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					               International Advisors’ Annual Report 2006-2007

This has, once again, been a great year for International Guiding in Lancashire
North West. The enthusiasm we saw last year has continued, and loads of units
from all Sections have undertaken international activities.

There have been a number of Unit trips abroad, and a number of others, to both
Europe and further afield are in the planning stages. Some of our leaders
attended a GAINING training day in Birmingham. The GAINING training offers
clear and well laid out guidelines in addition to practical support from
experienced leaders for those hoping to plan an international trip. Positive
feedback was received from those who went.

A Young Leader from Preston North was chosen from the Region selection
weekend to participate in a trip to Denmark this summer. She had an amazing
time, and returned saying that she had done things she never thought she would
do, and made lifelong friends. What a great experience for her. We have
another 3 girls going along to the Region Selection weekend this September, and
wish them all the very best.

Another highlight in the ‘international calendar’ this year was the 2nd Community
Action Day. This was a great way of sharing lots of positive international
delights and experiences with girls from every section. The day was superbly
well attended once again, and it was great to have the Trefoil Guild supporting
us with international aspects of the day.

Of course, few County reports would be complete this year without mention of
the Gr8 4 Nations Camp! What a superb event! Helping the girls to understand
that international themes can start close to home was a fantastic opportunity,
and one they all grasped with both hands (see the Highland games photos for
proof!). Thanks again must go to the Trefoil Guild for all the activities they
organized relating to the World Centres. This was a great way of sharing with
the girls our worldwide heritage and encouraging a global understanding of our

My term as International Advisor comes to a close in the new year. It’s been a
real pleasure to have been involved in some small way in supporting girls and
their leaders in their international endeavours. The world’s a great and diverse
place let’s make the most of it and encourage all members of Lancashire North
West to be globally aware and internationally enthusiastic!

Kate Cross. September 2007.            1

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