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					                                           Microsoft Virtualization: Data Center to Desktop
                                           Customer Solution Case Study

                                           Energy Company Speeds Provisioning, Easily
                                           Scales Environment with Virtualization

Overview                                   “Microsoft virtualization provided everything we
Country or Region: United Kingdom
Industry: Oil and gas                      needed: high availability, live migration, centralized
                                           management, comprehensive and reliable product
Customer Profile
Endeavour International Corporation is     support, and a compelling price point.”
an independent energy company focused
                                                    Tom Dinnis, United Kingdom IT Manager, Endeavour International Corporation
on the exploration, production, and
acquisition of energy reserves in the      Endeavour International Corporation is an oil and gas company
North Sea and the United States.
                                           with operations in the United Kingdom and the United States.
Business Situation                         When the company’s Aberdeen, Scotland, office tripled its
Endeavour needed an efficient way to
scale its infrastructure to support
                                           employee base in 2009, Endeavour needed to scale its IT
business growth, while creating an easy-   infrastructure to accommodate the growth. However, it was
to-manage, reliable environment.
                                           challenged by limited space and IT resources: just one IT staff
Solution                                   member, who was based in London, England, supported the
With the help of Indigo Technologies,
Endeavour created a high-availability
                                           environment. Using Windows Server 2008 Enterprise with Hyper-
virtual environment using Windows          V virtualization technology and Microsoft System Center Virtual
Server 2008 Enterprise with Hyper-V and
Microsoft System Center Virtual Machine
                                           Machine Manager, Endeavour reduced the time needed to
Manager.                                   provision servers from one month to hours and enabled simple,
                                           remote management of the Aberdeen computers. The company
 Accelerated server provisioning,         created a reliable, highly available environment that can scale
  expanded environment without adding
                                           within its existing data center, without requiring additional
 Simplified IT management                 hardware or space.
 Enhanced availability
“Microsoft Hyper-V                     Situation                                        cover his day-to-day responsibilities while
                                       Endeavour International Corporation was          he was away—or would engage with Indigo
virtualization technology              founded in 2004 as an oil and gas                Technologies, an Aberdeen-based IT
                                       exploration company, which partnered with        services company and Microsoft Gold
had matured very quickly               other organizations that ran its production      Certified Partner, to do the installation. The
and, when paired with                  operations. The company generated                entire process could easily take up to a
                                       U.S.$260 million in revenue in 2008. Today,      month.
the management                         Endeavour owns interests in eight oil and
                                       gas fields, and it manages the reserves          The Endeavour infrastructure was also at
capabilities in Microsoft              itself. The company’s United Kingdom             risk of failing. “We had no redundancy built
System Center Virtual                  operations are expanding rapidly, with           into our system. Although we were lucky
                                       three new developments underway in the           because our computers never went down, it
Machine Manager, it                    North Sea and an Aberdeen, Scotland,             became increasingly critical to ensure
                                       office that grew from four to 14 employees       reliability as we grew—particularly because
offered all the                        in 2009. Endeavour’s IT infrastructure is        there is no on-site IT staff to fix things if
capabilities that                      critical to supporting the growing               problems arise,” Dinnis says. “We can’t
                                       Aberdeen business. However, with one IT          afford any downtime.”
Endeavour required.”                   professional managing the entire
                                       environment from an office in London,            Data center capacity was also an issue for
      Sean Thomson, Director, Indigo
                      Technologies     England, it was difficult to provide the         Endeavour. “We have a very small
                                       efficient, responsive support that               communications area that has room for just
                                       Endeavour required.                              one rack. We needed to add four more
                                                                                        server computers to support our expanding
                                       “Our IT environment is the backbone of our       operations but simply didn’t have the
                                       company. It needs to be highly flexible,         space,” says Dinnis.
                                       reliable, and easy to manage so that
                                       Endeavour can quickly implement the              The company also lacked an efficient
                                       changes needed to support our growth. But        storage solution, which made it difficult to
                                       this kind of agility just wasn’t possible with   back up its growing environment. “Our
                                       our physical infrastructure,” says Tom           storage was rapidly being consumed, and
                                       Dinnis, United Kingdom IT Manager for            adding storage was difficult. We’d either
                                       Endeavour.                                       have to buy extra storage and attach it
                                                                                        locally, or back up existing data and then
                                       Provisioning a new server computer was           remove it from the computer to make room
                                       time-consuming and laborious, and it could       for new data. And because nothing was
                                       be disruptive to ongoing IT operations.          centralized, everything had to be done
                                       First, Dinnis had to acquire the hardware,       manually,” Dinnis says.
                                       which could take up to three weeks. The
                                       computer would be sent to the Endeavour          Endeavour needed a way to scale its
                                       London office, where Dinnis would spend          infrastructure without adding computers,
                                       two to three days configuring the operating      simplify IT management, and create a
                                       system, installing applications, and testing     highly flexible, reliable environment.
                                       to make sure everything worked properly.
                                       Then he would ship the device to the             Solution
                                       Aberdeen office. At that point, Dinnis           A company development in June 2009
                                       would either travel to Aberdeen to install       spurred Endeavour International
                                       the computer—and hire a contractor to            Corporation to take action. Executives
“Bringing on a new                       approved a plan for operating new oil and       virtual instances of Windows Server per
                                         gas assets, and the Aberdeen office began       licensed physical server. System Center
virtual machine is                       hiring more employees to handle the             Virtual Machine Manager supports
                                         additional work. Endeavour turned to            clustered shared volumes, which will enable
incredibly fast and easy. I              Indigo Technologies for help in building        Endeavour to store all of the virtual
just point to the image in               out its infrastructure to support growth.       machines on one logical unit number and
                                                                                         easily move the virtual machines from one
the repository and click,                “We have been helping small and midsize         node to another with no downtime.
                                         businesses virtualize their environments for    Endeavour uses Symantec Backup Exec 12.5
and it’s ready to go.”                   years and are very familiar with the            for Windows Servers for backup and
Tom Dinnis, United Kingdom IT Manager,   scalability, flexibility, and business          recovery of its virtual machines.
   Endeavour International Corporation   continuity benefits that virtualization
                                         technology can provide. We knew that            Endeavour currently runs six Hyper-V
                                         virtualization would be a great fit for         virtual machines on two physical
                                         Endeavour,” says Sean Thomson, Director         computers: one HP ProLiant DL360 G5 and
                                         of Indigo Technologies.                         one HP ProLiant DL380 G5. It has
                                                                                         virtualized a number of workloads,
                                         After deciding to move ahead with               including Microsoft Office Project Server
                                         virtualization, the companies had to select a   2007, Microsoft Office SharePoint Server
                                         vendor. “We were planning to virtualize our     2007, Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Enterprise
                                         entire infrastructure, so we had to make        data management software, and Microsoft
                                         sure that our solution would be highly          Remote Desktop Services, the latter of
                                         reliable and easy to manage,” Dinnis says.      which enables Endeavour to provide
                                                                                         efficient access to key management and
                                         The companies explored products from            reporting applications for employees in its
                                         Microsoft and VMware. According to              Houston, Texas, office.
                                         Thomson, “Microsoft Hyper-V virtualization
                                         technology had matured very quickly and,        Benefits
                                         when paired with the management                 Using Hyper-V virtualization technology
                                         capabilities in Microsoft System Center         and Microsoft System Center Virtual
                                         Virtual Machine Manager, it offered all the     Machine Manager, Endeavour International
                                         capabilities that Endeavour required.”          Corporation transformed its entire server
                                                                                         infrastructure into a virtual environment. As
                                         Adds Dinnis, “Microsoft virtualization          a result, the company speeds server
                                         provided everything we needed: high             provisioning and accommodates growth
                                         availability, live migration, centralized       without the need for additional hardware
                                         management, comprehensive and reliable          and space, while streamlining IT
                                         product support, and a compelling price         management and creating a reliable,
                                         point.”                                         resilient environment. “Not only can I
                                                                                         provide the responsive service that our
                                         During the first weekend in October 2009,       expanding business demands, I can
                                         Indigo implemented the solution, which          manage everything with much less time
                                         includes the Windows Server 2008 R2             and effort,” says Dinnis.
                                         Enterprise operating system with Hyper-V
                                         and System Center Virtual Machine
                                         Manager 2008 R2. Windows Server 2008 R2
                                         Enterprise provides the rights to run four
“Every aspect of                         Accelerated Server Provisioning,                 streamline server management. “Every
                                         Expanded Environment without Adding              aspect of implementing and managing a
implementing and                         Space                                            server environment is easier. The whole
                                         Instead of taking up to a month to               laborious process of acquiring and
managing a server                        provision a new server—including acquiring       physically setting up computers is gone,
environment is easier.                   the hardware and spending a week                 and I can manage everything remotely
                                         configuring the computer, shipping it to         from my London office,” says Dinnis.
The whole laborious                      the Aberdeen office, and installing it—it
                                         now takes Endeavour just a few hours.            Testing new software is easier. According to
process of acquiring and                                                                  Dinnis, “If an employee calls me to request
physically setting up                    Using templates in System Center Virtual         a new application to trial, I can provide a
                                         Machine Manager, Indigo Technologies             virtual machine to run that software
computers is gone, and I                 built a repository of server images that         without having to provision hardware or do
                                         Dinnis uses to create new virtual machines.      any complicated procedures. I can get the
can manage everything                    “Bringing on a new virtual machine is            virtual server up and running in just a few
remotely from my                         incredibly fast and easy. I just point to the    hours—whereas in the past, it would have
                                         image in the repository and click, and it’s      taken up to a month.”
London office.”                          ready to go,” says Dinnis.
                                                                                          Because Dinnis does not have to travel to
Tom Dinnis, United Kingdom IT Manager,
   Endeavour International Corporation   The speed and simplicity of creating virtual     the Aberdeen office for computer
                                         servers was evident right away. When             installations, Endeavour saves about $4,000
                                         Endeavour originally scoped out the              that would have been spent several times a
                                         virtualization project, it planned to add four   year on travel and an on-call contractor to
                                         virtual machines. But just as it was about to    handle any IT-related needs that occurred
                                         start the implementation, the company            in his absence. “Not only do we save
                                         realized that it needed two more servers to      money by eliminating the need for me to
                                         accommodate the needs of newly hired             take these trips, I gain time back by not
                                         employees. “We were able to add the              having to leave the office. Because I’m the
                                         virtual machines with no extra effort, in the    only IT staff person for the whole United
                                         same timeframe. There is no way we could         Kingdom operation, any efficiencies I can
                                         have done this with our physical                 realize makes my job much easier,” Dinnis
                                         environment,” Dinnis says.                       says.

                                         Transforming to an entirely virtual              Enhanced Availability
                                         environment also alleviated space issues.        Endeavour is no longer at risk from failed
                                         “We couldn’t have added computers to our         computers because redundancy is now
                                         data center without making major changes         built into its IT environment. Using the
                                         that would have cost about 10,000 British        Windows Server 2008 Enterprise failover
                                         pounds (U.S.$15,940) and taken room away         clustering capability and Symantec Backup
                                         from our employees. Now we can expand            Exec for Windows Servers, Endeavour
                                         our environment virtually in the space we        created a resilient, highly available
                                         already have, and we still have room for         environment with centralized backup. “We
                                         growth,” Dinnis notes.                           completely changed the dynamic of how
                                                                                          we can recover from a disaster and gained
                                         Simplified IT Management                         a lot of peace of mind,” says Dinnis.
                                         Hyper-V and System Center Virtual
                                         Machine Manager helped Endeavour to
For More Information                                  By virtualizing key workloads, such as              Microsoft Virtualization
For more information about Microsoft                  Microsoft SQL Server 2008, Endeavour can            Microsoft virtualization is an end-to-end
products and services, call the Microsoft             guarantee reliability of business-critical          strategy that can profoundly affect nearly
Sales Information Center at (800) 426-                applications. “One of our key solutions,            every aspect of the IT infrastructure
9400. In Canada, call the Microsoft                   Halliburton ARIES Reserves Management               management lifecycle. It can drive greater
Canada Information Centre at (877) 568-               System, which runs on SQL Server,                   efficiencies, flexibility, and cost
2495. Customers in the United States and              calculates oil and gas reserves for our             effectiveness throughout your organization.
Canada who are deaf or hard-of-hearing                assets. It’s a critical component for the           From accelerating application deployments;
can reach Microsoft text telephone                    financial reporting that we have to do at           to ensuring systems, applications, and data
(TTY/TDD) services at (800) 892-5234.                 the end of our fiscal year. If it failed, the       are always available; to taking the hassle
Outside the 50 United States and                      extra time that our employees would have            out of rebuilding and shutting down
Canada, please contact your local                     to expend crunching numbers would be                servers and desktops for testing and
Microsoft subsidiary. To access                       exorbitant. By running it in a clustered            development; to reducing risk, slashing
information using the World Wide Web,                 environment, we can ensure that                     costs, and improving the agility of your
go to:                                                employees will be able to access it—and             entire environment—virtualization has the                                     meet their deadline—without worry,”                 power to transform your infrastructure,
                                                      Dinnis says.                                        from the data center to the desktop.
For more information about Indigo
Technologies products and services, call              Endeavour also benefitted from an                   For more information about Microsoft
(44) 0845 257 8880 or visit the Web site              improved storage approach. “The Microsoft           virtualization solutions, go to:
at:                                                   solution requires shared storage, and that                                 has been a great byproduct of our
                                                      implementation,” says Dinnis. “Rather than
For more information about Endeavour                  having a lot of tape drives, we now keep all
International Corporation products and                of our data on one tape library that can be
services, call (713) 307-8700 or visit the            accessed by all of our servers. And, whereas
Web site at:                                          in the past we had capacity for just 1                                 terabyte of storage, we now have room for
                                                      6 terabytes—which leaves plenty of space
                                                      for growth.”

                                                       Software and Services                          Hardware
                                                        Microsoft Server Product Portfolio              HP ProLiant DL360 G5
                                                         − Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise             HP ProLiant DL380 G5
                                                         − Microsoft System Center Virtual
                                                           Machine Manager 2008 R2                    Partners
                                                        Technologies                                    Indigo Technologies
                                                         − Hyper-V

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