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of the information published and the damages suffered due to the use of this information.

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 Chapter                                     Topic                                          page
                                       PART A- CHAPTERWISE
            Appointment, Removal, Cabinet Ministers, Chairpersons,                  159
    1                                                                                       1
            Government and Private Heads, Board Directors etc.
            Name of recently released books, authors, prominent book prizes         40
    2                                                                                       9
            Important days and dates of historic or current importance, Symbolic    40
    3                                                                                       12
            days, National Events etc.
            IV: Recently appointed company Chiefs, Resignations and Removals,       50
    4                                                                                       14
            Takeovers and Mergers, Economic affairs etc.
            Conferences, Meetings, Summits, Fairs, Festivals, Reports, Prominent    95
    5                                                                                       17
            Lists, Pacts, Agreements etc.
            Newly appointed and transferred judges, Heads of Prominent              64
    6       Committees and Commissions, Noted Legislations, Key features of                 22
            Pending Bills etc
            Portfolio and connected information of prominent persons who            63
    7                                                                                       26
            passed away recently.
            World records, National records, First, Biggest, Highest, Largest,      67
    8                                                                                       29
            Shortest, Lengthiest etc.
            Indians holding prominent global positions, Records, India’s ranking    90
    9                                                                                       33
            in major lists and indexes etc.
            National and International awards, Noted Prizes, Prestigious Titles     113
   10                                                                                       39
            Awards instituted by Indian States, Important State News, Position of   60
   11                                                                                       46
            States in important lists and surveys etc.
            Sports news, Names of Coaches, Venues of major competitions,            139
   12       Newly appointed administrative post holders, Names of winners of                49
            sports competitions etc.
   13       Miscellaneous                                                           125     56
   14       Answer Keys                                                                     63-64
                                    PART B-QUESTION BANK
   15       Business & Marketing Aptitude upto August 2012-MCQ Part-1               240     65
   16       CSAT 2011 CURRENT AFFAIRS upto August 2012-MCQs Part-2                  100     78
   17       CSAT 2011 CURRENT AFFAIRS upto August 2012-MCQs Part-3                  100     87
   18       CSAT CURRENT AFFAIRS upto August 2012-MCQs Part-4                       34      96
   19       CURRENT AFFAIRS upto August 2012-MCQs - Part 5                          100     98
   20       CURRENT AFFAIRS upto August 2012-MCQs - Part 6                          31      105
   21       CURRENT AFFAIRS upto August 2012-MCQs - Part 7                          100     107
   22       Current Affairs upto August 2012-MCQ-2011 Part 8                        240     115
                                                                                    100     129-
   23       LATEST CURRENT AFFAIRS upto August 2012-100 MCQs Part 9
                                 Total Number of Questions: 2150

As with any body of work, this book could not have been completed without unlimited references

to various newspapers, general knowledge books, reference books, general magazines, as well as

online material available on blogs and other news websites. I remain indebted to all such sources.

Further, I would also like to acknowledge the part played by my students in the continuous vetting

of the questions over the past 12 years, and bringing out the errors to ensure that this compilation

remain as accurate as possible.

Additionally, I would also like to wholeheartedly thank Md Akhtar, Centre Head, VIKASYOJANA

EduCare, Siruguppa for being a reliable person in all the matters of this work is concerned.

I sincerely thank Ms Pavana, Ms Pranavi and Ms Shilpa for their last day vetting which helped in

fine tuning the questions and weeding out the repeated and unimportant questions from the final

draft of the book.

Specially acknowledge Mrs VISHALAKSHI SAVADI, Secretary, VIKASYOJANA EduCare® for giving

every support in compilation of this book.

                                                                             VEERESH SAVADI
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       With Current Affairs now being a substantial part of almost all major entrance
examinations, it becomes highly imperative for any student giving such exams to have
basic knowledge of all the important current events. However, with abundance of current
information available online as well as in various books and magazines, it is a tiresome
task to separate the wheat from the chaff and extract the useful and valuable information
from such books. Furthermore, with overabundance of theory material available widely,
what was required was a practice book on current affairs to put your knowledge to test.

       This book seeks to fill that void. MCQs on Current Affairs features over 1100 highly
relevant questions covering all the important news of the past one year (specifically
March, 2011 – March, 2012) neatly compiled and segregated into thirteen chapters. Each
of these 2150 questions signifies the importance of the underlying topic, and seeks to test
the student on the most important part of the subject.

       While every possible effort has been made to make sure that the book remains
error free, some error might have inadvertently and unintentionally crept in. I would be
grateful to anyone pointing out such an error, so that the same can be removed from the
next edition of this book. In case you find any error, grammatical or otherwise, please mail
the   same   with    chapter   number,    page    number,    and   question    number     at

                                                                      VEERESH SAVADI
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                              HOW TO USE THIS BOOK

   The Author of this book does not intend this compilation to be used as the sole source
of current knowledge as well as important and significant news. By its very nature,
Current Affairs of any single year cannot reasonably be expected to be covered within a
few hundred pages, and neither does this book claim the same. Unlike the theory books
on Current Affairs which, due to their inherent limitations, cannot cover all the important
events. However, every effort is made to cover all the aspects, awards, tournaments,
records, notable achievements, honors, conferences, legal knowledge etc in its gamut.
This book attempts to touch upon all such topics while staying highly relevant.

   The best way to use this book would be to use it as a practice book to sharpen the
edges once the candidate is done with, and reasonably satisfied with his preparation of
current affairs. Every question of this book should be treated as an opportunity to delve
into the topic from which the relevant question has been extracted, and to consume all
the important information in relation to the topic. This will make sure the candidate
doesn’t miss out on questions on any potentially important subject matter.

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                                           Target IAS- Current Affairs- 2011-12-TOPICWISE
Chapter I                                7. Who is the newly appointed              (a) Mamta Sharma
                                         Director of Film and Television            (b) Girija Vyas
1. The new Chairman of the Railway       Institute of India (FTII)?                 (c) Nirmala Venkatesh
Board is:                                (a) D.J. Narain                            (d) Poonam Priya Sen
 (a) Mr. Vivek Sahai                     (b) Pankaj Rag
(b) Mr. D.M. Rawatia                     (c) Iftekar Ahmed                          14. Name the Chief of Staff of Turkey
 (c) Mr. Anand Dayal                     (d) R.K. Verma                             who stepped down recently?
(d) Mr. Vinay Mittal                                                                (a) General Tayyip Erdogan
                                         8. .......... is the recently appointed    (b) General Isik Kosaner
2. Who is the Chairperson of the         Indian Ambassador to France.               (c) General Fevzi Turkeri
committee appointed by the Union          (a) Rakesh Sood                           (d) General Ilker Basbu
Minister of Justice and                  (b) P.V. Naik
Empowerment to submit a draft bill        (c) Shashi Tharoor                        15. John Key was re-appointed as the
on the rights of the disabled?           (d) Nirupama Rao                           Prime Minister of……pursuant to the
(a) Dr. H.K. Alam                                                                   victory in the 2011 general elections.
(b) Dr. K.P.S. Gautam                    9. Name the Russian Finance                (a) South Africa
(c) Dr. (Mrs.) Sudha Kaul                Minister who was suspended after he (b) Australia
(d) None of the above                    openly expressed his reservation on        (c) Austria
                                         serving Mr. Dmitry Medvedev, if he         (d) New Zealand
3. Who is the newly appointed            were to become the Prime Minister
Defence Secretory of India?              in the 2012 elections.                     16. Who is the Chief Minister of
(a) Mr. Shashikant Sharma                 (a) Alexei Kudrin                         Puducherry?
(b) Mr. G.K. Pillai                      (b) Viktor Zubkov                          (a) V. Vaithilingam
(c) Mr. K.L.S. Lal                        (c) Igor Shuvlov                          (b) Rajiv Kumar
(d) None of the above                    (d) Sergey Lavrov                          (c) N. Rangaswamy
                                                                                    (d) None of the above
4. Who is the Chairman of the            10. The new Chief of Staff
Empowered Committee of State             Committee(COSC) of India is:               17. Who was recently appointed as
Finance Ministers on Goods and           (a) Admiral Nirmal Verma                   the Railway Minister of India?
Service Tax (GST)?                       (b) Gen. V.K. Singh                        (a) M.S. Gill
(a) Sushil Kumar Modi                    (c) Gen. A.B. Tripathi                     (b) Beni Prasad Verma
(b) Vilasrao Deshmukh                     (d) Admiral Ashwini Kumar                 (c) Milind Deora
(c) Shivraj Singh Chauhan                                                           (d) Dinesh Trivedi
(d) Raghavji                             11. Who was recently appointed as
                                         the Secretary of the Ministry of           18. Who is the Chairman of the
5. The newly appointed Deputy            Corporate Affairs?                         Public Health Foundation of
Governor of the Reserve Bank of          (a) Mr. D.K. Mittal                        India?
India is:                                (b) Mr. K. Kichiboya                       (a) N.R. Narayan Murthy
(a) Dr. Subir Gokarn                     (c) Mr. Naved Masood                       (b) Rajat Gupta
(b) Dr. K.C. Chakraborty                 (d) None of the above                      (c) Y.V. Reddy
(c) Shri Usha Thorat                                                                (d) G.B. Sinha
(d) Harun Rashid Khan                    12. Ranjan Mathai, India’s new
                                         Foreign Secretary, was                     19. Who is the new Chief of the Arab
6. The new Chief of Air Staff of India   India’s former Ambassador to:              League?
is:                                      (a) France                                 (a) Mr. Nabi Al-Arabi
(a) Arjan Singh                          (b) Pakistan                               (b) Mr. Amr Moussa
(b) N.A.K. Browne                        (c) Nepal                                  (c) Mr. Khilji-al-Rasam
(c) L.S. Gowda                           (d) Germany                                (d) None of the above
(d) None of the above
                                         13. Who is the newly Chairperson of       20. Yoshihiko Noda recently became
                                         the National                              the Prime Minster of Japan,
                                         Commission for Women?

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                                            Target IAS- Current Affairs- 2011-12-TOPICWISE
becoming its ............Prime Minister    27. Okram Ibobi Singh was recently         33. Parkash Singh Badal, who
in the last five years.                   sworn in as the Chief Minister of ……. recently was sworn in as the oldest
(a) Seventh                               for the third consecutive term.            Chief Minister of Punjab, is from
(b) Sixth                                 (a) Arunachal Pradesh                      which of the following political
(c) Eighth                                (b) Tripura                                parties?
(d) Second                                (c) Manipur                                (a) Shiromani Akali Dal
                                          (d) Mizoram                                (b) Indian National Congress
21. Who is the Minister for Urban                                                    (c) Bhartiya Janta Party
Development in India?                     28. Who is the recently appointed          (d) Bahujan Samaj Party
(a) Jairam Ramesh                         Director of Bharat Earth Movers
(b) Kamal Nath                            Limited?                                   34. Jhala Nath Khanal, who recently
(c) Ghulam Nabi Azad                      (a) G.V. Naidas                            resigned from his post, was the
(d) Sushil Kumar Shinde                   (b) N.M. Bose                              ............... of Nepal:
                                           (c) Archana Priyarajan                    (a) Prime Minister
22. Sadanand Gowda, the new Chief         (d) P.R. Naik                              (b) President
Minister of Karnataka, is a Lok Sabha                                                (c) Military Chief
MP from:                                  29. Who is the new CMD of AirIndia?        (d) None of the above
(a) Bangalore Urban                       (a) Mr. Arun Jadhav
(b) Bellary                               (b) Mr. Anoop Shrivastava                  35. Mr. Ranjit Kumar Bhatia recently
(c) Chikamagalur                          (c) Mr. Amol Sharma                        retired as the:
(d) Hassan                                (d) Mr. Rohit Nandan                       (a) Director General of Indo-Tibetan
                                                                                     Border Police (ITBP)
23. The newly appointed Secretary of      30. M.P. Veerendrakumar has                (b) Chief of Army Staff
Defence of the United                     recently been appointed as the             (c) Director General of Shipping
States of America is:                     Chairman of the Board of Directors         (d) None of the above
(a) Robert Michael Gates                  of:
(b) Greame Cripps                         (a) The Times of India                     36. Who is the recently appointed
(c) Leon Panetta                          (b) Press Trust of India                   advisor to the Prime Minister?
(d) None of the above                     (c) ICICI Bank                             (a) Yugul Jain
                                          (d) Canara Bank                            (b) S.P. Sinha
24. Who is the newly appointed                                                       (c) T.K.A. Nair
Minister of Science and Technology        31. M. Ramadoss of ............... was     (d) S. Swamy
and Earth Sciences?                       suspended recently on the charge of
(a) Vilasrao Deshmukh                     irregularities in granting credit          37. Bhuwan Chandra Khanduri was
(b) M. Veerappa Moily                     insurance cover to Paramount               the Chief Minister of ............... till
(c) Srikant Jena                          Airways.                                   March, 2012.
(d) None of the above                                                                 (a) Arunachal Pradesh
                                          (a) Life Insurance                         (b) Meghalaya
25. Peru’s newly elected President is:    Corporation of India                       (c) Uttarakhand
(a) Ollanta Humala                        (b) ICICI Bank                             (d) Jharkhand
(b) Alan Garcia                            (c) Citibank
(c) Alejandro Toledo                      (d) New India AssuranceCo.                 38. Who was recently elected as the
(d) Valentin Paneiagua                                                               President of Singapore?
                                          32. The appointment of ............... as  (a) Tony Tan Keng Yam
26. The Minister who recently took        the Lokayukta of the state by the          (b) S.R. Nathan
an additional charge as Textiles          Governor has been challenged by the (c) Lee Hsien Loong
Minister, after Dayanidhi Maran           Gujarat government in the Gujarat          (d) None of the above
resigned from the post, is:               High Court.
(a) Srikant Jena                          (a) Justice (retd.) Santosh Hegde          39. The newly appointed President of
(b) P.V. Krishnan                         (b) Justice (retd.) R.A. Mehta             the Indian Newspaper Society (INS)
 (c) Anand Sharma                         (c) Justice (retd.) L.C. Bhadoo            is:
(d) S. Jaipal Reddy                       (d) None of the above                      (a) Ashish Bagga

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                                           Target IAS- Current Affairs- 2011-12-TOPICWISE
(b) N. Ram                               46. Who has been appointed as the          (d) Yemen
(c) Arun Shourie                         Indian envoy to Saudi Arabia?
(d) Shekhar Gupta                         (a) Hamid Ali Rao                         53. Aamir Khan has recently been
                                         (b) Mohd. Qureshi                          named as the UNICEF ambassador to
40. Which Tennis icon has recently        (c) Mohd. Azhar                           promote:
been named as UNICEF’s National          (d) Talmiz Ahmed                           (a) Nutrition
Goodwill Ambassador?                                                                (b) Handwashing and
(a) Serena Williams                      47. The new President of Zambia is:        Personal Hygiene
(b) Venus Williams                       (a) Rupiah Banda                           (c) Both (a) and (b)
(c) Sania Mirza                          (b) Michael Sata                            (d) None of the above
(d) Adriana Barna                        (c) Ernest Sakala
                                         (d) None of the above                      54. Justice M. Karpaga Vinayagam
41. The new Vice Chief of Army Staff                                                has recently been re- appointed as
of the Indian Army is:                   48. Name the recently elected Chief        the Chairperson of:
(a) Lt. Gen. S.K. Singh                  Minister of Arunachal Pradesh.              (a) Appellate Tribunal for Electricity,
(b) Lt. Gen. V.K. Sharma                 (a) Jarbom Gamlin                          Petroleum and Natural Gas
(c) Lt. Gen. A.B. Ranawat                (b) J.J. Singh                             (b) Custom Excise and Service Tax
(d) None of the above                    (c) Dhaniram Shandil                       Appellate Tribunal
                                         (d) Nabam Tuki                             (c) Appellate Tribunal for Fortified
42. Justice Katju has recently been                                                 Property
appointed as the                         49. Who has been appointed as the          (d) None of the above
(a) Chairman of Planning Commission      new Prime Minister of Greece, after
(b) Chairman of Press Council of India   the erstwhile Prime Minister George        55. Mariano Rajoy assumed office as
(c) Chairman of National Human           Papandreou resigned from office?           the Prime Minister of……… following
Right Commission                          (a) Kostas Karamanlis                     the victory in the 2011 general
(d) Chairman of Minority Commission      (b) Karolos Papoulias                      elections.
                                          (c) Theodoros Pangalos                    (a) France
43. Who has been appointed as the        (d) Lucas Papademos                        (b) Brazil
Defence Secretary of U.K., after Liam                                               (c) Spain
Fox, ex-Defence Secretary quit?          50. Who has recently been sworn in         (d) Germany
(a) Bob Ainsworth                        as the new Chairman of the
(b) John Hutton                          Competition Commission of India?           56. Gopalkrishna Gandhi has been
 (c) Des Browne                          (a) Ashok Chawla                           appointed as the Chairman of
(d) Philip Hammond                       (b) Anurag Goel                            Kalakshetra Foundation. He is the
                                         (c) Vijay Sharma                           former Governor of:
44. Who has recently been appointed      (d) None of the above                       (a) Orissa
as the Chairman of Audit Bureau of                                                  (b) Uttarakhand
Circulation (ABC)?                       51. Who has been appointed as              (c) Punjab
 (a) Sam Balsara                         Pakistan’s new ambassador to the           (d) West Bengal
(b) George Thomas                        United States, thereby succeeding
 (c) M.V. Kannan                         Husain Haqqani?                            57. The current Chief Election
(d) None of the above                     (a) Kamar Kaera                           Commissioner of India is:
                                         (b) Sherry Rehman                           (a) B.B. Tandon
45. Who has recently been appointed      (c) Muhammad Soomro                        (b) Navin Chawla
as the Director- General of Border       (d) None of the above                       (c) T.N. Seshan
Security Force (BSF)?                                                               (d) S.Y. Quraishi
 (a) A.M. Parthiva                       52. Kamal Ganzouri has recently
(b) U.K. Bansal                          been appointed as the Prime                58. Name the recently appointed
 (c) Himmat Singh                        Minister of:                               Civil Aviation Minister of India.
(d) None of the above                     (a) Tunisia                                (a) Rasheed Masood
                                         (b) Egypt                                  (b) Digvijay Singh
                                         (c) Ukraine                                 (c) Ajit Singh

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(d) Subhadra Chowdhry                   65. Daniel Ortega has recently been        in DNA, an English newspaper, is the
                                        sworn in as the President of:              President of:
59. C.S. Verma was presented with        (a) Costa Rica                            (a) AICC
the ‘CEO of the Year’ award             (b) Honduras                               (b) Janta Party
instituted by the Indian Institute of    (c) Nicaragua                              (c) CPI (M)
Materials Management, by the            (d) None of the above                      (d) National Congress Party
Minister of State for Road Transport.
He is the current CEO of:               66. Name the recently elected            72. Portia Simpson Miller has
 (a) BHEL        (b) HPCL               President of the Indian Economic         recently been elected as the new
 (c) SAIL        (d) BPCL               Association (IEA):                       Prime Minister of:
                                         (a) Dr. Amartya Sen                      (a) Egypt
60. Who is the current Parliamentary    (b) Dr. V.K.R.V. Rao                     (b) Jamaica
Affairs Minister of India?               (c) C.H. Hanumantha Rao                  (c) Syria
 (a) Prithviraj Chavan                   (d) Dr. Bhalchandra Mungekar            (d) Nigeria
(b) V. Narayanasamy
 (c) P.K. Bansal                        67. Kamla Persad Bissessar was the       73. Name the new U.S. commander
(d) None of the above                   Chief Guest at the 10th Pravasi          of International Security Assistance
                                        Bhartiya Divas. She is the Prime         Force (ISAF) in Afghanistan.
61. The newly elected President of      Minister of:                              (a) David Patraeus
European Parliament is:                  (a) Kenya                               (b) John Allen
 (a) Jerzy Buzek                        (b) Trinidad and Tobago                   (c) David Cripps
(b) Martin Schulz                        (c) Zimbabwe                            (d) None of the above
 (c) Pat Cox                            (d) Indonesia
(d) None of the above                                                            74. Which South Korean diplomat
                                        68. Joao Cravinho has been               recently began his second term as
62. Ma Ying-jeou has recently been      appointed as the Ambassador – Head       the Secretary-General of the United
re-elected as the                       of Delegation of the European Union      Nations?
President of:                           in India. He is an ex-member of the       (a) Boutros-Boutros Ghali
 (a) Japan                              …………… Parliament.                        (b) Kofi Annan
(b) Taiwan                               (a) Portuguese                           (c) Ban Ki-moon
 (c) Indonesia                          (b) German                               (d) Lee Myung-bak
(d) Philippines                          (c) Austrian
                                        (d) Italian                              75. The newly appointed President of
63. Name the newly appointed                                                     the Board of Control for Cricket in
President of the Federation of Indian   69. Name the recently appointed          India (BCCI) is:
Chambers of Commerce and                Indian ambassador to the United           (a) Shashank Manohar
Industry(FICCI).                        States, immediately replacing Meera      (b) N. Srinivasan
 (a) Rajan Bharti Mittal                Shankar.                                  (c) Sanjay Jagdale
(b) Harsh Mariwala                       (a) Nirupama Rao                        (d) Sharad Pawar
 (c) R.V. Kanoria                       (b) Shiv Shanker Menon
(d) None of the above                    (c) M.K. Narayanan                      76. Cyrus Pallonji Mistry has been
                                        (d) Ranjan Mathai                        appointed as the next Chairman of
64. Who was India’s nominee to the                                               Tata Group. What is his nationality?
Committee on Elimination of Racial      70. Who is India’s recently appointed     (a) English
Discrimination (CERD), who recently     Foreign Secretary?                       (b) Swedish
was re-elected for a three-year term     (a) Sushma Swaraj                        (c) Irish
beginning January 20, 2012?             (b) Ranjan Mathai                        (d) Australian
 (a) Aloke Prasad                        (c) Nirupama Rao
(b) Dilip Lahiri                        (d) R.S. Gujral                          77. Name the Indian ambassador to
 (c) Hardeep Puri                                                                the United Nations.
(d) Dinkar Khullar                      71. Subramanian Swamy, in                 (a) Dilip Lahiri
                                        controversy over an article published    (b) Hardeep Singh Puri

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                                          Target IAS- Current Affairs- 2011-12-TOPICWISE
 (c) Jayanti Natarajan                  84. Christian Wulff, a prominent            (c) Shoaib Akhtar
(d) Shashi Tharoor                      politician and lawyer who resigned         (d) Shoaib Malik
                                        from his post, was the erstwhile
78. Who is the current Chairman of      President of:                              91. Name the Chairman of the Prime
the National Commission on              (a) France                                 Minister’s Economic Advisory
Farmers?                                (b) Germany                                Council.
 (a) Mr. Sharad Joshi                   (c) Poland                                  (a) Sam Pitroda
(b) Mr. Sompal Shastri                  (d) Spain                                  (b) Anand Sharma
 (c) Mr. M.S. Swaminathan                                                           (c) C. Rangarajan
(d) None of the above                   85. Name the current Union Minister (d) None of the above
                                        of Labour and Employment of India.
79. Name the Union Cabinet Minister      (a) Harish Rawat                          92. Kevin Rudd, who recently
of Water Resources of India.            (b) Samad Patel                            resigned as the Foreign Minister of
 (a) Pawan Kumar Bansal                  (c) Mallikarjun Kharge                    Australia, was also the erstwhile
(b) Ambika Soni                         (d) None of the above                      …………… of Australia.
 (c) C.P. Joshi                                                                     (a) President
(d) Dinesh Trivedi                      86. The Commerce Secretary of India (b) Chancellor
                                        is:                                         (c) Prime Minister
80. Who is India’s new Revenue           (a) Rahul Khullar                         (d) None of the above
Secretary?                              (b) Anand Sharma
 (a) Sunil Mitra                         (c) G.K. Pillai                           93. Goodluck Jonathan was re-
(b) Debashish Prusty                    (d) None of the above                      elected as the President of… 2011
(c) R.S. Gujral                                                                     (a) Nigeria
(d) None of the above                   87. Mohamed Nasheed recently               (b) Bhutan
                                        resigned as the President of………             (c) New Zealand
81. Who has been named as the new       following violent protests.                (d) Jamaica
Supreme Commander of the Armed          (a) Syria
Forces in North Korea, following the    (b) Maldives                               94. Helle Thorning-Schmidt has
death of Kim Jong-il?                    (c) Indonesia                             recently been elected as the first
 (a) Kim Jong-chul                      (d) Thailand                               female Prime Minister of:
(b) Kim Han-sol                                                                     (a) Norway
 (c) Kim Sul-song                       88. Name the current Chairman of           (b) Denmark
(d) Kim Jong-un                         TRAI, due to retire on May 14th.            (c) New Zealand
                                         (a) R. Ashok                              (d) Germany
82. Name the Director of the            (b) V. Ranganathan
Institute of Mathematical Sciences       (c) S.S. Sodhi                            95. K. Rosaiah is the newly appointed
(Matscience), which recently            (d) J.S. Sarma                             Governor of:
completed 50 years of its existence.                                                (a) Andhra Pradesh
 (a) E.C.G. Sudarshan                   89. T.R. Ramachandran, a veteran           (b) Tamil Nadu
(b) Ramachandran Balasubramanian        journalist, has recently been re-           (c) Karnataka
 (c) S.R. Srinivasa Varadhan            elected as the President of:               (d) Maharashtra
(d) L. Mahadevan                         (a) Press Council of India
                                        (b) Press Trust of India                   96. Sushil Munhot has recently been
83. Sushobhan Sarkar has been            (c) Press Information Bureau              appointed as the Chairman and
appointed as the new Managing           (d) Press Club of India                    Managing Director of:
Director of:                                                                        (a) FICCI
(a) BHEL                                90. Who has recently been appointed (b) SIDBI
(b) LIC                                 as the United Nations                       (c) IDBI Bank
(c) SAIL                                Goodwill Ambassador on Drugs and           (d) Both (b) and (c)
(d) Air India                           Crime (UNODC)?
                                        (a) Mahela Jayawardene
                                        (b) Shahid Afridi

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97. Pratip Chaudhuri took over as the    (c) Thailand                              110. The new Princess of Monaco is:
Chairman of ……from O.P. Bhatt in        (d) Singapore                               (a) Charlene Wittstock
April, 2011.                                                                       (b) Grace Kelly
 (a) State Bank of India                104.Rakesh Kumar Upadhyay has               (c) Creme Reiner
(b) State Bank of Indore                been selected as the Chairman and          (d) None of the above
 (c) ICICI                              Managing Director of:
(d) Yes Bank                             (a) BSNL                                  111.Yingluck Shinawatra, who
                                        (b) Aditya Birla Group                     assumed office as the Prime Minister
98. Name the Union Home Secretary        (c) Uninor                                of Thailand in August, 2011,
of India.                               (d) Tata Teleservices                      succeeded:
 (a) G.K. Pillai                                                                    (a) Bhumibol Adulyadej
(b) Raj Kumar Singh                     105.Name the newly elected                 (b) Abhisit Vejjajiva
 (c) T.N. Anand                         President of the Confederation of           (c) Thaksin Shinavatra
(d) Pankaj Badnaar                      Indian Industry (CII) for the year         (d) Somchai Wongsawat
99. Who was appointed as the             (a) B. Muthuraman                         112.Who will head the Special
Commander-in-Chief of the Western       (b) Kris Gopalakrishnan                    Purpose Vehicle (SPV) set up by the
Naval Command in April, 2011?            (c) N.R. Narayana Murthy                  Government on Goods and Service
 (a) Vice Admiral D.K. Joshi            (d) Mukesh Ambani                          Tax (GST) called as the “GST
(b) Admiral N.K. Verma                                                             Network”?
 (c) Admiral S.M. Nanda (d) Vice        106.Who is the newly appointed             (a) Ratan Tata
Admiral K.N. Sushil                     Finance Secretary of India?                (b) Nandan Nilekani
                                         (a) Sunil Mitra                            (c) Manmohan Singh
100.Who was appointed as the            (b) Sumit Bose                             (d) Digvijay Singh
Chairperson of the Medical Council       (c) Pranab Mukherjee
of India (MCI) in May, 2011?            (d) Sumit Chandra                          113.Who is Liu Xiaobo?
 (a) Dr. S.K. Sarin                                                                (a) North Korean dissident,who has
(b) Dr. K.K. Talwar                     107.Name the current Union Cabinet been awarded Nobel Peace prize.
(c) Dr. Devi Prasad Shetty              Minister for the Tribal                    (b) Chinese citizen, who has been
(d) None of the above                   Affairs and Panchayati Raj.                awarded Noble Peace prize.
                                                                                    (c) North Korean dissident, who has
101.Who is the current Cabinet          (a) Jairam Ramesh                          been awarded Nobel Literature Prize.
Secretary of India, the senior most     (b) V. Shishir Deo                         (d) Sportsperson who won
civil servant of the country?            (c) Kishore Chandra Deo                   8 gold medals in Commonwealth
 (a) Ajit Kumar Seth                    (d) Kamal Nath                             Games.
(b) Alok Rawat                          108.Prof. Bhaskar Ramamurthy has
 (c) K.L. Sharma                        been appointed as the new Director         114.Rod Blagojevich was recently
(d) Nivedita Shukla                     of:                                        sentenced to 14 years imprisonment
                                         (a) IIT Bombay                            on corruption charges. He was the
102.Name the new Chief of the Film      (b) IIT Delhi                              erstwhile Governor of:
Certification Appellate Tribunal         (c) IIT Madras                             (a) Alaska
(FCAT)?                                 (d) IIT Kanpur                             (b) California
 (a) Deepa Dixit                                                                   (c) Arizona
(b) Gurjeet Singh Behl                  109. Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, who was        (d) Illinois
 (c) Shabana Azmi                       recently re-elected as the President
(d) Lalit Bhasin                        of Liberia, belongs to which party?        115.Name the Union Minister of
                                         (a) Unity Party                           Minority Affairs of India, who
103.Brigadier General Ravinder Singh    (b) Congress for Democratic Change         recently drew flak over reservation
was appointed as the Army Chief of      (CDC)                                      promises ahead of the polls.
…………… in March, 2011.                    (c) National Patriotic Party               (a) Ghulam Nabi Azad
 (a) India                              (d) Liberia UnificationParty               (b) E. Ahmed
(b) Malaysia                                                                       (c) P.A. Inamdar

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(d) Salman Khurshid                    (b) Minister of State for                  (a) Kamalesh Sharma
                                      Communication and Information              (b) Sir Don McKinnon
116.Following the suspension of       Technology                                  (c) Chief Emeka Anyaoku
Suresh Kalmadi, who is the acting      (c) Minister of State for Railways        (d) None of the above
President of the Indian Olympic       (d) Minister of State for
Association?                          Environment and Forests                    128.Abdelilah Benkirane was recently
 (a) Sivanthi Adithan                                                            appointed as thePrime Minister of
(b) Jaspal Sidhvi                     122.Who was recently elected as the        ……in November, 2011.
 (c) Vijay Kumar                      President of Ireland?                       (a) Norway
(d) None of the above                  (a) Martin McGuiness                      (b) Austria
                                      (b) Sean Gallagher                          (c) Morocco
117.Name the President of the World    (c) Michael D. Higgins                    (d) Australia
Bank, who has decided to step down    (d) Gay Mitchell
in June, 2012.                                                                   129.Otto Perez Molina has recently
 (a) Robert Zoellick                  123.Who will head the SEBI Investor        been elected as the President of:
(b) Hillary Clinton                   Protection and Education Fund, the          (a) Barbados
 (c) Paul Wolfowitz                   eight member advisory committee            (b) Guatemala
(d) None of the above                  formed by the Securities and              (c) Haiti
                                      Exchange Board of India (SEBI)?            (d) Papua New Guinea
118.Who was asked to form a new        (a) Chanda Kochhar
government in Italy, following the    (b) M.V. Kamath                            130.Cristina Fernandez has recently
resignation of the erstwhile Prime     (c) K.V. Kamath                           been re-elected as the President of:
Minister Silvio Berlusconi?           (d) Atul Naik                               (a) Indonesia
 (a) Giorgio Napolitano                                                          (b) Argentina
(b) Mario Monti                       124.Name the current Prime Minister (c) Trinidad and Tobago
 (c) Neelie Kroes                     of Iraq.                                   (d) Thailand
(d) Karel Van Miert                    (a) Nouri al-Maliki
                                      (b) Ayad Allawi                            131.Name the newly appointed
119.Muhammad Yunus, Noble Prize        (c) Ibrahim al-Jaafari                    Director General Military Operations
winner and the Founder and            (d) None of the above                      (DGMO) of India.
Managing Director of …………… was                                                    (a) Lt. Gen. Anand Mohan Verma
recently ousted from the bank on      125.Name the Chairman of London            (b) Lt. Gen. K.T. Parnaik
allegations of irregularities.        Organizing Committee of the Olympic (c) Lt. Gen. Bikram Singh
 (a) Bandhan                          Games and Paralympic Games                 (d) Lt. Gen. Ashok Kumar Chaudhary
(b) Grameen Koota                     (LOCOG) which is overseeing the
 (c) Grameen Bank                     planning and development of London 132.Emil Boc, a prominent politician,
(d) Microcredit Foundation of India   Olympics, 2012?                            recently resigned as the Prime
                                       (a) Sir Keith Mills                       Minister of:
120.Who is the current External       (b) Meredith Alexander                     (a) Egypt
Affairs Minister of India?             (c) Sebastian Coe                         (b) Somalia
 (a) F.S. Nariman                     (d) Sir Philip Craven                      (c) South Sudan
(b) S.M. Krishna                                                                 (d) Romania
 (c) Pranab Mukherjee                 126.Sudhir Vasudeva is the newly
(d) Natwar Singh                      appointed Chairman and Managing            133.Lt. Gen. Ramesh Halgali has been
                                      Director of:                               appointed as the new ……… of the
121.Gurudas Kamat resigned after       (a) ONGC          (b) BHEL                Indian Army.
the recent Cabinet reshuffle. What     (c) SAIL          (d) GAIL                 (a) Chief
was his new responsibility?                                                      (b) Deputy Chief
 (a) Minister of State for Drinking   127.Who has been reappointed as             (c) General Officer Commanding-in-
Water and Sanitation                  the Secretary General of the               Chief
                                      Commonwealth of Nations for the            (d) None of the above
                                      2nd consecutive term?

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134.Jaydeep N Shah is the newly         140.Name the Padma Shri awardee            (b) International Court of Justice (ICJ)
appointed head of:                      who is also the Chairperson of the          (c) Amnesty International
 (a) Institute of Chartered             National Commission for Protection         (d) None of the above
Accountants of India (ICAI)             of Child Rights.
(b) Bar Council of India (BCI)           (a) Prof. Shantha Sinha                   146.Irina Bokova is the current
 (c) Institute of Company Secretaries   (b) Prof. K. Subba Rao                     Director-General of:
of India (ICSI)                          (c) Prof. Bikash Chandra Sinha            (a) NATO         (b) WHO
 (d) Medical Council of India (MCI)     (d) Prof. Amitav Malik                      (c) UNCTAD      (d) UNESCO

135.M.S. Rana is the newly              141.Dr. C. Chandra Mouli is the            147.C.K. Matthew has recently been
appointed CMD of:                       current …………… of India.                    appointed as the Chief Secretary of:
(a) NMDC                                 (a) Foreign Secretary                      (a) Madhya Pradesh
(b) ICICI                               (b) Chairman of Investment                 (b) Assam
(c) BHEL                                Commission                                  (c) Rajasthan
(d) SAIL                                (c) Chairman of National Forest            (d) Himachal Pradesh
136.Yulia Tymoshenko is the ex-         (d) Registrar-General and Census           148.Who has been appointed as the
Prime Minister of ……………who was          Commissioner                               Chief of Army Staff, the position
arrested recently on charges of                                                    whose charge he will be taking from
contempt of court.                      142.Vijay Bahuguna, recently sworn         May 31st, 2012?
 (a) Nigeria                            in as the Chief Minister of                 (a) Gen. V.K. Singh
(b) Nicaragua                           Uttarakhand, belongs to which              (b) Lt. Gen. Bikram Singh
 (c) South Africa                       political party?                            (c) Gen. Deepak Kapoor
(d) Ukraine                             (a) Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP)             (d) None of the above
                                        (b) Indian National Congress
137.Name the Chairman of the            (c) Bahujan Samaj Party                    149.James Murdoch, son of media
National Commission for Scheduled       (d) Communist Party of India               mogul Rupert Murdoch, recently
Castes.                                 (Marxist)                                  stepped down as the Executive
 (a) Justice M.N. Rao                                                              Chairman of:
(b) Urmila Singh                        143.Name the current Chairperson of         (a) News Corp
 (c) P.L. Punia                         the Children Film Society of India.        (b) News International
(d) None of the above                    (a) Nandita Das                            (c) News of the World
                                        (b) Leela Samson                           (d) Times Newspapers Ltd.
138.……… the current Chairman of      (c) Shabana Azmi
the Indian Space Research               (d) Madhuri Dixit                          150.Who amongst the following is
Organization (ISRO).                                                               the Minister of State for
 (a) G. Madhavan Nair                   144.Mr. Juan Somavia is the current        Parliamentary Affairs in India?
(b) K. Radhakrishnan                    Director-General of:                        (a) Kumari Selja
 (c) K. Kasturirangan                    (a) United Nations Conference on          (b) Salman Khurshid
(d) None of the above                   Trade and Development (UNCTAD)              (c) Rajeev Shukla
                                        (b) International Labour Organization      (d) G.K. Vasan
139.Which former Chief Justice of       (ILO)
the Supreme Court of India is the        (c) United Nations Educational,           151.Gopalkrishna Gandhi, former
current Chairman of National Forest     Scientific and Cultural Organization       Governor, has recently been
Commission?                             (UNESCO)                                   appointed as the Chairman of:
(a) Justice (retd.) R.C. Lahoti         (d) International Monetary Fund            (a) Indian Institute of Advanced
(b) Justice (retd.) K.G.Balakrishnan    (IMF)                                      Study
(c) Justice (retd.) B.N. Kirpal                                                    (b) Indian Institute of Banking and
(d) Justice (retd.) Gopal Ballav        145.Salil Shetty is the current            Finance
Pattanaik                               Secretary-General of:                       (c) Indian Institute of Science
                                        (a) International Labour                   (d) Institute of Company Secretaries
                                        Organization (ILO)                         of India

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152.Manohar Parrikar has recently        158.Name the present Chairman of           Chapter II
been elected as the Chief Minister of    the Central Board of Direct Taxes
………… for the third time.                 (CBDT).                                    1. Which Indian politician is the
 (a) Goa                                  (a) Prakash Chandra                       author of the recently launched book
(b) Jharkhand                            (b) Laxman Das                             ‘Vikas ke Path’?
 (c) Uttar Pradesh                        (c) M.C. Joshi                             (a) Atal Bihari Vajpayee
(d) Uttarakhand                          (d) U.C. Sarangi                           (b) Nitin Gadkari
                                                                                    (c) Shivraj Singh
153.Who was recently appointed as        159.Who is the CEO of the                  Chauhan
the first Managing Director of           Commonwealth Games Organizing              (d) Narendra Modi
BrahMos Aerospace                        Committee (CGOC) of India?
Thiruvananthapuram Limited (BATL)         (a) Suresh Kalmadi                        2. ‘My Kashmir: The Dying of a Light’
in January, 2012?                        (b) Anshul Grover                          is authored by:
 (a) J.N. Shah                            (c) V.K. Malhotra                          (a) Satyanand Mishra
(b) Rear Admiral (retd.) Julius          (d) Jarnail Singh                          (b) Dhiraj Mittal
Zacharias                                                                            (c) Wajahat Habibullah
 (c) Rear Admiral Deepak Bali                                                       (d) None of the above
(d) Rear Admiral G. Ashok Kumar
                                                                                  3. Mamoni Baideo is/was another
154.Pakistan has appointed                                                        name of which Assamese poet and
Lieutenant-General Zahirul Islam as                                               writer?
the new Director-General of:                                                       (a) Navakanta Barua
 (a) ISI                                                                          (b) Samir Tanti
(b) Supplies and Disposal                                                          (c) Indira Goswami
 (c) Shipping                                                                     (d) Jiban Narah
(d) Pakistan Armed Forces
                                                                                  4. Anjali Joseph bagged the
155.Who is the current Director of                                                Desmond Elliot prize for which of the
Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI)?                                            following books?
 (a) W. Ashwini Kumar                                                              (a) The Empty Family
(b) Amar Pratap Singh                                                             (b) Saraswati Park
 (c) U.S. Mishra                                                                   (c) A Palace of Old Village
(d) Hemant Priyadarshy                                                            (d) None of the above

156.R.K. Tyagi is the newly appointed                                             5. ‘Bhagwad Gita As It Is’, which was
Chairman of………., one of Asia’s                                                    put on trial on the allegations of
largest aerospace companies.                                                      religious extremism, is the Russian
 (a) Indian Space Research                                                        translation of Bhagwad Gita, and has
Organization                                                                      been authored by:
(b) Hindustan Aeronautics Limited                                                 (a) A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami
 (c) ESA                                                                          Prabhupada
(d) JAXA                                                                          (b) Hunsadatta Swami
                                                                                   (c) Tamal Krishna Goswami
157.Herman Van Rompuy is the                                                      (d) Satsvarupa Dasa Goswami
President of ………. and represented
European Union in the 12th India-EU                                               6. ‘Non-Stop India’ is the recently
Summit, held in New Delhi in                                                      released book authored by which
February, 2012.                                                                   BBC presenter?
 (a) European Union                                                                (a) Charlie Stayt
(b) European Council                                                              (b) Susanna Reid
 (c) European Commission                                                           (c) Riz Lateef
(d) European Central Bank                                                         (d) Mark Tully

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                                          (a) Indus Journey: A Personal View of 18. Which famed writer was
7. Which author has won the Shakti       Pakistan                                   awarded the Commonwealth Prize
Bhatt First Book Prize, 2011 for his     (b) All Round View                         for Best Book for the book ‘The
book ‘The Wandering Falcon’?              (c) Imran: The Autobiography of           Memory of Love’?
 (a) Samanth Subramanian                 Imran Khan                                  (a) Julian Barnes
(b) D.K. Gulati                          (d) Pakistan: A Personal History           (b) Danielle Steel
 (c) Jamil Ahmad                                                                     (c) Toni Morrison
(d) None of the above                    13. “Steve Jobs”, the recently             (d) Aminatta Forna
                                         released authorized biography of
8. Who is the author of the books        Steve Jobs is written by:                  19. Julian Barnes, who won the 2011
‘Expression of Thoughts’ and ‘Izhar-e-   (a) Jeffery S. Young                       Man Booker Prize, hails from which
Khayal’, recently released by the Vice   (b) William L. Simon                       country?
President of India, Hamid Ansari?         (c) Walter Isaacson                        (a) Italy
 (a) K. Rahman Khan                      (d) None of the above                      (b) Mexico
(b) Arun Jaitley                                                                     (c) England
 (c) Somnath Chatterjee                  14. Name the author who became             (d) Russia
(d) Hazrat Maulana Rabe Hasan            the first woman to win the Man
Nadwi Sahab                              Asian Literary Prize in March, 2012        20. Name the author of the recently
                                         for her book ‘Please Look After            released controversial book ‘Great
9. Which book, authored by               Mom’.                                      Soul: Mahatma Gandhi and His
Siddhartha Mukherjee, was recently       (a) Yu Xuanji                              Struggle with India’.
conferred the prestigious ‘Guardian      (b) Tie Ning                                (a) Alfred A Knopf
First Book Award 2011’?                   (c) Kiran Desai                           (b) Joseph Lelyveld
 (a) A Visit From the Goon Squad         (d) Shin Kyung-sook                         (c) Mark Shepard
(b) The Emperor of All Maladies                                                     (d) Louis Fischer
 (c) The Sense of An Ending              15. ‘The Elephant, The Tiger and The
(d) The Submission                       Cellphone’ is authored by:                 21. The DSC Prize for South Asian
                                          (a) Montek Singh Ahluwalia                Literature was recently conferred on
10. Who is the author of ‘The Muddy      (b) Shashi Tharoor                         Shehan Karunatilaka, a Sri Lankan
River’, a recently released novel on      (c) Amartya Sen                           author based in:
red-tapism and public sector             (d) Arun Shourie                           (a) Singapore
corruption?                                                                         (b) China
 (a) P.A. Krishnan                       16. Recently released book ‘Who            (c) India
(b) Narendra Modi                        killed Hammarskjold?’ which deals          (d) Pakistan
 (c) Shashi Tharoor                      with the controversies surrounding
(d) Ramachandra Guha                     the mysterious death of former UN          22. Who was presented with the
                                         Secretary General Dan Hammarskjold Vodafone Crossword Book Award,
11. For which of the following books     is written by:                             India’s biggest private sector award,
was Edith Pearlman awarded the            (a) Susan Williams                        for his/her book ‘Jimmy the Terrorist’
National Book Critics Circle Award for   (b) Susan Joyak                            in the English Fiction category?
the year 2011 (Fiction)?                  (c) Harold Scherbatsky                     (a)Anjali Joseph
(a) 2666                                 (d) None of the above                      (b)Omair Ahmad
 (b) Binocular Vision: New and                                                       (c)Ranjit Lal
Selected Stories                         17. Which author/poet has won the          (d)Amitav Ghosh
(c) Song of Solomon                      Costa Poetry Prize for the year 2011
(d) Liberty’s Exiles                     for the book ‘The Bees’?                   23. What was the theme of the New
                                          (a) Christie Watson                       Delhi World Book Fair, 2012?
12. Which book written by Imran          (b) Julian Barnes                           (a) Mahatma Gandhi
Khan, former Pakistani cricketer and      (c) Carol Ann Duffy                       (b) Indian Cinema
politician, was recalled in view of      (d) Andrew Miller                           (c) Digitization of books
incorrect labelling of Kashmir on the                                               (d) Books for Change

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24. Which prominent journalist was      (d) Rahul Bhattacharya
the author of ‘Zero Dial: The                                                      36. ‘Time Guerrilla’ is the recently
Dangerous World of Informers’, who      30. Name the author of the Essay           released autobiographical memoir of:
was shot dead in June, 2011?            which has recently been scrapped            (a) Fidel Castro
 (a) Vijay Pratap Singh                 from the History syllabus by Delhi         (b) Hugo Chavez
(b) Jyotirmoy Dey                       University, following violent               (c) George Bush
 (c) Ashok Sodhi                        protests?                                  (d) John Adams
(d) Asiya Jeelani                        (a) Romila Thapar
                                        (b) R.S. Sharma                            37. Name the author of ‘The Rivered
25. Name the seventh part of             (c) A.K. Ramanujan                        Earth’.
controversial author Taslima            (d) Imam Bukhari                            (a) Vikram Seth
Nasreen’s autobiography, which was                                                 (b) Chetan Bhagat
recently released in Kolkata.           31. ‘Nehru-Patel: Agreement Within         (c) Jhumpa Lahiri
 (a) Amar Meyebela                      Differences’, which throws light on        (d) Arundhati Roy
(b) Utal Hawa                           previously unknown correspondence
 (c) Ka                                 between the two, was recently              38. ‘Fierce Focus’ is the recently
(d) Nirbasan                            released by:                               released autobiography of which
                                         (a) National Book Trust (b)               former Indian Cricket coach?
26. ‘My World Within’ is a recently     Maharashtra Government                      (a) Kapil Dev
published collection of poems of         (c) Central Government                    (b) John Wright
which prominent politician?             (d) None of the above                       (c) Greg Chappell
 (a) Jairam Ramesh                                                                 (d) None of the above
(b) Kapil Sibal                         32. Who is the author of the book
 (c) Narendra Modi                      ‘Whatever the Odds’?                       39. Name the author(s) of the book
(d) Digvijay Singh                       (a) Mukesh Ambani                         ‘Target 3 Billion’.
                                        (b) Anand Mahindra                          (a) Srijan Pal Singh and A.P.J. Abdul
27. Ghulam Nabi Aatish, a noted          (c) K.P. Singh                            Kalam
Kashmiri writer and poet, recently      (d) Tulsi Tanti                            (b) A.P.J. Abdul Kalam and Nandan
bagged the prestigious Sahitya                                                     Nilekani
Akademi Award (Children’s category)     33. ‘A Shot At History’ is the recently     (c) A.P.J. Abdul Kalam and Arundhati
for which of the following books?       released autobiography of which            Roy
 (a) Abdullah – 2                       Indian sportsperson?                       (d) A.P.J. Abdul Kalam and Vikram
(b) Nov Kehtsha Mentsha                  (a) Mahendra Singh Dhoni                  Seth
 (c) Kuhar mein Kiran                   (b) Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore
(d) Dastak                               (c) Vishwanathan Anand                    40. ‘Freedom’s Mother’ is the first
                                        (d) Abhinav Bindra                         book of Anisul Hoque, a prominent
28. Which novelist won the Man           34. The debut novel of Q.R.               ……… author, to be launched in India.
Booker International Prize for the      Markham was pulled off the stands           (a) Pakistani
year 2011?                              on charges of plagiarism. Name the         (b) Bangladeshi
 (a) Chinua Achebe                      novel.                                     (c) Kenyan
(b) Philip Roth                          (a) Pulse                                 (d) Nepalese
 (c) Ismail Kadare                      (b) One Hundred Years of Solitude
(d) Yann Martel                          (c) Assassin of Secrets
                                        (d) None of the above
29. Name the debut novelist who
bagged the ‘The Hindu Literary Prize’   35. Vinod Mehta’s autobiography,
for Best Fiction 2011 for his book      ‘Lucknow Boy’ was recently released.
‘The Sly Company of People Who          He is the editor-in-chief of:
Care’.                                   (a) Frontline
 (a) Anjali Joseph                      (b) Outlook India
(b) Arvind Adiga                         (c) India Today
 (c) Giselle Mehta                      (d) The Indian Express

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Chapter III                            8. In the context of global
                                       environment, February 2nd is               15. National Sports Day, in tribute to
1. When is the ‘World Population       observed as:                               the legendary hockey player Major
Day’ observed?                          (a) World Birds Day                       Dhyan Chand, is celebrated every
                                       (b) World Wetland Day                      year on……… in India.
 (a) July 8th                           (c) World Animal Day                       (a) August 29th
(b) July 10th                          (d) None of these                          (b) August 16th
 (c) July 11th                                                                     (c) August 12th
(d) July 19th                          9. ‘World Forestry Day’ is celebrated (d) August 20th
2. When is ‘Hindi Diwas’ celebrated?    (a) February 21st                         16. The Indian Army observed 2011
 (a) October 12th                      (b) January 12th                           as the year of:
(b) October 19th                        (c) March 21st                             (a) Soldiers
 (c) September 14th                    (d) April 19th                             (b) Disabled Soldiers
(d) September 7th                                                                  (c) Dead civilians
                                       10. ‘World Arthritis Day’ is observed      (d) None of the above
3. ‘International Literacy Day’,       every year on:
celebrated on September 8th, was        (a) June 12th                             17. National Youth Day has been
proclaimed by ......... in 1965.       (b) October 29th                           celebrated on …………… every year
 (a) WHO                                (c) December 19th                         (since 1985) on the birthday of
(b) Virginia Literacy Foundation       (d) October 12th                           Swami Vivekananda:
 (c) UNESCO                                                                        (a) January 10th
(d) Feed The Minds                     11. ‘World Disability Day’ is observed (b) January 12th
                                       annually on:                                (c) January 13th
4. When is ‘Quit India day’            (a) December 10th                          (d) January 1st
celebrated?                            (b) December 3rd
 (a) September 8th                     (c) November 29th                          18. Army Day is celebrated on
(b) August 19th                        (d) December 15th                          …………… in India in recognition of
 (c) August 9th                                                                   Field Marshal K.M. Cariappa’s taking
(d) None of the above                  12. What was the theme of World            over as the first Commander-in-Chief
                                       Food Day, 2011 observed on October of the Indian Army from Sir Francis
5. The Andhra Pradesh state            16th?                                      Butcher, in 1948.
government celebrated.......... from    (a) Food Prices- From Crisis To           (a) January 20th
September 15th, 2011                   Stability                                  (b) January 12th
 (a) Farmers Week                      (b) Food for All, Hunger for None           (c) January 15th
(b) Children’s week                     (c) Food Comes First                      (d) December 26th
(c) Farmer and Women Week              (d) United Against Hunger
(d) Human Rights Week                                                             19. Which day has been declared by
                                       13. When is ‘Common Service Centre the Californian Governor as ‘Steve
6. ‘World Food Day’ is celebrated      Divas’ observed?                           Jobs Day’?
on:                                    (a) July 14th                               (a) October 5th
 (a) Oct 15th                          (b) July 16th                              (b) October 4th
(b) Oct 19th                           (c) July 29th                               (c) October 16th
 (c) Oct 12th                          (d) August 4th                             (d) October 20th
(d) Oct 16th
7. ‘National Consumer Rights Day’ is   14. The construction of the Berlin          20. ‘World Cancer Day’ is observed
observed on:                           Wall, which recently completed 50           every year on:
 (a) December 7th                      years, was started on ............, 1961?   (a) February 19th
(b) December 4th                       (a) August 13th                             (b) February 4th
 (c) December 24th                     (b) September 12th                           (c) February 12th
(d) December 10th                       (c) September 2nd                          (d) January 17th
                                       (d) September 9th

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21. The ‘Indian Air Force Day’ is        (c) Act on Diabetes. Now.                 (b) February 19th
celebrated on:                          (d) None of the above                       (c) February 20th
 (a) Oct 20th                                                                      (d) January 30th
(b) Oct 8th                             28. World AIDS Day is observed
 (c) Oct 15th                           annually on December 1. What was           35. World Postal Day is celebrated
(d) Sept 19th                           the theme of World AIDS day, 2011?         every year on:
                                         (a) Universal Access and Human             (a) December 25th
22. UNESCO recently celebrated the      Rights                                     (b) October 20th
first ‘World Radio Day’on:              (b) Stop AIDS. Keep the Promise.            (c) October 5th
 (a) February 19th                       (c) Getting to Zero                       (d) October 9th
(b) February 13th                       (d) I care. Do you?
 (c) February 8th                                                                  36. When is the Navy Day celebrated
(d) February 25th                       29. 2012 has not been designated as: every year in India?
                                         (a) International Year of Chemistry       (a) December 29th
23. The ‘National Girl Child Day’ was   (b) International Year of                  (b) December 4th
recently observed on:                   Cooperatives                               (c) December 10th
 (a) January 29th                        (c) Alan Turing Year                      (d) January 12th
(b) February 16th                       (d) International Year of Sustainable
 (c) January 24th                       Energy for All                             37. ‘World Consumer Rights Day’ is
(d) February 20th                                                                  celebrated every year on:
                                        30. 2012 has been officially declared       (a) March 15th
24. ‘National Education Day’ is         as the ‘National Mathematics Year’         (b) March 22nd
celebrated on:                          to mark the 125th birth anniversary        (c) December 24th
 (a) November 12th                      of:                                        (d) January 10th
(b) November 11th                        (a) Ramchundra
 (c) November 5th                       (b) M.S. Raghunathan                       38. The ‘International Day for
(d) October 29th                         (c) A.A. Krishnaswami Ayyangar            Preservation of Ozone Layer’ is
                                        (d) None of the above                      celebrated every year on………. since
25. World Tourism Day is observed                                                  1995.
each year on September 27. What         31. World Sight Day is observed             (a) October 12th
was the theme of World Tourism          every year on:                             (b) October 29th
Day, 2011?                               (a) October 13th                           (c) September 16th
 (a) Tourism and Biodiversity           (b) October 19th                           (d) November 12th
(b) Sports and Tourism                   (c) September 11th
 (c) Tourism- Linking Cultures          (d) November 19th                          39. Commonwealth Day, the annual
(d) Tourism- Minimizing Boundaries                                                 celebration of the Commonwealth of
                                        32. National Panchayati Raj Day is         Nations is held every year on:
26. Dree Festival is celebrated from    celebrated every year on:                   (a) 12th March
July 4 to July 7 every year by the       (a) April 30th                            (b) Second Sunday of March
people of:                              (b) April 24th                              (c) Second Monday of March
 (a) Orissa                              (c) May 19th                              (d) 1st March
(b) Arunachal Pradesh                   (d) May 12th
(c) Haryana                                                                        40. National Sports Day, in tribute to
(d) Madhya Pradesh                      33. World Leprosy Eradication Day is       the legendary hockey player Major
                                        observed every year on:                    Dhyan Chand, is celebrated every
27. World Diabetes Day was               (a) January 30th (b) January 12th         year on…………… in India.
observed on November 14th. What          (c) January 1 (d) February 19th            (a) August 29th
was its theme?                                                                     (b) August 16th
(a) Diabetes and surrounding            34. Starting 2009, the United Nations       (c) August 12th
problems                                has decided to observe ......... as        (d) August 20th
(b) Diabetes: Problems and              World Day of Social Justice.
Preventions                              (a) February 12th

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Chapter IV                              7. Jill Abramson was recently              13. Who recently stepped down as
                                        appointed as theexecutive editor of        the President of Standard and
1. Arthur Levinson has recently         ………, thus becoming the first ever          Poor’s?
been named as Apple Inc’s new:          woman executive editor in its 160-          (a) Douglas Peterson
                                        year old history.                          (b) Deven Sharma
 (a) Director
                                         (a) The Guardian                           (c) Arun Deodhar
(b) Regional Director
                                        (b) The New York Times                     (d) None of the above
 (c) Senior Manager
                                         (c) News of the World
(d) Non-executive Chairman
                                        (d) The Sunday Times                       14. Caron Bartz, the former CEO of
                                                                                   Yahoo Inc. who was fired recently,
2. Michael C. Woodford was sacked
                                        8. Contract of which iconic company was the former executive
as the CEO of………. in 2011 in a
                                        was recently auctioned by Sotheby’s, chairperson of:
controversial manner.
                                        one of the world’s oldest auction           (a) Google
 (a) Eastman Kodak
                                        house?                                     (b) Autodesk
(b) Olympus Corporation
                                         (a) Apple                                  (c) Apple
 (c) Nikon Corporation
                                        (b) Microsoft                              (d) AltaVista
(d) Canon Corporation
                                         (c) IBM
                                        (d) Nestle                                 15. Who amongst the following was
3. Which company recently toppled
                                                                                   inducted by the East India Hotels in
Reliance Industries to become India’s
                                        9. Name the current CEO of Infosys,        its board in October, 2011?
most valuable company?
                                        who succeeded Kris Gopalakrishnan           (a) Tina Ambani
 (a) Reliance Power
                                        in August, 2011.                           (b) Ruparani Bajaj
(b) Coal India
                                         (a) N.R.Narayana Murthy                    (c) Anuradha Mahindra
 (c) ICICI Bank
                                        (b) S.D. Shibulal                          (d) Nita Ambani
(d) BPCL
                                         (c) Nandan Nilekani
                                        (d) K.V. Kamath                            16. Carl-Peter Forster, Managing
4. Who was the editor of the tabloid
                                                                                   Director of ............... quit from his
News of the World, which closed its
                                        10. Bhaskar Pramanik, the erstwhile        post in September, 2011.
operations in July, 2011?
                                        Managing Director of Oracle India,          (a) Reliance Energy
 (a) Colin Myler
                                        was appointed as the Chairman of           (b) Tata Steel
(b) Bob Bird
                                        ……… in March, 2011.                         (c) Tata Motors
 (c) Dan Wootton
                                         (a) Facebook India                        (d) Bennett Coleman Group
(d) Victoria Newton
                                        (b) Microsoft India
                                         (c) Sun Microsystems                      17. Scott Thompson was recently
5. Name the co-founder of Twitter
                                        (d) Google India                           named as the new CEO of Yahoo Inc.
who quit recently to work for his
                                                                                   immediately replacing:
other company, The Obvious
                                        11. K.V. Kamath recently took over as       (a) Carol Bartz
                                        the Chairman of:                           (b) Roy Bostock
 (a) Biz Stone
                                         (a) ICICI                                  (c) Tim Morse
(b) Evan Williams
                                        (b) IDBI                                   (d) David Filo
 (c) Jason Goldman
                                         (c) Infosys
(d) Jack Dorsey
                                        (d) Reliance Communications                18. Vikram Akula recently resigned as
                                                                                   the Chairperson of which micro-
6. Pawan Goenka has recently been
                                        12. Meg Whitman, the President and finance company of India?
appointed as the
                                        Chief Executive Officer of Hewlett-        (a) Share Microfin Limited
Chairman of:
                                        Packard, is the erstwhile President of (b) SKS Microfinance Ltd.
(a) Hindustan Motors
                                        which of the following companies?           (c) Asmitha Microfin Ltd.
(b) Ssangyong Motor
                                         (a) Amazon                                (d) None of the above
 (c) Tata Motors
                                        (b) EBay
(d) General Motors
                                         (c) Apple                                 19. Which American airline has
                                        (d) Microsoft                              recently filed a bankruptcy petition?
                                                                                    (a) Continental

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(b) Virgin Airlines                      (c) 5.5%                                  (d) Nokia Corp
(c) American Airlines                   (d) 5.75%
(d) None of the above                                                              32. Micro-blogging website Twitter
                                        26. The Book Depository, the UK            recently partnered with a Japanese
20. Ginni Rometty recently became       based online bookseller was recently social networking website …………… in
the first woman CEO of which multi-     taken over by:                             an apparent move to battle the social
national company?                        (a) Flipkart                              networking giant Facebook.
 (a) Infosys                            (b) Amazon                                  (a) Orkut
(b) IBM                                 (c) EBay                                   (b) Mixi
 (c) HP                                 (d) Facebook                                (c) eGenki
(d) Microsoft                                                                      (d) Gree
                                        27. Which company was ranked the
21. Sunil Kant Munjal has been          best in India in the recently published 33. Which of the following car
appointed as the Joint Managing         IR (Investor Relations) Global             makers filed for bankruptcy in
Director of:                            Rankings, 2011?                            December, 2011?
 (a) Hero MotoCorp                       (a) Infosys                                (a) Chrysler
(b) Bajaj India                         (b) Kotak MahindraBank                     (b) Saab Automobile
 (c) Reliance Communications             (c) Tata Consultancy Services             (c) General Motors
(d) None of the above                   (d) Nucleus Software Exports               (d) Daewoo

22. Rebekah Brooks, who resigned        28. Which tech company has recently      34. Which American multi-national
from her post in July, 2011 was the     filed for an Initial Public Offering     financial services corporation has
CEO of:                                 (IPO) that could give it a potential     recently launched a leadership
 (a) News of the World                  valuation of $75 billion to $100         academy in India, as part of its
(b) News Corp.                          billion?                                 Corporate Social Responsibility
(c) News Inn                             (a) Google                              (CSR)?
(d) The Sun                             (b) LinkedIn                              (a) Merrill Lynch
                                         (c) Flipkart                            (b) Morgan Stanley
23. Apture and Katango, two start-      (d) Facebook                              (c) American Express
ups dealing with user experience,                                                (d) Visa Inc.
were recently acquired by:              29. Starbucks, an international
 (a) Google                             coffeehouse chain, is foraying into      35. Which internet titan, based on
(b) Microsoft                           the Indian market in collaboration       the model of deal-of- the-day,
(c) HP                                  with:                                    recently debuted at NASDAQ?
(d) Infosys                             (a) Tata Investment Corporation           (a) Groupon
                                        (b) Tata Global Beverages                (b) Crunchbase
24. The Panta Tpad IS 701r, hailed as   (c) Tata International                   (c) LivingSocial
the rival of low cost tablet Aakash,    (d) All of the above                     (d) StealTheDeal
has recently been launched by:
(a) Airtel                              30. Name the social gaming company       36. Which multi-national company’s
(b) MTNL                                which recently filed for an Initial      “Unhate” campaign has recently
(c) BSNL                                Public Offering (IPO).                   prompted the Vatican to threaten
(d) Samsung                              (a) Ibibo                               legal action against them?
                                        (b) Zynga                                 (a) Levi’s
25. The Reserve Bank of India has        (c) Both of the above                   (b) United Colors of Benetton
recently reduced the Cash Reserve       (d) None of the above                     (c) Nike
Ratio (CRR), the amount against                                                  (d) Adidas
deposits which commercial banks         31. Yang Seung Suk retired as the
have to keep as liquid assets, from     CEO of …………… in October, 2011.           37. Name the newly appointed CEO
6% to:                                   (a) Hyundai Motors                      of UBS India.
 (a) 4%                                 (b) General Motors                        (a) Digambar Kamat
(b) 5%                                   (c) Ikea                                (b) Manisha Girotra

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 (c) K.V. Kamath                         (b) The Walt Disney Company                50. Analjit Singh was recently
(d) Ashish Kamat                          (c) The Times                             appointed as the ……. of Vodafone
                                         (d) None of the above                      India.
38. Deepak Parekh, Chairman of                                                      (a) Managing Director
…………… recently resigned from the         44. Subroto Bagchi has recently been (b) Chief Executive Officer
Board of Hindustan Unilever Ltd          appointed as the Executive Chairman         (c) Non-Executive Chairman
(HUL).                                   of:                                        (d) Chairman
(a) Hindustan UnileverLtd.                (a) MindTree Ltd.
(b) HDFC                                 (b) TCS Ltd.
 (c) HSBC                                (c) Lucent Technologies
(d) ICICI                                (d) Wipro

39. Which photographic equipment         45. Name the website founded by
and services company has recently        Kim Dotcom, a prominent computer
filed for bankruptcy protection in the   programmer and businessman, which
USA, after years of running in losses?   has been closed down amidst claims
 (a) Fujifilm                            of copyright infringement.
(b) Nikon                                 (a)
 (c) Eastman Kodak                       (b)
(d) Canon                                 (c)
40. Which company has recently
acquired                      46. Anant Goenka has recently been
 (a) Google                              appointed as the Managing Director
(b) Citrix                               of:
 (c) AOL                                  (a) CEAT
(d) Groupon                              (b) Dell India
                                          (c) United Colors of Benetton
41. Philipp Hildebrand resigned as       (d) GAP India
the Chairman of the governing board
of …………… amidst allegations of           47. K.V. Venkataramanan has
currency transactions made by his        recently been elevated to the
wife, and insider trading.               position of the new Managing
 (a) World Bank                          Director and CEO of:
(b) Swiss National Bank                   (a) Infosys
 (c) Deutsche Bank                       (b) Reliance Communications
(d) Bank of America                       (c) Tata Power
                                         (d) L & T
42. Which online travel portal            48. Varun Berry recently resigned as
acquired the events and                  the Chief Operating Officer (CEO) of:
entertainment portal                      (a) PepsiCo India Foods in January, 2012?         (b) Coca-Cola India
 (a)                       (c) Agro Tech Foods Ltd.
(b)                            (d) None of the above
(d)                      49. Which technology major has
                                         recently acquired Skype?
43. Which US entertainment giant          (a) Apple
has acquired a controlling stake in      (b) Google
UTV software communications               (c) Microsoft
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