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									Mini-Split Air Conditioners FAQs

    •    How do I choose a properly sized mini split air conditioner?
         Like all air conditioners you need to know how many BTUs you need to cool the area you are trying to cool/heat.
         There are many variables that can affect how many BTU’s that are needed for any given space such as the
         amount and quality of windows, the insulation in the walls and more. That being said the general rule of thumb
         for residential air-conditioning is 500 square feet per 12,000 BTU’s. 9K cools/heats 200-300 sq ft / 12K
         cools/heats 300-500 sq ft / 18K cools/heats 500-700 sq ft / 24K cools/heats 700-1000 sq ft.
    •    What is the warranty for Amcor Ductless Mini-Splits?
         Amcor Ductless Mini-Split Systems come with a warranty that covers the cost of parts for 3 years, compressor for
         5 years and labor to replace those parts (labor is limited to the flat rate labor schedule as described in detail in
         our official labor policy.) All Amcor Systems must be installed and serviced by a Professional HVAC Contractor. All
         parts and labor as covered in the warranty will be handled directly with your contractor. If needed expert
         troubleshooting guidance is available from Amcor (M-F 9am – 5pm) to speed the contractor through the process
         of getting the unit up and running. Amcor’s warranty does not cover diagnostic time and or repairs related to
         installation error or outside damage, vandalism, etc.
    •    What should I do if I have a problem with my Amcor Ductless system?
         Do not call Amcor – Follow these steps:
             1. Call an HVAC professional who can come out and inspect the unit. Your first choice should be your
                  installing contractor. Many times they will come out Free of Charge during the first year. Be aware that
                  there may be a service fee or diagnostic charge. THIS IS NOT COVERED BY AMCOR’S WARRANTY.
             2. If the contractor needs assistance in diagnosing or troubleshooting the problem they should call tech
                  service at Amcor. Make sure the contractor is the one that makes the call from the job site. There may
                  be questions that only the contractor can answer, he may also need to do tests on the equipment and
                  convey the results to our Service Department.
             3. If a part is required to make the repair it will be shipped directly to the contractor free of charge during
                  the first three years, five years for compressor. Note that any labor payments for defective parts are
                  made directly to the contractor not the end user. See Limited Labor policy for more details.
    •    What are the pros and cons of a mini split air conditioner?
         Mini split air conditioners are a cost effective choice to central air conditioning. They are typically more expensive
         than wall or window air conditioners and require an HVAC professional to install the unit. Since the compressor
         sits outside the mini split air conditioners are very quiet and efficient.
    •    Can I install a ductless mini-split myself or do I need an HVAC Professional?
         A ductless mini-split can not be installed by a homeowner. A licensed electrician is required to run a dedicated
         line from your electrical panel and a professional HVAC Technician is required to complete the installation. HVAC
         technicians have specialized equipment that is needed to make sure your ductless system is installed properly
         and will work for years to come.
    •    How big will the hole be in my wall?
         This varies depending on the unit you buy but it is generally 2-1/2” - 3" in diameter.
    •    Do I need to purchase tubing or electrical wire?
         No, you do not need to purchase tubing or electrical wiring to install your mini split air conditioner as all Amcor
         systems come with 25 feet of refrigerant tubing and electrical wire. This is what will connect the indoor and
         outdoor units. All tubing is flared and all wiring is color coded and labeled. All installations are different and other
         accessories may be required for your particular installation, consult your installing contractor for what else he
         may supply.
    •    Do Amcor Ductless mini split air conditioners have heat?
         All Amcor Ductless mini-splits are heat pumps and will heat and cool.

How does a Heat Pump work?
A heat pump system reverses the air-conditioning cycle and brings heat from outside and transfers the cool air from the
inside. As the temperature goes down outside there is less heat to bring inside. A standard heat pump will work well down
to temperatures of about 15 – 20 degrees outside. Amcor’s Advanced Inverter Technology will allow you to heat your
space even when it is 4° F below zero outside. Where in some Northern climates a traditional heat pump system may not
suite your heating needs an Advanced Inverter System may be the solution you have been looking for all along. This is
also up to 35% more efficient than conventional Ductless Mini-Splits.

    •    What is Advanced Inverter Technology?
         Amcor offers an economical standard Ductless Mini-Split using traditional Heat pump technology in our 13 SEER
         product line. The compressor, the heart of any air conditioning system, turns on when there is a demand for
         cooling or heating and runs at full speed until the temperature reaches the desired setting the compressor the
         turns off and waits for the temperature to rise again. Amcor’s Advanced Inverter Technology works differently. By
         taking the voltage that is used in your home Advanced Inverter Technology changes that voltage from AC
         (Alternating Current) to DC (Direct Current) like you would find in a car battery. This voltage inversion allows the
         unit to vary the speed of the compressor. This will speed up the compressor while demand is high and slow down
         the speed of the compressor and the speed of your electric meter while demand is lower. Advanced Inverter
         Technology will make your environment more comfortable faster and keep it that way.
•   What is a dual zone mini split?
    Dual zone system means that there are two indoor units connected to one outdoor unit.
•   What is R410A?
    This is the environmental friendly refrigerant that will be required by law by 2010.
•   What is the maximum length run of refrigerant tubing between the air handler and condenser?
    Different size systems have different total pipe length the shortest being 50 feet going up to 100 feet. Please
    check specifications for the system you are going to use. The life of the compressor can be significantly reduced
    by exceeding the specified pipe length.
•   Can I hard wire a wall thermostat?
    All systems come with a wireless remote control to operate the unit. Our single zone Advanced Inverter systems
    also come with a wired controller that can be permanently mounted to a wall. All ductless units measure
    temperature at the indoor unit so a standard thermostat will not work with these systems.
•   What voltage will I need?
    9K/12K - 110V
    18K/24K – 208 / 230V

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