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									              Lesson Plans
       BCIU#22- Summer Induction

August 2011

 The inductee will learn and review
 the key components of a lesson
 Lessons should:

   Reflect the standards

   Reflect IEP goals, strengths, and weaknesses

   Reflect individual grouping

   Reflect daily schedule
 Lesson plans should also:

   Integrate a variety of materials and activities

   Utilize the “Essential Elements of Instruction”
    (anticipatory set, teach, review, test, closure)

   Provide for a group as well as individual needs (*use
    of strategies)
 Lessons plans should finally:

   Allow for a student to learn

   “If the student cannot demonstrate
    learning or achievement, then we
    have failed the student; the student
    has not failed.”
     Daily Lesson Plan
 Objective
 Materials
 Anticipatory Set
 Teach
 Review
 Test
 Closure
 Inductees will sort parts of a lessons
 into the correct lesson plan order.

 Group will discuss using thumbs
 up/thumbs down and brief
Lunch Break 12:00- 1:00
Standard Aligned System
 Glossary of Instructional Strategies

 Standard Aligned System
           Inclusion Strategies
 Adapt materials/tests when appropriate.

 Ask students to repeat directions, ideas to

 Repeat directions to students, use acoustic

 Use post-its and write down key directions.

 Organization- folders? binders?
 Inclusion Strategies contd.
 Provide positive reinforcement

 Utilize a peer buddy or peer model

 Teach students inclusion class rules

 Guide independence appropriately

 Encourage appropriate social
 Copies of IEPs, SDIs, and behavior plans to
  regular education teachers and related
  services as appropriate.

 Communicate effectively, efficiently, and

 Be flexible- with thoughts, schedules,
  changes, and each other.

 In order to collaborate successfully we need
  to be understanding of why others do what
  they do and what motivates them.
Responsibilities for Support Staff
   -related services, instructional assistants
   Responsibilities for the general
        education teacher
 Determine concepts necessary to meet
  curriculum objectives
 Identify goals and objectives of course
 Teach specific class content
 Provide knowledge on scope and
  sequence of content area
 Determine key points of a lesson
 Utilize various instructional strategies to
  deliver and evaluate instruction
 Provide input for IEP to special education
   Responsibilities for the special
        education teacher
 Teach study skills and learning strategies
 Develop study guides
 Collect data on student performance
 Train staff
 Provide diagnostic information on
 academic levels and learning styles of
 special education students
 Adapt textbooks, assignments, and texts
 IEP planning
        Shared Responsibilities
 Plan instructional activities to achieve
  goals/objectives of course of grade level
 Select and order classroom materials and
  supplemental aids
 Establish grading procedures
 Establish classroom management plan
 Give individual assistance to students
 Instruct entire class
 Maintain home contact
 Develop effective teaching practices
 Share effective teaching practices with
  other educators
 Attend IEP meetings
 What? Why? Who?

 Example of a day with centers
      Ticket out the door

 Write down one strategy that you
 will use immediately in your

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