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									          Choose the socks that comforts you better
If you think socks is the least bothered thing to be worn? Then you are wrong. Socks have emerged in history because of the
need to protect and comfort your feet especially when lot of foot work is involved in your daily activities or weather conditions
                                                       compel you to keep your feet warm. Either ways they are necessary. And
                                                       still if you think you could wear any type without noticing what work
                                                       possibly you are going to do then also you need to pay heed.

                                                        If you are not aware that through continuous modifications of type and
                                                        pattern of socks now you get purpose based socks .Manufacturers now
                                                        pay attention to your ultimate requirements for wearing these and
                                                        design them as per your comfort. Even with certain categories style and
                                                        look also matters.

                                                        So how to decide what possible type you will need?

The answer is simple and easy. All you need to know is what the various types are

So let’s have a look at those categories:

 Purpose based socks:
 Casual wear: A blend of synthetic and cotton material these socks are available for
  every height and variety of designs.
 Hiking socks: With extra pad towards heels and foot they are quite capable to wick
  away moisture and keep you dry. Available in mid weight to light weight and of height
 Snow board or ski socks: High ankle socks with more cushioning at the shin and ankle
  area designed to wick moisture off.
 slip socks(antislip sokken in Dutch): Especially for kids, toddlers and elderly. These have rubber grip at the bottom of the
  socks to avoid slipping or skidding. They are thick and durable and are designed keeping in mind good circulation for the one
  who wears it. Many hospitals provide suck socks for patients too.
 Ankle or skate board socks: Stylish socks made of wool provide comfort in
  daily routine and when weather is warm enough to not need high ankle
 Sport or athlete socks: Designed to provide protection to your shin area
  these are available as knee length socks for winters and low ankle cut for
  summers. Made of wool, cotton or mix with spandex or synthetic
 Fashion socks: Leggings, high thigh or knee high stockings, slouch socks
  are some stylish designs.

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