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    ABOUT US...
    USA Garage Solutions brings you the ultimate in streamlined customer service, creativity, attention to detail and technical savvy. We will visit your premise,
    assess your space, and provide an opportunity to discuss your needs with our garage design specialist at no cost to you. Once you have your vision, in
    just 48 hours or less, one of our team members will be on site to install the most innovative and unique garage system on the market, no matter what
    your requirements.
    Do you want a garage that:
    * Maximizes space for bulky off-season items such as holiday decorations, camping gear, and even have room for a boat?
    * Maintains easy access to all important tools (e.g. gardening equipment)?
    * Transforms an impossible-to-use work area into a personally customized place for you to carry out special projects?
    * Allows safe storage of valuables (e.g. trophies)?
    In addition to meeting your every requirement, USA Garage Solutions goes one step further - we offer you the option to install an overall design that not only
    meets your needs today but also has the flexibility to adapt to whatever your needs will be tomorrow. USA Garage Solutions offers modular fixtures which
    can grow as your needs grow. Our system is designed so that you can easily change the original layout once our experts are gone. You will be amazed at just
    how simple it is to work a panel system that allows you to slide cabinets from wall to wall without any help! You can also upgrade at any time by purchasing
    additional system parts, as needed.

    What we mean by a custom organized garage...
    A garage that will:
    * Save you time and energy by installing the appropriate garage storage solutions for your needs — with ready access to additional equipment when you need it.
    * Double your garage space with our unique accessories — hooks, panels, bins and racks make ceiling and walls work for you.
    * Include sturdy shelves that allow you to place shoes, cleaning supplies, helmets and tools at eye-level.
    * Protect expensive items by storing them in secured cabinets or drawers.
    * Allow you to save money by reducing the number of unnecessary purchases.
    * Look attractive, easy to clean flooring — glossy, weight-bearing and able to give traction.
    * Includes a garage car lift to accommodate your car or cars. Ask us about overhead car racks too.

    Your classic lifestyle deserves a classic garage.
    Let us help you design a top-notch garage that will bring calmness and serenity to your busy life. You will be amazed at the difference a
    simple and organized garage can have on the look and feel of your home.
    You deserve it and USA Garage Solutions agrees.

    A beautiful garden requires nature and nurture. The nurturing starts in your garage. Whether you are an avid gardener or simply like to maintain a nice
    looking yard, having a place to design your flowerbed and store your tools is a MUST. Let USA Garage Solutions design a garage for your gardening needs
    and beyond...

    You are a hard worker, one that appreciates efficiency and effectiveness. Your garage can become an amazing place where you can park your car,
    manage your storage items and a place where you can work efficiently.
    Let USA Garage Solutions help you transform your garage into your very own workshop and find a space for all your needs.

    Families that are connected enjoy having fun together and working together.
    Imagine a garage where you can park your car, organize your storage items, and allow the children to play safely nearby.
    Let USA Garage Solutions make your garage a part of your home so your family can stay connected.


           WALL SYSTEM                                                 SLATWALL                                                      TRIM PRODUCT

           3-WAY CONNECTOR                       STRAIGHT CONNECTOR              90 DEGREE CONNECTOR                 CEILING HIDE-A-WIRE KIT              HIDE-A-WIRE KIT

           DESCRIPTION                                                 FEATURES                                                      QUALITY AND SAFETY
           USA Garage Solutions offers a variety of slatwall           - Flexible PVC slatwall                                       - Quality tested to be compliant with the ISO -
           options to suit your needs.                                 - Compatible with standard slatwall materials                   9001:2000 standard
           We offer flexible slatwalls that can easily compliment      - Available in five colors: White, Taupe, Gray, Maple         - Water and moisture resistant
           your existing wall or serve as a replacement.                 Wood Grain, and Black                                       - Scratch resistant with normal use
           USA Garage Solutions provides the highest value             - Color coordinated installation screws and trim              - Smooth satin finish
           products and services to include only top of the line         gives high-end aesthetic appeal                             - Water and moisture resistant - easy to clean
           slatwalls. In all categories - features, quality, safety,   - Available in 8 and 4 Ft lengths and custom lengths          - Fire tested - ranks in grade "A" for flame spread
           and price - you can't beat the solutions we bring.          - 4 panels per carton in 8' lengths, 8 panels per             - Strength tested
                                                                         carton in 4' lengths - 32 SQ Ft                             - U.S. manufactured and tested

TWO SHELF WALL UNIT                                     ONE SHELF WALL UNIT                                        3 DOOR SERVICE CABINET
Wall unit organizer has one adjustable shelf for        Open shelf wall units allow you to quickly maximize        3 door service cabinet includes a fold down workspace
maximum storage versatility. Easy mounting to dry       storage capacity in your garage or work space by           - a perfect compliment to your garage. Two adjustable
wall, studs, or other surfaces via pre-stamped holes.   utilizing wasted space on the wall.                        shelves are up top along with a fixed 2.5 in deep shelf.

30” MODULAR WALL STORAGE CABINET                        MODULAR 19” 2 DOOR WALL STORAGE UNIT                       30” + 19” MODULAR WALL STORAGE CABINET
Wall storage cabinets allow you to quickly maximize     2 door wall unit is all steel welded construction, has     These two units can be assembled together to create
storage capacity in your garage or work space by        two door locking,, and is designed to fit on the wall of   a big storage cabinet, so you will be able to increase
utilizing wasted space on the wall.                     your garage.                                               or decrease your storage space according to your needs.


           TALL STORAGE LOCKER                                       TALL SPORTS GEAR LOCKER                                      CORNER WALL CABINET
           Tall storage lockers stand at 5 feet in height and with   Tall sports gear lockers offer plenty of storage capacity.   Corner wall cabinet offers an easy mounting to dry wall
           32,400 cubic inches of capacity. This is sure to be a     5 feet high and boasts an impressive 32,400 cubic            studs or slatwall units. Safe and secure storage with key
           favorite for most garages and work shops.                 inches of highly functional storage space.                   T handle door locks that opens to two adjustable shelves.

           5 DRAWER MODULAR STORAGE CABINET                          2 DOOR MODULAR BASE CABINET                                  STORAGE ACTIVITY BENCH
           Our five drawer tool chest is a wonderful addition to     This product offers excellent storage capabilities for       Our storage activity bench is an all steel sitting bench
           any garage organizing project there are three separate    larger tools, with its 24 inch depth and the adjustable      that doubles as a storage center. It is perfect for
           drawer configurations.                                    shelf that glides on ball bearing slides.                    preparing for your morning jog, storing shoes, and more.

                                                                                                                                                                       WORK BENCHES
6 FT. WORK BENCH                                       8 FT. WORK BENCH                                       ULTIMATE WORK ZONE
Our work benches feature a solid hardwood maple        Our work benches features a solid hardwood maple       When the efficiency and security of our storage units
top that is 1.75 in. thick and has 12 square feet of   top that is 1.75 in. thick and has 16 square feet of   are placed together the Ultimate Work Zone is the end
work surface available to handle most projects.        work surface availabe to handle most work projects.    result.


                       8” LOOP HOOK          4” LOOP HOOK                 5 SINGLE HOOKS            “S” HOOK               6” “J” HOOK



                       PAPER TOWEL HOLDER    COAT RACK                    WALL MOUNT HOZE HOLDER    WINE RACK              HOOVER GARAGE VAC

                                                                                                                 BINS, SHELVES & SAFETY
RECYCLING CENTER      BIG BIN & LIL’ BIN   TASKET              TASKET            4”/5”/6”/9” BIN TILT STORAGE

PLASTIC UTILITY BIN   5” x 11” MINI BIN    5” x 11” MINI BIN   8” X 12” BASKET   3” X 12” NARROW BASKET

12” X 18” BASKET      12” X 24” BASKET     14” X 24” SHELF     14” X 48” SHELF   134” X 24” SHOE RACK



           DC MOTOR RESIDENTIAL JACKSHAFT OPENER                      DC MOTOR BELT DRIVE                                      3/4 HP BELT DRIVE GARAGE DOOR OPENER
           Model 3800: Maximize the space in your garage with         Model 3850: Don't let a power outage lock you out of     Model 3585: Get the ultimate blend of power and quiet
           our space-saving wall-mounted jackshaft opener. It even    your garage. Our 3850 belt drive opener is the only      in a garage door opener. Our powerful 3/4 HP 3585
           has an optional standby power system that will continue    professionally installed 3/4 HPS garage door opener      opener can lift even the heaviest garage doors effortlessly
           working, even when the power goes out.                     with an evercharge standby power system.                 and with precision.

           ELECTRIC BIKE HOIST                                        ELECTRIC OVERHEAD STORAGE                                45”X45” CEILING STORAGE
           Easy to install | Holds up to 220 lbs | Remote operation   Does the heavy lifting for you | 18 square ft of extra   Easy to install | Telescoping adjustable heights from
           with keylock switch | Built-in safty break | Motor hoist   storage space | Easy to load and unload | Load up        16.5” to 27” | No screws or drilling | Maximizes your
           with wired push buttom controller | Ceiling mount          to 200 lbs | Lifting heights 9 ft | Steel frame and      garage with 31.6 cubic feet of additional storage space
           Channel bar | Hook bar | 8 hooks | 4 bike cable            metal slat | Motor 3/4 HP 110V / HZ 4.5 amps             Strong design holding up to 250 lbs. | Powder coated


Full Chip                                           Full Chip
Most epoxy systems come standard with
as little as one thin coat of product. With
the UV stable top coat your floor will not yellow
or fade over time.
This patent pending system/fast curetrue 3
coat system allows all steps to be completed
in just hours with 4 times the strength of epoxy.   Saddle tan     Tan      Gunflint trail

Industrial Grade
Our floors is an industrial grade system truly
superior to that of any epoxy or urethane
                                                                                             FLOOR TILES
product available. Our patent pending system
                                                                                             Dazzle your friends. Change your dull, damaged floor
will allow you to finish your floor in hours, not
                                                                                             into an eye-catching, attractive feature of your garage
days able to handle foot traffic in just 4 to 8
                                                    Domino         Gravel   Denim            with our state-of-the-art interlocking modular floor tiles.
hrs. and vehicle traffic within 24 hrs. You get
                                                                                             Our products are available in a variety of styles in
the kind of durability and speed that only
                                                                                             both standard and unlimited custom colors.
Polyurea can offer.
                                                                                             Installation is astonishingly easy and quick – just
                                                    Partial chip                             clean and clear your garage floor – our ingenious
Microbond Technology
Our floors' Exclusive MicroBond Technology                                                   inter-locking tiles simply snap into place on the spot
comes with 40,000 micro hooks per sq. inch                                                   and your new floor is immediately ready for use.
ensuring the industry leading adhestion to                                                   USA Garage Solutions offers great slip resistance and
concreate. MicroBond Technology also creates                                                 a high-tech look. The design is engineered to create
a slip-resistant surface, over epoxy coatings                                                a seamless look from module to module, allowing you
that are prone to be very slippery in wet or                                                 to create virtually any size and any floor pattern.
                                                    Saddle tan     Tan      Gunflint trail
damp conditions. Our floors' environmentally
friendly Polyurea coatings are an ideal choice
for indoor use.
                                                                                                                 Graphite   Alloy   Black     Red     White

Color swatches are for representational
purposes only and may not match the                                                                               Beige     Blue    Purple   Orange   Yellow
product exactly.                                                                                                  CUSTOM COLORS AVAILABLE!
                                                    Domino         Gravel   Denim


        AVANTE COLLECTION                                            GALLERY COLLECTION                                       CLASSICA
        The perfect choice to modernize any home, the Avante         Vintage style steel garage doors with updated appeal.    Galvanized and pre-painted steel is bonded and
        not only transforms garages, it can also be used as          Grooved panel carriage house style steel garage doors    molded to polystyrene or polyurethan foam for
        an interior loft partition or a versatile patio door to      offer a charming vintage style appearance. Insulated     exceptional durability, energy efficiency, strength, quiet
        seamlessly merge indoor and outdoor living spaces.           and non-insulated options                                operation and appearance

        COACHMAN COLLECTION                                          REVERSE COLLECTION                                       CLASSIC WOOD COLLECTION
        High-end look of wood carriage-house style garage doors,     Custom, Limited Edition and Semi-Custom handcrafted      Simple forms invite the beauty of natural handcrafted
        with the benefits of a durable, low-maintenance, insulated   wood carriage-house style garage doors offered in many   wood to stand out, laying the foundation for a warm
        steel garage door. The designs vary to complement many       wood species. Insulation standard on Custom and          and welcoming home.
        architectural styles including Craftsman, Shaker,            Limited Edition Series. New factory pre-staining and
        Traditional, French Country, Tudor and Victorian.            white finish painting optional
                                                                                                                                                                         CAR LIFTS
Parking your car takes up a lot of space. We work          Nature can be your car's worst enemy so keeping         FEATURES
with a leader in high density vehicle storage systems      your car inside will enable you to preserve that new-   - Galvained steel beds with standard steel members
to provide innovative storage solutions for the            car look longer than you would if left outdoors.        - Commercial grade and design
automotive enthusiast or the homeowner who wants           Allowing you to extend the life of your vehicles, and   - Inside or outside storage use
to maximize their garage utility.                          preserve their resale value, the automotive parking     - Stand alone self supporting frame
                                                           lift more than pays for itself.                         - Can relocate and move
Have a sports car that only comes out on Sundays?
                                                           Let USA Garage Solutions transform your garage into     - Electric motor or hydraulic power pack
Why should it be a space-hog every day of the week?        the ultimate parking spot.                              - For your family SUV and your weekend car
We offer options to solve this space issue. We offer       DESCRIPTION                                             SAFETY
the low profile 2-Post Hydraulic Double Parking Car        - Low profile 2 post hydraulic parking car stacker      - Standard key lock switch for security
Stacker which allows you to make the most of your          - Length 13'-8", Width 7'-11" to 8'-3"                  - Automatic shutoff if operator releases key switch
garage space. The Double Parking Car Stacker even          - Clearance requirements 9'-6"                          - Steel on steel locks hold upper platform in place
fits in a single-car garage.                               - Overall height of equipment 8'-3"                     - Manual Locks required on lower unit
                                                           - Lifting capacity per platform 6000lbs
Having the ability to keep any car you own in the          - Weight of unit 2980                                   SHIPPING AND INSTALLATION
garage will vastly extend the life of paint, upholstery,   - Electrical requirements 3-phase 208-220V/single       - Shipped by common carriers to most locations
and critical rubber parts.                                   phase 110-220V                                        - Installed by our factory trained techs
A car with faded paint, sun-chipped interior plastics,     - Operation hydraulic with manual override
and deteriorating rubber trim and hoses won't              - Aditional requirements power pack Unit (for up to
maintain its value as well as one that has avoided           30 stack
this type of damage.                                       - Power requirements: single phase 110 220 Volts



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