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AMCOR Sell Sheets Stelvin



The original aluminium screw cap for wine
Stelvin® the original wine screw cap developed more than 40 years
ago, is the market reference. The Stelvin® screw cap uses specific
liners that respect the ageing process and deliver uncompromised
flavours and aromas. It is TCA-free, easy to open and guarantees
no leakage. The Stelvin® brand offers the most attractive range of
screw caps on the market today.

• Stelvin®:      original screw cap, printed on the top and skirt
• Stevin®+:      top embossed with or without printing. No ink overlap on
• Stelvin® Lux: plastic insert in the aluminium shell
• Stelvin® Lux+: combination of Stelvin®+ design features and Stelvin® Lux
                 plastic insert
                                                                                    1 - Stelvin®               2 - Stelvin®
                                                                                   Supalu profile              Double bead
                                                                                   Double bead                Double knurl
Key benefits
• Stelvin®:      known value, wide range of design options with or without
• Stelvin®+:     intricate designs possible through silk screen printing and
                 embossing techniques
• Stelvin® Lux: premium appearance with smooth opening, no external
• Stelvin® Lux+: combines sophisticated printing and premium appearance             3 - Stelvin®
                 with lack of external threads                                     Double bead


Packaging process
BVS finish European Standard BVP - GME 30.13
BVS finish US Standard - GPI - 1680-03

 Size               Ø M ± 0.2                Height +0.2 / -0.3 mm   Profile
 22 H 30            22.7                     29.9                    1
 25 H 43            25.6                     42.9                    2
 28 H 44            28.4                     43.9                    3
 30 H 50            29.7                     49.9                    3
 30 H 55            29.7                     54.9                    3         Stelvin® Lux / Stelvin® Lux+
 30 H 60 *          29.7                     59.9                    3
 31.5 H 60 *        31.4                     59.9                    3                                           Plastic Insert
* STELVIN® + is only available in size 30 H 60 and 31.5 H 60                                                     Liner
                                                                                                                 Neck Finish
Capping conditions
Stelvin® and Stelvin®+ require special capping heads
Stelvin® Lux and Stelvin® Lux+ require special capping equipment

Added value
Technical service, quality and innovation.
Amcor is recognised for its sustainability achievements by various
organisations and included in the Dow Jones Sustainability World Index.
By reducing spoilage, the screw cap avoids waste and therefore offers
environmental benefits when compared to other closures.


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