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                      VILLAGE HALL.
MEMBERS PRESENT:                   Councillor Mrs. G. Burton (Chairman),
                                   Councillor Miss S. Farr,
                                   Councillor S. P. Fox,
                                   Councillor P. Jones,
                                   Councillor A. J. Mould,
                                   Councillor Mrs. P. Shufflebotham,
                                   Councillor Mrs. N. A. Stanier,
                                   Councillor Rev. B. L. Whittaker,
                                   Councillor A. E. Wilson,
                                   Councillor B. Yates.

IN ATTENDANCE:                     County Councillor W. Day,
                                   Mrs. C. J. Snape (Clerk),
                                   Members of the public (3)
                                   Press (1).


      Apologies were received from Councillor Mrs. S. M. Edwards, Councillor Mrs. S. A.
      Harrison and Councillor F. J. Hopley.


       Item                       Member declaring interest          Nature of interest
       SCC Rights of Way Issues   Councillor Mrs. P. Shufflebotham   Personal – Daughter employed
                                                                     by SCC in the Rights of Way

      Standing Orders were suspended.


      3.1     Residents Issues.

              Anti Social Behaviour and Parking Obstructions.

              Mr. Michael Shufflebotham said that he was concerned regarding both of the above
              issues. There were large gangs of youth congregating in the area, intimidating
              residents, dropping litter, swearing, spitting and using obscene language. He also
              said that there appears to be little effort being made by the police to address the
              problem of vehicles causing an obstruction by parking on pavements. He felt that for
              the amount of council tax that residents pay they deserve a better police service.
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            Chairman Councillor Mrs. G. Burton advised that we now have a new Inspector at
            Cheadle – Neil Sherratt and suggested inviting him to a Council meeting. Agreed.

            Pedestrian Facilities, Forsbrook.

            Mr. Michael Shufflebotham said that he had studied the plans for the pedestrian
            facilities for Forsbrook at great length and felt that the proposals were ridiculous. He
            said that he could not envisage any pedestrian feeling safe standing on the refuge in
            the middle of Cheadle Road when large vehicles were passing which would create a
            vacuum plus the speed at which some vehicles would be travelling when they
            approached the pedestrian refuge. He asked why we could not get a signal controlled
            crossing, as originally promised as Tean was having a considerable amount of money
            spent on highway improvements and that that area is not affected to the same degree
            as Blythe Bridge and Forsbrook with regard to volume of traffic.

            County Councillor W. Day reported that he had just received a response to the Parish
            Council’s concerns regarding the pedestrian refuge together with a copy of the Safety
            Audit which had also been requested but had not had time prior to the meeting to read
            and digest all the information. Chairman Councillor Mrs. G. Burton suggested that
            the clerk copy and distribute the information to each Council member to give them
            time to study the County Council’s response to the issues raised so that the matter can
            be fully debated at a future meeting to which County Councillor W. Day and
            residents would be invited. County Councillor W. Day said he would not be signing
            off the project until he was fully satisfied with the scheme.        He also said that
            Forsbrook was not unique with regard to speeding as this was a countrywide problem.
            Mr. M. Shufflebotham said that speed cameras were needed on Cheadle Road with
            prosecutions against anyone exceeding the speed limit.

            Chairman Councillor Mrs. G. Burton said Council need to be clear as to what the
            criteria is for installing SiDs or speed cameras.

     3.2    Report from County Councillor W. Day.

            County Councillor W. Day reported that the Area Traffic Survey was well underway
            and that all the data is presently being collated.

            In response to questions from Councillors he promised to check whether the drain
            replacement system in Caverswall Old Road and resurfacing of Cheadle Road were
            being prioritised for inclusion in the highway maintenance programme.

     Standing Orders were reinstated.


     Cars Parking on the Pavement.

     Chairman Councillor Mrs. G. Burton reported that she had attended a meeting at
     Staffordshire Moorlands District Council on 17th August with District Council Officers and
     the Police to discuss the problem of parking on pavements in Blythe Bridge and Forsbrook.
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     She said that after a lengthy discussion the decision was made for the District Council to run
     a campaign in Blythe Bridge and Forsbrook, which will involve the Police, Civil
     Enforcement Officers, Environmental Services, local Councillors together with support from
     local residents. Poster and leaflet details were being finalised and the clerk has advised the
     District Council on the routes to follow, taking into account residents concerns, which were
     raised in the Parish Plan survey. Immediately further information is available from SMDC
     Locality Working Officer Vicki Ellis members will be updated.

     Werrington Parish Council Chairman’s Civic Sunday.

     Chairman Councillor Mrs. G. Burton reported that on Sunday 13th September she represented
     Forsbrook Parish Council at the Civic Sunday Service in Werrington for the Chairman of
     their Parish Council Mrs. Jocelyn Morrison. She said that it was a lovely evening, which
     was very well attended.

     Meeting held on 18th September 2009 at the District Council Offices to further discuss Dog

     Chairman Councillor Mrs. G. Burton reported that she had attended the above meeting
     together with the clerk and notes from the meeting were distributed to members. She said
     that she would discuss the issues that were raised at the meeting under her Environment

               Council Meeting of 17th August 2009.

        To approve and sign the minutes as a correct record.


     Minutes Page 206 – Agenda item 3.1.5 – subject: Replacement noise barriers on the Blythe
     Bridge By Pass.

     The email response received from Mr. Trevor Still of the Highways Agency dated 18th
     August 2009 as detailed below was noted:

     “The replacement of the acoustic noise fence at Blythe Bridge is a topical issue. In addition
     to email correspondence with Mr. Knight and his wife, I have had telephone calls from local
     residents and also visited three residents in Chartley Close, Park View and Meadow Close
     last week with the project manager for the fence replacement contract. The work is not yet
     completed but should be finished soon and completed by the end of the month.
     To answer your questions:
     1) The replacement noise fence was constructed to current standards, which gives improved
     noise mitigation measures compared to the former fence. In most locations the fence height
     has been increased to 3 metres but in some it is still 2 metres high. The height of the fence
     was determined by a firm of consulting engineers calculating the noise mitigation level
     required using scientific principles.
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     2) I do not know the specification of the new acoustic noise fence, but know that it meets
     current standards which were required under the amended 1990 Environmental Protection
     Act. The original acoustic noise fence was constructed to the standards required under the
     1971 Environmental Protection Act. The cost of replacing the fence will be between £3/4m
     to £1m. The Highways Agency paid for the additional cost to upgrade the acoustic noise
     fence over and above that which Connect would have paid to replace the fence with an
     identical fence.
     3) I commissioned a firm of consulting engineers, Scott Wilson to undertake a noise study to
     investigate noise levels at representative properties before the original acoustic noise fence
     was removed, when the fence had been removed and before the replacement fence had been
     constructed and finally when the new fence had been installed. Scott Wilson will write a
     report about their findings and background to the noise etc. and will issue it to me. I will
     then publish it and put in on the Highways Agency’s website. I will also send a copy to the
     Parish Council and local MP, William Cash.
     4) Traffic flow data will be published in the report. Traffic growth has been in line with the
         growth in the UK economy.
     I hope this helps.”

        To write to the Highway Agency to ask for clarification on:
         (a) Locations where the noise monitoring devices were sited in our Parish
         (b) The reasons for the difference in the height of the fence and specification, in
             view of the fact that the residents living in our Parish nearest to the by-pass
             had had the fencing replaced with the same height 2 metres with no
             membrane and the fencing adjacent to the by-pass and open countryside had
             had the fencing replaced with 3 metres height with a membrane.


     7.1    The clerk’s report was received and noted.

     7.2    Outside meetings.

            The following meetings were noted:

               Society of Local Council Clerks – Human Resource Management – The Essential
                Guide to Employment Management on Monday 5th October 2009 10.00am –
                4.00pm at the Best Western Hotel, Stoke-on-Trent.
               Community Council of Staffordshire – Annual General Meeting on 24th
                September 2009 7.30pm at Gnosall Memorial Hall, Lowfield Lane, Gnosall,
               Staffordshire Playing Fields Association Annual General Meeting on Wednesday
                21st October 2009 at 2.00pm at King Edwards VI Leisure Centre, King’s Hill
                Road, Lichfield, Staffordshire.
               Staffordshire Police Neighbourhood Watch Annual County Conference on 3rd
                October 2009 between 10.00am and 4.00pm at Staffordshire University in
                Beaconside, Stafford.
               NALC Leadership Academy 2009 on 15th – 18th September 2009 at Scarman
                Training and Conference Centre, University of Warwick, Coventry. Cost per
                delegate £808.45.
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              Staffordshire Parish Council’s Association – Locality Action Working on 28th
               September 2009 at 7.00pm to 9.00pm at Peel Building, St. Chads Place, Stafford.

     7.3   The following circulation material was made available to members:

              NALC – Direct Information Service Issues No. 716 and 717.


     8.1   Staffordshire Parish Council’s Association – subject: Annual General Meeting.

           To note that the date of the above AGM is 7th November 2009 and that names of
           delegates attending are required by 16th October 2009. Nominations for elected
           members or senior officers are required by 30th October 2009.

               To advise SPCA that Chairman Councillor Mrs. G. Burton and
                Councillor Miss S. Farr will be attending the Annual General Meeting.
                (No nominations for elected members or senior officers were proposed).

     8.2   Staffordshire Parish Council’s Association – subject: September 2009 Newsletter.

           A copy of the above newsletter had been distributed to members with the agenda. No
           issues were raised.

     8.3   Derby and Derbyshire Economic Partnership – subject: Funding for Rural Heritage

           Details of the above funding opportunities were noted.

           Chairman Councillor Mrs. G. Burton reported that Staffordshire Moorlands District
           Council were holding a meeting this evening regarding similar funding opportunities
           and as she could not attend had requested that they keep Council updated.

     8.4   Staffordshire Moorlands District Council – subject:      Pavement Parking Issues in

           To receive SMDC’s response (copy distributed to members with minutes) to the letter
           received by Council from DfT dated 23rd June 2009, which in brief advises:

           Staffordshire Moorlands District Council’s Civil Enforcement Officers can only
           enforce parking contraventions where there are ‘signs and lines’ to denote the
           restriction e.g. single or double yellow lines or a restricted allowance e.g. limited
           waiting bays, disabled parking bays etc. These have to be backed up by a written
           Traffic Regulation Order.
           Police still have the powers to issue Fixed Penalty Notices to vehicles causing an
           obstruction whether there are signs and lines present or not. Their none emergency
           number is 0300 123 4455 and should be used by anyone to contact them to request
           enforcement of obstruction or footway (pavement) parking. This is the approach that
           other Local Authorities and Police Forces take in other parts of the country.
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8.5   Staffordshire County Council – subject: Introduction of Neighbourhood Highway

      To note that following the elections in June Staffordshire County Council has been
      working to introduce new schemes for the County’s Highways. The first two
      initiatives – to start a major £30m new capital investment programme for highways
      and to introduce a 20mph speed safety zone around schools and vulnerable
      communities have already been launched. The third initiative – to introduce new
      Community Roads and Paths Maintenance Teams to keep our communities neat and
      tidy will put much greater emphasis on working with the Parish Councils and Ward
      Representatives in delivering local community based highway programmes. This
      new look service is to be called Neighbourhood Highway Teams and will double the
      number of teams to ten. All 179 parishes and 41 urban wards will get a guaranteed
      three visits, ranging from three days to much longer, depending on the size of the
      Ward. The Neighbourhood Highways Teams will deal with an extended list of
      smaller non safety related problems such as – weeds and grass trimming;
      environmental improvement schemes; verges and fencing; painting; ditching;
      cleaning; dropped crossings to improve access for all.

      Councillor Rev. B. L. Whittaker said that he welcomed a 20mph speed safety zone
      around schools and felt that if this could be introduced in Blythe Bridge it would help
      with speed control in general.

          To ascertain the criteria for introducing a 20mph speed safety zone.

8.6   To receive and note general correspondence and to agree action as required.

      From:                                                Subject:
      Staffordshire Moorlands District Council     Invitation for clerk to attend Interaction
                                                   (Apologies sent by the clerk, as she was unable
                                                   to attend).
      Moorlands Together                           Request for confirmation of Parish
                                                   Council and Village Hall contacts.
      Staffordshire Police                         Crime reference for damage to seat in
                                                   Forsbrook Square.

      Email Exchanges
      Staffordshire Moorlands District Council     Links to agendas, reports etc.
      Staffordshire Moorlands District Council     Litter on the Spar car park. (Note: Peter
                                                   Hutchings has visited the premises to request
                                                   their co-operation with regard to litter control).
      Mrs. Sarah Read                              Complaint regarding dog fouling on
                                                   footpath 0.1649.
      Staffordshire Moorlands District Council     Reporting Dog fouling on footpath
                                                   0.1649 behind 427 Uttoxeter Road,
                                                   Blythe Bridge. (Note: The new dog warden
                                                   has been very proactive in the village, providing
                                                   visible presence, erecting dog fouling signs and
                                                   giving out dog scoop bags.)
                                                                                      Page 223

Staffordshire Moorlands District Council   Details of contractor for signage.
Staffordshire Moorlands District Council   Details of issues raised at local
                                           consultations, which have taken place in
                                           the Forsbrook ward.
Staffordshire County Council (Area Office) Missed grass cutting.
Staffordshire County Council               Blocked drains – to note that the blocked
                                               drains on the entrance to Blythe Bridge library
                                               will come under the remit of the new County
                                               Council Community team.
Staffordshire County Council               Footpath issues.
Staffordshire County Council               Marking of senior football pitch.
Staffordshire County Council (Area Office) Drainage work in Caverswall Old Road
                                           – To note that details of the required works are
                                               being submitted along with other drainage issues
                                               within the Moorlands and other divisions in
                                               order that prioritization of the schemes may be
                                               undertaken across the County as a whole.
Staffordshire County Council
(Renee Hardman)                                Official Opening            of     new     Play
Staffordshire County Council
(Margy Woodhead)                               Loan of flasks for Opening day.
Jackson’s Marquees                             Marquee for Official Opening of new
                                               Play equipment.
Christina Wright                               Details re theft of cable – vehicle details.
County Councillor W. Day                       Summary of outstanding County Council
Local Press                                    Official Opening of new Play
Owl Messaging                                  Details of local crime incidents.
Ken Jones                                      Provision of allotments in the Parish.
                                               (Note: the allotments being provided in Cheadle
                                               are for Cheadle residents only).
Playdale Playgrounds Limited                   New play equipment adjustments.
Playdale Playgrounds Limited                   Replacement zip wire seat.
Playdale Playgrounds Limited                   Request for other Parish Councils to
                                               contact Forsbrook Parish Council
                                               regarding advice/recommendations on
                                               successful funding bid.
                                               (Clerk has confirmed that this is okay).
Gary Bentley                                   Jet washing of play equipment.
East Midlands Trains                           Permitted work for Youth Payback
Community Rail Partnership Officer             Youth Payback Team work at Blythe
                                               Bridge Railway Station.
Staffordshire Police                           Damage to zip wire seat – identifying
                                               dog responsible.
Moorlands Housing                              Litter and overgrown trees/hedges on
                                               footpath linking Brook Close to Mount
                                               Road. (Advised by Moorlands Housing that
                                               work is in hand).
Mrs. M. Carter                                 Replacement of noise barriers on the
                                               Blythe Bridge By Pass.
                                                                                          Page 224

           Co-operative Society                        Overgrown grass verges on the entrance
                                                       to the Late Shop car park. (Concerns
                                                       forwarded to the Operations Manager).
           Dilhorne Parish Council                     Damage to highway fencing and street
                                                       sign in Forsbrook Parish. (Reported to
                                                       Clarence and SMDC).
           Christina Wright                            Street light M1 Daisybank only working
                                                       intermittently. (Reported to Clarence).
           Staffordshire County Council
           (Clarence Issues).                         Missed cutting of grass verges.
                                                      Street Light M1 Daisybank.
                                                      Hedge cutting debris left on Draycott
                                                      Old Road.
                                                      Blocked drains.
                                                      Missing cat’s eyes in Stallington Road.
                                                      Leaning No Waiting sign in Stallington
                                                      Uneven        pavement     junction     of
                                                      Bridgwood         Road/Cheadle      Road,
           Staffordshire Parish Councils’ Association NALC Policy and Parliamentary
                                                      Briefings on
                                                      Council Tax new layout.
                                                      Details of Parish Plan Training Course.
                                                      SCIO – training events.
                                                      Contacts during holidays.
                                                      Information on how to recognise a
                                                      Information         on        Sustainable
                                                      Communities Act 2007.
           SLCC                                       Details of Training Seminars.
           Dilhorne Parish Council                    Concern regarding the Core Strategy
                                                      proposals for housing in Cheadle, which
                                                      will affect the highway network of
                                                      surrounding parishes. (Note: The clerk
                                                       has responded by email advising that
                                                       Forsbrook Parish Council has the same
                                                       concerns, which they have registered with

     9.1   Planning Application:

           00877/FUL – 5 Cheadle Road, Forsbrook – two-storey side extension.
           00878/FUL – 5 Beechwood Close, Blythe Bridge – single storey rear extension.

              To raise no concerns with regard to the above two planning applications
               providing the scale and design are in keeping and the proposals have no
               adverse effect on the privacy of adjacent properties.
                                                                                        Page 225

      9.2    Planning Approvals:

             The following planning approvals were noted:

             00554/FUL – 8 Green Lane, Blythe Bridge – construction/retention of 2 No. Brick
             Pillar Gate Posts.
             00583/FUL – 427 Uttoxeter Road, Blythe Bridge – erection of 6 foot high fence.
             00621/FUL – Lyndene, Quabbs Lane, Forsbrook – double garage.
             00712/FUL – 51 Caverswall Road, Blythe Bridge – replacement rear conservatory.

      9.3    Planning Refusal:

             There were no planning refusals for the period in question.

      9.4    To note and deal with other planning matters.

             It was noted that Mrs. Sarah Read, 427 Uttoxeter Road, Blythe Bridge has lodged an
             appeal against the refusal of Staffordshire Moorlands District Council to issue a
             Certificate of Lawfulness for existing use of land as residential curtilage.
             The appeal is to be decided by a Planning Inquiry.


      10.1   Cemetery Report.

             Councillor Mrs. P. Shufflebotham Chairman of the Cemetery Committee reported
             that a few unauthorised objects such as ornaments, vases etc. were appearing on
             burial plots but felt that the reason for this could be temporary while bereaved
             families were waiting for memorial stones to be installed. It was agreed to monitor
             the situation.

      10.2   Cemetery Issues.

             10.2.1 Councillor Mrs. N. A. Stanier reported that she has purchased more bulbs for
                    planting in the cemetery. It was agreed for them to be planted on the grassed
                    area alongside the cemetery road.

             10.2.2 Councillor P. Jones said that he had listened to a radio programme on a
                    cemetery in Bournemouth, which has recently introduced a Butterfly garden
                    where parents who have sadly suffered miscarriages can visit. It was agreed
                    that this was a good idea and something that the Cemetery Committee could
                    consider when deciding on the next phase of the new cemetery development.


      11.1   Environment Report.
                                                                             Page 226

New Play Equipment – Office Opening.

Chairman Councillor Mrs. G. Burton said that the official opening of the Buzzin
Adventure Park had gone very well and thanked everyone for their help and hard
work with regard to providing chairs, jugs and flasks for refreshments, lovely table
decorations and those who helped with serving the refreshments and doing whatever
was needed. On Council’s behalf she gave special thanks to the clerk Christine who
had worked on the arrangements for weeks to ensure that everything was well
organised and said that it was down to her that everyone had had such an enjoyable
time. The children from Forsbrook Primary School and The William Amory Primary
School really made the opening special together with the talented musicians from
Blythe Bridge High School, who set the scene and provided a wonderful atmosphere
throughout the morning. The Primary School children enjoyed themselves so much
playing on the equipment that the Adventure Park was certainly “buzzin” which was
the aim of the Council.

Lottery Funding.

Chairman Councillor Mrs. G. Burton said she was pleased to report an excellent piece
of very good news, in that the Parish Council has recently heard that our lottery
funding bid was successful and that we have been awarded £8000 for the deterrent
camera on the recreation ground through the Awards for All fund, where you can bid
for up to £10000. The Big Lottery official logo has been included on the deterrent
camera signs, as part of their protocol and we will be issuing a press release shortly.
On behalf of Council she thanked the clerk for completing the forms and providing
the additional information to complete the bid.

Playbuilder Scheme Bid.

Chairman Councillor Mrs. G. Burton said that with regard to funding bids members
will recall that we recently discussed submitting a further bid for the third and final
round of the Playbuilder Scheme. A notice of intent has been submitted to the
County Council and the final completed documents have to be submitted by 20th
November 2009. As the timescale is so tight Council need to make a decision as to
what additional equipment we want to provide on the recreation ground so that quotes
can be obtained and all the paper work completed by the deadline. One quote has
already been received from Playdale for an additional piece of wooden equipment
called an Amazon Jungle Climber, which was identified as meeting the Playbuilder
criteria following a consultation with Playdale Playgrounds at the time the latest play
equipment was installed. The cost of the Amazon is £22,161.00. During the time
Councillors have been regularly visiting the Recreation Ground and talking to the
young people using the equipment, swings and bicycle jumps have been requested.
At the official opening David Marsh from Play England spoke very highly of a new
type of swing shaped like a birds nest which several children can climb into and
swing and also a piece of equipment with five seats where the more children swing
they meet in the middle. As regards the bicycle jump, David Marsh suggested using
soil to build two ramps which could be encased in wood and which can be easily
dismantled if another piece of equipment is preferred at a later date. All this type of
equipment is in the catalogues available this evening with the subsequent pages
marked, illustrating swings of all types including bird’s nest swings, those with five
seats and bicycle jumps.
                                                                                    Page 227

       In the Wicksteed Playscapes catalogue there are details and illustration of a Jumping
       Tarantula, which is a climbing structure and trampoline and also a Basket Spinner,
       which children climb into and it rotates. She asked members to view the catalogues
       during the meeting and decide what equipment we would like to include in our bid for
       further Playbuilder funding. The clerk can then make a note of the equipment and
       obtain quotes.

       CCTV Monitoring System.

       Chairman Councillor Mrs. G. Burton reported that the deterrent camera on the
       recreation ground has been very successful but has had a negative effect of displacing
       large groups of young people to the car park area adjacent to the changing rooms.
       She added that in addition to this, criminal damage has been caused to the changing
       rooms and anti social behaviour has been escalating in that particular area over recent
       weeks. All incidents have been reported to the police who have patrolled the area.
       She proposed that as a matter of urgency, further funding is sought for an additional
       CCTV system for the changing rooms and car park, to monitor crime and anti social
       behaviour in addition to ensuring people’s safety. Agreed.

       Dog Warden.

       Chairman Councillor Mrs. G. Burton referred to the meeting recently held with
       District Council Officers to discuss dog fouling issues in our area and said that an
       additional option which Council can consider is an arrangement with the District
       Council, similar to the one we have regarding extra litter collections in that we buy
       back time for the Dog Warden to work just in Blythe Bridge and Forsbrook on
       varying days and times to be agreed. Council would pay an hourly rate for her
       services to patrol just in our area where dog-fouling hot spots have been highlighted.
       The extra litter collections, which Council subsidise have been very successful and
       have been a huge help in keeping our villages free from litter. She felt that the same
       type of arrangement with the Dog Warden will make a difference with dog fouling
       problems. The Parish Plan survey shows that dog fouling is an issue of concern to
       our residents. She proposed that we investigate the cost of buying into the Dog
       Warden’s Services from Staffordshire Moorlands District Council. Agreed.

11.2   Bogs Lane, Blythe Bridge.

       Council discussed the complaint from a resident of Barlstone Avenue regarding weed
       treatment undertaken in Bogs Lane, which has killed some of her garden plants. It
       was noted that this Lane is un-adopted so does not come within the remit of either the
       District or County Council and would be a civil matter between the resident and
       person who had carried out the weed treating.

11.3   Blythe Bridge and Forsbrook Village Hall – land to the rear of the new Doctor’s

       Chairman Councillor Mrs. G. Burton reminded Councillors that the acquirement by
       the Council of the scrubland behind the Village Hall, which is presently used as a dog
       toilet and is an area for anti social behaviour has previously been discussed with a
       view to tidying it up which in turn will enhance the recreation ground.
                                                                                           Page 228

             She said that Councillor Mrs. N. A. Stanier, Council’s Village Hall representative
             raised the matter at the last Village Hall Committee Meeting asking what the Village
             Hall committee’s intentions were for the land.       Due to this ongoing dialogue the
             Village Hall Committee has expressed an interest in disposing of the land.           She
             proposed that the land be valued so that the matter can be fully debated with regard to
             the cost implications with regard to purchase, solicitor’s fees, initial ground work and
             continual upkeep. Agreed.

                To ask Donald Cope & Son to carry out a land valuation.

      11.4   Wicksteed Annual Safety Inspection.

             A copy of the above Safety Inspection report had been distributed to all members
             with the agenda. It was noted that no issues had been highlighted which gave cause
             for concern.

      11.5   Environment Issues.

             The following environment issues were raised:
              Issue                                      Action Agreed
              Trees behind Henry Rice’s garage giving Responsibility of the landowner.
              cause for concern.
              Closure of the National Westminster To clarify details with National
              Bank, Blythe Bridge branch.                Westminster Bank.
              Footpath from Mount Road to Bridgwood Report to the County Council Rights of
              Road, Blythe Bridge – concern over state Way Department.
              of two trees.
              No Cold Calling signs missing from Report to SMDC Community Safety
              Bridgwood Road/Mount Road/Brook Department.
              Close/The Avenue area.
              Tree/Hedge overgrowth - junction of Report to ‘Clarence’.
              Cheadle Road/Dilhorne Road, Forsbrook.
              Cheadle Road, Blythe Bridge – Ice Cream Note that the Police are aware of the
              van parking in bus lane.                   situation.
              Litter debris outside local takeaways.     Report to        SMDC Environment
              Overgrown hedge outside The William To again raise the issue with the School
              Amory School, Blythe Bridge.               to see if the County Grounds Dept. has
                                                         been notified of the work required.

12.   FINANCE:

      12.1   Bank balance.

             It was noted that the bank balance as at 31st August 2009 was:
              Community Direct Account                                                      20683.03
              14 Day Account                                                                42685.98
              Outstanding debits                                                           (1039.60)
              Total                                                                         62329.41
                                                                                Page 229

12.2   September 2009 Accounts.

       The following cheques were submitted for approval:

        Cheque No.       Supplier                                Net    VAT       Gross
        401883           C. J. Brian                          711.00             711.00
        401884           Jackson’s Marquee Hire               177.40    26.61    204.01
        401885           Town and Country Services           1054.00   158.10   1212.10
        401886           Gary Bentley                         355.00             355.00
        401887           B. J. & B. A. Blackwood              176.80             176.80
        401888           Kensington Engineering               220.00    33.00    253.00
        401889           S.M.D.C.                             256.00    38.40    294.40
        401890           Staffordshire Playing Fields Ass.     15.00              15.00
        401891           Qstar (U.K.) Limited                  65.00     9.75     74.75
        401892           Playdale Playgrounds Ltd.             60.65     9.10     69.75
        401893           Christine J. Snape                   873.00             873.00
        401894           H.M.Revenue & Customs                742.52             742.52
        401895           Christine J. Snape                   116.38     8.29    124.67

        Standing Order   Eon                                   38.09     1.91      40.00
        Standing Order   British Telecom                      113.86    17.08     130.94

        Total                                                4974.70   302.24 5276.94

          To approve payment of September 2009 Accounts.

       The meeting concluded at 9.15pm.

       Clerk to the Council                                                 Chairman

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