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									Peachtree Baptist Church
                                    Peachtree Baptist Church
2108 Briarcliff Road NE
Atlanta, GA 30329

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                                              Community Garden!

                               This summer, the young adults and the Green
                            Team at Peachtree Baptist have teamed up to start
                           a community garden. The first seeds were planted
                           in the middle of May, and the vegetables are grow-
                               ing more and more every day! The garden in-
                              cludes: several varieties of lettuce, some tomato
                               plants, corn, peas, and a few different types of
  THIS ISSUE:                herbs. Our hope with this garden is that we can
     From a     2             get those in the Peachtree community involved
                                (Morningside Day Out, Applerouth Tutoring,
      Music     3
                            Heart of the Father Christian Church, and Amaz-
      Notes                 ing Grace Ghanaian Church) and donate most of
                3          the goods to area food pantries and homeless shel-
                               ters. The produce that we don’t donate can be
      Adults               used for Wednesday Night suppers here at church!
      Staff     4          We’d love to have you help out by watering—even
                             if it’s just one day! Please contact the church of-
                                            fice if you’re interested!
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                        From A Servant’s Heart
        A question that has been plaguing me                 For example, I am an extrovert to the
for years is this: “how do I spend time with        core of my being. My parents used to tell me I
God?” I don’t mean it in a “what am I doing         could talk to a brick wall and never expect a
in my life that shows proof of time spent with      response. It is in my nature to be gregarious.
God” kind of way, I mean it in a “I have no         One of my dearest friends is quite the oppo-
idea how to spend time with God” kind of            site. She can sit alone in her room for hours
way. Of course I think the answers that we all      and read without ever having the urge to speak
run to immediately (and with good reason—           to another person. Because of this, we both
they are great ways to spend time with God)         have very different ways of communicating
are reading our Bibles, praying, and going to       with each other and, for that matter, with God.
church. But is this all?                                     Jesus tells us that the greatest com-
        I will be the first to admit to you that    mandment is to love the Lord your God with
I’m very impatient and tend to be controlling       all your heart, with all your soul, and with all
of conversations. Because I am this way, I          your mind. He even goes so far as to say that
find it pretty difficult to sit down, open up my    loving our neighbor is just like loving God. If
Bible, read, pray, and listen for God. We live      this is true, should we not be spending time
in a society where instant gratification is a       helping our neighbors and loving them as a
common theme (and problem, if you ask me).          way of showing our love for God?
As a byproduct of this society, I can whole-                 Jesus’ actions throughout the Gospels
heartedly tell you that I expect results. When I    show us how many opportunities we as Chris-
pray and don’t hear the booming, Denzel             tians have to be in communion with God: by
Washington-esque voice of God, I get frus-          serving food, by lending a helping hand to
trated. So maybe this isn’t the best way for        those in need, by praying for those who are
me to be in communion with God. Maybe sit-          sick and hurting, and so many other things.
ting still and being quiet isn’t the mode of        So my challenge to us all is this: if, like me, it
communication I should turn to first.               is uncomfortable for you to sit down and wait
        Allow me to defend this statement. I        on God to speak, maybe following Christ’s
think it’s wonderful and even necessary for         example and spending time with your
people to be able to sit down and listen pa-        “neighbors” can be just as beneficial to your
tiently and quietly for God and to usher God’s      relationships with God. Or if you are like my
presence into their lives in this way as often as   close friend who prefers to stay in your room
possible. After all, as the psalmist wrote, we      reading the Bible and waiting on God, maybe
are to “be still and know” that God is God.         following Christ’s example and spending time
But we must also keep in mind that God made         with your “neighbors” can be just as beneficial
us each individually and uniquely, and just as      to your relationship with God. We all have
we do not all have identical ways of being          lessons we can learn from each other. There
with our friends and those closest to us, we do     are limitless ways for us to strengthen our re-
not all have identical ways of being with God.      lationships with God, we just have to figure
                                                    out what they are.

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            Music Notes                       PBC youth

During the Summer, we will have Sanc-
  tuary Choir rehearsals at the normal
time of 6:30 PM on Wednesday nights.
 Join us for dinner before rehearsal at
5:30 in the fellowship hall! Youth and
Children choirs will resume in the Fall.

            Upcoming Dates:

June 12—Taylor Johnson, our Music As-
sociate, will be ordained by the Peachtree
congregation at 3 PM. Please join us for
             this special event.

 June 19—Farewell luncheon for Robert
 and Alicia Walker as Alicia transitions to
a new job at the University of South Caro-
 lina. (Contact the church office to make a

July 3—Immediately following worship,
 we will have a 4th of July luncheon and
       patriotic song sing-along!

    Peachtree’s Young Adults are starting a summer
   Bible study series! Each month, we will be visit-
   ing a local restaurant in the Decatur area to
                     spend time in fellowship and
                     discuss theological topics in
                     various Bible stories. If you’re
                     interested in being involved, please contact Mary
                     Kate in the church office at
            We’d love to have
                     you join us!
Church Staff:
Rev. Dr. Robert H. Walker, Jr.
Senior Pastor

Rev. Dr. Alicia W. Walker
Associate Pastor for Music And Wor-
                                       Peachtree Baptist Church is a historic
Miss Meredith Shaw
Associate Pastor for Students          church with a rich heritage and a pro-
Mr. Taylor Johnson                     gressive vision, a diverse community
Music Ministry Associate
                                      unified in faith and mission. An autono-
Mrs. Ayoung Lee
Pianist                                 mous body committed to Christ, we
Mr. Lamar Savage                      partner with ministries in our community
                                      and around the world to extend the love
Miss Mary Kate Christian
Administrative Assistant                  and grace of God to all. A non-
Mr. George Townsend                   judgmental congregation, we welcome
                                      all who wish to join us on their personal
                                       journey of faith; our hearts and doors
                                               are open to everyone.

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