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					                AMC Test Registration for Concordia University

Concordia University will be offering the AMC 10A on Feb 8, 2011 at 5:00 PM and also
the AMC 12B on Feb 23, 2011 at 5:00 PM. Students must arrive at the test site by 4:40
PM to allow time for filling out the student and test site sections of the answer form.

Deadline for receipt of registration and payment for the AMC10A on Feb 8: Jan 25
Deadline for receipt of registration and payment for the AMC12B on Feb 23: Feb 9

Print neatly:

Student name _________________________________________________

School _______________________________________________________

Student phone number __________________________________________

E-mail address ________________________________________________
(verification of registration, test room directions, and a reminder will be e-mailed to you)

Circle which test(s) you will be taking:

AMC 10A on Feb 8               $10

AMC 12B on Feb 23              $10

Total payment included: ___________

Students enrolled in grades 10 and under and below 17.5 years of age may take either the
AMC 10 or 12, or both. Students enrolled in grades 11 or 12, or 17.5-19.5 years of age,
are only eligible to take the AMC 12.

Students will have 75 minutes to complete the 25 question exam. Scratch paper, graph
paper, ruler, compass and protractor are permitted, but calculators are not allowed.
Problem sets for studying can be found at:

Print and mail this completed registration form plus payment (cash or check) to:

Prof. John Frederic
Concordia University, College of Science
11400 Concordia University Dr., Austin, TX 78726.

Please make checks payable to John Frederic.

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