The Socratic Seminar by ert554898


									Before the Seminar
 Participants study the assigned texts closely before
  getting to the seminar.
 Participants should formulate questions before the
  discussion. For example:
       I have questions about…
       Another point of view is…
       I think this means…
       What confuses me is…
       I’d like to talk to people about…
       Do you think this is similar to…
       The big idea seems to be…
During the Seminar:
 There is no “right” answer.
 Don’t raise hands (Just speak up as if you are having a
   Take turns speaking
   Do not interrupt
   Listen carefully
   Address one another respectfully
   Base opinions on the text
   No side conversations
   Monitor your talking time
   Invite those who have not talked into the conversation
Content of Seminar
 Refer to the text. The goal is to understand ideas.
 Cite reasons and evidence for your statements
 Ask for clarification if confused
 Stick to the point under consideration. Take notes if
  you want to get back to or start a different topic.
 Take notes on ideas that are being expressed.
 Take responsibility for the seminar. It is only as good
  as you make it.
This is Dialogue, Not a Debate
 Socratic Seminars, Williamson County Schools,
 October 27 2010,

 Socratic Seminar, Northwest Association for
 Biomedical Research, October 27 2010,

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