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									       natural resources - the cause of their depletion & how to protect them

If these resources come in use for commercial purpose then their basic forms are known as raw
material. Every natural resource plays vital role in life and we are dependent on them ‘directly’ or
‘indirectly’. For instance we are cannot survive without oxygen, water and solar radiation. The existence
of every living organism is dependent upon diversity of natural resources. If our natural resources are in
healthier state only then flora and fauna will have diverse and healthy ecosystem. Till now we have
exploited every resource for commercial purpose but now human being aim to utilize other planet’s
resources as well.

Natural resources are broadly divided in two categories: biotic and abiotic resources. Biotic resource
covers all the living organism of a biosphere including plants, animals, birds, marine life, reptiles and
their mineral fuels. On the other hand abotic refers to non living things of biosphere such as water, air,
soil, solar radiation, metal ores etc.

There are other terms associated with naturally occurring resources: actual and potential resources.
Actual resources are those which are already identified and are in use for commercial purposes. These
minerals are utilized, stocked and now we have rare reserves of them. Potential resources are those
sources about which we know they exist in the nature but still to be exploited for useful purposes. The
exploration work of petroleum in several countries and in other planets comes under this category.
‘Potential’ will become ‘actual’ when technology will able to find how to process the unused natural

Now the extensive utilization of non- renewable resources has resulted in the deletion of their reserves,
this situation has forced mankind to think about the never ending sources of energy, the renewable
sources. In coming days when the rates of depleting ‘exhaustible resources’ go higher and higher,
human will come under the obligation of discovering and inviting economical sources out of ‘non-
exhaustible resources’. For instance we have begun generating electricity from air, water, wind and

In past natural resources had been wastefully exploited due to carelessness, ignorance and sheer nature
of human’s greed. To increase the ratio of higher output and lower labour input        people have used
wasteful method of using naturally occurring resources, endangering the existence of natural raw
materials. However, now some noble groups of people are coming together for making a road map to
protect the remaining sources. Disciplines of environmental studies like waste management, resource
management and environment conservation have been coined for making people aware of how to
manage the natural resources and respect the nature.
Books and awareness programs are playing key role in making people more aware about the negatives
effects of excessive exploitation of natural resources. Books on environmental conservation and
protection are available at nearby stores and online books stores.

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