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      ‘It was a golden opportunity’
  Handing over to the next generation
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  Handing over to
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 Contents                                  generating turnover up to a certain         4 Feature: ‘This was a
                                           level. These could include incentives
                                           to invest in property. In South Africa,
                                                                                       golden opportunity’

                                                                                       5 Feature: Handing
                                           President Zuma put a fund in place to
                                           help lower incomes pay their bank a
                                           deposit for a property. In a similar way,
                                           SMEs here in Namibia could be assist-       over to the next genera-
                                           ed in financing small factories.            tion
                                            A tax incentive for training and em-

                                                                                       6 News: DBN extends
                                           ploying staff could also be consid-
                                           ered. Small firms take people off the
                                           street, provide jobs and training, and
                                           then larger firms poach what is now         more loans to SMEs

                                                                                       7 News: SME
                                           a skilled employee. Why not com-
                                           pensate SMEs, who bear most of the
                                           responsibility for Namibia’s HR skills
                                           development of lower category work-         Bank Materialises
 Editor’s letter                           ers? This could be done through tax re-

                                                                                       8 How to deal with
                                           bates or doubling the expenses an en-
 In the next few weeks Finance Min-        trepreneur can claim for training. For
 ister Saara Kuugongelwa-Amadhila          micro-businesses rebates on water and
 will launch her new budget. It will be    electricity cost would be a welcome         Carbon Tax
 interesting to see what provisions are    incentive
 made to boost the Small and Medium         The same applies to other forms of

                                                                                       10 News: Join the
 Enterprise (SME) sector. Last year the    capital expenditure, such as machines,
 minister announced she will increase      plant, equipment and so on, where
                                           double taxation could be used as an in-
 the VAT threshold to N$500,000 and
 the question on everyone’s lips is when   centive to encourage domestic invest-       DBN Business Network
 this regulation will be gazetted.         ment.
  A visionary 2012/13 budget could          The possibilities to support the SME
 include many more regulations and         sector through fiscal measures are end-
 incentives to help small entrepreneurs    less and will generate growth for the
 make the jump to the established busi-    country and eventually solid revenue
 ness community. The minister could        for the Treasury.
 implement tax incentives for firms                                  Servaas

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                                                          February 2012                                           3
       ‘This was a golden opportunity’
Ethics Productions is a young video      founder of Ethics Productions. The       employees and is doing well. “You
production studio specialising           post-graduate Polytech student           have to start with baby steps,” em-
in freelance filming, editing and        took part in the 2010 Bootcamp           phasises Haufiku. “I never expected
graphic design. It is one of the first   after winning an N$5,000 prize for       to make a million in the first quarter,
companies that found a home in           his business plan. “It was a golden      but at least we are also not in the
the Namibia Business Innovation          opportunity,” he recalls. “I didn’t      red.”
Centre’s (NBIC) Innovation Village       know how to market my business. Or        NBIC Bootcamps are given regularly.
in Windhoek West. The firm was           how to deal with employees, or how       Interested candidates can get in
established after its founders won       to look after the finances.” Ethics      touch with NBIC through the web-
a business plan contest and were         Productions was a direct result of       site. The NBIC selects firms on the
invited to NBIC’s first Bootcamp, a      the Bootcamp, he explains. “I learnt     basis of business ideas and entrepre-
training event for entrepreneurs.        about marketing, the importance of       neurial drive.
From February to April 2012 the          knowing your niche, managing the          For more information on NBIC Boot-
NBIC organises its third Bootcamp,       finances and dealing with HR issues.”    camps visit
giving some 25 starting business-         Ethics Productions now has several       Find Elia Haufiku on www.ethicspro-
owners a chance to build a solid                                        
foundation for their enterprise.
“We will train one to three people
from about ten businesses,” says
Bernhard Rohkemper, Manager
Entrepreneurship & Incubation at
the NBIC.
 Although the NBIC focuses on start-
ing entrepreneurs without a proven
track record, there are some selec-
tion criteria. Rohkemper: “We look
closely at candidates. Do they have
entrepreneurial drive? Do they have
an interesting business idea? And
most importantly, can they pull it
off?” In 7 sessions spread over two
months NBIC covers areas such as
market research, business plan writ-
ing, registration and tendering. The
training ends with a three day busi-
ness simulation game in which the                                        Founder of Ethics Production Elia Haufiku pictured in front of
business skills of the participants                                      the Namibia Business Innovation Centre (NBIC)
are tested. “This year we also add
modules on start-up finance and so-
cial corporate responsibility,” adds
Rohkemper. “Even if you are a small
business it can be worthwhile to
have a social investment program.”
 Elia Haufiku is the 23-year old

                Set Yourself Free with IT
 RLabs is an exciting new initiative     social media they found an outlet        up with RLabs and host an RLabs
in which NBIC teams up with reput-       for their stories. The gangs then        Academy in Windhoek.
ed IT engineers to provide training      transferred their skills to women in      “We empower young minds by
for web-savvy entrepreneurs.             church groups who later became           giving them training and imparting
 The programme focuses on                entrepreneurs by maintaining face-       knowledge, this workshop will help
software development, IT product         book pages for companies from the        young people to be active in social
development, mobile platform pro-        comfort of their homes.                  media and be able to communicate
gramming and social media.                Out of these small-scale IT entre-      effectively on social networks”,
 “The idea started as a way to           preneurs then grew social media          said RLabs Director Rene Peterson-
help unemployed youth in South           trainers and software developers.”       Parker.
Africa,” explains Christian Toelg,         After a workshop on Android             The workshop is free of charge and
NBIC’s Director of Research &            programming organised by NBIC            will run on selected dates in Febru-
Development. “By training gang           late last year proved immensely          ary, March, April and May at the In-
members in the Cape Flats on             successful , Toelg decide to team        novation Village in Windhoek West.

4                                                     February 2012
                                                                                                                   SME GAZETTE
Handing over to the next generation
If you toiled on a business for ten long
years, established a reputation for ex-
cellence and turned it into a success,
you would be crazy to just give it all
away, or not?
 The sociable Belgium Ludo Vanhees,
owner and founder of Anicca Re-
laxation spa in Pioneerspark laughs
when the question is put to him.
Over the past year he has slowly
relinquished responsibility over his
beloved business to his two most
trusted employees - now his bosses
- Louine van Wyk (26) and Nangula
Uiras (25). Later this year the two
young women will take complete con-
trol of Anicca and everything in it.
 “Anicca is the Pali word for imperma-          From left, Nangula Uiras, Ludo Vanhees and Louine Van Wyk pictured at Anicca spa
nence,” Vanhees explains. “Nothing
lasts forever, everything is constantly     ing over the business. He sold the           extremely important. Taking a mas-
in movement.” For Vanhees this ap-          property to an investor on condition         sage is letting someone in your life,
plies to business as well. He wants         that Anicca could lease it indefinitely      trusting them with your body.”
to focus on different areas in life and     and resigned to a mentoring role.             “We constantly return to the books,
rather than selling off, he will give his   After a trial phase this year, he will       to gain more knowledge so we can
share to the ladies that put in sweat       relinquish ownership.                        guide people and help them get in
capital with him over the past years.        “They have earned it,” he says about        touch with themselves,” adds Van
 Vanhees started Anicca ten years
ago. “The first five years we struggled.    “We constantly return to the books, to gain
We were the only provider of our kind        more knowledge so we can guide people
in Namibia and we had to build up a
client base,” he recalls.
                                              and help them get in touch with them-
 Vanhees started training young Na-
mibians as masseuses, reflexologists        Van Wyk and Uiras.                           Wyk, who studied anatomy as part of
and aroma therapists. The talented           “They are willing to take the leap and      her training. “I feel that is the special
ones were offered long distance             accept the challenges and risks that         niche we fill in the market and what
education to obtain a diploma in            come with being an entrepreneur.”            makes Anicca unique.”
these disciplines. “To stand out in this     Inside its premises in Pioneerspark,         She says it is ‘a great feeling to be
business, you need years of training.       Anicca is a haven of relaxation. The         working for oneself’. “We don’t have
It’s not just about learning the right      different rooms have a colourful de-         Ludo to look at anymore all the time
techniques, but also about creating a       cor with comfortable cushions spread         and that means we have to be confi-
bond with the client.”                      throughout and music playing softly          dent in our own abilities. Most of the
 Over the years Anicca trained more         in the background. Incense fragrance         business skills, such as administration
than 20 people, some of whom                calms the senses and peaceful Bud-           and finances and marketing, we have
moved on to successful careers.             dha statues gaze down upon guests.           learnt through simply doing it.”
 When Vanhees followed his wife to           Uiras demonstrates how a massage             The two ladies plan to continue the
a Pretoria posting for four years, he       is given and the experience makes            strong brand that Anicca has become
reaped the benefits of his training         Anicca’s competitors look technical          in the same fashion, while expand-
efforts. “I always wanted Anicca to         and clinical. Years of experience of         ing the services, training more staff
continue after I left. During that time     working under Vanhees have taught            and venturing out into on-site mas-
in South Africa Louine and Nangula          them that clients savour a warm and          sages and workshops. Van Wyk: “It’s
kept the business running. I was im-        welcoming atmosphere, just as much           exciting and challenging and it is great
pressed; they showed me that they           as a good massage.                           to see how positively the customers
can take responsibility.”                    “Feel good, is our motto,” says Uiras.      respond to it.”
 In September 2011 he started hand-         “The relationship with a client is  
                                                           February 2012                                                           5

    DBN extends more loans to SMEs
The Development Bank of Namib-
ia (DBN) approved loans total-
ing N$ 154.31 million in the last
quarter of 2011, with the bulk of
the amount going to Small and
Medium Enterprises (SMEs), the
bank announced in February.
 Over N$79 million went to SMEs
and this is a result of an increase
in applications for bridging
finance. DBN’s bridging finance
facility enables new entrepre-
neurs holding tenders or con-
tracts to enter the playing field,
by giving opportunities to build
their asset base and grow their                                   DBN CEO, David Nuyoma
businesses.                           Ozohere Lodge and Campsite,            ber and December 2011, DBN
 DBN CEO, David Nuyoma,               an SME based in Otjikakeneno           approved applications in 12 of
notes, “ This opportunity pres-       communal area, north of Uis, in        the country’s 13 regions.
ents entrepreneurs with a             the Erongo region. These funds          Since the inception of DBN in
chance to create wealth in a          will be utilized in completing         2004, the bank has approved
sustainable and meaningful            the establishment ’s restaurant,       loans valued at N$ 2.4 billion and
way.”                                 setting up a solar borehole and        has contributed to the creation
 The tourism sector received          for working capital.                   of 10,374 new, 12,130 retained
a boost, through finance for           Between the months of Octo-           and 10,981 temporary jobs.

    SMEs Compete training opportunities countrywide

Selling, Customer Care and Shop Display 15 & 16 February / Windhoek

Starting a Business                                     21 & 22 February / Windhoek

Bookkeeping and Recordkeeping                           27 & 28 February / Ongwediva

Business Plan and Funding Proposal                      6 & 7 March / Windhoek

Marketing Strategy Development                          13 & 14 March / Windhoek

Starting a Business                                     26 & 27 March / Lüderitz

Introduction to Human Resources                         27 & 28 March / Windhoek

6                                                 February 2012
                                                                                                                           SME GAZETTE

SME Bank Materialises
Construction on the long     in an additional N$14-18
awaited Small and Me-        million. The Govern-
dium Enterprises (SMEs)      ment, with 60 percent is                                                        Finally...
Bank finally commenced       a major shareholder, with                                                    An affordable
on Monday, 13 February       a minority share going to                                                  SME website package
2012 with a groundbreak-
ing ceremony attended
                             Metropolitan Bank and
                             other shareholders. The
by Minister of Trade and     bank will operate under
Industry Dr. Hage Gein-
gob and his Deputy Min-
                             a Public-Private partner-
                             ship. Permanent Secre-
ister Tjekero Tweya.         tary of the Ministry of
 The bank which will         Agriculture, Water and            Our package includes:
operate under the            Forestry, Andrew Ndishi-
name Small to Medium         shi has been appointed            * Concept & design
Scale Bank of Namibia        the board’s Chairperson           * Free name registration
is located in Jan Jonker     at the bank.
Street in Windhoek’s          Although the bank is set         * 1 year free hosting
Ausspannplatz area and is    to open its doors before          * Text writing & editing
set to provide collateral-   mid-2012, it has not yet
free loans ranging from      received a full banking           * Free maintainance
N$6,000 to N$50,000 to       license from the Bank of          * Fast & reliable service
SMEs.                        Namibia. The BoN gave out
 The SME bank was            a provisional license twice                                                    - Present a Professional image
awarded N$60 million         and has put strict demands        Call us:                                      - Improve Customer Service
start-up capital from        on ownership and gover-           Tel: 061247129                                    - Reach New Markets
the Government and           nance structures. This will       E-mail:                    - Information for clients 24/7
Zimbabwe’s Metro-            need to be finalized before                                                It’s Affordable & Cost Effective!
politan Bank chipped         a full license is granted.

                                                                    CLOCKNET TECHNOLOGY CENTRE
SME Event Calendar: March
                                                                                     We inspire the uninspired

Workshop: Sourcing ideas for change

14 March / NBIC Innovation Village
Wednesday : 12:30 - 14:00
Rosh Pinah Zinc Festival 2012
                                                                LAPTOP SPECIALS AVAILABLE IN THE FOL-
30 & 31 March / Rosh Pinah Community                                      LOWING BRANDS:
                                                               TOSHIBA, HP, ACER, MECER, LENOVO, SAM-
                                                                                                         MINI-LAPTOP SPECIALS AVAILABLE IN
                                                                                                              THE FOLLOWING BRANDS:
                                                                                                         TOSHIBA, HP, ACER, MECER, LENOVO,
Hall                                                                   SUNG, PROLINE AND MSI
                                                               2048MB RAM 800MHZ, 320GB HDD
                                                                                                            SAMSUNG, PROLINE AND MSI
                                                                                                        2048MB RAM 1066MHZ, 250GB
Friday: 10:00 - 20:00                                          (5400RPM) SATA, 15.6” TRUE-
                                                               BRIGHT HD LED DVD-SUPER
                                                                                                        HDD (5400RPM) SATA
                                                                                                        10.1” TRUEBRITE WSVGA LED,
Saturday: 09:00 - 19:00                                        MULTI DRIVE, BLUETOOTH, W/
                                                               LAN (802.11B/G/N), WEB CAMERA
                                                                                                        W-LAN (802.11B/G/N), WEB
                                                               WINDOWS 7 HOME BASIC, MS OF-             WINDOWS 7 STARTER, MS OF-
                                                               FICE, BAG INCLUDED                       FICE, BAG PRICE RANGES FROM
                                                               PRICE RANGES FROM N$4599 TO N$4999
Entrepreneurs Circle                                                                                    N$2999 TO N$3499

28 March / NBIC Innovation Village
                                                                                          MAKE A 50% DEPOSIT,
                                                                                          OWN IT AND PAY IT
                                                                                          OFF IN 3 MONTHS
                                                                                          WITHOUT INTEREST

Workshop: New Venture Creation
                                                            Tel: +264 61 26 0656                                  Unit 2, Old Breweries
26 April / NBIC Innovation Village                          Fax: +264 61 26 5518                                  Garten Street
                                                            Email:                               Ausspannplatz

                                                   February 2012                                                                              7

                              How to Deal wi
Soon Namibian motorists will have        than 120g/km is taxed at a rate of        the choice of vehicle will also de-
to pay a carbon levy on vehicles.        R75 per additional gram. The total        pend on your business.
SME Gazette looked at how the            is then added onto the purchase            Will it affect My Business?
regulation will affect Small and Me-     price. We will have to see how the         Yes it will. Especially for smaller
dium Enterprises (SMEs).                 tariffs for Namibia will be set, but it   businesses, a vehicle is a serious ex-
  Carbon tax for vehicles was imple-     is realistic to expect a 2-3 percent      pense and any increases will affect
mented in South Africa in 2010 and        increase in the average price of         your bottom line. There is, however,
we have learnt that                                                                      a flip side. Choosing a vehicle
Namibia plans to                                                                         that is economical will reduce
follow pretty much                                                                       your petrol bill and probably
the same regula-                                                                         save you on maintenance,
tion. “Our carbon                                                                        parking space and so on.
tax will be on par                                                                         What are my options?
with South Africa’s,”                                                                      To avoid taxation, electric cars
confided a Ministry                                                                      or certain hybrids would be
of Finance official                                                                      the way to go. For SMEs the
who preferred not                                                                        Renault Kangoo Z.E. electric
be named as the tax                                                                      light van, which happens to be
is still under discus-                                                                   International Van of the year
sion at Cabinet level,                                                                   2012, would be a good choice.
before it will be sent                                                                     However, the distances and
on to parliament                                                                         electricity infrastructure in
for approval. In the                                                                     Namibia put limitations on
current proposal                                                                         the use of these cars, for the
the tax will be ‘an
                                              Volkswagen Caddy
excise type of levy’ allocated under
the Customs Act. However, unlike
South Africa there will not be a
phased introduction of the tax. “In
South Africa luxury vehicles and
bakkies were taxed first, before the
tax included commercial vehicles,”
explains the official. “In Namibia we
will implement it in one go.”
  What is it?
  The basic objective of carbon tax
is to discourage the use of cars that
guzzle fuel and emit CO2 which
contributes to global warming. In
reality, Namibia hardly emits CO2,
and the tax can be viewed as an ef-
fort from government to raise more
revenue for the Treasury, much
like other environmental levies we
will see being introduced this year.                                       Range Rover V8
Roughly speaking emissions are           cars, with the heavy emitters top-        moment at least. So let’s have a
linked to engine size. The bigger,       ping that.                                look at traditional vehicles. It’s fairly
the engine, the higher the emis-           Luckily car manufacturers have rea-     easy to find out what a car emits.
sions and consequently the higher        lised fuel prices and green taxes are     For instance a Toyota Hilux 3.0 litre
the tax will be. The tax affects small   increasingly important in making a        diesel, an extremely popular car for
businesses because they tend to          decision in buying a vehicle and just     both work and play, emits between
use vehicles like bakkies, small vans,   like for household appliances cars        203 and 227 g/km depending on the
4x4s or lorries that have powerful       come with energy efficiency rat-          gearbox. The 2.5 litre version with
engines.                                 ings. Have a look at the table on the     194 g/kg on the other hand is the
  How does it work?                      right. The seven categories set out       lowest emitter in its class.
  Emissions are rated in grammes of      here should be seen as a guideline.         Compare that to the Range Rover 5
CO2 emitted per kilometre. In South      Ideally you would want to be in the       litre V8, a growing favourite among
Africa every car that emits more         green end of the scale. However,          the business elite. This vehicle
8                                                      February 2012
                                                                                               SME GAZETTE

ith Carbon Tax
                                                                                 help you in parking. If you do tours,
                                                                                 you will need a passenger van, but
                                                                                 these come in many different green
                                                                                  We have listed here some useful
                                                                                 websites that can help you find the
                                                                                 emissions and fuel use of almost any
                                                                                 car. Of course it is important to look
                                                                                 at the overall picture. If the green
                                                                                 business vehicle is N$30,000 more
                                                                                 than the more polluting competitor,
                                                                                 you might want to compare some
                                                                                 other features as well before pur-
                                                                                 chasing the more expensive vehicle.

             Volkswagen Transporter

 emits a staggering 326 g/km. In the
 ‘green car rating’, a ranking between
 zero and one hundred based on
 emissions and fuel economy, the
 Range Rover scores a uneconomical
  Quite predictably small cars like
 the Kia Rio 1.1 emit very little and
 can safely be purchased. But more
 popular vehicles like the Ford Focus,
 VW Golf and the Volvo S40 also
 have surprisingly low emissions. In                               Toyota Hilux Double Cab
 the hybrid range the Toyota Prius is
 a very popular vehicle, while even
 BMW stocks a hybrid in its 5 series
 range that only emits 149 g/km.                Green                                     Some
  Many SMEs use small vans to trans-        Car Checklist                             Websites that
 port people and goods. A car like                                                  can help you
 the VW Caddy is economical with
                                          What are my needs?                       Choose
 a green rating of 39 and CO2 emis-       Where do I drive?
 sions of 134. The Nissan NV200 with                                    
 a green rating of 47 and emissions        Can I do
 of 169 g/kg performs pretty well        with a small-                                               www.nex-
 too.                                    er engine?                                                  tgreencar.
  What to Buy?
  In the final analysis you need to        How high                                                  com
 assess your needs. For urban travel a   are the car’s
 4x4 will cost you unnecessary in car-   emissions?                                        
 bon tax. A mid-range normal car, on
 the other hand is inevitably greener      What is the                                     
 than the popular bakkie. So if you      car’s green
 transport people rather than goods,     rating?
 maybe look at buying a normal
 car. A smaller engine will cost you
 less tax than a big one. So if your
 company just needs a run-around-
 town-vehicle, go small, it will even

                                                   February 2012                                                      9

     Join the DBN Business Network
The Development Bank of                 Out of this, the idea for a               do business with, also contributes
Namibia (DBN) has introduced           directory of DBN clients was               to the sustainable development of
a directory that will help its         born. “By making DBN cli-                  the country.
clients connect with each other        ents known to one another,                  According to DBN’s Corporate
and customers.                         it is possible that they can               Communications Manager Joy
 The idea was born in 2011,            make use of one another’s                  Sasman the directory, that lists
when DBN CEO David Nuyoma              services and possibly join                 DBN clients in all regions excluding
visited northern Namibia. “I met       forces when they are out-                  Karas, will be updated throughout
two companies located a short          sourcing,” states Nuyoma in                the year and these updates will be
distance from each other that          the foreword.                              sent out electronically.
both had used cranes in the             The directory can also be used             She calls on all DBN clients to for-
space of the same two week pe-         by customers who can be assured            ward their details to DBN for inclu-
riod. Had they know they might         they find a reliable service pro-          sion in the directory at no cost.
have joined forces and possibly        vider, vetted for by the DBN.               Visit to leave
negotiated a major saving.”             Choosing a DBN loan recipient to          your details.

Helping entrepreneurs hone business skills
A record 388 owners of small firms
and their staff attended the 50
business skills development courses
presented by SMEs Compete during
2011 says the firm’s director, Danny
 The firm that provides wealth and
employment creations support
to small and medium enterprises
(SMEs) around the country, plans
to grow the number of courses by
20 percent in 2012 and projects
that the number of participants will
exceed 500.
 “Entrepreneurs cite the lack of
business know-how as one of the
main obstacles to growing busi-
ness,” says SME Compete’s other                   Business skills presentation by SMEs Compete’s Claudine Mouton
director and co-founder, Claudine
Mouton.                                 A new training intervention               adds that training specifically
 Mouton says feedback received         presented over 20 hours, entitled          caters for entrepreneurs who
from small business owners re-         Making a Success of your Business,         have been through the mill, as
flects seriousness when it comes       was the most popular programme             far as starting and running busi-
to addressing the skills shortage.     in 2011, says Meyer, adding that           ness goes. Individuals who might
Seemingly the fairer sex is taking     Bookkeeping and Record Keeping             not have had the benefit of much
                                       followed by Introduction to Hu-            formal education.
business skills development more       man Resource also proved popu-              Asked to share what is on the
serious.According to Mouton of         lar.                                       cards for 2012 as it relates to new
the 2011 training programme at-         Mouton points out that all SMEs           courses, Mouton revealed that her
tendees, 218 were female and 170       Compete’s training interventions           colleague, Danny Meyer, has been
male.                                  are Namibian in content and char-          hard at work developing a Tender-
 Entrepreneurs don’t shy away          acter, developed in-house drawing          ing for Results programme and
from requesting help to upgrade        on experience gained and needs             another that guides entrepreneurs
own skills and those of staff. “For    of entrepreneurs identified from           on entering the export arena.
this reason and for the sixth year     working with SMEs over the past             SMEs Compete, headquartered
in a row we will once again work       six years. Furthermore, groups are         in Windhoek, is a social entrepre-
on expanding our training pro-         deliberately kept small to foster a        neurship entity established on 01
gramme and national coverage           coaching approach and to encour-           March 2006 that operates branch-
to cope with the demand,” says         age full participation.                    es in Ongwediva, Walvis Bay and
Mouton.                                 Interactive in nature, Mouton             Keetmanshoop.
10                                                  February 2012

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