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         St. Louis Engineer
Volume IV, Issue VI                                                                                             February 2009

   St. Louis Engineer
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Editor              John F. Gagliardo, E.I.T.
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   Board of Directors

President          Marc Eshelman, P.E.
                   (314)275-1700                February 17, 2009 - Joint Society Engineers Week Luncheon - Mr. Gregg
Vice Pres.         Jason Dohrmann, P.E.         Maryniak, Director of the J.S. McDonnell Planetarium, Vice President for
                   (636)519-0990                Aerospace Science of the St. Louis Science Center. See page 6 for more
Treasurer          Matt Tinker, E.I.T.
                   (314)682-1598                details.
Secretary          Bob Becnel, P.E.
                   (636) 278-9000
                                                              February 20, 2009 - MSPE - St. Louis Chapter Engineers Week
                                                              Reception and Awards Program– See pages 3,4 and 5 for Award
         State Directors                                      Winners, page 7 for Awards Reception and Program
               Scott Becker, P.E.
            Josephine Emerick, P.E.                           Information.
               Krista Kotur, E.I.T.

    Chapter Directors                                                   February 21, 2009 - MATHCOUNTS - The event
              Allan Erdman, P.E.
             John Gagliardo, E.I.T.                MATH COUNTS          will be held at St. Louis Community College-North
               G. Scott Nall, P.E.                                      Campus (Florissant Valley) . See page 5 for more
               Karla Ritter, P.E.
             Gerald Williams, P.E.                                      details.

                                                February 21-22, 2009 - St. Louis Science Center Engineers
      Inside this issue:
                                                Week Exhibits - Missouri Society of Professional Engineers
President’s Message       2
MSPE STL Chapter Awards 3-5                     hosts free exhibits open to the public. See page 9 for times.
MATHCOUNTS                                 5
EWeek Joint Society Lunch                  6
MSPE Awards Reception                      7
IDOT/MoDOT Update                          8                   February 19, 2009 - Engineers Day Luncheon at the Rotary
MSPE Scholarships                          8                   Club St. Louis
Science Center Event                       9
PAGE 2                    FE B R U A R Y 2 0 0 9   V I S I T N S P E A T WW W. NS P E . O R G A ND M S P E A T WW W. MS P E . O R G   V O LU M E I V , I S S U E V I

                                    President’s Message
                        Members, it’s time to celebrate ENGINEERING!

                        February is the month when engineers take time to celebrate our industry. Engineers
                        Week officially runs from February 15th to the 21st. It was founded in 1951 by the
                        National Society of Professional Engineers and it is dedicated to raising public awareness
                        of engineers' positive contributions to the quality of life, to promoting recognition of
                        the importance of a technical education and to motivating youth to pursue engineering
  Marc Eshelman, P.E.    careers. There are a variety of activities planned for that week. Click these links to
   President, MSPE       see what is happening nationally:

 Locally, the St. Louis Chapter marks the week with several activities of our own:

         •   On February 20th we honor some of the best engineers in St. Louis at our annual Awards
             Banquet. Awards are given for engineering excellence in a variety of categories. At the
             banquet, we will also hand over scholarship money to two young, future engineers, who scored
             highest during the application process.
         •   On February 21st and 22nd at the Science Center, MSPE will host a variety of engineering
             exhibits, as well as roll out our new bridge building kit.
         •   MSPE is spearheading the Joint Society Luncheon on February 17th at the Engineers Club.
             Our distinguished speaker will be Gregg Maryniak from the St. Louis Science Center.

 So, engineers, be proud of your profession, encourage others to be a part of it and come out and help
 us celebrate during Engineers Week.

 Marc W. Eshelman, PE
 President MSPE St. Louis Chapter
PAGE 3               FE B R U A R Y 2 0 0 9       V I S I T N S P E A T WW W. NS P E . O R G A ND M S P E A T WW W. MS P E . O R G   V O LU M E I V , I S S U E V I

         Congratulations MSPE St. Louis Chapter Winners!
                                         Engineer of the Year for 2009
                                         Stephen A. Hutti, P.E.
                                         Program Manager - Boeing Ground Support Systems
                                         The Boeing Company

                                   Mr. Stephen A. Hutti is Program Manager of Navy Ground Support Equipment Programs
                                   with responsibility for the F/A-18 Hornet / Super Hornet; EA-18G Growler; T-45
                                   Goshawk, AV-8 Harrier, and V-22 Osprey. He grew up in Louisville Ky. He attended the
                                   University of Louisville where he earned his Bachelors and Masters Degrees in Electrical
                                   Engineering. During his studies, Mr. Hutti worked at Brown & Williamson Tobacco
                                   Corporation designing process control systems for their Louisville KY and Macon GA
                                   operations. He joined the Boeing Company (McDonnell Douglas Astronautics Company)
immediately after graduation and has held various engineering design, development, and leadership positions with Boeing
during his 30 plus years with the company. Those assignments included positions on the Air Launched Cruise Missile,
Medium Range Air to Surface Missile, Tomahawk Cruise Missile, Advanced Cruise Missile, F-18 Advanced Maintenance
Integrated Diagnostics; and F-15 Computerized Fault Reporting System. In 1997, Mr. Hutti became the Engineering
Department Head for Avionics Support Equipment/Trainers and Supportability Engineering with over 250 engineers under
his leadership. In August 1999, Mr. Hutti was selected as the Program Manager for the Weapons Support Systems
responsible for support programs for various missile and weapons programs in St. Charles Missouri. In January 2005, Mr.
Hutti was assigned to his current position as Program Manager for Boeing Ground Support Systems.

Mr. Hutti has been recognized for his many achievements over the years. In 2004, he and his engineering team won the
Boeing ATLAS Achievement Team Award for the development of a patented process for rejuvenating vidicon tubes
extending the service life of the GBU-15 USAF weapon system. He was named the Outstanding Professional Engineer in
Industry by the MSPE St. Louis Chapter in May 1996. Mr. Hutti is a licensed Professional Engineer in Missouri. Mr. Hutti is
a Past President of the St. Louis Chapter, the Boeing Focal for NSPE, the North Central Region Vice-Chair for NSPE’s
Professional Engineers in Industry, and the St. Louis Chapter representative for the MSPE PEI committee. Mr. Hutti has
served on the National Defense Industrial Association (NDIA) Systems Engineering Committee and Integrated Diagnostics
Subcommittee. Mr. Hutti is currently Vice President of the NDIA’s St. Louis Chapter. Mr. Hutti is also a member of the
Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE).

Mr. Hutti is married to Melinda. Their daughter, Angela Hutti, is the weekend morning Meteorologist for KTVI Fox 2 in St.
Louis. Their son, Rob Hutti, is Visual Designer for NGAGE branding and advertising firm in St. Louis. Rob was recently
married in October 18, 2008 to Tiffany Meinert, a Physicians Assistant.

                                         Outstanding Engineer of the Year in Construction for 2009
                                         Clem Kivindyo, P.E.
                                         Project Engineer
                                         Millstone Bangert, Inc.

                                         Mr. Kivindyo grew up in Jefferson City, MO. He moved to Columbia, MO to attend
                                         college and received a BS in Civil Engineering December 1996. He started work
                                         immediately after graduation with MoDOT in Jefferson City as a Highway Designer. In
                                         April of 1998 he transferred to MoDOT’s St. Louis District to take a position as an
                                         Intermediate Construction Inspector. After a little over a year and a half he left MoDOT
                                         for a position with Millstone Bangert, Inc. as a Project Engineer where he is currently
                                         employed. As a part of MBI’s joint venture with Fred Weber, Inc and Granite
                                         Construction, Inc for MoDOT’s New I-64 project, he currently serves as the Utility
                                         Engineer for Gateway Constructors.

                                         He has been married to his wonderful wife Grace for 8 years. They have a 2 year old
                                         daughter named Marley. In their spare time we enjoy travel, fine dining, gourmet
                                          cooking and tackling home improvements.
PAGE 4                 FE B R U A R Y 2 0 0 9        V I S I T N S P E A T WW W. NS P E . O R G A ND M S P E A T WW W. MS P E . O R G   V O LU M E I V , I S S U E V I

         Congratulations MSPE St. Louis Chapter Winners!
                                            Outstanding Engineer of the Year in Education for 2009
                                            Jessica J. du Maine, P.E.
                                            Assistant Professor of Electrical/Electronic Engineering and Technology
                                            St. Louis Community College - Florissant Valley

                                            Jessica is an Assistant Professor/Program Coordinator for Electrical/Electronic Engineering &
                                            Technology at the Florissant Valley Campus of St. Louis Community College. She is the
                                            faculty sponsor and founder of the Florissant Valley Student Branch of IEEE and the current
                                            Chair of the Computer Society for the Saint Louis Section. Additionally, Jessica is a
                                            Professional Engineer and a graduate of University of Missouri – Rolla (BSEE) and Washington
                                            University (MSEE).

                                            Outstanding Engineer of the Year in Government for 2009
                                            Richard T. Bradley, P.E.
                                            Assistant Airport Director for Planning and Engineering
                                            Lambert-St. Louis International Airport

                                            Mr. Bradley has been employed by the City of St. Louis since May of 1988. He has held the
                                            positions of Civil Engineer I, II, III and Engineering Manager I for the Board of Public Service.
                                            He has also held the position of Chief Engineer at Lambert-St. Louis International Airport and
                                            is currently the Assistant Airport Director for Planning and Engineering. He is a graduate of
                                            the University of Missouri at Rolla and holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Civil Engineering.
                                            He is a Registered Professional Engineer in Missouri and Illinois. He is a member of the
                                            Missouri Society of Professional Engineers, the National Society of Professional Engineers, the
                                            American Society of Civil Engineers, the American Association of Airport Executives and the
                                            Engineer’s Club of St. Louis. He is also very active in the community. In particular he is very
                                            active at Immaculate Heart of Mary Catholic Church and many of it’s organizations including
                                            Venturing Crew 2179, B.S.A. and the Holy Name Society. He enjoys boating, travelling,
                                            golfing and spending time with his wife Alison and daughter Kristin.

                                            Outstanding Engineer of the Year in Industry for 2009
                                            Louis Scott Becker, P.E.
                                            Ameren Services

                                            Scott graduated from UMR with a BSEE in 1986 and MSEE in 1988, and became a licensed
                                            engineer in Missouri in 1992. He has been working at Ameren since 1988, starting out as a
                                            subtransmission planning engineer, and presently works in the Transmission Operations
                                            department as a support engineer. He serves on the Southeast Reliability Council’s Real-time
                                            Modeling Workgroup.

                                            Scott has served as an MSPE St. Louis chapter director, and served on the chapter Executive
                                            Board, becoming President in 2004/2005. He became a state director in 2007, and presently
                                            organizes of the PE refresher course for the chapter.

                                            Prior to going to college, Scott served in the United States Navy as an Electronics Technician
                                            and Reactor Operator, and was qualified for submarine service in 1979. He was activated
                                            from the Reserves in 1991 and served in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait during Operation Desert

Scott is a certified whitewater kayak instructor, serves on the Board of Elders at his church, and can be found most Saturdays
volunteering at the World Bird Sanctuary.
PAGE 5               FE B R U A R Y 2 0 0 9    V I S I T N S P E A T WW W. NS P E . O R G A ND M S P E A T WW W. MS P E . O R G   V O LU M E I V , I S S U E V I

         Congratulations MSPE St. Louis Chapter Winners!
                                   Outstanding Engineer of the Year in Private Practice for 2009
                                   Breck R. Washam, P.E.
                                   Associate Vice President and General Manager, St. Louis Region
                                   Burns & McDonnell

                                   Breck Washam serves as the Associate Vice President and General Manager of the St.
                                   Louis Regional Office of Burns & McDonnell.

                                   In this capacity, Mr. Washam is responsible for over 130 personnel in the eight Global
                                   Practices (Divisions) represented in St. Louis including: Aviation & Facilities, Business &
                                   Technology Services; Energy; Environmental; Infrastructure; Process & Industrial;
                                   Transmission & Distribution; and Construction Design/Build. He has overall
                                   management and leadership responsibility for: financial results; human resources
                                   including recruitment, staffing growth and career development; strategic planning and
                                   marketing; project team resources; and office policy.

Prior to becoming General Manager in 2007, he served as the Energy division manager in the St. Louis Regional
Office with primary responsibility for personnel, projects, and business development in Eastern Missouri, Southern
Illinois, and Indiana. He was the client account manager for Ameren, Dynegy Midwest Generation, Peabody Energy,
multiple industrial clients, and various municipalities and cooperatives.

Mr. Washam holds a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from the Missouri University of Science & Technology (Magna
Cum Laude) and a Master of Project Management (MPM) from Keller Graduate School of Management. He is a
licensed Professional Engineer in Missouri and Indiana.

Mr. Washam has contributed significantly to the promotion of the engineering profession and the area of private
practice. He and his project teams and clients have been recognized by ACEC, ASHRAE, and the St. Louis Council of
Construction Consumers for engineering excellence on multiple projects.

Mr. Washam is a member of the Engineers Club of St. Louis and NSPE/MSPE. He is a Past President of MSPE St.
Louis Chapter and currently serves as the First Vice Chairman for MSPE’s Professional Engineers in Private Practice
(PEPP) at the state level. He also received the MSPE St. Louis Chapter and the MSPE State Society Young Engineer
of the Year Award in 2002. He currently serves as an Area Director for the Miner Alumni Association.

Breck grew up in St. Louis and currently lives in Ballwin, Missouri, with his wife, Ruth Ann, and their three children
(Landon, Taylor, and Blake).

                                              MATH COUNTS
MATHCOUNTS is a national enrichment, coaching and competition program that promotes middle
school mathematics achievement through grassroots involvement in every U.S. state and territory. With
over 22 years experience, MATHCOUNTS is one of the most successful education partnerships
involving volunteers, educators, industry sponsors, and students.
Volunteers are needed for all aspects of the competition on Saturday, February 21, 2009 at the St.
Louis Community College – North Campus (Florissant Valley). Start at 8:00 am, End at 1:00
Please contact Matt Tinker (MATHCOUNTS Chairman) at if you have any
PAGE 6                               FE B R U A R Y 2 0 0 9   V I S I T N S P E A T WW W. NS P E . O R G A ND M S P E A T WW W. MS P E . O R G   V O LU M E I V , I S S U E V I

                                     Can the Moon
                                     Save the Earth?

                                                                                                                         Gregg Maryniak, Director
                                                                                                                         J.S. McDonnell Planetarium

                                    Find out how information from the Apollo program holds
                                    the key to exploration of space and the solution to some of
                                    the Earth's most urgent problems. Director of the James S.
                                    McDonnell Planetarium and instigator of NASA's Lunar
                                    Prospector Mission, Mr. Gregg Maryniak will forever

                                    WHERE: Engineers Club, 4359 Lindell Blvd., St. Louis, MO 63108
                                    WHEN: Tuesday, February 17, 2009
                                    SIGN IN at 11:30 am, Lunch at Noon, Program following Lunch.
                                    COST: $20 per person. (Make checks payable to MSPE)

                                    SPEAKER INFORMATION:
                                    MR. GREGG MARYNIAK IS THE DIRECTOR OF THE J.S. MCDONNELL
PAGE 7   FE B R U A R Y 2 0 0 9   V I S I T N S P E A T WW W. NS P E . O R G A ND M S P E A T WW W. MS P E . O R G   V O LU M E I V , I S S U E V I
PAGE 8               FE B R U A R Y 2 0 0 9          V I S I T N S P E A T WW W. NS P E . O R G A ND M S P E A T WW W. MS P E . O R G   V O LU M E I V , I S S U E V I

                                                 UPDATES FROM THE
                          (Sponsored by the MSPE, ISPE, and the Engineers Club of St. Louis)

                                                              Guest Speakers:

                   Ms. Mary Lamie, P.E., IDOT Deputy Director of Highways

              Mr. Ed Hassinger, P.E., MoDOT St. Louis Metro District Engineer
Our guest speakers, Ms. Lamie and Mr. Hassinger, will provide updates on projects and discuss
the current state of their district and possible outlooks on the future. A short question and
answer period will also occur if time permits.

Where: Engineers Club, 4359 Lindell Blvd., St. Louis, MO 63108
When: Thursday, February 5, 2009
Sign in at 11:30 am, Lunch at Noon, Program following lunch.
Cost: $15 per person. (Make checks payable to MSPE)
Reservation deadline: Friday, January 30, 2009
Reservations: Call, fax or email Kurt at (314) 533-9333, (314) 533-9336,

 Congratulations MSPE St. Louis Chapter Scholarship Recipients!
                                               Congratulations to the                                      Science and Technology, Rolla,
                                               2009 MSPE St. Louis                                         to study Mechanical
                                               Chapter Scholarship                                         Engineering. Nicholas
                                               recipients Mr. Mark                                         Eshelman is a student at St.
                                               Haarmann ($1,250                                            Louis University High School
                                               award) and Mr.                                              and plans to attend Missouri
                                               Nicholas Eshelman                                           University of Science and
                                               ($1,000 award). Mark                                        Technology, Rolla, to study Civil
                                               Haarmann is a student                                       Engineering. We at MSPE St.
                                               at Timberland High                                          Louis Chapter wish you the best
                                               School, Wentzville R –                                      of luck in all your future
                                               IV School District and                                       endeavors both personally and
   Mark Haarman-Timberland High               plans to attend the              Nicholas Eshelman-St. Louis as future engineers!
             School                                                                University High School
                                              Missouri University of

   Contact John F. Gagliardo
   at (314)534-1030 or email: for
advertising information and rates.
V O LU M E 1 V , I S S U E V   FE B R U A R Y 2 0 0 9   V I S I T N S P E A T WW W. NS P E . O R G A ND M S P E A T WW W. MS P E . O R G           PAGE 9

                      Engineers Week Exhibit at the
                        St. Louis Science Center
Have you ever wanted to see a Solar car or Hydrogen Fuel Cell car, work a lock and dam or taste a marshmallow frozen
in liquid nitrogen. These are a few of the things that will be on exhibit at the annual Engineers Week exhibit at the Science
Center. There will also be robotics, student design teams from Mizzou and the Missouri University of Science and
Technology, items constructed for the elementary school Rube-Goldberg experiments, marshmallow building and many
more hands on experiments, engineering activities and more.

Various engineering organizations and collegiate student design teams will be hosting exhibits at the St. Louis Science
Center on Saturday, February 21st from 9:30am – 4:30pm and Sunday, February 22nd from 11:30 – 4:30. The Engineers
Week exhibits are FREE and open to the public.

         The exhibits at the Science Center are interactive exhibits designed to help children and adults experience the
marvels of engineering. The exhibits and activities are hosted and run by licensed Professional Engineers as well as
students from several colleges. Children (or parents) of all ages will enjoy the interactive activities. High School students
will be able to see what some of the college engineering design teams have developed.

The Science Center Event is the finale of many activities sponsored by MSPE during Engineers Week. The St. Louis
Chapter of the Missouri Society of Professional Engineers partners with the Science Center to present this exhibit.
National Engineers Week is an annual event sponsored by many professional engineering societies throughout the United
States. The week long event focuses on the achievements and contributions made by the engineering profession to our
community. “Engineers Make it Work” as well as improving the quality of life for everyone!

The Science Center exhibits are sponsored by Missouri University of Science and Technology, University of Missouri at
Columbia, St. Louis Community College, American Society of Civil Engineers, Gateway Biomedical Society, National
Society of Black Engineers, Society of Mechanical Engineers, US Army Corps of Engineers and FIRST Robotics.

If you would like to get involved with activities coordinated by the Missouri Society of Professional Engineers visit our
website at

                  Missouri University of Science and Technology
                   E n g i n e e r i n g E d u c a t i on Center in St. Louis
 The Missouri University of Science and Technology-                              engineers used this excellent opportunity to enhance their
 Engineering Education Center in St. Louis offers M.S.                           knowledge and status. All classes are offered in the evening.
 degrees in Aerospace, Civil, Computer, Electrical,                              10 classes are needed to acquire a
 Environmental and Mechanical Engineering, Engineering                           M.S. degree that will affect your
 Management, Engineering Mechanics and new Internet-                             entire professional life.
 based M.S. and M.Eng. Degrees in Manufacturing                                  For more information, call (314) 516-
 Engineering to working engineers.                                               5431 or visit the MST website:
 The Center started its operations in 1964. Over 2,500                 

                                                                                                                       Contact John F. Gagliardo
                                                                                                                       at (314)534-1030 or email:
                                                                                                                    advertising information and rates.
 V O LU M E I V , I S S U E V I   FE B R U A R Y 2 0 0 9    V I S I T N S P E A T WW W. NS P E . O R G A ND M S P E A T WW W. MS P E . O R G            PAGE 10

Upcoming MSPE Programs and Events 2009
                                                                                                                            M    A R K  Y O U R
                                                                                                                            C    A L E N D A R S

                   F E B R U A R Y                                     2 0 0 9                                        Thursday, February 5th at 11:30 am-
                                                                                                                      IDOT/MoDOT Update Program at the
                                                                                                                      Engineers’ Club, St. Louis, MO.
                                                                                                                      Thursday, February 12th at 7:30 am-
                                                                                                                      Board of Directors Meeting at the
        Sun                  Mon              Tue          Wed        Thu            Fri           Sat                Engineers’ Club, St. Louis, MO.
       1                      2                3            4          5            6             7                   Tuesday, February 17th at
                                                                                                                      11:30am—Engineers Week Joint Society
       8                      9               10           11         12           13            14                   Lunch at the Engineers’ Club, St. Louis,
      15                     16               17           18         19           20            21                   February 19th-Rotary Club of St. Louis
                                                                                                                      Engineers Week Luncheon.
      22                     23               24           25         26           27            28                   Friday, February 20th at 6:00 pm-
                                                                                                                      8:45 pm-MSPE Awards Reception, J.S.
                                                                                                                      McDonnell Prologue Room.
                                                                                                                      Saturday, February 21st-
                                                                                                                      MATHCOUNTS Competition, SLCC-
                                                                                                                      Florissant Valley Campus.
                                                                                                                      Saturday and Sunday, February
                                                                                                                      21st-22nd-MSPE Exhibits at the St. Louis
                                                                                                                      Science Center.

Missouri Society of Professional Engineers
St. Louis Chapter
The Engineers Club of St. Louis
4359 Lindell Boulevard
St. Louis, MO 63108

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