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                          Reliability & Safety Consultant

                                                   Anil Kumar Ammina
                                                   Reliability & Safety Consultant

                   Mr. Anil Kumar Ammina did Master of Tech. in Reliability Engineering(IIT Kharagpur)
                   and Bachelors in Aeronautical Engineering. He is Certified Reliability Engineer(CRE)
                   from ASQ, USA. And Certified Six Sigma Green Belt Certified from GE India
                   Technology Center. He has 8+ years of experience in the field of Reliability and
                   Safety Engineering.


               8 years of experience in the field of Reliability and Safety Engineering.


               Life data analysis
               Reliability prediction (Mechanical systems using NPRD data and NSWC)
               Accelerated Life Testing (ALT) test plan protocol preparation and execution, post data analysis
               Reliability growth testing and analysis of test data
               FMEA/FMECA (System level/ part level)
               Fault Tree Analysis (FTA)
               Functional Hazard Analysis (FHA)
               Risk Analysis / Safety Analysis
               System Reliability (Using RBD)
               System Safety Analysis- PSSA/SSA
               MMEL – Master Minimum Equipment List
               Expertise in implementing ARP 4761
               Expertise in implementing ARP 4754

   Software proficiency:
               Reliasoft – Weibull ++7, ALTA 6 Pro, RGA6, Blocksim6
               Relex 2007- Prediction, FMEA, RBD, FTA
          CAFTA
          Minitab 14
          MS Excel


After MTech started career as a Reliability Engineer with GE India Technology, dealt with Condition based
maintenance and Life data analysis of Gas Turbines.

In 2008 Jan, moved to HCL Technologies as a Lead Engineer (Reliability), it is a service company for Aero,
Medical, Auto and HiTech domains. My contributions mainly in the fields of Medical equipement Reliability
and Aerospace Safety projects and Training the people in HCL on Reliability and Safety analysis. I have
been promoted as Technical Leader –Reliability in Jan 09, from then leading a team for client MEGGITT for
their Reliability and Safety compliance requirements.

I have also trained the HCL ERS teams on PPM module and Statistics part of CMMi implementation.

Presently, I have started my own company to serve the clients needs in the field of Statistics and Reliability
Engineering. I have Started Mystatspal in 2008 to coach students and industry online in Statistics and
Reliability Engineering. Started BE Analytic Solutions as Managing partner in 2010 Jun and this company
is officially got registered under ROC in Feb 2011, it was started by bunch IIT KGP alumni and experienced

Life data analysis

Case study: Condition Based Maintenance

This is an ongoing project for all models of Gas Turbines designed by the company; involve Statistical
and Reliability analysis based on the condition of the Gas Turbine components in the field to optimize
the life decisions regarding Remove, Repair and Replacement at component and system level. This also
helps to increase the availability of Gas Turbine by reducing unwanted shut down of the Gas Turbine.
It achieve the goals of the contractual requirements with the customer also allows to skip few cycles of
maintenance with the confidence given by Reliability analysis

Reliability growth Analysis

Case study: Reliability growth Analysis, Gas turbine combustor seal

The objective of the project is to validate the new designed part of Gas Turbine, involves Reliability
growth analysis of a new design of cloth seal used between combustor and turbine section of the Gas
Turbine, field data is collected for old design (metal seal) and cloth seal and modeled using Duane
Growth model. This project allowed extending the inspection interval of the Combustor.

Tools: Weibull++7,   RGA 6,

The data was collected for all cloth seal failures before and after the design changes, all the data collected
in Cumulative fired Hours of the gas turbine at respective failures. The entire fleet of gas turbine data has
been segregated to separate out the cloth seal failures from the pool of different other failures, Duane
model has been used for the Analysis.
Reliability Prediction and FMEA

Case study: for Pump – Motor Assembly

Carried out reliability analysis and FMEA for Brushless DC Motor driven Fuel Booster Pump. The project
included prediction of Mean Time between Failure (MTBF), Mean Time between Critical Failure (MTBCF)
and Failure Mode & Effects Analysis (FMEA) for the complete mechanical interface that includes pump and
brushless motor assembly. The objective of the analysis is to assess reliability of the pump during the
design phase so as to identify appropriate design task for addressing the concern during early phase of
development. Analysis provided quantitative assessment of design reliability of BLDC fuel booster pump
which was compared with existing brushed motor reliability.

Approach Followed:

  1.      MTBF
The mathematical model is used to predict the total failure rate of the functional groups / sub-system
using failure rate of each constituent part.

All the individual mechanical part data is obtained from the NPRD data base.

  2.     MTBCF
Mean time between critical failures (MTBCF) provides an assurance against critical functional failure
of the pump. Failure modes that cause total loss of pump function or may lead to fire hazard have
been considered as critical failures which have been referred from FMEA.

The respective mode failure rate has been calculated for estimation of overall pump MTBCF.

  3.    FMEA
  The analysis carried to the component level and the failure effect on the system has been assessed.

Fault Tree Analysis (FTA) for Wheel Brake System

FTA is top down deductive failure analysis. Developed multiple Fault Trees using system information
including functional details and redundancy of Wheel Brake System. The system include brake unit /
actuator, Electro Hydraulic Servo Valve (EHSV) based brake control valve, Shut off valve and controller.


Developed logic tree with system information for all critical failure conditions of the system. Identified all
contributing failure causes leading top event of the tree. Substituted failure data for all contributing failure
events and estimated top event failure probability. Identified all single failure conditions leading to top
event and assessed reliability and safety of the system.

Educational Qualification
Master of Technology in Reliability Engineering from IIT Kharagpur
Bachelors in Aeronautical Engineering from AeSI, New Delhi
CRE (Certified Reliability Engineer) from ASQ, USA
Six Sigma GB Certified from GE India Technology Center

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