                                            MIT and Stanford and teaming with technology leaders such as IBM and Microsoft. This blending of ideas and
                                                                                            best practices helps TCS maintain clients’ technological edge.
                                                                                                 The Network’s highlights are:
                                                                                                 •    Proven innovation from India’s first and largest software R&D unit
                                                                                                 •    Partnerships with both current market leaders and entrepreneurs with rule-changing approaches
                                                                                                 •    Investments in research to develop next-generation solutions
                                                                                                 •    Close collaboration with clients to generate relevant, actionable innovation
                                                                                            4.   Full Services Portfolio: TCS’ full services portfolio combines traditional IT and Remote Infrastructure
                                                                                                 services with knowledge-based services such as Consulting and Business Process Outsourcing. This
                                                                                                 enables TCS to provide integrated solutions that’s helps Clients recognise value quickly by reducing
                                                                                                 costs and improving business agility. The efficiency and seamlessness of its engagements makes TCS an
                    TCS Training Centre, Thiruvananthapuram, India                               excellent partner to companies looking for an integrated approach to managing all IT and operational

05_Tata Main Brochures_2012 (036-053).indd 40                                                                                                                                                               4/5/12 1:36:08 PM

                    Intellectual property—from software products, to technology and business components, to service and
                    process frameworks—is the culmination of our business knowledge, technology excellence and process
                    innovation and helps transform businesses around the world.
                            •      Industry specific software products in Banking and Financial Services, Insurance,
                                   Retail, Healthcare, Telecom, Government and Hi-Tech sectors provide customers with a
                                   competitive edge.
                            •      TCS’ library of Technology and Domain components enables it to build high quality solutions
                                   and bring them to market faster.
                            •      It’s service and process frameworks improve operational efficiencies and business agility.

                    Corporate Sustainability
                    Corporate Sustainability (CS) in TCS is focussed on health and education initiatives together with ensuring
                    diversity in the workforce, ethical global sourcing and concern for the environment. While TCS endeavours
                    to use its IT core competence to address societal problems, one key differentiator for TCS is the involvement
                    of its employees through volunteer activities conducted under the umbrella of Maitree, an association of        TCS Hangzhou, China
                    TCS employees and their families across the globe that is active in various communities and is a key
                    vehicle of CS within the company. Maitree also addresses TCS’ internal stakeholders and engages TCSers
                    and their families in a variety of meaningful activities including music, dance and sport.
                    CS activities include structured engagement with stakeholders, especially with academics and students;
                    and the use of IT core competence to address large-scale societal problems and launch new solutions like
                    mKrishi, anSMS-based agro advisory service. Be it girl child education in South Asia in collaboration with
                    UNICEF or adult literacy programmes in South India, TCS believes in using IT as an instrument for social
                    development and change.
                    Other TCS community initiatives have been in areas addressing environmental and civic problems; setting
                    up and maintaining infrastructure for urban beautification, pollution reduction and healthcare; waste
                    management in the office environment; water treatment; and building a world-class super-specialty
                    hospital for children in Mumbai city.

                                                                                                                                    TCS Seven Hills Park, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

                    Contact : Head – Corporate Marketing, Tata Consultancy Services, TCS House, 3rd Floor, Raveline Street,
                    Mumbai-400 001, India. Tel : +91-22-6778 9974 Fax : +91-22-6630 9994 Email : corporate.office@tcs.com

05_Tata Main Brochures_2012 (036-053).indd 41                                                                                                                                     4/5/12 1:36:09 PM
        information technology
        & communications
                                                                           TATA ELXSI                                                                                              www.tataelxsi.com

                                                                           Tata Elxsi is a design company that blends technology, creativity and engineering to help customers transform ideas into
                                                                           world-class products and solutions.
                                                                           The company addresses the communications, consumer products, healthcare, media & entertainment, semiconductor
                                                                           and transportation sectors. This is supported by a talent pool of over 3500 employees and a network of design studios,
                                                                           development centers and offices worldwide. Its core practice areas cover embedded electronics and software development,
                                                                           industrial design, systems integration, Animation and Visual FX services. Headquartered in Bengaluru, Tata Elxsi is a public
                                                                           stock company.

                                                                           Embedded Product Design
                                                                           The Embedded Product Design division provides technology consulting, new product development, system integration and
                                                                           testing services for leading product companies, ODMs and service providers. This is backed by an in-depth understanding
                                                                           of technology, a large multi-disciplinary product development team and mature processes and systems including SEI
                        High-end technology products enabled by Embedded
                        Product Design                                     CMMi Level 5 and ISO 9001.
                                                                           The division also creates and licenses intellectual property and software components, helping customers create product
                                                                           differentiation and reduce development costs and time-to-market.
                                                                           It offers solutions across a diverse range of industries including broadcast, industrial and consumer products, transportation,
                                                                           energy, medical technology, wireless communications and convergence.

                                                                           Industrial Design
                                                                           The Industrial Design division helps customers develop endearing brands and products by using design as a strategic tool
                                                                           for business success.
                                                                           The division's extends across consumer insight, branding, industrial design, visual design & merchandising, design
                                                                           engineering and manufacturing support.
                                                                           Its in-depth understanding of consumers and rapidly changing market dynamics, backed by a multi-disciplinary design
                                                                           team, enables it to service a broad spectrum of industries. This includes automotive, communications, consumer products,
                                                                           healthcare and retail.
                                                                           The division has supported the launch of over 50 brands and products across the world. Its work has been recognised with
                                                                           several international awards and patents for design and innovation.
                        Industrial design and product development by
                        Industrial Design

05_Tata Main Brochures_2012 (036-053).indd 42                                                                                                                                                                4/5/12 1:36:10 PM

Visual Computing Labs
Visual Computing Labs (VCL) is an award-winning digital production studio providing Animation, Visual Effects and 3D
stereoscopic content for feature films, episodic television and advertising.
VCL hosts world-class studios in India and Los Angeles and a creative team that includes Academy Award® winning and
BAFTA nominated professionals.
Recent awards include a Golden and a Silver Lotus at the 56th National awards, for exemplary Animation and Visual Effects.
VCL was also nominated for best-animated film at the Visual Effects Society awards for “Roadside Romeo” in 2009.
VCL also offers custom content development for visualisation and product marketing, and is a leading developer of mobile,
online and console games.

Systems Integration
The Systems Integration division implements and integrates complete systems and solutions for high-performance
computing, CAD/CAM/CAE, broadcast, virtual reality, storage and disaster recovery.
The division addresses the broadcast, manufacturing, government, defence and education sectors, with an expert team of
integration specialists and support engineers located across a wide network of offices.This is backed by strategic partnerships   Animation and special effects created by Visual Effects
with best-in-class software and technology providers.
The Professional Services Group under Systems Integration extends maintenance and support services for data mining,
facilities management, network management, storage consultancy and management, in India and overseas.

Contact : CEO’s Office, Tata Elxsi, ITPB Road, Whitefield, Bengaluru-560 048, India.
Tel : +91-80-2297 9103 Fax : +91-80-2841 1474 Email : info@tataelxsi.com
                                                                                                                                      Virtual reality expertise from Systems Integration
        information technology
        & communications

                                                            TECHNOLOGIES                                                                      www.tatatechnologies.com

                                                Tata Technologies, founded in 1989, enables ambitious manufacturers to design and build better products through
                                                engineering services outsourcing and the application of information technology to product development and
                                                manufacturing enterprise processes.

                                                Manufacturers are increasingly challenged to provide safer, environmentally friendly, innovative, content-rich products
                                                at the same or lower cost. Tata Technologies helps its customers meet these challenges through four lines of service:
                                                VPD – Vehicle Programs & Development (VPD)
                                                The VPD provides complete outsourced program management, concept development, detail design, validation and
                                                manufacturing planning services. Projects of this scale and complexity are achieved through a combination of vehicle
                                                experts in the US and Europe, coupled with India’s most experienced automotive engineers. Programs include electric
                                                vehicles, or EV variants that help achieve sustainability targets, while providing mobility at an affordable price point. The
           Automotive Engineering and Design
                                                eMO electric vehicle, designed by Tata Technologies, showcased at the 2012 International Auto Show in Detroit, was a
                                                first for any India-based engineering services firm.
                                                E&D – Outsourced Engineering & Design
                                                The services of this group include concept development, VA/VE, CAE, detailed engineering, embedded software
                                                development, product verification, and manufacturing process design and validation, applied to major product sub-
                                                systems and components. Services include the provision of offshore engineering centers in India and Thailand.
                                                                                                                         ESG – Enterprise Solutions Group
                                                                                                                         The ESG provides consulting and IT solutions
                                                                                                                         that help customers in optimising critical
                                                                                                                         enterprise processes through the application of
                                                                                                                         ERP, manufacturing execution systems, MES, and
                                                                                                                         CRM improving manufacturing performance.
                                                                                                                         It also has extensive experience and templates
                                                                                                                         used to rapidly integrate the systems and data of
                                                                                                                         companies acquired by manufacturers.
                                                                                                                         PLM – Product           Lifecycle    Management
                                                                                                                         The PLM optimises product development
                                                                                                                         processes, implementing collaborative PLM

05_Tata Main Brochures_2012 (036-053).indd 44                                                                                                                                   4/5/12 1:36:11 PM

                   tools, a major contributor to ER&D investment efficiency, especially for global engineering teams with
                   extensive supply chains. Tata Technologies is the world’s largest independent reseller of PLM technology. It
                   and its customers are among the world’s top users of PLM technology. The company’s engineers use these
                   products to deliver services to our customers worldwide. It packages the insights and practices learned
                   into service offering templates to improve the efficiency of engineering teams at Tata Technologies and its

                   Tata Technologies serves leading automotive, aerospace and construction equipment manufacturers in 25
                   countries through its six global delivery centers, Pune and Bangalore (India), Detroit (USA), Coventry (UK),
                   Stuttgart (Germany) and Bangkok (Thailand) and the international headquarters at Singapore.
                   The company’s value proposition is built on its understanding of the unique business requirements of
                   customers, insights into both mature and emerging markets, extensive domain experience, an effective
                   blend of global and local resources, ability to scale rapidly, and a talent pool of over 5,000 engineers –
                   the largest and most experienced engineering services team in India. Combined with its distributed R&D         Aerospace Engineering and Design
                   model, PLM-based perspective and solution-focused IT expertise, Tata Technologies brings together people,
                   processes and technology, with a proven record of improving the business performance of the world’s top
                   manufacturers. The company also caters to their tier 1 suppliers and extended supply chains.

                   Recent breakthroughs
                   •       eMO Concept – unveiled in January 2012 at the International Automotive Show in Detroit is the
                           world’s first complete vehicle program developed by an India-based engineering services company.
                           This program features innovation in automotive packaging and design, as well as EV engineering
                           benchmarks; and was created to go to market at the disruptive price point of $20,000.
                   •       The Tata Technologies joint venture with Hindustan Aeronautics Limited, Tata HAL Technologies, is
                           the first Indian aerospace engineering organisation to deliver a joint conceptual definition of a jet
                   •       The application of frugal engineering principles to new industries including Construction/Heavy
                           Machinery on a global scale.

                   Engineering Knowledge Management
                   Tata Technologies industry-leading proprietary applications and services enable engineers to better use
                   technology; and to capture, embed, and reuse their knowledge.
                   •       iGETIT – a knowledge management tool used by more than 110,000 engineers worldwide                     eMO – Electric Mobility Concept

05_Tata Main Brochures_2012 (036-053).indd 45                                                                                                                        4/5/12 1:36:13 PM
        information technology
        & communications
                                                                      •     iCHECKIT, iCOMPAREIT – quality- and standards-maintenance of engineering data for manufacturers
                                                                      •     iSUPPORTIT – world HelpDesk, is an innovative tool, delivering engineers critical resources and support worldwide
                                                                            anytime, anywhere

                                                                      Technology Partners
                                                                      The company uses and implements leading software technology. In addition, it also sells and supports PLM products
                                                                      •     Dassault Systèmes
                                                                      •     Siemens PLM
                                                                      •     Autodesk
                                                                      •     SAP
                            Comprehensive PLM Products and Services   •     Oracle (CRM)

                                                                      Quality focus
                                                                      The company is accredited with AS 9100C certification for services delivered from its Center for Advanced Engineering
                                                                      and Design at Hinjawadi in Pune, India. In addition, the company owns an ISO 9001:2008 for engineering services for its
                                                                      Delivery Centers at Pune, Bangalore and Thailand. The Pune Center is also a certified ISO/IEC 27001:2005 for compliance to
                                                                      information security management systems. Quality is delivered consistently to customers through our standardised Global
                                                                      Engagement Model (GEM).

                                                                      Corporate philosophy – Better for the Community, Better for you
                                                                      Tata Technologies commitment to the communities it operates is demonstrated by providing jobs. Over 70% of its employees
                                                                      are citizens of the countries in where it operates. This ensures a better customer-company relationship and enables the
                                                                      company to service its customers better and faster for the long term.
                                                                      Its Corporate Sustainability Programs include technical education (through Ready Engineer™), environmental responsibility
                                                                      (applicable to Tata Technologies facilities as well as the products the company engineers), and community service strives to
                                                                      make things better for the planet, better for people, better for business, better now, and better for the future.

                                                                      Websites: www.TataTechnologies.com, www.BetterInnovation.com, www.MyIgetIt.com
                                                                      Contacts : International Headquarters, Singapore. Tel : +65-6779 4733 Fax : +65-6372 4955 Email : corporate@tatatechnologies.com
                                                                      Asia-Pacific Headquarters, Pune, India. Tel : +91-20-6652 9090 Fax : +91-20-6652 9043
                                                                      North America Headquarters, Novi, MI, USA. Tel : +1 248 426 1482 Fax : +1 248 426 8398
                                                                      Europe Headquarters, Coventry, UK. Tel : +44 (0) 8443 759685 Fax : +44 (0) 2476 158749
                                                                      Tata HAL Technologies Limited, Bengaluru, India. Tel : +91 80 6583 7174 / 7175

05_Tata Main Brochures_2012 (036-053).indd 46                                                                                                                                                            4/5/12 1:36:13 PM

                                   INTERACTIVE SYSTEMS                                                           www.tatainteractive.com

                   Tata Interactive Systems (TIS) is a pioneer and global leader in custom learning solutions. TIS’ offerings address
                   training needs arising out of key organisational initiatives such as full training or learning outsourcing, a major
                   enterprise-wide system like SAP, large scale recruitment and new employee on-boarding, new customer
                   philosophy initiative, workforce re-skilling associated with the rollout of a process improvement initiative such
                   as lean, leadership development, regulatory & compliance training etc.
                   The industry verticals TIS services include Education; Government and Defence; Telecommunications, Media and
                   Technology; Healthcare and Life Sciences; Banking, Financial Services and Insurance; Airlines, Transportation,
                   Logistics and Hospitality; Consumer Package Goods and Retail; and Manufacturing, Energy and Construction.
                   Tata Interactive Systems also offers innovative and comprehensive educational solutions for Indian schools
                   under the brand name CLASSEDGE. Based on TIS’ instructional framework—the Multiple Learning Experiences
                   Model—CLASSEDGE is designed to help teachers deliver high quality instruction with an effective blend of
                   classroom activities and interactive multimedia. This solution aims to encourage students’ social and thinking
                   skills along with ensuring a thorough understanding of the curriculum content.
                   With a team of over 800 multi-disciplinary specialists, TIS creates 3000+ hours of learning content across 220+
                   concurrent projects every year. TIS’ solutions have proven their effectiveness at more than 500 clients, 60 of
                   whom are Fortune 500 companies, leading educational institutions and government departments.
                   TIS is the first and only learning solutions organisation in the world to be assessed at Level 5 in both the
                   SEI-CMM and P-CMM. Its solutions have won over 50 prestigious international awards in the past 10 years
                   including Brandon Hall, APEX, BETT and BIMA to name a few.
                   Areas of Business
                   The TIS product range includes:
                   E-Learning & Blended Learning; Simulations; Serious Games; Story-based Learning; Learning Portals; Mobile
                   TIS often uses a combination of product formats for maximum effect. For example, e-learning is often combined
                   with simulations or serious games.
                   TIS has development centres in Germany, Switzerland and India. Its sales and marketing operations span the
                   US, Canada, the UK, mainland Europe, Australia, New Zealand, the Middle East, India and the rest of Asia.

                   Contact : Chief Marketing Officer, Tata Interactive Systems, Leela Business Park, Andheri-Kurla Road, Andheri (E),
                   Mumbai-400 059, India. Tel : +91-22-6643 8000 Fax : +91-22-6643 8800 Email : tismarketing@tatainteractive.com

05_Tata Main Brochures_2012 (036-053).indd 47                                                                                              4/5/12 1:36:14 PM
        information technology
        & communications

                                                               BUSINESS SUPPORT SERVICES                                                                    www.tata-bss.com

                                                  Tata Business Support Services (TBSS) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Tata Sons Limited, providing outsourced
                                                  customer care and allied services to utilities, travel agencies/airlines, financial services, media companies, retail
                                                  companies, Governments and NGOs. TBSS has state-of-the-art infrastructure and a distributed delivery capability
                                                  across sixteen centres in India. The company offers voice based services in 14 Indian and foreign languages and
                                                  integrates many aspects of field services and associated logistics. It also works alongside and complements the
                                                  BPO portfolio of TCS.
                                                  An important effort at TBSS is to build service offerings at price performance points appropriate for India’s rapidly
                                                  expanding domestic markets for various kinds of outsourced services. Given the modest scope for factor cost
                                                  arbitrage for clients within India, the company is focused on innovation with regard to delivery models and
                                                  labour pools.
               A hub centre in Mohali             While Tata Group companies have collectively constituted an important ‘home’ market for TBSS, the company
                                                  is also focused on pursuing opportunities in the emerging market for public private partnerships, including in
                                                  several kinds of citizen services.

                                                  •     Customer care administration: Answering queries and processing requests concerning product/service
                                                        features, delivery & installations, warranties, claims, etc.
                                                  •     Problem registration & resolution support: Helpdesk support, coordination with dealers, clients and client
                                                        franchises, customer updates, billing issues, etc.
                                                  •     Analytics based services: Lead generation for direct marketing & cross selling, market surveys, churn &
                                                        loyalty programme management, etc.
                                                  •     Third party administration: Services for auto and healthcare markets and retail financial services.

               A satellite centre in Jamshedpur

                                                  Contact : India : Tata Business Support Services Ltd., Gowra Trinity, Chiran Fort Lane, S.P. Road, Begumpet, Hyderabad-500 003,
                                                  India. Mobile : +91 - 92465 35301, +91 - 92461 59894 Email : marketing@tata-bss.com

05_Tata Main Brochures_2012 (036-053).indd 48                                                                                                                                       4/5/12 1:36:14 PM

                      TATA SKY                                                                                                          www.tatasky.com

                    Tata Sky is a JV between the TATA Group and STAR. The company has invested in state-of-the-art digital infrastructure,
                    partnered with global leaders to provide superior technology and set-up high-end 24x7 call centers across the country
                    manned by multi-lingual customer service associates to offer professional and efficient customer service.
                    Launched in 2006, Tata Sky has empowered every Indian viewer with ‘Choice, Control and Convenience’ by offering them
                    a most comprehensive channel line-up ranging from movies, news, entertainment and sports channels in DVD picture
                    quality and CD quality sound.
                    Tata Sky was the first DTH Company to launch interactive services customised for the Indian market, like education
                    services for the young, hi-end games across specialised genres, cooking recipes-on-demand, 24x7 darshan of leading
                    temples on TV and English speaking lessons for housewives.
                    In 2008, Tata Sky brought about a complete paradigm shift in the DTH market with the launch of Tata Sky+, offering
                    the breakthrough ‘Personal Video Recorder’ (PVR) technology for the first time in the Indian subcontinent, with unique
                    features such as Pause, Record & Rewind Live TV. This was further enhanced with the launch of Tata Sky HD at an
                    affordable price point.
                    Tata Sky rolled out its most anticipated Tata Sky+ HD, the new generation PVR with the capability of delivering stunning
                    HD picture quality in 1080i resolution with Dolby Digital 7.1 surround sound. Equipped with a humongous 500 GB hard
                    drive, users can now record every minute of action of their favourite sport, shows and movies in HD.
                    The company recently simplified its packages and introduced TruChoice, a genre based packaging model which clubbed
                    channels of the same genre in ONE pack. Riding on its success, the company introduced ‘Make My Pack’ service which
                    empowers subscribers with the option of creating their own pack.
                    Tata Sky recently launched its Video on Demand service - a combination of Catch Up TV and VoD Library of Movies and
                    TV concerts for subscribers for easy download. To enjoy the service, subscribers need to connect the Tata Sky+ HD Set Top
                    Box to their broadband connection through an Ethernet cable and download their favourite content.
                    The Tata Sky brand has achieved significant milestones, industry accolades and is rated as the No 1 DTH brand by the ET
                    Brand Equity 2011 most trusted brand survey. It is also the first DTH brand to get the prestigious ‘Superbrand’ status.
                    The company has a presence in over 8,000 towns with a subscriber base of over 8.5 million premium connections.
                    Tata Sky has established itself as the leader in terms of revenue share becoming the fastest growing premium pay TV
                    platform in India.

                    Contact : Chief Marketing Officer or National Manager – Corporate Communications, Tata Sky, 3rd Floor, C-1 Wadia International
                    Centre (Bombay Dyeing), Pandurang Budhkar Marg, Worli, Mumbai-400 025, India.
                    Tel : +91-22-6613 3000 Email : vikramm@tatasky.com or franko.william@tatasky.com

05_Tata Main Brochures_2012 (036-053).indd 49                                                                                                             4/5/12 1:36:15 PM
                                                           TELESERVICES                                                            www.tatateleservices.com

                                                Communications is among the Tata Group’s larger investments, with over $7.5 billion already committed.
                                                The Group’s objective is to provide end-to-end telecommunications solutions for business and residential
                                                customers across the nation and internationally. The Group’s communications activities are currently spread
                                                primarily over four companies—Tata Teleservices Limited, its associate Tata Teleservices (Maharashtra) Limited,
                                                Tata Communications (erstwhile VSNL) and Tata Sky. Together, these companies cover the full range of
                                                communications services, including:
                                                •    Telephony Services: Fixed and Mobile
                                                •    Media & Entertainment Services: Satellite TV
                                                •    Data Services: Leased Lines, Managed Data Networks, IP/MPLS VPN, Dial-up Internet, Wi-Fi and
                                                •    Value-added Services: Mobile and Broadband Content/Applications, Calling Cards, Net Telephony and
                                                     Managed Services
                                                •    Infrastructure Services: Submarine Cable Bandwidth, Terrestrial Fiber Network and Satellite Earth Stations
                                                     and VSAT Connectivity

                                                                                Tata Teleservices Limited (TTL) spearheads the Tata Group’s presence in the
                                                                                telecom sector. Incorporated in 1996, TTL is the pioneer of the CDMA 1x
                                                                                technology platform in India and embarked on a growth path after the acquisition
                                                                                of Hughes Telecom (India) Limited [renamed Tata Teleservices (Maharashtra)
                                                                                Limited] by the Tata Group in 2002. It launched mobile operations in January
                                                                                2005 and today enjoys a pan-India presence through existing operations in all
                                                                                of India’s 22 telecom Circles. The company is also the market leader in the fixed
                                                                                wireless telephony market and also enjoys leadership position in the enterprise
                                                                                Tata Teleservices Limited has established a significant presence in the GSM
                                                                                space, despite having entered the market less than three years ago in a joint
                                                                                venture with NTT DOCOMO of Japan, and offers differentiated products and
                                                                                services under the Tata DOCOMO brand name. Tata DOCOMO arises out of the

05_Tata Main Brochures_2012 (036-053).indd 50                                                                                                                      4/5/12 1:36:15 PM

                    Tata Group’s strategic alliance with Japanese telecom major NTT DOCOMO in November 2008. Tata DOCOMO has a
                    pan-India license to operate GSM telecom services—and has also been allotted spectrum in 18 telecom Circles. The
                    company rolled out GSM services in all of these 18 telecom Circles in the quick span of just over a year and is today one
                    of India's best-recalled private telecom operator brands.
                    Tata DOCOMO marks a significant milestone in the Indian telecom landscape, and has already redefined the very face
                    of telecoms in India, being the first to pioneer the per-second tariff option—part of its ‘Pay for What You Use’ pricing
                    paradigm. Tokyo-based NTT DOCOMO is one of the world’s leading mobile operators—in the Japanese market, the
                    company is the clear market leader, used by nearly 55 per cent of the country’s mobile phone users.
                    Tata Teleservices Limited was also the first Indian private telecom operator to launch 3G services in India under the brand
                    name Tata DOCOMO, with its 3G launch in all the nine telecom Circles where it bagged the 3G license in November
                    2010. In association with its NTT DOCOMO, the Company finds itself favorably positioned to leverage this first-mover
                    TTL also has a strategic partnership agreement with retail giant Future Group to offer mobile telephony services under
                    the brand name—T24—on the GSM platform. The exciting new brand was unveiled last year and the company first
                    launched GSM operations in the city of Hyderabad. It has since launched T24 GSM services in all 18 Circles where TTL
                    has a GSM license.
                    In December 2008, TTL announced a unique reverse equity swap strategic agreement between its telecom tower
                    subsidiary, Wireless TT Info-Services Limited, and Quippo Telecom Infrastructure Limited—with the combined entity
                    kicking off operations with 18,000 towers, thereby becoming the largest independent entity in this space—with the
                    highest tenancy ratios in the industry. Today, the combined entity—which has been re-christened as VIOM Networks—
                    has a portfolio of nearly 40,000 towers.
                    Tata Teleservices Limited, along with Tata Teleservices (Maharashtra) Limited, serves over 85 million customers in
                    more than 450,000 towns and villages across the country, with a bouquet of telephony services encompassing Mobile                         Tata Docomo state-of-the-art Experience Centers
                    Services, Wireless Desktop Phones, Public Booth Telephony and Wireline Services across one unified and integrated
                    brand—Tata DOCOMO.

                    Contact : Rajeev Narayan, Senior Vice President, Corporate Affairs, Tata Teleservices Limited, 2A, Old Ishwar Nagar, Main Mathura Road,
                    New Delhi-110 065 Tel : +91-11-6655 8100, +91-11-6655 1013 Fax : +91-11-6655 9808/ +91 - 11 - 6655 9809
                    Email : rajeev.narayan@tatatel.co.in Mobile : +91-92-121 05151

05_Tata Main Brochures_2012 (036-053).indd 51                                                                                                                                                                   4/5/12 1:36:16 PM
        information technology
        & communications

                                                               TATA COMMUNICATIONS                                                                    www.tatacommunications.com

                                                              Tata Communications is a leading provider of communications solutions to global enterprises and service providers and
                                                              Indian small & medium enterprises. Tata Communications’ range of services for global enterprises and service providers
                                                              includes transmission, IP, converged voice, mobility, managed network connectivity, hosting and storage, managed
                                                              security, managed collaboration and business transformation.
                                                               The company owns and operates one of the world’s largest and most advanced submarine cable networks and a Tier-1
                                                              IP network. These capabilities have been built through a mix of organic efforts and several global acquisitions including
                                                              that of Tyco Global Network (TGN) in 2005 and Teleglobe in 2006. The company has offices in 80 cities in 40 countries and
                                                              an employee base of around 7,500.
                                                              Tata Communications Limited is listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange and the National Stock Exchange of India and its
                                                              ADRs are listed on the New York Stock Exchange. (NYSE: TCL)
                                                              Tata Communications is structured along two major business units:

                                                              Global Voice Solutions
                                                              This business unit gives Tata Communications the distinction of being among the world’s largest providers of wholesale
                                                              international voice services to service providers, carrying over 40 billion minutes of traffic annually. The company’s
                                                              customer base includes over 1,600 carriers, mobile operators and ISPs. The company also provides a variety of
                                                              value-added services like international toll free services and account calling, and domestic long distance services
                                                              in India. Tata Communications has been recognised as the best wholesale carrier at several prestigious telecom
                                                              industry events, including the World Communications Awards and the Capacity magazine’s Global Wholesale
                                                              Telecommunications Awards.

                                                              Global Data Solutions
                                                              Through this business unit, Tata Communications serves the communication, connectivity and collaboration needs
                                                              of global enterprises and service providers as well as Indian small & medium businesses. Tata Communications offers
                                                              global MNCs connectivity solutions like international and India domestic private leased lines, MPLS virtual private
                                                              networks and global ethernet services as well as managed services like hosting, collaboration, including Telepresence,
                   Tata Communications Building-VSB, Mumbai   hosted applications and security. In India, Tata Communications has established itself as a leading provider of enterprise
                                                              data services offering customised vertical solutions to major industries, including banking & financial services, IT and
                                                              IT-enabled services, and media & entertainment services.

05_Tata Main Brochures_2012 (036-053).indd 52                                                                                                                                              4/5/12 1:36:18 PM

                    Tata Communications entered the cloud computing space in 2010 to further its promise of bringing productivity
                    enhancing services to Indian businesses. ‘InstaCompute’ provides secure and elastic, on-demand computing
                    and storage resources to businesses over the network, as and when they need them.
                    Tata Communications is also a leading provider of bandwidth, IP connectivity, mobility and other value-added
                    services to service providers globally. It further leverages its skills in network engineering, operations and
                    management to provide such services on an outsourced basis to other telecom companies, enabling them to
                    achieve significant transformation in performance, quality and cost.

                    Tata Communications’ depth and breadth of reach in emerging markets includes leadership in Indian enterprise
                    data services, leadership in global international voice, and strategic investments in South Africa (Neotel), Sri Lanka
                    (Tata Communications Lanka Limited) and Nepal (United Telecom Limited). In South Africa, Tata Communications
                    has a controlling stake in the country’s first converged services operator, Neotel, which caters to wholesale,
                    business and home customer needs.
                                                                                                                                               Centralised Network Operations Centre, Mumbai
                    Tata Communications is one of the world’s largest owners of submarine cable bandwidth, with its own cables
                    connecting four continents and all major countries. Tata Communications also has a vast terrestrial fibre network
                    in India that includes over 40,000 route kilometres of inter-city network. The Tata Global Network includes one
                    of the most advanced and largest submarine cable networks, a Tier-1 IP network, with connectivity to more than
                    200 countries across 400 PoPs, and nearly 1 million square feet of data center and co-location space worldwide.
                    Tata Communications is the world’s first communications provider to offer public Telepresence rooms, and
                    currently has the largest global network of public Telepresence rooms in 21 countries across five continents,
                    which are offered on a pay per use basis and enable access to this cutting-edge technology at an affordable
                    hourly rate.

                    Contact : DGM-Corporate Communications, Tata Communications, 4th floor, C Tower, Plots C21 & C36, ‘G’ Block, Bandra-Kurla
                    Complex, Mumbai-400 098, India. Tel : +91-89760 68777 Fax : +91-22-6694 1912 Email : divya.anand@tatacommunications.com
                                                                                                                                               Tata Communications Montreal facilities

05_Tata Main Brochures_2012 (036-053).indd 53                                                                                                                                                  4/5/12 1:36:19 PM
06_Tata Main Brochures_2012 (054-059).indd 54   4/5/12 1:36:45 PM
                                                                                                                                                   Tata Power
                                                                                                                                                 Tata BP Solar

                                                The seemingly simple but daring idea of harnessing water flowing down the hills near
                                                Mumbai to create energy marked India’s entry into the league of nations capable of
                                                generating hydroelectric power. This remarkable vision has made the country’s financial

                                                capital an island that burns bright, and placed the Tata Group at the forefront of an industry
                                                being deregulated and unshackled to address India’s ever-growing energy requirements.

06_Tata Main Brochures_2012 (054-059).indd 55                                                                                                           4/5/12 1:36:47 PM
                                                           POWER                                                                                      www.tatapower.com

                                                Originally established as The Tata Hydro-Electric Power Supply Company Ltd. in 1911 to supply power to Mumbai, Tata
                                                Power is India’s largest integrated private power utility with an installed generation capacity of over 4771 MW and a
                                                presence across the entire value chain in power generation (thermal, hydro, solar, wind and geothermal), transmission,
                                                distribution, trading, fuel and logistics.
                                                Having served Mumbai’s consumers for over nine decades, Tata Power has since spread its footprint across the country and
                                                overseas. The thermal power stations of the company are located at Trombay in Mumbai, Jojobera in Jharkhand, Haldia in
                                                West Bengal, Power House #6 in Jamshedpur and Belgaum in Karnataka. Its hydro stations are located in the Western Ghats
                                                of Maharashtra, and wind farms in Maharashtra, Gujarat and Karnataka. It has also implemented a 3 MW Solar power plant
                                                at Mulshi in Maharashtra.
                                                The company has been a front runner in introducing state-of-the-art power technologies in India. Among the achievements
                                                the company has to its credit are the installation of India’s first 500MW unit at Trombay, the first 150MW pumped storage
                                                unit at its hydro plant at Bhira, and a flue gas de-sulphurisation plant for pollution control at Trombay. An optimum mix of
                                                hydel and thermal capacity enables the company to supply power at competitive tariffs to its customers. The company’s
                                                transmission and distribution losses are among the lowest in the country at a mere 1.8 per cent.
                                                The company’s growth plans include significant capacity addition in the next three years, scaling from the current 3000 MW
                                                to 8000 MW by 2013. The new projects under implementation are as follows:
                                                4000 MW, Mundra Ultra Mega Power Project (UMPP): The Mundra UMPP is progressing well and on schedule with
                                                engineering, procurement and construction activities in full swing. The first unit was ready for synchronisation on June
                                                29, 2011, awaiting transmission evacuation system, which was made available by September 30, 2011. Post availability of
                                                transmission capacity, Unit 1 has been synchronised with the grid and has achieved full load. Commissioning is targeted
                                                within Q4 FY12. Work on Unit 2, 3, 4 and 5 is also on track and is progressing well.
                                                1050 MW Maithon Project: Unit 1 has been commissioned. In Unit 2, Boiler steam blowing was completed on November
                                                20, 2011. Unit 2 is expected to be synchronised by end February 2012 and on full load by March 2012.
                                                114 MW Dagachhu Project: A partnership with The Royal Government of Bhutan (RGoB), this project is progressing well.
                                                Major ordering for the project has been completed. All statutory clearances, land, water and environment clearances have
                                                been received and the PPA for the entire quantum of power has been signed for the project. Infrastructure activities like
                                                approach road, bridges, construction power, etc. have been completed. Given the geological conditions, the project is
                                                facing some delay but all efforts are being made to commission the unit by 2014.
                                                236 MW Dugar Hydro Power Project: The Tata Power - SN Power Consortium JV won the bid for the 236 MW Dugar Hydro
                                                Power Project in Himachal Pradesh. The run of the river “Dugar Hydro Electric Project” will primarily feed the northern grid.

06_Tata Main Brochures_2012 (054-059).indd 56                                                                                                                                   4/5/12 1:36:47 PM

                     The project team has carried out route survey, geological mapping and contour mapping of the project site.
                     Currently, the project is being optimised for 500 MW.
                     Kalinganagar, Odisha 3X67.5 MW (Gas based) +3X150 MW (Coal+gas based): The project is being executed
                     through Industrial Energy Limited, a JV with Tata Steel Limited. Tata Steel has obtained Environment Clearance
                     for the gas based plant along with its steel plant. Water allocation has also been obtained. The process has been
                     initiated for obtaining coal linkage, water allocation, EC, etc. for coal based plant.
                     1600 MW Coastal Maharashtra Project: All statutory clearances required to start the project implementation
                     are in place. Land acquisition is in progress. The company has also signed an agreement with the Maharashtra
                     state government for the R&R package for the farmers in the Dehrand / Shahpur villages. Economic options for
                     coal sourcing and logistics are under evaluation.
                     660 MW Naraj Marthapur, Odisha: The major clearances for the project have been obtained. Land acquisition           4,000MW Mundra ultra mega power project
                     is in progress.
                     1980 MW Tiruldih Power Project, Jharkhand: The process of land acquisition for the project is in progress. In
                     principle clearance has been received from Indian Railways for the transportation of coal from Tubed.
                     International Opportunities: The company has prioritised seven countries in three geographies for a
                     purposeful international play. These include South Africa and other Sub-Saharan Africa countries, Indonesia,
                     Vietnam, Turkey and the Middle East. The company is in the process of deploying resources in these geographies
                     to understand the market dynamics and scout for opportunities.
                     Projects in Renewables
                     Wind Power: Tata Power is the leading private wind generation company with an installed capacity of 375 MW.
                     Tata Power’s wind farms are spread across four states: Maharashtra, Gujarat, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka, the
                     leading states in promoting wind power generation in India.
                     Solar Power: The company has completed its 3 MW plant in Mulshi, Maharashtra. The company has also
                     developed a 25 MW solar PV plant in Mithapur, Gujarat and has signed a PPA with GUVNL for the same. The
                     plant was commissioned on January 25th, 2012 and is steadily generating supply.
                     Geothermal Power: The Tata Power-led consortium along with Origin Energy, Australia and PT Supraco,
                     Indonesia won the 240 MW Sorik Marapi Project. The expected COD for the project is June 2015.
                     Indonesian coal companies: The company has 30 per cent equity stake in two major Indonesian thermal coal
                     producers, PT Kaltim Prima Coal and PT Arutmin Indonesia, as well as related trading companies owned by PT
                     Bumi Resources Tbk.                                                                                                 1050MW Maithon project

06_Tata Main Brochures_2012 (054-059).indd 57                                                                                                                                      4/5/12 1:36:47 PM
                                                Joint Ventures and subsidiaries
                                                Tata Power Delhi Distribution Limited (TPDDL): A subsidiary in joint-venture with the Government of Delhi, this
                                                company distributes and supplies power to the north and north-west areas of Delhi. The company serves over 4.5 million
                                                consumers spread over an area of 510 sq km. Since commencing operations in July 2002, TPDDL has successfully reduced
                                                aggregate technical and commercial (AT&C) losses from a high of 53 per cent to less than 20 per cent and launched a
                                                series of technological improvements for upgrading reliability and other consumer services.
                                                Tata Power also has a 51 per cent stake in Powerlinks Transmission Limited, a joint venture with the Power Grid Corporation
                                                of India Ltd., for the 1,200 km Tala Transmission Project of the 1,020MW Tala Hydro-electric project based in Bhutan. The
                                                Tala Transmission Project represents India’s first inter-state transmission project with public-private partnership since the
                                                enactment of the country’s Electricity Act in 2003, which had set out the regulatory structure for the opening up of the
                    Wind farms                  power sector in India. The successful commissioning of the Tala Transmission system ahead of schedule in 2006 led to the
                                                synchronisation of the central and northern grids to make it one of the largest power grids in the world.
                                                Tata Power Trading Co. Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary, is the first company to have been awarded a power trading
                                                licence by the Central Electricity Regulatory Commission enabling it to carry out transactions all over India.
                                                The company’s Strategic Electronics Division (SED) designs and develops electronic products and systems for India’s
                                                defence and other core sectors. SED has received seven manufacturing licences under new defence procurement
                                                procedures, making it eligible to receive RFPs for major programmes from the Ministry of Defence. It is also developing
                                                a program to modernise the airfield infrastructure for the Indian Air Force.
                                                NELCO Limited (a subsidiary) has its core competence in the areas of systems integration and project management
                                                for defence electronics, energy network management, power electronics, VSAT networks and automation. A pioneer in
                                                several segments of its operations, the company caters to core segments like defence, railways, steel, cement, automobile,
                                                oil and gas, paper, power plants, ceramics and services.

                    3 MW Mulshi solar plant     Corporate Sustainability
                                                Tata Power is proud to be a sustainability steward and is working on leading the industry towards responsible growth.
                                                The company’s sustainability initiatives comprise investing in clean energy production, building a strong renewable
                                                portfolio, focusing on bio-diversity conservation, streamlining water use, and planting thousands of trees in the vicinity
                                                of the plants to reduce the carbon footprint.
                                                The company has also created a sustained platform called Tata Power Club Enerji (TPCE) for the school children of the
                                                country to practise energy conservation. It believes in involving school children to propagate efficient usage of energy
                                                for a greener and safer tomorrow. TPCE has become a nation-wide movement and has covered more than 400 schools
                                                till date across ten cities in India, i.e., Mumbai, Pune, Bengaluru, Kolkata, Delhi, Ahmedabad, Jamshedpur, Lonavla, Haldia
                                                and Belgaum. The club has over 40,000 Energy Champions and has sensitised over 2.5 million citizens and saved more
                                                than 3.4 million units of energy.

06_Tata Main Brochures_2012 (054-059).indd 58                                                                                                                                  4/5/12 1:36:49 PM

                    Over the last 30 years, Tata Power has continued to contribute to eco-restoration and eco-development programmes
                    in the Western Ghats, one of the most sensitive eco-systems in the world. Over seven million saplings of 60 tree
                    species have been planted in this fragile and valuable area.
                    It was in the early 1900s that the Group’s Founder Jamsetji Tata had vowed to provide the country and its people
                    with cheap, clean and abundant power. Tata Power is only trying to make good on that promise and take pride in
                    Lighting up Lives!

                    Contact : Head - Corporate Communications, Tata Power, Bombay House, 24, Homi Mody Street, Mumbai-400 001, India.
                    Tel : +91-22-6665 8282 Fax : +91-22-6665 8801 Email : shalinis@tatapower.com

                      TATA BP SOLAR                                                                                                www.tatabpsolar.com

                    Tata BP Solar India Limited (JV) was incorporated as a Joint Venture between Tata Exports Ltd. (renamed Tata
                    International Limited) and BP Solar India Holdings Limited (renamed BP Alternative Energy Holdings Limited) (BP) in
                    1989 for the purpose of manufacturing photovoltaic (PV) cells and modules. Tata Power has signed share purchase
                    agreement with BP Alternative Energy Holdings to purchase their 51% Equity and Preference shares in the Joint
                    Venture - Tata BP Solar (the “Company”). On completion of transaction, Tata Power will own 100% of the company.
                                                                                                                                                         3MW Solar Power Plant for Tata Power at Mulshi, Maharashtra
                    Tata BP Solar has a 125 MW solar module manufacturing capacity.
                    Tata BP Solar provides customised solar solutions to various segments: (1) Access to energy (illuminating village
                    homes and communities). (2) Energy to business (telecom towers, railways, banks, green buildings, offshore oil
                    platforms). (3) On to grid – Centralised MW solar farms and grid-connect residential/commercial rooftops. The
                    company has executed several MW solar projects during 2011 aggregating to approximately 57 MW under the first
                    phase of the Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission and Gujarat’s Solar power policy.
                    Tata BP Solar’s world-class manufacturing facilities for solar photovoltaic products and solar water heating systems
                    are among the largest and first of their kind in the country.
                    Tata BP Solar regularly exports products and systems to several countries.
                                                                                                                                                         40kWp at Nyoma Leh – 40kWp Solar Power Plant at Nyoma, Leh

                    Contact : Tata BP Solar, 78, Electronics City, Hosur Road, Bengaluru-560 100, India. Tel : +91-80-4070 2000, 3000
                    Fax : +91-80-2852 0116 Email : tatabp@tatabp.com

06_Tata Main Brochures_2012 (054-059).indd 59                                                                                                                                                                          4/5/12 1:36:50 PM

                       The Taj Mahal Palace, Mumbai

07_Tata Main Brochures_2012 (060-073).indd 60         4/5/12 1:37:09 PM
                                                                                                                         Property Development & Infrastructure
                                                                                                                               The Indian Hotels Company Limited
                                                                                                                                   (Taj Hotels Resorts and Palaces)

                                                                                                                                      Tata Realty and Infrastructure
                                                                                                                                        Tata Housing Development


                                                                                                                    Drive India Enterprise Solutions Limited (DIESL)
                                                                                                                                                Financial Services
                                                                                                                                                           Tata AIG
                                                                                                                                           Tata Asset Management

                    services                                                                                                          Tata Investment Corporation

                    Legend has it that it all started in the early 1900s when an Indian took umbrage at not                                             Tata Capital

                    being allowed entry to a hotel because he had the wrong skin colour. Jamsetji Tata,                                             Other Services

                    the founder of the Tata Group, responded by creating India’s first luxury hotel, the Taj                     Tata Strategic Management Group

                    Mahal Palace and Tower. Those following in his footsteps have built on the legacy with                                            Tata Services

                    enterprises across the services spectrum, including insurance and other financial services.

07_Tata Main Brochures_2012 (060-073).indd 61
                                                                                                                 services                                     4/5/12 1:37:10 PM
                                                      INDIAN HOTELS                                                                                  www.tajhotels.com

                                                     The Indian Hotels Company Limited (IHCL) and its subsidiaries are collectively known as the Taj Group. IHCL
                                                     operates in the luxury, premium, mid-market and value segments of the market through the following brands: Taj
                                                     Hotels Resorts and Palaces (luxury full-service hotels, resorts and palaces); Vivanta Hotels & Resorts by Taj (upper
                                                     upscale hotels: full-service hotels and resorts); The Gateway Hotels & Resorts (upscale/mid-market full service hotels
                                                     and resorts) and Ginger (economy hotels).
                  Umaid Bhawan Palace, Jodhpur       Established in 1903, Taj Hotels Resorts and Palaces is one of Asia’s largest and finest group of hotels, comprising
                                                     93 hotels in 53 locations across India with an additional 16 international hotels in Maldives, Malaysia, Australia, UK,
                                                     USA, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Africa and the Middle East. From world-renowned landmarks to modern business hotels,
                                                     idyllic beach destinations to authentic grand palaces, from dazzling resorts to pastoral safari lodges, each Taj hotel
                                                     offers an unrivalled fusion of warm Indian hospitality, world-class service and modern luxury. For over a century,
                                                     Taj Mahal Palace, the iconic flagship has set a benchmark for fine living with exquisite refinement, inventiveness
                                                     and warmth.
                                                     At the Taj Hotels Resorts and Palaces luxurious living and fine dining find common ground. Whether it is taking
                                                     exotic world cuisines to India or taking authentic Indian fare to the world, the Taj Group is renowned for the eclectic
                                                     culinary experiences it brings to its guests.
                                                     The Taj Mahal, Bombay, the flagship hotel of Taj Hotels Resort and Palaces, was born out of Jamsetji N. Tata’s dream.
                  Taj Lake Palace, Udaipur           Mr. Tata believed that Bombay (now Mumbai), the commercial capital of India, required a grand hotel, one that
                                                     would enhance its reputation amongst the great cities of the world. The Taj Mahal Palace, Mumbai opened on
                                                     December 16, 1903 and epitomised a philosophy that still holds true today: to provide impeccable service and
                                                     unparalleled facilities so every stay is a memorable one.
                                                     The flagship hotel is an architectural marvel and brings together Moorish, Oriental and Florentine styles. Offering
                                                     panoramic views of the Arabian Sea and the Gateway of India, the hotel is a gracious landmark of the city of
                                                     Mumbai, showcasing contemporary Indian influences along with beautiful vaulted alabaster ceilings, onyx
                                                     columns, graceful archways, hand-woven silk carpets, crystal chandeliers, a magnificent art collection, an eclectic
                                                     collection of furniture and a dramatic cantilever stairway.
                                                     Drawing strength from its leadership position in India, the Taj in recent years has embarked on a complementary
                                                     strategy to expand its international footprint. The most significant additions to its portfolio have been The Pierre,
                                                     the iconic landmark hotel on New York’s Fifth Avenue; Taj Boston; Taj Campton Place, San Francisco; Taj Cape Town,
                  Rambagh Palace, Jaipur             South Africa; and Blue, Sydney.

07_Tata Main Brochures_2012 (060-073).indd Sec1:62                                                                                                                             4/5/12 1:37:10 PM

                                                       The Taj West End, Bengaluru

                     Taj Falaknuma Palace, Hyderabad   The Taj Mahal Hotel, New Delhi

07_Tata Main Brochures_2012 (060-073).indd Sec1:63                                      4/5/12 1:37:15 PM
                                                        The Taj has strengthened its presence in the Indian Ocean rim with the Exotica Brand, evolved as part of Taj Hotels
                                                        Resorts and Palaces’ intent to position it as a brand clearly differentiated by its product philosophy and service design.
                                                        The Taj Exotica Resort and Spa in Maldives is centered on high-end accommodation, intimacy and an environment
                                                        that allows its guest’s unrivalled comfort and privacy.
                                                        Taj Hotels has further expanded its global footprint by securing management contracts at Palm Island, Jumeirah in
                                                        Dubai; Marrakech in Morocco and, Beijing and Hainan in China.
                                                        The presence of Taj Group globally has been developed through a network of Taj regional sales and PR offices in
                                                        the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Russia, Dubai, Singapore, Sydney, Tokyo, Brazil & the United States of

                   The Pierre - A Taj Hotel, New York   In a new foray in the service apartment’s category, the Taj operates the Taj Wellington Mews Luxury Residences as
                                                        a complex of 80 luxurious serviced apartments in South Mumbai. The Taj has also entered the high-end wildlife
                                                        tourism segment in partnership with “& Beyond” Africa. The properties under this venture are Mahua Kothi at the
                                                        Bandhavgarh National Park, Baghvan at the Pench National Park, Banjaar Tola at the Kanha National Park, and Pashan
                                                        Garh at the Panna National Park, all situated in Madhya Pradesh, India.
                                                        Taj also operates Taj Air, a luxury private jet operation with state-of-the-art Falcon 2000 LX and Avanti II aircrafts, and
                                                        Taj Yachts, two 3-bedroom luxury yachts which can be used by guests in Mumbai, and Kochi in Kerala. It also operates
                                                        Taj Sats Air Catering Limited, the largest airline catering service in South Asia, as a joint venture with Singapore
                                                        Airport Terminal Services, a subsidiary of Singapore Airlines.
                                                        Additionally, Taj Hotels Resorts and Palaces established the Indian Institute of Hotel Management, Aurangabad in
                                                        1993. The institute offers a three-year diploma, designed with the help of international faculty and has affiliations
                                                        with several American and European programs.
                   Taj Boston
                                                        Associate Companies and Joint Ventures
                                                        The Indian Hotels Company Limited is the Taj Hotels Resorts and Palaces’ main company, owning around a third of
                                                        the group’s inventory of rooms. The balance of the room inventory is with associate companies and joint ventures.

                                                        Corporate Social Responsibility
                                                        The key theme of corporate social responsibility at The Indian Hotels Company Limited is to build livelihoods with a
                                                        clear focus on women, craftsmen and artisans; and education of children. The core competencies of the hospitality
                                                        business have been utilised to make these themes truly relevant and meaningful.

                                                        Contact : Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Taj Hotels Resorts and Palaces, Oxford House, 15/17 N. F. Street, Apollo Bunder,
                                                        Mumbai-400 001, India. Tel : +91-22-6665 1236 Fax : +91-22-2281 8849 Email : deepa.harris@tajhotels.com

                   Taj Cape Town

07_Tata Main Brochures_2012 (060-073).indd Sec1:64                                                                                                                                               4/5/12 1:37:20 PM

                                   REALTY AND INFRASTRUCTURE LIMITED                                                                    www.tata-realty.com

                    Real estate and infrastructure have been identified as sectors with strong growth prospects in India and Tata Realty and
                    Infrastructure Limited (TRIL) — a 100% subsidiary of Tata Sons — has been set up to cater to the sector’s potential for
                    The company’s current work dossier comprises:

                    Real Estate Projects
                    •      A world-class IT/ITES SEZ development — Ramanujan IT City at Taramani, Chennai (25 acres).
                    •      A retail and city-centre development — Trilium in the heart of Amritsar.
                    •      Development of IT SEZs for TCS at Hinjewadi in Pune, Rajarhat in Kolkata and Garima Park in Ahmedabad.                               Proposed premium residential apartments, Tritvam, Kochi

                    •      A water-front premium residential development — Tritvam at Marine Drive, Kochi.
                    •      A city-centre mixed use residential & retail development — Capitol Heights at Nagpur.
                    •      Multi-tenanted IT Park - IT4 at Malad (E), Mumbai.

                    Infrastructure Projects
                    •      TRIL is currently implementing the Rs. 1,370 crore Pune-Solapur Highway Project & has submitted RFQs for other road
                           projects across India.
                    •      TRIL is in discussions for the development of a 2,500 acre multi-product SEZ in Odisha.
                    •      TRIL is also in the process of setting up 14 logistics parks across India, of which land acquisition has commenced at
                           3 locations.
                    •      TRIL is promoting the use of monorail and Personal Rapid Transport (PRT) for urban transport solution.

                    Fund Management                                                                                                                             Proposed Ramanujan IT City, Chennai

                    TRIF-1 Fund
                    TRIL has recently completed its commitment of the offshore fund – Tata Realty Initiatives Fund-1 (TRIF-1) which had an
                    available corpus of US$ 750 mn for the development of real estate projects; it is also now planning its 2nd real estate fund.

                    Proposed Infrastructure Fund
                    TRIL also plans to set-up an infrastructure fund – Tata Infrastructure Initiatives Fund-1 (TIIF-1) – to develop prestigious
                    infrastructure projects.

                    Contact : Marketing, Tata Realty and Infrastructure Limited, Elphinstone Building, 2nd Floor, 10 Veer Nariman Road, Fort, Mumbai-400 001,
                    India. Tel : +91-22-6629 4000 Fax : +91-22-6629 0520 Email : cengineer@tata.com                                                             Proposed retail mall, Trilium, Amritsar

07_Tata Main Brochures_2012 (060-073).indd Sec1:65                                                                                                                                                                        4/5/12 1:37:23 PM
                                                                             HOUSING DEVELOPMENT COMPANY                                                                         www.tatahousing.com

                                                                 Incorporated in 1984, Tata Housing Development Company Ltd. is a 99.76% subsidiary of Tata Sons.
                                                                 The company is currently developing more than 43 million square feet in pioneering innovative projects for different
                                                                 consumer segments, with its residential offerings ranging from Rs. 5 lakh to Rs. 14 crore.
                                                                 Its primary business is the development of properties in the residential, commercial and retail sectors, with operations
                                                                 spanning land identification and acquisition, project planning, designing, marketing and property management. All its
                                                                 projects are conceptualised after in-depth consumer and market research, with the design expertise of leading international
                                                                 architects. All its projects are constructed and designed as per the guidelines of the Indian Green Building Council.
                                                                 The company has set up a wholly owned subsidiary ‘Smart Value Homes Ltd.’, which focuses on developing products in
                   Artists' impression: Promont, Bengaluru ...   the Value and Affordable Housing segments, priced between Rs. 5 lakh and Rs. 35 lakh. Tata Housing will also continue
                                                                 to provide Premium and Luxury Housing projects.
                                                                 Currently, in India, the company has a presence in Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru, Chennai, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Chandigarh,
                                                                 Pune, Lonavala, Bhubaneswar and Talegaon. The company is now expanding to other tier I and II Indian cities. It has also
                                                                 expanded its presence to international locations such as Maldives and Sri Lanka and is actively looking at other SAARC
                                                                 nations as well. Some of its current projects are:
                                                                 •     Shubh Griha, Boisar & Vasind – Expansion of India’s first true value housing project.
                                                                 •     New Haven Crest, Boisar – Premium Row houses at New Haven Boisar.
                                                                 •     La Montana, Talegaon, Pune – A mixed use Mediterranean theme based development.
                                                                 •     Crescent Lake Homes, Chennai – A sustainable integrated township.
                                                                 •     Eden Court – Primo, Kolkata – Luxury housing at affordable prices at Rajarhat’s prime location.

                   ... Primanti, Gurgaon
                                                                 •     Prive, Lonavala – Luxury hillside residences built on the theme of open architecture.
                                                                 •     Louvre, Duplex Living at Raisina Residency, Gurgaon – Exclusive Duplex Apartments within a premium modern
                                                                       residential complex conceptualised around the theme of ‘Art and Culture’.
                                                                 •     Aquila Heights – Bengaluru’s tallest residential development.
                                                                 •     Promont – Exclusive gated community spread across 14 acres on a hillock in Bengaluru.
                                                                 •     Primanti – Premium luxury housing project at sector 72, Gurgaon.
                                                                 •     Amantra – A luxurious residential township on the Thane-Kalyan Road.
                                                                 Tata Housing has received various industry recognitions in the form of awards, including: multiple awards at Asia Pacific
                                                                 Property Awards for 2009, 2010 & 2011, Developer of the year Residential (Primanti) & Developer of the year Luxury
                                                                 (Promont) by Real Estate Awards 2012 and Developer of the Year Award by Construction Week Awards 2011.
                                                                 Contact : Head - Marketing Services, Tata Housing Development Co. Ltd., 12th Floor, Times Tower, Kamala Mills Compound,
                                                                 Senapati Bapat Marg, Lower Parel (W), Mumbai-400 013 Tel : + 91-22-6661-4444 Email : response@tatahousing.com
                   ... Shubh Griha, Boisar

07_Tata Main Brochures_2012 (060-073).indd Sec1:66                                                                                                                                                     4/5/12 1:37:26 PM

                        JUSCO                                                                                                        www.juscoltd.com

                    JUSCO is a wholly owned subsidiary of Tata Steel Limited which was created in 2003 by transferring the Town Services
                    Division of Tata Steel. It is India’s first comprehensive urban infrastructure services provider in the private sector. It works
                    with industries, state governments, urban local bodies, communities and individuals to deliver sustainable infrastructure
                    Services offered
                    •       Engineering & Construction: One stop shop for urban and industrial infrastructure like roads & bridges, residential,
                            recreational, civil and structural construction.
                    •       Power Distribution: Licensee, franchisee, O&M, consultancy, engineering & construction.
                    •       Water and Wastewater: End-to-End solutions for all municipal and industrial sectors viz O&M, EPC, BOTs etc.
                    •       Municipal Solid Waste Management: O&M, Turnkey, BOT and EPC.
                    Important Projects
                    •       Salt Lake, Kolkata: India’s first urban water sector PPP project under the Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal
                            Mission (JNNURM) in DBOOT mode for 30 years. This project is in collaboration with M/s. Voltas and was awarded in                     Water treatment plant
                            2007. The project was inaugurated in January 2011.
                    •       Haldia, West Bengal: India’s first, and so far only, Lease-cum-BOT urban water project for 25 years (started operations
                            in November 2008).
                    •       Mysore, Karnataka: India’s largest urban water management project for rehabilitation and conversion to 24x7 supply
                            in 6 years under JNNURM (started operations in January 2009).
                    •       Seraikela-Kharsawan District, Jharkhand: One of the few regions in India where two parallel distribution licensees
                            are providing power to consumers (started operations in October 2007).
                    •       Jamshedpur, Jharkhand: Construction of 4-lane bridge with 8-lane toll plaza and approach roads on BOT basis.
                    •       Kollam, Kerala: Establishment of an integrated municipal solid waste processing and disposal facility. The project got
                            inaugurated in July 2010.
                    •       Mysore, Karnataka: Construction of engineered Landfill and O&M for 14 years (started construction in October 2010).
                    In the last seven years JUSCO has received several awards at various forums for its service delivery.

                                                                                                                                                                  132 KV Sub Station

                        Contact : Head - Corporate Communications, JUSCO, Sakchi Boulevard Road, Northern Town, Bistupur, Jamshedpur-831 001, Jharkhand, India.
                        Tel : + 91 657 6652101/ 6652013 Fax : + 91 657 2424219 Email : jusco@tatasteel.com

07_Tata Main Brochures_2012 (060-073).indd Sec1:67                                                                                                                                        4/5/12 1:37:29 PM
                                                              DRIVE INDIA ENTERPRISE SOLUTIONS LIMITED (DIESL)                                                                www.diesl.in

                                                          Established in 2003, Drive India Enterprise Solutions Ltd. (DIESL) is a leading provider of third party logistics services
                                                          (3PL) in India. The company is a 50:50 JV between Tata Industries and Tata International.
                                                          DIESL caters to a wide range of industries including telecommunications, consumer durables, FMCG, retail,
                                                          automobiles, DTH and also undertakes project logistics. DIESL is privileged to work with more than 100 high profile
                                                          brands, which include both Tata and non-Tata companies. Its service offerings to these segments include:
                                                          •     Warehousing Solutions: Warehousing, order execution, stock yard management and inventory control.
                                                          •     Distribution: Primary & secondary transportation, reverse logistics, store replenishment, express and home
                  Distribution Centres, at Bengaluru...         delivery, e-fulfillment.
                                                          •     International Logistics Solutions: Trading, import, customs clearance, freight forwarding.
                                                          •     Value Added Services: Kitting, packaging, MIS, pre delivery checks, cash management etc.
                                                          Network: DIESL has a pan-India presence with 165 operational warehouses across 28 states with a combined area
                                                          of 5.5 million square feet under management. DIESL’s distribution network currently connects over 7,000 towns
                                                          across the country. With a strong focus on technology implementation, all of its warehouse locations are connected
                                                          with SAP and provided with warehouse and distribution management software.
                                                          Awards and Recognitions: DIESL has won “The Best 3PL Company of the Year Award" 2 years in a row (2010 &
                                                          2011) at the ELSC Conclave and the “Brand and Customer Loyalty Award 2011” for the Logistics Sector at the Loyalty
                                                          DIESL is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company and its processes and operations are continuously refined, upgraded
                                                          and set in accordance with international quality and standards.

                                                          Contact : Head – Corporate Communication, Corporate Office, 7th Floor, Kamla Executive Park, Andheri (East), Mumbai-400059, India.
                  ... and Kochi                           Tel : +91-22-6777 9032 Fax : 91-22-6777 9001 Email : taruna.garda@driveindia.co.in

07_Tata Main Brochures_2012 (060-073).indd Sec1:68                                                                                                                                            4/5/12 1:37:30 PM

                      TATA AIG                                                                                                                www.tata-aig.com

                   The Tata presence in the insurance segment is through two companies — Tata AIG Life Insurance Company Limited and Tata AIG
                   General Insurance Company Limited (collectively ‘Tata AIG’).
                   Tata AIG Life Insurance Company Limited
                   Tata AIG Life is a joint venture between Tata Sons (74%) and AIA Group Limited (26%), the largest, independent, listed pan-Asia life
                   insurance group in the world spanning 15 markets in the Asia Pacific.
                   Tata AIG Life provides insurance solutions to individuals, groups and corporate houses. It offers a wide spectrum of life insurance
                   solutions to the rapidly expanding consumer base which includes around 50 products spanning various categories and life-stage
                   needs. As on March 2011, the company had 1,93,3000 individual policies in force.
                   The company uses multiple channels of distribution like agency, bancassurance, corporate agency, direct marketing (including
                   online sales), broking, etc. to reach out to different market segments. As on January 2012, it had 310 sales offices in over 258 cities
                   and towns across India. It employs over 5,000 people and has approximately 52,000 advisors.
                   The company has launched several new initiatives in the insurance market by anticipating customer needs. It was an early entrant
                   in the highest NAV guaranteed product space and, in fact, the only player to offer highest NAV guarantee plans on a pure pension
                   platform. It was one of the first private life insurers to launch Whole Life insurance plans as well as health insurance plans.
                   Tata AIG General Insurance Company
                   Tata AIG General is a joint venture between Tata (74%) and American International Group (AIG) (26%).
                   The company offers a range of general insurance covers structured under Commercial & Consumer Lines. Commercial Lines cover
                   energy, marine, property and several specialised financial covers, while Consumer Lines offer a range of general insurance products
                   such as insurance for automobile, home, travel, accident and health. The company’s products are available through various channels
                   of distribution like agents, brokers, banks (through Banc Assurance tie ups) and direct channels like tele-marketing, e-commerce,
                   website etc. By end of March 2012, the company would have 69 offices, employing approximately 1735 people and 7500 advisors.
                   The company has stayed ahead of its competition by launching several innovative products and services which have been game
                   changers in the sector. These include the first 24X7 claims processing call center, tailor made insurance covers for HNIs and ultra HNIs
                   and faster processing of claims through hand held devices. The company also supports extended warranty cover with electronic
                   goods retailers. With a comprehensive product range across 19 lines of business, it is a market leader in liability, marine cargo,
                   personal accident and travel.

                   Contact : Corporate Communications, Tata AIG Life Insurance Company Limited (Regn. No.110), Delphi – B Wing, 2nd Floor, Orchard Avenue,
                   Hiranandani Business Park, Powai, Mumbai-400 076, India. Tel : +91-22-6647 9000 Fax : +91-22-6702 4123 Email : corpcomm@tata-aig.com.
                   Insurance is the subject matter of the solicitation. Information provided in this article is subject to change.
                   Contact : Marketing & Corporate Communications, Tata AIG General Insurance Company Ltd., A-501, Building No. 4, Infinity IT Park, Dindoshi, Malad
                   East, Mumbai, India. Tel : +91-22-6693 0000 Fax : +91-22-6693 0050 Email : marketing.india@tata-aig.com Website : www.tataaiginsurance.in

07_Tata Main Brochures_2012 (060-073).indd Sec1:69                                                                                                                    4/5/12 1:37:31 PM
                                                                 ASSET MANAGEMENT                                                                                                             www.tatamutualfund.com

                                                     Tata Asset Management Limited has a track record of more than 17 years in investment management. It currently manages around Rs. 21,000
                                                     crore (as on February 29, 2012). The company offers a range of investment solutions for financial planning and wealth creation for investors.
                                                     The core strength of the company stems from its intellectual capital and its robust risk management framework based on in-built controls
                                                     and balances.
                                                     The company currently services its client base of around 14,00,000 investors from over 63 branches nationally.
                                                     Products and Services
                                                     Tata Asset Management manages funds across the entire risk-return continuum. These include equity funds, balanced funds and debt funds.
                                                     The company also offers portfolio management services to high net worth individuals and advisory services to offshore investors/funds
                                                     investing into India.
                                                     Corporate Social Responsibility
                                                     As part of its social initiative, Tata Asset Management has taken a lead in providing financial planning education to distributors and investors.
                                                     The company supports the underprivileged by way of donations and charities to noble initiatives such as Goonj, Childline India Foundation,
                                                     Earthy Goods and Cancer Patients Aid Association.

                                                     Contact : Head – Investor Services, Tata Asset Management, Mafatlal Centre, 9th Floor, Nariman Point, Mumbai-400 021, India.
                                                     Tel : +91-22-6657 8282 Fax : +91-22-2261 3782 Email : kiran@tataamc.com

                                                                  INVESTMENT CORPORATION                                                                                                               www.tata.com

                                                     Tata Investment, promoted by Tata Sons in 1937, is an NBFC registered with the Reserve Bank of India. The company is one of the few publicly
                                                     held investment companies listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange Ltd. and the National Stock Exchange of India Ltd. The Company became a
                                                     subsidiary of Tata Sons in February 2008. Tata Sons, together with other Tata companies, hold over 70% of the paid up capital of Tata Investment.
                                                     The Company’s activities comprise primarily of investing in long-term investments in equity shares and equity-related securities of companies in a
                                                     wide range of industries. Tata Investment has a paid-up capital of over Rs. 55 crore ($ 11 million) and reserves of over Rs. 1,700 crore ($ 340 million)
                                                     as on December 31, 2011, apart from the increase in reserves that may arise from normal operations. Tata Investment has a portfolio of investments
                                                     with a book value of approximately Rs. 2,000 crore ($ 400 million) and an approximate market value of Rs. 4,000 crore ($ 800 million) as on December
                                                     31, 2011.
                                                     The Company has been rated by CRISIL (India’s leading credit rating agency) since 1994, and has been assigned their highest rating of ‘AAA’ (triple
                                                     A) which rating has been re-affirmed from year to year and is valid to date.
                                                     Tata Investment, jointly with Tata Sons, was among the first companies to receive an in-principle approval to set-up a mutual fund and is the
                                                     promoter of the Tata Mutual Fund.

                                                     Contact : Executive Director & Secretary, Tata Investment Corporation Ltd., Elphinstone Building, 10 Veer Nariman Road, Mumbai-400 001, India.
                                                     Tel : +91-22-6665 8282 Fax : +91-22-6665 7917 Email : ticl@tata.com

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                                   CAPITAL                                                                                                                       www.tatacapital.com

                    Tata Capital Limited (TCL), a subsidiary of Tata Sons Limited, is registered with the Reserve Bank of India as a Systemically Important Non Deposit
                    Accepting Non Banking Financial Company (NBFC). It offers fund and fee-based financial services to retail, corporate and institutional customers. TCL
                    is headquartered in Mumbai and has a network of over 100 branches across key Indian cities and subsidiaries in London and Singapore. The essence
                    of brand Tata Capital is encapsulated in its proposition – ‘We only do what’s right for you', a resolve to deliver financial solutions that are ‘right’ for
                    customers and the society at large.

                    Commercial Finance: Caters to small, medium and large corporates via offerings like - Term Loans, Working Capital Loans, Channel Finance, Bill
                    Discounting, Promoter Funding and Structured Products.
                    Infrastructure Finance: Caters to the specialised needs of the infrastructure sector via products like - Equipment Finance, Project Finance, Equipment
                    Rentals, Refinance, Top Up Loans and Loan Syndication.
                    Investment Banking: Tata Capital Markets Limited* offers a bouquet of services comprising M&A Advisory, PE Syndication and Debt and Equity
                    Capital Market services.
                    Private Equity: Tata Capital Limited and its subsidiaries advice and manage a bouquet of Private Equity Funds which includes - Tata Opportunities
                    Fund; Tata Capital Growth Fund; Tata Capital Innovation Fund; Tata Capital Healthcare Fund and Tata Capital Special Situations Fund.
                    Securities: Tata Securities Limited* offers, both institutional and retail customers, quality products and services like equity broking and research.
                    Wealth Management: Offers a range of Investment Advisory services and markets third party investment products like Portfolio Management
                    Services, Private Equity/Venture Capital Funds, Structured Products, Mutual Funds, Fixed Deposits and Bonds.
                    Consumer Loans: Offers loans such as Auto Loans, Personal Loans, Business Loans, Education Loans, Loans against Property, Loans against Shares#,
                    Loans against Gold#.
                    Home Loans: Tata Capital Housing Finance Limited* offers customised and flexible Home Loans to customers at attractive rates of interest.
                    Tata Cards: Tata Card is a White Label Credit Card issued, managed and operated by the Tata Capital and SBI.
                    Travel Related Services: TC Travel and Services Limited* offers a wide range of services such as airline ticketing, visa and passport facilitation, hotel
                    accommodation, car hire and surface transport.
                    Foreign Exchange: TT Holdings & Services Limited* offers a complete range of travel related foreign exchange products.
                    (*Wholly-owned subsidiary of TCL. #Currently available in select cities only.)

                    Contact : Head (Brand Marketing & Corporate Communication), Tata Capital , One Forbes, Dr. V. B. Gandhi Marg, Fort, Mumbai-400 001, India.
                    Tel : +91-22-6745 9197 Email : veetika.deoras@tatacapital.com

07_Tata Main Brochures_2012 (060-073).indd Sec1:71                                                                                                                                     4/5/12 1:37:31 PM
                                                                               STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT GROUP                                                                                                              www.tsmg.com

                                                                                                                                          Tata Strategic Management Group (Tata Strategic) is the largest Indian owned
                                                                                                                                          management consulting firm. Its clientele includes private sector companies in
                                                                                                                                          India, multi-national corporations, public sector / Government and companies
                                                                                                                                          within the Tata Group.
                                                                                                                                          Today over 50% of its business comes from non-Tata clients and 20% from
                                                                                                                                          international clients. Tata Strategic has a team of more than 70 consultants,
                                                                                                                                          recruited from top business schools or laterally from industry. The team is aided
                                               •     Vision                                 •   India Entry
                                               •     Market insights                        •   Alliance & Acquisition Planning           by a panel of experts, each with extensive industry expertise. Tata Strategic is
                 Set Direction                 •     Growth Strategy/Business Plans         •   Strategic due diligence                   organised along the following industry domains and functional areas :
                                               •     Rural Strategy                         •   Scenario Planning
                                               •     Digital Strategy                       •   Manufacturing Strategy
                                                                                                                                          Industry Domains                                 Functional Areas
                                                                                                                                          •     Automotive and Engineering                 •    Strategy
                                                                                                                                          •     Infocom, Media and Education               •    Organisational Effectiveness
                                                                                                                                          •     Chemicals                                  •    Delivery Excellence
                                       Organisation Effectiveness            Marketing & Sales                     Operations
                                                                                                                                          •     Consumer and Retail                        •    Sales & Marketing
                                        •   Organisation Structure        • Revenue Enhancement          •   Supply Chain Optimisation
                                        •   Corporate Center Design       • Product Innovation           •   Throughput enhancement       •     Infrastructure                             •    Logistics
                Drive Strategic         •   Roles & Decision rules        • Market Share –               •   Superior Ful¿llment          •     Energy                                     •    Sourcing
                Initiatives             •   Performance Management          Rural/Urban                  •   Project Excellence           Tata Strategic offers a comprehensive range of solutions covering direction setting;
                                        •   Capability Assessment         • Go to Market                 •   Procurement Transformation
                                                                          • Dealer Effectiveness
                                                                                                                                          driving strategic initiatives in the areas of organisation effectiveness, marketing &
                                        •   Talent Management                                            •   Strategic Cost Reduction
                                        •   Delegation & MIS                                             •   Vendor Compliance
                                                                                                                                          sales and operations; and implementation support.
                                                                                                                                          Tata Strategic is an IP driven firm with unique India insights and proprietary
                                                                         Implementation Support                                           International Experience
                 Support                                            • Implementation Plan
                 Implementation                                                                                                           Tata Strategic works with clients in South Asia, West Asia, Africa and Europe
                                                                    • Program Management
                                                                                                                                          addressing local market issues or for their India plans.
                                                                    • Re¿nements/Course Corrections
                                                                                                                                          Tata Strategic has a network of alliances with the following companies: Acxit
                                                                                                                                          Capital; Tata International; Tata Capital and Tata Consulting Engineers.
                                                                   The alliances help Tata Strategic to bridge capability gaps and expand its global footprint. Along with its alliance partners Tata Strategic offers
                                                                   clients advanced solutions, international experience and end to end services.

                                                                   Contact : Tata Strategic Management Group, B-1001, Marathon Futurex, N.M. Joshi Marg, Lower Parel (East), Mumbai 400 013. India. Tel : +91-22-6637 6789
                                                                   Fax : +91-22- 6637 6600 Email : corporate@tsmg.com

07_Tata Main Brochures_2012 (060-073).indd Sec1:72                                                                                                                                                                                    4/5/12 1:37:32 PM

                                   SERVICES                                                                                          WWW.www.tataservices.com
                    Tata Services Limited was incorporated in 1957 to provide Group companies centralised services on a ‘no-profit no-loss’ basis. The
                    company has specialised divisions and departments to look after relevant areas which include:
                    Department of Economics and Statistics (DES): Provides economics and business research inputs for strategic decision making to
                    Tata companies. Publishes the Statistical Outline of India and the Global Statistical Outline.
                    Group Corporate Affairs and Media: Manages the group media relations, and Tata Brand in India and in specific international
                    Public Affairs Department: Works as a facilitator for value creation to Group companies. Guides the engagement of Tata companies
                    with the external regulatory and business environment, and stimulates ideas for new business opportunities.                                                               Annual Economy Update
                                                                                                                                                                                              from the DES
                    Group Legal Department: Is a Group level resource and provides legal services — advisory and transactional — to Tata companies
                    on corporate and commercial laws, joint ventures, mergers & acquisitions and dispute resolution.
                    Tata Management Training Centre: Established in 1959, TMTC undertakes Applied Research and designs and delivers Leadership
                    and Functional Development programs for Tata and non Tata organisations.
                    Group HR: Talent Acquisition: Sustains & develops Tata Group’s talent pipeline through structured talent acquisition & development
                    initiatives and improves the position Tata Group as a preferred employer through Group Level programmes that are in line with
                    business plans.
                    Tata Council for Community Initiatives: Coordinates and organises programmes to institutionalise corporate sustainability,
                    community development and environmental management initiatives within Tata Group Companies. (Please also see page 110).
                    Labour Relations Bureau: Advises and conducts labour and IR-related matters in courts for Tata companies.                                   Tata Central Archives, Pune

                    Network Communication Department: Responsible for IT Security for e-mail and internet browsing, Bombay House LAN and the
                    Email Domains of other Tata companies hosted and supported by TSL.
                    The Tata Central Archives: A Pune-based archival repository which consists of important documents, correspondence, photographs,
                    awards, trophies, medals, citations, paintings, video and audio clips and other material relating to the genesis and development of
                    the Tata Group. Organises thematic archival exhibitions on the Tata Group companies.
                    Infrastructure Group: Manages; Holiday Homes and facilities such as medical, telephones, canteen, access control & reception and
                    central receiving section at the Group’s headquarters.

                    Contact : General Manager - Corporate & Company Secretary, Tata Services, Bombay House, 24, Homi Mody Street, Mumbai-400 001, India.        Tata Management Training Centre, Pune
                    Tel : +91-22-6665 8152 Fax : +91-22-6665 8153 Email : msonawala@tata.com

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        consumer products

08_Tata Main Brochures_2012 (074-083).indd 74   4/5/12 1:37:52 PM
                                                                                                                            Tata Global Beverages

                                                                                                                                  Titan Industries

                                                                                                                                     Infiniti Retail


                     consumer products
                     Consumer products bearing the Tata stamp of quality and trust — from tea, coffee and salt to
                     watches, jewellery and readymade clothes — have long been part of millions of Indian homes.

                     Following the acquisition of the famous British tea brand, Tetley, and several other acquisitions in
                     other geographies, discerning consumers in over 70 countries across all five continents have also

                     been getting to savour merchandise carrying the Tata name.

                                                               consumer products
08_Tata Main Brochures_2012 (074-083).indd 75                                                                                                4/5/12 1:37:54 PM
        consumer products
                                                  TATA GLOBAL BEVERAGES                                                                               www.tataglobalbeverages.com

                                                Tata Global Beverages is today an integrated beverage business that has set out on a journey to become a global leader in branded
                                                ‘good for you’ beverages through innovation, strategic alliances and organic growth. With over 200 years of history in the beverage
                                                market and a heritage of innovation and development, Tata Global Beverages has successfully evolved from a predominantly domestic
                                                Indian tea farming company to a marketing and brand focused global organisation with a portfolio of strong brands. The company
                                                recently announced a Joint Venture with Starbucks called Tata Starbucks Limited to own and operate Starbucks cafés beginning
                                                with stores in Delhi and Mumbai. The stores will be branded as Starbucks Coffee 'A Tata Alliance.' In a separate sourcing and roasting
                                                agreement, Tata Coffee will roast coffee to supply to Tata Starbucks Limited and to export to Starbucks coffee company.
                                                Tata Global Beverages is the second largest player in branded tea in the world. Over 70% of its consolidated revenue originates from
                                                markets outside of India. More than 90% of its turnover is delivered by its branded products.
                                                Formerly known as Tata Tea, the business has diversified and expanded significantly over the last decade. Tata Global Beverages now
                                                employs around 3,000 people with a significant presence in over 70 countries worldwide. Its global corporate headquarters are in
                                                the UK (Uxbridge, West London). The group is making strong strides towards its mission of making the world a better place through
                                                life-enhancing sustainable hydration through NourishCo, its JV with PepsiCo India in the area of non-carbonated ready-to-drink
                                                beverages, focused on health and enhanced wellness. NourishCo recently launched Tata Water Plus – India's first nutrient water. Tata
                                                Global Beverages also holds a stake in Activate TM, a performance beverage and bottled water company in the United States.

                                                Major Brands
                                                Tata Tea
                                                Tata Tea has been rated as the second most trusted hot beverage brand in India and has been accorded “Super Brand” status in the
                                                country. The Tata Tea brand covers all geographies and segments of the market and has four national variants - Tata Tea Premium,
                                                Tata Tea Gold, Tata Tea Agni and Tata Tea Life. Tata Tea Premium, its flagship brand is the single largest tea brand in India in volume.
                                                The regional variants of Tata Tea include Chakra Gold, a leading premium brand in Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh; Gemini, the
                                                undisputed market leader in Andhra Pradesh; and Kannan Devan, a heritage brand that brings the freshness of the Kannan Devan
                                                hills and rules the taste buds in Kerala on the southern coast of India.
                                                In recent years, the Tata Tea brand has sought to redefine the awakening attributes of tea to transform itself from a medium of physical
                                                and mental rejuvenation to a medium of social awakening through its 'Jaago Re' (Awakening) campaign. This process began with the
                                                ‘Jaago Re One Billion Votes’ campaign in 2007 to encourage India’s youth to participate in the electoral process. The campaign was
                                                a huge success with over 620,000 citizens registering to vote. Building on its success, the Tata Tea brand launched the next phase of
                                                their campaign to “awaken” the country, this time to the issue of corruption. Recently, the 'Jaago Re' campaign has taken on the theme
                                                of 'Soch Badlo' (Change your perspective) to commemorate 25 years of brand Tea Tea. With Soch Badlo, Tata Tea encourages people
                                                to look at the positive side of a situation and take ownership for making positive change happen. The brand is doing this both by
                                                inspiring change and enabling change.

08_Tata Main Brochures_2012 (074-083).indd 76                                                                                                                                             4/5/12 1:37:54 PM

                    Ever since the Tetley brothers started selling tea in 1837, the quintessentially British Tetley has built its brand by listening to tea
                    drinkers around the world and developing great tasting and innovative products to meet their needs. As a brand Tetley is always
                    looking for new ways to revolutionise the tea industry.
                    Whilst still producing mainstream, accessible teas, Tetley’s heritage and reputation as experts in tea gives consumers the
                    confidence they need to branch out and try something new. As a result Tetley now has a portfolio brimming with branded
                    products to suit all cultures, tastes and moods – from every day black teas to green, red and white, fruit and herbal infusions, iced
                    teas, tea concentrates, spices teas, organic and decaffeinated variants and Ready to Drink (RTD).
                    Tetley is proud too of the way in which they get these products into the hands of the tea drinker. Having first invented the
                    ubiquitous tea bag, Tetley then changed the shape of the market by introducing the round tea bags in 1989 and then the ‘no-
                    drip’ drawstring bags in 1997 and a range of ‘stay fresh’ packaging formats subsequently.
                    Tetley is on sale in over 70 countries, with 45 million cups consumed every day. It has continued its strong performance
                    in the UK maintaining its market leadership with Tetley mainstream as well as with Tetley Redbush and Tetley
                    Decaf. Tetley Infusions are first-of-their-kind liquid tea mixes launched in Canada where the brand is also the
                    market leader. These mixes combine real-brew Tetley tea with natural fruit juice but with no artificial colours,    ,
                    flavours or sweeteners. Tetley Chai Latte was recently launched in Australia. Chai Latte comes in three flavours -
                    classic, vanilla & berry - and offers consumers an ideal combination of tea and coffee which isn’t high in caffeine.
                    The Tetley Chai Latte range differs from its main competition by using real spices (cinnamon, cloves, cardamon,    ,
                    and ginger). It primarily competes with powdered milk coffees and hot chocolates. Tetley Cold, refreshing fruit
                    infusions specially created to brew in cold water, have recently been developed. These are naturally caffeine free
                    with no added sugar, no artificial sweeteners and contain only four calories per serving.

                    Eight O’ Clock Coffee
                    A brand with a 150-year heritage, Eight O’ Clock Coffee is America's best-selling whole bean coffee, the third largest national coffee
                    brand by volume and the number one player in the ‘value gourmet’ coffee segment. Eight O’ Clock Coffee has also substantially
                    grown volume and value share in the grocery segment, and increased distribution amongst key customers and other important
                    retail channels.
                    The brand has updated the look of its packaging with new, modern graphics developed with consumer inputs – the brand’s
                    biggest change in decades. Relevant social media activity and consumer purchase incentives are helping to spur its overall
                    growth, as is the increased media exposure and the brand’s commitment to producing award winning quality coffee.

                    Himalayan is redefining the category of bottled water with its unique proposition of ‘hydration and wellness’ and its “Live
                    Natural” brand philosophy. Its certificate of purity derives from its source in the Shivalik range in the Himalayas. Himalayan is
                    internationally accredited by the US Food & Drug Administration, the European Union, the health ministries of Japan and France
                    and the Institute de Fresenius of Germany as the only internationally accepted natural mineral water from India. Himalayan has

08_Tata Main Brochures_2012 (074-083).indd 77                                                                                                                 4/5/12 1:37:58 PM
        consumer products
                                                established itself as the beverage of choice at lifestyle destinations and is recognised by its discerning consumers as comparable in
                                                quality to some of the finest natural mineral waters in the world. It is noticeable by its unique pink bottling. Currently on sale within
                                                India, it has ambitions to expand its geographical footprint. The brand is now being marketed and distributed through NourishCo (the
                                                JV between Tata Global Beverages and PepsiCo in India).

                                                Good Earth
                                                The Good Earth brand specialises in flavoured and herbal teas. Vanilla, Caramel, Acai (an Amazonian fruit) and Mate (a South American
                                                herb and natural energiser) are some ingredients plucked from nature which then find their way into the Good Earth teas. Re-launched
                                                recently in the US with 12 new organic blends, the original sweet and spicy flavoured Good Earth is still the most popular blend. Good
                                                Earth teas have also made a successful UK debut.

                                                Regional Brands
                                                Tata Coffee is involved in every aspect of the coffee making process; from the growing and curing of coffee to the manufacture and
                                                marketing of value-added coffee products. The company retails its coffee products under its own brands in the Indian market which
                                                include Mr. Bean, Coorg Pure, Coorg Filter Coffee and Mysore Gold. Its instant coffees include Tata Café and Tata Kaapi.
                                                Vitax is a leading player in the specialty tea segment in Poland with an array of fruit, herbal and green variations. Since its acquisition
                                                by Tetley, the brand has come to represent Tata Global Beverages’ largest single fruit & herbal offering. In 2009 the group acquired
                                                Premium Foods, the country’s second largest distribution business, to help support the brand’s ambitions to grow organically.
                                                Jemˆ is a leading brand in the highly competitive Czech Republic tea market and the market leader in black, green and fruit and
                                                herbal teas. Growing from strength to strength and extending its range of offerings to consumers, the company celebrated the 50th
                                                anniversary of its factory in Jemnice in 2009, with the inauguration of a new “World of Tea” museum.
                                                Joekels is the third largest player in the South African tea market. Its key brands are Phendula Tips, Rooibos Laager, the economy Tea
                                                Time range, and Tea4kidz as a special blend for children comprising of three Rooibos variations, which were launched in response to
                                                demand from parents for healthier children’s beverages. Low in tannin, Rooibos, which is an Afrikaans word meaning ‘red bush’ and is
                                                a herb found in South Africa, has anti-spasmodic properties, which relieve cramps and colic in infants, and contains no caffeine.
                                                Grand is a Russian umbrella brand offering coffee, cappuccino, cocoa, hot chocolate, hot tea and instant iced tea. Grand stands for
                                                quality beverages at moderate prices, made with natural and environmentally friendly materials.

                                                Global company values
                                                To help achieve its goal, Tata Global Beverages' culture is based on five directional themes that guide its actions and decisions :
                                                Consumer is our Heartbeat
                                                We don’t just make drinks, we make special moments in each consumer’s day. We have a passion for our brands which we want our
                                                consumers to share. What will you do today to make that happen?
                                                Disruptively Challenging
                                                We are not like our competitors, we are different! Let’s ditch the conventional, forget the tried and tested and think of fresh ways to
                                                achieve great things.

08_Tata Main Brochures_2012 (074-083).indd 78                                                                                                                                                 4/5/12 1:37:59 PM

                    Playfully Professional
                    Doing business is fun. We know we can deliver results without taking ourselves too
                    Individually Excellent, Collectively Brilliant
                    Exceptional individuals pulling together. Imagine what we can achieve. No fears. No
                    Doing Good
                    We make responsible choices that help improve the world.

                    Joint Venture Companies
                    Tetley ACI (Bangladesh) Ltd.; Southern Tea LLC; Empirical Group LLC;
                    Tetley Clover (Private) Ltd.; Tata Coffee (Uganda) Ltd.; Zhejiang Tata Tea Extraction Company Ltd.;
                    NourishCo Beverages Limited; Rising Beverage Company LLC; Tata Starbucks Limited

                    Estate Management Services Pvt. Ltd., Sri Lanka; Watawala Plantations Ltd., Sri Lanka; Amalgamated Plantations Pvt. Ltd.

                    Corporate Sustainability
                    Tata Global Beverages has placed sustainability at the heart of its business by making it one of its principal strategic pillars and including
                    it at the core of its mission to make the world a better place through life-enhancing, sustainable hydration. This means that business
                    strategy and employee actions are guided by the need to ‘make choices that grow our business and help improve the world’.
                    To focus efforts appropriately, the organisation has identified four core sustainability issues – Packaging, Climate Change, Water and
                    Ethical Sourcing – and set stretch five-year targets for each of them. Working as a business partner of Forum for the Future, the UK’s
                    leading sustainable development charity, the group has started to progress towards achieving these targets. A range of projects have
                    been initiated, each of them with the objective of developing a sustainable product or a sustainable supply chain for the future.
                    Significant progress has also been made with ethical tea sourcing through continued active membership of the Ethical Tea Partnership. In
                    February 2010 Tetley announced its commitment to achieve global Rainforest Alliance Certified™ status by 2016.
                    The group also continues to support some of the people and communities who have long been touched by its business. This includes
                    running the General Hospital, the High Range School and the Srishti Project on the tea estates in Munnar in Kerala, promoting child
                    literacy through book donations in the US, reading with primary school children in the UK and providing funding for the Canada Breast
                    Cancer Foundation.

                    Contact : Corporate Communications, Tata Global Beverages, Parkview, 82 Oxford Road, Uxbridge, Middlesex UB8 1UX.
                    Tel : +44 (0)20 8338 4000 Email : communication.team@tataglobalbeverages.com

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        consumer products
                                                 TITAN INDUSTRIES                                                                                  www. titan.co.in

                                                Titan Industries was established in 1984 as a joint venture between the Tata Group and the Tamil Nadu Industrial
                                                Development Corporation. The company brought about a paradigm shift in the Indian watch market when it
                                                introduced quartz technology and complemented it with international styling in watches retailed under the Titan
                                                Today, the company is not only the largest Indian watch maker but also the world’s fifth largest integrated watch
                                                manufacturer. Subsequent diversifications have also made Titan Industries the leader in the Indian market in
                                                branded jewellery under the Tanishq brand name. With its own retail network for selling watches and jewellery,
                                                Titan is among the country’s leading retailers. The company has also diversified into precision engineering and,
                                                most recently, into prescription eyewear. Titan Industries currently employs over 5,900 people and Titan and
                                                Tanishq are among the most admired brands in their categories.
                                                The Titan brand of watches was followed by Sonata, as a value brand of functionally styled watches at affordable
                                                prices. Then followed a brand focussed on the youth – Fastrack. The company also later acquired a license for
                                                premium fashion watches of global brands such as Tommy Hilfiger, Hugo Boss, FCUK and launched its first Swiss-
                                                made watch brand – Xylys.
                                                In 1995, the company diversified into jewellery under the brand name of Tanishq to capitalise on a fragmented
                                                market operating with no brands in urban cities. In 2005, the company launched its second jewellery retail brand,
                                                Gold Plus, to focus on opportunities in small towns and rural India. In 2009, the company launched Zoya, as a retail
                                                chain in the luxury jewellery segment.
                                                In 2002, the company leveraged its manufacturing competencies and branched into Precision Engineering
                                                Products catering to global majors across industry verticals like aerospace, automotive, oil & gas, engineering,
                                                hydraulics, solar and medical instruments.
                                                The company entered into prescription eyewear in 2007 and launched the Titan Eye+ chain of world class optical
                                                With over 765 retail stores across a carpet area of over 9,74,000 sq. ft. Titan Industries has India’s largest retail
                                                network. The company has over 420 exclusive network of watch showrooms and over 820 after-sales-service
                                                centres. Titan Industries is also the largest jewellery retailer in India with over 130 Tanishq boutiques, over 30
                                                Gold Plus stores and over 185 Titan Eye+ stores. The company has two exclusive design studios for watches and
                                                jewellery and manufacturing/assembly units at Hosur (Tamil Nadu—the company’s first and still its largest unit),

08_Tata Main Brochures_2012 (074-083).indd 80                                                                                                                           4/5/12 1:38:00 PM

                    Dehradun (Uttaranchal), Roorkee (Uttar Pradesh), Bengaluru (Karnataka), Pant Nagar and Goa. The Hosur units for
                    both watches and jewellery are certified under ISO 9001:2000.
                    Watches: Titan Industries produces 13 million watches a year and has sold more than a 135 million pieces the world
                    over and the Titan portfolio owns over 60% of the domestic market share in the organised watch market in India.
                    Its main brands are:
                    •       Titan, for the mid-premium segment
                    •       Fastrack, for the youth
                    •       Sonata, India’s largest selling watch brand
                    •       Xylys, for the high-end connoisseur and new-age achiever
                    The Titan brand architecture comprises several sub-brands, each of which is a market leader in its own space.
                    Notable among them are: Automatic, Raga, Purple, Nebula, HTSE, Zoop, Octane, Tycoon, Edge, Bandhan and Orion.
                    The company’s watches are sold through exclusive ‘World of Titan’ and Fastrack showrooms in over 12,000 outlets
                    in over 2,500 cities in India. The watches are also offered internationally in 29 countries, with a special focus on the
                    Middle East and Asia Pacific regions. The company also has a large network of exclusive service centres across India
                    with after-sales service that is benchmarked to deliver among the fastest turnaround time in the world.
                    Jewellery: Tanishq offers a premium range of gold jewellery studded with diamonds and precious, semi-
                    precious stones in various hues in 18 kt and a wide range of plain gold jewellery in 22 kt pure gold. Platinum
                    jewellery also forms part of the product range. Gold Plus retails plain gold jewellery offerings with designs
                    specifically created for the semi urban and rural Indian market and offers unique designs crafted with
                    diamonds, American diamonds and other precious stones. Zoya offers premium studded jewellery catering to
                    the needs of the elite.
                    Eye wear: Titan Eye+ offers a variety of differentiated products to the end consumer consisting of frames, lenses,
                    contact lenses and accessories. Frames are available in both international brands (Levis, Esprit, Hugo Boss etc.)
                    and in-house brands – Titan Eye+ and Dash. Customers are offered a unique browse-select-buy format where all
                    products are accessible, using world class equipment for zero-error eye testing by qualified optometrists trained at
                    Sankara Netralaya and style consultants to help buyers make the right choice of frames and lenses.
                    Precision Engineering: The division’s products span precision engineering components & sub-assemblies,
                    machine building & automation solutions, tooling solutions and electronic sub-assemblies. The division is ISO
                    9001:2000 and ISO 14001:2004 certified. Additionally, the unit catering to the aerospace segment is AS 9100B

08_Tata Main Brochures_2012 (074-083).indd 81                                                                                                  4/5/12 1:38:00 PM
        consumer products
                                                certified and the unit catering to automotive segment is TS 16949 certified. The unit has recently been selected
                                                for the National Aerospace and Defence Contractors’ Accreditation Programme for its non destructive testing

                                                Some of the company’s prominent awards include:
                                                •    Jewellery Division: “Gold Award” in “Engineering sector” in the Economic Times India Manufacturing
                                                     Excellence Awards 2011 in partnership with Frost & Sullivan.
                                                •    Titan Industries: 1st position in both the Retail Industry category & Workplace Diversity & Inclusion in the
                                                     Economic Times 2011– Great Place to Work Institute study.
                                                •     Tanishq: Most Admired Retail Brand 2011 in the luxury segment and Most Admired Retail Professional of the
                                                Year 2011 for the Managing Director at the India Retail Forum 2011.

                                                Corporate Social Responsibility
                                                Titan Industries has a clearly defined policy on social responsibility. CSR initiatives include children’s education,
                                                enabling the disabled, Artisan Parks, Women’s empowerment, environment management programmes and other
                                                community initiatives. Titan is a signatory to the Global Compact and has been awarded the Helen Keller and
                                                Mother Teresa awards and also the President of India’s Award for employing the disabled. The Hosur units for
                                                both watches and jewellery are certified under the ISO 14001 Environment System Standard. The company has
                                                been sharing, since 2007, the top slot along with ten other companies in the Karmayog CSR rating of India’s Top
                                                500 companies by the noted NGO.

                                                                              Contact : Corporate Communications Department, Titan Industries, Tower A, Golden Enclave,
                                                                              Old Airport Road, Bengaluru, India.
                                                                              Tel : 00-91-80-6660 9939 Fax : 00-91-80-2526 9923 Email : corpcomm@titan.co.in

08_Tata Main Brochures_2012 (074-083).indd 82                                                                                                                             4/5/12 1:38:03 PM

                      INFINITI RETAIL                                                                                   www.cromaretail.com

                    Infiniti Retail Limited is a 100% subsidiary of Tata Sons Ltd., operating a national chain of multi-brand electronics
                    megastores in India under the brand name of Croma.
                    Infiniti Retail has entered into a technical and sourcing agreement with an Australian retail giant, Woolworths
                    Ltd., which currently operates more than 2,000 stores across Australia in 12 different formats, including consumer
                    electronics retailing. Infiniti Retail owns and runs the retail operations in India while Woolworths provides technical
                    support and strategic sourcing facilities from its global network.
                    The company’s electronics megastores offer the country’s widest range of consumer electronics products across
                                                                                                                                                Croma's first electronics megastore in Juhu, Mumbai
                    categories and brands. Croma retails products in six categories – home entertainment, small appliances & personal
                    care, large appliances, IT, communication & imaging, and gaming. Store sizes range between 5,000 sq. ft. and 15,000
                    sq. ft. Infiniti Retail has also launched its new format ‘Croma Zip’, with stores size ranging from 1,000 sq. ft. to 6,000
                    sq. ft. which retail only digital products like home entertainment, IT, communication and imaging and gaming.
                    The first Croma store was inaugurated on October 9, 2006 in a suburb of Mumbai, Juhu. The chain has since grown
                    into a national chain of 73 stores with presence in Mumbai, Pune, Aurangabad, Ahmedabad, Surat, Vadodara, Rajkot,
                    Bengaluru, Delhi NCR, Chandigarh, Jalandhar, Amritsar, Hyderabad, and Chennai. Currently there are 8 Croma Zip
                    stores in Mumbai & Delhi. Croma will have 100 operating stores before the end of the financial year 2012-2013.
                    With the philosophy of ‘We help you buy’, Croma stores provide world-class service through a team of highly
                    qualified and trained staff, the best product range in India to choose from and great prices on a consistent basis.
                    Croma has been awarded as the “Most Admired Retailer-Consumer Durables” for four consecutive years by India
                    Retail Forum.

                                                                                                                                                Croma's zip store at Horniman Circle, Fort, Mumbai

                    Contact : Chief Executive Officer or Head – Business Development, Infiniti Retail, 202 Akruti Centre Point,
                    Next to Marol Telephone Exchange, MIDC, Andheri (East), Mumbai-400 093. Tel : + 91-22-6761 3600 Fax : + 91-22-6710 1903
                    Email : ajit.joshi@infinitiretail.com or priyanka.gidwani@infinitiretail.com

08_Tata Main Brochures_2012 (074-083).indd 83                                                                                                                                                        4/5/12 1:38:06 PM
        consumer products
                                                TRENT                                                                                                                         www.mywestside.com

                                                Established in 1998, Trent is one of the pioneers of modern large format retailing in India. Trent operates ‘Westside’, one of India’s
                                                largest and fastest growing chain of lifestyle retail stores, and one of the most recognised retail brands in the country. In 2004, Trent
                                                entered the hypermarket business with ‘Star Bazaar’, which addresses the varied shopping needs of the entire family from groceries,
                                                staples to apparel. 2005 saw the acquisition of ‘Landmark’ by Trent, a leisure and family entertainment destination chain of stores.
                                                Trent has also entered into a joint venture with Inditex to bring Zara and its other brands to India. Trent has thus established its
                                                presence in all major retail market segments and is acknowledged to be one of the leading and respected organised Indian retailers
                                                with a national presence.
                                                Westside. High quality, latest in-style products, international shopping experience and value for money pricing with a focus on private
                                                label merchandise is the hallmark of the Westside offering. Currently, there are 62 Westside stores measuring 8,000–34,000 square
                                                feet across 34 cities across India. With a variety of designs and styles, everything at Westside is exclusively designed with merchandise
                                                ranging from stylised clothes, footwear and accessories for men, women and children to well coordinated table linen, artifacts, home
                                                accessories and furnishings. Well-designed interiors, sprawling space, prime locations, customer friendly policies, a rewarding loyalty
                                                program and coffee shops enhance customers’ shopping experience. Gourmet West, an offering for gourmet food, cheese, meats and
                                                other food and convenience merchandise from across the world was launched in a Mumbai store in 2011 and is expanding to more
                                                Star Bazaar. Star Bazaar is a chain of hypermarkets, currently numbering 14 stores of 50,000-60,000 square feet size stores across
                                                Ahmedabad, Aurangabad, Bengaluru, Chennai, Kolhapur, Mumbai and Pune with plans to expand rapidly. It offers customers a choice
                                                of good quality products and wide range across all categories including staples, vegetables, fruits, dairy and non-vegetarian products,
                                                beverages, health and beauty products, live bakery, consumer electronics, household items and garments for men, women and kids
                                                at economic prices. In August 2008 Trent entered into an exclusive franchise agreement with Tesco Plc., the world’s 3rd largest retailer
                                                which allows Star Bazaar to access the extensive retail expertise and technical capabilities of Tesco.
                                                Landmark. Landmark is the largest leisure and family entertainment retail chain in India. It offers a wide range in the categories of
                                                toys, gaming, books, music, home entertainment, stationery, gift items and tech accessories. It has a very strong brand and a loyal base
                                                of customers built over many years and is well known for the literary and kids events it hosts. www.landmarkonthenet.com is the
                                                chain’s e-commerce website with over 10 million products, the largest in India. Landmark currently has 18 large format stores across
                                                10 cities in India and 3 smaller, convenience oriented stores.
                                                Zara. Trent has entered into a joint venture with Inditex to bring Zara and its other brands to India. Zara is one of the world’s leading
                                                and most innovative fast fashion brands present in 78 countries with a strong brand equity worldwide. This format has been highly
                                                successful in India too and Zara currently runs 7 stores across Mumbai, Delhi, Pune and Bangalore with plans to add several more.

                                                Contact : Head - Marketing, Westside; Trent House; Plot No C-60, Beside Citibank, Bandra-Kurla Complex, Bandra (E), Mumbai-400 051, India.
                                                Tel : +91-22-6700 9000 Fax : 91-22-6700 9200 Email : mywestside@trent-tata.com

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09_Tata Main Brochures_2012 (086-093).indd 86   4/5/12 1:38:37 PM
                                                                                                                          Tata Chemicals

                                                                                                                              Rallis India


                    Cracking the code for making soda ash, a secret till then known to only a handful of companies
                    outside India, was the spark that ignited the Tata Group’s interest in the chemicals industry. That

                    initial idea has evolved into a business presence that today includes fertilisers and pesticides,
                    as also the provision of sophisticated agricultural services to Indian farmers and, most recently,
                    drug discovery.

09_Tata Main Brochures_2012 (086-093).indd 87
                                                                                                           chemicals                4/5/12 1:38:39 PM
                                                           CHEMICALS                                                           www.tatachemicals.com

                                                Tata Chemicals Ltd. (TCL) is currently the second largest producer of soda ash in the world with
                                                manufacturing facilities in India, UK, Kenya and USA. It is India’s leading Crop Nutrients Player with
                                                its own manufacturing of urea and phosphatic fertilisers and a leading player in crop protection
                                                business through its subsidiary Rallis (see also page 91) TCL is the pioneer and India’s market leader in
                                                the branded, iodised salt segment and Tata Salt has been recognised as India’s No.1 Food Brand for
                                                more than five years.
                                                TCL has undertaken several key steps to leverage its expertise in sciences to develop high-tech and
                                                more sustainable products. It has set up the TCL Innovation Centre in Pune to develop world-class
                                                R&D capability in the emerging areas of nanotechnology and biotechnology. TCL has also invested
                                                in a Centre for Agriculture & Technology (CAT) at Aligarh to provide advice on farming practices in
                                                general and crop nutrition practices and solutions in particular. The company has also entered into a
                                                JV with Temasek Life Sciences Laboratory Ltd. (TLL), Singapore, for development of jatropha seedlings
                                                and agronomic package of practices.

                                                TCL Businesses are structured in order to address all major segments of consumers in society namely
                                                Household (Living Essentials), Industry (Industry Essentials) and the Farmer (Farm Essentials) - LIFE.

                                                Living Essentials
                                                The pillar of Living Essentials covers products that are basic/essential to daily living e.g. salt, sodium
                                                bicarbonate or baking soda products, fresh produce and now water related products.
                                                The Consumer Products Business (CPB) comprises predominantly of Tata Salt, a
                                                branded iodised edible salt, and Sodium Bicarbonate and water purifiers among
                                                other offerings. The company has launched a new refined salt, i-Shakti. The special
                                                Tata Salt Lite caters to the niche market of low sodium salt users with 15% less
                                                sodium than ordinary salts. Topp Salt is a brand of edible salt created for export.
                                                i-Shakti, a cooking soda, is targeted to help the leavening of the consumers.
                                                To meet the challenge of providing safe drinking water to India’s population, TCL,
                                                launched ‘Tata Swach’ in December 2009 – a unique, innovative and low-cost water
                                                purifier that combines low-cost ingredients such as rice husk ash with nano–

09_Tata Main Brochures_2012 (086-093).indd 88                                                                                                                4/5/12 1:38:39 PM

                    India depends heavily on pulses as its staple food. Extending the i-Shakti brand from salt to other food
                    essentials, TCL unveiled India’s first national brand of pulses – ‘i-Shakti Dals’ and launched four popular
                    varieties of pulses in the Indian market in December 2010.

                    Industry Essentials
                    The second pillar, Industry Essentials, consists of products that are essential raw materials required for key
                    industries such as glass, detergents, mining and chemical processing.
                    TCL’s journey as a soda ash manufacturer began in Mithapur, on the western coast of Gujarat. For many
                    years, the synthetic soda ash plant at Mithapur represented the sum total of TCL’s soda ash manufacturing
                                                                                                                                      Soda ash plant at Mithapur, Gujarat, India ....
                    activities. In 2006, TCL’s soda ash capacity took a significant leap when it acquired the UK-based Brunner
                    Mond Group. Through this acquisition, manufacturing facilities in Northwich, UK and in Lake Magadi,
                    Kenya joined the TCL fold. In early 2008, TCL successfully completed the acquisition of US-based General
                    Chemical Industrial Products (GCIP). This acquisition increased TCL’s soda ash capacity to around 5 million
                    tonnes per annum. Moreover, about 60% of this capacity is based on natural soda ash units at Wyoming
                    and Lake Magadi. TCL’s customer base now encompasses some of the world’s leading and recognisable
                    companies such as Procter & Gamble, Unilever, Church & Dwight, Saint Gobain, Pilkington, Asahi, Owens
                    Illinois, Guardian, PPG, Vale and Xstrata.
                    In line with its strategy of deepening its presence in Farm and Food sector, TCL acquired 100% stake in
                    British Salt, UK in December 2010. The company has recently invested in Natronx, a tripartite joint venture
                    in the US with Church & Dwight Company and FMC Corporation that will focus on environment products
                                                                                                                                      .... Wyoming, USA
                    for climate change. The new company will make and sell sodium-based, dry sorbents for air pollution
                    control, in an emerging market.
                    In April 2011, the company rebranded the acquisitions to reflect both the unified name and the global
                    spread — Brunner Mond became Tata Chemicals Europe, GCIP became Tata Chemicals North America
                    and Magadi Soda Company became Tata Chemicals Magadi. This helped the company consolidated its
                    many chemicals businesses into a single unit - The Global Chemicals Business.

                    Farm Essentials
                    Inputs needed to improve productivity of the farm as a whole e.g. fertilisers, pesticides, specialty nutrients,
                    seeds, agri-services and crop protection constitute the third pillar of TCL. The Crop Nutrition and Agri-
                    Business has its presence across all the three key agro-nutrients; viz. nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P) and
                    potassium (K). While the nitrogenous fertiliser, urea, is manufactured at Babrala in the northern state of
                    Uttar Pradesh at one of the industry’s most efficient plants, phosphatic fertilisers DAP and complexes are
                    manufactured at Haldia in West Bengal in eastern India and MOP is imported. To secure the raw material
                                                                                                                                      and .... Winnington, UK

09_Tata Main Brochures_2012 (086-093).indd 89                                                                                                                                           4/5/12 1:38:43 PM
                                                                   supply of phosphatic rock for its Haldia plant, in 2005 TCL acquired an equal partnership in the Moroccan company Indo
                                                                   Maroc Phosphore S.A. (IMACID), along with Chambal Fertilisers and the global phosphate major, OCP of Morocco.
                                                                   The company also helps small farmers enhance the yield from their land by providing end-to-end solutions through its
                                                                   network of Tata Kisan Sansars (Tata Farmer Centres) in the northern states of Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Haryana, Uttarakhand
                                                                   and West Bengal, Bihar and Jharkhand. The centers are one-stop resource centers; they stock seeds, pesticides and fertilisers;
                                                                   lease out farm equipment and implements to farmers who cannot afford to buy expensive modern machinery; provide
                                                                   agronomy services like soil testing and mapping and fertiliser testing; facilitate credit finance, arrange crop insurance and
                                                                   even provide buyback facilities. Demonstrating its customer centric approach, TCL launched its customised fertiliser Paras
                                                                   Farmoola in 2010. This will provide soil and crop specific fertilisers for the benefit of the farming community.

                                                                   Corporate Sustainability
               A Tata Kisan Sansar outlet in India
                                                                   The company is a signatory to Responsible Care, a voluntary global initiative of the chemical industry that demonstrates
                                                                   allegiance to safety, health and environmental issues. Its Mithapur and Babrala plants have won the British Safety Council’s
                                                                   5-star rating. The Babrala fertiliser plant in UP has won the British Safety Council’s Sword of Honour Award, four times in
                                                                   a row and also the Globe Award for environmental sustainability. These accolades,
                                                                   recognised as the pinnacle of achievement in safety management systems, are
                                                                   awarded to businesses that demonstrate sustainable performance through a clear
                                                                   and measurable commitment to environmental management. The company has also
                                                                   developed the Mithapur salt works as a natural habitat for thousands of migratory
               Fertiliser plant at Babrala, Uttar Pradesh, India   Tata Chemicals’ Society for Rural Development (TCSRD) nurtures rural populations in
                                                                   and around the facilities, and helps people achieve self-sufficiency in natural resource
                                                                   management, livelihood support through self-help groups and the building of health
                                                                   and education infrastructure. Continuing with its sustainability activities, TCL and
                                                                   Wildlife Trust of India (WTI) have signed an MoU for a conservation project that will
                                                                   create awareness and undertake research to save the endangered species of Whale
                                                                   Shark that visits the coastal shores of Gujarat.
                                                                   Tata Chemicals has assessed the carbon footprint of all its operations and is developing
                                                                   plans for reduction of the carbon intensity of its products by 20% by 2020.

                                                                   Contact : Head - Corporate Communications, Tata Chemicals, Bombay House, 24, Homi Mody Street, Mumbai-400 001, India.
               Soda ash manufacturing facility at Magadi, Kenya    Tel : +91-22-6665 8282 Fax : +91-22-6665 8144 Email : corporate_communications@tatachemicals.com
                                                                   Web: www.tatachemicals.com / www.facebook.com/tatachemicals

09_Tata Main Brochures_2012 (086-093).indd 90                                                                                                                                                       4/5/12 1:38:44 PM

                        RALLIS INDIA                                                                          www.rallis.co.in

                    Rallis is a subsidiary of Tata Chemicals, in its Farm Essentials vertical. It is one of India’s leading crop
                    care companies. The company’s 2,300 distributors reach more than 40,000 retail counters across the
                    country covering more than 80% of India’s districts. Rallis is known for its deep understanding of Indian
                    agriculture, sustained contact with farmers, quality agrochemicals, branding and marketing expertise
                    and its strong product portfolio of comprehensive crop care solutions.

                    Areas of Business
                    •      Domestic formulation business : This includes insecticides, fungicides and herbicides, with some
                           of the biggest brands in agrochemicals such as Contaf, Asataf, Applaud, Ergon, Ralligold, Taarak,
                           Tatamida, Takumi, Tata Metri, Fujione, Atrataf and Fateh.
                    •      Domestic institutional business : This unit caters to the bulk and technical requirements of
                           domestic institutional customers all across India.
                    •      International business : Rallis exports its range of agrochemicals to many parts of the world
                           based on alliances with distributors and its own registrations. The export basket includes technical    Rallis products
                           grade pesticides, branded formulations and contract manufactured products. The international
                           business activity currently contributes about 25% of the turnover of Rallis.
                    •      Seeds : Rallis has a majority stake in Metahelix Life Sciences, a Bangalore-based seeds research
                           company with a portfolio of seeds successfully commercialised over the last three years. This has
                           provided a strong platform in the entire value chain that comprises breeding, production and
                           marketing of seeds. Metahelix has good products in hybrid rice, maize, pearl millet, sunflower,
                           vegetables, etc. It also has its own sales presence through its subsidiary Dhaanya seeds.
                    Plant Growth Nutrients : Rallis has a good range of specialist solutions which give the plants the
                    micro nutrients and growth requirements for a healthy crop. Ralligold GR is one of the branded yield
                    enhancement products.
                    Agri. Services : Rallis seeks to increase productivity through sharing best practices and the latest
                    technology through ‘Rallis Kisan Kutumba’. The company has also launched an ICT-based platform,
                    ‘Samrudh Krishi’, towards the same objective.

                    Rallis has four factories with a manufacturing capacity of 11,500 MT/annum for technical grade                 Dahej plant
                    agrochemicals and 20,000 MT/KL per annum for formulations. Rallis also manufactures a high
                    end specialty polymer Poly Ether Ketone Ketone (PEKK) at its Ankleshwar plant used in aerospace

09_Tata Main Brochures_2012 (086-093).indd 91                                                                                                        4/5/12 1:38:45 PM
                                                 The company is focusing on strengthening its international presence and established new capacities for contract
                                                 manufacturing. A greenfield multipurpose technical manufacturing plant at Dahej, Gujarat was commissioned in June,

                                                 Corporate Social Responsibility
                                                 The company’s key focus areas are partnership in the field of agriculture with farmers and their families, empowering
                                                 women and children and improving employability. The Rallis Ujjwal Bhavishya Yojana (RUBY) programme focuses on
                                                 improving the employability of rural youth hailing mainly from underprivileged section of society and also to support the
                                                 Tata Group’s Affirmative Action programme. Rallis provides social support to blind women at various institutes, cancer
                                                 patients and houses for the aged. Programmes on environmental awareness, conservation of natural resources, AIDS
                                                 awareness, afforestation, etc. are delivered through volunteering efforts of employees.
                 A farmer meeting in progress
                                                 Contact : Manager, Managing Director & CEO’s Office, Rallis India Limited, 156/157, 15th Floor, Nariman Bhavan, 227,
                                                 Nariman Point, Mumbai-400 021, India. Tel : +91-22-6665 2815 Fax : +91-22-6635 2996 Email : angela@rallis.co.in

                                                  ADVINUS THERAPEUTICS                                                                                                      www.advinus.com

                                                 Promoted by the Group in 2005, Advinus Therapeutics is an R & D company, focused on new drug discovery and development
                                                 of pharmaceutical and agrochemical products.
                                                 Advinus operations are organised into two separate businesses centered around Discovery and Development respectively.
                                                 Drug Discovery, based out of Pune, is focused on generating novel small molecule therapies for metabolic disorders,
                                                 inflammatory diseases, CNS disorders, pain and neglected diseases.
                                                 Advinus’ Development business provides services to pharmaceutical, biotechnology and agrochemical companies for global
                                                 registration of pharmaceuticals and agrochemicals. The drug development and agrochemical development services operate
                 Pune facility                   out of two separate locations in Bengaluru, with their own dedicated infrastructure. By focusing only on R & D and related
                                                 services Advinus is able to ensure that there is no dilution of the scientific and managerial focus.
                                                 Advinus provides comprehensive pre-clinical and early clinical development services on a fee-for-service. With large
                                                 pharmaceutical companies Advinus also works in a collaborative, risk/reward sharing format for both drug discovery and
                                                 drug development.
                                                 Advinus works with some of the leading global pharmaceutical, biotechnology and agro chemicals companies. Included in
                                                 its growing client list from over 100 companies are companies like Eli Lilly, Johnson and Johnson, Merck and Novartis and
                                                 Drugs for Neglected Diseases Initiative (DNDi).

                                                 Contact : Senior Vice President & Chief of Operations, Advinus Therapeutics, 21 & 22, Phase II, Peenya Industrial Area, Bengaluru-560 058, India.
                                                 Tel : 91-80-2839 4959 Fax : 91-80-2839 4015 Email : info@advinus.com
                 Development Centre, Bengaluru

09_Tata Main Brochures_2012 (086-093).indd 92                                                                                                                                                        4/5/12 1:38:45 PM

                     DEFENCE AND AEROSPACE                                                                         www.tataadvancedsystems.com

                    With increasing liberalisation of the Indian defence sector, Tata is endeavouring to create a meaningful presence in the sector.
                    Tata Advanced Systems Limited (TASL) and Tata Industrial Services Limited (TISL) lead this effort. TASL has started operations
                    in manufacturing, assembly and systems integration in the defence sector, as well as in homeland security, while TISL has
                    signed several MOUs with key foreign entities for offsets management and begun its implementation.
                    In Hyderabad, Tata Advanced Systems Limited has built three export-oriented manufacturing and assembly facilities:
                    assembly of the empennage and parts of the fuselage for the C130 military transport aircraft as part of Tata Lockheed Martin
                    Aerostructures Limited; assembly of the fuselage for the S92 Sikorsky helicopter as part of TASL’s operations; and manufacture
                    of detail parts for helicopters as part of the Tata Sikorsky JV. Both the C130 aircraft and S92 helicopter aerostructures are
                    shipped to their respective OEMs for integration into their platforms. These projects comprise a start towards acquiring the       Graphical representation of
                    capability to build complete platforms. In Hyderabad, another joint venture                                                        Tata defence cluster at Hyderabad
                    with Augusta Westland will start assembly of the AW119 helicopters shortly.
                    In Delhi, TASL has started operations in homeland security through Avana, a
                    JV with AGT International, to leverage AGT’s unique technology and offer
                    integrated solutions to prevent occurrences through predictive systems. Avana
                    is expected to complete its first large integrated security project for a large
                    industrial plant by March 2012.
                    Going ahead, TASL will continue to look for opportunities in India that are based
                    on exports, while also addressing Indian defence proposals.
                    These initiatives through the new companies have enlarged the existing
                    defence footprint of the Group. TAL Manufacturing Solutions, a subsidiary of
                    Tata Motors, is expected to soon start production of a hybrid floor beam for
                    export to Boeing for the 787 Dreamliner aircraft. Other Tata companies with
                    existing operations include Tata Motors in land platforms, Tata Power SED in
                    electronics, Tata Advanced Materials in composites and TCS, CMC and Tata
                    Technologies in the design of various platforms and weapon systems.

                    Contact : Tata Advanced Systems, Thapar House, Western Wing,124,Janpath,
                    New Delhi - 110001, India. Tel : +91-011-66222666–740 Fax : +91-11-23341585
                    Email : communication@tataadvancedsystems.com

09_Tata Main Brochures_2012 (086-093).indd 93                                                                                                                                              4/11/12 4:54:13 PM
                                                The Tata group has been international in its approach to business from its inception.The Founder, Jamsetji Nusserwanji
                                                Tata, began his business career in international trade in China and England. The businesses he later established in
                                                India measured up to international standards and used world-class technology. Tata Exports (now Tata International)
                                                was set up in 1962 and currently Tata companies export their products and services to over 85 countries.
                                                In 2010-11 the Tata group had international sales of $48.3 billion, 58 per cent of its total revenues, with the UK and
                                                the US being the two main overseas revenue contributors.
                                                Each operating Tata company develops its international business as an integral element of its strategy, depending on
                                                the competitive dynamics of the industry in which it operates. While individual operating companies have differing
                                                geographical focuses, the group has identified a number of regions and countries expected to be of importance for
                                                the group as a whole. These include the following:

          international                         United States and Canada                                                                (http://northamerica.tata.com)
                                                Tata is the largest India-headquartered multinational in North America, with 11 companies and more than 17,000

          operations                            employees. The group’s presence includes:
                                                •     Tata Sons’ representative office in Washington DC.
                                                Contact: Kapil Sharma Tel: +1 -703 243 9787; Email: northamerica@tata.com
                                                •     Tata Chemicals: headquartered in New Jersey with mining and manufacturing facilities in Green River, Wyoming,
                                                      one of the largest soda ash facilities in North America (Page 88).
                                                •     Significant operations and dealerships of Jaguar and Land Rover (Page 22).
                                                •     Taj Hotels Resorts and Palaces, which manages The Pierre, New York’s iconic luxury hotel (Page 62) and also
                                                      owns and operates the Taj Campton Place, San Francisco, and the Taj Boston.
                                                •     Tata Communications (Page 52) manages telecommunications and enterprise IT communications solutions for
                                                      large US corporations through its North American network, data centers and PoPs across 25 major cities.
                                                •     21 offices of TCS (Page 38) with more than 20,000 consultants, 5 delivery centres and 4 centres of excellence.
                                                •     Tata Steel Europe (Page 15), with manufacturing facilities in Warren, Ohio and Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.
                                                •     Tata Global Beverages (Page 76), with sales of Tetley and Good Earth teas and Eight ‘O Clock Coffee and
                                                      production facilities in Florida, Maryland, Georgia and New Jersey.
                                                •     Tata Technologies’ (Page 44) office in Novi, Michigan.
                                                •     Sales offices of Tata Interactive Systems, Tata Business Support Services and Tata Consulting Engineers.
                                                Also: Tata Motors and Tata Communications are listed on the NYSE.
                                                United Kingdom                                                                                   (http://uk.tata.com)
                                                With 19 Tata companies employing over 45,000 people and generating revenues of over £11 billion, Tata is now one
                                                of the biggest industrial employers in the UK, and its presence includes:
                                                •     Tata Limited, a Tata Sons’ subsidiary in London, established in 1907 as the group representative in Europe.
                                                Contact: Anwar Hasan, Director, Tel: +44-20-7235-8281; Email: hasan@tata.co.uk

10_Tata Main Brochures_2012 (094-099).indd 94                                                                                                                            4/5/12 1:39:10 PM
                     •   Headquarters of Jaguar Land Rover of Tata Motors, with three manufacturing locations. Tata Motors also has its European
                         Technology Centre in Warwick.
                    •    Tata Steel's plants at Port Talbot and Stocksbridge and a research and development facility in Sheffield.
                    •    Headquarters of Tata Global Beverages, which owns the Tetley brand, in Uxbridge, with a manufacturing plant in Eaglescliffe.
                    •    TCS’ five offices, a development centre in Guildford and a back office processing centre in Peterborough.
                    •    Tata Chemicals with plants and offices in Cheshire.
                    •    The Crowne Plaza St. James Hotel and 51 Buckingham Gate, both in London, owned and operated by Indian Hotels.
                    •    UK headquarters of Tata Technologies in Coventry, with an office in Bristol.
                    •    Tata Communications operates three data centers with managed hosting and co-location as well as key cable landing stations
                         that act as the connectivity gateway.
                    Key markets in other parts of Europe for Tata include:
                    •    Germany, where TCS, Tata Steel, Tata Autocomp Systems, Tata Chemicals, Tata Communications, Tata Elxsi and Tata Interactive
                         Systems all have operations.
                    •    The Netherlands, where Tata Steel has a major plant in IJmuiden.
                    •    France, where Tata Chemicals has operations.
                    •    Spain, where Tata Motors owns the leading bus and coach manufacturer, Tata Hispano.                                                                                               95
                    Africa                                                                                                          (www.tataafrica.com)
                    Tata Africa Holdings, a subsidiary of Tata International, was established in 1994 in Johannesburg as the headquarters of the Group’s
                    operations in Africa. Tata Africa has an extensive presence on the continent with subsidiaries across 11 countries: South Africa,
                    Mozambique, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Tanzania, Senegal, Nigeria, Malawi, Uganda and Ghana. The Group's activities:
                    •     Tata Automobile Corporation South Africa: distribution of commercial vehicles.
                    •     Accordian Investments: JV with Imperial Group to distribute Telcoline pickup and passenger cars in South Africa.
                    •     A commercial vehicle assembly plant in Rosslyn, Pretoria, South Africa for local value addition and employment generation.
                    •     Bus body fabrication plant in South Africa by Tata Automobile Corporation.
                    •     A 50:50 joint venture with ZESCO, the Zambia state electricity utility, for a 120 MW hydroelectric power project under
                    •     Neotel, South Africa’s first converged communications services operator; Tata Communications and Tata Africa own 68.5% of
                          the company.
                    •     Taj Cape Town: 166 rooms, jointly owned by Taj Hotels, Tata Africa and Eurocape, and operated by Taj Hotels.
                    •     The Taj Pamodzi Hotel, a 193-room 5 star hotel in Lusaka, Zambia, managed by Taj Hotels.
                    •     Tata Consultancy Services; providing IT services and business solutions to business and government establishments in South
                          Africa and the region.
                    •     Tata Steel’s ferro-chrome plant at Richard’s Bay, South Africa, with a capacity to smelt 130,000 tons per annum.
                    •     Tata Global Beverages’ stake in Joekels Tea Packers, the third largest player in the South African tea market.                   Indian Hotels' The Pierre, New York
                    •     Tata Chemicals Magadi: Africa’s largest soda ash manufacturer and one of Kenya’s leading exporters.

10_Tata Main Brochures_2012 (094-099).indd 95                                                                                                                                                    4/5/12 1:39:11 PM
                                                                                       •    Tata Farms and Food has the second largest agricultural base in Zambia spread over 508 hectares of farm land
                                                                                            and 8 hectares of greenhouses, growing high quality vegetable produce and roses for export to Europe.
                                                                                       •    Cometal SARL engages in large railway wagon manufacturing and steel fabrication in Mozambique
                                                                                       Contact: Raman Dhawan, Managing Director; Tel: +27-11- 459 1700; Email: tata@tataafrica.com
                                                                                       Tata companies employ over 3,400 employees and generated more than $6.4 bn of sales in China in 2011 and
                                                                                       purchased goods and services worth $1.3 bn from it. Their presence comprises:
                                                                                       •    Tata Sons: Group representative office in Beijing.
                                                                                       Contact: James Zhan, Group Chief Representative - China, Tel: +86-10-8441 7530; Email: tatachina@tata.com
           Packing Tetley tea bags at Eaglescliffe, UK                                 •    Tata International: trading office in Shanghai to trade steel and other products.
                                                                                       •    TCS: JV with three Chinese companies and Microsoft; and five Global Delivery Centres in Beijing, Shanghai,
                                                                                            Hangzhou, Tianjin and Shenzhen; 2,000 employees.
                                                                                       •    Tata Steel: two rolling mills in China and a significant trading business.
                                                                                       •    TRL Krosaki Refractories (Page 18): factory in Yingkou in China’s north eastern Liaoning province.
                                                                                       •    Tata AutoComp (Page 28): factory in Nanjing to produce and supply plastic parts.
                                                                                       •    Tata Global Beverages: JV with Zhejiang Tea Import & Export to manufacture and market green tea, green tea
                                                                                            extracts, and other value-added tea products.
                                                                                       •    TKM Global Logistics Limited and Tata Projects: offices in Shanghai.
                                                                                       •     Jaguar Land Rover, a unit of Tata Motors, sold 36,087 Land Rover SUVs and 5,976 Jaguar cars in 2011, up 54%
                                                                                             and 123%, respectively. Tata Teleservices purchases basic telecommunication equipment from leading Chinese
                                                                                             manufacturers like Huawei.
           Bus body fabrication plant in South Africa by Tata Automobile Corporation   Singapore
                                                                                       Tatas have had links with Singapore since the early 1970s when the group established the Tata-Government
                                                                                       Training Centre in tool and die making. Singapore is now one of the group’s major markets and a hub for many
                                                                                       group companies’ international and regional operations, with the following footprint:
                                                                                       •     Tata Steel: Headquarters of NatSteel, a subsidiary. Its Singapore plant has one of the largest single cut-and-
                                                                                             bend operations worldwide; Tata Steel International (Singapore), the entity responsible for the Tata Steel
                                                                                             Group’s global sales and marketing activities; The Asia Pacific regional hub for Kalzip, a subsidiary of Tata Steel
                                                                                             (Europe) and an international supplier of tailored metal solutions for building envelopes.
                                                                                       •     International headquarters of Tata NYK Shipping Pte. Ltd., a 50:50 joint venture between Tata Steel India and
                                                                                             NYK Line, a Japanese shipping major, to meet the bulk carrier needs of the growing sea trade of Tata companies
                                                                                             and of the Indian market. The company has a wholly-owned subsidiary in India with two offices in Kolkata and
                                                                                             Mumbai. (www.tatanykshipping.com)
                                                                                       •     Headquarters of York Transport Equipment (Asia) Pte. Ltd., a subsidiary of TRF. York companies manufacture
                                                                                             trailer axles, assemble trailer suspension kits and distribute a full range of truck/trailer components.
            Tata AutoComp Systems' plant at Nanjing (China)                                  (www.yorktransport.com)

10_Tata Main Brochures_2012 (094-099).indd 96                                                                                                                                                                     4/5/12 1:39:12 PM
                     •  The international headquarters of Tata Technologies for all its operations outside India. The Singapore unit also provides
                        engineering, design and related services to automotive, defence and aerospace customers.
                    •   The regional hub for East and South East Asia operations of Tata Consultancy Services, employing over 1,400 associates.
                    •   Headquarters for the international business of Tata Communications, and home to the state-of-the-art Tata Communications
                        Exchange (TCX) data centre, built to meet the growing IT outsourcing needs of enterprises in the Asia Pacific region.
                    •   Trust Energy Resources Pte Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of Tata Power and Energy Eastern Pte Ltd., a Coastal Gujarat
                        Power Limited subsidiary, which supports Tata Power in managing the international fuel supply chain.
                    •   Multi-million dollar projects in mechanical, electrical & waste water management for Voltas Limited.
                    •   JOil (S) Pte. Ltd., a JV of Tata Chemicals, Temasek Life Sciences Laboratory, Toyota Tsusho and other investors; focused on plant
                        science (including biotechnology) aspects of Jatropha curcas, a bioenergy crop.
                    •   Tata Capital Pte. Ltd.: a wholly-owned subsidiary of Tata Capital which functions as the international headquarters and the
                        holding company for all the international operations of Tata Capital. It has three key subsidiaries which are:
                        • Tata Capital Advisors Pte. Ltd., which manages three private equity funds with over US$640 million in commitments as
                             of December 2011; Tata Capital Markets Pte. Ltd., which offers investment banking and corporate finance services to
                             corporates in Asia Pacific Region; Tata Capital Plc., United Kingdom which is a FSA licensed entity.
                                                                                                                                                            NatSteel, Singapore
                    Middle East
                    The Tata group considers the Gulf Co-operation Council (GCC) countries as a huge market and is keen on expanding its presence                                               96
                    in these countries especially in IT, hotels, engineering goods, steel, automotive, power, chemicals etc. The group’s footprint in the                                       97
                    region began in the early 1990s and has been steadily increasing since then. Currently, the footprint includes:
                     •    Taj Hotels Resorts and Palaces operates the Taj Palace Hotel in Dubai and is developing the Taj Exotica Resort and Spa, a
                          luxury resort at the Palm Island Jumeriah crescent in Dubai.
                     •    Tata Communications recently completed the construction of new Tata Global Network (TGN)-Gulf and TGN-EA cable systems
                          in partnership with several major telecommunications operators in the Middle East. These new routes will act as a gateway
                          to the Tata Global Network connecting the region with reliable high speed bandwidth to all key cities around the world. This
                          is in addition to several other strategic engagements in the region on MPLS, Ethernet, IP, Telepresence and Voice Services.
                     •    Tata Consultancy Services operates in Saudi Arabia, UAE, Oman, Kuwait, Bahrain and Qatar, offering IT Consulting, IT Services
                          and its own products in the banking and insurance sector to clients.
                     •    Tata Consulting Engineers’ subsidiary, TCE QSTP-LLC, based in Doha, Qatar, focuses on research work related to nano
                          technology, applied research pertaining to energy, water and material science and project engineering services.
                     •    Tata International’s subsidiary, Tata West Asia FZE, based in Dubai, looks after operations in the MENA region and spearheads
                          the steel trading activity of the company. It also engages in trading of minerals, chemicals and engineering products and
                          stock-and-sell of various steel products.
                     •    Apart from having a presence in Turkey, Tata Motors’ passenger cars business is expanding its footprint in other parts of the
                          Middle East. It has also developed a fast growing market for its commercial range of vehicles through a well-established
                          distributor network in the region.
                     •    Tata Global Beverages has a growing presence in the GCC with its Tetley, Tata Tea and Kanan Devan brands available in
                          around 5,000 supermarkets and tea shops across Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar and Bahrain.                                Taj Palace Hotel, Dubai
                     •    The Titan brand currently holds the No. 2 position in the Middle East, and is a market leader in Oman and Bahrain.
                     •    Tata Elxsi and Tata Interactive Systems have sales offices.

10_Tata Main Brochures_2012 (094-099).indd 97                                                                                                                                         4/5/12 1:39:13 PM
                                                                      INTERNATIONAL                                                                  www.tatainternational.com

                                                            Established in 1962, Tata International Limited (TIL), is the trading arm of the Tata Group. Its global businesses
                                                            include automobile distribution, manufacturing and trading in finished leather and leather products, products for
                                                            engineering sector, steel, chemicals, minerals and solar energy. The company operates through its network of offi ces
                                                            spanning Africa, Europe, Middle East, Latin America and Asia. It leverages its global presence along with sourcing
                                                            and marketing expertise to offer a gamut of products and services. Over the years, Tata International has formed
                                                            strong strategic alliances and partnerships that have reinforced its role in international trade and business.

                                                            The company currently operates the following principal businesses:

                                                            Trading : This business is primarily engaged in value-added trading that includes international marketing, global
                                                            sourcing, distribution and supply chain management in select industries. Among the sectors catered to are
                                                            automotive, steel, power, construction and infrastructure (material handling / earthmoving and other equipments),
                                                            chemicals, steel, metals, minerals and solar energy. The business has various long term representation agreements,
                                                            marketing and distribution tie-ups with reputable manufacturers for various geographies. It operates across its
                                                            global network to provide value to customers by sourcing the right materials at a fair value.

                                                            Leather : TIL is India’s leading manufacturer, trader and supply chain integrator of leather and leather products. It
              Leather products from Tata International
                                                            exports to over 35 countries. Its products include finished leather, ladies’, men’s and children’s footwear, garments,
                                                            articles and performance leather. TIL has built enduring associations with major global brands like Marks & Spencer,
                                                            Gabor, Aerosoles, Zara, Wolverine, Mango and others.

                                                            Rated as a world-class manufacturer with a large pool of skilled resources, the Leather business has a state-of-the-
                                                            art manufacturing facility and processing plant in Chennai and Dewas (Central India), with a total capacity of 48
                                                            million sq ft for fashion leather, 6 million pairs per annum for footwear and the only performance leather capability
                                                            in India of 12 million sq ft per annum. The company is India’s largest children’s footwear exporter. It also has a major
                                                            stake in Move-On Shoes, which retails shoes in Europe. The company is constantly seeking to partner the best in
                                                            class and believes in pursuing synergistic growth opportunities globally.

                                                            It also retails footwear and leather articles in India under the brand TASHI.
              Tata International's retail venture - Tashi

10_Tata Main Brochures_2012 (094-099).indd 98                                                                                                                                          4/5/12 1:39:17 PM
                   Tata Africa : A subsidiary of TIL, Tata Africa, headquartered in South Africa, has established a substantial presence in
                   Africa. Since 1974, it has served as a flag bearer for the Group in the continent and has been steadily expanding its
                   footprint. Tata Africa currently spans 14 countries in sub Saharan Africa across sectors like automobile distribution,
                   chemicals, steel, engineering, IT, hospitality, power, leather and health care. It has played a significant role in the
                   promotion, distribution and after sales service of TATA vehicles. It has also facilitated several business collaborations
                   and has successfully created a niche for the TATA brand, its values and commitment to the larger community.                 Tata Africa's operations

                   Subsidiaries and Joint Ventures
                   The company, through subsidiaries and joint ventures worldwide, has business interests in five star hotels, bus
                   body building, vehicle assembly plant and trailer manufacturing facilities. With Tata Industries, it jointly owns DIESL,
                   a complete end-to-end logistics solutions company.

                   Corporate Sustainability
                   The company is deeply committed to being a proactive, integral and responsible member of the community and                                                       98
                   the environment in which it operates. Stringent goals for the reduction of its carbon footprint and greenhouse                                                   99

                   gases in the leather plant and other facilities, coupled with empowering and enhancing the livelihoods of local
                   communities in equal measure, drives the company's long term sustainability agenda for a better tomorrow.

                   The company has pioneered initiatives aimed at promoting co-operatives, self help groups as well as impartment              Taj Pamodzi, Lusaka
                   of skills to women and underprivileged sections of the society both in India and overseas. The company has won
                   several prestigious national awards and International certifications for Environment and Quality. It is a signatory to
                   the UN Global Compact.

                   Contact : Tata International Limited, Block A, Shivsagar Estates, Dr. Annie Besant Road, Worli, Mumbai-400 018, India.
                   Tel : 91-22-6665 2200-10 Fax : 91-22-6661 2833 Email : tintl@tatainternational.com
                                                                                                                                               Skills training

10_Tata Main Brochures_2012 (094-099).indd 99                                                                                                                             4/5/12 1:39:19 PM
                                                     Sir Dorabji Tata Trust and the Allied Trusts                                  www.dorabjitatatrust.org

                                                 Established in 1932 by Sir Dorabji Tata, the elder son of the group founder Jamsetji Tata, the Sir Dorabji
                                                 Tata Trust is one of India’s oldest philanthropic foundations. With its Allied Trusts, it is the single largest
                                                 private sector donor in the country.

           corporate                             The Trusts make financial contributions to institutions, provide financial support to more than 600
                                                 NGOs in the country and offer monetary assistance to students and needy patients. Their vision of
                                                 constructive philanthropy has been sensitive to the fast-growing needs of a developing nation, and the

           sustainability                        projects and programmes they support bear contemporary relevance.
                                                 The Allied Trusts, administered by the Sir Dorabji Tata Trust are the Jamsetji Tata Trust, the R.D. Tata Trust,
                                                 the J.R.D. Tata Trust, the Tata Education Trust, the Tata Social Welfare Trust, the J.R.D. and Thelma J. Tata
                                                 Trust, the J.N. Tata Endowment for the Higher Education of Indians, the Lady Tata Memorial Trust and
                                                 the Lady Meherbai D. Tata Education Trust.
                                                 The grant-making pattern of the Trusts is based on three broad segments of philanthropy:
            Trusts                               •      Grants to institutions set up or significantly facilitated by the Trusts.
            Institutes                           •      Grants to Non-Government Organisations (NGOs).
                                                 •      Grants to individuals (educational and medical).
                                                 Institutional Grants
            Tata Medical Center
                                                 The Sir Dorabji Tata Trust and the Allied Trusts have pioneered several leading institutions, the first
            Community Initiatives                of their kind in India, and in doing so, have created centres of excellence in several fields–particularly
                                                 medicine, science and education.
                                                 Institutions supported by the Trusts are:
                                                 •      Indian Institute of Science, Bengaluru
                                                 •      Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai
                                                 •      Tata Memorial Centre, Mumbai
                                                 •      Tata Medical Center, Kolkata
                                                 •      Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Mumbai
                                                 •      National Centre for the Performing Arts, Mumbai
                                                 •      National Institute of Advanced Studies, Bengaluru

11_Tata Main Brochures_2012 (100-110).indd 100                                                                                                                     4/5/12 1:39:52 PM
                    Non-Government Organisations (NGO) Grants
                    The pattern of grant making support extended to NGOs is in accordance with the chosen strategy. The
                    grants are made in six social development areas:
                    •       Natural Resource Management and Rural Livelihoods
                    •       Urban Poverty and Livelihoods
                    •       Education
                    •       Health
                    •       Civil Society, Governance and Human Rights                                                            Tribal farmers operating weeders in the System of Rice Intensification
                    •       Media, Art and Culture                                                                                – Centre for World Solidarity, Odisha

                    Natural Resource Management and Rural Livelihoods
                    This portfolio addresses food security at the household level and promotes ecological security. It accounts
                    for the largest number and value of grants. The portfolio’s grants are dominated by two programmes, namely
                    the System of Rice Intensification and Diversion Based Irrigation, as well as some emerging programmes
                    such as Goat Based Livelihoods.                                                                                                                                                                   100
                    Urban Poverty and Livelihoods                                                                                                                                                                     101
                    This portfolio deals with the issues of mitigating the travails of internal migration suffered by over 120
                    million persons migrating for work seasonally. It also addresses issues of the informal sector livelihoods,
                    urban planning and governance, and employability.
                    This portfolio is focused on supporting projects, related to elementary education, child protection,          Migrant workers learning the value of savings
                    adolescent education and skills development, and women’s literacy in the underprivileged sections.            – Aajeevika Bureau, Rajasthan
                    Even though India is making increasing public investment in healthcare, access to health services still
                    remains highly inequitable. The overarching approach of this portfolio is rooted in community-based health
                    interventions and spans the sub-thematic areas of non-communicable diseases with a focus on cancer,
                    disability, public health and services, and domestic violence.
                    Civil Society, Governance and Human Rights
                    This portfolio works towards strengthening the civil society, improving governance and supporting the
                    protection of human rights with a focus towards the vulnerable sections of society.
                    Media, Art and Culture
                    The portfolio aims to build and promote the arts scholarships and archival facilities, protect and conserve
                    cultural heritage and dying art forms, support research and development activities of the Arts, provide
                                                                                                                                  Students, including the speech and hearing impaired, learning
                    support to media projects engaged in the development discourse and develop proactive areas in folklore.
                                                                                                                                  fundamental sciences through experiments
                                                                                                                                  – Muktangan Science Exploratory Centre, Maharashtra

11_Tata Main Brochures_2012 (100-110).indd 101                                                                                                                                                             4/5/12 1:39:52 PM
                                                 Relief Grants
                                                 In the event of natural or man-made disasters, the Trusts provide financial succour towards relief and rehabilitation efforts. In case of
                                                 major calamities, they work collaboratively with the Tata Relief Committee (TRC).
                                                 Individual Grants
                                                 The Trusts provide merit and need based educational assistance as well as medical grants to deserving individuals.
                                                 Education Grants
                                                 The Sir Dorabji Tata Trust gives financial assistance for education by way of:
                                                 •     General education grants for studies in India, after taking into account factors such as academic record, fees and the economic
                                                       background of the family.
  Mobile medical unit under the National Rural
  Health Mission                                 •     Scholarships for undergraduate and postgraduate studies in India.
  – Navjeevan, Andhra Pradesh
                                                 •     Study in Urban and Rural Community Development.
                                                 Scholarships by the J.R.D. Tata Trust are given with a view to financially assist promising young students pursuing their graduation and
                                                 post graduation courses, subject to the eligibility criteria set out on merit basis.
                                                 The J.N. Tata Endowment for the Higher Education of Indians (established in 1892 by the founder, Jamsetji Tata) selects candidates of
                                                 exceptional merit and assists them by awarding loan scholarships to pursue higher education at some of the best institutions in the world.
                                                 The Jamsetji Tata Trust supports the J.N. Tata Scholars by way of gift awards.
                                                 The Lady Tata Memorial Trust was established in 1932 by Sir Dorabji Tata in memory of his wife, Lady Meherbai, who died of leukaemia
                                                 at an early age. This trust supports international research on leukaemia and scholarships in India for scientific investigations having a
                                                 bearing, directly or indirectly, on the alleviation of human suffering from disease. Recently, an annual Young Researcher Award has also
                                                 been instituted which entitles the recipient to a five-year postdoctoral research grant.
  Rally against sex selection                    The Lady Meherbai Tata Education Trust, also established in 1932, gives scholarships to young Indian women graduates of Indian
  – Bal Va Mahila Chetna Samiti, Rajasthan       universities to pursue higher studies abroad in the fields of social work and public health.
                                                 Additionally, education-related travel grants are given to meet the costs of pursuing studies overseas, as well as for presenting papers at
                                                 conferences, undergoing advanced training, research and exchange programmes.
                                                 Medical Grants
                                                 The increasing costs of medical treatment places a huge burden, especially on those from the economically weaker sections of society.
                                                 The Sir Dorabji Tata Trust and the J.R.D. Tata Trust provide financial assistance to meet the cost of medical treatment. The J.R.D. Tata Trust
                                                 focuses mainly on the relatively younger age group, who, with such medical assistance can go on to lead a better quality of life.

                                                 Contact : Managing Trustee , Sir Dorabji Tata Trust and the Allied Trusts, Bombay House, 24, Homi Mody Street, Mumbai-400 001, India.
                                                 Tel : +91-22-6665 8282 Fax : +91-22-6610 0484 Email : sdtt@sdtatatrust.com Website: www.dorabjitatatrust.org

  A Kattaikkuttu performance by a student
  – Kattaikkuttu Sangam, Tamil Nadu

11_Tata Main Brochures_2012 (100-110).indd 102                                                                                                                                                   4/5/12 1:39:55 PM
                                                                                                                                                                  Integrated Fodder and Livestock Development
                        Sir Ratan Tata Trust & Navajbai Ratan Tata Trust                                                                        www.srtt.org
                                                                                                                                                                  Project under the Himmothan Pariyojana: Women
                                                                                                                                                                  add compost in the fodder plots for enhanced
                    The Sir Ratan Tata Trust and Navajbai Ratan Tata Trust, established in 1919 and 1974 respectively, are grant-bestowing public foundations.    farm yields in Dewal village, Chamoli district,
                    Both trusts seek to be catalysts in development through giving grants to institutions in the areas of Rural Livelihoods and Communities,
                    Education, Enhancing Civil Society and Governance, Health and Arts, Crafts and Culture. They focus their grants to organisations which they
                    can partner to undertake innovative and sustained initiatives with the potential to make a visible difference. They also provide grants for
                    endowments, have a separate programme for small grants and give grants to individuals for education and medical relief.

                    Institutional Grants
                    The bulk of these are in the areas of Rural Livelihoods and Communities and Education.
                    Within Rural Livelihoods and Communities, the Trusts focus on key initiatives within three broad areas:
                    •       Livelihoods
                    •       Drinking Water and Sanitation
                    •       Microfinance                                                                                                                                                                             102
                    The Trusts’ grants in the field of Education follow a focused approach in the following areas:
                    •       Reforming elementary education
                    •       Nurturing education as a discipline
                    •       Higher Education
                    Within Health, the Trusts focus efforts on:
                    •       Rural Health Programmes
                    •       Mental Health
                    •       Children With Special Needs
                    •       Health Resources and Health Systems Development
                    •       Clinical establishment
                                                                                                                                                                  North East Initiative: A farmer in Kiphire
                    Within Enhancing Civil Society & Governance, the Trusts’ grants are based on the following two key initiatives:                               district, Nagaland, with a harvested honey
                                                                                                                                                                  comb of rock bees
                    •       Encouraging youth action for development through the ‘Youth & Civil Society Initiative’.
                    •       Professionalising the non-profit sector through the ‘Roopantaran initiative’, focusing on Human Resource and Organisation

11_Tata Main Brochures_2012 (100-110).indd 103                                                                                                                                                           4/5/12 1:39:55 PM
                                                             Within Arts, Crafts and Culture, the Trusts’ grants are focused on the following:

         Kharash Vistarotthan Yojana: Explaining             •    Crafts Based Livelihood Initiatives
         the benefits of adoption of drip irrigation in       •    Sustaining Livelihoods in Performing Arts
         Jantrakhedi village, Junagadh district, Gujarat
                                                             •    Conservation and Digitisation
                                                             •    Community Media and Livelihoods
                                                             In most of the thematic areas, the Trusts focus their grants on well-defined initiatives. Some of its key initiatives are mentioned below:
                                                             Central India Initiative: This involves a series of livelihood projects across the central India region, addressing core issues aimed at
                                                             alleviating poverty amongst tribals in a sustainable manner.
                                                             Himmothan Pariyojana: The initiative addresses some of the key rural development issues confronting the inhabitants of the Himalayas,
                                                             on a systematic basis.
                                                             Kharash Vistarotthan Yojana (KVY): This tackles issues related to sea water ingress on the Gujarat coastline through field projects and
                                                             coordination with the state government.
                                                             Drought Proofing in West Rajasthan: The objective is to develop replicable models for drought proofing in the desert regions of
                                                             Reviving the Green Revolution: The initiative involves a series of interventions encouraging crop diversification in Punjab and Tamil Nadu
                                                             to tackle the negative impact of the rice-wheat cropping system, whilst also focusing on Integrated Pest Management in various crops to
                                                             enhance productivity.
                                                             North East Initiative (NEI): The initiative addresses livelihood issues of the North-eastern states. Currently, the NEI focuses on the three hill
                                                             states of Arunachal Pradesh, Mizoram and Nagaland and opportunities for partnerships with state governments and local organisations
                                                             are being explored in these States.
                                                             Sukhi Baliraja Initiative (SBI): The initiative aims to promote a holistic livelihood promotion strategy for the Vidharbha region of
                                                             Maharashtra, with the key objective of reducing distress among the farming community by enhancing livelihoods of 25,000 households
                                                             across 300 villages.
                                                             Drinking Water Initiative (Mission Swach Jal): The initiative aims to provide potable water and promote sanitation in order to enhance the
                                                             health of rural communities. Notably, community and individual based drinking water interventions are dovetailed with sanitation and
                                                             hygiene education. Currently, the Trusts support drinking water and sanitation projects in around 450 villages across the country, including
                                                             salinity affected villages in coastal areas of Gujarat, fluoride affected villages in Andhra Pradesh, Himalayan regions of Uttarakhand, etc.
         Providing drinking water to salinity affected
         coastal villages in Gujarat under the Tata GE       Sakh Se Vikas: This initiative consolidates and expands community-based microfinance in Rajasthan by strengthening livelihoods and
         Special Drinking Water Project: A Reverse Osmosis
                                                             reducing vulnerabilities. Whilst strengthening linkages between microfinance and development, the Trusts are also supporting a large
         unit constructed in Loyaj village, Junagadh
         district                                            community-based microfinance programme in South India.

11_Tata Main Brochures_2012 (100-110).indd 104                                                                                                                                                                   4/5/12 1:39:57 PM
                    Parag : This is the Trusts’ ‘Publications Initiative’ and focuses on publication of books in various Indian languages, supporting professional
                                                                                                                                                                     Learning with clay: Children at the school in
                    development among illustrators, writers and publishers and dissemination of professional writing, besides supporting networking among
                                                                                                                                                                     Harchandpur village, Rae Bareli district, Uttar
                    publishers and educationists.                                                                                                                    Pradesh
                    Teacher Development Initiative: This supports professional development of in-service teachers, as well as pre-service student teachers
                    through setting up of Teacher Resource Centres (TRC) as spaces of professional development of teachers.
                    Mental Health Initiative: This focuses on: (a) institutional care, rescue of mentally ill homeless women, assessment and treatment
                    initiatives; (b) linking mental health services with primary health care; (c) increasing outreach and coverage; and (d) rehabilitation and

                    Endowment Grants
                    The Trusts have developed and used endowments to sustain mission-driven institutions that influence positive change in society. They
                    have a formal endowment strategy with well-set norms and clearly defined criteria that enable it to identify and appraise deserving

                    Small Grants
                    These cater to the needs of small, welfare-oriented organisations, and those needing support to implement innovative ideas. They are also                                                                 105
                    given to large organisations that need funding for strategic planning, focused research activities, or strengthening internal systems.

                    Individual Grants
                    The Individual Grants Programme of the Trusts provide financial help for: (a) meeting medical contingencies; and (b) scholars pursuing
                    higher education in India and assistance for education-related overseas travel.

                    Contact : The Secretary & Chief Accountant, Sir Ratan Tata Trust, Bombay House, Homi Mody Street, Mumbai-400 001, India.
                                                                                                                                                                     Human resources & Health Systems Development:
                    Tel : +91-22-6665 8282 Fax : +91-22-6665 8013 Email : srtt@tata.com Website : www.srtt.org                                                       Young fellows from Community Health Cell, Bengaluru
                                                                                                                                                                     discuss sanitation issues with women from Kota village,
                                                                                                                                                                     Raichur district, Karnataka

11_Tata Main Brochures_2012 (100-110).indd 105                                                                                                                                                                     4/5/12 1:39:59 PM
                                                         INDIAN INSTITUTE OF SCIENCE                                                                                           www.iisc.ernet.in

                                                        The Indian Institute of Science (IISc) established in 1909 on a wooded, 440-acre campus, is a Deemed University with
                                                        481 faculty members and 2929 students in 41 departments and centres, carrying out research in most frontier areas of
                                                        modern science and technology. IISc is the leading science and engineering research centre in India and has a very high
                                                        academic reputation in the world. It awards the largest number of science and technology research degrees in India
                                                        (about 250 per year) and also publishes the largest number of research papers in these areas (about 8% of the national
                                                        average). Not surprisingly, IISc attracts the best research and masters’ students in India.
                                                        The Institute has some of the best research facilities in the country including the Supercomputing Education and
                                                        Research Centre, the Nanoscience Centre, a Centre for Ultrafast Laser Applications, and the JRD Tata Memorial Library.
                                                        The distinguished faculty members of the Institute contribute to all major national initiatives in science and technology
                    The Institute campus at Bengaluru
                                                        such as the Technology Development Missions, programmes of the Departments of Science and Technology,
                                                        Biotechnology, Environment and Forests, ISRO, DRDO, etc. Research collaborations with universities all over the world
                                                        have been increasing steadily over the years.
                                                        The Institute interacts with industry via its Centre for Scientific and Industrial Consultancy, its Society for Innovation and
                                                        Development, which has developed joint laboratories with both national and multinational corporations, and its Centre
                                                        for Continuing Education, which has retrained more than 28,000 industrial scientists and engineers through short-term

                                                        Contact : Registrar, Indian Institute of Science, Bengaluru-560 012, India. Tel : +91-80-2293 2444 Fax : +91-80-2360 0757
                                                        Email : regr@admin.iisc.ernet.in / roff@admin.iisc.ernet.in

11_Tata Main Brochures_2012 (100-110).indd 106                                                                                                                                                     4/5/12 1:40:00 PM
                      TATA INSTITUTE OF SOCIAL SCIENCES                                                                      www.tiss.edu

                    Established in 1936 as the Sir Dorabji Tata Graduate School of Social Work, the Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS)
                    was recognised as a Deemed University by the University Grants Commission in 1964. The Institute’s main campus
                    is in Deonar, in Mumbai. It also has a campus located at Tuljapur in the Osmanabad District of Maharashtra, and is
                    currently engaged in setting up campuses in Hyderabad and Guwahati, responding to invitations from the respective
                    state governments.
                    TISS currently offers a graduate programme in Social Work; postgraduate programmes in Social Work, Disability Studies
                    and Action, Human Resources Management & Labour Relations, Globalisation & Labour, Social Entrepreneurship,
                    Health Administration, Hospital Administration, Public Health in Health Policy, Economics and Finance, Public
                    Health in Social Epidemiology, Elementary Education, Development Studies, Counselling, Women’s Studies, Disaster           Main campus in Mumbai

                    Management, Media and Cultural Studies, Habitat Policy and Practice and Rural Development; pre-doctoral and
                    doctoral programmes; and a range of diploma and certificate courses. TISS is organised into six schools (Social Work,
                    Social Sciences, Management and Labour Studies, Health Systems Studies, Habitat Studies and Rural Development)                                                                                106
                    and three centres (Lifelong Learning, Media and Cultural Studies, and Research Methodology.                                                                                                   107

                    The Tuljapur Campus, which was established in 1986, offers undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in Rural
                    Development. The Hyderabad and Guwahati campuses currently offer diploma and short-term programmes, and will
                    commence full-time teaching and research programmes from 2012.
                    The institute also offers several diploma, certificate and short-term training programmes to build capacity of personnel
                    from government and non-governmental organisations, and has established collaborative research, student and
                    teacher exchange programmes with 32 universities and institutions in Europe, North America, Latin America, Africa
                    and Asia. Its outreach programmes are located all over India including the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Ladakh and
                    North-Eastern India.

                    Contact : Director,Tata Institute of Social Sciences, V.N. Purav Marg, Deonar, Mumbai-400 088, India.
                    Tel : +91-22-2552 5000 Fax : +91-22-2556 5050 E-mail : sparasuraman@tiss.edu                                               Campus at Tuljapur in Osmanabad district, Maharashtra

11_Tata Main Brochures_2012 (100-110).indd 107                                                                                                                                                         4/5/12 1:40:00 PM
                                                     NATIONAL CENTRE FOR THE PERFORMING ARTS (NCPA)                                                       www.ncpamumbai.com

                                                 Established in 1966 with the help of a generous grant from the Sir Dorabji Tata Trust, the National Centre for the Performing
                                                 Arts (NCPA), Mumbai, exists to provide leadership on a national level as India’s premier performing arts, research and
                                                 training centre through the presentation of Indian and international art forms, the promotion of artistic excellence, and
                                                 the preservation of Indian and international cultural heritage.
                                                 The NCPA curates and presents more than 500 events each year across all major art forms, notably Indian and Western
                                                 Classical Music, Theatre, Film, Dance and Visual Arts. Besides providing a platform to external artistic groups, NCPA by
                                                 itself has created and sustained a major body of artistic work on an ongoing basis through its own artistic properties
                                                 and events. Notable amongst these is the Symphony Orchestra of India (SOI) — India’s first fully professional symphony
                                                 orchestra started in 2006 which has the great international violinist, Marat Bisengaliev, as its Music Director.
                     Jamshed Bhabha Theatre
                                                 With major initiatives in the area of arts education, the NCPA acts as a national catalyst for all forms of art and cultural
                                                 development. Initiatives include seminars, workshops, master classes, music education programmes for young children,
                                                 guided listening sessions, in-depth interactions and lecture demonstrations.
                                                 The NCPA ranges over a large campus covering 27,000 square metres that offers flexible facilities to suit every cultural
                                                 activity, including five modern theatres :
                                                 •    Jamshed Bhabha Theatre : 1109 seats, equipped with facilities to stage Western operas and ballets, Indian classical
                                                      music and large scale musicals.
                                                 •    Tata Theatre : 1010 seats, with for the first time in India, special acoustics of short duration reverberation time in an
                                                      innovative, fan-shaped auditorium.
                                                 •    The Experimental Theatre : 285 seats, an innovative modular space enabling flexibility for production, design and
                                                 •    Dance Theatre Godrej : 185 seats.
                     The NCPA Complex            •    Little Theatre : 114 seats, a multi-purpose recording auditorium for film screenings, talks and seminars.
                                                 Other facilities include : The Centre for Photography as an Art Form; the Piramal Gallery; music and dance practice rooms;
                                                 reading and listening libraries; a modern studio for archival documentation of dance, drama and music; a computerised
                                                 music research laboratory and four beautiful open-air venues with capacity ranging from 50 to 1,000.
                                                 The NCPA also has an audio-visual archival vault with a collection of over 5,000 hours of recordings and theatre research
                                                 material with a computerised data bank for easy retrieval. It is developing from its own resources a modern video and
                                                 audio recording infrastructure for its chosen performances and for creating a bank of DVDs and CDs. As a result of
                                                 its work in Music Research, the NCPA is recognised as a Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (SIRO) by the
                                                 Government of India.

                                                 Contact : Director - Sales & Marketing, Administration, National Centre for the Performing Arts, Nariman Point, Mumbai-400 021, India.
                                                 Tel : +91-22-6622 3737, 2283 3838, 2283 3737 Fax : +91-22-6622 3830, 2284 5350, 2284 0633 Email : marketing@ncpamumbai.com

                     Tata Theatre

11_Tata Main Brochures_2012 (100-110).indd 108                                                                                                                                            4/5/12 1:40:01 PM
                      TATA MEDICAL CENTER

                    The Tata Medical Center (TMC) is a comprehensive care center inaugurated in May 2011. It is located in Kolkata to cater
                    to patients in east and north-east India, who were otherwise having to go to the Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai.

                    The TMC has a current capacity of 170 beds, with 250 more beds to follow. As many as 50 per cent of the beds of the
                    hospital are earmarked for free treatment for poorer sections.

                    The expenditure of $ 70 m (Rs. 350 cr) for the facility and $ 8m (Rs. 40 cr) corpus for the hospital’s running expenditure
                    has been entirely funded by the Tata Group. The Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai, had shared its expertise in the
                    creation of the TMC.
                                                                                                                                                 Main Entrance
                    The TMC has invested in the highest quality of its equipment and staff. Its two radiotherapy machines, Novalis and
                    Tomotherapy, deliver extremely precise radiation to tumour cells while sparing normal tissues: both are now being
                    used to capacity.                                                                                                                                                                                     108
                    The bone marrow transplant unit has also been opened. The radiology department now performs MRI, CT, Ultrasound
                    and guided procedures. PET and SPECT scans are also available: these enable precise evaluation of the volume of
                    viable tumour cells.

                    The TMC’s specialised laboratory services include immunophenotyping and molecular genetics. The hospital also
                    has a cytogenetic laboratory which can study chromosomes in cancer cells.

                    The hospital’s professional staff comprises a 282-strong team of specialists, fellows, nurses and technologists. The
                    hospital lays emphasis on evidence-based decision making to provide the highest level of care for patients with
                    cancer and, more importantly, do this with compassion.

                    Contact : Dr. Mammen Chandy, Director, Tata Medical Center, 14-MAR, Newtown, Kolkata – 700 156, India.
                    Tel : + 91 - 33 6605 7582 Fax : + 91-33 6605 7578 Email : mammen.chandy@tmckolkata.com                                       Tomotherapy unit for precise and accurate radiation therapy

11_Tata Main Brochures_2012 (100-110).indd 109                                                                                                                                                                 4/5/12 1:40:02 PM
                                                                       TATA COUNCIL FOR COMMUNITY INITIATIVES                                                                                               www.tata.com

                                                                      The Tata Council for Community Initiatives (TCCI) was formed to evolve a common direction for Group companies’ initiatives in
                                                                      community work, to synergise their work, and to optimise the Group’s contribution to India’s development.

                                                                      As the Group’s nodal agency on corporate sustainability, TCCI facilitates initiatives of Tata companies related to environmental
                                                                      management, biodiversity issues and community development, particularly employee volunteering, by facilitating networking
                                                                      among representatives from over 40 companies. These initiatives are taken up with a view to bring about a holistic and sustainable
                                                                      change. Similarly, external stakeholders – Central and State governments, NGOs and development agencies – find a one point
                                                                      contact in the TCCI to work with the Group on the larger themes of development.

                                                                      In its focus on facilitating volunteering, TCCI encourages Group companies with specific technical ‘know-how’ to offer their services
                                                                      to those in need and also design and implement programs in the specific areas of health, education and issues concerning
                                                                      women and children.
        Capacity building training going on at Mithapur               The TCCI has set up regional groups in cities where Tata companies have a significant presence, and employees are encouraged
                                                                      to volunteer with NGOs and the communities in their vicinities. In all, over 28,285 corporate volunteers are registered from the

                                                                      The TCCI enables the Group to action its corporate sustainability by evolving a set of guidelines that form a Tata approach by
                                                                      which individual companies can work more cohesively for the betterment of the community.

                                                                      The TCCI has developed a Tata Index for Sustainable Human Development, in partnership with the UNDP, to provide a common
                                                                      and measurable template for the companies’ performance in aiding sustainable human development. The TCCI represents
                                                                      Tata as Focal Point for India of UN Global Compact, USA; and its representative has been invited to be on the boards of Global
                                                                      Reporting Initiatives, Netherlands; Social Accountability International, USA; AccountAbility, United Kingdom; and, Bureau of
                                                                      Indian Standards & ISO SR 26000, India.

        AMBA helps employ intellectually challenged people that
        TTSL offloads of its back office work – thus making them part
        of the value chain of abundance!

                                                                      Contact : Vice President, Group Corporate Sustainability, 2nd Floor, Fort Chambers – C, Tamarind Lane, Fort, Mumbai-400 001, India.
                                                                      Tel : +91-22-6665 7483 Telefax : +91-22-6665 7484 Email : tcci@tata.com

11_Tata Main Brochures_2012 (100-110).indd 110                                                                                                                                                                             4/5/12 1:40:03 PM
                                                                                                                          products & services index
                   Products & Services                         Pages    Products & Services                   Pages     Products & Services                 Pages     Products & Services                         Pages

                    Agrochemicals and Agricultural Services             Station Wagons                             24   Soil Compactors                         30    Stationery & gift items                         84
                    Agro-nutrients                             90       Suspension Systems – Truck and Bus         29   Transit Mixers Trucks                   30    Toys                                            84
                    Agronomy Services                       89/90       Sports Cars                                25   Tunnel Boring Machines                  30    Tech accessories                                84
                    Agrochemicals                           91/92       Tippers                                 24/35   Undercarriages                          30    Gourmet food,Vegetables, Fruits, Dairy &
                    Agrochemicals – Exports                    91       Tractor – Trailers                         24   Vibratory Compactors                    30    Non Vegetarian Products                         84
                    Crop nutrients                       88/89/91       Trailers                                35/99   Wheel Loaders                           30
                    Fertilisers                          88/89/90       Trailer under-gears                        35                                                 Defence & Aerospace
                    Formulations                               91       Trucks                               22/24/30   Consumer Products                             Composite Products for the
                    Insecticides, Fungicides, Herbicides       91       Utility Vehicles                        22/24   Bottled Water                         76/77   Aerospace, Defence and Industrial
                    Pesticides                              89/90       Visioning Systems                          29   Cappuccino                               78   industries                                      19
                    Phosphatic Fertilisers                  88/89       Wiring Harness                             29   Cocoa                                    78   Solutions for personal, vehicle armour          19
                    Plant Growth Nutrients and Seeds        89/90                                                       Coffee                          76/77/78/94   Manufacturing, assembly & systems integration   93
                    Urea                                    88/89       Automobile and Automotive Services              Childrens beverages                      78   Homeland security                               93
                                                                        Auto Finance                              26    Decaffenated teas                        77
                    Air Conditioning and Refrigeration                  After Market Operations                   26    Eyewear                               80/81   Drugs
                    Air Conditioners                              32    Automobile Retail                         26    Footwear                              83/97   Drug Discovery & development                    92
                    Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning              Automotive Engineering Services        25/29    Hot Chocolate                         77/78   Development of pharmaceutical products          92
                    and Refrigeration Applications                32    Automotive applications                   35    Iced Teas                             77/78   Pre clinical & early clinical development       92
                    Refrigerators                                 32    CAD                                       29    Jewellery                             80/81
                    Water Coolers and Dispensers                  32    CAE                                       29    Leather and Leather Products             98   Engineering Services
                                                                        Concept, Design and Detailing             29    Non carbonated beverages                 76   Engineering & consultancy services               32
                    Automobiles, Auto Assemblies                        Engineering and Design                    26    Natural Mineral water                    77   Building Management Systems                      32
                    and Auto Components                                 Product centric IT services               26    Organic teas                             77   Engineering and Design Services                  26
                    Auto Components                          26/28/34   Knowledge-based Engineering               29    Performance beverage                     76   Engineering Knowledge management                 45
                    Automotive Batteries                           29   Sales, Logistics, Distribution            26    Pulses                                   88   Engineering Services Outsourcing                 44              111
                    Axles                                    26/35/96   Plastics & Sheet Metal Tool Design        29    Hot beverages                            76   EPC Services                               31/32/35
                    Buses                                    22/24/25   Simulation and Optimisation               29    Salt                                     88   Factory Automation Solutions                     26
                    Bus & Coach Body Building                22/95/99   Supply Chain Management                   26    Ready to drink tea                       77   Precision Engineering                         80/81
                    Command and Control Systems                    29   Design and Development                    29    Spices Teas                              77   Water, Effluent and Sewage Treatment              32
                    Commercial Vehicles                         22/95   Product Lifecycle Management              26    Tea Mixes                                77   Water Pollution Control                          32
                    Distribution                             22/98/99   Vehicle Programs & Development            44    Tea / Tea Bags                  77/94/95/97
                    Commercial Vehicles: Goods                     24                                                   Tea Concentrates                         77   Financial Services
                    Commercial Vehicles: Passengers          22/24/97   Chemicals                                       Tea – Flavoured and Herbal         77/78/94   Advisory Services                               70
                    Commercial Vehicles: Small, Light &                 Carbide de-sulphurising                         Watches                               80/81   Asset Management                                70
                    Intermediate, Medium & Heavy                  24    compounds                                  16   Water Purifier                            88   Commercial Finance                              71
                    Composites (sheet moulded                           Cooking Soda                               88                                                 Corporate finance                                97
                    and bulk moulded)                          28/29    Pigments                                   16   Consumer Products – Retailing                 Consumer Loans                                  71
                    Functional Plastic Parts and Systems          29    Soda Ash                             88/89/95   Apparel                                 84    Fund Management                              70/71
                    Gear Boxes                                    26    Sodium Bicarbonate                         88   Books and Music                         84    Financial Solutions                             71
                    Heavy Vehicles                             22/25                                                    Bakery                                  84    General Insurance                               69
                    Hatchback                                     24    Construction Equipment                          Consumer Electronics                 83/84    Health Insurance                                69
                    Heat Exchangers                               29    Agricultural Equipment                     30   Communication & imaging                 83    Home loans                                      71
                    Horse Power Engines                           26    Asphalt Compactors                         30   Food, beverages                         84    Infrastructure Finance                          71
                    Luxury Saloons                             24/25    Backhoe Loaders                            30   Footwear and Accessories                84    Investment Banking                           71/97
                    Mixers                                        24    Construction Equipment               26/29/32   Furnishing                              84
                    Multi-purpose Vehicles                        24    Concrete Equipment                         30   Gaming                                  83    Hotels and Hospitality
                    Multi-Axle Trucks                             24    Crawler Cranes                             30   Groceries                               84    Airline Catering Services                   64
                    Pick-up Vehicles                           22/25    Hydraulic Excavators                       30   Health and Beauty Products              84    Hotels                    62/64/94/95/97/98/99
                    Plastic Interiors & Exteriors              28/29    Mining Equipment                        30/32   Home Accessories                        84    Resorts                                     62
                    Seating Systems                               29    Mining shovels                             30   Appliances                              83    Hotel Management – Training                 64
                    Sedans                                        24    Motor Graders                              30   Personal care appliances                83    Service Apartments                          64
                    Special Application Vehicles                  24    Multi Utility Loader                       30   Home Entertainment                   83/84    Luxury Yachts                               64
                    Stampings and Assemblies                      29    Off highway dumpers                        30   IT                                      83    Safari Lodges                               62

12_Tata Main Brochures_2012 (111-112).indd 111                                                                                                                                                                              4/5/12 1:40:22 PM
                   Products & Services                         Pages   Products & Services                       Pages      Products & Services                      Pages       Products & Services                   Pages

                    Palaces                             62/64/94/99    Material Handling and Port                           Renewable Energy                                     Tinplate                                  15
                    Private Jet Operations                       64    Operation Services                             16    Solar Photovoltaic Products                          Tubes                                     14
                    Spa                                          64    Third party logistics services              68/99    and Systems                                     59   Trading                                   97
                                                                       Project logistics                              68    Solar modules                                   59   Wire Rods                              14/17
                    Industrial Machinery and Equipment                 Warehousing solutions                          68    Solar Plant                                  56/57   Hand tools & Implements                   15
                    Engineered-to-order                                Distribution                                   68    Solar Power Solutions                           56
                    Machine Tools                                 26   International logistics solutions              68    Solar Water Heating Products                    58   Telecom Products and Solutions
                    Textile Machinery                             32   Value Added Services                           68                                                         Bandwidth                            50/53/97
                    Mobile crushing plants                        35                                                        Retail Chains                                        Broadband                                  50
                    Screens, feeders, foundry equipment           35   Material Handling Equipment                          Consumer Electronics Mega Stores                83   Business Transformation                    52
                                                                       Fork-lift Trucks                               32    Hypermarket                                     84   CDMA Services                              50
                    Industrial Infrastructure – EPC Projects           Material Handling Equipment                 32/35    Lifestyle Retail Stores                         84   Mobile and Broadband
                    Power Generation                              31   Bulk material handling equipment               35    Watches                                      80/81   Content/Applications                       50
                    Transmission & Distribution                   31   Bulk material handling systems                 35    Jewellery                                    80/81   Calling Card                               50
                    Water and waste water                         31   Port & yard equipment                          35    Optical stores                               80/81   Converged Voice                            52
                    Oil, Gas and Hydrocarbon projects             31   Operation & Maintenance services               35    Leisure & Family entertainment                  84   Converged communication services           95
                    Metal & Minerals                              31                                                                                                             Cloud Computing                            53
                    Railways                                      31   Media and Entertainment                              Services – Miscellaneous                             Connectivity Solutions                     53
                    Quality Services                              31   DTH Services                                   49    Economics and Business Research                73    Data Services                        50/51/52
                    Electro mechanical projects                   32   Satellite TV                                   50    Management consulting                          72    Dial up Internet                           50
                    Power Plant developers                        35                                                        Management training                            73    Domestic Long Distance Services            52
                                                                       Mining                                               Legal services                                 73    Enterprise Solutions                    44/94
                                                                                                                            Media Relations                                73    Enterprise data services                   52
                    Investment Services                           70   Mines – Iron Ore, Coking Coal,
                                                                                                                            Outsourced customer care & allied services     48    Global Ethernet Services                   52
                    Life Insurance                                69   Chrome Ore                              14/15/94
                                                                                                                                                                                 GSM Telecom                             50/51
                    Portfolio Management                          70   Mines – Quartzite, Plastic Clay               19
                                                                                                                            Steel Products and Services                          Hosting and Storage                        52
                    Private Equity                             71/97   Mining Equipment                              30
                                                                                                                            Equipment and Systems                           15   Managed Data Networks                      50
                    Securities                                    71   Mining shovels                                30     Bearings                                        15   Managed Network Connectivity               52
                    Wealth management                             71                                                        Brick manufacture                               16   Managed Security                           52
                    Project Finance                               71   Power                                                Cold Rolled Coils & Sheets                   14/15   Managed Collaboration                      52
                    Travel Related Services                       71   Power Generation (thermal, hydro, solar,             Hot Rolled Coils & Sheets                       14   Net Telephony                              50
                    Foreign Exchange                              71   wind, geothermal), Transmission,                     Contemporary Construction Material              15   Infrastructure Services                    50
                                                                       Distribution and Trading             56/57/58/95     Crude Steel                                  14/15   International and Domestic
                    IT and IT-Enabled Services                         Power Technologies                            56     Carbon steel                                    15   Private Leased Lines                       52
                    Animation                                    42    Fuel                                          56     E-Commerce                                      16   Public booth telephony                     51
                    Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)           38    Logistics                                     56     Engineered-to-order Equipment                   16   IP/MPLS VPN                       50/52/53/97
                    Business Solutions                        38/95                                                         Ferro Chrome                                 17/95   International voice services               52
                    Business Support Services                 47/94    Realty and Infrastructure                            Fasteners                                       17   International Toll Free Service
                    Consulting                    38/40/42/43/44/96    Affordable Housing                              66   Galvanised sheets                               14   and Account Calling                        52
                    Custom Learning solutions                    47    Development of Properties –                          Galvanised Corrugated Sheets                    15   Leased Lines                            50/51
                    Educational solutions                        47    Residential, Commercial, Retail              65/66   Galvanised Wires                                15   Telephony Services – Fixed/Mobile       50/51
                    Embedded electronics                         42    Fund Management – Real Estate Projects          65   Long Products                                15/17   Telecommunication Solutions             50/94
                    Industrial design                            42    Premium and Luxury Housing                      66   Pig Iron                                        16   Telecom Towers                             51
                    Systems integration                          42    Real Estate and Infrastructure               65/66   Pipes                                           15   Telepresence solutions                  53/97
                    IT Services                      38/44/94/95/97    IT/ITES SEZ development                         65   Refractories – Exports                          19   Transmission                               52
                    Product Development                          44    Urban infrastructure services                   67   Refractories Management                         19   Terrestrial Fiber Network               50/53
                    Product Lifecycle Management                       Infrastructure solutions -                           Refractories – Manufacture                      16   Satellite Earth Stations                   50
                    (PLM)                               26/44/45/46    Engineering & construction                      67   Refractories Solutions                          19   Submarine Cable Network              50/52/53
                    Software Development                   38/41/42    Infrastructure solutions - Power Distribution 67     Reinforcing bars                             14/15   Voice Services                          52/97
                    Visual Effects                               42    Infrastructure solutions - Water & waste water 67    Rolls                                           17   VSAT Solutions                             50
                                                                       Infrastructure solutions - Municipal                 Sponge Iron                                     16   Wi-Fi                                      50
                    Logistics                                          solid waste management                          67   Steel Processing & distribution                 16   Wireless desktop phones                    51
                    Freight Forwarding and                                                                                  Synthetic iron oxide pigments                   16   Wireline Services                          51
                    Chartering Services                           15                                                        Carbon de-sulphurising products                 16   3G services                                51

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For more information on the Tata group contact :
Group Corporate Affairs
Tata Services Limited
Bombay House 24 Homi Mody Street Fort Mumbai 400 001 India
Telephone : +91-22-6665 8282
Facsimile : +91-22-6665 8160
Email : cad@tata.com www.tata.com

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