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Slingshot Roulette


									GAME PLAY

Slingshot Roulette
                                                                                                   The future of gaming today

  Evolution Gaming enables you to offer the excitement of live roulette to your online customers
  through a web video stream and interactive interface. Roulette is available from Evolution Gaming in
  two variations. The Live Roulette game is hosted by a professional croupier who manually spins the
  wheel and sets the ball in motion, while Slingshot Roulette eliminates the human element. Slingshot
  Roulette is powered by the highly-sophisticated Slingshot 2 TT, the most authentic, accurate and reli-
  able automatic roulette wheel available anywhere in the world...

The Game of Roulette
During each round, the ball rolls along the rim of the
revolving roulette wheel until it lands in a pocket numbered
between 0 and 36. The player’s objective is to predict the
number on which the ball will come to rest. There are many
different types of bets in roulette; each covering one or
up to 18 different numbers. The most potentially lucrative
bet is a straight-up bet on a single number, which pays an
impressive 35:1. This simple yet thrilling game is the most
popular game in casinos throughout the world.

Slingshot Roulette brings the action of live roulette to online
players courtesy of the fully-automatic Slingshot 2 roulette
wheel filmed at our professional production studio. A cus-
tomisable, easy-to-use online betting interface designed to
expertly mesh with the filmed wheel is superimposed on the
live video feed. Slingshot Roulette is no ordinary virtual ca-
sino game governed by a random number generator; this is          The Slingshot 2 TT
live-action roulette based on real wheel-generated results!       The precision-engineered Slingshot 2 TT roulette wheel is
                                                                  crafted by Cammegh UK, a world-leading manufacturer of
                                                                  technologically-advanced casino equipment. This tireless,
                                                                  sturdy wheel is capable of automatically and accurately de-
                                                                  termining the random results of 100 games per hour, 24
                                                                  hours per day.

                                                                  The Slingshot 2 TT has an Active Rotor Control System.           1
                                                                  The motorised wheel revolves at random speeds. The ball,
                                                                  launched by a jet of air, is met by random blasts of air from
                                                                  jets mounted in the ball track. The betting time signal and
                                                                  the winning number are securely recognised by discreet la-
                                                                  ser sensors. The ball is visible at all stages of the game to
                                                                  reassure players of the wheel’s integrity.

                                                                  Place Your Bets, Please
                                                                  Using the handy game interface, the player simply clicks on
                                                                  a chip of the desired denomination and then on the specific
                                                                  area of the roulette table where he/she wishes to place the
                                                                  chip—either within a defined square or on the line that covers
                                                                  the adjacent numbers desired. A handy tool tip provides infor-
                                                                  mation on the minimum amount for each selected type of bet.                                                                                     slingshot roulette

Slingshot Roulette
                                                                                                 The future of gaming today

The game makes it easy for players to place bets on tradi-
tional roulette number combinations. The player can click the
“Neighbours and Special Bets” button to view a list of com-
mon bets. To place any of these bets, the player first clicks
                                                                       ROULETTE FACTS
on a chip of the desired denomination and then on any of the       Intended Audience Roulette enthusiasts and
listed bets to place a chip on each of the numbers included in     others who enjoy classic casino games.
that particular bet. (For example, a click on a chip and then on
Finale en Plein O places a total of four chips - one on all four   Bet Limits Configurable
roulette numbers ending in zero: 0, 10, 20 and 30.)
                                                                   Payout Odds There are many different bets in
When players click the “Neighbours and Special Bets” but-          roulette, and each covers up to 18 different numbers.
ton, they view a circular, track-like betting area with number     The most common are listed here:
placements that mimic those on the roulette wheel. A click                        Bet                 Covers         Pays
on any number on the track will place a bet on that number
                                                                    Straight-Up Bet                  1 number      35 to 1
plus the two numbers immediately to the right and the left
of it. A click on Tier, Orphelins or Voisins du zero will place     Split Bet                       2 numbers      17 to 1
bets on all adjacent numbers on that particular third of the        Street Bet                      3 numbers      11 to 1
roulette wheel.
                                                                    Corner Bet                      4 numbers       8 to 1
The player can easily clear the last placed chip by clicking        Line Bet                        6 numbers       5 to 1
“Undo”. Clicking repeatedly on the “Undo” button removes all        Dozen / Column Bet             12 numbers       2 to 1
placed chips. A click on “Repeat” allows the player to conve-       Red / Black                    18 numbers       1 to 1
niently place the same bet(s) as in the preceding round. When
                                                                    Even / Odd                     18 numbers       1 to 1
the “Repeat” button is clicked, it changes into the “Double”
button. A click on “Double”, doubles the repeated bet.              Low (1-18) / High (19-36)      18 numbers       1 to 1

Traffic lights on the right side of the game screen indicate        Payout Percentage 97.30%
the remaining betting time with green light for active bet-
ting, the yellow light indicating that betting time is almost      Special Features
over and the red light showing that betting time is up. The        • The game is controlled by the fully-automatic Sling-
minimum and maximum bets permitted in the game are list-             shot 2 TT roulette wheel, which is filmed at our pro-
ed in a small seperate field on the left-hand side.                   duction studio.
                                                                   • Balance, table limits, remaining betting time and game
                                                                     statistics are displayed on screen.
                                                                   • The player can control the quality of the video and en-
                                                                     large the game window to full screen with the help of
                                                                     the handy buttons along the top of the game screen.
                                                                   • Convenient buttons make special and neighbour bet
                                                                     placement easy.
                                                                   • A convenient “Repeat” button allows the player to
                                                                     automatically place the same bet as in the preceding
Statistics                                                         Slogans
Naturally, all game outcomes in roulette are entirely random.      • Real Excitement, Real Results!
Nevertheless, many roulette players may appreciate the abil-       • Go for a Real Spin!
ity to view the results of previous rounds in an effort to make    • The Classiest Wheel in the World
better predictions. The numbers that won in the ten most re-
cent rounds are listed under “Recent History” on the right
side of the game screen. The player can also click the “Sta-
tistics” tab to view a list of hot numbers (those that have won
most often) and cold numbers (those that have won least            United Kingdom
often). The player can also see a diagram in the form of a rou-    55 Baker Street | London | W1U 7EU | England | UK
lette wheel that depicts the number of bets placed on each         Phone: +44 (0)20 7563 9140
number, the number of times each number has won, and the           Latvia
total amount won by betting on each number.                        23 Pils Street | LV-1050 | Riga | LATVIA
                                                                   Phone: +371 6721 4011
                                                                   Level 13, Portomaso Business Tower |
                                                                   PTM 01 | Portomaso, Sliema | MALTA                                                                            slingshot roulette
                                                                   Phone: +356 20 99 1378

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