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									Healthy Living

                                                      Active Outdoor
Town Creek to Oldtown
This is a lovely 4 mile walk on the C&O Canal Towpath along a beautiful area of the canal that is still maintained today with water. We will
begin our walk with an interpreted over view of the Canal history in the area by John Frye. Our final destination point on this walk is the
historic village of Oldtown. Please join John Frye in Oldtown for a tour of the historic points of interest in this charming area. A lunch stop
and opportunity to tour the C&O Canal Museum at the Cumberland Terminus in the restored Canal Place Heritage area of Cumberland,
Maryland will cap off this terrific day. A complete itinerary will be sent to you one week prior to the program date. Transportation will be
provided via HCC Vans, lunch on your own in Cumberland. Please feel free to bring a bag lunch or have a delicious treat in an area
restaurant located in Canal Place. Departure from the HCC Main Campus, a direction map for parking will be sent with the itinerary. Class
Limit: 15
Fee: $15 Registration Fee: $5
DIS 186 B1 S 08:00AM-04:00PM 10/04/08 J Frye

Women’s Self-Defense Seminar
This seminar is designed for women who are interested in all aspects of self-protection from an assailant. During this seminar, you will gain
an understanding of the background and theory underlying the use of self-defense methods that involve awareness, avoidance, and active
response. The instructor will address your own concerns and scenarios, according to the types of attacks that you worry about most as
women. You will learn how to deal with problem situations via training methods that are suited for your own level of strength and ability as
women. We will cover basic principles of evasion and getting away, certain legal issues as they pertain to self-defense, and your mental state
as it carries through to physical methods used against specific attacks. You will have time for basic solo practice of the methods, which will
help you to build in basic body responses that are based on sound principles. You will then practice some of the methods in pairs at a
controlled pace for safety and to assure they are performed correctly and will project well to a sudden and full-speed situation. Then you will
drill the solo form again. You can then try these (in a controlled manner) with the instructor in order to check your skills against a bit more
strength as an added obstacle. While no one method can make you invulnerable to a determined predator, this seminar should give you the
knowledge and skills training needed to better develop your own edge for dealing with dangerous situations. Class Limit: 30
Fee: $35 Registration Fee: $5
MBP 067 A1 M 06:30PM-09:30PM 11/17/08 P Cote
    Valley Mall 3

Zumba Gold
This workout uses easy to follow steps for the Active Older Adult or Beginner. Zumba fitness program is inspired by Latin dance. Combining
Latin Rhythms with cardiovascular exercise creates an aerobic routine that is fun and easy to follow. The name Zumba is derived from a
Colombian word meaning to move fast and have fun. Using the principles of fitness interval training and resistance training maximizes
caloric output, fat burning, and total body toning. Dance steps are easy to follow and it is fun and addictive. The terrific Latin rhythms in the
program have taken the ‘work’ out of “working out.” Class Limit: 20
Fee: $65 Senior Adult Fee: $39 Registration Fee: $5
MBP 052 A1 M 08:45AM-09:45AM 10/06/08-11/24/08
   Staff Athletic & Rec. Bldg 201
Zumba for Everyone
Inspired by Latin dance music, Zumba uses a variety of styles in its routines, including cumbia, merengue, salsa, reggaeton, mambo, rumba,
flamenco, and Calypso. Music selections include both fast and slow rhythms to help tone and sculpt the body. The 60-minute program
incorporates footwork and body movements form the dances mentioned previously. Participants will pump their legs, windmill their arms,
gyrate their hips, clap their hands, dip, slide and spin-all to a frenzied beat leaving your cheeks flushed and dripping in sweat. This class, for
beginners to advanced dancers, is a great cardio workout for everyone. Class Limit: 15
Fee: $65 Senior Adult Fee: $39 Registration Fee: $5
MBP 081 A1 W 09:00AM-10:00AM 10/01/08-11/05/08
   A Binder Zion United Church of Christ
MBP 081 B1 R 07:00PM-08:00PM 10/02/08-11/06/08
   A Binder Zion United Church of Christ

                                             Water Exercise Courses
Aquatics Arthritis
Are you among the estimated 37 million Americans who have arthritis? If so, then this class is for you! Join Juanita Souders, HCC Fitness
Instructor and Arthritis Foundation Certified Instructor, for this gentle, yet structured exercise class in warm water. Designed to keep
flexibility & range of motion. Also maintain strength and build overall stamina. No swimming ability necessary. Easily accessible entry into
and exit from warm water. Must have doctor’s permission. Handicapped parking and entrance accessible. Class Limit: 15
Fee: $45 Senior Adult Fee: $35 Registration Fee: $5
SEN 327 B1 MW 02:30PM-03:30PM 10/20/08-11/26/08
   J Souders Village at Robinwood

Splash Aerobics
You will really get moving, marching, hopping, kicking and splashing in this great new water aerobics course with Juanita Souders! This is a
great, but simple cardiovascular workout that is followed by stretching and toning exercises. You can workout in shallow or deep water. This
is recommended for all who are comfortable with moderate exercise. Please consult with your physician before beginning a new exercise
routine. Class Limit: 20
Fee: $40 Senior Adult Fee: $35 Registration Fee: $5
FIT 001 B1 TR 02:30PM-03:30PM 10/21/08-12/04/08
    J Souders Village at Robinwood

Yoga for the Health of It! With Simone Heurich RYT 500, Certified Anusara Yoga Instructor
This yoga class is perfect for you if you have a special condition that you would like to improve or find more comfort with. We will modify
poses for a variety of needs, such as fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis, and chronic fatigue. We will also utilize therapeutic techniques in poses
to create better alignment, more strength as well as flexibility with foot, knee, hip, back shoulder and neck problems. Whatever your unique
situation is, our hope is that you will leave this class with some specific ways to feel better. Class Limit: 12
Fee: $45 Senior Adult Fee: $35 Registration Fee: $5
MBP 037 B1 S 11:00AM-01:00PM 10/18/08-10/25/08
    S Heurich Village at Robinwood RR

Yog-Wa (Water Yoga)
Yoga done in a warm water pool. The water comfortably supports the body. Gentle on the joints and muscles. Poses enhance flexibility and
strength. Breathing, and mind/body awareness are emphasized. A blend of traditional postures adapt to the water. Fun, relaxing and effective!
Anita Binder, a personal trainer, and Registered Yoga Teacher through Yoga Alliance, certified by AFAA, AEA, and Yogafit guides you
through the poses. Class Limit: 15
Fee: $59 Senior Adult Fee: $35 Registration Fee: $5
MBP 043 A1 M 05:30PM-06:30PM 10/06/08-11/24/08
    A Binder Village at Robinwood
MBP 043 B1 R 05:30PM-06:30PM              10/02/08-11/20/08
  A Binder Village at Robinwood

                                                      Massage Series
Friends and Family Massage Series:
Seated Chair Massage
Imagine the stress we experience in a, family, finance, health problems and all the other conflicts that may arise. Now imagine
simple non-invasive, massage techniques that will aide in relaxation and stress reduction. Join Chuck and Terrye Armstrong, Nationally
Certified Massage Therapists, for a two-hour session that will provide you with the necessary information and techniques that will help
alleviate: stress, neck and shoulder pain, headaches, and muscle tension and discomfort. Wear comfortable, loose clothing and bring a pillow.
Class Limit: 16
Fee: $39 Senior Adult Fee: $35 Registration Fee: $5
MBP 089 A1 S 10:00AM-12:00PM 10/04/08 Staff
    Valley Mall 4

Friends and Family Massage Series:
Hand and Foot Massage
Tired, aching feet and hands? Learn how to effectively and properly massage your hands and fee. Join Chuck and Terrye Armstrong,
Nationally Certified Massage Therapists, for a two-hour session that provides you with the necessary information that will help alleviate: *
Pain caused by average daily living * Hand and wrist pain * Muscle tension and discomfort * Soreness and stiffness Wear comfortable, loose
clothing and bring a pillow. Limit the amount of jewelry on hands and wrists. Class Limit: 12
Fee: $39 Senior Adult Fee: $35 Registration Fee: $5
MBP 090 A1 S 10:00AM-12:00PM 10/11/08 Staff
   Valley Mall 3

Usui Level Two Reiki
This course lead by Anna Hargett provides practitioners of 1st degree Reiki with expanded skills and knowledge of the principles and
practices of Usui natural system of healing. The day long class focuses on the use of symbols to amplify the power of healing locally and at a
distance. At the completion of this course, Reiki practitioners will be more effective healers. Seminar attendees will learn through a
combination of lecture, discussion, and demonstration with an emphasis on practicing concepts discussed in the classroom. Prerequisite: First
Degree Usui Reiki Class Limit: 15
Fee: $65 Senior Adult Fee: $35 Registration Fee: $5
MBP 094 A1 S 09:00AM-04:00PM 10/11/08 A Hargett Valley Mall 4

Reiki Jin Kei Do—Second Degree
(Note: Pre-requisite — First-Degree Reiki Jin Kei Do) Anne Aden will lead this two day, Second Degree Reiki Jin Kei Do class that will
expand your capacity to channel Reiki energy. Second Degree Reiki Jin Kei Do is a stronger vibrational energy than First Degree. Where
First degree is a warm, gentle energy that radiates from the entire hand, Second Degree is an intense source of energy that surges from the
palm chakra and “magic sword” fingers. In this second degree training, students will receive two energy attunements to raise the vibration of
the crown and palm chakras; learn and practice three sacred Reiki symbols; learn and practice a lying-down treatment protocol; learn how to
help others in their emotional healing process; practice meditation; learn a new Qi Gong practice. Reiki Jin Kei Do is called the way of
compassion and wisdom. This lineage emphasizes the daily practices of reiki self-healing, mindfulness meditation, and moving meditation
(ex. Qi Gong, Tai Chi, or yoga) to increase the practitioner’s capacity to channel energy and to be of greater service to his/her clients. Class
Limit: 8
Fee: $150 Registration Fee: $5
MBP 101 A SU 09:00AM-05:00PM 11/08/08-11/09/08
   A Aden Valley Mall 7
Reiki Exchange
Join other reiki practitioners for a reiki exchange. During these two hours you will have the opportunity to give and receive a reiki treatment.
Reiki practitioners from any lineage are welcome to enroll.
Fee: $5 Registration Fee: $5
MBP 113 A1 S 10:00AM-12:00PM 11/22/08 A Aden
   Valley Mall 3

                                               Mind, Body and Spirit
Principles of Meditation— a Joyous, Peaceful Meditation—a Joyous, Peaceful Way of Life
The practice of this ancient art will enrich your life experiences and expand your horizon. It is an excellent support to prevent, slow or control
cardiovascular disease, improve the ability to sustain concentration, restore balance for depression, develop constructive use of thought
patterns and ease pain associated with chronic diseases. If the practice of meditation is a new concept you would like to experience—or if you
wish to renew your meditation practice, this course will help you establish a firm foundation. Mary Ann Allan is an Astarain of the Eighth
Degree and a life long seeker. She is active in the tri-state area as a meditation mentor; giving lessons, lectures, and workshops since 1986.
Class Limit 10. Class Limit: 15
Fee: $65 Senior Adult Fee: $35 Registration Fee: $5
MBP 027 A1 T 07:00PM-08:30PM 10/07/08-11/11/08
   M Allan Valley Mall 7

Sounder Sleep System™ ... A Drug-Free Alternative for Sounder Sleep
Tammy Spitzer, a physical therapist, Guild-Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner™ and certified Sounder Sleep Instructor™, will guide you
through the Sounder Sleep System™. This system is a holistic insomnia solution with its roots in the Feldenkrais Method ®. It is a medically
approved system of gentle, yet remarkably effective movement techniques, called mini-moves™, which help to quickly relax your body,
calm your mind, and lull you into tranquil sleep. If you wake during the night, the mini-moves™ will help you return to sleep faster. As a
result, you’ll get the natural, restful sleep you need, when you need it. You’ll feel more vibrant, less stressed and more energetic. Recent
sleep research reveals that deep, restful sleep helps boost the immunity system and promotes optimal healing. These techniques put your own
healing ability right at your fingertips. It’s an enjoyable 4 hours of R&R, you will leave more refreshed. Bring small pillow/mat and light
cover or sleeping bag, and comfortable clothing. For those who have attended in the past, we will be covering new techniques to learn. Class
Limit: 20
Fee: $45 Senior Adult Fee: $35 Registration Fee: $5
MBP 091 A1 W 03:00PM-08:00PM 10/15/08 T Spitzer
   Valley Mall 4

Perspectives on Healing Traumatic Life Events
Have you been a witness to, or a survivor of violence? Do you startle easily? Interested in using time proved Eastern philosophies and
techniques to understand and heal the issue? Thomas Merrill, Licensed Acupuncturist will present different philosophies of healing Trauma.
This class is ideal for those who have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and wish to regain their lives. Also an excellent opportunity for Health
Care Professionals to learn more about traditional Chinese Medicine Five Element Model of Healing. Course concepts are aligned with
recommended reading of “Nourishing Destiny: The Inner Tradition of Chinese Medicine” by Lonnie Jarrett. Class Limit: 20
Fee: $59 Senior Adult Fee: $35 Registration Fee: $5
MBP 100 B1 T 06:30PM-08:00PM 10/21/08 Staff
   Village at Robinwood Lobby

The Flexible Back: Relief for the Nagging Back Through the Feldenkrais Method
Join Tammy Spitzer, Physical Therapist and Guild-certified Feldenkrais Practitioner, as you learn holistic, unique and highly effective
strategies to relieve you back pain. Additional benefits will include improved awareness of your body, improved posture, and increased
flexibility. These are easy, yet powerful strategies that you can incorporate into your daily routine and exercise at home. Class Limit: 40
Fee: $45 Senior Adult Fee: $35 Registration Fee: $5
MBP 114 B R 05:00PM-08:30PM 10/09/08 T Spitzer
    Village at Robinwood Lobby
Bones for Life Healthy Bones...A Guide for Help With Osteoporosis, Arthritis and Better Balance
Join Tammy Spitzer, a physical therapist who is also a guild-certified Feldenkrais Practitioner™, as you learn how to better use your skeletal
alignment to improve posture, balance, and a feeling of safety. This system was developed by Ruthie Alon, GCFP with roots in The
Feldenkrais Method. People can sense a dynamic, powerful alignment using pressure through the feet or hands in a safe and stable manner,
helps to stimulate bone strength. Techniques shared in this class will give you options for safe and effective movement with less fear of
falling. People who have attended this session have stated that these strategies have helped them feel stronger, clearer, more flexible, and that
they experience an improved blood flow in their arms and legs. This technique improves balance and strength on any level, for those who feel
healthy, or if you are challenged with balance difficulties. It can also help improve self-confidence and attitude. Please wear loose,
comfortable clothing and bring an extra pair of socks. New this season, is use of brightly colored ”wraps” to help you feel more firmly
aligned. Very helpful for ages 40+ to reduce risks of osteoporosis. Class Limit: 20
Fee: $45 Senior Adult Fee: $35 Registration Fee: $5
MBP 080 A1 R 01:00PM-04:00PM 11/13/08 T Spitzer
    Valley Mall 3

Learning How to Learn—Part I
Are you having difficulties learning the material you need to learn in a class setting? Come and explore various methods that can aid you.
Learn how to recognize your own unique learning styles and adapt a system to it. Thomas Merrill, licensed Acupuncturist, will lead an
exploration of how to diagnose your own strengths and suggest methods to maximize them. Topics will include, and not limited to: Mind
Mapping, Cognitive Styles and Learning Styles, and Chinese medical models of memory. Class Limit: 20
Fee: $39 Senior Adult Fee: $35 Registration Fee: $5
MBP 115 A1 T 06:30PM-08:30PM 09/23/08 Staff
   Village at Robinwood Lobby
MBP 115 B1 T 06:30PM-08:30PM 10/28/08 Staff
   Village at Robinwood Lobby

Learning How to Learn—Part 2
During the first session you learned how to recognize your own unique learning style and to develop a learning system so that you can learn
more easily. Thomas Merrill, licensed Acupuncturist, will further work with you to establish your own unique learning method. Class Limit:
Fee: $39 Senior Adult Fee: $35 Registration Fee: $5

Join us as Jeffrey Worth, a nurse who is also an acupuncturist and a certified massage therapist, discusses Fibromyalgia. Learn about the most
common cause of Fibromyalgia, why the chronic fatigue and pain caused by Fibromyalgia may not be a condition that you have to live with
for the rest of your life, and learn strategies to relieve and reduce the symptoms of Fribromyalgia. Class Limit: 25
Fee: $10 Registration Fee: $5
MBP 082 A1 W 06:30PM-08:00PM 10/08/08 J Worth Valley Mall 4

Jeffrey Worth, a nurse who is also an acupuncturist and a certified massage therapist, will discuss the differences between Osteoarthritis and
Rheumatoid Arthritis and identify the causes of both kinds of arthritis. Natural strategies that relieve symptoms by addressing the causes of
these conditions and why drugs are not a permanent solution will be explored during this session. Class Limit: 25
Fee: $10 Registration Fee: $5
MBP 083 A1 M 06:30PM-08:00PM 11/03/08 J Worth Valley Mall 3

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