Reasons to Install a CCTV Surveillance Camera

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					                                                Presented by Daniel Toriola

    Surveillance cameras, once considered a crime prevention tool for use by businesses and local governments,
    are being installed by homeowners. They help you monitor people coming in and out of your doors. It is not all
                                            the time you will be around
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                                 CCTV Surveillance May Protect You and Your Property
                                                           By Benedict Smythe

  CCTV or Closed Circuit Television serves as ever vigilant eyes to different homes and business

 A lot of people are setting up their CCTV surveillance system to boost the security of their home or
business properties. The surveillance cameras will untiringly “stare” at the property and human traffic
twenty four hours a day, seven days a week.

Fear Factor

 After the 9/11 terrorist attack in the United States, the whole worls has been living in fear. Life seems
to go on as normal but people are more conscious of the potential threats which somehow altered our
concept of what normal living is.

 Buildings have imposed tighter security measures. Public transport securities are not lax anymore.
Security personnel have increased in number but it seems that this is not enough to make the public
secure since security forces are only trained to react to something that happens along their line of sight
but most crimes and offenses happen beyond their views.

CCTV surveillance cameras are playing a big role in comforting the public that someone is always
watching them. Furthermore, the surveillance camera also serves as deterrent to criminal elements.

Making it Safe

 CCTV surveillance cameras are place in strategic locations. They can be installed in the hallways, the
lobbies, rooms, vaults, doors and all property parameters.

 The surveillance cameras record everything that crosses its focus. The system tapes can then be
reviewed and analyze in the event of a crime or incident. Sequential events can be recreated as time
factor are noted by the system and all angles are viewed.

 Security experts recognize the potential of CCTV surveillance systems to prevent terrorist attacks like
that of the World Trade Center. The developers are incorporating new technologies to the surveillance

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                                               Presented by Daniel Toriola

system. Some cameras are equipped with motion sensors and some have face recognition program
bundled with the system.

 A Motion detector will trigger the camera to turn to the direction of the movement. The surveillance
system can also follow the motion across a space. The individual camera will work as a team as they
are triggered one by one by invaders of a property for example.

Face recognition advantage

 Face recognition on the other hand is very helpful for solving crimes. The recordings can be reviewed
to check the facial features of individuals and compare it to the database of the authorities. An
individual that is identified to have a committed a lighter offense may be banned from entering the
premises of the property.

Resolution and Night Vision

 Other features that may be incorporated with the CCTV surveillance cameras are the clear resolution
recordings and night vision. New systems can record crystal clear pictures with very recognizable
faces. Infrared and night vision allows the system to capture the images even at night or at very low

 Some surveillance systems have also incorporated cellphone technology. Homeowners or business
owners can “call” a camera that is installed in their stores or home and they can view everything that is
happening in real time. This technology allows them to zoom or pan the view of the surveillance
camera with the use of their cellphones.

 Due to the important role of surveillance systems, some states are requiring business establishments
to install them as part of city ordinance.

The author of this article is Benedict Yossarian an Internet Marketing Consultant. Enquiry Agent is a
leading private investigation agency based in the UK.

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                                    Reasons to Get a CCTV System Installed Now
                                               By Nahshon Roberts

If you own a business, you would of course want it to be as safe as possible. With that, you may think
of different alternatives or approaches to keeping it safe. While you could keep it safe with a lot of other
alternatives, all of these approaches are limited. Only one option would allow you to closely monitor the
areas that you cannot often see as well as boost the productivity of your staff.

 Only a CCTV system would give you utmost safety and so much more than just that. It is like you
being there all the time even if you are not physically there. With CCTV surveillance systems, you can
protect your business, watch over things that you would like to focus on, be able to identify faces if ever
you need to and would constantly watch over where you want it to as long as how you want it.

CCTV Protects You From Crime

 CCTV systems can protect you from crime and this has been proven through a lot of events in the
past. A survey shows that a CCTV camera can reduce about 94% of crime rates in an area that is
susceptible to crime. These small devices intimidate criminals that much and more to that, you can
even watch everything happen just in case there will be some.

 Not only will you feel more secure and safe as a concerned business owner but the CCTV cameras
will do much more of that for you, primarily because of the certain level of intimidation it could impose
on people. While you yourself would feel safe and secure with a CCTV camera, so will your customers
and your personnel.

Nothing Beats CCTV When It Comes To Protection

 If crimes should happen within the area of your business, it would help you a lot if you see for yourself
what has happened, you did it and other detail regarding it. However, you cannot be there at all times.
If you fall into that category, it would definitely help to get a CCTV system installed. You would of
course want the best protection for the things that you care for the most; your business is definitely one
of those.

 With so much benefits that you could take from it, there is no denying that nothing beats CCTV
security when it comes to protecting your business.

Get Yours Now

 A common misconception about CCTV systems among business owners is that they are expensive,
hard to get and takes a lot of complications to have it installed. While that might be only brought about
by the fact that most people who have CCTV systems are those who need it the most like banks and
jewelry shops, this however is false.

 CCTV camera systems are not complicated at all more to that; they are not even that expensive and
most business owners could afford it. Even if it was expensive, it would still pay to have the quality of
protection that a CCTV system can give to you.

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                                                 Presented by Daniel Toriola

Keep track of your employees or your family with the latest CCTV security ( systems available today. CCTV camera ( ) and other CCTV systems ( ) ensure that you see what's
going on in real-time to ensure that nothing goes wrong while you're on watch.

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