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					              Love, Stargirl book review

By: Hannah M. Book by Jerry Spinelli
Characters and about them
  Stargirl:
Stargirl is a girl that babysits Dootsie and is 16.
 Dootsie:
Dootsie is a girl that Stargirl babysits and I only 6.
 Perry:
Perry is a boy that Stargirl meets on her roof.
 Ms. Pringle:
Ms. Pringle is Dootsie's mother.
 Alvina:
Alvina is a girl that is 11 and delivers Betty Lou’s doughnuts.
 Margie
Margie is Perry’s mom and is the owner of the doughnut shop.
 Betty Lou:
Betty Lou agoraphobic and is 16 and is Stargirl and Dootsie’s friend.
 Cinnamon:
Cinnamon is a rat and is Stargirl and Dootsie’s pet.
   Stargirl’s house
   Calendar hill
   Dootsie’s house
   Betty Lou’s house
    The whole book is a letter that Stargirl writes. She wrote it to a
    her friend Leo. She wrote it because she moved to Pennsylvania.

   The beginning is about when Stargirl sat on a bench then looked up
    and saw a girl sitting there. The girl said, “I am Dootsie!” A lady
    came running at her and said, “Sorry my daughter gets away
    sometimes.” Then Stargirl said, “Are you magic?” Then Dootsie said,
    "Yes I am, right mommy?” Her mom said, “ Yes, she is like a little
    Houdini.” Then Dootsie started to disappear. Stargirl said ,“Are you
    there?” Dootsie said ,“Yes.” So they were friends.
Plot continued

   The middle is about when Stargirl goes to a festival with Dootsie.
    When they are there they hear, “ FIGHT !” Then they see two
    people wrestling on the ground. Dootsie starts to cry. 
    Stargirl looks over and she sees her friend, Alvina wrestling. They
    are wrestling because when Alvina and Stargirl were at the
    doughnut shop these boys came in and called Alvina ugly. So
    Dootsie and Stargirl leave.

   They sit on a step. Stargirl says ,“Sorry, that was all my fault.”
    “That is OK,” said Dootsie. So they walk back to Betty Lou's
Plot continued
   First, Stargirl is walking to go trick-or-treating with
    Dootsie and Cinnamon. On her way, she sees a house
    that is on fire! Stargirl leaves Cinnamon in the mail box.
    Stargirl goes in to call 911 and to save the people. She
    calls 911. Then she passed out. But still the firemen came.

   The next morning she found herself in the hospital. First
    she sees Dootsie. Dootsie was in her waffle costume
    from Halloween. When Dootsie leaves, Stargirl
    says,“There is nothing sadder then a soggy waffle.” Then
    the firemen come in and say, “There
Plot Continued
was nobody in the house, but they called to tell you they
 said thank you anyway.” Then she remembered she left
Three real                        Three non real

    Stargirl is home schooled.      Dootsie turns invisible
   Perry goes on Stargirl’s         Stargirl is magic.
    roof.                            Dootsie’s mom is magic
   Betty Lou is agoraphobic.         to.

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