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									For Bloggers, Google Adsense becomes their heart piece of their work.
Google rewards Bloggers’ work by placing advertisements. It is considered to be the quick money earning
website of all sites which provide way for earning online. Though, there are lot of Adsense alternatives,
Google Adsense is the one which pays more to Bloggers which always depends on their hard work left on
their blog. A Blogger must also consider about terms and conditions of Adsense. Invalid clicks and illegal
contents are always monitored by Google. All terms must be complyed with Google Adsense’s Terms and
Some of the basic tips I would like to share to boost up your Adsense earnings. The first and foremost
thing to be checked by you is the Traffic. So, I have give below.

#1 Traffic
The more taffic you get, more revenue from adsense you get. I have seen some people yelling that they
don’t get paid by Adsense more. First, they must be advised to write quality contents that would make
your visitors to convert into a regular reader. This will always maintain a good and a minimum traffic from
your site’s subscribers. Most of the people want only to gain information. Visitors will be more if you write
a content about latest news and happenings so they may click you advertisements too if they are useful.

#2 Location of Ads
Adsense will place an ad that matches with your article’s keyword. Place the advertisements in the middle
of the article or where a main point comes in the content. People will be liable to click on your Ad. You
should also consider your bounce rate of your site. Let it not get increased. Make your internal links more,

#3 Colors and Backgrounds
It is better to place an advertisement with customized colors that can match with your theme’s
background and text color. This trick will be helpful so that users will think that the link is from your
website. As Google Adsense places ads by matching the keyword, and if you place a link unit or a
content ad which shows only text links, then the text based article and your Adsense advertisement
matches, thereby maximizing the reader’s probability to click on your advertisements.

#4 Make most out of it
I see some site placing a content ad in the article, side bar and in header. But Google allows you to add
Adsense advertisements more than you expect. Advanced bloggers may know this but for beginners, it is
essential to secure your Adsense account. A beginner may try to make money at the maximum try by
placing ads but by not writing any more articles. A page can contain 3 Content Ads, 3 Link Ads and 2
Search unit Ads. Apply them in your page and get the best result out of Adsense.

#5 Freeze your Sidebar
If you have placed any Adsense Advertisement units in your Sidebar, your sidebar goes up when your
visitor scrolls down. Try some CSS tweaks to make your Sidebar freezed while scrolling. This will show
the advertisement on your sidebar and your reader will still be viewing your ad. He may click if he likes
any stuff that is displayed in the sidebar Google advertisement.

If you have any other tip to increase Adsense revenue, comment here. Please feel free. Not only
Adsense, if you use any other vendors like CLicksor, kontera, infolinks, Admaya, Chitika etc. these tips
will help you n increasing your Adsense earnings. Happy Blogging!

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