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									             Get ready! Get ready! It’s time to celebrate our Pastor and First Family for 15 years of service.
              15 years of Powerful Preaching of God’s Word, Teaching God’s Word and leading us where
                                          God wants us to go and do His work.

Dates to Remember

July 12-13 Lanes Creek SS

July 11 & 18 Old Time

                                                    Antioch Missionary
Prayer Meeting

July 23-25 Annual Youth

July 27-29 Men & Boys
Camping Trip
                                                        Baptist Church
The church that is “helping people to realize God’s creative intent for their lives as
designed by God’s Word in the areas of: Worship, Discipleship, Evangelism, Ministry
and Fellowship.”
    Jesus said to them, " My food is to do the will of Him who sent me, and to finish His work."
Do not say, 'There are still four months and then comes the harvest?' Behold, I say to you, lift up your eyes and look at the
fields, for they are already white for the harvest!’ John 4:34-35
    Are we in a field that is ripe for harvest and are not even aware of it? Are we delaying the gathering by thinking, harvest
time is not come. We still have four months. Look around saints, here in the Grier Heights community, there is a great harvest.
God has placed us here as laborers to gather His crop. There are lost souls in this community who need to be gathered and
led to Christ for salvation.
   Each one of us who know Jesus Christ as our Savior and Lord is a harvester. Someone harvested us one day. It is our
responsibility to join now in helping others who are lost.
   Our pastor has been placed here to lead and encourage us to go out into the Grier Heights Community to minister and be a
witness to the unsaved. He is not here by chance or even his own undertaking. God has assigned him here for a season. God
chose him out of all the' Called' to be in Grier Heights at Antioch Baptist Church to labor in this field, for the harvest is plentiful.
He is our overseer. We are the laborers under his leadership. Let’s continue to commit to labor until there is a change in the
hearts of those who live in this community.
   Let us pray for our pastor, Donnie R. Garris and his family, daily this month that he (they) be renewed, refreshed and
revitalized in spirit ,mind, and body. We pray for his commitment to serve God and to minister to His people as God leads him.
   Let us pray that as our pastor is being ministered to during this sabbatical , the Holy Spirit will renew in us the mind of Christ
to continue to serve Him, to be in unity and to devote ourselves to service, always striving to do God's will.
   As intercessors we ask you to: Pray daily for Pastor Garris and his wife, Minister Regina Garris and their son, Jonathan.
Pray for Antioch Baptist Church that we will commit to the call as Laborers for Christ in this community.
Prayerfully submitted, The Prayer Intercessors of Antioch
All birth month captains and April birth month participants please meet immediately after worship service TODAY in room 8.
We will discuss the golf and basketball tournaments. Thank you, Steve Roberson
    To honor our First Lady, Minister Regina Mack Garris on Friday, July 6, we will have a reception immediately following the
program. All women of Antioch are asked to bring a dish according to the first letter of your last name as follows:
A-D: Meatballs                              E-K: Green Salad w/ dressings AND/OR Vegetable Tray
L-R: Fruit Tray AND/OR Pasta Salad S-Z: Chicken Drummettes
    Each person should bring enough to serve 10 people. THE FOOD MUST BE PREPARED FOR SERVING. Ladies will be up
front and in the vestibule after service today so you can sign up to bring an item. Thank you in advance for your participation
in honoring our First Lady!
July 6-8, 2012 Pastor Garris' 15th Anniversary
Get ready! Get ready! It’s time to celebrate our Pastor and First Family for 15 years of service. 15 years of Powerful
Preaching of God’s Word, Teaching God’s Word and leading us where God wants us to go and do His work. The colors for
the weekend are royal red, black and silver.
Tickets may be purchased from a member of the Pastor Appreciation Committee. Ticket prices:
Adults and teens 14-64….$12.00 each Seniors 65 and over…$10.00 each Children 13 and under…$8.00 each
1. The Men of Christ & Boys Teen Mentoring camping trip is scheduled to leave Friday July 27 and return to church on
Sunday July 29. The cost is $25.00 per adult and $10.00 per child—including college students, high school age and younger.
We will collect money for the trip after service on Sunday July 1. Please make plans to pay your money so we can determine
the number of people attending, because we must pay for the camping spaces in advance. If you have any questions please
contact any member of the Men's Leadership Team or Allison Preston from Boy's Teen Mentoring.
2. Clear your calendar. We are planning our Annual Men's Fellowship Outing at Myrtle Beach Sept. 14-16. We will leave on
Friday and return on Sunday. More information on cost will be provided as we finalize the plans. Anyone interested or for
more information about any of these activities, please see a member of the Men's Leadership Team.
   Come join us for a fun filled, competitive 2-Man Captains Choice Golf Tournament on Sept. 8, 2012 at 1:30pm at The
Tradition Golf Course 3800 Prosperity Church Rd. Charlotte, N.C. Help support our Church's Vision! The cost will be $150
per team which includes the Green fees, Cart fees, Range Balls, Snacks, Drinks, and our famous Fried Fish or Chicken
Dinner. See Dea. Steve Roberson to register.
Help keep Antioch Missionary Baptist Church a safe place to worship. report any suspicious activity to an usher, parking lot
team, employee or church officer. All personal items (purse, phone, electronics, etc.) should be secured and are the
worshipers responsibility while on the church premises. Thank you for your cooperation as we serve Christ.
Board of Trustees, Charlie McVay, Chairperson
 New schedules are posted on bulletin boards and also available for pick up in the General Conference Room after service
today. Mike Massey
There is a powerful exhibit coming to the Harvey B. Gantt Center for African American Arts+Culture June 30, 2012 - January
1, 2013 . It's called "America: I AM" exhibition tour presented by Tavis Smiley. This is to alert you to this great opportunity to
share in a "must see" exhibit of our history. It will be here for a year. Do make plans to take your family (especially your
youth), your church group, your neighbor and friends. You don't want to miss it! And you don't want to hear about it once it
has left our city. Spread the word and plan to visit. For more information, see posted flyers.
Wednesday Noonday and 7pm Bible Studies are canceled until August. The Deacons and Intercessory Prayer Ministries will
lean an old fashioned Prayer Meeting on Wednesday July 11 & July 18 from 7pm-8pm. Come out and let’s pray and praise
the Lord together!
Volunteers and donations are needed for the Saturday Summer Grier Heights Program. See Jonathan Belton for more info.
The Harvey B. Gant Center for African American Arts + Culture presents “The Evolution of Black Gospel Music” a gospel
music stage play premiering July 20-22 at the Booth Playhouse in the Blumenthal Performing Arts Center. Featuring
Grammy/Dove nominated and Stellar Award winning family band, Forever Jones (He Wants It All). For tickets call 704-372-
1000 (Carolina Box Office) or visit For more information, go to
                                        KEEP CLOSE TO OUR HEARTS IN PRAYER
  Mrs. Alesia Beckham                Mrs. Inez Bolder              Mrs. Janie Cochrane              Mrs. Hermenia Chunn
  Mrs. Lethia Davis                  Ms. Tammy Davis              Mrs. Pauline Felder               Ms. Ellen Ford
  Mrs. Virginia Hall                Mr. William Hammond           Ms. Addie Maske                   Mr. Larry Massey
  Deacon Richard McMullen           Mr. Eddie McMurray            Mrs. Lois Pendergrass             Mrs. Louise Robinson Mrs.
  Mamie Sherrin                    Mrs. Doris Simpson             Mrs. Jerome Watson                Mr. James White
  Ms. Mary Young
  Mr. Tony Bradley (husband of Sis. Mary Bradley)            Mrs. Frankie Cash Worthy (sister of Deacon Bertha Chavis)
  Mrs. Barbara Garris (mother of Pastor D. R. Garris)        Mr. Julius Gibbons, father of Min. Darlene Williams
  Mr. Nathaniel Harris, Jr. (nephew of Thelma Oglesby) Mr. Leonard Harrison (husband of Sis. Esther Harrison)
  Ms. Eloise Hemphill (sister of Rev. Otis Hemphill)         Mr. Eddie Heyward, uncle of Ms. Phoebe Agurs
  Mr. John Massey, father of Mr. John Grier                  Mr. William McVay (husband of Sis. Ida McVay)
  Mr. C.D. Moore (father of Ms. Ebonie Moore)                Mrs. Rose Vincent (mother of Sis. Emma Hoff)
  Mr. Robert Crosby (uncle of Chris Jackson)
  Ms. Kathy Williams—Presbyterian
  Mr. David Rollins (son-in-law of Min. D’Andrea Gillam) - CMC Main
  Mrs. Magdeline Blakeney (aunt of James Stevenson) - Presbyterian
  The family of Ms. Brenda Walls. Funeral was Saturday The family of Mr. Randy Miller. Memorial service was Thursday
  Mrs. Inez Bolder & Family                                     Mrs. Johnnie Mae Harris & Family
  Mrs. Parlee Baker…….................Britthaven of Charlotte Mrs. Elizabeth Davidson.…..….....…...Liberty Nursing Home
  Ms. Sarah Crawford…...……..…...Saturn Nursing Home Mrs. Willie Faye Hamilton…….....…….......Peake Resources
  Mrs. Eva Johnson………………....Signature Healthcare of Buckhead 54 Peachtree Park Dr. Atlanta, GA 30309
  Mr. John Stradford…………….….The Parc @ Sharon Amity (uncle of Mrs. Ann Sinclair)
  Mr. John Barringer…….…...........Peake Resources (son-in-law of Deacon James Davidson)
  Ms. Wanda Norman
                                                                           CHURCH MISSION STATEMENT

July 2012                                       Sunday
                                                        “HELPING PERSONS TO REALIZE GOD’S CREATIVE INTENT THEIR LIVES
                                                                AS DESIGNED BY GOD’S WORD IN THE AREAS OF
                                                                  WORSHIP * DISCIPLESHIP * EVANGELISM *
                                                                          MINISTRY * FELLOWSHIP
 Sunday         Monday       Tuesday          Wednesday
                                              Wednesday             Thursday              Friday          Saturday

                                                                                         Pastor’s 15th Appreciation

                                                                         Lanes Creek SS Convention

                                                                                               Men/Boys Camping Trip
                             Women’s Baptist Home and Foreign Missions Convention

      232 SKYLAND AVE                                                                    10:00AM…WORSHIP SERVICE
   CHARLOTTE, NC 28205                                                               1ST SUNDAY...HOLY COMMUNION
    PHONE 704-332-4951                                                               4TH SUNDAY…..BAPTISM SERVICE
     FAX 704-332-4991                                                                EVERY SUNDAY:
          WEBSITE:                                                                   8:15AM - INTERCESSORY PRAYER
 WWW.ANTIOCHFAMILY.ORG                                                               8:45-9:45AM - SUNDAY SCHOOL
         FACEBOOK:                                                                   YOUTH &TEENS....MCVAY WING
                                                                                     NEW MEMBERS YOUTH..ADM OFC
      ANTIOCHFAMILY                                                                  QUARTERLY CLASS....SANCTUARY
           EMAIL:                    BAPTIST CHURCH                                  MEN’S CLASS...FELLOWSHIP HALL                                                           WOMEN’S CLASS…...…..ROOM 6
or                                                           SINGLES CLASS……...…LOUNGE

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