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									Writing a formal
or an e-mail
The structure of the letter

There are 6 parts of the letter
  1.   Heading
  2.   The inside address
  3.   The greeting
  4.   The body
  5.   The complimentary close
  6.   The signature line

There are skips between the
     Letter formats
   Semiblock   Modified block   Block
The heading

   Contains the return adress with the date on
    the last line
   Phone number, e-mail adress
   Line is skiped between the address and the

Laszló Kovács
Budapest, 23 Eperjes St.

23rd August, 2007.
The inside address

 The address you are sending the
  letter to.
 Make it as complete as possible.

 Include titles and names if you know

 This is always on the left margin.

Peter Ryder
Personnal Manager
Bradbury Public Library
34 Main St. Bradbury
The greeting/salutation

 Dear + always includes persons last
 Use Mr, Miss, Mrs,

 Dear Sir, Madam, Sirs, Sir or Madam

 Dear Mr Kovács:

 Dear Mrs Kovács:
The body of the letter

 Business letter is never hand written.
 Skip lines between paragraphs
     Reference
     Reason for writing
     Requesting/Agreeing to requests
     Enclosing documents
     Closing remarks
     Reference for future contact
     The finish
   With reference to your advertisement in the
    Times/ your letter of 23rd March/ your
    phone call today….
   Thank you for your letter of March 23rd …
   In reply to your letter of …
   Regarding your inquiry about…
   Under our agreement…
   In accordance with our previous
   The British Embassy in Budapest / Mr
    Zoltán Kovács has adviced me to get in
    touch with you in concerning
The reason for writing

   I am writing to
     inquire about
     apologize for
     confirm
Requesting/agreeing to
 Could you possibly…
 I would be grateful if you could …

   I would be delighted to …
   Giving bad news
     Unfortunately …
     I am afraid that

   Enclosing documents
     I am enclosing …
     Please find enclosed
     Enclosed you will find …
   Closing remarks
       I thank you in advance for you reply.
       Thank you for attention.
       Thank you very much for understanding the
       I would welcome a personal interview.

   Reference to future contact
       I look forward to …hearing from you
        soon/meeting you next Tuesday/seeing you
        next Thursday
The finish

 Yours faithfully, (no name of the
 Yours sincerely,

 Yours thuly

   Very formal
     Respectfully yours,
     Very respectfully,
Ken's Cheese House
34 Chatley Avenue
Seattle, WA 98765
Email: kenny@cheese.com

October 23, 2006

Fred Flintstone
Sales Manager
Cheese Specialists Inc.
456 Rubble Road
Rockville, IL

Dear Mr Flintstone:
With reference to our telephone conversation today, I am writing to confirm your
order for: 120 x Cheddar Deluxe Ref. No. 856

The order will be shipped within three days via UPS and should arrive at your
store in about 10 days.

Please contact us again if we can help in any way.

Yours sincerely,
Kenneth Beare
Director of Ken's Cheese House

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