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					FitFest 2010      Fitness Conference & Expo Tour

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Innovative Programs
        for the
    Fitness Professional


    San Jose, CA • Sept 17 & 18, 2010
                                                                      PRECON TRAININGS (ADDITIONAL FEE)
           friday, sept 17 precons
                                                                                BOSU® MASTER TRAINER SPECIALTY
PRECONS CERTIFICATIONS 9:00am – 6:00pm                                CERTIFICATION – Mindy Mylrea (Attendee $49, Non-attend-
                                                                      ee $59) 8:30am – 12:00pm
         SCHWINN® CYCLING INSTRUCTOR                                  BOSU® style training has proved to be effective, versatile and
TRAINING COURSE – Shannon Fable                                       fun! Becoming a BOSU® Master Trainer will help increase your
(FitFest Attendee $175, Non Attendee $200)                            success as a fitness professional by providing you with the for-
This information-packed day offers you the industry’s finest and      mula to make the BOSU® Balance Trainer more effective in your
most comprehensive indoor cycling instructor training, giving         club, your classes and with your clients. You’ll learn a step-by-
you everything you need to become the best instructor you can         step training system that helps improve overall fitness, balance
be. Bike fit, cycling physiology and mechanics, proper technique,     and athleticism. Apply the science behind functional balance
the Schwinn® Cycling Coaching Pyramid, and class design, are          training to practical programming that is purposeful and fun.
thoroughly explained and experienced in an interactive format         You will leave this training with sample workouts and lots of new
taught by Schwinn® Master Trainer, Shannon Fable. You’ll re-          ideas for designing BOSU® workouts that accommodate all lev-
ceive a detailed resource manual, a DVD with 10 class designs         els of fitness!
and real road cycling video clips, a certificate of course com-
pletion and experience two power-packed workouts. (.8 ACE                      BENDER BOOT CAMP TOTAL BODY CONDITIONING
CECs/7.25 AFAA CEUs)                                                  – Leslee Bender $69 9:00am – 2:00pm
                                                                      (Includes Free Bender Ball)
        AFAA PRIMARY GROUP EXERCISE                                   As trainers, understanding the difference in our student’s body
CERTIFICATION – Special Preconvention price $199                      types will dramatically help them to achieve their goals. Many
(normally $299)                                                       times students do not get the results they want due to not work-
AFAA, the world’s largest fitness and TeleFitness® educator, is       ing out in a way that is suitable for them. You will learn the three
proud to be part of FitFest 2009 and will offer the Primary Group                       body types and combinations of body types
Exercise Certification for a special post-conference event price                         and the exercise programs that will be best for
of $199. Sign up early! Space is limited! Who is it for? This pro-                       each. You will also learn that each body type
gram is for all group exercise instructors and will prepare them to                         has distinct postural issues that can lead to
take the AFAA Primary Group Exercise Certification exam on the                                dysfunction and what to watch for and un-
same day. Course highlights: a review of AFAA’s Basic Exercise                                derstand. This course is focused only on
Standards & Guidelines, basic anatomy, exercise science, exer-                                exercises that are related to completely
cise evaluation, and exam criteria.                                                          functional training and how to use them
                                                                                             from the floor up. Whether you are looking
The program includes:                                                                         to deepen your methods of personal train-
    • practical application of exercise theory in a group setting                              ing or new ideas for a small group class,
    • study guide overview                                                                         this program is for you!
    • question & answer session

Prerequisites: Early registration and self-study prior to the day              FLIRTIFICATION CERTIFICATION – Jenn Hall
of the workshop. Group exercise teaching experience is a plus.        Special FitFest Price $169 (normally $199) 9:00am – 3:00pm
Current CPR certification (required before certificate is issued.)    You watch MTV and VH1. You love the moves, the music and
                                                                      the magic of these amazing dance styles. You’ve thought about
Registration includes: Study guide (shipping additional), one-        teaching cardio dance but didn’t know where to begin. Well look
day review, written and practical exams, one-year AFAA mem-           no further! You are about to experience Flirty Girl Fitness® –
bership or extender, including a subscription to American Fitness     Booty Beat. The Flirty Girl Fitness® Booty Beat program is ev-
magazine, 5 CEUs to AFAA Certified Instructors attending work-        erything you want and more. Our popular, easy-to-learn dance
shop only. Study Materials: Fitness: Theory & Practice textbook       routines provide the perfect combination of cardio and strength
(required), Practice Test for Primary Group Exercise Certification.   training. Your clients will feel like they’re part of a music video
                                                                      while at the same time they’re getting a cardio crazy, core chis-
Please contact AFAA at 800.446.2322 to register or to order           eling, booty toning, arm sculpting workout class. Training In-
materials or visit                                      cludes: Flirtification Instructor Manual, Booty Beat Foundation
                                                                      Moves DVD, Booty Beat Choreography DVD, Booty Beat Flirty
                                                                      Fit & Fired Up! DVD, Booty Beat Music CD, 6 ACE CECs, 6
                                                                      AFAA CEUs, Flirty Girl Folder, Pen, Keychain and Certificate of

                                                                      CPR RECERTIFICATION – CPR Certified Trainer
                                                                      $29.95 6:00pm – 8:00pm
                                                                      We all need to be recertified every one to two years. This is the
                                                                      2 year certification yippy! Why not get it done fast and easy at
                                                                      bos that start out lower body focused and somehow, if by Mindy
          friday, sept 17 sessions                                    magic, transform into core craziness. You will learn combos that
                                                                      flip-flop back and forth and back again between buns, legs, core,
SESSION 1 12:30pm – 2:00pm                                            and a whole lot more! Learn ways to activate one zone of the
                                                                      body while channeling through the other zones.
This boot camp takes elements of “Free-Running” (aka Park-            TASTE OF ZUMBA – Nicole Parcels
our) and combines them with traditional boot camp exercises for       Zumba combines high energy and motivating music with unique
some unique programming and an excellent overall workout and          moves and combinations that allow the participants to dance
cardio blast!                                                         away their worries! Zumba is not only great for the body, but is
                                                                      also great for the mind. It is a “feel-happy” workout. This class is
                                                                      a fusion of Latin and International music - dance themes creat-
                                                                      ing a dynamic, exciting, effective fitness system! The routines
                                                                      feature aerobic/fitness interval training with a combination of fast
                                                                      and slow rhythms that tone and sculpt the body. Zumba utilizes
                                                                      the principals of fitness interval training and resistance training to
                                                                      maximize caloric output, fat burning and total body toning. It is a
                                                                      mixture of body sculpting movements with easy to follow dance
                                                                      steps. This will be a great class to familiarize yourself with the
                                                                      routines with a break down of the moves, practice sessions, a
                                                                      group challenge and a final 1 hour workout guaranteed to insure
                                                                      a Zumbalicious workout. Equipment: bring a smile, water and
                                                                      hips that are ready to shake, shake, shake!

          MEDICINE BALL MADNESS – Mindy Mylrea
This is truly medicine ball training as you have never experienced
it before! Mindy starts you off with a strength and flow warm up
that truly is core and more. You will quickly go cardio crazy with
med ball in motion combined with cutting edge cardio combos
that are super fun and super challenging. Intensity intervals are
next focusing on both cardio and strength. An amazing creative
floor workout completes this package using the ball to engage
and activate even the tiniest of muscles.

Energize and empower your students with this awakening, fresh
and uplifting approach to Pilates matwork through a flowing com-               BOSU® STUDIO PILATES – Stacey Lei Krauss
bination of Pilates progressions in an undulating format. Experi-     The BOSU® Balance Trainer is the perfect accessory to com-
ence core challenges that incorporate fluid transitions for seam-     pliment a wide range of authentic Pilates exercises. In this
less routines and gather endless ideas for your Pilates classes.      workshop, you will have the opportunity to learn how to use the
Charge up your traditional routines by adding an eclectic twist to    BOSU® ball in a one-on-one and group setting, and learn to ac-
your Pilates workouts.                                                commodate the most advanced to the most beginning Pilates
                                                                      students or clients. Find out how to incorporate the Balance
BODY BAR: S.W.E.A.T.! – Sherry Catlin                                 Trainer into mat classes, and to use it in conjunction with other
For a total body transformation, tap into all of the elements that    traditional Pilates accessories and equipment. Even if you don’t
will produce the results that you desire. Combining the Body Bar      have Pilates exercise experience, you will take home a library of
with Strength, Willpower, Endurance, Agility and Tenacity, this       new exercises designed to target the core and train the whole
strength training session takes you to the next level of full body    body!
integrative movement while giving you the fun that will help your
students reach their fitness goals and keep them coming back                   FOUNDATIONAL BEAMING SENSATIONAL
for more!                                                             SAMPLER – June Kahn
                                                                      Experience this revolutionary new activity-based lifestyle pro-
SESSION 2 2:15pm – 3:45pm                                             gram, designed to integrate physical and emotional balance,
                                                                      activating a shift in attitude and awareness. Beaming™ teaches
GLUTES, GUNS & GUTS – Mindy Mylrea                                    you how to transform traditional exercise classes and person-
Buns, legs, core and more! These are the areas we need to             al training sessions into an experience that blends conscious-
work, and work we will, in this creative chiseling challenge. Begin   ness with physical activity performed on a pliable, low grounded
with research, then excite your sculpting senses with flow com-       beam, encouraging significant lifestyle changes. The Beamfit™
balance challenges harmonize familiar physical movements with
mind-body philosophy as you explore barefoot and somato-                         saturday, sept 18 sessions
sensory training while integrating balance, precision, stability,
strength, endurance and stretch. Gain an opportunity to experi-
ence the practical application and the impact of Beaming™, the            SESSION 1 7:30am – 8:45am
future of fitness.
                                                                          TAKE YOUR TOYS AND GO! – Jenn Hall
SESSION 3 4:15pm – 5:45pm                                                 Learn to put together and utilize completely portable drill-based,
                                                                          interval classes with the perfect combination of strength, agility
WILLPOWER AND GRACE® – Stacey Lei Krauss                                  and cardiovascular overload that will help improve everyone’s fit-
willPower is your ability to create change using the power of             ness level. Discuss “intelligent interval training”, brainstorm ways
thought. Grace is how you land on your feet. WillPower & grace®           to incorporate all kinds of light-weight portable equipment, and
is the energetic, cardiovascular solution for all mindful modali-         learn creative ways to incorporate FUNctional training into this
ties. This class is a cardio fusion of postures, drills and principles.   high energy total body workout.
Leave your shoes at the door... this hard-core workout integrates
the newest barefoot training methods to help you strengthen               BUILDING STRENGTH IN NUMBERS:
your feet and correct imbalances in your ankles, knees and hips.          SOLO, PARTNER, & TEAM TRAINING – Marc Lebert
In time you will stand taller, walk with greater confidence and           Program Design for partner and team training this workshop
move with integrity.                                                      maximizes Body weight Training and cool couple configurations.
                                                                          Trainer and client, coach and athlete or just buddies work togeth-
WOMEN’S HEALTH REPORT – Len Kravitz                                       er and create dynamic and variable resistance with hundreds
Come learn the latest research on women and cardiovascu-                  of exercises in unlimited planes. Bring a friend - this session’s
lar disease, hypertension as women age, physical activity and             exercises are performed in tandem! No buddy no worries - this
breast cancer, exercise metabolism in women, social relation-             workshop has tons of solo drills as well.
ships and exercise, exercise intensity and metabolic syndrome,
ways to improve physical activity in women and more. This is                       SCHWINN® CYCLE: BREAK IT UP – Mindy Mylrea
a fabulous new presentation geared totally for exercise profes-           Whether you’ve got new riders who aren’t sure about being on
sionals wanting to educate their female students and clients on           the bike for an entire class, or time-pressed fitness veterans
the newest research and health information for females.                   needing to multi-task, come learn how you can give them each
                                                                          a fantastic workout experience by inserting a smart progression
SPORTS TRAINING FOR EVERYONE – Marc Lebert                                of off-the-bike breaks into your cardio segments! We’ll add in
If you want to look like an athlete it helps to train like one. Most      posture strengtheners, lower body shapers and active flexibility
people want to look athletic (and lose weight) but then proceed           moves between sets of power-packed pedaling in this new for-
to train on the elliptical! This Sports Training workshop shows           mat that preserves the authenticity of the ride and offers newbies
you how a complete athletic workout - from unique warm up drills          through advanced riders a fun, effective way to get fit. This work-
and functional movements to dynamic stretching- can be fun and            shop includes a complete ride experience with detailed notes.
adaptable to make anyone feel and look like an athlete!
                                                                                    BENDER METHOD™ OF SAFE FUNCTIONAL PILATES
                                                                          – Leslee Bender
                                                                          This course is designed to give you the comparisons of traditional
                                                                          exercises that are potentially harmful for today’s society and a
                                                                          much functionally safer approach that has been documented by
                                                                          research. Why do so many students complain of low back pain in
                                                                          mat classes? You will fully understand why and why modifications
                                                                          are necessary to protect the lumbar spine. You will learn how to
                                                                          utilize props that make a class dynamic and safe that all students
                                                                          can feel a sense of accomplishment in and above all pain free.

– Jenn Hall & Mindy Mylrea
Are you ready to join the hottest dance program around? In this
session, we’ll introduce the Flirty Girl Fitness® phenomenon and
show how to implement this amazing program into your own fit-
ness and dance facility. Developed by women for women, the
Flirty Girl Fitness® program leads to the fabulous feeling of suc-
cess, both for you and your participants. Come find out how you
can become a Flirty Girl!
SOLE TRAINING – Stacey Lei Krauss                                       How good are these products? When is water the best hydra-
Over the past two decades, fitness shoe manufacturers have              tion fuel and when are sports drinks truly needed to optimize
developed advanced technology to support, cushion and control           the exercise performance. This all-inclusive lecture will discuss
motion in our feet and ankles. The result? We’ve disconnected           the many physiological mysteries of water in the human body,
with our feet! Expose yourself to global views of barefoot train-       the need for hydration during exercise, hydration and disease,
ing, and learn how you can re-awaken your feet intrinsically and        hydration and mental performance, and answer numerous perti-
re-train your movement patterns from the ground up. You’ll learn        nent questions about hydration, sports drinks and energy drinks.
drills (foot gymnastics) to practice with your classes & clients from
the athlete to the older adult. This is not a sweaty workout, but a              FOUNDATIONAL BEAMING SENSATIONAL
proactive approach to awakening the 58 muscles in your feet.            SAMPLER – June Kahn
                                                                        Experience this revolutionary new activity-based lifestyle pro-
                                                                        gram, designed to integrate physical and emotional balance,
                                                                        activating a shift in attitude and awareness. Beaming™ teaches
                                                                        you how to transform traditional exercise classes and personal
                                                                        training sessions into an experience that blends consciousness
                                                                        with physical activity performed on a pliable,low grounded beam,
                                                                        encouraging significant lifestyle changes. The Beamfit™ balance
                                                                        challenges harmonize familiar physical movements with mind-
                                                                        body philosophy as you explore barefoot and somatosensory
                                                                        training while integrating balance, precision, stability, strength,
                                                                        endurance and stretch. Gain an opportunity to experience the
                                                                        practical application and the impact of Beaming™, the future of

                                                                        STEP BAR NONE – Jeff McMullen
                                                                        Are you a seasoned instructor and missed the “step craze” of
                                                                        the late 80’s or brand new to the fitness field, looking to expand
                                                                        your tool belt? The good news is the 411 is out and Step is look-
                                                                        ing for new recruits! Explore and learn the fundamental compo-
FOUR ON THE FLOOR FOR THE CORE – Rose Zahnn                             nents behind developing and teaching a successful mixed level
Give your time starved clients a simple core training workout           step class from start to finish – choreography design, cueing and
using just 4 exercises. Develop a balanced core workout that’s          transitions, breakdowns and modifications, and musical inter-
simple to do at home or as part of a group exercise class or            face! You’ll successfully leave this session with 3 complete class
private training session. Mix and Match the exercises, with or          designs in hand! Don’t be left out in the cold!
without equipment- and take home an almost limitless variety of
core workouts!                                                                   TAKING THE WEIGHT ROOM INTO THE AEROBIC
                                                                        ROOM WITHOUT THE WEIGHTS – Marc Lebert
SESSION 2 9:00am – 10:00am                                              Chin-up bars, dip stations, smith press, cable machine - all equip-
Welcome and Key Note with Shannon Fable                                 ment found in the gym but not in the group X room. Most group
                                                                        exercise classes have limited ways to mimic these tried and true
SESSION 3 10:15am – 11:45am                                             favorites. This workshop helps conquer many body weight ex-
                                                                        ercises in classes and camps from chin-ups to dips. Using the
BODY BAR LEAN MEAN LEGS! – Sherry Catlin                                amazing portable Equilizer, buddy system, body weight , and
Everyone wants long lean sexy athletic legs that work as well as        creativity, we will be performing many unique exercise combina-
they look… So get ready to ignite your lower body training with         tions and programming (tandem usage, movement based ex-
sure-fire sequences of kick butt exercises that hit all the trouble     ercise combinations, traditional aerobic class applications, and
spots… define your thighs, minimize your hips and rock “dah             more)!
butt”… Then increase the intensity by “stepping” it up a level and
integrating your core and you will have a cutting edge workout
that will keep them coming back for more!                                        SCHWINN® CYCLING: BUILD & BOND
                                                                        – Shannon Fable
         BOSU® XPLODE – Mindy Mylrea                                    Successful cycling instructors do more than teach great class-
The ultimate cross-training workshop – done up BOSU® style!             es, they build energetic communities of riders within the room!
Learn a unique system for incorporating elements of strength,           Come learn how you can infuse your next ride with purposeful
cardio, core, balance and agility into one full body workout,           participation proven to bond your riders into a more outwardly
and brand new exercises that use minimal equipment, minimal             expressive and loyal pack. This workshop hands you 5 ready-
space, but give MAXIMUM results! Take the versatility of the            to-teach interactive ideas - from mild to wild! And it comes com-
BOSU® Balance Trainer to a whole new level, and be prepared             plete with tips to ensure the masterful set up and execution of
for a total body meltdown!                                              each one. This workshop includes a complete ride experience
                                                                        with detailed notes.
FACTS, FABLES & FIBS – Len Kravitz
Sports drinks and energy drinks are multi-billion dollar industries.
SESSION 4A 12:00pm – 1:15pm                                                    SCHWINN® CYCLING: MY FAVORITE RIDE
If you pick 4A, then 4B will be your lunch period.                    – Mindy Mylrea
                                                                      Chosen just for this event by your Schwinn® Master Trainer, come
         FLIRTY GIRL FITNESS®: FUN, FIT & FABULOUS!                   experience a complete ride sure to give you plenty of ideas for
– Jenn Hall                                                           your classes and one heck of a workout! You can expect world-
Are you ready to join the hottest dance program around? In this       class coaching, motivation, and incredible energy. Your master
session, we’ll introduce the Flirty Girl Fitness® phenomenon and      trainer will break down all the components of their favorite ride,
show how to implement this amazing programming in your own            including music, cueing, imagery, and coaching techniques so
fitness and dance facility. Developed by women for women, the         you can successfully replicate this workout for your own classes.
Flirty Girl Fitness® program leads to the fabulous feeling of suc-
cess, both for you and your participants. Come find out how you
can become a Flirty Girl!

Join Len in one of the most comprehensive lecture’s ever ex-
plaining the detailed physiological and metabolic aspects of fat
metabolism and caloric expenditure. Participants will learn, from
a cellular perspective, the major terms of fat metabolism, the
hormonal regulation of lipolysis during exercise, the effect of ex-
ercise on lipolysis, the effect of exercise on fat oxidation, the
effect of glycemic index on fat metabolism, effective exercise in-
tensities for fat loss, and strategies to enhance caloric expendi-
ture with exercise. Six ground breaking programs that maximize
caloric expenditure will be presented. A must attend lecture for
the fitness professional and personal trainer who truly wishes to
understand fat metabolism and caloric expenditure.
                                                                                TRANSFORMATION POSTURE – Leslee Bender
SEVEN STEPS TO WILLPOWER® – Stacey Lei Krauss                         This is the course everyone should attend!!! Your feet tell you
For thousands of years, The Five Tibetan Rites have been re-          everything you need to know. They are even considered in many
puted to spin the chakras and stimulate the endocrine system.         instances the second heart. When your feet become dysfunc-
The Seven Steps to WillPower® takes the Rites to the next level       tional it dramatically affects the entire kinetic chain. You will learn
and will change your students’ bodies from the inside out. These      incredible functional techniques in how to determine postural is-
exercises, repeated daily, along with strong, directive affirma-      sues and the amazing exercises that help to give your clients
tions are the perfect way to begin each day, Don’t have time for a    great posture and a pain free body on many levels. This course
full workout? No worries, The Seven Steps only take 15 minutes;       is definitely recommended for the trainer looking to broaden his
they’re even perfect for personal trainers who want to integrate      or her knowledge in what their clients really need.
mind-body-spirit techniques into programming.
                                                                      DON’T JUST SURVIVE, THRIVE! – Rose Zahnn
        BOSU® AMPED! – Shannon Fable                                  Market your business with creativity and distinction and be im-
BOSU® training just got caffeinated! Join BOSU® Master trainer        mune to the fluctuations of the economy. While your competition
Shannon Fable for the workshop of a lifetime where you will ex-       blames an economic downturn, you know there are plenty of po-
perience brand-new exercises, sequences and drills designed           tential customers out there with the disposable income to afford
to amplify the energy AND the results. Full of hard-core training     your services. What if you could find and keep those customers
and hard-core fun, this is also your opportunity to experience        and learn how to actually increase your business during these
new BOSU® style training techniques that will give you more           times? Take home 10 ideas for programs, workshops, internal/ex-
ideas than you can carry home. Perfect for Personal Trainers or       ternal promotions, and customer service that can increase your
Group Exercise Instructors, BOSU® Amped is your chance to             revenue with a minimum of expense. Learn to distinguish which
WORK IT OUT!                                                          programs to implement and how to evaluate their effectiveness,
                                                                      so you are always improving and growing your business.
SESSION 4B 1:00pm – 2:15pm
If you pick 4B, then 4A will be your lunch period.                    SESSION 5 2:30pm – 4:00pm

MUSCLE CONFUSION MADNESS – Marc Lebert                                          BOSU® CORE FLOW – Stacey Lei Krauss
Pretty much from the first workout on, your muscles start to          Add fresh elements to your core training by using innovative
adapt to an exercise and routine. If you want to keep progressing     flowing exercise sequences to challenge your core muscula-
and not plateau you need to change it up! In this session we will     ture like never before. As you explore the unique properties of
cover 25 of my favorite “tricks” to help anyone keep their routine    the BOSU® Balance Trainer and BOSU® Ballast Ball, you will
from getting stale and get better results!                            discover new ways to challenge every muscle in your “power
                                                                      center” while simultaneously improving your overall movement
                                                                      capability. Enhance both variety and effectiveness as you learn
                                                                      to link “chains” of core movement in fluid patterns that will give
                                                                      you creative new ways to deliver serious results.
TOTAL YOGA CORE – Rose Zahnn                                           level, making it absolutely “floor-less.” Employ your experiential
Experience a complete workout with this Pilates, Yoga and Fit-         senses and somatosensory system providing another dimension
ness blend. Learn how to sequence the exercises for maximum            to the Pilates Method. Walk away with a new appreciation and a
effectiveness, flow and challenge. Cue for intensity with positive     variety of ideas you can implement immediately, working one on
and empowering messages, while incorporating flowing move-             one with clients or in class. Beam-lates™ Basework is fresh, it’s
ment, seamless transitions, and a full body workout. Combining         new. It’s the logical next step.
a strong Pilates core with fitness power and yoga flow, Total Yoga
Core gives you the tools to bring all members into class, building     ULTIMATE BOOTCAMP CHALLENGE – Mindy Mylrea
strength, flexibility, and endurance for both women and men.           When was the last time you called your workout intense, crazy
                                                                       creative, and off the charts? This workshop will help you bring
                                                                       that sensation back to your challenge hungry crowd. Using the
                                                                       toys found around even the cheapest of gyms you will learn cra-
                                                                       zy kick butt choreography, experience an interval workout that is
                                                                       an explosion for the sweat glands, and go home with more drills,
                                                                       skills,and games than you could possibly imagine.

                                                                       HI/LO DANCE REJUVENATION – Jeff McMullen
                                                                       Does the grapevine in your routine seem like it is sagging in the
                                                                       middle? Does that mambo-cha-cha need a nip and tuck? Are we
                                                                       talking major surgery? Absolutely NOT! Learn to recycle your
                                                                       tried and true favorites and re-invent “old” patterns, with “flair,
                                                                       vitality and style”! Artfully layer progressions and sequences,
                                                                       starting with a “basic foundation” and end with a product that will
                                                                       have you gracing the pages of “Vanity Fair”. Join Jeff as he takes
                                                                       you on a “champagne” journey of simple and clear beginnings
                                                                       that will end up in a high-octane super-advanced dance routine
STAR DATE 2010: ENGAGE THE NEW RESEARCH                                that you will never stop enjoying!
– Len Kravitz
Join Len for this exciting, state-of-the-art research review in-       SESSION 6 4:30-5:50
cluding lifestyle changes that can reduce diabetes risk, the new
METABOLIC profiling technique for fitness professions, the sci-        BODY BAR: S.W.E.A.T.! – Sherry Catlin
ence of ‘inactivity physiology’, fat burning in resistance training,   For a total body transformation, tap into all of the elements that
the NEW ACSM guidelines for fat loss and weight gain preven-           will produce the results that you desire. Combining the Body Bar
tion, recovery from exercise strategies, NEW research on diet-         with Strength, Willpower, Endurance, Agility and Tenacity, this
ing, the health magic of marathon running, PLUS 12 outstanding         strength training session takes you to the next level of full body
new unique exercises for exercise professionals. This is a must        integrative movement while giving you the fun that will help your
attend cutting edge ‘research-to-practice’ presentation.               students reach their fitness goals and keep them coming back
                                                                       for more!
STABILIZATION PARTNER PLAY – Leslee Bender                             LEARN TO BE LEAN IN THE REAL WORLD – Rose Zahnn
OK here is a fun and challenging class. Do you want your class         The conflicting nutrition information out there is confusing to our
to bond more and have more fun? Do you need NEW ideas as               clients. And as fitness professionals, we know that they won’t get
a personal trainer who really loves working with his or her cli-       results without incorporating healthy eating habits and exercise.
ents functionally safer? This class fits both worlds. You will ex-     Help them reach their goals without deprivation or “diet food” by
perience dynamic stabilization and mobilization exercises that         sharing the secrets of those who have gotten off the diet roller
are geared towards when your feet hit the floor you will activate      coaster and learned to be lean. Yes, they can get leaner and
your core!!! Good bye crunches and come experience the latest          healthier without going extreme!
in partner exercises that will train every fiber of your local and
global core muscles.                                                   DIE HARD STEP: LET’S GO VERTICAL – Jeff McMullen
                                                                       You’ve been teaching step since its inception, through its evolu-
TUTU TOUGH TRAINING – Jenn Hall                                        tion of lead changes, tap-free progressions, cross-phrasing, and
Combine Classical Ballet Training Technique with Martial Arts,         elimination of the filler teaching styles. Now let’s pull out all the
Pilates-based movement and Bootcamp mentality to create a              stops, tie up all the loose ends, and utilize the teaching tools
truly unique lower-body intensive cardio class! No dance or mar-       from the past, present and future. Here’s your chance to explore
tial arts experience is necessary as each movement is explained        the distinct difference between the horizontal vs. VERTICAL ap-
in “fitness language” and modified for all levels of participants.     proach to the step. Jeff will demonstrate effective techniques
                                                                       and strategies in implementing this class, giving it not only a dif-
         BEAM-LATES™ BASEWORK – June Kahn                              ferent LOOK, but a new FEEL. Anyone can turn their step – but
Beam-lates™ combines Pilates principles and exercises with             not everyone can take it to the next level! Inspire a new audience
working on a specially designed pliable, low grounded beam.            or revive your current step “fanatic diehards” with a new angle to
This intertwining of two dynamic mind-body disciplines presents        step training! Walk away with a class design and enough chore-
the next layer to mat Pilates training accentuating core work          ography nuggets you can deliver Monday morning, ready to go!
even more. The Beam brings the workout experience to a higher
– Stacey Lei Krauss                                                      To Register for FitFest 2010
Good coaches aren’t known by name, they’re known by reputa-              By Mail: FitFlix • 225 Esmeralda Drive • Santa Cruz, CA 95060
tion…a reputation rooted in the ability to make a unique mark on         By Fax: 831.457.0519
each athlete’s training experience. For indoor cycling instructors,      By Phone: 831.458.0985
embracing a personal trademark adds the finishing touch to your
coaching and turns regular rides into powerful workouts. Come
learn the top trademarks used by Schwinn® Cycling master in-
structors, and start down the path of discovering a mark of your
own to brand every class you teach. This workshop includes a
complete ride experience with detailed notes.

– Shannon Fable
Whether you experienced the first installment or not, No Equip-
ment Necessary – Take Two is a great workout that takes min-
imal space and produces maximum effect. In Take Two, we’ll
move beyond a strictly strength workout and combine easy to
follow cardio drills with creative strength sequences for a full
body workout. Ease the intimidation factor by removing the
equipment while increasing the effectiveness through elevated
cueing techniques. Use what you’ve got and take your workouts
beyond what you ever dreamed possible… no clean up required!

In January many decide to join a gym. But research shows that
more than half the people will not make it to swimsuit season.
Why? Because their goal was to join a gym, and once they signed
up- they met their goal! This lecture covers basic mental program-
ming to discover how the mind works and how to use it most ef-
fectively. You will learn how to choose your feelings and state of
mind, easily break negative habits and adopt positive ones.

TASTE OF ZUMBA – Nicole Parcels
Zumba combines high energy and motivating music with unique
moves and combinations that allow the participants to dance
away their worries! Zumba is not only great for the body, but is
also great for the mind. It is a “feel-happy” workout. This class is
a fusion of Latin and International music - dance themes creat-
ing a dynamic, exciting, effective fitness system! The routines
feature aerobic/fitness interval training with a combination of fast
and slow rhythms that tone and sculpt the body. Zumba utilizes
the principals of fitness interval training and resistance training to
maximize caloric output, fat burning and total body toning. It is a
mixture of body sculpting movements with easy to follow dance
steps. This will be a great class to familiarize yourself with the
routines with a break down of the moves, practice sessions, a
group challenge and a final 1 hour workout guaranteed to ensure
a Zumbalicious workout. Bring a smile, water and hips that are
ready to shake, shake, shake!

HIIT Training is all the rage. This nonstop powerhouse session
will cover current research, programming ideas, and the best
HIIT exercises on the planet. You will also learn how 4 minutes
can change your workout world and turn you into a fat burning
furnace with Tabata Training. You will never train the same again!
FitFest 2010 Schedule at a Glance
Friday, Sept 17
Precon              Schwinn®           AFAA
Certifications      Cycling            Certification
9:00am – 6:00pm     Fable

Precon              BOSU® Master       Bender            Flirtification      CPR
                    Training           Bootcamp          Hall                Recertification
Trainings                                                9:00am – 3:00pm
Times Specified     Mylrea             Bender                                6:00pm – 8:00pm
                    8:30am – 12:00pm   9:00am – 2:00pm

Session 1           Outdoor            Med Ball          Caffeinated         Body Bar
12:30pm – 2:00pm    Bootcamp           Madness           Pilates             S.W.E.A.T.!
                    Lebert             Mylrea            Kahn                Catlin

Session 2           Glutes, Guns       Taste of          BOSU®               Beaming
2:15pm – 3:45pm     & Guts             Zumba             Pilates             Sampler
                    Mylrea             Parsels           Krauss              Kahn

Session 3           willPower &        Women’s           Sports              Fun, Fit &
4:15pm – 5:45pm     Grace              Health            Training            Fabulous!
                    Krauss             Kravitz           Lebert              Hall, Mylrea

Trade Show & Shopping 12:00pm – 7:00pm

Saturday, Sept 18
Session 1           Take Your Toys     Strength in       Schwinn®:           Sole Training     Four on the      Functional
7:30am – 8:45am     & Go!              Numbers           Break It Up         Krauss            Floor for Core   Pilates
                    Hall               Lebert            Mylrea                                Zahnn            Bender

Session 2           Key Note &
9:00am – 10:00am    Welcome

Session 3           Body Bar Lean      BOSU® Xplode      Water, Sports   Beaming               Step Bar None!   Weights in the   Schwinn®:
10:15am – 11:45am   Mean Legs          Mylrea            & Energy Drinks Sampler               McMullen         Aerobics Room    Build & Bond
                    Catlin                               Kravitz             Kahn                               Lebert           Fable

Session 4A          Fun, Fit &         Trailblazing      Seven Steps to      BOSU®             Lunch (4B)
12:00pm – 1:15pm    Fabulous!          Strategies        Willpower®          Amped!
                    Hall               Kravitz           Krauss              Fable

Session 4B          Muscle             Schwinn®:         Transformation      Don’t Survive,    Lunch (4A)
1:00pm – 2:15pm     Confusion          Favorite Ride     Posture             Thrive!
                    Lebert             Mylrea            Bender              Zahnn

Session 5           BOSU® Core         Total Core        Star Date 2010:     Bender Method     Tutu Tough       Beam-lates™      Ultimate            Hi/Lo Dance
2:30pm – 4:00pm     Flow               Yoga              New Research        Partner Play      Training         Basework         Bootcamp            Rejuvination
                    Krauss             Zahnn             Kravitz             Bender            Hall             Kahn             Mylrea              McMullen

Session 6           Body Bar:          Be Lean in the    Die Hard Step:      Schwinn®:         No Equipment     Flexing Mental   Taste of Zumba HIIT Training
4:30pm – 5:50pm     S.W.E.A.T.!        Real World        Let’s Go Vertical   Make Your Mark    Necessary!       Muscle           Parsels, Simmons,   Mylrea
                    Catlin             Zahnn             McMullen            Krauss            Fable            Lebert           Snyder-Ando

Trade Show & Shopping 9:30am – 2:45pm / 3:45pm – 7:00pm
                                                        Marc Lebert is the inventor of the Lebert
fitfest presenters                                      Equalizer and the Lebert Buddy System used
                                                        by Personal Trainers, fitness clubs, community
 Leslee Bender is the creator of the Bender Ball®       centers, schools and Sports centres all over
 and Bender Method™. She has presented at fit-          North America. Marc is a Certified Personal
 ness conferences throughout the world; includ-         Trainer and proprietor of Personal Strength Fit-
 ing IDEA, IHRSA Club Industry, Sara City, ECA,         ness Inc. A published writer, he also instructs
 AFPA, AAAI. Hundreds of clubs have utilized her        health/fitness and motivation seminars.
 form of Pilates training where she has integrated
 her unique Selective Stabilization™ methods to         Jeff McMullen, with over 20 years experience in
 take Pilates training to a whole new level.            the fitness industry, is a nationally certified per-
                                                        sonal trainer and group exercise instructor resid-
 Sherry Catlin is the Director of Program Devel-        ing in San Francisco California; and is a master
 opment for Body Bar, Inc. She is a respected           trainer for CorePole™, Gliding™, TRX®, Gym-
 international fitness instructor, instructor trainer   stick™; and former Lululemon Ambassador. Jeff
 and consultant who has presented workshops,            is also a member of Sunshine Fitness Resourc-
 seminars, and master classes in 25 countries           es which provides educational resources to fit-
 and 30 states. Sherry is a Continuing Education        ness professionals worldwide.
 Specialist for the American Council on Exercise,
 AFAA, AFPA, AAAI, and CanFitPro.                       Mindy Mylrea is the 2008 ECA OBOW Fit-
                                                        ness Presenter of the Year, the 2004 Can Fit
 Shannon Fable, 2006 ACE Group Fitness In-              Pro International Presenter of the Year, the
 structor of the Year & 2009 Top 3 Finalist for         1999 International IDEA Fitness Instructor of
 IDEA Instructor of the Year, is the founder and        the Year, a National and World Aerobic Cham-
 CEO of Sunshine Fitness Resources and the              pion, a PowerBar sponsored athlete, and a
 owner of Balletone®. Shannon is an interna-            five star presenter for IDEA. Mindy is the cre-
 tional presenter, program developer and Master         ator & lead talent behind Gliding®. She is a
 Trainer for Schwinn®, ACE, BOSU®, and Power            master trainer for Schwinn Cycling®, Body
 Systems.                                               Bar, & BOSU™.

 Jenn Hall is currently a strength and condition-       Nicole Parsels is the Group Fitness and Kinesis
 ing coach and adjunct professor of dance at            Director for Club One at Silver Creek Sportsplex.
 Georgia State University. She currently presents       She has been involved in the fitness industry for
 for Power Systems, and BodyBar, and is the             over 8 years and is a nationally certified group fit-
 Lead Master Trainer for Balletone and Flirty Girl      ness, spinning and Zumba instructor. She is one
 Fitness®. Jenn is an active choreographer and          of the Bay Area’s favorite Zumba Instructors and
 her work can been seen on Fox Television’s “So         has taught many Master Zumba Classes.
 You Think You Can Dance” and various fitness
 DVDs.                                                  Clarice Simmons is a veteran group fitness
                                                        trainer who has taught high impact aerobics
 June Kahn is the developer of BEAM-LATES™.             and high/low, cardio dance, step, sculpt, Pilates,
 As a program developer and continuing educa-           sports conditioning and more since 1984. She
 tion provider for the fitness and mind/body indus-     is now focused entirely on Zumba/dance fitness
 tries, June is best known for bridging the gap be-     and loves seeing all the sweaty and smiling fac-
 tween traditional Pilates and the fitness industry,    es of her students!
 bringing the two worlds together with her unique
 programming formats.                                   Susan Snyder has been dancing since the
                                                        age of 5 and teaching group fitness for over 15
 Stacey Lei Krauss is a Nike Elite Instructor with      years, including hi/low, step, body conditioning
 over 20 years as a fitness pro, specializing in        and dance fitness. For the past 3 years, Susan’s
 barefoot training techniques. Stacey is most well-     primary passion has been in dance fitness, with
 known for her award- winning cardio program,           her focus on Zumba and hip hop cardio dance.
 willPower & grace®. As a student of Reiki, she         She prides herself on creating a fun and intense
 approaches exercise and movement through an            workout that feels like a dance party.
 integral body-mind-spirit practice.
                                                        Rose Zahnn is the Founder of Healthy Habits Fit-
 Dr. Len Kravitz, Ph.D. is the Program Coordina-        ness, Yoga and Pilates Studios in California. Rose
 tor of Exercise Science and a researcher at the        is a Master Trainer for Flirty Girl Fitness®, YogaFit
 University of New Mexico in Albuquerque, where         and Balletone®, and the creator of PilatesFit,
 he recently won the Outstanding Teacher of the         Dancelicious and the Learn to Be Lean Program.
 Year award. Len was also honored as the 2006           Rose enjoys sharing the joy of movement in vid-
 Fitness Educator of the Year by the American           eos, magazines and television, as well as through
 Council on Exercise.                                   instructor trainings and classes around the world.
fitfest sponsors
FitFest 2010 Conference Planner
Friday, Sept 17 List each session selection in order of preference: 1 being your first choice.
CERTIFICATIONS: (9:00am – 6:00pm) ——— Schwinn® Cycling – Fable   ——— AFAA Certification
TRAININGS: ——— BOSU® Master Training ——— Bender Boot Camp ——— Flirtification ——— CPR Recertification
SESSIONS: 12:30pm – 2:00pm                 2:15pm – 3:45pm                          4:15pm – 5:45pm
——— Outdoor Bootcamp – Lebert       ——— Glutes, Guns & Guts – Mylrea     ——— willPower & Grace – Stacey Krauss
——— Med Ball Madness – Mylrea       ——— Taste of Zumba – Parsels         ——— Women’s Health – Len Kravitz
———    Caffeinated Pilates – Kahn   ———   BOSU® Pilates – Krauss          ——— Sports Training – Marc Lebert
——— Body Bar S.W.E.A.T.! – Catlin   ——— Beaming Sampler – Kahn           ——— Fun, Fit & Fabulous! – Hall, Mylrea
Saturday, Sept 18                                                   SESSION 4B (1:00pm – 2:15pm)
SESSION 1 (7:30am – 8:45am)
                                                                    ——— Muscle Confusion Madness – Lebert
——— Take Your Toys & Go! – Hall                                     ——— Schwinn® Cycling: My Favorite Ride – Mylrea
——— Building Strength in Numbers – Lebert                           ——— Transformation Posture – Bender
——— Schwinn® Cycling: Break It Up – Mylrea                          ——— Don’t Just Survive, Thrive! – Zahnn
——— Sole Training – Krauss                                          SESSION 5 (2:30pm – 4:00pm)
——— Four on the Floor for the Core – Zahnn                          ——— BOSU® Core Flow – Krauss
——— Bender Method™ Functional Pilates – Bender                      ——— Total Yoga Core – Zahnn
SESSION 2 (9:00am – 10:00am)
      Welcome & Key Note – Fable
                                                                    ——— Star Date 2010: Engage the New Research – Kravitz
SESSION 3 (10:15am – 11:45am)
                                                                    ——— Bender Method™ Partner Play – Bender
                                                                    ——— Tutu Tough Training – Hall
——— Body Bar Lean Mean Legs! – Catlin                               ——— Beam-lates™ Basework – Kahn
——— BOSU® Xplode – Mylrea                                           ——— Ultimate Bootcamp Challenge – Mylrea
——— Water, Sports Drinks & Energy Drinks – Kravitz                  ——— Hi/Lo Dance Rejuvenation – McMullen
——— Foundational Beaming Sampler – Kahn                             SESSION 6 (4:30pm – 5:50pm)
——— Step Bar None! – McMullen                                       ——— Body Bar: S.W.E.A.T.! – Catlin
——— Weight Room into the Aerobic Room – Lebert                      ——— Learn to Be Lean in the Real World – Zahnn
——— Schwinn® Cycling: Build & Bond – Fable                          ——— Die Hard Step: Let’s Go Vertical – McMullen
SESSION 4A (12:00pm – 1:15pm)
                                                                    ——— Schwinn® Cycling: Make Your Mark – Krauss
——— Flirty Girl Fitness® Fun, Fit & Fabulous! – Hall                ——— No Equipment Necessary! - Take Two – Fable
——— Trailblazing Strategies – Kravitz                               ——— Flexing Mental Muscle – Lebert
——— Seven Steps to Willpower® – Krauss                              ——— Taste of Zumba – Parsels, Simmons, Snyder-Ando
——— BOSU® Amped! – Fable                                            ——— High Intensity Interval Training – Mylrea

Convention Site                 Hotel Information                             All Classes Earn CECs from ACE and CEUs from AFAA!
Club One Silver Creek           Dolce Hayes Mansion
                                200 Edenvale Ave                              Attendees Will Receive a Welcome Backpack Filled With:
800 Embedded Way                San Jose, CA 95136                             Bender Ball, Power Bar, Water Bottle, Notebook & Pen!
San Jose, Ca 95138              ph 408.226.3200                              Trade Show: Fri 12:00pm - 7:00pm & Sat 9:30am - 2:45pm /
ph 408.226.8080                 Room Rate: $109/night (Mention FitFest)
                                                                               3:45pm - 7:00pm Gliding Discs, Bender Balls, Melt It Off       
                                                                               Med Balls, Savvier Fitness DVDs, Vuma Wear Clothing,
Closest Airport:
                                                                                        Dynamix Music, Plus Local Vendors!
Mineta San Jose Airport (SJC)

Registration Form                                                                
City                                                         State                                Zip
Home Phone                                                   Email
Fri & Sat FitFest: $189.00 before 8/31 / $229.00 after 8/31
                                                                      METHOD OF PAYMENT:
Friday Only: $119.00 before 8/31 / $139.00 after 8/31                      Check (Make checks payable to FitFlix Productions)
Saturday Only: $139.00 before 8/31 / $159.00 after 8/31                    Visa               Master Card
Club One Employees: $169.00 both days / $109.00 Fri / $129.00 Sat     Card # –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––
Groups of 10 or more: deduct 10% when all registering together        Expiration Date –––––––––––––––––
AFAA Certification: register at                          3 Digit Security Code –––––––––––––
Schwinn® Cycling: $175 att / $200 non-att      $ ——————
BOSU® Training: $49 att / $59 non-att          $ ——————               Signature ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––
Bender Boot Camp: $69                          $ ——————               Credit Card Billing Info
Flirtification: $169                           $ ——————                     Check here if same as PARTICIPANT Information
CPR Recertification: $29.95                    $ ——————               Name –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––
Conference Fee (see above)                     $ ——————               Address –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––
                                     TOTAL     $ ——————               City –––––––––––––––––– State –––––––– Zip ––––––––
   To Register: Call 831.457.2512 or Mail to FitFlix • 225 Esmeralda Drive • Santa Cruz, CA 95060 or FAX 831.457.0519

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