; Be a master of the Twitterverse
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Be a master of the Twitterverse


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The Engine that drives your Digital universe:

Fun Buzzword free Thoughtful

www.j-3media.com Design + Develop + ENGAGE = RESULTS
140 characters microblogging tool You choose who to follow and who follows you Chat Room BUT.... Instant Messenger Hudson River Plane Crash Human Powered News feed local news

Social networking site w/o all the effort of setting up and maintaining your profile Apply the same rules of behavior to online interaction as you would in real life Social media is about human interaction Use your real name and picture Remember that what you say and do online will be recorded for posterity.

What is twitter? Etiquette
Content syndication tool Photo Sharing tool

Use tools like twitterfeed to post links to your most recent blog posts

What are you doing? Share links to useful blogs and web sites Reply to other comments Have contests Post links to your recent blog posts business Specials

Twitter: Be a master of the twitterverse

PR/marketing tool. Let your followers know what you and your business are up to the web access via: portable your phone

Respond to talk about you or your business or related topics

desktop applications like TweetDeck

What to tweet about
open and accessible

Why Twitter?

easy to use immediacy growing 5-10k users daily

Have a plan on how to use it

get started

open account find people to follow find people and build followers

be a master of the twitterverse.mmap - 1/21/2009 - Joel Richards

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